Comet SIGN from Ti and Do as “Jesus” “lightning from east to west” and “signs in sun, moon and stars”

October 21, 2014

Here is another “sign in the sun, moon, stars” Jesus forecast. When he says stars it is from the base Greek “aster”, that the English word, “lightning” used in the New Testament comes from. So when Jesus said, you would see these “signs, marks” they would resemble objects moving through space that project light and are “strewn” through space. Comets are the number one form of this. This video is great to see. And yet, what many Christians are saying, how they agree these kinds of things are part of those prophecies don’t realize that the return they are still expecting is the last stage when the one they knew as Jesus returns with his graduate first fruit students in their new eternal vehicles riding “horses” that this time are their armada of spacecrafts. That return is in progress as those graduates have the task to see to the pulling up of the weeds, which by their closeness and attention is like putting a heat source near an ant bed that to those that aren’t prepared to digest kind of frys the brain circuitry that causes them to “act out” what they have become that we see as all types of extreme behaviors and ways that are detrimental to healthy life from the Next Level’s perspective of health which includes the thirst to see all this for what it is and seek to better know the “creators” of our reality, that if they ask in their way, whatever it is sincerely, those graduates will get that signal and tend to them to save them from the weeding largely by the hands of other weeds. The weeds are doing theri own weeding. Now we still can’t judge who is a weed and who is not. Not our business. Like Do said, though he doesn’t promote violence, a militia type person rebelling against the system isn’t necessarily a weed. The same with those accused of terrorism midst the biggest terrorists, the governments (beastial human organizations) and all who side with them with their patriotism and service to their various machines, corporations, religious institutions, etc. It’s the job of any who have found Ti and Do to simply provide pointers to their information so all have another chance to decide (the judgement) of who to accept the “mark” from between the Evolutionary Level Above Human and the Human Kingdom. it’s really that cut and dry at this time I believe. So with that all said, here is the link:

Breckenridge UFO’s I believe are Space Aliens just like Phoenix Lights and not from Level Above Human

October 7, 2014

Now I would guess that this could be space alien generated as it’s not coming from outer space where I believe space aliens are no longer permitted to circulate. I don’t know how their prohibition of traveling very far from earth is accomplished but however it’s done I do believe at this time it’s accomplished by the Level Above Human Beings by instigating changes in the way their spacecrafts are able to fly, the actual physical properties of their elemental energy systems, but I could be wrong, just a hunch. The Next Level however has no reason I have seen any evidence of to put on such displays, just like in the case of the phoenix lights. The space aliens want and need human cooperation for their agenda. The Next Level don’t need humans for anything but are providing an avenue for humans to seek out them and their offer of being in a future training program to evolve beyond human, led and managed by Ti and Do and Crew.

Signs in the MOON, as Jesus said would be occurring at this time

October 7, 2014

Below you will find a link to a youtube video of the examination of an object seen in a NASA moon photo. It may be nothing but then it may be one of the Signs Jesus spoke about.

I only post this because I have been wondering if there would be more claims of seeing things on the moon, as we’ve seen many things related to the Sun that are unexplained and never seen before that don’t look anything like what we think of as “naturally occurring, having unusual puzzle piece shapes, etc. and we have seen many unusual characteristics with hale bopp comet that are still being studied globally to try to sort out how they could be – like having two nucleus in orbit around one another and with comet ison’s looking like a flying wing with 7 parts, 3 in each wing and 1 as the front of the wing, which is described in the book of revelations as belonging to one of the four “living beings” mistranslated as “beasts”, a convenient form, innocent or not, of misinformation dissemination. And of course the rash of fireballs, near miss asteroids, meteor explosion over that Siberian town in Russia and comet pan starrs that also had a mysterious object associated with it flying immediately ahead of the comet. But the moon, except for the whistleblower fellow named Hoagland that claims evidence of a huge structure, like a gridwork enveloping the moon, while also claiming lots of mars activity with US and Alien cooperation that I frankly don’t’ see evidence of at least during this current civilization, there has been little more than what looks like a light in a crater, that could be a reflection and shapes of rocks like are seen on Mars that could be rocks, etc..

This latest post is interesting and nothing more at this point. However, it’s probably not going to get much more defined because if these are “signs” from the people that developed the Earth into a life filled environment then part of their design is to present just enough evidence so that those with the greatest desire to know the truth will seek it out, be willing to consider it, not discount everything out of hand and be curious enough to want to explore more. That’s not to say someone who does not have that desire is any lessor of a person for not being that curious. It’s not for anyone to say or judge what someone should or could do with their life. That’s why it’s “free will”. So with my free will, I look at all this and come to believe some as most likely either from humans, even as hoaxes, or of late drones or space aliens, but mostly in cases of terrestrial things like crop circles and cattle mutilations and abductions and contactees and sightings of metallic looking crafts, etc. or the only other choice, from those that like I said built the Earth environment into the life habitat for the evolutionary process of birthing to their ranks new members. What is birthed is the Soul container given to certain ones of their choosing and that if someone wants can ask them for as that is the criteria, projecting our asking beyond the stars where aliens and spirits can’t intercept. Christians who think their “god” is going to take their body into the sky are in a deep illusion, even though aliens might want their bodies for “parts” and hormones, so won’t they be surprised if they are taken and put in a cell to use for experimentation. It will be too late to rethink who they are looking to as their “god”. Person to person, I have no idea at all who is considered by these Next Level beings as a prospective candidate for a future birth opportunity but I do know no one is going to qualify if they don’t ask them for help to qualify as they are practical and again operating on the free will basis. If we don’t ask they don’t want to fool with us and that asking must develop into something regular and I’m not pretending it must be in the form of words, at least at the early stages but it will grow to be in words as a Mind starts to recognize more and more of their Mind, thinking, behaviors and ways, in us that then begins to build into a degree of knowing just how real they are that is the real basis of what was called “faith” – as “evidence of things unseen” that many are coming more and more to terms with because of various life experiences. We are all in a hothouse and it’s heating up more and more in all ways and we can’t change that but we can change and that’s part of the “game” so to speak, to change, to progress to identify more with those who literally created our reality lock stock and barrel (and who are NOT space aliens) as they are evolutionarily above human.

With all that said, here is the post that may be one of the prophesied “signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars”:

Gizmodo: “Online legacy of a suicide cult and the webmasters”…misinformation, lies and deceit

September 23, 2014

Before going piece by piece through the misinformation, lies and deceit in this article, I want to say that I find no fault with the author, that is unless she disallows my comments posted on this piece and issues no corrections, pending of course looking at my sources to verify. That would be the responsible thing to do.

In any case, from the many comments on this article, as is the positive that comes from it as the truth about Ti and Do and all they said and did is before the public eye again it is apparent that because of time and all that’s happened in the world that more are ready and eager to learn the truth.

The truth isn’t important to know because then people might flock to Ti and Do because the truth is actually harder to handle than the mistruth just as it was for people to accept what Jesus really taught because of how their teachings were actually ultimately anti-humanistic and anti humanistic is not profitable to drawing lots of believers. The Next Level doesn’t plan on lots of believers, though if by chance there were, they would have plenty of ways to accommodate them all, I’m sure.

Now that’s not to say Jesus was teaching to be be anti-human. To the contrary his teachings were designed for us to show our Heavenly Fathers how much we respected them and their creation by not doing anyone harm and treating one another as we too wanted to be treated. This was the “second greatest commandment” and was the stepping stone to abiding by the number one qualification to graduate to heaven, to “love the lord you God with ALL your heart, ALL your Mind, ALL your Soul and ALL your efforts while still abiding by the secondarily commandment of treating/loving others as ourselves. it was a stepping stone because it began to take us our of our innate animal SELF indulgence that members of the Next Level have none of and don’t miss either.

That love was not a physical touchy feely love but a love that encompasses all the feelings, thus with all our senses, but in the ways they find compatible with membership in their kingdom, thus not in any kind of sexual way because they have no sex in their kingdom. That was part of their animal creation so we were designed to grow to choose to discard our animal characteristics that includes pro-creation entirely for the few they seed to recognize Them and who seek to put themselves in their hands.

Thus even the negative becomes good in that it provides the option (free will)  to dis-believe the truth when it’s provided to us. It’s good therefore because it also then separates people into the corners they want to be in. Of course the misinformation will proliferate and is necessary to the provision of complete free will, which Jesus spoke about while saying that even still, “woe to those that become the instruments of that evil”. And evil is the promotion of less options. It’s the removal of opportunity to grow towards the real physical many membered Level Above Human, and doing so by fostering misinformation that are made up of lies.

Of course one of the most effective ways to try to stop something is by appearing to be supportive of it, while leaving out the core that is it’s engine and then slowly twisting that core to make it moot.  This happens all over the world and it’s probably safe to say all so called intelligence organizations become somewhat masterful in the methods of diluting and removing what the truth reveals.

Also before getting into the specific misinformation, I will confirm that Mark and Sarah were offered the task of handling the affairs of Do and Crew after their exit even though as they were briefed over the last year before the EXIT, they said if I recall correctly that they had no idea they were about to commit what to the world looked like a mass suicide, what to Do and Crew  had become by their own continuous choices over years the recognition that they were simply laying down their borrowed human vehicles. Mark and Sarah were given the task of handling their affairs but in regard to the information they left behind Rkkody and Oscody were primary regarding the web site and Rkkody, Jhnody, Flxody and Neody all received masters of different materials. Do was covering his bets by spreading out the information. This is why Do also arranged to have a web host in Romania ready to publish a mirrored site of which was up for a long time as

According to my various sources to include what Rkkody told me over the phone when Mark was battling with him to keep him from disseminating the audio tapes, Mark and Sarah were freaked out by the groups sudden exit and method as they were not expecting such because they were not in the loop of what the plans were, even though that exit was spoken about as a group many times starting in early September of 1994 after it was apparant that we would not be exiting our vehicles by someone else’s hand.

That’s the path the exit took 2000 years earlier for the same group of souls, which is why some in that student body were fully expecting to lose their vehicles. In fact for me that was my first sense of doubting Ti and Do, so was a test for me because they said in the beginning we would not lose our physical bodies – that they would be picked up by a spacecraft. For a long time they wondered why the Next Level would need to have our physical bodies, but that was what they were instructed to say so they said it. They were true to their instructions from their Older Member (Father in Heaven), even though it was their own Minds that set up those instructions before they came.

For detailed information about all that transpired between Rkkody and Mark and Sarah over the tapes and other subjects, I suggest visiting Crlody’s blog at: .

Report said:

“In 1972, Marshall Applewhite had a heart attack. In some bizarre permutation of the Florence Nightingale effect, he then came to the realization that he and his nurse, Bonnie Nettles, were very likely the two witnesses prophesied in Revelation. Bonnie agreed. The unlikely apocalyptic pair changed their names to Bo and Peep (a natural fit for two long-awaited shepherds) before ultimately adopting the monikers Ti (Bonnie) and Do (Marshall). You know, like the notes of a scale.”

My corrections as I added to a comment in the article:

Thank you for allowing my comments that I hope you do. I don’t care to convince anyone of anything but I do want to set the record straight. Also thank you for using what I said about how Mark and Sarah were told to leave the group in 1997. That is 100% accurate and there is a lot more I could say about it but I’m not really into smearing them as I do respect their efforts to keep the web site alive, but not at the expense of creating more lies and deceit. I don’t know why they won’t just come clean with the truth as I have many times as to why I left and as Carlan (crlody) has as well. Plus they have not disseminated all the information they have and that has been a major point of contention that Crlody and I have with them as we have all the letters Do and Crew sent Mark and Sarah that talks about the things of value in the storage (up to 300 tapes) and their desire that people learn about them in more depth that the tapes can help provide. About 100 of those internal meeting tapes are available but Mark fought like crazy to surpress their availability but fortunately Rkkody prevailed and sent me a copy before he exited his vehicle in 1998 after many battles with Mark over Rkkody’s and Crlody’s efforts to send them to people and universities and libraries for free. Mark tried to get them back and I’ve tried to reason with him over this issue to no avail but at least those 100 or so tapes are the ones with Ti on them so people can actually hear both Ti and Do, their manner. If anyone wants to hear some of those tapes, I put three together on my youtube channel. Here is the address: ​

This talk was given in Blackhawk, Colorado and is in three parts and is about Adam and Eve. It’s very interesting, at least to me and perfectly shows the manner of Ti and Do every day of the 19 years I sat with them (10 years with Ti since she left first, which by the way is in prophecy in Rev 12 that is about Ti and how she gives birth to Do and leave him with the task of the Throne and how the Earth swallow her vehicle up that relieves her of the burden of being the prime target for the Luciferian space aliens to attack).

So here are some of the corrections:

Bonnie wasn’t his nurse. He meet Bonnie in the hospital where Bonnie worked as a premie baby nurse. That’s taking care of premature babies.  He was visiting a sick “MALE” friend and Bonnie was filling in for the nurse that normally worked that department and shift. Do told us this story several times and then wrote about it extensively to correct misinformation in the document entitled, “’88 Update – The UFO Two and their Crew” which is available for free download on (last time I checked). This became a contraversy because Terri, Bonnies oldest daughter thought they met at a voice lesson for Bonnie’s younger son that Marshall was giving. Terri didn’t know they had met before that. Plus there was no reason for Do to lie about this which is plain to see  by his writing that he was “visiting a sick male friend”. If anything when he wrote this in 1988 this was the first time I recall his implying that he was a homosexual at that time. Why else would he emphasize “male”. He could have just covered it up. But he knew well the disdain that Christians especially had for homosexuals (because of Paul’s fraudulent teachings as Paul was like a modern day Luciferian space alien contactee. No wonder so many Christians pay no mind to what Jesus really taught. Paul was much easier to handle. Rob Balch is especially guilty of spreading this misinformation about how and where Do met. There are other stories. Rob did some investigation and learned some things but overall had to come up with a hypothesis that other psychologists could easily buy, so concocked his story that ended up in wikipedia that made it look like Do was the prime instigator of all he and Ti came up with or went looney after Ti left because he was embarrassed about his frustrating sex life before he met Ti. Some such nonsense was what people quote to me all the time from academia because they see Rob as the guru of Heaven’s gate lore when he has only the first hand experience from a few dropouts and bystanders. In fact I was one of those dropouts. He came to my house in Stony Brook, NY in 1998 and took about 3 hours of tape of my talking. Before that I met him when Do had me go to Missoula to help him edit a chapter he was writing about the group in 1994. I did the edit and he had so much wrong I think he couldn’t stand to update it all so chose to disregard much of what I said though I didn’t have to make anything up as I was already seen as a brainwashed follower, but I corrected him on every jot and tittle in terminology and events and some of the philosophy, like I am doing now.

Their meeting was over a talk about astrological signs and Do told Bonnie he had wanted someone to do his chart, after learning that Bonnie did charts on the side. What Bonnie didn’t tell him was that she only did charts for people that asked three times and she didn’t tell people that requirement. She wanted to know they were serious before investing that effort. I don’t think she  ever did Do’s chart but I could be wrong about that. That’s another point that Christians say indicates they couldn’t have been the Father (Ti) and Son (Jesus/Do) because they wouldn’t have been into astrology as astrology is from the Devil and again that was because of the choices of the translators of what Paul said. He was a real stick in the mud but gave people the choice of what to believe, though astrology to help one become a more successful human would not be in the interest of the Level Above Human.

And by the way whoever said that the Members of the Next Level Above Human don’t have physical bodies was spreading total misinformation. Physical bodies are talked about all the time in the records, as “raiment, or one’s temple or as a robe” because that’s what they are to a Next Level member, a vehicle the Soul puts on or is put into by the Next Level technicians. Do said he left his Next Level body in a “closet” on the spacecraft he was on and he said Ti (Peep) didn’t need to put the body she was wearing in a closet because she had grown to be able to have more than one vehicle so could still perform tasks on the spacecraft while part of her Mind went to the Earth to take a human body they had prepared for their arrival, which they said happened in the 1920’s.

It took Bo and Peep over a year to believe they were the Two Witnesses of Rev 11. Bonnie didn’t agree as if Marshall was the driving force. Bonnie was always the driving force, so much so that in the beginning she pursued working with him and he told us he wondered at that time if she was “interested in him” as in a relationship, which he said he didn’t want any part of as he was not physically attracted to her. And besides he had been living as a homosexual for some time when they met, though when they met he was fed up with trying to find a partner that wanted more of a committed relationship so wasn’t looking for any relationship. He had been married years before that and had children but was estranged from them. Bonnie was married and had four children and her husband thought they were having an affair and they had to get a court order to keep him away from Applewhite as he threatened his life. Ultimately both their friends, which Applewhite had many of as he was an Opera singer with the Houston Grand opera as a lead soloist Baratone for productions like Oklahoma. He used to eat lunch with Dan Rather of CBS News as their office was accross the street from St. Thomas University where Applewhite was a professor of music and led the large choral ensembles. Bo and Peep didn’t become their names until 1975. The gave their first formal talks in Los Angeles, “the city of angels”, what I say is the New Jerusalem at a private residence in North Hollywood, – the “valley of vision” that Isaiah referred to Jerusalem as – vision=movies perhaps.and The Valley became an area nickname. From that meeting and another at the same place the next day, over a dozen wanted to join with them which was an un-welcomed surprise to them. They hadn’t at that point considered that they would have followers. But they went with the flow and agreed and told them to meet them at a campground a ways north. These were required to leave their lives behind and there was an assortment of new believers who had careers and relationships and family like anyone else. They were by far not all hippies. In fact most of those who were hippies and joined later didn’t stay very long. It was an attractive idea as long as they could smoke their pot and  still have sex, which Bo and Peep would not tolerate. But it was in the first camp that the new students asked them what to call them and they said somthing to the affect of, “well since we now have sheep we must be Bo and Peep”.

They didn’t use arsenic. It was phenobarbitol and some vodka with the applesauce and they insured that they would not wake up by putting a plastic bag over their heads. The authorities reported no evidence of struggle or pain and discomfort. They said they all seemed very much at peace. Those were their words. I was in the group when we decided to exit in this way. Do spent several years considering it and spending time with each student. And several students left when it was first brought up. I was also present for the first castration. I was supposed to be the second one but Do cancelled my option due to a minor complication in Srrody’s. Lvvody who was a registered nurse who worked for an orchectomist for many months removing cancerous testicles did the castration but it didn’t drain properly so his sack got as large as an orange and Jnnody, Lvvody and I took Srrody to a nearby hospital and I went in with srrody and they easily fixed it. But because of that Do questioned proceeding with mine. I’ve written about all this on my blog and youtube channel in great detail. It was totally optional and Srrody and I had pressed Do for the option for at least a year before that. On the surface I left because I gave into sexuality in my head and began masturbating after 18 years of not even coming close. It was because I had become too confident and my ego was growing to where I thought I could handle a task like Do’s. Wow was I wrong and Ti from outside her vehicle let me have a taste of what he dealt with from the discarnate lower forces and I fell like rock in water and didn’t even have the strength to want to get back on the celibate wagon.

Mark said: “They trained us on how they wanted emails to be taken care of, how to relate to the public, and how to disseminate their information. In March, 1997 our task load increased as they delivered us all their physical, legal, intellectual and personal property over several days as they departed.”

They did not deliver them all their intellectual property. In fact they did not deliver them any of their intellectual property according to the letters they got. They sent the master video tapes of the Beyond Human Series to Jhnody who was in Venezuala. And the sent the master Exit Tapes to Rkkody. And they gave Rkkody and Oscody the diskettes with the entire web site on them with the information about the mirrored site provider. They also sent exit videos to CNN. They sent letters to Neody (Rio) and Rkkody and Jhnody and perhaps Flxody and Ablody. The hundreds of audio tapes were in a storage room they rented and they gave Mark and Sarah the key but said in the letter they sent them if they were uncomfortable going to the locker they could have Rkkody and Oscody do it, which is what Mark and Sarah decided to do, which is how Rkkody got that tapes.

Ti’s exit by death did NOT “cement” that way to exit in Do’s mind as Rob Balch likes people to think. In fact when the movie cocoon came out he wondered about all going out on a boat to get picked up or to sink the boat as an exit. He even bought a large yacht that we docked near Houston and had a crew go there to fix it up that he eventually sold. Then when we sold everything again and bought tents and trailers and moved into the Phoenix desert, we fasted on air for one day and then Do added water and we continued for 12 more days before Do felt to break the fast. What some didn’t seem to register but I and others were very clear about, was that we were considering exiting by fasting IF Ti didn’t pick us up first. After we broke the fast we moved closer to Yuma with the camp and Do felt to wait for a spacecraft pickup. Some lights came overhead that were very strange but no pickup. What is interesting about both pickups Ti first scheduled and didn’t happen and then Do’s was how because of the no shows some left the group, even though they were there for years til then. It was realized that they were in the group for the wrong reason so these scheduled exits served as a sorting out of the truly serious. Then when Do decided we needed to “be who we are” in 1987 which was admitting that Do was the return of Jesus and the students were the return of Jesus disciples as promised, we began to think about going public again and perhaps that would be the way we would exit, by another’s hand as happened to Jesus disciples.  It was about that time that I was in Do’s quarters and was helping pack things up for one of our many moves that I saw the book by the Hemlock society. Do then added it our class library and I read it. It talked in detail about all the ways to kill oneself. It looked quite old and used but I don’t know if he had it while Ti was in her vehicle.  Next Do saw what happened to the Branch Davidians in Waco and he wondered if we needed to provoke the authorities to assist in our exit. He even said he might buy a gun and we could load it with blanks. I remember being troubled over the idea as it brought the question to my mind whether or not I would do anything Do instructed me to do, even kill someone which I couldn’t imagine. I decided I’d deal with that prospect if it happened.  I left before they bought a couple rifles in 1995-6 when they were building an earthship in New Mexico where Strody did some target practice with it and this was after we talked about exiting by our own hands in September of 1994 while I was still there. That was at the end of 9 months of giving public meetings in many  cities in the U.S. in which we got bolder and bolder in the titles on the meeting announcement posters saying that He’s Back wondering if we would anger some Christians to do us in. We used to joke about hoping they would shoot straight as Do did not want anyone to be left a vegetable.  Before 1994 he also wondered what would happen if he left first. He almost did in 1988-9 or so when he contracted Rocky Mountain Spotted Tic fever. I visited him in the house he and Lvvody and Jnnody stayed in while the rest of the group was in Boulder and Denver. Do told us he knew that he could just curl up and exit his body and he asked Ti who was outside her body by then if that was an option and he said, Ti said he could if he wanted to. But he decided he needed to follow through with the completion of the task Ti had left for him to complete without her physical presence.

This is not totally inaccurate. It is true that individuality as human beings think of it is not a Next Level way but that doesn’t mean that no one ever does anything alone and there was privacy. For instance we used the toilet and took showers everyday in private. I had a job outside the house where we lived as a number of us had and I was approved to be the driver that would take 3 or 4 to work and then drive myself to work and then pick up everyone on the way back every day. I was alone during those times. But I think wanting privacy was something to overcome and wanting individuality needed to be overcome. It was all about developing crew mindedness and taking self out of the picture.  Ti and Do said that actually becoming a member of the Next Level was in fact becoming an individual for the first time. That was because in the human kingdom we think we are individuals because we wear different color clothing and such but don’t recognize that we are all influenced by many discarnates so even if alone have them as our buddies whether we acknowledge them or not. We are simply containers that are a composite of programming genetically and from our experiences growing up, whereas members of the Next Level have no discarnates and don’t care if they look alike but they know they are individuals so they don’t try to stand out one from another. I imagine it’s like being in the military all with the same haircuts and uniforms and posture and doing the same things yet if you got to know each person you would see a bunch of differences and each one wouldn’t think of themselves as having no individuality and would recognize the power of crew mindedness over individuality.

So here is the article:

After I saw this article above, I got angry at the blatent deceit of Mark in it so I posted this to my sawyer heavensgate facebook page:

I “liked” this article simply because I wanted to send it to my facebook page. This reporter got some major things wrong but surfaced Mark and Sarah’s snowjob, I hate to say but the truth needs to be shown as much as possible. Here’s mark and sarah’s quote in this article, as to why they left. “We left the Group in September, 1987 because we were going to take care of some other things in our lives… Free will and choice are the cornerstone of what anyone does, especially in the Next Level. Individuals in the Group could come and go as those chose to do, and many did just that over the years. We had an open door policy, and it swung both ways. People came and went all the time.”   THESE ARE OUTRIGHT DECEITFUL LIES AND THEY BOTH KNOW IT. THEY WERE BOTH THROWN OUT, CAST OUT, ORDERED TO LEAVE AGAINST THEIR WILL (though they may have wanted to leave, but at that point didn’t let on to in all the HELP WANTED MEETINGS THE “CHURCH” (body of believers) HAD FOR MARK who was the ONE who was GOING AGAINST TI AND DO’S LESSON PLAN AS BEING ADMINISTERED BY DO ALONE AT THAT POINT, while Sarah SIDED WITH MARK). Mark fell and took Sarah with him. I can gather at least four other witnesses to this fact who while in the group, who also left AFTER Mark and Sarah, named, “rthody (michael), hvvody, andody and pmmody whom I am still friends with who at last contact didn’t believe in Ti and Do anymore, but I know would confirm what I said.  According to this article Mark and Sarah were given the exclusive task of disseminating Ti and Do’s information and yet they have held onto the hundreds of audio tapes of Ti and Do’s internal classroom meetings. Thanks to Rkkody who also laid down his life in 1998 about 100 of those tapes escaped Mark and Sarah’s grasp and Crlody, aka Carlan, who is an active disseminater of Ti and Do’s information put them on to provide them AS WAS DO’S INTENTION IN THE LETTER DO SENT TO MARK AND SARAH THAT RKKODY HAD IN HIS POSSESSION AND CARLAN SENT TO ME TO PROVE. The article is full of lies but the writer doesn’t really know any better but Mark and Sarah according to the additional quotes made it sound like they published the USA Today Ad in 1993. I don’t know the exact logistics of who placed the ad in the paper and whether they used Mark and Sarah in anyway for the return address and/or to make the payment of $30,000.00 for that fine typed 1/3 of a page info ad, so that may have been the reporters misunderstanding. Robert Balch is another sower of misinformation galore and I have the inside scoop on him as well as I was assigned by Do to edit a chapter he was writing about the group in 1994. Like many psychologists, he comes up with hypothesis and that to the academics might as well be the fact. It’s like today all the many things happening on the Sun and to the ISS and the moon and with comets and fireballs are “glitches in the video” or russian satellites shooting down ufo’s instead of the signs Jesus said would be apparent now. However, just because Mark and Sarah FELL doesn’t  mean they have to remain FALLEN. They were given another chance, but if they are going to lie about why they FELL and that it was a FALL, what else are they going to lie about. I don’t pretend to judge them at all but I can judge what is a lie and what is not when there is ample evidence. I also FELL as did Carlan (crlody) but neither of us were “cast out”, but none the less we both have chose to STAND UP for Ti and Do with our faces on the line despite our shortcomings and are up front about why we left though are both regularly attacked by the Luciferian space alien discarnates to even pit us against one another. There is a lot more to say. I’ll have to make it a blog post.

VT “Tech Exposure”, Jeff Smith, 9-17-14… “NASA, Bob Lazar’s UFO and the History of Lost Technology”

September 19, 2014


This is all interesting with a nice tongue in cheekiness included yet relativity as well.

Originally posted on Kauilapele's Blog:

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Okay, I have no idea who wrote this, but I presume it’s Jeff Smith, although it’s posted under Gordon Duff’s name. Whoever put it together, well, I found it fascinating. I wrote this comment to it:

“This, to me, is most fascinating information. Or as a take off on what one commenter says, “What appealing INformation!!” As a teenager type, I read as much as I could about the history of the space programs, from Oberth, to Goddard, to von Braun, and all associated technology. I appreciated this information, which I see as part of the “exposure” of the “UFO technology”, which may or may not have been ET-assisted.

“I’m always cautious about “the UFOs”, as many I see as simply high-tech Earth-researched-and-based, or possibly ARVs (Alien Reproduction Vehicles), as Stephen Greer has written…

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The Rev 19 White Horse may be Do returning in the “glorified body” he took into the cloud of light (ufo) spacecraft as Jesus

September 18, 2014

I am NOT suggesting he walks around on the planet in this body and this is not a thorough addressing of the idea yet, as I just came upon a Christian who suggested it was his glorified body which I hadn’t considered til then and it made a lot of sense in that this body is described as being “dipped in blood”, so it would not be that body he last occupied as Do. And it also indicates he is returning in his spacecraft with his armada (my word) being the graduate student body who also have “clean white fine linen” bodies and this is part of the battle of Armageddon which is in progress as it’s a battle for souls but what we don’t see much evidence of is how that has it’s physical manifestation in the way governments are preparing to do battle against what they believe to be the space aliens that space aliens have called the bad aliens which are in reality not the reptilians but are Do (in the Jesus glorified body) and Crew as prophesied by Jesus in the parable of the tares. They are returning to oversee the spading of those humans who have become weeds (which I remind we have no capacity to decide who they are specifically, except to know they exist and are running the affairs of the planet and of course don’t consider themselves weeds and these are also assisting Do and Crew by doing some of the spading themselves). I believe that any innocents that lose their lives during this process, may or may not have their spirits  saved by Do and Crew. That’s for the Crew to decide who they have a relationship with.

For any that think this is all over just because there are quite times or the recycling isn’t obviously in full swing yet, if they are alive in the next years they will see more and more to help them change their minds and those that work for Ti and Do by disseminating their information will be put to greater tests that could result in the loss of their physical bodies in the process which will simply be an acceleration of their own progress toward overcoming their humanness and graduating into Next Level membership. Ti and Do didn’t leave all their information behind just for the heck of it and it wasn’t left behind to start a new church/religion with. It was to provide the truth to those that can still embrace it and choose to. It’s our job to make it available continuously in all ways we can until it’s time for our exit. Those who try to preserve their lives in this world, by keeping their belief to themselves risk losing their life in the next world as Jesus said. I don’t know the criteria exactly for others but for me, I’ve got to tell the truth as much as possible for my remaining time in this vehicle.

With this explanation of the title of this post, here is what brought me to this title and post:

I found this site that provides some good bible study for those that want to examine to see what many Christians are saying about various subjects so one can talk their language better and be able to also address where they may be putting a less accurate meaning to scripture.

So I have included a scripture that I didn’t agree with and why: Here is the text followed by the site where I got it and then my comment I left for the publisher that was a quick rebuttal that included the revealing of Ti and Do as the Father and Jesus returned as the Two Witnesses and some clues as to how they fulfilled prophecy in that regard but is far from all the evidence, but at least this gives some a chance to look into the possibility for their own stakes in their relationship with the Next Level.

Thus the bible teacher I found said regarding the two mentions of a “white horse”, which I actually believe he is correct that the second mention in Rev 19 is referring to a “glorified” return, in other words, in his body from 2000 years ago. He provides the two verses below:

*** Start of Bible Teachers Interpretations:

Revelation discusses two prophetic horses, which are both the same color and seem to represent truth and righteousness. This is the conclusion drawn from several Bible Commentaries (Adam Clarke’s Commentary, JFB Bible Commentary, etc.). The truth is, only ONE of the horses is of God!

2. And I looked, and behold, there was a white horse; and the one who was sitting on it had a bow, and a crown was given to him; and he went out conquering, and to conquer. (Revelation 6:2, HBFV)

11. And I saw heaven open; and behold, a white horse; and He Who sat on it is called Faithful and True and in righteousness He does judge and make war . . . 13. And He was clothed with a garment dipped in blood; and His name is The Word of God. (Revelation 19:11, 13)

Clearly, the horse of Revelation 19 represents righteousness and is rode by a glorified Jesus. The rider is clothed in a garment ‘dipped in blood,’ which is Christ’s own blood shed for our sins, and his name is the ‘word of God,’ which is precisely what the apostle John calls Jesus (John 1:1).

What is the meaning of the first horse? For starters, Jesus does not need to receive a crown, which means GIVEN the power (sometime in the future) to conquer or take control. Christ has ALREADY received the ‘crown’ of dominion over the entire universe (Matthew 28:18, Mark 14:62, Colossians 2:10, etc.). Second, Jesus does not need to conquer anything, as conquering implies a struggle where either side has a chance (however small) of gaining victory. Satan has ALWAYS lost against God and has a ZERO chance of ever winning even the tiniest of battles! He utterly and totally FAILED to get Jesus to sin just one time! In fact, the devil did not have the power to unilaterally lay a single finger against just ONE person (Job 1 – 2), but instead had to ask God for permission! At his Second Coming, Jesus will assert his right to rule over mankind with a display of power the goal of which is to get people to repent (see Revelation 9:20 – 21, 16:9).

The horse of Revelation 6 represents the ability of Satan to deceive and SEEM like he represents God. According to the apostle Paul, one of Satan’s primary tactics is to lead people astray by appearing to be “an angel of light” who represents the truth (2Corinthians 11:13 – 14). He is, however, the father of deception and lies, and a master counterfeiter. In the end time, God permits him (Revelation 11:2, etc.) to deceive all mankind into thinking he is their ‘savior.’ The devil’s goals, however, are to kill ALL true Christians, have humanity worship and obey HIM, and gather an army to FIGHT the return of Jesus Christ (see Revelation 13:4 – 7, 14:11, 16:12 – 16, 17:14 – 18, 19:17 – 21, 12:9)! Paul also tells us that if the devil can appear to be righteous or ‘white’ so can the angels who follow him (2Corinthians 11:13).

The meaning of the two white horses of Revelation are not the same but rather represent two completely different things!

*** End of Bible Teachers interpretation and his website address:

Sawyer’s question/comment to him: (which is unusual that he provides this avenue as many don’t want questions anymore):

Excellent work, but I have one objection that is a question, re: your interpretation of the Rev 6:2 white horse being Satan. I believe you are mistaken that Jesus doesn’t need to conquer anything. He is simply doing it for his disciples, showing them how. When he said, “I have overcome the world” that implies that he had something to overcome and it’s the same word used for “conquer and prevail”. In fact an Israelite is one who prevails as Jehovah – is an overcomer/conqueror. I say the “bow” is both the “covenant” and thereby those who have been covenanted, thus the bride of
christ in the end times. Also, this was the opening of the first seal. The seal is on the book of Rev 5 that the “lion of juda” opens. So Jesus is opening the seal which is the revealing of the truth like you said, which is the word that comes across as a thunderous roar related to the seven thunderous roars of rev 10 during the sixth trumpet when the two witnesses prophesy. So they are delivering the 7 thunders/roars and one of them is Jesus returned in a new “flesh body” (son of man=offspring of mankind(human). The other is the Father. He has a crown because he is birthed to the throne by the rev 12 woman who depicts the Father as Jesus said he and his Father would return and his disciples the returned saints/angels will be able to sit with the father and speak to him directly at that time but the father will leave by the earth swallowing the body he takes meaning his body dies. Also in rev 11:7 the two witnesses are not killed. Apokteino is “separation” (apo) by/from death (kteino) and it’s stated that they are first subdued (overcome) and then separated by death before the nations, tongues which means they are in the media shot down. Dead body meant subduing of their physical bodies in front of the world who would see them as frauds in their claim to be the two witnesses. I believe these were Ti and Do of the heaven’s gate group, so my question is whether or not you might reconsider at least the interpretation of the white horse who is the returned Soul who served as Jesus in a new physical body what is made pure (white), while Do’s body was also named “applewhite”. Satan does come looking white too. That’s what a sheep in wolves clothing is and a false Christ. A Christ is someone who had overcome the human world through the pressing of oil from their abiding by the commandments of God to be worthy of harvest. Each who is of the first fruit harvest must also conquer/overcome as it says in Rev 2-3 to get their own crown and is why the white horse rider conquers and then goes a conquering. Firsts he overcomes his humanness (the body he takes) and then he takes his student body through overcoming the bodies they take to complete their overcoming having conquered 2000 years ago by giving their lives to his service though they had a little more to do as they were not quite ready to graduate yet then. They were the same souls who were with Moses and they were 42 first fruits with Do when they voluntarily laid down their lives as Jesus had said was the greatest love, for him. It was not suicide for them because they were NOT those physical bodies except that they needed to change those physical bodies into vehicles that would serve the Kingdom of God, Kingdom in the literal heavens.

Why the Buddha said to someone there is no God while to another that there was a God

September 16, 2014

Below is a link I found interesting which was part of my study of what Gautama Buddha taught. Do had said he suspected the teachings of the Buddha in regards to renunciation of the world and overcoming of human sensual desires came from the Next Level. I don’t recall him elaborating more than that but Jesus spoke about having “another fold” he was going to tend to after he left and that the two folds would be joined upon his return in the new age. Ti before she awakened completely to her task as Ti, studied Vedic scriptures through the books by Madam Blavatsky the primary founder of the Theosophical Society in NYC. There are many strong consistencies between early Hindu and early Buddhist teachings and there are many students of Buddhism who may appreciate the opportunity to further see those consistencies with Ti and Do’s teachings, behaviors and ways, thus my comment following the link:

What I see many do, is try to apply what was taught thousands of years ago to now WITHOUT including what was taught in between. I believe that the Soul who was incarnate as Krishna was also incarnate as Moses and then incarnate as Gautam Buddha who then was incarnate as Jesus and then showed up, because he didn’t die but took his body with him, in Kashmir or thereabouts because Jesus said he had “another fold” to tend to who would be brought together with him upon his return, which I believe already took place in the names of Ti and Do where Do was that same Soul on the final incarnation for their “garden” project. Thus for the culture of India They, these Living Beings who are Above Human during that time in India when the Buddha awakened to his task of bringing the humans there up a notch in their possible progression towards “graduation” (as the garden is also a school), talking about whether there was a “supreme being” (God) brought a relative answer from the Buddha based on what he felt would help that potential student move to their next grade in school. As the stories go, which are not included in this little article, when an atheist asked the Buddha if there was a God, the Buddha said, “yes”. In the case when a Rama devotee who believed there was a God, asked him if there was a God, he said, “No”. Both answers challenge the student to open their minds to what they don’t know and both responses were honest from the Buddha because of how little ability there was to accurately define what was meant by “god” anyway.

Now the author of this piece used a comparison between what Krishna and Buddha said. It went like this: Krishna says to Arjuna, “Surrender to me, then you will be convinced.” But Buddha says, “Be convinced first, then surrender comes like a shadow. You need not worry about it.”

I believe these are both saying the same thing as “to surrender means you are already convinced” but it’s in degrees of course. One is convinced enough to surrender. It doesn’t mean one doesn’t have questions and doubts about the other. It simply means one is willing to put aside their doubts enough to see if they can be resolved. They are willing to “change their mind” from what they previously thought, which is the definition of “repentance”. No growth of a Mind can occur if something doesn’t change and that change doesn’t have to reverse a previous understanding, it can simply add to that previous understanding, broadening it. So yes, one must be convinced enough first which is the same thing that Jesus was teaching when saying, one needs to believe in me, which by belief he was saying meant “abide in his teachings”. In other words, live his behavior and ways. Do the work. This has become so twisted nowadays, if I say that to many Christians they it’s saying you have to earn your way to belief/studentship to the one who was incarnate as Jesus and they often think that’s like saying you can get to heaven on your own steam, a total misunderstanding of what Jesus was saying by “surrendering to him” as Jesus like the Buddha and like Krishna were teachers to “show humans the way, the path” and they did that by being an example by doing the path themselves. Many don’t want to hear this. They think he did it for us, that is “overcame the world” so we don’t have to, as if we are so great that we get a free ride just because we say the magic words of I believe. And yet, belief in a current representative from the Level Above Human as I say Ti and Do were both, where the Woman, Ti was the same soul who was the Father and Jehovah and probably Vishnu and Do was her “son” may save one’s soul body after they die if they believed they were who they said they were while they were incarnate. And then that saved soul body would be brought back for a new opportunity to further overcome their humanness. But belief includes more than lip service, as Jesus also said but I’ve already overflowed this text box.

Response to a comment saying Ti and Do’s group is seen as just another cult most have forgot about

September 9, 2014

That’s right Todd. it’s designed to provide a choice and it’s never been about attracting large numbers. There may only be 144 actual souls that they designed seats for in various crews, perhaps less, not saying 144 are graduates from the human condition but that 144 gave their lives sufficiently to be given further tasks to do, to where some will receive Next Level bodies and will not have to return to the human condition to overcome any further, while others may be put on ice or given what Do spoke about as “domestic” tasks. And then perhaps the Next Level will only “save on ice” (not literal) some “thousands”, which was a general term for a myriad or even a family or tribe. Thus each tribe may have 12 + a myriad of souls/spirits saved and the rest of the humans and the spirit world will simply run their course of life for however long it is while the Next Level quickly wipes the civilization clean off the face of the planet, though perhaps will keep some genetic stock safe in some ways in certain areas for the next replanting which is depicted in revelations as 1000 years without all the trouble we are only just beginning to see at this time. But you are perfectly right about how most see Ti and Do’s group. For those that believe in Ti and Do, as who they said they were and there many teachings on how to overcome all aspects of the human condition, there will be triggers upcoming (I believe from my prophecy deciphering) that will be like smelling salts that will get some putting more and more effort into telling others about Ti and Do again. The Next Level is not in a hurry and don’t operate in human time so it seems like nothing is happening but of course if one doesn’t want to see what’s happening then they can’t. It’s a choice and it’s off or on. But “on” is in degrees. We are all potentially turning ON brighter and brighter and it’s not easy. I have stepped up my expression of my beliefs in ways I don’t post here in my personal life and because it’s clear I neither want nor need for others to believe what I express about certain events and “signs” as I see them, some are paying more attention to what I suggest. And that is a fully honest expression on my part. It’s a beautiful design when you can work for someone and not have a need or desire for gratification in so doing because the only real gratification comes from our Older Member. Sure it’s nice to hear someone say they see deeper into something you’ve been given to see for a long time, whether it’s related to Ti and Do or not, but there is no sensory uplift from it. It’s strictly a mental uplift of sorts that points to how each human is making their choices to reach for the “light” or not and it’s at their own speed, as is the case with me as well. For some it’s finally seeing the way the food systems have become toxic waste dumps in our bodies. For others it’s seeing how there are so many lies and manipulations of public opinion by all the so called mainstream and alternative sources whether they know it or not that render them untrustworthy of telling the truth, yet at the same time that enables the thirsty for the truth on any subject to crave it and when they crave it, it’s like sending a Morse code signal to the engineers on the spacecrafts that oversee their “garden” operation that says to them….there’s a light turning on over there, so they dispatch a crew to give them some help to find that greater truth and we see another whistle blower that can’t contain themselves any longer coming forward. Like Jesus said, all that is hidden will be revealed, but that didn’t mean all humans will SEE because to SEE they have to want to SEE and that means being open to SEE which means LOOKING at what there is to SEE whether it proves to be more misinformation or not. By seeking, that attention they are given by the Next Level crew begins to provide just a tad more  discernment. They will not necessarily know for certain what the exact truth about a story is, but they will see facets of it that ring truer than other facets that ring false. 

Ti and Do’s teachings provide opportunity for all Souls to choose degrees of allegiance to the Kingdom of God

August 2, 2014

To follow are six document excerpts or statements and perspectives of what Ti and Do taught, written by Do and/or his Active Student Crew members who were with him til their exit, that describe all the options and “types of humans” that comprise “going with them” to “heaven”, to have “life” as they and Jesus defined it. There is no “quick” or “easy” way and no automatic guarantee as many Christians teach, except for those that continue and persevere through all the tests that ONLY being in a human body provides. In other words, we each absolutely need human bodys and the choices and experiences that come from being human to “grow” to qualify to become a member of Ti and Do’s Next Level crew that entails the receipt of a “made” (not begotten, born of water) Next Level “issue” physical body.

Summary Outline:

I. Excerpt from ‘”Away Team” from Deep Space Surfaces Before Departure’ By Jwnody, April 8, 1996

- “The formula is the same now as it always has been. To begin a metamorphosis in order to be born into the Next World, you must abandon everything of this world (just as the caterpillar about to become a butterfly must do).”

- “In order to get saved for further planting, the overriding requirement is to recognize that this is true (these are the facts). You must believe that we represent the Kingdom that created this planet and all of its inhabitants. And you must be willing to take a stand in defense of that belief, and sustain that stand until the end – your departure – regardless of the consequences.”

- “The only question that remains unanswered is how long the Next Level will permit the alien forces to present their agenda – how long is long enough for all souls to pledge their allegiance for or against – to one side or the other. Every soul must be put to the final test. And as we warned you at the outset, consider your options thoroughly. Hasty judgments are ill-advised.”

II. Excerpt from “Last Chance to Evacuate Earth Before It’s Recycled” videotape given by Do September 29, 1996

Three types of individuals that can avoid the spading under at the end of an Age:

1) Those who leave everything of their human lives behind to graft to the Representative from the Level Above Human (Do) and complete their overcoming of their humanness.

2) Those who recognize the Representative, recognize the information of the Next Level that is coming through the Representative, know it is true, and have not yet had the strength to complete their overcoming of their humanness.

3) Those who recognize the information of the Next Level and are attempting, even without knowing of the Representative’s presence, to break away in their own way.

III. OUR POSITION AGAINST SUICIDE – 1996 – “The true meaning of “suicide” is to turn against the Next Level when it is being offered.”

- “…only while we are in these physical vehicles (bodies) that we can learn the lessons needed to complete our own individual transition, as well as to complete our task of offering the Kingdom of Heaven to this civilization one last time.”

- “The true meaning of “suicide” is to turn against the Next Level when it is being offered.” – choosing not to lay down one’s life is NOT “turning against the Next Level”. To call it “ludicrous” – obserd or laughable to think this way sounds like a Luciferian space alien way of thinking to be so judgemental of those who don’t feel their best service to the Next Level is to “stand for them”. It’s true no one will significantly begin their metamorphosis while continuing their life in a human family setting but that doesn’t mean they won’t be “saved” by the Next Level for a future opportunity to start their metamorphosis in the next civilization’s “classroom”, provided the Next Level determines they have that potential still, a huge part of which is shown by “standing up for Ti and Do” and is also shown by rejecting this world in any number of ways as Do outlined.

IV. An Excerpt from the document ‘Evolutionary “Rights” for “Victims”‘ By Stmody (one of Ti and Do’s 38 students who laid down his life in 1997)

-“In contrast, human suicide (identifying as the body and trying to “end it all” for the purpose of avoiding the growth pains of lessons) gets you nowhere.”

V. Excerpt from the document, “A Matter of Life or Death? YOU Decide” written on April 6, 1996 by Wknody, (one of Ti and Do’s 38 students who laid down her life in 1997)

-“But to lose my Next Level mind, this “gift,” because of denying this knowledge and, subsequently, my Teachers, who bear the only real truth, is suicide in the truest sense of the word.”

-“In order to learn these lessons, I must have a vehicle – a body to work through – a “tool” – and I do.”

VI. Do and Crew’s Press Release on the last day of their 3 stage exit of their human bodies – dated 3-22-97

-“During a brief window of time, some may wish to follow us.” – I believe this was specifically given to let some know that they didn’t miss the spacecraft and subsequent “seats” that Do and his 38 Crewmembers were “laying down their human bodies” to take up. It did NOT replace all the previous options in thinking and criteria surrounding whose Soul or Spirit could be “saved” for a future “classroom” following the recycling of the current civilization. Nor did it disqualify anyone who recognized Do as from the Next Level and the only way to get into the Kingdom of Heaven through from exiting in exactly the same way they did at that time. Do and Crew had already by then outlined the three groups of students that would be evacuated from Earth before recycling. It was not only those who left in that way or at that time. What was important was hooking up to Do and beginning their separation from the human kingdom or at the very least beginning their separation from the human kingdom without even knowing about Do. But as Do said in this press release regarding those “CONSIDERING” laying down their life as they did should , “go into their most quiet place and ask, scream, with all of their being, directing their asking to the Highest Source they can imagine (beyond Earth’s atmosphere), to give them guidance.” and that in so doing, ‘Only those “chosen” by that Next Kingdom will know that this is right for them, and will be given the courage required to act.’. These would then “know” it is right for them. Some who say to me they want to exit, talk about hoping Do will greet them on the other side or that their motivation is not liking their life in the human kingdom. Well, hurray for not liking life in the human kingdom that helps you break away more easily but breaking away is just the first step to embracing all the hard work of overcoming our humanness. That overcoming can’t be done without a human vehicle so it will not be escaped from whether you exit now or later and whether it’s by your own hand or because of an irate Christian who hates what you have to say when you decide to “work for” (worship) your Older Members which in the religious literature was said as “standing for” – resurrection meant both to “rise again” and to “stand up again”, which is why Do spoke about the overall task for believers after their exit being to “disseminate their information” and accept the consequences that prophecy describes as losing your life because of.

So for Do and Crew, as they received instructions to exit, to choose to stay would have been going against those instructions and any that had doubts, thus were not quite ready were given opportunities to overcome those doubts or faced with leaving the group as with Neody, Crlody, Swyody, Rkkody, Jstody, Gbbody, Oscody, Mrcody, Srfody and others. These and others who had received a great deal of nurturing from Ti and Do I would say are those who were most though of when Do said, “some may wish to follow us”, which then Rkkody, Jstody, Gbbody and Oscody chose to do over the next three years.


I. Excerpt from ‘”Away Team” from Deep Space Surfaces Before Departure’ By Jwnody, April 8, 1996

There are two ways that we can be relieved of our old shell at the completion of this task. One is aboard a spacecraft in a laboratory circumstance, as we head for home, and that of course, is the more desirable. But, in addition, the process of “the will” being taken through a Next Level metamorphosis requires that the individual (who’s literally becoming a new creature) be open to accepting any form of “dropping” of “that shell.” The ultimate completion of the test – completion of the metamorphosis – is to arrive at knowing that this primitive shell is nothing but an encumbrance to me. Therefore, it is part of the design for the Next Level to have the option to choose to engage, at the point of our departure, that the shell be dropped by other means if it serves their purposes to do so.

Every soul, that was a part of a deposit, at any time during this civilization, is back to make their choices once again. Some of these may be younger, perhaps second- or first-trimester, souls. Although they may not even have a chance to get to know us before our departure, we do recognize them, because they “recognize the enemy.” They see through the lies and no longer want to be a part of this world. And so it is our task to give them a chance to leave this place by getting this information out. Often the symptoms of a deposit from our Domain can be seen in an individual’s lack of motivation or rebellion against the world, or “system,” and what it has to offer. In their futility, many of these individuals turn to the corrupt devices that are most anesthetizing. You will not find them with the so-called mainstream righteous, but more likely with your social dropouts or even as addicts or criminals – as your so- called “sinners.” Another manifestation of worldly dissatisfaction can be seen in the current movement of radical separatists – patriot/militia types – who clearly recognize the corrupt condition of today’s governments (particularly the dominant governments of the Western world). It is for those that we have come again – to give them a way out of this corrupt human kingdom, which was never designed to work or be satisfactory unto itself.

The formula is the same now as it always has been. To begin a metamorphosis in order to be born into the Next World, you must abandon everything of this world (just as the caterpillar about to become a butterfly must do). You must separate and begin to wean yourself of all mammalian ways – ties and addictions – replacing them with the ways and behavior of a more advanced and refined level of life. You cannot do it by yourself. You must seek, to the best of your ability, the guidance of a Representative who is a member of that kingdom, who has been through the metamorphic process at a previous time, and who has been sent with the specific task of midwifing newborns. Or, at very least, you attempt to connect with an active “student” of a present Representative. This is an extremely rare opportunity, as we approach the End of the Age. There is a tiny remnant left of a window for catching the eye of the “caretakers of this world.” In order to get saved for further planting, the overriding requirement is to recognize that this is true (these are the facts). You must believe that we represent the Kingdom that created this planet and all of its inhabitants. And you must be willing to take a stand in defense of that belief, and sustain that stand until the end – your departure – regardless of the consequences.

The climax of this civilization has begun as the hour of its recycling looms near. A war in the literal heavens is underway as the alien races battle for the spoils of this planet. Their campaign is escalating. They are actively engaged in recruiting, experimenting, and mining elements both mineral and biological (genetic) – in their efforts toward survival. They know their time is short. The Physical Evolutionary Level Above Human is about to surface from their undercover, behind-the-scenes involvements, ready to make their counter. There is not, and never has been, any contest. The only question that remains unanswered is how long the Next Level will permit the alien forces to present their agenda – how long is long enough for all souls to pledge their allegiance for or against – to one side or the other. Every soul must be put to the final test. And as we warned you at the outset, consider your options thoroughly. Hasty judgments are ill-advised.

II. Excerpt from “Last Chance to Evacuate Earth Before It’s Recycled” videotape given by Do September 29, 1996

Now, I told you a little while ago, that there are pretty much three types of individuals that can avoid the spading under at the end of an Age. One would, of course, be those souls that were deposited, and those souls were awakened, and those souls received nourishment, and left everything behind, and became attached to – grafted to – a Representative from the Level Above Human, and separated from everything. Now, I’ve got a bunch of these individuals sitting in front of me who, I may be mistaken, but I don’t believe that any of them had the beginning of their Next Level life in this time period – in this generation. I know that every one of them were in the keeping of the Kingdom Level Above Human before they came into this time period. This time period was a chance for them to learn a lot of things that they didn’t learn very well, or didn’t get a chance to complete, or needed to work on more, as far as separating from the human kingdom. They are having an opportunity to develop that more, so that they don’t have to be planted back in a human garden in another time – so that they can move into the Kingdom Level Above Human, take on costumes, or suits of clothes, or bodies that belong to that Kingdom, and serve and do their work in that Kingdom Level Above Human.

You know, I can hear some of those humans who are watching this tape now saying, “Oh my goodness, if I did what you would do, I would not even be a humanitarian. I would be forsaking my responsibility to the human kingdom.” You have to forsake the human kingdom if you expect to ever know service in the Kingdom Level Above Human. You can’t do both. You can’t say, you know, “12 hours a day I’ll work for the human kingdom, and the other 12 hours I’ll work for the Kingdom Level Above Human.” No, to leave the human kingdom requires everything you have.

A second type is one who recognizes the Representative, recognizes the information of the Next Level that is coming through the Representative, knows it is true, and has not yet had the strength to complete it. This type still trusts the Next Level, still believes that that is the only Truth, and whatever faith they have and trust they have, that’s where it is. And they will be kept in the keeping of the Kingdom Level Above Human, and replanted at another time, and given another chance.

However, even though that Kingdom Level is fair, just because someone with a deposit of soul comes to them, is no guarantee they will get to the Kingdom Level Above Human. When they come, they can apply their effort toward change to the best of their (big question mark on this next word) ability or capability. It takes a lot of effort. And even your effort cannot get you there. You have to please your Older Member. I also had to, and have to, please my Older Member. When I first took my birth into that Kingdom Level, it was because I pleased my Teacher – my Older Member – the one who gave me birth into that Kingdom. No matter how hard I work, that work is of no value if it doesn’t please my Older Member, the one who took me into that Kingdom. That is still true. In other words, this classroom here not only has to please me, they have to please my Older Member. So, just because they’re sitting here, having left their world behind, does not mean that they will receive a body or suit of clothes belonging to that Next Level.

Okay, let’s say they try to the best of their ability, and according to the Next Level’s judgment they’re not quite ready for a body of service, belonging to that Kingdom Level. If they did the best that they could, and they still pleased their teacher and pleased their teacher’s Teacher, then they will have a future. They’ll be replanted, have another time for a Representative to come into the human kingdom, and have that nourishment. Now that’s the second type. So one is the type of soul that becomes a new creature, is ready to go into the Kingdom Level Above Human, receive a body, begin service. Two, is one who is in the process of that but doesn’t quite make “quartermaster” – not quite ready to have a body because of more work that needs to happen as far as separating from human. We’ll talk later about some of the work that is required in separating.

There is a side issue to the Next Level’s presence that is a very interesting phenomena. During the time that the Next Level is close to a planet because they have a Representative there, and they are communicating continually with that Representative, then there is mind of the Next Level present that even the lower forces can tap and take advantage of, and increase a broad scope of their knowledge and their technical advancement, etc. Now, how long has the Next Level been here with me and my Older Member? Since the early `20’s. Well, think of the advancement that has taken place on the planet, as far as technical advancement and scientific development since the early `20’s, because that presence was here that all creatures could draw upon and use, including lower creatures who are here who don’t believe that they want to go to my Father’s Kingdom at all. They want to remain human.

Okay, back to the three types: One, those ready for quartermaster; two, those not quite ready, and the third type: those who recognize the information of the Next Level and are attempting, even without knowing of the Representative’s presence, to break away in their own way. Now, when they attempt to break away in their own way, not even aware that I’m here or that my Older Member has been here at this particular time, they somehow or another find themselves drawn to others who are breaking away. They are also finding themselves surrounded with an opposite type of people who say, “What’s wrong with you guys? Are you crazy? You’re leaving your career? You’re not paying attention to your children?” This is happening a lot. Many people are going into what the mainstream likes to call “cults” – they are breaking away. People who love their God so, in their own way, that they end up like what happened with Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge, what happened at Waco, what happens in nations that, even in their government, want to honor God – listen to God – entirely, instead of taking man’s laws, man’s requirements, man’s rules. They are breaking away. They are conscious that there is some presence of God here and are saying, “I want to go in that direction. I’ll even put my life on the line in order to get closer to God at this time.”

I am not qualified to specifically tell you who all these various types are. But I’ve given you some illustrations. It’s like even in patriot movements, or in militia movements, or in “cults,” or in this type of religious radical or another who know that this world is rotten, they are saying, “I would rather die in service to my interpretation of what God is than stay here.” Those young souls, those young spirits, those minds will be saved. They will be set aside – “put on ice,” so to speak – and have a future, have another planting in the next civilization for further nourishment.

What does this add up to? This adds up to that the ones who love this world and love the human kingdom, say to me and all those like me (or all those I just discussed – all those various categories) that, “They’re nuts, they’re crazy. They’re radicals. They’re against the world. They are not human – they’re inhumane. They’re tyrannical or their terrorists.” Now, don’t misunderstand me. I’m not advocating violence. I’m not advocating going out and trying to create some war. The war that is a natural phenomenon that comes with the End of an Age, is forced upon those who want to leave this place. It’s not anything that we have to do or we have to create. And some, aware that that will happen – even some who want to get to the Kingdom Level Above Human – mistakenly feel responsible for creating those wars. They don’t have all the pieces right. But if they are doing it for the right reasons, not me, but my Father and my Father’s Father, and the Kingdom Level Above Human says, “They love me more than they love the world. And they love me more than they love the world during the time that I have a Representative present. And I will honor that. I will extract them. I will put them aside. I will give them a planting at another time.”

Well, you know, one of the things that disturbs me the most is that those who are very religious, by whatever name, are usually those who had been recipients of souls, recipients of a little bit of Next Level information, a little deposit from the Kingdom Level Above Human. And the lower forces were aware of that. And so the lower forces do everything they can to keep those individuals from ever knowing the Kingdom of God. So they come in and offer those recipients their version of the “Kingdom of God” through their religion, but it’s totally counterfeit. It’s totally false. It’s concerned with healing your cancer, healing this that’s wrong, fixing your pocketbook, or making your business right, or doing all the things to extend your life here – and above all, tend to that family, tend to that “future,” tend to all the things that will leave a future for our children. If that’s your preoccupation, you cannot know the Kingdom of Heaven and you will have no future. If you love the Kingdom of Heaven, or the Kingdom of God, or the Level Above Human, by whatever terms are in your head, and you hate this world and want to leave it, you will have a future with and in the very Kingdom Level that created you.

Don’t forget we are at a very unusual time – we’re at the End of an Age. You can say, “Boy, you’re really trying to fill me with fear, aren’t you?” If it would work, I would. I would do anything that I could to wake you up, if you have that potential to know that Kingdom, to be saved from this spading under, from this recycling. I mean, I don’t care for any of the fame or glory of the human world. It’s absolutely worthless to me. I can’t wait to get out of here. There’s nothing this planet, or this civilization, or this kingdom level has to offer me. I am away from my Father to be here. Anything that I could sacrifice in this world is no sacrifice at all compared to what I sacrificed in leaving there to come here, to try to help those who were given to me as a task. I apologize for being so emotional but that happens to be the Truth. I want to leave here. Now, I’m in a vehicle that is already falling apart on me, and I’m desperate to try to help you have a last chance to go.

Let’s go back to title of tape. Title of tape is “Last Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth”- to get out of the human kingdom, get off of the planet, leave it literally. Now, “leave it literally” means – well, what is literal – that leaving requires that you start identifying with the mind that can connect with this information, and not identify with the body that you are wearing. And that you take advantage of everything that you can to learn more of this information, become more connected with it, and to follow it like sheep would follow a shepherd, in an attempt to leave this place.

So, I hate the lower forces who have taken the very Truths that were initially the Truths, and have reduced them to “religion,” and they made the religions more attractive and more human, so that those who had deposits and were seeking the presence of a Representative of the Kingdom Level Above Human, would, when He came, be looking for the wrong one – the one who would bring “peace on Earth.” Here we are at the End of the Age, and you’ve got a whole world full of many, many types who say, “We’re coming to the End of an Age, we’re coming to the Second Coming, we’re coming to the time that Jesus is coming back, or that the Kingdom of Heaven is coming – and His Son is going to set up His Kingdom here on Earth, and Earth will then be Heaven.” This will never happen. You wouldn’t have it even if it happened. Once you knew what it was, you couldn’t stand it. You cannot cling to being a mammal, connected with other mammals, and expect to get into a level of life that is beyond mammal. Now, you can search the documents of your religions right now and they clearly tell you that in Heaven there are – there will be – no males and no females (it is genderless). It is not a mammalian existence, it is not a human existence. And those documents also clearly tell you that you have to leave everything of the human world in order to know that Next World or ever see that Kingdom of Heaven.

Well, once more, the awful thing that happens, from your perspective, when the Level Above Human comes into the human kingdom and incarnates into a human body, is that the Representative whom they send has to say – in order to find followers – “I’m here. I’m from the Kingdom Level Above Human.” What does that yield? That yields, immediately, that the vast majority say, “cult, some religious radical, some blasphemous individual that wants to take advantage of people – you know, has some big bank account somewhere that they’re taking whatever possessions that followers might bring with them or have access to.” I wish you’d show me where that bank account is so that we could use it to get this information out.

I don’t mean to make fun of this. I am desperate – for your sakes. Within the past 24 hours I have been clearly informed by my Older Member of how short the remaining time is; how clearly we cannot concentrate on anything except the perspective that says: the end of this civilization is very close. The end of a civilization is accompanied by spading under, refurbishing the planet in preparation for another civilization. And the only ones who can survive that experience have to be those who are taken into the keeping of the Evolutionary Level Above Human.

Now, there are some strange possibilities that could happen that I have not touched upon. How is this end of civilization going to occur? Well, I don’t know all the particulars. Talk to the people who talk about earthquakes, and talk about weather phenomena, and talk about ozone layers. And talk to environmental people and they’ll say, “Well, the planet is in trouble in that area.” Talk about the way that people no longer are restrained nor do they have respect for their neighbors. They’re so unrestrained that if you just say something that makes them unhappy, they start throwing rocks at you, and the next thing you know you’ve got a neighborhood war, you’ve got a little ethnic war in this nation or that. And there’s so little restraint that these little groups, these little ethnic groups, these little religious groups, these little governments that are in conflict – they seem to be doing a significant amount of the spading under themselves. They seem to, by choice, be so quick to condemn others. Well, what is it that’s in the history books about the Truth? It says: be careful not to condemn someone else or you will be condemned. That doesn’t mean anything anymore – everyone is quick to condemn. I mean they don’t even “look-see” anymore. They just see a tiny little aspect of someone else and they quickly determine that they are so brilliant that they can judge it as being not what they are looking for – worthless, some radical movement, some movement that certainly is beneath them. Well, that is making hasty judgments – that kind of quick-to-condemn-others attitude, that kind of violence that wants to destroy others.

You know, the world and its majority have created laws that try to keep individuals like us non-existent, because we threaten the system that the major systems exist on. You could say, “What if everybody in the world left their families and came and followed Do?” Well, you don’t have to worry about that – that’s not going to happen. You know, only a tiny, tiny little fraction of the plants that are on the planet would ever be able to make that transition from the human kingdom to the Kingdom of Heaven. It’s the same in regard to giving up human ways. You could say, “Well, what if everyone gave up their human and mammalian reproductive activity – there wouldn’t be any humans left.” Oh, then you don’t believe that the Kingdom Level Above Human is capable of producing individuals? That they can’t create or make them? That they are dependent upon the human reproductive activity? You sure don’t give them credit for much. They made the very first ones here. They even designed them with a capacity to reproduce. If humans didn’t reproduce, the Next Level could make as many as they want to. They always have been able to do that. They’re not dependent upon humans for anything.

III. OUR POSITION AGAINST SUICIDE – 1996 – “The true meaning of “suicide” is to turn against the Next Level when it is being offered.”

We know that it is only while we are in these physical vehicles (bodies) that we can learn the lessons needed to complete our own individual transition, as well as to complete our task of offering the Kingdom of Heaven to this civilization one last time. We take good care of our vehicles so they can function well for us in this task, and we try to protect them from any harm.

We fully desire, expect, and look forward to boarding a spacecraft from the Next Level very soon (in our physical bodies). There is no doubt in our mind that our being “picked up” is inevitable in the very near future. But what happens between now and then is the big question. We are keenly aware of several possibilities.

It could happen that before that spacecraft comes, one or more of us could lose our physical vehicles (bodies) due to “recall,” accident, or at the hands of some irate individual. We do not anticipate this, but it is possible. Another possibility is that, because of the position we take in our information, we could find so much disfavor with the powers that control this world that there could be attempts to incarcerate us or to subject us to some sort of psychological or physical torture (such as occurred at both Ruby Ridge and Waco).

It has always been our way to examine all possibilities, and be mentally prepared for whatever may come our way. For example, consider what happened at Masada around 73 A.D. A devout Jewish sect, after holding out against a siege by the Romans, to the best of their ability, and seeing that the murder, rape, and torture of their community was inevitable, determined that it was permissible for them to evacuate their bodies by a more dignified, and less agonizing method. We have thoroughly discussed this topic (of willful exit of the body under such conditions), and have mentally prepared ourselves for this possibility (as can be seen in a few of our statements). However, this act certainly does not need serious consideration at this time, and hopefully will not in the future.

The true meaning of “suicide” is to turn against the Next Level when it is being offered. In these last days, we are focused on two primary tasks: one – of making a last attempt at telling the truth about how the Next Level may be entered (our last effort at offering to individuals of this civilization the way to avoid “suicide”); and two – taking advantage of the rare opportunity we have each day – to work individually on our personal overcoming and change, in preparation for entering the Kingdom of Heaven.

IV. An Excerpt from the document ‘Evolutionary “Rights” for “Victims”‘ By Stmody (one of Ti and Do’s 38 students who laid down his life in 1997)

“* The right to identify as the mind, not the vehicle, knowing that if I should lose the vehicle, it would not be me that would die, because “I” am the spirit or soul, not the body, and “I” continue on

My understanding is that the soul is actually freed from the discomfort of an old “suit of clothes” when the vehicle is dropped. It doesn’t make any sense to me that the driver “dies” when his “car” (body) stops “running.” To me, the body is just a “leaf” of the “tree,” and the genetic strain (family tree) doesn’t end when the leaf’s function becomes impaired. When it is becoming a burden on me and others, and whenever my choices are so restricted that growth is impossible, or ridiculously difficult, it is part of the design to evacuate it like a tree sheds a leaf. In contrast, human suicide (identifying as the body and trying to “end it all” for the purpose of avoiding the growth pains of lessons) gets you nowhere. It seems clear that longevity, physical beauty, and sex appeal are all Luciferian concepts based on identifying as only the body and its desires. After all, what’s the point of extending a life that’s meaningless? All that’s important to me is how much can I change to be like those who are already members of the Kingdom of Heaven, because I want to be a match for my new Next Level vehicle.”

V. Excerpt from the document, “A Matter of Life or Death? YOU Decide” written on April 6, 1996 by Wknody, (one of Ti and Do’s 38 students who laid down her life in 1997)

‘So, as I try to relate to you throughout this writing, try to understand that when I speak of I, I am only referring to the mind/soul. I am not referring to the body or, as we refer to it, the “vehicle” that I am wearing. As I said earlier, this vehicle is just a container. In fact, to lose this vehicle means absolutely nothing to me, and most of the time it is an encumbrance to me. But to lose my Next Level mind, this “gift,” because of denying this knowledge and, subsequently, my Teachers, who bear the only real truth, is suicide in the truest sense of the word.

In reality, I was born somewhere long ago and far away. I have returned to this civilization to finish my lessons because I was lucky enough to be literally saved – “put on ice” for further nurturing by the Next Level, the Level Above Human. That’s right, They actually save souls that They deem worthy of a chance to become new members in Their world, a very real many-membered Kingdom, above and beyond this one, located in deep space. The first and foremost requirement for salvation is simple enough – for it is merely wanting to separate from this world and go with God. This is enough to be put in the keeping of the Next Level. They will save you for further nurturing, at which time you will learn more of the other requirements for actual membership. What I know to be true is that They will care for you like no one ever has, and as long you keep looking to Them, They will help you to grow into a new creature with life in it.

I am here because I have more lessons to learn in order to meet the requirements needed to graduate from this human kingdom to the Next Level. In order to learn these lessons, I must have a vehicle – a body to work through – a “tool” – and I do. It was “picked and prepped” just for me by the Next Level. It is a vehicle whose programming and experiences could offer me the most growth while overcoming its ties and addictions of this world, because to us, it’s not what one gets into in this world, but rather, what one gets out of in this world. What vehicles they choose for us is a carefully thought out selection made by the Next Level, because each one of us in this classroom is at a different level of growth, different grades, if you will. Most likely, the vehicles (human containers) that They chose for those of us in this graduating class are ones with genetic packages and worldly experiences that are a match for what we need to overcome.’

VI. Do and Crew’s Press Release on the last day of their 3 stage exit of their human bodies – dated 3-22-97

The following is a press release written by Do and his Crew and sent to a student named Rkkody who was not physically with them at the time with the instruction to release it to the news media. It contains the facts surrounding who they were/are, where they came from and why they chose to exit their bodies at this time by laying them down for the Physical Evolutionary Next Level Kingdom Above Human aka The Kingdom of God or Kingdom of Heaven, that the world will see as a mass suicide that took place in March of 1997. Here is the content of the letter:

To be issued to the News Media


By the time you read this, we suspect that the human bodies we were wearing have been found and that a flurry of fragmented reports have begun to hit the wire services. For those who want to know the facts, the following statement has been issued.

HEAVEN’S GATE “Away Team” Returns to Level Above Human in Distant Space

RANCHO SANTO FE, CA — By the time you receive this, we’ll be gone — several dozen of us. We came from the Level Above Human in distant space and we have now exited the bodies that we were wearing for our earthly task, to return to the world from whence we came — task completed. The distant space we refer to is what your religious literature would call the Kingdom of Heaven or the Kingdom of God.
We came for the purpose of offering a doorway to the Kingdom of God at the end of this civilization, the end of this age, the end of this millenium. We came from that Level, that time, that space, and entered this one. And in so doing, we had to enter human bodies — which we did, for the most part, in the mid-seventies. Now it was time for us to leave those bodies (vehicles) — bodies that we borrowed for the time we were here (by previous arrangement) for this specific task. The task was not only to bring in information about that Evolutionary Kingdom Level Above Human, but to give us the experience of working against the forces of what the human evolutionary level, at this time, has become. And while it was a good learning experience for us, it also gave all who ever received knowledge from that Kingdom an opportunity to recognize us and this information, and to even move out of the human level and into the Next Level or the Next Evolutionary Level, the “Kingdom of Heaven,” the Kingdom of God.

The Kingdom of God, the Level Above Human, is a physical world, where they inhabit physical bodies. However, those bodies are merely containers, suits of clothes — the true identity (of the individual) is the soul or mind/spirit residing in that “vehicle.” The body is merely a tool for that individual’s use — when it wears out, he is issued a new one.

No one can enter the Kingdom of Heaven by trying to live a good life in this world, and then, thinking that when this world’s life takes your body, you get to “go to heaven.” The only time that Next Kingdom can be entered is when there is a Member or Members of that Kingdom who have come into the human kingdom, incarnated as we have, offering clarification of that information. To get into a discarnate condition just by disconnecting from your body doesn’t mean that you are going to go anywhere, whether that loss of body is “premature” or not. When we step out of our “vehicle,” we have to know where and who our “tour guide” (our Shepherd) is — for what’s next. We have to know we can connect with a Shepherd whom we trust, and that we have decided, “If that Shepherd will have me, I want to continue to be a sheep — and I will do everything I can to please that Shepherd.”

Periodically, that Next Level sends in a Representative — a Shepherd — and offers a graduation class, offers life, out of this evolutionary level into that Next Evolutionary Level, and we are at the end of one of those times. TI and DO were the names used by the Representatives of that Next Level, the Kingdom of God, sent to the “surface” of this planet to serve as our Teachers/”Midwives” at this time.

During a brief window of time, some may wish to follow us. If they do, it will not be easy. The requirement is to not only believe who the Representatives are, but, to do as they and we did. You must leave everything of your humanness behind. This includes the ultimate sacrifice and demonstration of faith — that is, the shedding of your human body. If you should choose to do this, logistically it is preferred that you make this exit somewhere in the area of the West or Southwest of the United States — but if this is not possible — it is not required. You must call on the name of TI and DO to assist you. In so doing, you will engage a communication of sorts, alerting a spacecraft to your location where you will be picked up after shedding your vehicle, and taken to another world — by members of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Only a Member of the Next Level can give you Life — can take you out of “Death” — but it requires that you disconnect, separate, from the last element holding you to the human kingdom.

We know what we’re saying — we know it requires a “leap of faith.” But it’s deliberate — designed for those who would rather take that leap than stay in this world.

We suggest that anyone serious about considering this go into their most quiet place and ask, scream, with all of their being, directing their asking to the Highest Source they can imagine (beyond Earth’s atmosphere), to give them guidance. Only those “chosen” by that Next Kingdom will know that this is right for them, and will be given the courage required to act.


•Therefore doth my Father love me, because I lay down my life, that I might take it again. No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received of my Father. JOHN 10:15–18

•He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also: JOHN 14:12

•And except that the Lord shorten those days, none shall be saved: but for the elect’s sake, whom He has chosen, He hath shortened the days. MARK 13:20

•He who loves his life will lose it, and he who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life. JOHN 12:25

•Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. REVELATION 14:13

A Ti and Do believer talks about “laying down his life” when the GREATEST service NOW is to “STAND for THEM”

August 1, 2014

A Ti and Do believer talks about “laying down his life” when the GREATEST service NOW is to “STAND for THEM”

The Luciferian space alien fallen angels would love to get us out of the way and will use any method to accomplish that just like they did after Jesus left that became a largely distorted religion.

I keep hearing from new believers in Ti and Do with two directions they want to take. One is to have a “group” like Ti and Do’s “classroom” for the commoradery they believe that provides and second that they feel they want to “lay down their lives” as Do and Crew did. Here is the latest comment from a long time new believer in Ti and Do and my response follows. This is not the first time we have talked about this but I think his comment does spell out the overall context of past communications we have had. He also wanted to have a group as have others.

A believers comment:

I do know what it is you are sharing, when you are advising not to lay down our lives, at present. Because we need more TI, and DO believers to remain here on Earth to share the information with those who are potential future students. To stay here as (DO), mentioned would be suicide, and Ludacris . I have been looking at this from an experiential perspective; living in a define moment, in standards that are far below, any have put to the test. When I left everything behind to follow DO, it was done wholly. I left everything, including family, especially when it threatened, my evolutionary process to the next level. I have been in freezing cold , bone chilling environments, with tears streaking down my face while sleeping. I have lived in horrible human conditions, with others, such as living in the systems shelters, after leaving the forest, due to climate change, as I have also had to put up living with family, while to playing along, while knowing my place in the next level. At present as you know, my mission will be to leave this world completely behind me. Trust in God, and trust (DO), will be on the other side waiting. I also want you to know that my leaving this world was not encourage by you, I’m telling this because I don’t want you feel guilty. You are a good soul, who have always meant well.

Sawyers response:

I believe you are taking what Do said about staying here out of context. The object isn’t death – it’s “giving your life” in service as has always been the case. That will result in death of our humanness and death of the physical body and you can choose to accelerate it, the “death” part. Why did you leave your human family? Was it for the next level or was it to get away from human things? Why do you bring up sleeping cold and crying as a criteria to leave your body. I am not concerned that there are people to tell about Ti and Do for new believers sake. It doesn’t take many to do that. The telling others about Ti and Do is the “service” Do gave us to provide that SHOWS THEM we want to be in their family just like when jesus said, “bear fruit” – that’s “give service”. Yes that has a duel purpose in that other “fruit” develop from doing so, but that’s not our motivation. Our motivation is service to the Older Members. And suicide is staying here which is applicable to our souls staying here which is applicable to continuing allegiance to the human kingdom. Going with them meant at that time literally going with them as a part of that “first fruit” harvest. That time in my opinion has clearly passed but is still in affect as pertaining to the second and final harvest. What was that dream you had painting the bridge? It’s DOING THE WORK and the SAME WORK THEY DID – bringing all their information to the world’s ears, which is the function of the bridge between the Next Level and the human kingdom. If Ti and Do took the attitude that hardship here was a reason to exit by laying down their lives they would have left in 1976. Everyday people kill themselves to escape hardship of one form or another. I’d bet you could hear voices that say…”of course sawyer would tell you not to lay down your life, he didn’t want to lay down his”, which is NOT my motivation, though I admit if someone did at this time it could stimulate a renewal of hatred for Ti and Do and then those that are STANDING for them public ally making me more of fugitive. I know it will go that way more and more in these last days but that doesn’t mean I am looking forward to it. Perhaps if I was as miserable as you say you are I would want to leave as well, but even still there is a big difference in being miserable because the public housing authorities don’t provide a way for people to move up, or whatever it was you spoke about as part of the criteria for wanting to leave your body and being miserable because you want to be with the older member, you have only begun to know. But perhaps you do have such a connection with Do that you feel certain he would approve of your exit at this time. I can’t say except from what you have told me and I see a great deal of human and spiritual thinking about him and the Next Level. That’s not trying to say I don’t also have a great deal of human thinking, etc. I flunked out because I needed more lessons.

In the end, it’s of course up to you but you needn’t include me in your choice and perhaps your soul will be saved. I don’t know but none of us can assume anything. it took many years for Do to feel it was the time after exploring many avenues for exit which involved trying them. it took time because as he and Ti said many times, they needed to stay as long as possible for the students to achieve the maximum “viability”. It’s quite obvious there is more to do here and it’s quite obvious Do clearly outlined the three groups of people that would “go with him” well after his exit of his incarnation but is there evidence to exit now and achieve one’s maximum growth – no, there is no evidence of that.

I believe it’s a luciferian space alien fallen angel that wants to get you out of the way the same as they want to get me out of the way in whatever way they can accomplish that by either stopping our talk about Ti and Do or losing our vehicle or by turning us against Ti and Do. And they always do this by twisting things the Older Members said to fancy what they want.

Have you really stood for Ti and Do? Test it. Put up a web site, talk about all they talked about. Post all they said. Make video’s, go to the street to talk about them if you like. I have and will do so more. Find a free room in a library, get a donation of posters, advertise a meeting about them and give a talk about them. Show Ti and Do you want to work for them and then after you have done that if you still feel to exit, that’s still your business to choose but then it will be thought out and not because of fear of uncomfortable conditions.

What you do is your business, but I am curious about what specifically you are referring to when you said: “I left everything, including family, especially when it threatened, my evolutionary process to the next level”. What about “family threatened your evolutionary process to the Next Level”?

When you say you “Trust in God, and trust (DO), will be on the other side waiting”, why is Do in parentheses. Is he an afterthought? Why don’t you want to serve Do and “God” in the way you’ve been given? Why is it the only way of thinking you are pinning on your decision what Do said about there being a “brief period of time to follow us”. Don’t you know that to Do, their time frame is 1 day of their time to 1000 years of human time, so why do you feel an urgent need to exit your body on the chance Do will be waiting for you, and because you don’t like the shelters. I’m sure there are plenty of homeless that would prefer death to their life in the shelter system. As I said to you before, the shelter system can be an excellent way to tell others in that system about Ti and Do, the service Do spoke about doing and thereby qualifying to be saved. There are millions of people who talk to God and talk about Jesus and even believe they are living their life for Jesus that never tell anyone what ALL he said about the requirements to be on Their team and as Jesus said, “they don’t know him”. I’m not saying you are one of those. That’s not for me to say but to assume Do would greet you may depend upon whether you have actually started a relationship with him and knew exiting was met with his approval. Ti and Do always said, “if in doubt don’t”. Do you have no doubt about leaving? What’s the harm in asking Do and looking for a clear signal. Didn’t you once ask Do some questions and he indicated to look to those who had been with him for contact, or was that another who believes in Ti and Do? You have said to me many times that I was an excellent tool and so forth, so why is it now that I simply “have good intentions”. Where did I go astray from trying to be a good representative of Ti and Do? I’m not saying I am a good representative but I am interested to know where I have strayed if you have something to say about it.

If I were you I would start pleading to Ti and Do to help you determine if this is the right step for you, the step THEY WOULD HAVE YOU TAKE at this time and then wait for an answer that’s is very, very clear as they don’t take these things causually. I know they will answer you in a way you can not deny and they may give you the choice. I mean you will always have the choice. But if they say to you, “feed my sheep” or the equivilent then you can’t; do that without your physical vehicle.


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