How the Creator crew’s “Kingdom”(God) interfaces with humans


What do you think of the zeitoun apperition… its very ufo esque?

Sawyer’s response:

I never heard of it, so on your prompting I will look into it, BUT I can be relatively 99% sure it’s not being done by the ones I’m talking about from the creator’s kingdom, as they don’t operate in the field of illusion or holograms or mystique – that’s the motis operendi of humans and human equivlients (fallen once potential children of god), all lumped into the term Luciferian Space Aliens. Any space aliens that are not in this category are distinguished by not trying to fool people into supporting them. They don’t necessarily work for the creator crew, though even the Luciferians do so, serving as fertilizer or like mind exercise machines or sparring partners for all those that seek to grown closer to the One True Creator Kingdom above human headed in this part of the Universe by Ti and “her” now adult “son” Do, aka Jesus, Moses, Elijah, Enoch and began this experiement by interfacing with the vehicle called adam the hebrew word for “man” (human).

When the next level members interface with us it’s “face to face” through their incarnation into a human vehicle. It’s an undercover way to get their foot in the door that is otherwise tightly shut on our minds because of the in depth programming allowed to take place but advanced upon all the human genetic strains on whatever planet is the current “garden”. And they come in ways we would see as angels but again not as dead human discarnate “spirits”. They still are using a type of physical body that can be seen and can clearly communicate and that others don’t know what to make of them really, but again it’s “face to face” and they often come in TWO’s – Lot’s TWO beings, AT Jesus tomb: TWO beings (though not all accounts), At Jesus’s ascension: TWO beings.

And the next level comes to humans  in dreams if those people have asked to have a closer relationship and help to be willing to do so as otherwise a human being would never want to change (until they are faced with trauma, though still may not consider that there are some that could help if they honestly asked for it). Otherwise the Next Level allows the existing systems to operate, that we call nature that is designed to challenge human beings to “wake up” and change their ways, again not forcing them to do so as we being human were all designed to perish, so those natural disasters are at most escalating the time and method of that death.

And the Next Level does at times directly killl weeds when they see that any part or the entire garden patch is too infested to allow their “fruit” to grow, as any human garderner does withiout concern for the rights and life of those predators but that is completely against the next level for humans to enact agaisnt other humans (at least at this phase of the overall garden project, as first ushered in by Jesus, though Jesus never preached “peace on Earth”, however that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t applaud all those who are peace on earth seekers because it is clearly more evolved behavior BUT “peace” to jesus was like saying: I’m content…everythuing is wonderful, I wouldn’t change anything – life is great”. And it’s not like jesus doesn’t want us to have a fulfilling life in whatever we do that includes having nice things – BUT he really doesn’t want us to “want” those things (as he knows how they are dead ends)  and especially in place of seeking a closer relationship with HIM. He’s not on an ego trip to get people to look to him either. It’s simply that he is any human’s ultimate parent and he knows how much we can have in his reality to include not perishing and not sufferring in the crude ways many humans are forced to suffer, should we seek to follow in our parents footsteps, while it always remains our choice.

But the idea of sufferring that is also very buddist to consider, as at least one of the buddhas – perhaps guatama taught that the path to this “enlightenment” does encompass sufferring. The word is distorted though as so many are. It’s really “thirst” and it’s counter part “effort” to try better reach for what is more but that provided lasting satisfaction, that also stimulated having yet more thirst. It’s the true process the puts one on a path of neverendign growth but it doesn’t work unless “change” accompanies it, not change just to change, though that can also have it’s value but change of “MIND” -(repenting) replacing human mind/ways with Next Level “whole” mind/ways.

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