14 characteristics that any representative (christ/maitreya) from the Kingdom of(in) Heaven/God will teach

Characteristics of the Garden Nurturing Task that any members from the Evolutionary Level Above Human, formally known in the records as the Kingdom of God or Kingdom of Heaven will emulate/teach by Their example that sets Them apart from the many Human Evolutionary Level – Kingdom known as false prophets, charlatans, wolves in sheeps clothing, facsimili’s.
(I say members plural as in history we have accounts of more than one member interfacing with humans at any one time, be they of a primary or secondary task role, and whether their interface is through their taking over a human vehicle, thus to be seen or to remain largely behind the scenes and unseen.)
1. They say they are from Outer space (heaven), and NOT another planet in another star system.
The Next Level has no need for one home planet. They don’t live the way humans do in family units with young running around that need constant monitoring. All members of the Next Level are adults in that respect and all proved their worthiness to become a member thus have tasks pertinent to their desire and station of serviciablity. Each member had their “spirit” birth from a Earth like planet, thus they may always consider that home in that sense, yet it will become as distant a memory as an actual birth location does for humans. Members of the Next Level are not nostalgic in that way. They don’t live in the past or the future. They are always living for the NOW. This enables each member to give their best effort to whatever task they hold. It’s not that they don’t obtain memories, but the memories associated with the upbringing of the last physical body they inhabited, that they overcame the tendencies and desires of as part of their metamorphic process of consciously evolving out of the human kingdom and it’s limitations, that is enough to graduate, is rendered part of their subconscious mind, that is until such memories are no longer of service. It is for this reason a member from the Next Level, who has taken on the task from their Older Member, according to their asking for their next task needs to literally take over an existing member of the human kingdom in which they are about to be the teacher for, to best help those humans, the physical genetic strain and the mental genetic strain seeded with a soul pocket/container and a basic installment of Next Level “holy” mind(spirit) – the information needed to interface with the Next Level and to conquer their human limitations.
2. Consistant with all previous members from the Kingdom of God – though with updates. As humans can see more of the reality of God’s kingdom, God shares more of that reality with each new representative, but that new representative does not negate any of the principals. Instead the new representative simply narrows the scope of the application of the same principas. The principals are designed to help wean us from our more animalistic tendencies and instincts. These are primarily identified by being self orientated, however families tend to cause us to extend our selfness nature to the support of others, even ahead of ourselves, thus teaching us to be more like members of the Level Above Human who operate from a service model.  Now service is not a result of being lorded over. It’s the type of service that one is proud to be a spoke in the wheel because they clearly recognize the vast magnificence of what we until then larglyt take for granted as the “creation” we term our reality. Humans who begin to seperate from their more animalistic selfishness are extending their consciousness outside of themselves which if continued can only lead to more awareness of that which is outside their own bubble, so they begin to see more of what is already present that many others haven’t grown to see/understand. It’s not the type of seeing/understanding that comes from reading books. It only comes by experience seeking and in so doing, receiving and then feeling more momentum to seek further, so much so that one may eventually be selected by the Next Level to attend a graduation classroom that will teach them how to make the final transition out of the human kingdom and into the next kingdom above human.
3. When they come they always bring a new terminology. The terms they use must reflect the fact that the last time they came they seeded some humans with souls and fed those souls some of their NL (holy) mind(spirit). This enabled each new student to a greater capasity of understanding and that leads to not needing certain proofs that others who had not received that soul implant or rejected it, will not get and will even think lunacy.  All the first trimester souls will not related at all to the new terminology. And they are not supposed to as they are being given the opportunity to advance to their next station – their second trimester. The second trimester souls will begin to understand the new terminology because they were already familiar with it from their first trimester. These will be the ones that will begin to believe in the latest representatives who came to primarily work with the third trimester souls to bring them to graduation. The second trimester souls have the challenge of coming to terms with that reps arrival and departure and if they remain viable, in other words had not become too entrenched in their human successes to where they kept an open eye to what transpired when the third trimester trumphets were blown and the graduation class has made themselves known to the world, to where they were drawn to know more, however hard that is because each step always presents a challenge. That challenge is the nature of growth. If they rise to the occasion of fully embracing the recognition of the latest representative and begin their conscious relationship with those current reps, by asking to be of service, which will primarily constitute acting on faith to a large degree in sharing the information those reps bore with others no matter the ramifications as the only ones that will respond favorably are others in either the first, second or third trimster (as not all in the third trimester are born/graduated). All the rest of the humans on the planet were either not planted with a Next Level interface or subdued the interface they once had to a point that they either can not see the Next Level’s reality in any shape or form and/or refuse to keep an eye open to it. These will be advasarial to all those in any trimester of development and it could result in the loss of life for those who are putting forth the information they then deem blastphemy, heritical, insane, a genetic disorder and therefore inferior to them and in some cased disposible to keep such a condition from spreading. However, no soul in service to the Next Level to whatever degree in first, second or third trimester will be lost simply by the loss of their physical body. The body is eventually expendable anyway. It’s a temporary container, like a cocoon that is used for a souls’s metamorposis towards their “spirit birth” as Jesus called it a birth of a new mind (new wine) within the new wineskin (soul container). The Next Level knows where all their still viable soul seeds are and see to it that they are met when they drop their physical container and thereby “saved”, a type of being put on ice, so to speak, which is not the ultimate graduation, though in so doing – being willing to go the distance despite the threat to their physical vehicles well being, becomes another star in their crown that deepens their interface and thereby improves their faith as they retain the memory of their actions when the Next Level brings them back for their attempted third trimester.  They then assume when they hear the trumphet call, the Older Member from the Next Level again in human form, announcing their arrival and the same qualifications for membership to include a willingness to “give” or even lay down one’s life to show the Next Level they are not bound by the vehicle (while all others are agast at the idea), which in part then becomes the challenge to once again overcome by detaching the vehicle they are taking over to complete their third trimester through from it’s genetic attachments).
4. They come to us physically – mouth to mouth (leaving less doubt) and receive communication directly from their Older Members who don’t speak in riddles (dark speech). They speak “plainly of the kingdom” but to those not of their immedieate fold talk in story form parables as they are not yet prepared to understand the directness.
5. They operate in partnerships. If a member rep is alone they have student partnerships (aaron and miriam who become spokespersons and receive communication in dreams/visions, Jesus with John, Peter and James on the transfiguration mount.
6. They pull from all history of NL working with humans thus krishna, buddist, jew, christian, islam, etc. (Ti and Do were called a hodge podge).
7. They bring updates but of the same veins. See Adultery and how jesus handled it without stoning.
8. They don’t have families – even speak against their human family as being their real family. No children are allowed to be with them, except in Moses first trimester as they were not cutting their roots then, which a child can’t do until it has decided by free will to do so.
9. The instill the idea of the sacrifice of the physical reality – “cut off hand”, “pluck out eye”, don’t save your life, turn the other cheek (yet don’t test oneself, avoid confrontation), castrate self – all an exception for one’s desire to become a member in the Kingdom of God.
10. It a gift to receive communication and is earned. Not an easy road, but easyier in terms of human survival as putting trust in god’s hands rather than being worried about food and shelter. Knowing that if we do god’s will first all these things shall be added to you.
11. Follow the laws – pay taxes so not to be interfered with.
12. don’t put on garb of holiness or have soft speach to sound holy or have an air of holiness or enlightenment.
13. They give credit to their older member. They seek to be their older members tool.
14. They promote self discipline, restraint of thoughts and actions, not clinging to negative habits and addictions. They encourage change, change of mind (open mindedness), willingness to learn and be mistaken about things, cleanliness of the inside and outside of the “cup” and our environment, caring for all life forms, but not to an extreme of not using the resources and opportunities before us. They present upgrades to laws and guidelines that are consistant though challenging to live up to – “love your enemies”, “if it keeps you from advancing to the Next Level it’s not out of the question to even take what would be generally seem like drastic measures, though not to be imposed on others even to include the jesus examples of “pluck out an eye or cut off a hand or make oneself a eunuch and the sacrifice of comforts and self “will”, giving to those who ask of us, not worry about the future but trusting in the real Older Members from the Next Level sent to assist us in our schooling towards an eventual graduation experience (harvest, receiving a “celestial flesh” and moreorless a potential “eternal” life (not simply a still temporary spirit existence as that is NOT life. They teach flexabilty and tolerence and patience and kindness and compassion towards all life forms but especially to one another (love neighbor AS yourself). They teach striving for excellence in all we do, though there are extremes that become dis-functional and should not include that which alters another’s opportunity to live and experience a choicefull life.
They teach non-aggression but keeness to avoid conflict but not simply to preserve one’s life longer or one’s satisfactions from life. Satisfaction is stagnation but the dissatisfaction would be a characteristic of a Next Level member in their quest for knowledge and greater function/service to their Older Member (captain) who is in service to their Captain and so on, and the happiness that comes from doing so where one can see how other beings can benefit in potential “everlasting” ways.
They are not judgemental or crude in their thoughts or actions. They are gentle and meek in their actions though always seek to be more efficient and timely with no wasted motion though also recognize while in the human environment a need/benefit to relaxation and entertainment and fun, though would never have fun that extends hurtfullness towards others.
They are direct though when it comes to pointing out where the illusions exist in the human kingdom yet don’t do so as humans do with animosity and vengefullness and competitions. They are not hypocritical. They don’t expect less of themselves than they do of their students. They lead the way in every department. They are never without experience in the human kingdom as part of their task is to become human to a degree and then to get out of what binds them to their humanness so they can demonstrate and teach how others can do that.
They recognize that true independence is really non-existant in the human kingdom (which extends to human equivilent space aliens) except as an illusion in someone’s head. They recognize the great value and even the very lifeline to eternal growth and opportunity and LIfe by knowing that the only way that can be acheived is through becoming totally dependant on their Older Members (by Older I am speaking in terms of experience and membership in that Above Human condition Next Level, aka Kingdom of God/Heaven/Nirvana, etc.).
However, the Older Member seeing a younger members desire to not be independant minded – “thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven” and “deny yourself” – “do as I do” – “I have done all my Father has instructed me to do”, “I have kept all those  whom my Father has given me to shepard” (quotes all paraphrased, but nonetheless accurate to the intention and meaning), gives younger members, according to their real asking and expressed desires tasks that require a great deal of discernment and creativity and asking of help in a step wise pattern to accomplish as best they can be done by the Older Member’s higher standards (that humans often misplace onto the lessor concerns – “swing at a gnat and swallow a camel”.
to be continued…
There are many, many more characteristics of Next level members. Sure they look bizarre to humans who have become complacent and ordinary and simply pleasure seeking sponges (though working hard to have what they want) and unknowingly manipulated (thinking they have freedoms because of having slightly more freedoms than others in their very brief recorded history).

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