Q & A re G’s statements about obama & God & civil war in America & Sawyer’s responses

G posts this:


Sawyer Heavensgate:

G, I’m embarrassed that you can talk so immaturly while wearing the banner of “heaven’s gate” in your icon as people will connect the two. You have a right to your opinion of course but I am going to respond in kind. Ti and Do were never hate mongers and you sound like a fox news propogandist that says nothing but uses lots of inflamitory verbage. Who are you trying to provoke? I frankly don’t think obama or anyone else will ever turn this beast of a corporate/militaristic controlled nation around as too many are in bed with it to the enth degree.


I have to admit you are correct about my statement. I can be pretty radical at times, guess it comes from my hippie protesting blood. I will be blunt, honest, and truthfully straight forward. I have studied history, the church and governments linked to Bible prophecy and beyond the shadow of a doubt the United States and the Roman Catholic Church are two of the beast powers in Revelation. Even the reformers saw this and knew it. I do not claim to be a prophit or predict the future, but call it a gut instinct. America is headed for a civil war on its own soil, unlike anything these last three generations have ever seen, and I believe it will begin around 2012 with the assination of Obama.The Myans calander foretold the end of the world, but mankind has always got it wrong, however it could be the end of a civilized world which I believe to be the U.S. and its way of life as we know it. After this civil war I also look for a church and state government to rise up out of the ashes to form its new government. Please do not get me wrong, I am in no way making any threats or planning any harm to anyone. I just know what the American Beast power is capable of. Like it or not we will have to fight. Even the Christians are unprepared for what I feel is coming. I love people, TI, Do and Heaven’s Gate, but I cannot stand by and let this now Federal Reserve banking cartel government just walk over us, if we as the people lay down and take it, our nation will become a full power marxist nation. I do not wish to fight in any war and would protest any draft instituted to infiltrate a war overseas, but when it comes to our own backyard, it will be, kill or be killed. I do have faith that God will keep people safe through these turbulant times. If I do not write and stand on the rock of my belief I just as soon stand on the sand which has no foundation.
I am not trying to disrespect anyone, I am just being truthful and honest with my feelings and if that entails offending people then I guess it will be that way. I do not follow the traditions of man, concidering that is what gets us into difficult situations in the first place and always has throughout history. I hope you understand and can see where I am coming from. So let me know what your take on this lesson is. I always love to hear your thoughts Sawyer and welcome your insight. Peace  

Sawyer Heavensgate February 22 at 8:14pm:

Sorry G, I don’t buy it. you gave me some clues just now as to why but in case some of what you said is actually the way you feel and believe, you are creating that civil war and that’s not a way of the next level – it’s luciferian more than any president. Obama was taken over not mystically. He was told in no uncertain terms that if he stepped into areas that caused interference he and perhaps his family are history. The current beast, that I do agree the US but really extends to the corporate gods that includes all the spiritual so called heirarchys as they are all creatures that prey on others in one way or another while often using loving words and acts of kindness to help persuade others to their allegiences are everywhere throughout ever facet of society – make up the society and they all thrive on blood, blood money, blood for resources and blood to maintain dominance.

The next level is in full control, the reason the class had to get out of the way to let happen what is happening which will escalate and will never be stopped except by the hand of what we think of as nature – natural and man made disasters along with rouge increased militias and further justification to clamp down on the population of the US with more police and harrassment and sting operations and manipulations to get what they want. You are being put to the test right now. You can show your allegience and die to what you are in allegience to: There are only two choices: God/Kingdom of and in Heaven or Human/Kingdom of Mammalian.

How do we SHOW allegience? Only one way and it’s not talk – it’s action. What you act upon you align with. “Let the just continue to be just and the unjust continue to be unjust”. We become what we align with. Thus those who “live by the sword die by the sword” common sense, the others live and die by another way and that shows the next level who has their seed and who really is a spawn of satan’s seed. Evil one=troublemaker, Satan=An advasary. If you are advasarial against humans you are a trouble maker.

However should I be in my house when someone was coming in and would probably not care about harming whoever is around that they deam an enemy I feel my natural instinct would be to protect my loved ones but first by trying to be keen to becoming a refugee first. God isn’t attached to any one piece of land and niether should we be that is if we want to form allegience to the One real True creator kingdom above human called Gods.

But your talk is not radical – it’s geared to be inflamitory to freighten the very people you are claiming to “love”. I suspect you are gaming in ways you know and in ways you know not so you WILL reap what you sow -that’s the way it always is for all of us.  

G on February 22 at 9:39pm:

Hey Sawyer, I love these discussions we have, and I would not trade them for all the gold pressed latinum in the universe. (A little Star Trek humor there). I have to agree with a lot of what you say here as well. Like I said before, I do not know that a civil war will break out in America, I just know that people have forgotten and do not study history, therefore they are subject to repeat it. I do not want this to happen, but I have no control over the powers that be. I know within my heart that this land and this planet is not my perminate residence, the Kingdom of God/ Next Level is where I will reside after this worn out ole planet is recycled and it is referbished to its original state. Its funny, when you explain it in such a simple way, I do not feel so rebelious and agitated and I see situations differently. Please do not worry, I am not puting you up as a leader to follow, but I like your perspective on things. I try not to sound like fox news propaganda people for I know they are in bed with their own enemies and it is sad. Thank you for helping me get my brain cells straight. I look forward to our next lesson. Peace to you Sawyer.
P.S. I will remove that obama thing fro my profile page.


Civil war IS in process as we speak. Someone flying a plane into a IRS building as you cheered IS evil executed against evil. People will annialiate one another in the streets more and more and in the schools as the karma like a rolling stone gathers moss in it’s auto return – hatred out = hatred in.

And you nor I can NEVER EVER EVER assume or be confident or know that we are worth ANYTHING to the next level Kingdom of God/Jesus, etc. and If we are worth something, what that might amount to – some genetic seed to save for a furture planting to use as fertilizer or a soul cocooning. At best when we die the Next Level might save our essence but only if our essence has a potential future and it only has a potential future if we at this time show willingness to provide Them with service. Their promises past through moses and jesus only extend to the availablity of opportunity for all those that continuously seek, knock, ask, change their minds and “do as they do” as demonstrated by all previous members of the Next Level. Of course, they don’t expect more than they know we are capable, so we really can’t judge ourselves unworthy exactly either.

So what is servicable to the Next Level. Well, when the Older members are not physically present (as they are not, whether we believe ti and do are they or not), there is no one I have seen that demonstrates ALL the behaviours and heightened challenging life choices (except in my opinion as demonstrated by Ti and Do, as bizarre as they are to virtually all of us (in degrees, as my vehicle still has discarnate influences that squirm when they see/hear Do talking, which was the case early on in my classroom experience with them but then when I had degrees of success getting rid of certain discarnates or at least keeping them at bay (not letting their thoughts exist or even register in my head) I did not experience that discomfort, though another set of discarnates stepped in to challenge me to instead develop an ego of feeling like I knew Do and had some confidence as to what degree, which is not necessarily inaccurate BUT and it’s a big BUT it’s real easy to become over-confident, which I did experience and evidenced the folly of, which is the reason I am here now – because the classroom was not providing me with the lessons I needed OR I failed to ASK them to help me with those lessons, instead relying on myself to learn them my way. That self reliance is great in the early grades of the human kingdom as it helps provide all sorts of things that then can be the aids to the growth of our mind/spirit/soul to “give over” when the Older Member is physically with us to help us down the birth canal, which for all who are not part of WILL look as bizarre as Jesus looked to most and as Ti and Do looked to most.

Thus the service I speak of is only manifest in one way. Trying to speak to the highest beings we can imagine that are not in any way shape or form human (though appear human to the causual uninformed unprepared human when they are physically here) promoters of normal human behaviours to ASK to be of service which will always entail a step by step process of ask and watch, ask again and see what we experience around us and then ask again and consider some action – whether talking about the Next Level and/or changing our behaviours and then asking/watching again as if we were seeking to hone in on an interfacing signal.

However, asking is not void of interference. Who we think we are asking is crutial. jesus proved that using the word “jesus” would become moot. That’s why he said “many will come in my name, saying I am the annointed one, don’t believe them”. That’s why they always come with new names as handles. (pretty soon the names Ti and Do will become overly corrupted, but they work for now, shoud someone be brave enough to give them a try, if only as an experiment. No telling what someone may experience).

And to the idea that Jesus would not return in secret (as a thief in the night) (as if/when he doesn’t come in secret it’s then too late to change), which I believe to be a Luciferian Space Alien disinformation, Jesus said when he came back he would “speak plainly of the kingdom no longer in parables and he would tell us more of the reality about the Kingdom of Heaven and he and his father would make our dwelling place/residence (stay) with us. Sure we can say that’s all representative of his being with us in spirit form or in idea alone, but aren’t those and other things very strong indicators of a face to face relationship? How else is he going to talk to us and explain more to us except he is physically eye to eye with us? What is more bizarre to believe – that this is all meant as a spiritual etheric manifestation or as a real physical manifestation or actually both as it is both. Both the physical (flesh) and spirit/mind/soul He represents to us upon his return.

But again, a return is rarely if ever an event in characteristic with a human government or nation. I say that with Moses in mind as it was said he was raised in royalty (though not really of their seed).

So yes, the entire money system is certainly not a Next Level instrument, thus it’s related to humanness and even a glueing of it’s supporters to the human activitives it facilitates so yes that translates to the product of those who hate the next level so you are correct in seeing that system as one face of that revelations beast.

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