Q & A by Sawyer on Lucifer & Space Aliens

1. Is Lucifer and all angels human – humanoid or alien looking?

As far as I know lucifer once had a human body. Now the term angel is really a task assignment – messenger and there could be a variety of different types of body shapes that could function in that capasity. Ti and Do said in 1975 that members of the next level could enter a department of say transportation to where they would be a pilot and the vehicle they would use to be the pilot of would be a living creature that would not necessarily be humanoid where as in general for at least first time young members in the Next Level, they are issued humanoid vehicles that even still have a capasity to speak if they need to (where in their environment they are telepathic, but say they do a task on Earth while based somewhere on or in the Earth with their physical body, then they would need to have a body that would both be able to survive in the EArth’s dense decaying type atmospheric conditions AND be one that has a degree of normal interfacing with the humans they may have a task to deliever info to. What we call space aliens are simply human equivilents and thus are humanoid in appearance though they will have variances and the Next Level can employ certain ones, though they may or may not know who is employing them. That’s why it was said in the record books that God sent an evil spirit to someone which could be a way the Kingdom of God chooses to take care of a situation that is detrimental to the souls and vehicles they participate in the evolution of.

2. Do aliens fear humans because of their potential to be greater than them?

I don’t think so but there may be some truth to that though I’d guess it would be largely subconscious on their part, stemming from their own home planets history. However, Alex Collier claiming to be a contactee for Andromedans said that the Andromedan’s looked upon humans as royalty. He didn’t say why but I have a pretty good idea. The only thing that can make a human royal is if that human vehicle was given a soul implant by the Next Level. That type of natural but largly undetectible frequency structured “container” IS a set of programs that enable Next Level interface and monitoring by the Next Level but also other advantages that I’m not sure about, except to know that there are some. Do said that the war in the heaven’s was largly a war for those souls. They seed to have humans with souls make allegience to them and they use tricks and what humans used to call magic or supernatural looking things to do that. The blinding light that converted Paul of Tarsus for instance. The Next Level doesn’t do that as they don’t want someone wowed into service, though in early stages of both soul and vehicluar development the Next Level will do some wowing things, but they do it in a way that it still leave’s one wondering if that wasn’t just a freak storm or fireball, for instance, like parting of the sea. At least some of the space aliens know they have a limited time in which they can have access to souls, again from their own history either with this planet as passed on to them by their ancestors from previous civilizations on earth or from their own home planet’s history, if it was not Earth. They do fear human technology that can shoot their spacecraft down. They are not etheric, though they also have a spirit body that seperates from it’s vehicle when it dies but then most often hangs around it’s genetic family origin.

3. Are humans a special species that other aliens acknowledge that God created specifically?

Well, this was partially addressed in 2, so yes in that SOME humans are given souls everytime a member from the Kingdom of God physically incarnates. Being gifted with a soul makes that human a “son of god” or child of light, as the same hebrew word can mean son or child. However that son still always has a choice to not “honor their parents”, listen to their advise, follow in their footsteps, recognize the love they have for them and inherit their parents estate, so to speak and can even choose to go against their parents, which in this latter case sends them on a path of becoming a “child of darkness” because for them to turn against means they have succumb to the lower forces on the planet that tempt and lure us, though are allowed to exist to help us learn and come to recognize the true value of our parents and all they can offer us, by looking to them.

The genetic species we call human are otherwise mortals and are simply “plants” until the next level implants them with a piece of their MIND – “breathed into the nostrils the breath of life”.

Now the space alien luciferian types are comprised of souls that dropped out of a student relationship and of course the offpring that resulted carried over for thousands of years, even many, many ion’s and today seem to have little trace of that original soul as if you don’t use it, you lose it. Do said a soul was a “set of programs” that provided basic understandings and knowledge of the reality of beings that are above human, who created us and the Earth with the purpose of an option to even become an apprentise in their environments that includes the absense of temporary life. To some degree that set of programs is passed on to future offspring, thus many have those understandings as faith embedded in their genetic structure.

Now each time the Next Level designs and develops a garden like Earth, it’s to them an experiment thus each creature is special to that development, to include the souls. Do did say tha the Luciferian space aliens are looking to win over souls to their camp at this time and this is done when we don’t ever look to the One True Kingdom of God, instead thinking either that there is no one greater than human to look to, or thinking space aliens are our gods and even creators or that we are our own gods because of thinking we are all a part of an infinite presumed consciousness.

There may be some exceptions but most of those we talk about as Lucifieran Space Aliens don’t believe in a many membered Kingdom of God that is above them in an evolutionary leap kind of way. They simply think there are other space alien groups before them, but may have lost any real sense of anything being a full evolutionary kingdom level above human.

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