Q & A re Ti and Do’s Heaven’s Gate “cult” activities

1) I was just wondering if those in the Class were permitted to read other religious teachings. What was the symbolism behind the cut hair everyone had? I know the symbolism behind the regular clothes they were wearing. What happened if someone had too many questions? Were they frowned apon?

2) If someone studied the NL info, overcame all human ways and dropped their container with desperate pleads to the NL to be taken onto a craft even though a NL Rep is no longer present but his teachings are? RKKody and JSTody are two examples and half of me says yes and the other half says that people may be replanted. I dont know if the gate to the NL is closed or still open.

Sawyer’s response:

When I joined I brought with me what I wanted. No one ever searched me, though we were encouraged to turn in thing’s that could be sold or redistributed to others. If we had pot or tobacco, that was to be discarded or turned in. But 9 months later when we gathered in wyoming, we still had certain freedoms. We shopped and ate whatever foods we wanted, living in little tent groups. Ti and Do would give each group money that would be distributed to each tent of each group. Each tent had a partnership or threesome in it. We would wait for the go ahead to go shopping and we had no times set for eating, though that soon all changed. Once we got into houses, we had a small library. I remember seeing one on roswell but don’t really recall much, nor was I intested in books then.
We make the Jehovah Witnesses look tame in terms of totalitarian control. There is no real comparison with Jehovah Witnesses though. One is a human government or some humans who sought to mimic the previous next Level’s motis operendi. When you have the originator with you, there is no mimicing. If we tried to suggest or direct things somehow, you would have been asked to leave if they want something in the world.This wasn’t a club like religions are. Overcoming means discarding ALL our previous behaviors. It didn’t even matter if the new behaviors could be proven better. The point was being willing to do whatever.
Do you see a difference with religion and what I’m describing? I mean if I want to be a Jehovah Witnesses and so do you and we want to make up rules to join and someone joins and wants to break those rules then they should leave or they could reexamine the rules.
Yes, the NL worked hard to have freedome of religion in this north america. It’s what enabled them to survice for 24 years though it was still hard to not be interferred with.

2) If someone did all you said, (overcome their humaness, etc.) which I believe would be impossible to do without the hands on help from a member of the next level physically present, then I believe when they died whether by their own hand or another’s or from natural causes, their spirit/soul would be in the Next Level’s keeping. I don’t think they in general take someone physically unless they came from the Next Level, (jesus said that) as they don’t need humans for anything and they don’t populate their environment with “pets”, though younger members (those who just graduate) are apprentises and the Older members there know they are younger. But all members of the next level have servicability. They want tasks – activity – challenges – interesting things to do and they get what they want in that regard though it’s still up to each member to seek what they want (which department(s)) to work in and how fast they want to grow in that regards. Theorectically there is nothing that stops someone from even outgrowing an Older Member. It’s theorectical because that Older Member is also seeking continuous growth. However, it’s not a competition to where one would beat out another for some particular task. If two or more are stiving for the same position, the Next Level Older Members will make a new position in some equivilent department, however Next Level members are also very flexible and don’t get fixated on doing only certain things.

Cut hair for them was for several reasons – stands out less in today’s world, has less rebellion and individuality in it (as human desire for individuality needs to be ovecome), is easier to maintain and keep clean and perhaps may be less sensuous (as some people and discarnates are attracted to those who give a “bad” appearance and there may be some electromagnetic “antenna” as well. I can’t say that Ti and Do spelled this all out this way. A huge part of the classroom was simply doing the things Ti and Do gave us to do, whether we knew why or not. Sometiems they explained why and other times not. They were not ever trying to win us over to their thinking by doing lots of explaining.

Yes, one could have too many questions in that circumstance and the type of questions if too philosophical were discouraged. They definitely did not want to waste time.

We only read what Ti and Do provided us and they didn’t give us much religious materials. This wasn’t an eclectic religious study program. Most in the class had already studied many religions.

I don’t know what symbolism you are referring to, in terms of their choice of clothing(as I imagine you saw on the student exit tapes (still available on youtube). Symbolism was far and few between and actually only apparnt at their exit with the purple shrouds over each of their dead human vehicles. It was what was practical- looked neat, fit in with humans, covered or masked body shapes and gateways for others to have sensual attraction, gender neutral, affordable(Ti was always looking for sales- shopped at Marshalls often.), were not trying to be fashion conscious except to not stand out, what was required at jobs (out of craft tasks), but again another avenue to not have strong likes and dislikes about – willing to enjoy whatever they gave us to wear. And it needed to fit, and not cause allergic reactions (as some had) and were always kept clean.

Ti and Do were the GATE. If they are not hear the gate is not open. Being here also meant their being in the spirit world wherever that might have been. Personally I think Ti and Do have left the spirit world but I can’t prove that so theorectically the gate is still open. However Lucifer could try to use that to get rid of those that can still help others come closer to the next level – get them to exit thinking it’s the right thing to do. I tell folks who ask that question to talk to Do about what they want and not think they are going to be told outright by a voice or a ufo sighting or something magnificent to sway us. Now that’s not to say that talking with Do will be a long lasting opportunity of connecting. With Jesus, his name was quickly taken over by the lower forces who began to respond to all those who might have called on the name: Jesus. This was especially escalated as people that knew of Jesus, pro or con died. If they died hating Jesus then they would hate jesus while in spirit and should a living human seek to talk to Jesus, these jesus haters might respond, so it becomes a matter of how to identify the Older member more than using the address of their name. Now for those who did establish a physical relationship with jesus while he was present physically OR as a result of hearing about Jesus believed in him, then the Next Level would know who these souls are and would be keeping track of them, so that when they asked something in jesus name, he and/or his helpers would respond according to their instructions, as some could ask things the Next Level cares not to provide. It is all this real, in fact even more real than our reality in this way as we are led around by discarnate influences all the time and don’t generally know it or believe it. So the GATE that actually enables going with Do and his students as Do spoke to in his exit video, is for all intents and purposes closed, thus any who believe that much and overcome certain of their human ways, is all good but the task for would be students now is to dissemminate the information Ti and Do brought, word for word is best and give “glory” to them, rather than seek if for ourselves as they were the instigators and without them we wouldn’t even have had the experience we are having.

If students frowned on others that asked too many questions or whatever – made a nusence of themselves then they would be corrected as well. That did happen in many ways all the time. If we frowned on Ti and Do, it would be brought to their attention in private. Ti and Do knew when there were students entertaining critisism of them, though they didn’t know who was doing it unless they expressed it in some way. They didn’t try to “read” into us.

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One Response to “Q & A re Ti and Do’s Heaven’s Gate “cult” activities”

  1. HGsister Says:

    Sawyer–how many former members of Heavens Gate still survive? My brother, known as Gabby or Gabody, was a former meember who followed Do to the NL 5 weeks later.

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