Q&A to Sawyer Missing Link between human and level above human biological entities

Question to Sawyer re: Ti and Do’s Heaven’s Gate and how the Level Above Human designed human beings to jump the chasm between biological kingdom levels.


You mentioned that the earth realm is below that of the others and so therefore our consciouness is not aware of these other beings. If that’s the case, then how can we, even with their influence ever be able to link and become one mind-set with them? It’s as you said about humans domesticating (wild) animals, though never quite being able to acheive that intellectual bond and unity which would make it possible for them to become like us, fully understanding what it means to be human. If you say that fundamental interspecies compatability is impossible, then it stands to reason that the beings above can never quite ‘train’ us to reach and understand what it means to be like them. So conclusion would be, based on what you said, that we aren’t biologically capable of ever acheiving that higher level, don’t you think? So we’re effectively incapable of ever reaching that higher level you think these beings dwell in.

Sawyer’s response:

Understood, and it would be impossible, but as they are the creators of the entire system they built in a mechanism to complete the “missing link” of true interface with them.

They actually implant human vehicles of their choice, according to the human’s expressed desire to grow, change and give, related in some way to that higher level by whatever their terminology. Only the humans from a genetic strain that had some physical relationship with a previous member incarnate will have that sense of their being more and different than the normal things to pursue. The implant (which space aliens and humans do as well in their own ways that are not natural and free willful on the part of the recipient) can only be described as a chip that contains a set of programs and is contained. It’s an object that is literally a “seed” and what has been termed a “soul”. It’s the “breath of life” breathed into the first man’s nostrils (not the first human, but the humans they had genetically planned and instigated to start the latest experiment. (It’s an experiment because it doesn’t have a static development, management and outcome). Any human that is not given this implant can never make the interface, though they can ask to have that relationship at any time, so it’s not a judgement against anyone and no humans can know for sure who does or who does not have one of these soul implants.

And this is all fully Jesus compatible.

But that is far from all there is to it. Once seeded then that vehicle is a “child” of that Next Level but the object is for that child to choose to gradually become an adult. An adult does have the interface because that seed actually grows as a part of their body into full maturity and is then literally born when the vehicle dies providing it had reached a viable development. Being viable has to do with having the minimum “force of mind/will” to actually “run” a new issue physical body provided by the Level Above Human members. This new body is not equipt with mammalian organ systems. A first issue body will not have a reproductive system as they don’t reproduce as mammals do. They reproduce by becoming parents to future seeds planted on the human cocoon environment. This Next Level actually grows these new “incorruptible” bodies on a vine and the body does not need to eat (though transitionally may take a pill of some sort) but operates mostly on photosynthesis with the power source being that new soul body. If that soul body is not viable they won’t be able to literlly run this new vehicle and will have no usefullness or service to the Next Level, so the Next level is very selective. We build our “force” by drawing new mind(info) from an existing member of the next level which comes with a step wise process that results in having broken all ties on the human kingdom and sacrificed all pleasures, except for those few nearly harmless pleasures that the older member teacher deems appropriate. This has been called Overcoming or “washing of robes” but is actually a metamorphic process that requires a cocoon environment away from all previous human behaviours that form the normal root system of whatever human has engaged the process. It’s a human crysalis – a process of “christ-ening” – a period of time of accellerated change but MUST be orchestrated directly and face to face by a genuine Next Level midwife, as it encompasses gradually giving over even one’s free will to that “parent”, in Greek pater or “Father”(seed giver) but actually is simply an Older Member in that Next Level that at some point far before also had their equivilent birth into full membership in the Next Level from a human or human equivilent biological and spiritual(of mind/spirit/soul). The opposition to this would have humans fear they would then become robots, not realizing that as a human they ARE actually very robotic as what they largely think of as themselves is a composite of their genes and their environment, which in addtion to parents, family and friends and society is greatly affected by discarnates and/or even certain of what we would call space aliens.

But that “soul seed implanted set of programs” IS the equivilent of a human buying a puppy and taking care of it as one of their own family. But that puppy still has the choice to accept their masters training and disciplines and requirements to be in the house or not. If it refuses to change and adapt the humans conditions, the human either decides to tolerate the animal in their midst or have someone professionally try to train the animal or they give it away.

So the next level then executes the program to put that new soul to the test – to challenge offer teaching/training to, to help them grow yet closer to them, but particularly their immediate Older Member assigned to fulfill the role of being their creator/midwifing “spirit birth” parents. This is the same kind of thing that any gardener does. The Next Level provides fertilizer to those they are seeking to harvest. If they give the planet too much, it could burn that plant and stunt or hault it’s healthiest growth. The Luciferians and the human environment and “norms” provide the fertilizer as those with soul implants desire to press past the norms, though can easily get caught up in over acheiving in a human way and entrenching themselves to the world.

Once viable they can use physical bodies as humans use different suits for different purposes but these next level “celestial” bodies generally can not be in a human envioronment for very long as the Earth environment is very hostile and decaying to these now very senstive beings. They are incorruptible because even if they wanted to they don’t have the plumbing for reproducing and sensuality is one of the biggest forms of remaining in the status quo – not pressing to have more experiences, while willing to change life circumstances.

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