Massive Objects over Sun represent Do (Jesus) sitting on right hand of Ti (power) the Father

July 28, 2014

To follow are three posts by BPEarthwatch and my comments to them:

This first post is regarding the July 21, 2014 video images from Sun/SOHO satellite:

There are actually two objects. I say this is a Next Level sign, as Jesus said there would be signs in the sun and moon and stars (comets, etc.) and this isn’t the first sun object seen by the space telescopes. there have been many but this is by far the most dramatic. I interpret this object to be a T and the sun as the Ti’s body as in Rev 12 where the woman is “clothed with the sun”, which while incarnate was a way of saying her whole “body was full of light” – what a “christ” actually is. Now the second object is to the right of the T Sun object. That’s Do sitting at Ti’s right hand, which is the prophecy that he would return “with power”. The Sun as Ti is certainly “power”. Ti and Do and Crew will continue to gradually give the world signs and it’s our job to report how they relate as best we can. I am open to additional points of view but this is my best shot to date. It’s also interesting that NASA turned off this camera and then re-posted the same images minus these two objects saying they were some type of glitch. That’s about all they can say really to not blow their cover up and the many things the US and other’s in bed with them are doing to prepare for the “end” however they think that will come, that is for those that can afford their underground bunkers or trip to a space colony. I suspect this private mission to provide a one way trip to mars is a way of making it seem like it’s for an adventure. Rather it’s another escape option.

Running to the hills may be a good idea for the people of the US mainland, though we are all going to lose our vehicles so no sense in fearing this BUT at the same time for those that choose to STAND for Ti and Do even when it may result in the loss of your vehicles life according to prophecy means you will be given a new body to wear that is not yet a Next Level body but would be a physical body and an assignment on a crew on a spacecraft so you can have the opportunity to learn more lessons until there is a new classroom on earth after the recycling as also depicted in revelations. That would be 1000 earth years after all is done which will be escalating significantly to a close by 2017 in my opinion, though I don’t have any further timeline clues. I’m not saying the end of the world will be 2017. The planet as Do said, is not seeing it’s end. The civilization is. And there will be the 7 plagues yet to come in the next years. The 2017 year is simply when certain time prophecies seems to herald as a big change that happens to be when the next presidential inauguration takes place which is the “green/pale horse” with death riding and hell following. The hell part is the “lake of fire” but that comes after the 7 angels with vials to pour out – the plagues that will include an object hitting into an ocean I believe and maybe not only one but this is a reason to head to mountains. It’s not that we are preserving our life to flee. It’s that we are showing we are willing to separate from our roots to that degree on the belief that this is all a reality. And the Next Level may want to save some of the genetic strain that believe in them at least to this degree though these will not get a new physical body to wear. When they die they will simply be saved for a future planting into a body on earth after the recycling. That’s a little nutshell on prophecy as I see it to date.

Since only the huffington post UK seemed to say anything about this HUGE event that may still be in progress but was documented in this link.

Next is Bpearthwatch’s video about 4 orange objects seen with another 15 or 16 white objects flying in some type of formation on april 21, 2012, that I missed that I just commented on below. He seemed to believe these were “fallen angels” to which I agree but I don’t agree with much else he says about them and Jesus. My comments follow the videos:

part 1:
part 2:

Sawyer’s comments:

Yes I agree these are luciferian fallen angel space aliens doing their signs to try to masquerade as the Next Level as they did with the phoenix lights to fool people into thinking they are the “Gods”. The signs from the real Lord are in the sun, moon and stars (comets, asteroids, meteors, etc) and the environmental changes they stimulate and coordinate.

Contrary to what you said, Christ does NOT put his foot down in any significant way on middle east soil. (Do did visit Israel in 1994 but according to Carlan who was present then said something to the affect of his not feeling any Next Level presence there anymore.

Jesus said Jerusalem’s “house” was to be left desolate (waste) and that the only way they there would see him is when someone comes to them “in his name”. Jesus also said, he would come to a new nation. there would be a new jerusalem that was the holy city that is the local base of operations cloaked in our atmosphere the whole time of his presence with his crew. The woman is the Father, her son is birthed to the throne to take it over when she leaves her incarnation by the earth opening her mouth – dying of natural causes. These are the two witnesses who were Ti and Do. Ti was also depicted in the pistis sophia and by nostradamous – the woman diety. Lucifer made that into the disciple “mary”. The phoenix lights were the luciferian space alien fallen angels facsimili public disclosure as they thought the Heaven’s gate group would lay down their lives in that area, but Do moved the group in the last couple months to the rancho sante fe area near escondido to “lay down their bodies” as Jesus taught by doing. Jesus committed suicide. He said, “no MAN takes it (his life) from me”. He said he laid it down and he has the power to take it up again. The killing in the street of the two witnesses was not a killing – it was “seperate/exit by death” – apo = away, exit, off, seperate” and kteino is death. They were subued first when the media crusified them in 1976 when they first came to collect their sheep which they did so their subdueing/overcoming was anticipated. There were 42 who made their affirmation. In the heaven’s gate group there were 38 then followed by 4 before the year 2000. I know them all so speak from experience not study. The 7 trumpets have sounded. Ison was the last phase of the 3rd woe.

I have countless new translations of all the prophecy that plainly reveal they were the return and many will not see it but the signs in the sun are part of it. The T on the top of the son was Ti and her body was the sun, rev 12 – clothed with the sun, though while incarnate that meant that she was a being whose whole body was full of light though wrapped in a human female vehicle for her incarnate task. Do was at her right hand, the object to the right of the T over the sun. That’s my interpretation right now but I will continue to put out these interpretations that do work 100% with prophecy while most christian teaches fear to tell their congregations to pay attention to which is not taken lightly by the kingdom of god. A chrisitan is someone who overcomes the world through duplicating the thoughts and behaviors and ways of Jesus the first christ in this civilization.

If one is not seeking to know Jesus mind (holy spirit) by looking at ALL potential fullfillments of prophecy that certainly include all Ti and Do taught and did preparing to STAND for Ti and Do, unless they never heard of Ti and Do they will not be saved from the recycling in the lake of fire, their souls that is, because their souls would have not sprouted as plants that can become fruitful. One can study all Ti and Do taught to be able to see the truth of it.

The seven trumpets are events that perform SOUNDINGS that began at the turn of the 20th century in earnest and by the 5th when the pit of space aliens were allowed to come out of their underground prison cells for a time, in the US that is. I could write 1000 more proves but can you SERIOIUSLY CONSIDER THEM. That is the question you have before you. I hope you can for your sakes.

There will NEVER be a legitimate SECOND Heaven’s Gate group/cult during this civilization

June 22, 2014

There have been attempts afoot to stimulate thoughts about a “second group”. These have been going on in various ways for some years now and have no basis in anything Ti, nor Do, nor any of their graduate students wrote or said.

These arise because the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens love using humans to stimulate lies and deceit against the truth of the Next Level, even by suggesting to new believers in Ti and Do to desire another “classroom” instead of doing the hard work of “standing up for Ti and Do” by disseminating Their information that will also bring about their furthering of their overcoming of human behaviors and ways and cause them to separate from the world that becomes preparatory to starting a future metamorphosis.

There has been continued evidence to even suggest former class member(s) may be propagating these kinds of misinformation efforts. Don’t forget Lucifer was a former class member as were those who dropped out of an Older Member’s Next Level classroom with him. In the case of current dropouts who go against Ti and Do’s Next Level information, behaviors and ways, until they die, they can still change but once they die they will have become just another Luciferian fallen angel until the Next Level recycles them too.

Some new believers are influenced to seek to “overcome the world” which of course has truth in it but how one does that MUST BE ACCORDING TO THE INSTRUCTIONS FROM TI AND DO AND CREW LEFT FOR US TO APPLY instead of creating human led organizations however well intended that become religions that become the primary distorters of the truth as all the religions are today, even though they largely stem from teachings from the Next Level.

No one is prohibited in any way from trying to apply all the lessons taught during Ti and Do’s classroom as best they can that even may entail SEPARATING from their otherwise normal human behaviors and ways like a caterpillar must do by spinning it’s cocoon, making it’s chrysalis to put all their energy into BECOMING (a metamorphosis into) that new creature. No one will complete that metamorphosis without direction from an Older Member who is incarnate with them in an “overcoming classroom” like Ti and Do created and that will NOT be repeating during this civilization. This is the formula in an excerpt from one of Do’s primary spokesperson graduate students that we can count on as read and approved of by Do that is also posted in it’s entirety on

“Away Team” from Deep Space Surfaces Before Departure

By Jwnody

The formula is the same now as it always has been. To begin a metamorphosis in order to be born into the Next World, you must abandon everything of this world (just as the caterpillar about to become a butterfly must do). You must separate and begin to wean yourself of all mammalian ways – ties and addictions – replacing them with the ways and behavior of a more advanced and refined level of life. You cannot do it by yourself. You must seek, to the best of your ability, the guidance of a Representative who is a member of that kingdom, who has been through the metamorphic process at a previous time, and who has been sent with the specific task of midwifing newborns. Or, at very least, you attempt to connect with an active “student” of a present Representative. This is an extremely rare opportunity, as we approach the End of the Age. There is a tiny remnant left of a window for catching the eye of the “caretakers of this world.”

*** end of excerpt ***

This was written in April of 1996 and there are other places where one can here Do talking about the three categories of humans that will go with them that I won’t post right now but will put together to comprehensively address all they said about these end times after their exit.

Jwnody then went on to report the criteria for being “saved for further planting”:

“In order to get saved for further planting, the overriding requirement is to recognize that this is true (these are the facts). You must believe that we represent the Kingdom that created this planet and all of its inhabitants. And you must be willing to take a stand in defense of that belief, and sustain that stand until the end – your departure – regardless of the consequences.”

Here are the questions that stimulated this post that will bring in some scriptural analysis to complement what Ti and Do taught as it all does:

Q and A about Ti and Do and Crew to include debunking claims of a SECOND Heaven’s Gate group/cult during this civilization.

context: This person was referring to web site:

1. After I messaged you, I read in a few places that Ti and Do may have wanted the site to act as a sort of preparation for when they decide to come back a second time, so that they may start a second group. Is there any validity to this claim at all?

Sawyer: There is no validity to a claim of a “second group” in the sense of another cult. In other words, neither Ti nor Do or any graduating student with them when they exited will be returning “in-carnel(flesh)” during the current civilization and that’s the only way there could be another “classroom”.

But in terms of a second group of souls to harvest there is scripture that covers and documentation from Do’s crew member Jwnody.

The first harvest of souls are those who were with Do upon their exit and most likley additionally the 4 who laid down their lives by 2000. This is illustrated in Rev 14:14-16*.

The one sitting (having the position/task, described as “like/similar to the “son(offspring) of man (human)”, (Do) is Ti) on the cloud, (the cloaked spacecraft – the “companion object” photographed with Hale Bopp comet, and seen by amateur astronomers as well, that is not evident after the comet comes out from behind the sun, except as a “third tail” that made scientists wonder if the comet had two nucleus), thrust the sickle (gave the exit timing order and approval for them to “exit by dying/killing themselves” the most accurate translation of the Greek “apokteino autos” that is mistranslated in this case as “kill them” in Rev 11:7**).

It is depicted in Rev 14 as “killing the plant”, the stalk is compared to the upright human body. It may not have had to happen the way it did but nevertheless it does happen, especially for the student body by the death of the human vehicle’s they inhabit and take over, that were prepared for them.

*Rev 14:14 And I looked, and behold a white cloud, and upon the cloud one sat like unto the Son of man, having on his head a golden crown, and in his hand a sharp sickle.
Rev 14:15 And another angel came out of the temple, crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud, Thrust in thy sickle, and reap: for the time is come for thee to reap; for the harvest of the earth is ripe.
Rev 14:16 And he that sat on the cloud thrust in his sickle on the earth; and the earth was reaped.

**Rev 11:7 And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them.

The “second harvest”* of souls is depicted to occur AFTER the first and is different as the Older Member isn’t the one using the “sickle” (the sharp two edged sword of his mouth, that gives the instruction to exit). It’s the humans who are said to “trodden [the wine press] without the city”.

*Rev 14:17 And another angel came out of the temple which is in heaven, he also having a sharp sickle.
Rev 14:18 And another angel came out from the altar, which had power over fire; and cried with a loud cry to him that had the sharp sickle, saying, Thrust in thy sharp sickle, and gather the clusters of the vine of the earth; for her grapes are fully ripe.
Rev 14:19 And the angel thrust in his sickle into the earth, and gathered the vine of the earth, and cast it into the great winepress of the wrath of God.
Rev 14:20 And the winepress was trodden without the city, and blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs.

What I am calling the “second harvest” is listed as a “winepress” that also results in the loss of the physical life for those that “take a stand for Ti and Do”, but it’s by the “press” – the society and/or specific individiuals that see the truth about Ti and Do as a threat against what they believe and act to try to stop it’s dissemination even by violence against those who are disseminating.

I believe this period has not yet been allowed to start but it is building and will become more apparant around the time of the arrival of the “green/pale” horse in Rev 6:7-11.

Rev 6:7 And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.
Rev 6:8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.
Rev 6:9 And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:
Rev 6:10 And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?
Rev 6:11 And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.

G.W. Bush was the red horse who brought endless war to the globe and obama is the black horse who has been providing a balancing act between the republicans and demoncratic mindsets and agenda’s and that was set off when obama took office as the biggest financial crisis to affect the world that continues today.

Here is what Jwnody was instructed to explain to us about those who are in this “second harvest”, in their words, those who “get saved for further planting”:

“In order to get saved for further planting, the overriding requirement is to recognize that this is true (these are the facts). You must believe that we represent the Kingdom that created this planet and all of its inhabitants. And you must be willing to take a stand in defense of that belief, and sustain that stand until the end – your departure – regardless of the consequences.”

2. Do you know why the two former members who run the site chose not to be active members in the classroom?

Sawyer: Yes, I was there when they were instructed to leave the classroom because one of them did not want to try to abide by the “lesson step” that was called “I could be wrong”, a step towards accomplishing what Jesus called, “deny yourself” – in other words giving your will to your Older Members as Jesus indicated in his outline of the “Lords prayer” asking for “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.

The other of these two simply decided to side with the other. Do and the crew tried to help the one with this but he wasn’t receiving the help so Do instructed them to both take a car and some money and leave the group. However they stayed in touch and they wanted to serve again but not inside the classroom so Do gave them the task to handle the legal affairs and the web sites, though initially Rkkody who laid down his life after 1997 had more to do with making changes on the web site because Do suggested he do so. Rkkody was out of the classroom at that time but believed in Do and wanted to serve so Do would give him tasks to do “in the world” so to speak. Do suggested in a letter that these two enlist him to help with getting things out of the storage locker and putting updates on the web site.

When these two were instructed to leave, they were told they could come back whenever they wanted to abide by the “I could be wrong”. The way the lesson was given was to preface what we say that is a statement of judgement with “I could be wrong”. It would be an extreme to say, for instance, “I could be wrong but it’s pouring outside when it was”.

The one of these two has a very quick mind and attention to detail and he simply trusted his memory and perspective in a way that was not a characteristic of a Next Level Member. It doesn’t mean members are not deceisive and certain about things. They simply grow to know what they know and what they don’t, but in general one can be wrong oft times when they think they are right, so saying this phrase starts to train the vehicle to take a deeper look at what they are saying is a fact as it may not be.

There is more to it but that’s the general idea.

3. What initially drew you to join the group?

Sawyer: Well, looking back it’s like my life had been totally geared to that moment of seeing the first poster. The UFO part was intriguing but NOT important to me. I remember saying to myself, “I wonder what these two might look like” as the poster said:

UFO’S > Why they are here. > Who they have come for. > When they will leave. NOT a discussion of UFO SIGHTINGS or PHENOMENA – Two individuals say they are about to leave the human level and literally (physically) enter the next evolutionary level in a spacecraft (UFO) within months! “THE TWO” will discuss how the transition from the human level to the next level is accomplished, and when this may be done. This is not a religious or philosophical organization recruiting membership.
However, the information has already prompted many individuals to devote their total energy to the transitional process. If you have ever entertained the idea that there may be a real, physical level beyond the Earth’s confines, you will want to attend this meeting.

I was also attracted to the idea that this was different than all the other west coast spirituality groups I’d encountered in that part that says:

“However, the information has already prompted many individuals to devote their total energy to the transitional process.”

4. Is there a reason you decided to stay behind?

Sawyer: I flunked the course I was on but I’ve been given another chance. I have spoken of this thoroughly so here goes:

Below several writings that describe why I left:


I was a fully dedicated student of Ti and Do’s for 19 years. I was assigned tasks to help Do with fellow students who were having problems, in which I reported to Do directly about. I sought to give my life. I was prepared to lay down my life with them before I left as we had been directly confronting the idea for years before they ended up proceeding. But still, I was not fully recognizing the reality of the Next Level. I was still thinking about the Next Level and my own participation in a spiritual way that showed I still have my “self” in mind, which needs to be erased and converted to be on firm footing. Jesus called that “denying of self” – which is giving one’s will to ones Older Member. Because this flaw in my complete overcoming of humanness became evident, I was tested and I flunked the test. Ti, while outside her vehicle, as she Exited years before, but I knew it was from Ti, opened a gate that allowed a Luciferian space alien fallen angel to influence me to give in to sexuality and I immediately caved by allowing images in my head, although I had for 18 years before then been quite good (I thought) at self control over my thoughts and had had no self stimulating of myself to give into sexuality before then. And from that day on, it seemed impossible to control and I tried to hide it, which was another falling. I went before my fellow students and exposed my actions but I still could not seem to muster even the desire to restart my self control. So approximately nine months after falling, Do was going to reassign me to the Overseer tasks I had become accustomed to performing for Do but I realized I was too much a hypocrit so for the first time told Do I couldn’t accept the assignment, to which he said, “Then what do you want to do”, to which I said, “I guess I have to leave”, to which he then said, “you want to become more objective”. Do then asked to speak to a fellow classmate, Nrrody to relay to the other students in the crew where I was staying at the time “not to try to talk swyody out of leaving as he knows what he is doing”. I was asked where I wanted to go and I said, “nowhere, just give me a bicycle and I’ll start riding it east”. As we were in California at the time. Do did not agree and suggested staying with former members who still wanted to be in touch with the group but were living in Arizona to which I agreed.

I was given $600.00 in cash and a plane ticket and a few changes of clothing and was on the plane the next day. I couldn’t stay with the former members long as I wanted to re-engage my human styled life and although they were living a full human styled life, we were not compatible in that, so I got a job and a apartment and bicycle and some musical instruments I used to play before joining. It was over ten year later that I realized why I had left them. I had never once disbelieved in Ti and Do and when I reengaged with my vehicle’s family, all the relatives were puzzled that as they saw it, “I got out of the cult” but didn’t see it that way. Then after I started a relationship with a woman and she became pregnant, when the group layed down their lives, even though I still did not want to think of myself as one of their members, I felt compelled to go public to tell what I knew of them as the media didn’t know what to make of any of it and painted these wonderful people as evil or misled by evil, which I knew had zero foundation. So after doings lots of media all over NYC til the 60 minutes show on Easter Sunday of 1997, I went back to my life and helped birth my daughter by a midwife in our home in Carmel, NY and began to have dreams that I was observing the group and in a very, very gradual way over several years til the 9-11 attack that I had premonitions about the night before, “I wonder if we are going to be bombed?”. That was a shocker as I was just 30 miles from ground zero and knew people that worked in the towers that for strange reasons didn’t go to work that day. In any case, I had more and more dreams and eventually wanted to be in Do’s service again but didn’t want to leave my “wife” and daughter and felt that wasn’t an issue now. It took me many years to be able to re-digest this Next Level thinking so I know how hard it is and how it’s bizarre and nearly impossible to consider as reality, but it is reality so I must. However, at one point I asked Do in my privacy if I needed to prepare to lay down my body as they did. He came to me in a dream as clear as if I was sitting right next to him and said to me, “you need to give your life”. This is the way of the Next Level. They always give us options but it is a training program we are working up to completing. Ti and Do called it at one point, “God’s Astronaut Training Program”. Thus I am attempting to “give my life” and am willing to give it by telling about my experiences far and wide and accepting the negative backlash that may in fact eventually require my physical life. I do not look forward to that time but can’t think of a better way to go than being in service to my Heavenly Fathers, Do and Ti.

Even though I left because I suddenly gave in to masturbation after 18 years without an incident and thereafter couldn’t seem to get my control back, which is another topic of discussion that I have shared the details of on my blog,, that was after I wanted to be castrated a year or so before that Do cancelled my option for at the time, I can see now that I wasn’t ready to have that biology relieved from my overcoming because I hadn’t developed enough of my Mind Muscle to keep that “serpent force” at bay relative to my realistic view of the entire task. I was still up until my last days with them, subconsciously thinking of how the entire classroom was adding stature to me, a spiritual idea and the opposite way a prospective member of the Next Level must think to qualify as it’s not for self that we gravitate to serving our Older Members, it’s for them having recognized the value of all they stand for and teach so it becomes an honor to be considered to join their crew. I wasn’t consciously thinking this way. It took me 10 years after leaving to see why I left.

Another aspect to why I left that I had written to someone:

When I said my masturbation had nothing to do with ego, I realized later that I had told you and others that the reason I left was because I hadn’t learned that my ego had not yet been deflated as is necessary to become “as a child” and selfless and to not carry any humanness into the Next level to be an individual for the first time. Had I fought off the influences that came over me, then perhaps I could have made headway over my remaining ego. Or had I fell and immediately surfaced it and sought help, perhaps that would have been a way to have overcome my ego as well as battle the sensuality. But I guess I was too proud to expose it even though it was deceitful to hide it even for an hour and I hid it for a number of days with repeated infractions which was breaking another major offense. I would say my embarrassment and failure to expose my slippage was ego related even though I didn’t even think about it. But the slippage itself was due to simply not having as strong a control over my thoughts as I thought I had, though the way I dealt with it was where the ego came in. Maybe you meant it that way so I guess you were right though I don’t think giving into sensuality in and of itself is an ego issue. The way ti had described what would keep me off the spacecraft was as “a little too pleased with self” and “likes to be seen as something special”. I don’t see how giving into sensuality with myself is the result of being too pleased with myself though not reporting it I can see as not wanting to be seen as “lessor” thus the opposite of being seen as something special. Anyway you got me thinking about it. But where my ego really stood out was what I believe caused Ti to open the gate of influences to expose me to one that would have been a caliber that Do had to deal with, was when I asked Ti who was outside her vehicle and Do gave us permission to talk to, and I asked her for a task like Do’s – a greater challenge and faster growth. Nothing wrong with asking for faster growth but tying it into Do’s task showed I didn’t know what Do had to deal with, and I already by then showed a confidence in my own mind that Do had pointed out a short time before that, was “competing with him”. That was the “ego” (self speaking).

5. Do you know if there are any plans to update the site ever, or will it stay in its current form for as long as it’s around?

Sawyer: I hope it stays in whatever form is closest to the way they left it. I am aware that these two former members have added the selling of the book and tapes the group published but that these two foot the bill for having republished, that they are thereby selling. I don’t disagree with selling as they put the money into their publishing them. The information is provided for free on a .zip file downloadable on the site last time I checked.

A recap of why I suggested new believers in Ti and Do not using the “ody” name suffix

June 13, 2014

There are a number of reasons I’ve suggested new believers not taking the “ody” name suffix:

It’s like taking someone else’s last name when they are not in that family. This is NOT s saying others are not in the same family potentially, but only applys to the specific experience with the incarnate Older Members who gave those names to specific human vehicles that were attempting to grow towards next level membership in that accelerated fashion. Like said that doesn’t mean many humans are not also growing towards that membership but there is a differentiation in the experience. Now, there were about 60 ody’s that Ti and Do said were being “adopted” into their Family so it was a special experience and a stage in development, that’s all as about 34 of those chose over the years to dropout, though until they die they still have the opportunity to return to belief and service the same as anyone, though returning is more difficult than initial belief because of the discarnates one attracts when they drop out and especially so if they go against Ti and Do or the Next Level in certain ways as some of those ody’s did. But the primary reason I suggested new believers not take that name suffix is to stem off confusion, even though it’s inevitable. Let’s say someone starts a web site and says they are ???ody and they talk about Ti and Do. Someone comes along and starts to learn about Ti and Do and see’s that “ody” was a name suffix associated with those who were physically with the incarnate Older Members, so could assume this ???ody was one of them. There have been a couple of those ~60 ody’s who have started web sites and were teaching things that were not what Ti and Do taught, as is always the case after the Representatives leave. When I became aware of these I first tried to learn who it was, as in one case they didn’t say their “ody” name but only that they had been with Ti and Do. There were more than 60 that were with Ti and Do. That number may be around 200 in varied stages of studentship, some minimally for just weeks or months in the gathering stage in 1975-6. Another example is what we saw with Saul of Tarsus who became Paul who claimed to be an “apostle”. An apostle is actually an assigned task to be a representative delegate of someone else. If one is not assigned as a delegate they are not even though they can certainly do the same job as best they can. There is a big difference spending years with the incarnate representative though many experiences witnessing how they act and what they do that is not easily described in the records, from someone who didn’t have that experience. It’s not a status. It’s simply experience though experience along doesn’t actually put one in a closer place with the Older member. For instance, right now, I am one who has that experience so it can appear I am closer to the Next Level, but that’s a human way of looking at it. It’s like Jesus said, “to those that much is given much is required” and how those that don’t take advantage of what they are given, lose even what they were given in the parable of the talents Jesus illustrated. And also with the story about the rich person giving x to a poor person when they had xxxxxxxxx verses somone who only had xx giving x or even xx to someone else. It’s a big difference to the Next Level as having so much and giving so little when it means so little to give when one has a great deal is telling where the giving is coming from. Ti and Do always said that there are NO limits on anyone’s growth and that even a student could potentially pass up their Older Member in growth of Mind and Service, except that the Older member is not standing still, so it’s unlikely to ever occur. That’s also why some working in the field for a few hours are paid the same as those working all day, as Jesus also told. Time is not the primary factor of growth. One could take a year to learn the lesson another might learn in days while those same two people in another lesson could reverse their learning accomplishment. However, time is important as it teaches the lesson of having tenacity. Some people can do very well in a sprint but not have the endurance to last for the 440 or mile run. So ody simply identifys some who were in that particular classroom place and time. For someone to want to have an “ody” name to feel connected to them is understandable but it’s a human way of wanting to feel special, seeing them as special, which they were of course, though so are those that don’t have ody names are special to the next level when they seek to know and serve the Next level Older Members, because just having the option to grow closer to the Next level is a gift indeed. But as Jesus said, “many are called, but few are chosen” so one must earn being “chosen” but don’t really earn being “called”. In the beginning with Ti and Do they put out a number of statements (3) and then what they called “the prospective candidate letter”. By becoming a believer one is saying, “I want to be an candidate for your next classroom” but it doesn’t assure you will complete the course, though as long as you try to complete the course you will be afforded continuous opportunities to do so, though even that can not be assumed because as Jesus also said, “not everyone who says, Lord, Lord…” is a genuine student if they are not running to catch the train – staying with the Older Member’s program which does not stand still. That was the reason in the early 1990’s Do offered students who had been with him from the start $2000.00 if not having funds was a reason for staying in what had become in many practical ways a very comfortable lifestyle that in that way became even easier than what many, even most humans who were not in that classroom had to deal with day to day. With all this said, I have no idea whether Ti and Do care if people take “ody” as part of their name or not but I do know that they don’t like deceit or doing things that are misleading or the “putting on of airs” by one’s name or attire, etc. what Jesus addressed a disdain for as well that we see throughout the human kingdom. Do called the things humans use to boost their status as ‘tail feathers”.

The Power of Goodness, Meditations and Affirmations Ti and Do gave their students to Prepare for Service

April 15, 2014

Preparing For Service
Written by Ti and Do in 1985

The Power of Goodness

Forget your fears. Realize that your condition is of your own making. There is no power
that can keep you down but yourself. Forget the obstacles between. Forget the difficulties
in the way. Keep only your perfect, happy and healthy vehicle before your mind’s eye-and
you’ll win over the fears and become happy and healthy.

Nothing external has power over you. You fear these negative feelings simply because you
BELIEVE in them, when all the time it is only that BELIEF that gives them power and

Remember you are the Central Sun in your own Solar System. You have dominion over
everything within that system. You can say what shall enter, what shall stay there. And you
have unlimited attractive power to draw to you anything of good you may desire. The law of
attraction cannot bring good and evil at the same time. It must be one or the other. And
it is up to YOU to decide which it shall be.

Say to yourself, “Everyday my vehicle is getting healthier and happier and in better
control.” And follow up the words with imagining yourself having a healthier body, a
happier body and in perfect control of it.

Ask yourself, “What can I do to make my classmates happy?” Forget about your personal
problems, try to make someone else happy. Be magnetic-What is magnetism? It’s the Power to
give out! It is vitality, it is sincere interest in your classmates-You cannot be
self-centered and be magnetic. You cannot think only of the gratification of your own
desires and be magnetic. Goodness gives out a current of Goodness, and all who come within
its aura are attracted to it. Selfishness, jealousy, hate, are layers of insulation around
a magnet. They not only shut off all Goodness from going out, but they keep any from
getting in. A selfish person, a jealous person, and an angry person, has no
magnetism. He has shut off his own current, and insulated himself against any goodness
from the outside.

Release the feeling of goodness toward each and every annoying thing as though it was the
best thing that ever happened to you. You will be amazed at the results that come from
this little game, because in goodness, no matter how tiny the grain of it, there is
unlimited power for good, and it is never wasted.

You have heard the old saying that a soft answer turneth away wrath? This game has the
same principle incorporated in it, with a lot more added to it. Non-resistance is one
thing, but by itself it is negative. Add your thoughts of praise and thoughts of blessings
to it, and you turn it into a positive force for good.

Don’t forget that it is the Next Level’s way to approach everything that you do with your
best and most positive effort, and then whatever comes as a result of that effort can only
be a positive lesson.

Meditations and Affirmations:
I am a member of the Kingdom of Heaven. I am only a member of the Kingdom of Heaven. I was
sent here to do a task. I want to complete that task as quickly as possible. I want to at
all times remember who I am, what that task is and its urgency until we sit together again.

My body is not a house for any negative or lower thoughts-or minds of this planet-most
especially any critical or negative feelings directed at my Teachers or any of my

It(my body) is only a house for positive, healing and happy thoughts for it is performing
a task for the Next Level.

Put yourself in a frame of mind that would make you feel what a member of the Next Level
feels. Make yourself feel that you are in the actual presence of an Older member. Yearn to
be like Him, to emanate what He emanates. Force your mind to soar to such height that your
thoughts and conduct are pleasing in His sight. Feel that He can see right through you and
make yourself hold onto a calmness, a humility and a deep joy knowing you are a child in
that same Kingdom. Don’t let any worries or thoughts of the human world distract you or
enter your mind. Just sit there until you actually feel what it feels like to be in His
presence-hoping He is pleased with your efforts. Hold onto this feeling for some minutes
until you actually feel that your vibrations are acceptable to Him. Then very carefully
and slowly as you leave your spot of meditation take that feeling with you. It should
cause you to have a strong-quiet glow in your countenance. Learn to hold that glow with
you and when it begins to dissipate it’s time to repeat the meditation and restore that
feeling. Each time it should get stronger and last longer.

Say strongly to yourself: “I want to stay on a higher frequency” (out of reach of human
vibrations). Say this what will seem to be a million times a day-every time a human
thought tries to come in or any discouragement-any grievance, etc.

Say with excitement and anticipation: “I’m looking for you every moment (members of the
Next Level). I literally want to see You. I know it depends on me whether You let me see
You or not-now since I am going to stay on a higher frequency, I can say ‘I’m looking for
You everywhere-every minute-hoping I’ll deserve Your presence.’

One place I must learn that I can see Your presence is through my classmates-for They too
are members of the Next Level.”

Say with Strength: “I want my Teachers to see You. I know if I am ready to go-They can see
You. I am from this moment on going to deserve for Them to be with You.”

Now I want to imagine that I am sitting at the feet of the Chief…not being afraid of what
He sees in me, but hoping He will examine me very carefully and thoroughly…prescribing
exactly the circumstances, events and lessons which will start correction and adjustments
so that I might get back on the tack of perfect growth.

As I look at them now, I realize the past several years have been the happiest ones for me.
I am so happy to be here in this craft-doing what the Members of the Next Level in the
Heavens want me to do. I look around me and see only others doing the same thing-trying to
please the Next Level and building a perfect body.

I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to do this task. Extremely thankful that you
have given me Teachers to guide me through it. Extremely thankful how you have provided for
more than my needs, my food, a more than comfortable house, and (add any things you are
particularly aware of and appreciative of). I hope my conduct can be an ever improving
acceptable token of my appreciation.

Thank you —- Next Level!

The power of life is flowing through me; My(body) is healing perfectly.


Help me have no human ways. No thoughts of self, No faults to see. Only the ways of space.

Now I know my heart is fast. In my Father’s path at last. Only the ways of space. Only
the ways of space.


-I would like to know more than I now knnow.
-I would like to have more control over my vehicle-it’s chemistry-its thoughts-its
responses-its desires-than I now have.
-I would like to rise above the things tthat distract me and bind me to this world.

-There is a spot in the middle of my heaad.
*-I am now concentrating-focusing on that spot.

(It is about the size of my eyeball, it is like a gland that has been asleep, inactive,
waiting for me to concentrate on it.)

*-I am, right now, going to feel it become active and alive.
*-I am focusing on it, I can feel it now in its location.
*-All of my energy is being directed toward this Next Level gland.
*-As this spot accepts all of my energy it is helping my chemistry change.
*-I can feel the power of that energy there.
*-I can feel the calm of that power.
*-I can feel my chemistry in control.
*-I feel no frustration or anxiety.
*-I feel only that calm, powerful energy.
(-As this spot becomes more alive it will help me sustain this calm.)
(-It will eliminate distraction from my goal.)
(-It will keep me clear.)
(-I will know more.)
*-As I recognize higher control and knowledge I will adopt it quickly, discarding my
*-My potential for growth is limitless.
*-I am rapidly changing.
*-Growth has been offered to me and I am choosing to become it.
*-I feel and hear that spot coming more to life!
*-Change! Vehicle,
Change! Chemistry.
*-I am going to hold onto this until I sit and become even more!

(* indicates especially long pauses)

Evil Spirits = discarnates = Influences on Us and how to abort their influence on us

April 15, 2014

I was given the example of how Jesus got rid of evil spirits thus indicating we could do the same.  Here is my response to what Ti and Do taught in this regard:

It is absolutely possible to inhibit the discarnate influences. People do it all the time unknowingly when they refuse to entertain certain thoughts. It doesn’t matter the origin of the thoughts whether they are actually a discarnate spirit on the spot or a residual programming we were exposed to from a movie or some other source. The method to get rid of them was described by Ti and Do as putting up a “blank card” in one’s brain. I believe that came from the idea of “cue cards” so a blank one is what you are giving that influences voice. You can also just order it away from you which Ti compared to swatting a mosquito. Ti and Do also said to put a “label” on an influence. Jesus did this by saying, “get behind me Satan (adversary)”. And these weren’t the only ways. It’s up to you to find what works. You won’t be able to negotiate with them. They are more or less just programs that can’t change any longer so are just parrots now. I don’t know if some are different in that regard. However, swatting them away doesn’t mean they won’t continue to come back. Some will come back every so often and with a different tactic. Others will always be around. Ti and Do said that we are not responsible for what attacks us (enters our brain) but we are responsible for how long we allow it to remain in our brain and even entertaining it’s influence. So it is up to us to build the “amour” and we can build it so strong that we can as Ti said, “smell” an influence coming and cut it off before even one word of their argument registers in the brain. Getting to that point might take some time and effort as it’s really what Ti called “building a muscle” and in so doing raising our vibration that will take us out of the firing line of certain influences that only vibrate on certain things and with certain strength, though you will then run into stronger influences and especially if you are bucking the status quo and especially if you are a believer in Ti and Do who buck all the human influences.

If humans were taught these techniques we might not have as many crimes that seem to have been uncharacteristic of the person committing the crime – like the knife attacking student or the shooting of the Amish girl’s or the many other seemingly senseless violent acts. People think their thoughts are all theirs and to suggest they were acting out a discarnate’s influence over them, for many is like making an excuse for one’s bad actions. But in truth the responsibility is not being taken away from the human being who is subject of the attack. They still need to learn to recognize the “evil thoughts” and not entertain them which tends to justify them that they then can be stimulated to act out suddenly. But many humans hate to think of themselves as computers that are providing a time share to discarnates as they want to take credit for what they have become that they like. And it’s not that they still don’t take credit for what they have become, because even though the discarnates are a large part of what each of us becomes, it was our choice what to accept and what to reject in our life.

Ti and Do said, all we really are is the “decider” of what to make ours and what not to make ours in thoughts, behaviors and ways.

The document Ti wrote named the “Power of Goodness” speaks to each of us being the “central sun in our own solar system”.  This document is included in the link below:

Luciferian symbology among Stars in the music industry – How they consciously fulfill Jesus prophecies of 666, etc.

April 9, 2014

Here is a good youtube video on the way the music industry has made stars on behalf of the lower forces agenda. I’m not proposing that it’s evil to listen to music made by these stars, but understanding how the Luciferian mindset permeates into society through culture (notice the word cult in culture) with symbolism is evident in this well done video. I follow the video link by the comment I made with the person who made the video. I like this video for it’s plain straight forward presentation, not with all the saccharine music to build drama so many do.  However, this is actually a drop in the bucket of how the Luciferians have permeated societies throughout the world.  This is a luciferian world because the Next Level is using their desire to work against the Next Level as a “testing/training” program to insure that new members in the Next Level have every choice to NOT choose to become members. The Next Level don’t try to keep people away from Next Level membership but they do create a even opportunity so that souls they plant have all the chances they want to continue to gravitate towards Next Level membership.

Here is the video link:

Sawyers response:

Since the real person of Lucifer, whom I believe is discarnate now having lost his physical body long ago, but “lives” through all those he influences, hates the Next Level (Kingdom of God). He stimulated EVERY MANNER of dis/mis-information about the real One true Evolutionary Level Above Human and himself and twists the reality around to stimulate total confusion (Babylon) and that is the normal state of a great majority of humans in the world today. One of his trademarks is to quote a few scriptures and stimulate certain symbology like “666” into society which is a typical “intelligence agency tactic” – deceit 101, what he is the father of according to Jesus. The scenario goes like this. Jesus gives his trusted disciple John a task to write down what he sees/understands and is told, probably mostly in Dreams knowing that Lucifer will take all references to him in any shape or form, “devil, Satan, beast (venomous animal) from the bottomless pit and as a form of mockery of God instills their use in society so those who are his seed by propagation, while he and the other fallen angels who also had physical bodies then and propagated with human mortal women as depicted in the book of Enoch and Genesis 6 as “nephilim” (great men in awareness and stature) become his servants so name things as 666 for example which then fulfills The Father and Jesus’ prophecy as planned. This is just one example of many. Luciferians work ALL angels. They don’t mind making Christians act in ways unbecoming to the Kingdom of God/Heaven as that also mocks the Kingdom of God representatives who have come incarnate and who he knows from his personal experience with them in a prior civilization on Earth and/or elsewhere. But besides these shows of his work, as you know he has been instrumental in the formation of all the worlds religions. The religions became a dilution of the Truth brought by Representative(s) from the Kingdom of God who took human bodies to do their work through. This dilution which advanced to depicting the opposite of what they say they represent started immediately after the Representative exits their in-carnal (flesh) task. The prime avenue used to dilute what Jesus taught was through the “angel of light” who blinded the one called Paul of Tarsus. The Kingdom of God/Heaven do not shock anyone into discipleship. They will shake things up on earth and even bring about plagues and eventually recycle the entire planet’s surface but that is in part only to give an opportunity to recognize they exist and to pay attention to how they have communicated their existence in times past. Where is the free will in zapping someone blind. And if that was a valid way to make someone believe why not just zap anyone into belief and there would be as many believers as wanted. No, instead the Kingdom of God gradually introduces their reality to they humans they prepared by giving some of their seed to and helping them take advantage of the seed IF they show the strength to run with the opportunity – (see the parable of the sower). Plus Jesus had told his disciples that after his exit if anyone came “in my name” indicating they were “christ” (anointed, appointed, christened, whole body full of light=real enlightenment) NOT to believe them. But what does this Luciferian do but tell Paul who never heard anything Jesus taught by then that it was “Jesus” who was talking to him. Can anyone imagine a Captain of a squad (archangel=captain (Michael)) having a special undercover mission to sneak behind enemy lines, taking an extensive time period to train his commandos for the task and then when they are performing their task with him taking an administrative overview position, then going to the enemy camp and convincing them to also serve on that squad when the squad all know that this guy was clearly working for the other side and knew nothing of the training they received. It’s ludicrous to treat what Paul said with the same weight as Jesus and his disciples UNLESS there is plenty of back up evidence that what He said came from the disciples who had direct personal relationships with Jesus. So what a mockery to make it look like the entire Christian religion from the pope downward or sideways demonstrate anything Jesus taught when if anyone actually reads ALL that Jesus taught they will find next to zero being adhered to that came from Jesus. It’s an excellent way to create atheists as they see what Christians say from what they do and how they become the biggest murders on the planet. Now the Kingdom of God knows well this is what was going to take place and yet the provide the option through the Luciferians presence (when they let him out of his underground jail cells) so we each can CHOOSE WHERE EACH OF US WANTS TO PUT OUR ALLEGIANCE TO GOD OR MAMMON. Now what is mammon, but actually whatever humans deem their treasure – from possessions to intelligence to spirituality. Mammon doesn’t come from Greek mammonous as related to mammalian by accident. The Kingdom of God have been nurturing their strain of the human tree they designed to gravitate to non-mammalian behaviors and ways because They, the members of the Kingdom of God/Heaven are not human in any way except they look humanoid (created in Their image). Now this can be confusing as it was to me when I first heard it because if they are not human but look humanoid what are they like, one might ask. The short answer can be hard to take and Luciferians hate for anyone to consider this as reality while if they do have another way of distorting it away from the reality I am attempting to describe.

This entire idea that God’s kingdom is a spiritual kingdom is disinformation. Jesus said God was God of the living not the dead. The dead are the spirits, humans who after death still existed but to the Kingdom of God were not living UNLESS before they died they made it clear to the Kingdom of God’s crew who were “watching” that they believed in the Kingdom of God/heaven by the degree to which they upheld the teachings of the last representative sent to them. In the case of Jesus the last rep before him who delivered significant and specific schoolroom teachings was Moses. Then as Jesus indicated to the thief on the cross that person’s “spirit” or “soul” (which is actually different but suffice for now to treat them as equal) was “saved” from merging into the spirit world to instead be “kept safe” from eventual recycling at the end of the world by being more or less “put on ice” (not literally), saved in a certain chamber in what was called Paradise or Abraham’s bosum and Heaven, but as we know from Enoch, there are a number of chambers to “heaven” which is where the idea of purgatory first came from. It was not the place where Souls go when they have graduated into the Kingdom and it was not the place where souls or spirits go when they no longer have a chance to graduate into the Kingdom.

It’s far too difficult to describe all there is to these statements in this little space but there are many related ideas to talk about, but essentially and in all truth the Kingdom of God is a many membered kingdom that has a type of hierarchy among it’s members, according to how long and how hard they worked to be there, which all started from a human or human equivalent condition that is an evolutionary (non-Darwinian) condition. Just like there is a mineral kingdom and a plant and then an animal and then human kingdom, each with their own type of hierarchical structure, (survival of the fittest actually works in certain ways but isn’t 100%) there is also a Kingdom that is Above Human where every members is greater than the greatest human (according to Jesus siting John the baptist as the greatest human). The human kingdom was deigned to be a stepping stone, a footstool and humans were like caterpillars with the potential to metamorphose into butterflys when an Older Member from the this Above Human kingdom came in the flesh to teach by demonstration what it takes to become a Butterfly that no longer circulates in the caterpillar world but can now fly as Jesus demonstrated with his repaired PHYSICAL body that he said “was not a spirit” and proved it by eating and being touched yet could appear and disappear and looked different but whose Mind/spirit the disciples recognized that he then took with him into a cloud. Nothing the representatives from the Kingdom of God/Heaven say or do is random or without meaning and value as a tool to prepare prospective new members to see the reality of their Kingdom and what it takes to be among the “harvest” of souls at the end of the age time.

In Genesis 6 it talks about the “sons of god” mating with the daughters of humans. Jesus says he is a Son of God as God is a general term for dieties of which The Father is Jesus “God” because the Father was the Older Member who birthed him into membership in the Kingdom of God, thus his parent or heavenly Father because he was not incarnate but was still present for Jesus to call upon for help performing his task of taking a grade level of students to their graduation which they were not ready for at the time of Jesus incarnate presence.So if those spoken of as the fallen angels were sons of god and so was Jesus, they could have come from the same graduation classroom, except the One called Jesus actually graduated into adult membership in the kingdom of God while Lucifer and those that renegaded with him did not graduate. Thus being a “son of God” doesn’t make one a “God” until one graduates.

Now in order for a being to impregnate another being in the human kingdom requries “plumbing” for reproduction to at the very least produce sperm. Thus these Son’s of God had physical bodies that were able to produce sperm. We also know that among the various animal species we see no evidence that one type of animal can be bred with another type of animal. I don’t doubt humans have experimented with this but in the natural world I’ve never heard of a horse impregnating a cow or a elephant if that were possible. Thus it seems likely Lucifer and those with him had human bodies that were enough like humans on earth to successfully breed with human females.

A “son of god” is not the same as a first time believer in God. A son of God becomes a “son” when an incarnate Older Member adopts a student as Members of the Kingdom of God do not propagate as humans. They get new members to their family from the human kingdom they seed and nurture souls through the overcoming of human mammalian behaviors and ways that upon graduation receive a new physical body that in one of the few things Paul must have received from Jesus disciples he called a different type of flesh body termed a celestial body as opposed to a terrestrial body.

.But since an adult as opposed to a son kingdom of God/heaven body does not have the facility for human reproduction the physical bodies the Luciferians had could not have been adult Kingdom of God bodies that are by the way incorruptible because they don’t have the ability to revert back to mammalian behaviors. It seems they had bodies that were in between human and a Kingdom of God/Heaven body.

These ideas frequently make people’s head ache and afterwards can seem insane. When that happens, just stop with it and do something fun or relaxing and sleep on it and come back to the subject fresh. The Luciferians will try hard to pluck this reality from our heads but we can come to know this is opening up the mysteries of the Kingdom of God that I received from those who were the only genuine Two Witnesses who have since left their incarnate physical bodies, but I’m not going into that now except to say the entire translation of Rev 11 has been tampered with. It’s filled with truth but has been slanted away from the truth though becomes a choice on how to see it.

Now to get right to it…The Luciferians are the ancestors of today’s “space aliens”. Thus all the space aliens are actually Luciferians and one of their headquarters is in the northern Europe where they were last released from their underground and undersea hiding places which took place in the 1940’s and 1950’s but where the Luciferians who were discarnate still influenced humans before and after those years. I suspect they had a number of places to hide in during the time the flood encompassed all or part of the planet.

So when a human says they worship Lucifer they are 100% correct unless it’s the distorted view of Lucifer with the pitchfork and horns (though he is still part goat in his programming as are his descendants).

To date the Luciferians have many humans programmed to try to put up a fight against what they have rumors of is an impending “invasion” by what they believe is another alien group who simply have greater technology than they but who they don’t see as “Above Human”. But the facts are that this incoming group are actually an armada of spacecrafts from the Kingdom of God. Yes this sounds like star wars and it actually is. Each prospective member of the Kingdom of God is to that Kingdom a “star”. The war is over souls (stars), who can be lured into the Luciferian camp as that’s the only way they can get compatible new members, though they also are trying to grow bodies they can occupy once their existing physical bodies die.

So the Kingdom of God also consists of beings who have physical bodies. However to the Kingdom of God a body is like a suit of clothing but not for looks or entertainment but for various functions each body is equip with according to their growth and experience in the kingdom.

The Two Witnesses last used the names Ti and Do like the notes on the scale. They were a woman (Ti) and a male (Do). Do learned by experience from being awoken by Ti that Ti was his Older Member aka heavenly Father. Ti’s coming incarnate as a woman is depicted in Rev 12 and I can go verse by verse to describe what each verse represents because I was their student for 19 years before falling from grace but then returning to their service now. Do took the vehicle named Marshall (like sheriff in Luciferians jail) Applewhite (as he was also the same soul who served in carnal as Adam who fell but quickly recovered as Enoch and then Moses and then Elijah and then Jesus while Ti was in the admiral role as the Elohim and j=Jehovah and then the Father for Jesus and his disciples. They were shot down by the press in 1975 when they made worldwide headlines saying a biblical cloud of light was a Next Level spacecraft. They spoke in new terms as prophesied.And they incarnated into the most corrupt strain of human, the so called caucsion “whites” though all strains of humans can be just as corrupt or can be just as good. It’s the souls that takes over the human vehicle. That is the overcoming process that each must do to graduate.

In 1997 they laid down their lives, the remaining students and Do as Ti left 12 years before that as was also prophesied. They make world headlines again as the Heavens Gate “suicide” cult but they were against suicide. But for them suicide was staying in their human bodies when their Older Members (Ti) had called them home where each received a new physical body and some who were not ready to graduate received a new physical body that still could revert to human behavior.

There is no new cult and no one that believes in Ti and Do have their permission to lay down their lives and there is no one to follow but we can each talk to Ti and/or Do and if we are sincere in any question about the truth of what I am saying they will help you see it. Since these names may seem foreign to you, if you project your asking as far away from Earth as you can imagine, beyond the stars your thoughts will be received by Ti and Do and crew. They have a spacecraft that is as big as the once called planet Pluto.

Ti studied theosophy before she awakened to her task so she understand what the enemy taught. The task for all who come to believe in Ti and Do after they study all the information they freely left behind is to disseminate their information. They didn’t say that much of what I said here. This is a synthesis of the short and sweet things they said that provided me with where the truth was so I could shoot for it in re-translating scripture so don’t quote me unless you state it as Sawyer, my name.

Now it’s up to you all who read this whether to believe it or not. Take your time. I recommend for your own sakes to not come to hasty judgments.


Believing in Ti and Do doesn’t mean you MUST do exactly as they did during this lifetime

April 9, 2014

That’s not to say you can’t try to live by all the same rules of their classroom, that is in the ways you can without the Older Member incarnate. New believers have their work cut out for them, just to believe and if one believes, they will at times share their belief with others. It may be near impossible to not want to share it, but that’s up to each individual. We who believe don’t gain points by getting someone else to believe in Ti and Do but we do get points (so to speak) for providing others the opportunity.

Here is a response to a comment on one of my video’s on youtube that said they like their life the way it is now but at the same time have always been very intrigued by Ti and Do’s teachings. So I responded as follows:

People often assume to believe in Ti and Do means to do as they did – leave all behind and work on overcoming their human characteristics and then giving their lives or laying them down as they did. It’s true that when the Older Member(s) are incarnate and we recognize them, that is the formula but it’s never for everyone to embrace in the same way at the same point in time. The Next Level are nurturing “souls” not bodies though bodies are born with a genetic propensity towards what each believed and did during a lifetime so in that way, if the body was inhabited by a returning Next Level Soul, Older member or student aspiring to membership they bodies genetics become a match for the returning Soul so that for them it is natural to feel compelled to leave all behind and give themselves body and soul to their Older Members program. But for everyone there is the first step of believing that the Representatives are exactly who they say they are and there is zero evidence that they are not as they will be consistent with all previous incarnations of representatives ,though in an updated way each time because it is a “program” that leads to membership. Being intrigued is because you have some of their MIND in you. That’s not to say everyone doesn’t have some in them, but for many it’s so buried, no expression can surface in their consciousness, though never say never as sometimes when the “fit hits the sham” in our lives in any number of ways, certain buried ideas surface. If the Next Level didn’t stimulate those events their “seeds” would never sprout and would remain in darkness. It is really just like human gardening where seeds are sprouted and then are moved to a better environment to grow in which can be done in a number of ways. It is very hard to watch Do, because our influences (the discarnates we all have around us from birth that seek to make our vehicles their homes) find little in common that will continue to support the mindset they had when they died so they feed us thoughts and just plain discomfort and disbelief, even fearing that watching more will “take us over” when the opposite is true. The Next Level NEVER take us over. We have to press them to allow us to be on their crew and that is provided us in due time when because we opened ourselves up to believing in Them we have primed our pump and will better recognize the same characteristics when they start a new garden experiment and they bring back all the previously “saved” souls which might look like a Moses experiment.

Q and A-What we did for fun and R and R in Ti and Do’s Next Level Classroom

March 29, 2014

First off, I’m not annoyed by any questions and if I don’t want to respond I won’t, but thank you for the consideration. That’s a Next Level characteristic.

Well first off, fun is in the eye of the beholder as I’m sure you know. For many people if they aren’t doing something physical they aren’t having much fun. Others can sit at a computer all day and be totally satisfied. Accomplishing things, working together and being with Ti and Do were all fun, though not so much the laughing kind, though we had plenty of that too. With that said, here are the things that Ti and Do provided that were both relaxing and/or fun and/or stimulating, both in physical and mental ways:

At first when living outdoors in National Forests or on BLM land or by leasing space on huge ranches in Wyoming and to some degree in Texas, whenever we had spare time we would play games Ti and Do provided. Silly kids games like Stratego and Battleship and Yatzee and when we had a generator we could play “pac man” and with an antenna could pick up TV shows sometimes, broadcast from Laramie just 20 miles away for example. They would provide certain shows that didn’t generally stimulate our past; game shows like price is right and jeopardy.

They would sometimes give each partnership some money with a plan to all go to town to blow it. They called it “mad money”. We could go to a movie or get treats. It was up to the partnership and/or car full to decide what to do with it and as people made choices and they were reported as was also the procedure Ti and Do would provide guidelines.

We were all buying our own food then too, each partnership receiving an monies for. I remember among some making fudge was a favorite passtime.

Once we lived in houses in the 1980’s we had TV two or three times a week for a couple hours that included shows like:

murder she wrote
star trek

And we’d get videos and every other week would have outings to a movie theatre or a trip to another city when Ti and Do had quarters separate from the main student body. During our two night visits we’d usually see a movie on one day and go to the zoo or a museum on the other day as well has have a few special meetings with Ti and Do.

In the crafts (houses) Ti and Do at one point brought in a slew of astrology books and gave some guidelines. It was considered to be an optional game and we were not to do natal charts on ourselves or others as they said, our charts don’t apply to us anymore as we are disconnecting from the influences we were born into and they didn’t want us to be self focused. We mostly did horary charts and event charts. I was one that gravitated to astrology and years later Ti and Do had us open up what would be called a new age center called Astrologics in Amarillo, Texas where we provided astrological services to the public. Some did do natal charts then for clients I did progressions for those clients as well. We also offerred talks on ghosts and just about anything paranormal or philosophical that students would choose to provide. We had a meditation room and some did stained glass work. Ollody began drawing and painting and was quite proficient with an airbrush. As Ti and Do had started a movie project in the 1980’s a script was written and ollody did illustrations and then painting. They were going to start up a music program and wow did I get exciting about that as did a few other students but it never happened and though disappointed in a sense, I no longer needed to play music. Astrologics didn’t last but a few months before Ti and Do felt instructed to move to a different city and we never started up such a project again.

After Ti left her vehicle in 1985, we continued with the movie project, trying to get hollywood backing.

Meanwhile Do started up a diet for health program that focused on the muscousless diet of Dr Christopher. A crew wrote a book called the Transfiguration Diet based on our research and another talented artist did the illustrations of little green men teaching how to eat for optimal health. That was only the start of dietary reseach which included extensive fasting and growing our own foods, sprouts that we nearly lived on for a while.

We had a small organic foods company for a short time.

We had a video company for a while. Some would go to ufo conferences and record different speakers there. It never went anywhere from that except to create the “beyond human” series.

During these times in the 1980’s and moreso in the 1990’s we lived in huge mansions all over the southwest U.S. often having indoor and/or outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, indoor squash court, exercise machines and routines to take regular walks. In one location we had a an 1/8 mile long track that a few of us gravitated to running on and we had volley ball.

With eveything we did we were learning how to do it in the ways of a member of the Next Level and we would often fail and something would be discontinued, even if it was just one or two that couldn’t restrain themselves. For instance the volleyball. Some males just couldn’t resist spiking the ball. Ti and Do taught that the object was not to beat the others side but to see how long you could both keep the ball from hitting the ground while sticking to the rules of the game. That was more of a next level way they taught. The running was becoming a sensual outlet for some, me included so was discontinued.

At one point they brought in music – Kitaro and gilbert and sullivan and various classical pieces. And they said we could listen to the classical station on the radio when in the car. Again, some couldn’t restrain themselves and would get off too much on the music so would become an escape so would be discontinued for a while and brought back at another time, even if just one or two were getting into it in a human way.

The same with swimming, tennis.

We did some growing of food.

We had birds for a while and in one location where we were living on a farm, a farm cat had kittens which we birthed and cared for and we had a couple dogs for a short time too.

At that property we had our own little lake and Do got us a boat that we could go out on.

We had very nice menu’s when we weren’t on a fasting or on some type of cleansing diet that included tira misu and italian wedding cake and pies and cookies.

One Christmas we began singing in a choir with Do as our leader. Ti said this would help us “look to Do” better. Ti always said she came to get Do started and then she would go back. (Rev 12 depicts this clearly as well as lots of things).

we sang christmas carols and were considering taking it to the streets. that christmas which ended up being right before Ti left, was the only year we actually had a type of celebration. We had a tree and each partnership was given money to by gifts. The gifts were not for one another but for the “craft” (household). We made a special menu and lots of treats and a tiny bit of decoration and had a tiny bit of wine as an experiment. Do said he didn’t like the way it made him feel so we didn’t do that again after that.

This is a nutshell account. It wasn’t about having no pleasures. It was about having the pleasures that our teachers gave us and learning to experience them in the way of a member of the Next Level.

Day to day PROCEDURES aka instructions Ti and Do gave that aided “taking full control over our vehicles”

March 28, 2014

Here is my response to a recent comment to my post:

…in which I described some of the characteristics of a student and Next Level member, with examples of walking up stairs and closing doors quietly, so I’ve included more examples of what Ti and Do taught in these regards:


Both of your examples were among the specific “procedures” we were given, along with whispering, shutting cabinets and drawers so you couldn’t hear them close, not stomping around anywhere. Though these were all being considerate of others and the environment, the larger reason I believe was one more of many efforts to “get control over our vehicles” which included becoming aware of our noises. Additional areas included moving quickly but not so much by speed increase but by efficiency of action increase, though they go hand in hand. Also for practical purposes of scheduling we had 11 minutes to bathe every morning that included showering, shaving and grooming (nose hair, ear hair, fingernails as needed), brushing teeth, flossing and cleaning up after ourselves which included using a tissue to clear the drain of hair and for the last person to bathe, wiping down the shower stall. It was procedure to use a wash cloth and to clean every part of the body, including in between toes with each bath. And to conserve on dryer time for towels, we were to sort of brush the water off our body before getting out of the shower, so the towels would not be as wet. And to conserve water, we would not start the shower and let it run and would not make it too hot either (as it also tended to dry out the skin and scalp, causing other problems) but would just keep the shower on just long enough to get fully wet, head to toe and then turn it off and soap up with the washcloth. The bar of soap would never be used directly on the body and shampoo was to be used for the hair. Plus hair needed to be removed from the bar of soap so the next person doesn’t have a hairy bar of soap. Also, one needed to wipe down the mirror with a sponge if one splattered on it and not leave hair in the sink either and the countertop needed to be wiped dry before exiting as well. Many of these “procedures” were applied whether in a house or living in a tent with certain adjustments accordingly. These procedures didn’t all come at once. Ti and Do would sit with us and go through the routine which would get recorded in a “procedure book” and then as things came up and questions were asked more procedures would be added. There was a separate book the Nutri-lab (kitchen/cooking, etc.) the Yeast-Lab (baking), Impro-Lab (House and car maintenance/improvements), Fiber-lab (laundry) and then books for those on the “ventilation crew” that handled heat and air conditioning settings, another book for those that did any medical delivery of medicines, etc. and another for the group assigned to manage the overall “craft” scheduling and a general book for all to keep up with daily or as often as you could.

Terminology was changed because of how it forced us to use our brains differently from what we grew up with in the human world and it instilled what life on a spacecraft and/or lab would be like once a member of the Next Level.

And since all the terms and procedures came from Ti and Do, or after Ti left, from Do, though students wrote them out and then sent a copy to Ti and Do, in case they got it wrong, by following them each of the students was literally making Ti and Do’s Mind our own, which are among the foundation of becoming their instruments through which the Chief of Chief’s mind would be delivered to everyone and yet none of it was robotic and all was subject to change as each member and crew encountered different circumstances to where existing procedures might not apply. So each member and crew would try to follow procedures with the intent of the procedure the primary aspect to follow and when adjustments seemed necessary would try to check with the Older member but if there wasn’t time or availability to check as all this has practicality to it, crewmembers would try to second guess what their Older members would do and then act in ways to provide the most options to reverse what their decisions changed if when the Older Member receives the report, they want to reverse or adjust the decision.

An example of this is how Do considered all options Ti might choose to use to pick them up, whether physically or by taking their soul bodies, which is the way it did happen. Now I don’t know this but suspect it to be the case, that the reason they took out “abduction insurance” from Llyods of London, was in case Ti decided to take their vehicles for some reason. Then there would be more funds available to those who were given the task to maintain the web site and further publish the book and distribute all their materials.

I believe that is also the reason, each had a bag packed with a change of clothes in it and a little money, though that was in combination with their demonstration of who was behind (or sitting) on the Samuel Clemmons Mark Twain vehicle, that I believe was when Ti came closer to help prepare the human kingdom for their incarnate task and thereafter as Do I believe came before that with the Aurora, Texas crash in April of 1897.

People that think all these procedures make them into robots are listening to the lower forces programming. Anyone who has been part of a team knows the value of procedures and how they enable a better team and how good it feels to be part of a well oiled machine that a team can be.

Ti and Do certainly demonstrated how challenging it is to perform a task as theirs. As their student for 19 years I experienced and witnessed what they went through trying to help each student and deal with all the things they were up against in keeping the classroom in tact so not to be interfered with by human authorities, etc. that were often looking for them and out to stop them. And as each student served on crews that at times were sent out to perform tasks in the world, dealing with car maintenance tasks, dealing with realtors, and one another it was easy to see how there were always considerations procedures didn’t cover except in how to go about handling changes.

And that doesn’t change once a member of the Next Level. In fact the more on grows in the Next Level the less strict procedures they have and thus more responsibility they have and the more they are trusted by their Older Members to handle situations the way their Older Member would. And that’s what can make that student into a young member of the Next Level and to eventually become an Older Member themselves.

Humans generally like to think of themselves as individuals. Ti and Do always said, it’s only when becoming a member of the Next Level that we become an individual for the first time. This is because humans know it or not are like a computer that’s being time shared. Discarnates share our brains and bodies and thus all we do according to how they have programmed us to gravitate to doing the things they want us to do in life. This starts at birth though with the genetic programming they are made up of before then.

What Ti and Do’s ‘BEYOND HUMAN’ means. Defining Gods Jealousy and wrath

March 26, 2014

Ti and Do didn’t really teach right and wrong in terms about this or that belief. They simply said in so many words, if you want to go to the Next Level, to be on their team, work on a crew, the rules are thus and so. They didn’t debate. However they are very clear that there is opposition to them, who manipulate information to both make them out to be something they are not – evil, manipulative, dictatorial, jealous wrathful gods looking to control humans and then to the other extreme of no one required to do anything to be like them, the entire “Jesus did it for us”, syndrome, so we don’t have to also do what he did, which is also prevalent thought among many Christians, various new age religious/spiritual groups and new agers as well – God loves all of us and all of us will be ushered into heaven on earth if we “let it be”, don’t try to make it happen, or meditate enough on peace and love, the Lennon syndrome. (don’t get me wrong, I like peace and love, or better said, Kindness/gentleness/compassion and giving, but these are behavioral characteristics taught by the Next Level, but not so much the development of a mind muscle that can stick to a program that prepares one to be trusted to work for the Next Level without getting in the way of aspects of “garden” experiments of growing souls to choose to also gravitate to such a program in a stepwise fashion. The Next Level provides the “astronaut training” like program which has been equated to a “war” because the lower forces who were once in such a program chose to renegade from the program and those administering it, so the Next Level Older members decided to subject other students at the station of the renegades to the renegades in which they could then decide for themselves who to give themselves to.

Now Ti and Do, do teach right and wrong when it comes to what is real and what is not, what information is truthful and what is lies and misinformation, so in that way they are absolute because they know all about the planets and garden plots they design and they know all about the creatures they grow on those planets that they designed, so to deny so would be lying to portray that they don’t know because some take offense when someone says they know. If our reality was created, using evolutionary processes and big bangs galore with built in adaptations galore and recycling so current creatures only have clues to past experiments on Earth and/or other planets, etc., then someone has to KNOW the truth about it all. If on the other hand, it’s all come about by random response to stimuli with no plausible explanation for a beginning of at least our little corner of the solar system, which to me is total science fiction and about as ignorant a belief as driving a car to a tribe in some jungle where they never saw a car, if that is possible anymore, and telling them the car evolved by itself over millions of years to be a car. Because of how far fetched that is, though to even some so called intelligent humans, they don’t see the correlation or better yet don’t want to see it, or perhaps don’t have any living seed in them any longer to see it – the seed they once had that all living creatures have a degree of atrophied from lack of usage so now it’s no longer capable of functioning, which renders that creature by their own choice unable to change and thus evolve beyond what they have become regardless of how much data they can display that makes them look smart to other humans.

re: “levels beyond human” – since those are terms when put together were designed by Ti and Do, though they spoke of them as evolutionary and physical, two huge descriptors that set their thinking a part from all others, though all others have smatterings of that thinking, no being can be “beyond human” unless they are taught what beyond human is and that can’t be taught by a human, though it appears to be because it comes through humans by The Older Members coming in such a way that humans can not detect them, as “spirits”. And because of that it was thought that Spirits are the entities that are “beyond human” so it must be a spiritual environment. However, this is misinformation and where that is evident is in the information that became available beyond the theoretical or philosophical or spiritual or mystical the demonstrated the differences of what constitutes “human” and what doesn’t and that took place with the so called “ufo crashes” that occurred in the 1940’s and 1950’s that had physical bodies in them that were in tact enough that they could be autopsied and proved that beings existed in these flying saucers that were not human because they didn’t have human organs common to every, not only human but every animal. A few of the bodies had no reproductive nor digestive systems and a few others had atrophied reproductive systems and had a different type of “flesh” as well.

When one takes that information believe it or not and then examines the core of what Jesus taught – that one to be his disciple needed to “leave all behind” of their human life to be with that “teacher” more or less 24/7 and that they were no longer going to be thinking of themselves as having a human family as Jesus demonstrated denying his mother brothers were his family, saying that fellow believers were his family, which included leaving behind children (not abandoning them, but seeing to it that they had someone who would love them and raise them), but that they could not join because they would not have engaged in human behaviors enough if at all, depending on their age and experience to choose to deny themselves those forms of human sensuality – sensory stimulus that the Older Members would begin to wean them from needing and wanting, IF THESE DISCIPLES CHOSE TO STAY IN THE OFFERED PROGRAM. Plus, one would be willing to even sacrifice their human vehicle, another totally inhumane thing to do, but not as some ritual and certainly not imposed on anyone else nor pressured into doing so, but simply recognizing how one will have to “overcome/conquer, prevail against” all their otherwise normal human behaviors and ways, to pass through the birth canal into membership in the Next evolutionary level, but only by instigating each step according to the way the incarnate Older Member provided, not using their own mind to do so, which is another way the charlatans stimulate that become sects of different religious groups. Some of this is evidenced by Jesus saying, one could choose to make themselves a eunuch for the kingdom of God/Heaven’s sake or even loose a hand or eye IF, IF, IF they found that by keeping that hand or eye they might miss their goal of becoming a member of the Next Level, because they couldn’t otherwise keep themselves from behaviors and ways that were not overcoming their humanness. Jesus didn’t tell anyone to do any of these things but nor did he omit them as options because the entire idea of “flesh sacrifice” that hearing those words sends shutters through humans who have not grasped the full breath of what the Next Level really is, is a big part of what overcoming humanness is.

Now talking about evolution the way Ti and Do meant it had nothing to do with Darwin’s theories and had everything to do with showing that the Next Level was just as real a mental and biological environment of life forms as human, animal, plant and mineral kingdoms are. Next Level members have physical bodies they wear on a regular basis according to the tasks they have.

Another characteristic of an Evolutionary Level Above Human Member is that they don’t die even though their physical bodies can die, but nor do their physical bodies decay and die on their own. (as far as I know), though members can aspire to regular upgrades in physical bodies that have more and more function. For instance one physical body Ti and Do spoke about could even be a spacecraft. Just like we, our mind was being taught to pilot our human physical vehicles, a Next Level member could choose to be in the department of transportation so to speak and whatever other tasks could go with that as it would hardly be just a taxi service, so that they, their MInd would have that kind of vehicle that would not be a humanoid looking one for example.

But Next Level members also choose tasks when offered that entail the sacrifice of their living suit of clothing (physical vehicle) which took place when they decided to come undercover to perform the task of overcoming humanness again to show a student body how which again was what took place in some of the southwest U.S. UFO crashes, such as near Roswell, Aztec, New Mexico, Laredo, Aurora, Texas and maybe a few other locations.

Beyond human isn’t the spirit world as when a human or human equivalent space alien dies as they all do, their programming, the content of their mind, their spirit that still exists outside the flesh is still human in every way and seeks to play out their humanness by the only means they have, by influencing living humans to do their bidding. That bidding can be teaching others or being a chef or a drug addict if that’s what got them off most during life. These spirits don’t live forever and they have just as many limits as they had while a part of a physical vehicle. If they were taught they could astral travel, then they have more facility to travel around in their limited spirit world. That spirit world might extend a certain distance into what humans would consider near space even to some different planets but certainly not beyond that, if that far, as Ti and Do didn’t say that I ever heard. But even the spirit world will be dissolved in the near future according to Ti and Do and Jesus and other prophesy in various cultures.

Then there are characteristics of the human evolutionary level that are apparent in the animal evolutionary level; predators, competitions, jealousies, vengeance, manipulations, deceits and judgementalism based on another’s color, gender, shape, health, ethnicity, intelligence, philosophy/religion, social behaviors, likes and dislikes, all of which are part of the “Overcoming process” to outgrow to qualify to be a member of the Level Above Human, again not by our design but as layed out in a stepwise way by those who are from that Level Above Human. Whether someone is represented by having a human vehicle or is a spirit time sharing one or more human vehicles, whether on a spacecraft from a different planet or from Earth and/or from a previous civilization is no different to the Next Evolutionary Level Above Human Older Members. They don’t have any of these characteristics.

What was called God’s jealously was true but not in the emotional and competitive connotations of the word. Next Level Members don’t covet what others have and have no vested interest in anyone looking to them or joining their program or supporting their mindset because they don’t need any new members though know there will be some as their having set up these “garden experiments” many times previous, like human gardeners know there will be yield. But they actually set the limits of the yield as they are not harvesting for consumption as humans do for their gardens. They actually put together crews in various departments which requires planning to do as more isn’t better. The reason it was spoken about as jealously was because the goal of the program for those who were enlisted and elected to engage it had the overall qualifications as stated by Jehovah through Moses implementation of “giving to the Lord all one’s heart (body/emotions), mind (spirit/thoughts), soul (aspirations to enlightenment) and strength (efforts). This was laid out before that genetic strain they designed and developed til then knew much about it’s application because the Next Level Older Members don’t manipulate. They do strategize how much stimulus to provide and when according to the responses. That’s what largely makes it an experiment. And the make the rules stringent, while the Older Member incarnate decides exceptions with his consultations with his Older Member which is also their learning experience that will enable their further function for their Older Member.

The entire reason any humans have any of the characteristics of the Next Level Older Members is because They delivered them by their example. They even use all those in the human kingdom, Luciferian space aliens as well, as assets in their experiment to provide some of the positive characteristics of peace and love, kindness, gentleness, that even some dropouts may still embrace, though probably do so in the way humans on Earth at times do, that is the ones with the power, according to how it works for their agenda and to their own which also separates the Next Level program from all others. Next Level students also will treat those that make themselves their enemies with the same respectful, kind and understanding ways they treat all beings evidenced by Jesus saying to his Father so his disciples could hear an example of how he spoke to his Older Member who was not incarnate, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”. There is no benefit to a human holding that thinking unless they still have Active Next Level Mind in their soul body or spirit or it’s left over from what they received through their genetic tree that originated from the Next Level Older Members and had not become totally tainted and/or distorted into superficial religious or spiritual regimen. I am not knocking religious or spiritual regimen. Ti and Do explained how all things in the human condition can be what leads a human to the “top of the mountain” of the human kingdom, but that when the time arrives to have the chance to get off the human mountain have to be discarded and replaced by the teachings from the currently incarnate Older Members IF THEY CHOOSE TO PROGRESS BEYOND HUMAN.

We also see that the Next Level Older Members can act in a way that is depicted as anger. They do that at times to help students, those who have asked to be in their service/overcoming program as we need that motivation to make changes. We can be willing but there’s that old expression, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Really, that could be more accurate that the spirit is willing but is not strong enough to override the desires of the flesh body we occupy. It’s what humans call “tough love” and of course at times in the human kingdom does show value and other times like everything else is used and abused.

However, with that said, if the Next Level Older Members determine that THEIR garden experiment is in part or entirely non-productive, as with any human organization, they will take appropriate measures. Of course the Next Level don’t have the often hidden agenda’s and profit motivations humans have, except in how the Next Level wants to give those that they see as upcoming the best chance they can give to graduate Their human overcoming school, so will accelerate the life span of those they deem weeds because of how they seek to interfere with their upcoming fruit harvest in a way that’s not an advantage to use. They do use others but not like humans do. They use others by allowing them the opportunity to do what they want to do. If what they want to do is war with others, then the Next Level, if they determine it’s not in their interest to prevent, will allow them to wage war. The Next Level Older Members always provide outs for those in war zones who ask for their help to get out of harms way and they can always save the spirit or soul of a human who doesn’t get out of harms way but shows promise towards a potential future garden overcoming classroom participation. The human vehicles were all designed to die after a certain amount of time and that varies and doesn’t look fair to some but the vehicles are not what the Next Level harvests. However the vehicles are absolutely needed for the overcoming program, providing the participant soul/spirit with what they need to overcome as all humans have as part of their nature.



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