false prophet/anti-maitreya/christ: Luciferian Space Alien pseudo spiritual RAEL

Now they are calling him maitreya Rael, almost like clockwork after I’ve been making comparisons between what maitreya really meant – the “enlightenment being” a bodhisatva the same meaning as the Buddha and the same meaning as the Christ which I did a show or two on blogtalkradio.com/sawyer and wrote a bunch of papers on. I’m not saying that they are now publically taking this terminology because of me. It’s simply timely, they and any others who are making this kind of claim at this time who have zero reflection of what ANY real Christ MUST represent, be, do, say and think and why – IS because of the Luciferian space aliens desperation to secure as many souls to their allegiance as possible. This is no longer even remotely a conspiracy theory or philosophical mindset or paranormal extra dimensional sci fi styled hollywood religious spiriuality – they are being forced to BE EXACTLY WHO THEY REALLY ARE. They can NOT do otherwise. Jesus was quoted to have said, “Where the carcus is the eagles will be gathered”. This is now so clear to me. The carcus are the “dead” former prospective “children of God/implanted with souls” that lost their soul and God connection by accepting the pie in the sky prince of peace luciferian peace on Earth space aliens doctrine thus part of the body of christ, souls that have decided to totally block out reality and they are literally locating themselves more and more to certain areas of the planet and have been for a long long time as they initially were drawn to where Ti and Do were incarnate and circulated. These souls are both mortal humans who were given souls by the next level when Ti and Do came this time and discarnate souls that were brought back by the next level, having once been implanted souls from any previous Next Level planting of souls on Earth or on any other planet within the range the Next Level had chosen to work with and by brought back included those in what the catholics call purgatory, or paradise (paradosa in greek), according to jewish understandings, “a walled area where God keeps souls temporarily, until the “last day” which has been in progress since Ti and Do and their crew’s return at the turn of the 20th century. Those souls all had the chance to interface with living bodies. There were 144,000 of them planted by the next level. A master gardener knows how many prize rose seeds they want to try to manage. They don’t waste precious seeds or plant willy nilly. So all these souls are and have been for generations been seeking receptive “vehicles” living human beings who were genetically prepared to accept what to others is preposterous (because they didn’t have that program to provide that real sense of reality of living physical beings in existence outside the Earth and their Next Level composition). And many of them found vehicles but as jesus says about seed planting, they were eaten/consumed by “birds” – literally predator creatures with no compassion whatsoever, descended from reptiles biologically thus related to the same origin that produced the reptilian aliens from draco who the next level has continuouls allowed to be an influence over humans (off and on – as the next level can turn them off and on at will) and can level the playing field by the repeated introduction of “truth” through their incarnate bodi satva, enlightenment annointed beings. The luciferican space aliens, know their time is short to reap what they want from the earth in the REVelations “second harvest”. They know this because it’s been done before – this garden and any garden they have had any relationship has experienced being recycled many times but they don’t know why exactly. Some think humans bring it to a recycle point and in some ways that’s true. If humans didn’t turn into greedy predators or pleasure addicts – hedonites (just a choice but a choice that simply leads to perishing, which many don’t care about and why should they, they are nothing becasue they never sought to become anything,that is in the eyes of the next level and the next level is the government over all, who decide the criteria of who has some potential viability for future garden projects. We who are beginning to see this more and more are also being put to the test. It is no longer a casual condition. We all are being forced to decide where to put our allegience and there are only three possabilies, though two boil down to one, so in reality there are only two possabilties: For or Against the true next level above human as represented by the fulll strain of next level membership that includes: Adam, Enoch, Moses, Elijah, Jesus and Do – the six olive branches of the israeli menora, The Lord/Father/Older Member: Ti being the lampstand where all the Oil is supplied to the branches that is the blood(mind) that is sacrificed by fire, burning in their lamps that provide “light and understanding” for all to be able to see and understand. In between, undecided is the one that really boils down to against. My last show on blogtalkradio.com/sawyer was all about the Two Olive Trees,the Two lampstands as just as Ti is one lampstand, Do is also a lampstand, so between them there are two layers of “churches”, each being 12, 000 soul seeds for a total of 6 times 2 = 12 overall churches all at varying levels of progress towards possible graduation/harvest. Zecheria was given the prophecy of both Jesus and Ti and Do, as the Two Witnesses(greek martus=those willing to tell the honest truth about the next level who by doing so eventually die, become martyrs for Christ, though the Luciferians provide many pseudo, facsimili christs, that are hopelessly not even a close match for those given the key to see, available for the asking/seeking, that is the body of information provided by the next level throughout it’s garden experiment, that can taste so good to the brain/taste buds of the mind because of the phenomenal truth the words portray, but to put into application makes one’s stomach queezy and bitter because the human vehicle does not want to not have whatever it has become accustomed to have.) If you have an address for a raelian and want to forward this or anything I do or say you are welcome to but they are probably among the “carcus” now having decided what to entrench in giving homage to. take care – there is a bumpy road ahead for all earthlings but we can see it through if we seek connection with the One True Kingdom of God, though their latest lampstand/olive tree (christs, according to zecharia). The sign of the next level is represented by the number TWO. When you see things done in two’s or by TWO beings (though lucifer is busy at this time and has been for some time trying to create facsimili’s of that also),then pay special attention. halebopp had TWO tails as seen by hubble photographs. And recently a discovery baffling scientists as they witness two planets circling a star and the two planets are hotter and brighter than the star they are in orbit around. sincerely, sawyer Here is the email sent to their mailing lists that was forwarded to me and I have spoken of above: Dear Raelian Sympathizers, old friends and new friends, Well we are only 11 weeks away before hundreds of open minded beings descend on the city of Las Vegas to indulge in 8 days of the most fantastic fun and pleasure your senses can experience….(03/24/10 – 04/04/10). Would you like to “BECOME THE MASTER OF YOUR HAPPINESS”? Imagine trying to describe your first sunset, or the first time you felt love, or even to try and explain the feeling you have when you listen to your favorite music or song… Words will never compare to reality. It’s the same for this 8 day adventure with the Maitreya Rael and the amazing people that come to share it from all over the world. There are no words but rather an experience you’ll take with you, forever. What you will be able to live in eight days will be one of the most important journeys you’ve ever taken because you will discover this immense potential within you. You will learn ways in which to express the most unique “you” that you possibly can – and discover the ways to become the master of your own happiness. Remember, you do not have to be a member or Raelian to attend this “Happiness Academy”; ANYONE can come, no matter their walk of life or beliefs! It is for all those who are open minded or wish to be more so! So come and live these moments with all of us and discover the clear, concise, loving and humorous teachings of the Elohim’s messenger, Maitreya Rael to discover this immense potential within you to become the master of your happiness. Please go to the link below to register for this 8 day adventure. We have extended your pleasure for and extra day so please make your arrangements to leave on Sunday night April 4th or Monday morning April 5th as we will continue the fun until Sunday at 5pm. We look forward to meeting each and every one of you and promise you will have the best 8 days of your life. http://rael..org/e107_plugins/raelseminar/raelseminar.php?c=4&s=51 Fraternel Love, Lara Terstenjak, US National Guide ******************************************************* Queridos simpatizantes, raelianos, viejos y nuevos amigos, Estamos a sólo 11 semanas de recibir en la ciudad de las Vegas a cientos de seres de mente abierta, para disfrutar 8 días fantasticos de diversión y placer que tus sentidos van a experimentar ….( 03/24/10 a 04/04 /10). “CONVIERTETE EN EL AMO DE TU FELICIDAD” Imagínate tratando de describir tu primer atardecer, o la primera vez que te enamoraste, o trata de explicar lo que sientes cuando escuchas tu música o canción favorita … Las palabras jamás podrán reflejar la realidad. Sucederá lo mismo con esta aventura de siete días con Maitreya Rael y la gente increíble que vienen a compartirla de todos los rincones de la tierra. No existen palabras, mas bien una experiencia es lo que te llevarás contigo, para siempre. Lo que lograrás vivir en siete días será una de las travesías mas importantes en las que te has embarcado hasta ahora porque descubrirás este potencial enorme dentro de ti. Aprenderás formas por las cuales expresar el mas único “tu” de que eres capaz y descubrir las formas de convertirte en el amo de tu felicidad. Acuérdate, tú no tienes que ser miembro o Raeliano para atender este seminario, QUIEN QUIERA puede venir, sin importar su situación o creencias! Es para todos aquellos con una mente abierta o que quieran abrirla más! Ven a vivir estos momentos con todos nosotros y descubre las claras, concisas, amorosas y humorosas enseñanzas del Maitreya Rael, mensajero de los Elohim, para descubrir este enorme potencial dentro de ti para convertirte en el amo de tu felicidad. INSCRIPCION:Por favor, ve al enlace de abajo para inscribirte a esta aventura de 8 días. Extendimos tu placer un día más. Asi que por favor haz tus preparativos para salir la noche del domingo 4 de abril o la mañana del lunes 5 de abril, dado que continuaremos divirtiendonos hasta el domingo a las 5pm. Tenemos tantas ganas de conocer a cada uno de ustedes. Les prometemos que tendran los mejores 8 días de su vida!! http://es.rael.org/e107_plugins/raelseminar/raelseminar.php?s=98 Con amor fraternal Lara Terstenjak, Guia Nacional EEUU

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2 Responses to “false prophet/anti-maitreya/christ: Luciferian Space Alien pseudo spiritual RAEL”

  1. sawyerhg Says:

    Hi, I checked out both the sites you listed, one being poetry and the other prose. I could see that they were well done – you are a good writer but at this time I don’t honestly find it that interesting to me personally. If you were referring to the content – talk of wisdom and such, the “three books”…personally I find them lacking as more and more generalities and modern day cliche’ spiriualism, I find misdirected from reality in the way I see it. I recognize that it’s popularist writing now more than ever and you might find great success in such writings, something I know my writings will never acheive, that is in the normal definition of success – montiary and status popularity. As you can see, my terrible writing nomenclature with little concern for grammar and spelling and structure can not be compared to your well sculpted offerring. The reason I appear to put such little effort out to try to inch closer to a professional authoring is for several reasons. I’m not trained, I’m not trying to win over anyone (except as the information might speak to someones desires and needs), or their dollars and frankly I havn’t the time to go over and over and over what I present to polish it, even though doing so could be a good thing, as who would care to link to my posts, when they are a such a hodge podge of thoughts, but then, I can answer that and say, it would be someone who seeks substance over appearance and substance in more objective terms rather than the subjective. But I thank you for taking the time to comment but it seems to me it was more to advertise your work than having anything to do with mine. Good luck in your journey.

  2. embezzlement insurance Says:

    Great post, I’ve been waiting for that!!


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