American’s and Nato soldiers are murdering afgans – You and all of us can still repent(change our mind and ways)

Let’s not play games. This is wholesale murder and the Kingdom of God knows it and will deal with all souls who participate and who have the ability to change it. None of us are really Americans as pertaining to the government because as far as the Kingdom of God is concerned there are no nations acting on their behalf no matter what various religious in any country say or think.

And for all the atheists and religionists and spiritualists that justify murdering and calling it “defense” they are liars to themselves and others.

Change you ways or die in your hatred and find the same kind of hatred after death. You are creating your own reality now and once dead. The only difference is once you are dead you can not change the things you did and believed in so you are then destined to enact that same behavior while in the spirit world, that is until the close upcoming recycling dissovlves your spirits in the “lake of fire”, possibly being sucked into the earth’s core somehow or just subject to a frequency shift, a result of a combo of sun and earth activity.

No matter what you have done to date, you can still repent (change your mind) and ask the Lord for forgiveness and then ask those you harmed for forgiveness, one by one as best you can. (If they don’t accept it’s that’s their choice).

And this goes for anyone who has hurt anyone no matter where you are and what level of hurt it was, physical and/or mental.

However if someone feels you have hurt them because you didn’t agree with them or ran out on them due to your inablity to work together (a two party responsability), when you tried to work things out or because you simply grew apart in some way or wanted to do something others didn’t approve of that wasn’t really anyone else’s business as what you were doing was not going to be hurting someone, then that is NOT something you’ve done to hurt someone else.

Now by hurt, that also includes manipulating others which is simply a form of deceit and deceit in that way is not God’s way. God understands not being totally honest with those that might throw you in jail because of being honest, when again, you know you did nothing to hurt another. (jesus addressed that – agree with your advasary while in the way with them otherwise you will find yourself before the judge and then in jail to pay a great price).

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