Two Witnesses=Father(Ti) & Jesus(Do),aka Maitreya Buddha(Christ) ascended thru (Heavens Gate)=Second Coming=on UFO(from space/with clouds NOT Lucifer Space Aliens

The following is my reseach to date to back up some of my title claims. I was with Ti and Do’s Heavens Gate group for 19 years and have tons of information and event recollections that together leave an undeniable picture no one who wasn’t afraid to believe could deny.

My research is not complete but I must post what I have as the Luciferian space aliens and their ways of manipulating humans and the discarnate spirit world to steal souls and to harvest human dna, fluids, egg, sperm and certain elements and to enslave humans through human governments and general greed and self serving agendas, convicing many that they are the real Gods and that humans who are awakening to the alien reality are also gods is so far from the truth, though to those who believe these lies and deceit, it’s a pie in the sky just like religion in general has become (not to say many people genuinely believe in a creator God many membered real physical kingdom and are doing the best they can). However, we will all die. There will be no ascension as both many religious think is coming as well as many new age styled spiritualists, though space aliens will continue their hologram like displays in the sky followed by all sorts of photoshop phenomena designers further confusing an already confusing situation.

The recyling of the Earth will come. I don’t know when but I suspect it will be during the current generation- in other words, when the real true Evolutionary Level Above Human determines all humans have had more than enough chances to “repent” – change their mind and either be willing to look at what Ti and Do bought or not. Most are not looking for anything as they in their way, even though many have little, are satisfied with their entrenchment. These will simply die and their spirits will exist for a time in the spirit world until their essence which is a real electromagnetic signature database of all their experiences since birth, what they accumlated which included what was passed on to them genetically – the image of their Father’s accumulated mind/spirit/soul (if their human parent had been gifted a soul container), plus what they experienced while living and all the discarnates that became attracted and even attached of course relative to their mothers genetic makup which has more to do with the function of the various organs but that is a big contributor to the full new being.

The spirit world is NOT heaven or nirvana nor utopia nor shagrila. However, for those that were prepared to believe in the return and were awake enough to be open to that return and even a bit naive to be willing to look at everything (like a child – jesus said), to which by the way would leave them dissatisfied with life in some way, though may have become entrenched with a certain comfort and security to fill that void or become even criminal in rebellion to the hatred they saw and experienced in the world, these all could still before they die come to be willing to look at Ti and Do’s testimony of 24 years and their student saints and by doing so if they believe and do their best to share that same information with others despite the ramifications, will have their spirit/soul “saved”  when they die and as Do said “kept on ice” to be brought back after the recyling that will smooth out the entire earth leaving all signs of civiliazation absent, crushed and melted and dissintegrated, to begin their opportunity to be in a Level Above Human (kingdom of Heaven) styled experiential classroom, fitted to their station of belief/faith/soul development (that is not judged by human degrees and successes or psychic abilities at all).

For your sake, give this opportunity your best. If you have no desire to have a future, that’s fine, you won’t but this opportunity is not about wishing for a pie in the sky. The space aliens and religions offer it all for next to no investment and effort. The true Creator Kingdom doesn’t need any of us and don’t care to have human robots or slaves. The space aliens do have need of humans and for slaves. That’s why the space aliens through their human unknowing pawns who teach “he did it for us”,when he simply “showed us how” but we needed to rise to the occasion or no get the reward, requires we work up to Loving (giving service to(the real worship) the Lord our God with all our heart all our mind all our soul and all our strength, which can only come close to reality to accomplish when a rep from the Level Above Human is physically face to face with us toshow us how and be the instrument of our giving over our will, as jesus said we needed to “deny ourselves, take up our cross (burden with ramification of being hated) and literally follow him”. When that rep is not physically present then the best we can do is to “love our neighbor as ourselves” far better than joining a religious order and becoming a professional pseudo-god follower/sheeple, which atheists also fall into such a category though their god is either themselves, space aliens or science or nothingness or wealth and treasure -materialism.

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2 Responses to “Two Witnesses=Father(Ti) & Jesus(Do),aka Maitreya Buddha(Christ) ascended thru (Heavens Gate)=Second Coming=on UFO(from space/with clouds NOT Lucifer Space Aliens”

  1. Jpgilyard Says:

    Sawyer, where do you get your information regarding Maitreya? the only things ive read about the world teacher \avatar (apart from hinduism\ISCKON) is the theosophists\orea linda book\Alice Bailey\Helen Blavatsky from the late 1800s, and than meher baba later.

    • sawyer Says:

      jpgilyard, I believe I posted on Maitreya which I will look/search for but essentially Wikipedia was my main source that several years go surfaced a section entitled “characteristics of maitreya” which is what my post would have been about. This post says nothing about it and is admittedly written in haste so doesn’t reflect the title. Many times I chose a title that might attract those searching the net for those keywords. Sometimes that worked, but mostly did nothing but clutter the content of the post.

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