The Resurrection of Ti and Do, The Two Witnesses (Father and Jesus) Second Coming!

I never know exactly how to state this but bear with me and you just might get something from it.

You may not have heard about Ti and Do and for the moment that’s fine. They can’t really be described in a nutshell though of course many do so and often think they have said all that can or should be said.  The fact is that talk of them is literally a challenge for the human mind to hear, let alone consider. But it’s not only in the words of course, words being indexes and filter pointers to our mental database we think of as our identity. It’s more what they stand for or don’t stand for that is so hard to consider and even want to digest as there is no better example on Earth of what seems apparant as both Above and Beyond Human. Thus most discount talk of them, a seeming self imposed ignoring so not to deal or challenge our self image most of us seek to maintain and in degrees dream to expand throughout our lives.

But for two brief periods of time, though they were each near exactly 3 1/2 years in actual duration, certain segments of the population, primarily of territory of the United States, though not exclusively were subject to their Mind and it’s subtle but incomparible power, not unlike the example of the mustard seed, once thought of as least yet when fertilized by the best elements can grow to become the habitat and sustenence for many life forms to thrive from.

Thus, this expression is really most fitted for a tiny few. The rest whoever they may be, as I have no clear way to know,  ignore what Ti and Do said and represented up front or even down right hate any mention of them preferring to believe only what the media and it’s established mouthpieces say that is always incomplete and at times down right inaccurate, misleading and cohersive, though mostly in a passive, even subconscious type of way.

Some see a word they interpret as religous or spiritual and like a coffee filter don’t let even a particle pass through their brain cell membrane. To these and others they see the name Jesus in association and their guard goes way up…”how is this guy gonna talk about Jesus”, they wonder. ..”I’m told by my pastor to not let anything get into my head that might compromise my solid alleged relationship with the fellow”, Jesus that is.

The “devil” that really meant advasary, that some would prefer to think doesn’t exist, along with thinking no “evil”, that really simply meant “trouble – discord – deceit” exists is shrewd indeed (they are rightly taught) so the best defense for those that do sense these “negative” forces is to not even look or listen to anything different than what they (the pastors/rabbi’s, etc.) and/or Bible says, even though many things they say and/or are in the Bible are contradictory or convoluted to understand.

Let’s segway into that for a moment…

For instance: the commandment given by The One True Kingdom of God’s immedieate unseen rep communicating to Moses (the on the ground/incarnate member from God’s same Kingdom, but younger than the unseen one, but still operating from a team perspective somehow to the Israelites in the desert was: “Thou shall not kill (implied as another human as opposed to killing a plant or an animal), in a murderous way (so not to pertain to what might happen as an accident or in ones legitmate self defense, (though even manslaughter was not taken mildly) vs going into battle against another tribe because they might threaten us or our livelihood or in stoning to death someone for breaking certain societal laws.

But are these really hypocritical? Certainly some of the books compiled into the Bible are a mixture of words, ideas, behaviors stimulated by the real Evolutionary Kingdom Level Above Human that orchestrated this entire Earth Garden system into being complete with big bangs and certain randomness and certain survival of the genetic fitest and certain development and civilization of the species as demonstrated through mental progression for some. (Members on the Earth’s creator crew worked hard no doubt to see to it that what they wanted to be passed on and later found would be, but of course mixed with distortions).

Thus people looking upon it all (the historic record) are always faced with the dilema of whether or not they have the guts to sort through it to learn what is more likley real information intended to uplift the human race and what are the distortions. So many take a preliminary look, even join a seminary or such, learn about Constantine’s politicization of the early “christian” movement and see the distortions or hypocracies of fellow humans who say they are followers of this or that persuasion (that are all distortions of the truth because the truth isn’t fully understood to start with) and decide there is no truth in any of it. It’s far far easier to close down one’s questioning or restrict ourselves to certain areas (science for instance) than to remain open to what in any communication may be reflective of real/true data vs what represents that distorted or even superstitious parts.

But that is part of the task at hand…to question and reserve judgement and measurement of others and or the origin of certain materials, that is until we as humans are actually joined by real reps from the Level Above Human who then shed greater light(understandings) on all things, that is if we ask to partake in that understanding process.

 But pertaining to keep our eye single, not letting certain distractions suck us in, it’s interesting how that’s such a fine strategy when it comes to behavior as it was intended. In other words, if one has a thought to harm another or be deceitful to another, that is the time to ignore and discard and/or block or send packing the thought, but when it comes to potential new information, it really can’t hurt to give it a look/see.  After all Jesus said, he couldn’t explain all he wanted to but upon his return he would speak plainly of the “kingdom”, no longer in parables.

Thus one strong evidence of that souls return as promised would be “new” plainer talk, not figurative as in story form but instead; literal and direct.

But Jesus certainly also spoke of maintaining the gate of our mind, the eye, not letting even thoughts and feelings take over our actions. No better example of that was in his saying that even if one “looks upon a woman with lust…they have already committed adultery with her in their heart” in reference to questions about adultery by Moses standards of which he was bringing “new” higher standards to (what any teacher does to nudge their students forward in their lesson plan).

It’s no wonder even that idea of lusting if only in thought as being a type of adultery seems so arcane amidst the popularizing of sexuality as a favorite passtime entertainment drug.

He also said things like “If your eye offends you, pluck it out as it would be better to enter into life with one less eye than to be cast into hell.” Of course it’s not the eye that is offending in each of these, it’s what we think, fee, do and teach others in association with what we see that can cause us to do things that are offensive to our and others potential membership in the Kingdom of Heaven, the ultimate highest purpose of a human being.

However, this extraordinary example also illustrated how in a sense extreme the ultimate requirements to “enter into Heaven” are, that even letting the body or it’s parts get in the way, should we not be able to control our animal needs and desires – warrants the strongest of conceivable physical remedies, even to get rid of it and enter into life maimed.

If you doubt that Jesus would have actually considered it appropriate to take that saying literal, you may be in for a rude awakening. The idea of sacrifice is alive and well. Look at all the ways we see those who sacrifice for us are elevated to hero’s, be it a parent as they sacrifice for the children they reared or became the parents for to the sacrifice some make for others in certain highly dangerous services – like firefighter/EMS workers for example. How many people will sacrifice their will to the needs of the many whether in some leadership role against injustices or to bring news of the real existence of beings from the Level Above Human, knowing that they will be met mostly by those who can not or do not want to understand them so will in turn hate.

But in terms of openess to new information, data, words, understandings, Jesus actually indicated the opposite by saying things like: “This is for those with ears to hear” or “for those with eyes(perception) to see(understand) and “no one can accept these sayings except to those it has been given to understand them”.

I guess that means, if you are one of those who squirms at some of the words used here, then perhaps you were not given to understand them. I imagine those already left this read so you who are left must then be the ones given to understand them, though you may be barely hanging in there. But barley is okay. Tenacity is a fine characteristic and at times takes hanging in by the fingernails.

In this day and age it is as difficult for any human to seek to understand Ti and Do as it was for those who never knew the human being Jesus to understand what His students said about him. Can one imagine telling someone you saw the fellow who was tortured, strung up with spikes in his appendages, stabbed in the side and buried only to a few days later be seen socializing and eating and letting people touch is wounds?

It can literally make the brain twitch and grind, something I have experienced on several occasions. It happened to me a number of times as one of Ti and Do’s students when I’d make eye contact with one of them. I could literally hear and feel a grinding vibration continuing inside my head until I had to look away. What the heck was that I’d think. After ten or so years that stopped happening.

After nineteen years their student I left them, a long story. At the time of my departure, a purely voluntary one, to which they contributed $6oo.00 and a plane ticket to the destination of my choice, I ended up back in my parents home where I’d grown up in suburban New York city.

A year later I met a woman and we decided to not take precautions against having a child and walla, we were having a child. The events that followed in 1997 sort of brought me back into the fold reluctantly. It wasn’t that I’d had a falling out with Ti and Do or disbelieved their teachings at all. In fact I never stopped talking about them in positive ways.

When I was at a family wedding and some relatives who knew I’d been with this strange cult asked me how I got out, I’d reply…oh, easy – I just told Do I needed to leave and he cut me a check and a plane ticket. It was just that simple but what led up to doing so was anything but simple. You see after being successfully celebate for, by then 18+ years I dopped my guard so to speak and indulged my mentality in self sexuality termed masturbation. I had grown so sensitve to even the thought of sexuality that I didn’ t even have to touch myself to get excited and bring my body to what’s called orgasm.

This was quite unusual to have held onto a great control for 18 years without even one event of this sort or even close to it and then all of a sudden it’s like I hit puberty and was wanting to hump everything under the sun I could think about in that way. Wow, that’s a strange image to partake!

But jumping back into that point in 1997 when the group was all over the headlines, I felt I needed to go to the press to offer what hardly anyone else could or wanted to muster. So I made some contacts to Time and Newsweek, all the networks and did spots for all of them, then 60 Minutes and Geraldo and many other venue’s. And the story died down and in July I became a daddy to a beautiful daughter who I looked in the eye and said…I now understand reincarnation. I could see me in her and it wasn’t looks that’s for sure.

It was some 9  or so years later that I found myself writing and reading all things about this group but at first I would feel almost sick to my stomach to watch the exit video’s they had put together. And the same thing happened when I’d read their book and/or watch the video’s they left behind to tell their story and show how this was clearly each of their own decisions.

Some may think I felt “sick” because of tramatic their group action of peacably laying down their physical body (lives) in anticipation of taking it up again, but not as humans do as spirits/discarnates but as the essence of new graduates into this Level Above Human. The main difference is the mind that they had grown to limit their intake to and who was waiting for their vehicular (body) exit on the other side, what was once termed paradise/purgatory, because it wasn’t yet membership in the Kingdom of Heaven and it wasn’t lost into the human/earth electromagnetically charged field called the spirit world that once entered if not in the keeping of the Level Above Human members meant dropping out of school.

You see we NEED a physical body to generate the spirit birth and suicide as it’s called IS a real dumb idea UNLESS one KNOWS by lots of real experience that one’s Older Member is present with us physically and has not told us we needed to do it, but told us that it is required to move to the next step.

For members of the Level Above Human, it is common for them to change their suit of clothing (put on a different physical body) by leaving the first which with our human types of body structure only does when it’s biological function cease but that the Older Members of the Next Level that Jesus represented to us and who his “Pater” (parental father) represented to him as Do represented to us and Ti represented to Do KNOW they are not that suit of clothes so to leave it by whatever method they need to, becomes a no brainer, as a simple gateway to allow them to return to the vehicle they had before they agreed to perform the task of helping a new student body towards graduation.

The whole story about Ti and Do is just too broad  and too deep and too many layers of a picture for any one presentation to do it justice. It’s a book  or a series of books but for reasons I would need to write another book about, I have not completed even one book on the subject.

However, I have managed to generate three video’s I posted on that contain variations of the same body of information that in total are a type of Resurrection of Ti and Do, who I believe provided a literal ton of circumstantial yet direct plain talk, logical, practical, functional evidence of being what was forcast and prophesized as the “Second Coming of Jesus(and his Father)”.

The first video I posted spoke to how they actually arrived on the planet. Now mind you, everything they do or prepare to do is observed by those that are unseen to humans but who work through humans to thwart. Some of these are space aliens and some are discarnates and space aliens can motivate discarnates to do their bidding at times. So they create facsimili’s of what they anticipate Ti and Do are going to do.

This is where Jesus spoke to how even the elect might be fooled, that is if the Kingdom Above Human permitted them to be, but they don’t. Jesus was speaking to the fact that such an agenda to discredit the Level Above Humans plans would be seen by humans and many could be fooled by it not knowing what to think when the Kingdom Above Human did what they needed to do.

One book could be all about these facsimili counter Kingdom of God insurgencies complete with propoganda and distortions of communications as has become so prevelent in todays world.

Thus the first video is entitled:

Moses Jesus Ti Do ETs from The Evolved Level Above Human:

The second video speaks to the:

Differences between UFO Space Aliens & the real Evolutionary LEVEL ABOVE HUMAN and Humans:

The third video contains most of the clear cut core evidences though there are many, many more too many to include in one 10 minute video but that I am working on entitled:

Jesus Second Coming Evidence Resurrection detailed here:

Also, for more information one can contact Sawyer on this blog of course but also most every Thursday evening from 11pm to 1am EST on internet radio site: where I welcome callers and chatters and listeners alike and where I share everything under the sun related to Ti and Do from the 19 years I spent as their dedicated student.

Additionally one can find on that blogtalkradio site a blog of articles I’ve written that explain things about Jesus, Moses, Space Aliens and why I left the Heaven’s Gate group and have since returned to being a witness to the information they bore.

Additionally I have posted articles on under the userid swyody the name given to me by Ti and Do while I was their student in their graduation classroom from 1975 to 1994.

I will be posting my story in segments as I finish chapters. Til now no one wants to publish these as they are afraid no one cares and that they will lose credability by helping me so I must self publish somehow but first need to get the information to you.

Additionally for information galore about the graduation classroom one can go to where there are certain text to download for free.

There also exists a video tape library of 12 hour long sessions of Do and students (of which I am pictured in 1992 when we made them) called “Beyond Human, the Last Call”. This was prepared to attempt to call any lost sheep to their fold so to speak. It was the second and last time we as a group over the course of our total 24 years on mission made public presentations around the country and in newpapers with international coverage (USA Today International Edition dated May 27th 1993 I believe (but need to check that date).

Additionally there exists a Book prepared by the Heaven’s Gate crew before they left their physical bodies in what humans called a mass suicide but did not at all resemble what some others had done before them (the facsimili)which is partly explained in the video’s but I need to round out more because they were very, very different.

Note: This is not to suggest suicide is ever a right choice to take for a normal human being. However, when in fact one has chosen to be with a true member from the real physical Level Above Human, giving of our life is a final test of the faith we had worked up to being willing to give of which I can testify. It took many years for most to soul search to arrive at that being a conscious decision and this can not really be explained to anyone who fears it. We all die and we all NEED our bodies but as Jesus was very, very clear about  and Moses before him, giving our ALL in body, mind, soul and strength is ALL but it’s only appropriate when there is a physical representative from that Kingdom Above Human with us that we too can choose to go with him in that way. Believe it or not there was no manipulation or coersion in this regard for any of those who made that choice. I was  there. Many were asked to leave the group early on and later on in their 24 years. Some were offerred and at least one was paid $1000 to leave the group because it didn’t seem they really wanted to be there, though they grew accustomed to the communal monk like lifestyle that lacked any religious dogma. Others decided on their own that they needed to leave for various reasons. Many who left over the years ended up wanting to come back and a bunch did in 1994. Those that joined in 1994 at the final public offerring around the United States and Canada, that I was a part of did not need to have as many years to come to terms with their decision to overcome all their humaness (world) and then to eventually “lay down their physical body” in the faith that they would not be dead and not be a human discarnate either but would be taken into what Jesus called Paradise which was a temporary containment in the spirit world for souls that were literally “saved” (put on ice) for a next opportunity to continue their lessons towards eventual graduation. Belief in the Member from the Level Above Human is a big step for each of us as it was for that thief being hung to death right next to Jesus but that one voicing of belief isnt’ all it takes to be accepted as a full member in that real Kingdom. Belief only simply gets us “saved” and yes that’s where it came from but it’s been made meaningless as if just by asking jesus into one’s heart, he is there with us forever and we wake up in a rose garden. And this is where Christianity is really more a combo of Pauline and Constantine agendas both being quite self centered.

When they left their physical containers, yes it was hard on some of those that counted them their own in some way. We all must die and leave our family behind. It’s always hard for those left behind and many seek to understand by asking their idea of God. This is the only solice I can offer those who have or still suffer from the departure of any of these, my classmates. I know they all are not dead and are the only ones who actually made it to the Kingdom of Heaven but nor can I prove that to anyone.

However as I witnessed the 1997 voluntary laying down of their lives, as I had left them in September of 1994, my daughter to be was 5 months growing in my partner’s womb and I understood the pain of a parent when their child chooses a path that is terribly hard to consider a right one for them. This occurs when a child decides to be a conscientious objector against a war and faces imprisionment or when a child decides to enter a religious order that takes them away from a normal life or when a child decides to pursue a extraordinary dangerous lifestyle or career or sports/entertainment path or chooses to marry or have a loving partnership with another human being that is not considered a traditionally accepted one. In other words all parents are often confronted by their childs choices but the fact remains that a parent does not own their child and they don’t always know what is best for them. All must live their own life and the best we can do is help them make educated and careful decisions and then to support them even if it hurts our hearts to do so. Though if they were harming someone else, I don’t believe that is to be supported, with the exception of true self defense which doesn’t look like a countries preemptive strikes against another country or people as in the recent Afganistan and Iraq wars, as well as what occurred in Vietnam and possibly in Korea and quite possibly in many wars past. However, there is, even in war something to be learned for those in or out of it, for those for or against it. What’s important is not so much what we think is right for others but what we feel is right for us and should we do things we later regret then we must recon with doing so, from which we can still grow, that is if we seek the help from the only true One many membered Kingdom (structured government with one chief of chiefs, but many workers, each of which is greater than the greatest human being) Evolutionary Level Above Human, a level above just like a human is a level above an animal.

Having gone to the public in 1997 to speak favorably about Ti and Do while the world in general was reeling with horror and dismay over what had occurred took some courage. I did fear a media frenzy on me so I arranged secret meetings with the media and chose not to use my legal human name.

After some time passed I continued to be thoughtful about the group and began having more and more dreams with different classmates in them and a sense of the whole group and then on various occasions Do and Ti and Do and Ti again to where they were answering questions I had, as well as certain classmates I knew and had worked with as a “overseer” – Jwn, Lgg to name a few were in my dreams giving me various information.

I began to have supernatural types of experiences and eventually was drawn to their service again though I knew I had to do so while remaning a supporter of my family. Ti in a dream approved of my writing and woke me up one night to see a spirit gliding by me and then another hoving over me. Do in a dream approved of my using music as a way to connect and in another answered my question of whether or not I needed to also “lay down mylife” to which he responded, “you need to give your life”. I believe that left it up to me thus I am attempting to give.

As a side note for music enthusiasts of which I am one as a listener and a musician:

The music soundtrack (a 45 minute continuous set) that a segment of which is a part of each of these three video’s was recorded live on August 18, 2007 outdoors in Vermont by Third Stone Peoples Movement, parts of which are posted on: and available for download I believe.

So tell me what you think.

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4 Responses to “The Resurrection of Ti and Do, The Two Witnesses (Father and Jesus) Second Coming!”

  1. crlody Says:

    “I felt I needed to go to the press to offer what hardly anyone else could or wanted to muster”. “I have managed to generate three video’s I posted on that contain variations of the same body of information that in total are a type of Resurrection of Ti and Do”. “The whole story about Ti and Do is just too broad and too deep and too many layers of a picture for any one presentation to do it justice. It’s a book or a series of books but for reasons I would need to write another book about, I have not completed even one book on the subject”. “Additionally one can find on that blogtalkradio site a blog of articles I’ve written that explain things about Jesus, Moses, Space Aliens and why I left the Heaven’s Gate group and have since returned to being a witness to the information they bore”. “Having gone to the public in 1997 to speak favorably about Ti and Do while the world in general was reeling with horror and dismay over what had occurred took some courage”. “I began to have supernatural types of experiences and eventually was drawn to their service again though I knew I had to do so while remaning a supporter of my family. Ti in a dream approved of my writing and woke me up one night to see a spirit gliding by me and then another hoving over me. Do in a dream approved of my using music as a way to connect and in another answered my question of whether or not I needed to also “lay down mylife” to which he responded, “you need to give your life”. I believe that left it up to me thus I am attempting to give”.

    In reading this first blog entry of yours I am even more convinced that your mission is NOT coming from Ti and Do. And if it didn’t come from Ti and Do and the Next Level then where did it come from Sawyer? I could be wrong but I don’t see you qualifying any of your statements here. You mention the HG Book and some of the videos but where’s the part where you state that the information left behind by Ti and Do is going to be much more accurate than anything that you have to say? As far as I can tell this entire blog entry and your entire mission are ALL ABOUT YOU SAWYER under the guise of some grandiose mission for the Next Level. Your first statement about how you could “offer what hardly anyone else could or wanted to muster”. What about RKK, you know, the one who received a letter from the class asking him to upload the last statements to the website? What about RKK’s numerous interviews that he gave saying positive things about the class and Ti and Do? What about all the information that the class left behind? I think that info offers a lot more insight and is a lot more accurate than anything that you have to “offer”. You claim that your videos are a “Resurrection of Ti and Do”. What about the hundreds of hours of audio tapes that they left behind? Wouldn’t tapes of Ti and Do instructing the students in the ways, behavior and thinking of the Next Level be more accurate representations of Ti and Do’s information rather than your videos with their “variations of the same body of information”. Why should anyone watch the videos of someone who dropped out of the Class in 1994 rather than listening to audio tapes of Ti and Do? So, you are participating in a “Resurrection of Ti and Do”? Does that mean that you are rescuing them from the dead? The information that they left behind isn’t good enough so they need you to resurrect them? “The whole story about Ti and Do is too broad, deep” etc,;Yes, the story of Ti and Do is very broad and deep and yet you seem to be suggesting that with a “series of books” you could do it “justice”. But didn’t they write a Book that was an anthology of the Class from the beginning in the 70s until the Exit in the 90s? But what, you could do it more “justice” with your series of books? No thanks, I’ll trust that They knew what They were doing when They left the HG Book behind as a gift to the world. I don’t want to be misinformed by a dropout who thinks that the Next Level gives him missions in dreams. So, you have “returned to being a witness to the information that they bore”? And yet you have stated that you “don’t care” that the majority of the audio tapes that the class made are being suppressed by Mark and Sarah. Is that information that you’re not interested in being a “witness” to? You seriously have no interest in the audio tapes made from 1985 until most likely 1997 when They left? No interest even in the tapes made after you left the class? But you also said that “we have all the information that we need” in reference to the audio tapes being suppressed. So, if that’s true then we have never needed videos, blog entries, books or blogtalk radio from Sawyer because Sawyer told us that we have all the information that we need.You talk about how it took “courage” to go to the press in 1997. And yet you didn’t have the “courage” to help RKK and I distribute the class’ info as per their wishes when RKK asked you if you wanted to help us. It kind of reminds me of one of your other blog entries where you talked about how you were “going to continue to be brave”, apparently by continuing to make youtube videos and doing blog entries. Yes, sitting behind a keyboard takes a lot of bravery, I feel braver by the moment as I’m typing this.The kicker is where you’re convinced that Ti and Do are responsible for your dreams, supernatural experiences and some “spirits” that you saw. Who controls spirits Sawyer? And of course it all dovetails with what you want to do. You want recognition for your writing and your music and lo and behold you tell us that Ti and Do “approve” of them. You obviously have no interest in leaving this world and lo and behold you are “drawn” to Ti and Do’s “service” but you get to do so “while remaining a supporter” of your family and instead of laying down your life you get to “give” it which means you get to stay here and attract followers and not have to contemplate leaving this world.

    Like I’ve stated I no longer care why you are so convinced that your mission is from Ti and Do. Rio was convinced that it was the NL that wanted him to leave the class. The Kings are convinced that they are doing the will of Ti and Do. too.Your actions and words clearly demonstrate that you, like the Kings and Rio are doing all the things that you are doing in Ti and Do’s name for purely egotistical reasons. Your information (videos, blog etc.) cannot hold a candle to Ti and Do’s information but you have perversely decided that they are one and the same. You contradict yourself on multiple occasions, you deny things that you’ve said and then make up excuses when it’s pointed out where you stated it, you have often used the class and Ti and Do to generate attention for yourself but you’re so blinded by your ego that you insist that everything you’re doing is for the Next Level. You are being used by the forces in opposition to the Next Level to glorify yourself and to downplay the actual information that Ti and Do left behind that they wanted distributed. You have attracted followers who have stated that you are the “only link” to “Marshall Applewhite” on planet earth and who have asked you “what’s next”?.Your actions have encouraged these followers due to your extraordinary claims about visits from members of the Next Level in your dreams. You have confused criticism of what you’re doing with criticism of the class and Ti and Do. You are afraid to leave this world voluntarily and that is why you are here just like the rest of us.

  2. sawyer Says:

    Crlody, I didn’t read the entire comment yet, but I will out of respect for a former classmate. I read the first quotes of things I said and if I were to write that now, I would make some changes. First off, that dream of DO I had that I expressed indicated to me that DO approved of use of music as a tool, was very different from all the other dreams I had with DO before that one and after. In that dream Do’s face/head was all I saw and he said nothing. It wasn’t like the others where it was exactly as if I was sitting with him. It seemed more symbolic. Plus another part of that dream that happened after it, that didn’t include DO in any form had sexual stuff in it, which I know would not be the Next Level. So that dream was either a mix of Next Level and Luciferian Space Alien “boogers” or entirely Luciferian or discarnate or from some other processing. What I wrote as “approval” should be corrected and I have written or spoken about that since then with the updates that I suspect Luciferian interference. However, I don’t think it’s wrong to play music. It’s just an option for all those living on this planet, and if doing so opens doors by drawing attention to “me” in a positive way that could lead to talking about Ti and Do, as it has many times, then I’m not going to stop playing music any more than someone might write or recite poetry or comment to people’s social media posts with my opinion on any subject that may or may not have direct Ti and Do references but that I often do tie in. At the same time it’s one of my only sources of income. It’s like in some of the jobs you’ve had where you meet people, I imagine at times conversations start and you might say something about ufo’s that may or may not lead to Ti and Do or Heaven’s Gate but if it does, great – to me that’s “Standing” for Ti and Do regardless of the consequences and there are often consequences since we know the Luciferian souls and discarnates with their programming hate to see Ti and Do get any positive or neutral attention – or perhaps any attention at all. They’d rather we keep our mouths shut and not witness to what we experienced and/or know from their writings and audio/video’s. So I don’t know if that was DO in that dream but it could have been – I do know that as Ti and Do taught that dreams were a way the Next Level helps us with lessons needing to be learned. At one point which may be in the audio tapes Ti and Do indicated we could program our vehicles at downtime to “remember our dreams”, while also programming our vehicle to wake up should a dream threaten our behavioral commitment – like in a sexual dream, so we can shake off that influence. I can remember Ti telling us about one of her dreams one time and Do telling us about a couple of his dreams and one in particular became a lesson for him and he even said he woke up with a pain in his buddocks which he felt he received in the dream. In that one, he was stung in the buddocks somehow and then he was waiting on a line that had something to do with his Next Level task and he said, if I recall correctly that he took it as if to say he wasn’t as important as influences might try to have him think – he had peers in the Next Level so had to wait his turn (in a sense) to get certain attention.

    We also had a few times in meetings where Ti and Do instigated a classmate telling of their dream. It wasn’t just opened up to a dream telling meeting. Classmates would write to Do about some of their dreams and sometimes they’d have that classmate tell the class that dream in the meeting. It wasn’t something we had instruction to talk about with anyone else. I remember Ollody telling us about a dream he had at Ti and Do’s instigation during the question part of a meeting, but I don’t recall it now.

    By the way, though I did have dreams I believe were TI and/or were DO and/or were Lggody, Jwnody (in one) and Lvvody, Chkody, Nrrody in another and Dstody in another and Tllody in another and Srrody in several others, often after I was in question about something that sometimes I felt some answer to, I didn’t change what I was doing on behalf of Ti and Do, though some did provide me with some sense of confirmation of something I was wondering about doing. That includes writing and the idea that there is a task I can perform for them, since I dropped out and as you say don’t have the courage to lay down my life at this time and participate in various human behaviors – have a daughter I continue to help, etc.

    Ti and Do are my only judges in this world, the same as for all humans. I don’t know of anything I have written or recorded that I can’t greatly improve upon and I know influences will try to get me to feel over confident in some things I say – pertaining to prophecy interpretations, etc. I know this vehicle has an ego and in some ways enjoys getting attention at times but it all pales in comparison to being able to serve as an instrument for Ti and Do and that is something any of us can experience as much as we want to.

    I don’t see the dreams as making “me” special, though anyone who recognizes Ti and Do for who they are, in any degree I believe are are “special”, though with it comes more expectations to do something with what we’ve been gifted to receive. I don’t see that as any more or less special than anyone else as each has their own relationship with the Next Level if they seek it out in whatever ways.

    I see my dreams as perhaps my need for that help and I understand that telling others about them may be a mistake I’ve made as it appears to set some up to compare themselves and/or seem like I’m elevating myself to have had. I haven’t had one with Ti nor Do nor classmates in several years.

    • crlody Says:

      I didn’t say it was “wrong” to play music. But you overlaying your music on an audio tape of Ti and Do? Different story. You are confusing your desires with those of Ti and Do. You know how I know this? Because, beyond what Ti and Do told us when They were here we don’t know ANYTHING about what They want right now. We’re not in a position to speculate on what They want. They left behind information that stated what Their desires were. They wanted all who recognized Them to take the steps necessary to leave this world with Them. And I’m supposed to believe that They contradicted that by telling you in a dream that it’s ok for you to stay here and support your family as long as you “give” your life to Them? Funny how you, Rio and Mark and Sarah are the only ones special enough to be designated by Ti and Do to stay here. Maybe others think so too. You’ve been so sure of your mission and I quite frankly find that crazy. I’m not even sure that I’ll be allowed to continue a relationship with Them when I leave this world but you seem to know that They want you here to “give” your life to Them. Just like Rio knew it was the NL who told him to leave the class and the Kings seeming to know that the NL approves of everything that they do. I’m truly amazed that you seem so sure of your mission and that you’ve been unwavering in that viewpoint for nine years now.

      • sawyer Says:

        Okay fine, if you want to beat a dead horse, I’ve already acknowledged that overlaying music over DO’s talking on my blogtalkradio radio show might have been a choice Ti and Do would not have approved of. But like you said, we don’t know do we or is it that you know but I don’t.

        Go ahead and condemn me if you want to for continuing my family life. I also think I’m pretty pitiful, but I’m still going to stick it out and see if DO wants to use me further, since I chose not to finish a graduation with my classmates as I could have.

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