Influences 101 – discarnate, evil or angelic spirits and the ultimate purpose for human – to become a member of the Physical Level Above Human aka the Kingdom of God

Influences 101 – discarnate, evil or angelic spirits and the ultimate purpose for human – to become a member of the Physical Level Above Human aka the Kingdom of God

What do we mean by “influences”. In this context they can be virtually anything that causes us to gravitate to behaviors that in the end steer us away from a potential graduation experience into the One True Physical Level Above Human, aka the Kingdom of God/Heaven/Nirvana/Enlightenment. Therefore to each of us, who are engaged or not in a varied stage of that ultimate opportunity obtainment, they can be different things to different people both seen as helpful and/or hurtful in the human condition of life experiences. It is very simple yet very complicated to explain and understand in it’s full breadth because influences are not really “good or bad”.

All things on Earth are opportunities and all things on Earth can be used and abused. There are ramifications to all things we do and degrees of those ramifications and especially as they affect others to “influence” their thoughts, words and deeds. It was said that the Earth is God’s footstool and it is so, but The Kingdom of God doesn’t need a footstool personally, except to enable or facilitate humans to have the step by step choice to eventually “stand up” to a graduation/harvest/bearing of fruit (exist-become an adult(from the perspective of the Kingdom of God).

Now, these “influences” take on several forms but largely are actually real in the context of having a degree of personna, like a software module has it’s own unigue signature memory(data) and function relative to what they are the result of, in this case the result of the experience of living beings (human, animal and plant). These in times past were thought of as “dead” people, discarnates – spirits, souls(though there is a differentiation), evil or good, demonic or angels(depending on one’s perspective, as a demon is that which ultimately influences you away from seeking a better real active relationship with the Kingdom of God vs and Angel who assists us to have that relationship. The demons try to persuade us and even manipulate us to serve their self based desires while the angels only respond to our asking for help, though at the last trimester when all human characteristics must be “overcome”(outgrown) discarded, the process of giving our entire will over to a physically present “shepard” (someone from the Kingdom of God sent to midwife us through the spirit-birth canal), even discarnate beings that previously could be seen as helpful are yet another negative influnece to the completion of our overall task as the only help we must seek, in order to establish and maintain a viable graft to the branch of the Next Level’s tree, as represented by that physically present (incarnate) soul from the Next Level, is from that member regardless of what they provide us to think, say or do, that will entail “giving one’s life” to the Kingdom of God through that incarnate member – as Jesus said he was “the way, the truth and the light” and how “no one comes to the Father except through me”, person(sheperd(sheep herder)).

Thus an “influence” can be a voice in our head, a thought, a feeling, a desire, a strategy to get what we think (or that influence) wants, a lure or temptation to do that which we’ve been taught and have accepted to some degree as being bad or wrong or sinful, (that is or isn’t based on the fact that, it’s not so much what a human gets into that’s most important to their overall growth as the Next Level sees growth, it’s what they get out of that’s most important. For instance becoming an alchoholic is not morally bad in the eyes of the Next Level, but not striving to learn from the ramifications of such a type of addiction is not becoming an adult and therefore a stumbling block(sin=missed the mark/goal we set out to make) to our full potential. Now when humans impose their own ideas of what is or isn’t sin, that’s where the idea of sin becomes something to rebel from. The laws given by the Kingdom of God do make their way into society- “you should not kill” for instance, though by many to be obvious at this time, (yet still justified by many or thought of only as premeditated murder, that many seperate into being defensive which takes on the judgement of “eye for an eye”, though becomes in realtyy eye for an entire body justifying even attacks against others “in case they might want to or be able to attack us sometime in the perceived near or distant future, whereby attack can take on the definition of that which interfers with whatever the other parties agenda is that they feel is being threatened.

Now to “influences” as we have defined them:

Yes we are tricked and manipulated by influences BUT we allow it. It’s simply part of growing up – learning inch by inch to identify them and do so sooner and sooner and then bypassing and/or ignoring their rant or urge (that pushes our buttons, resulting in almost an impossible chore of stopping the “tapes” from playing in our heads – past things, ego or inadaquacies, guilts, errors and successes(that entrench us, keep us from continuous seeking and the changes of mind(repent) that goes with success, so not to lose that success) – to no end, all challenging tendencies that are part of the free will environment that enables us to gradually build up our mind muscle, though mostly when the Next Level(aka kingdom of God) sends their physically incarnate member(s) to midwife us through our next trimester in our overall potential birth plan).

You and WE(whoever that applys to) are all learning(in varying degrees) to ride the horse(what our human bodies/vehicles are) ALONE. Our Older Members (Ti(Father/Lord/Yahweh/Jehovah, etc.) and Do(Jesus/Elijah/Moses/Enoch,Buddha, etc.) do not want to ride our horse. They want to teach us how, though while teaching us, which is a small percentage informational and a larger percentage showing us by their physical presence in behavior and ways, riding the horse they have chosen, to which we in our experiences can try to increasingly apply. While human it’s safe to say we will never be free of influences and never have an easy time of keeping their arguments at bay. We will succeed in some areas and for some periods of time until they catch us off guard in another or after we build our confidence in keeping them out. (By the way that confidence is really a false confidence, because our Older Member on occasion steps in to take away some of our bombardment if they feel it’s too much and allows bigger boogers(advasaries/satans) to become our boxing sparring partner – there simply to help us build up our application of the techniques given to us by those Older members that build our faith when we catch on to how it works and where to go for help with each bout (Our Older Members whether physically present or not).

Some of “our” influences help us function in the world, like say we have a particular job we’ve learned to do or skill or talent we like to express. We could think then that we could take this overcoming process to an extreme and do nothing – climb into a cave or join a cloistered monastic group or become a hermit in the woods, which would actually defeat the purpose of the influences presence “for us” to allow us to discern who are the destructive ones to our future Life in the Next Level and who will be easy to fluff off when the time comes.

Like someone might love playing golf and get very good at it and even make money from it. Along the way they attract influences big and small that when living also loved golf, thus gravitated to someone living who could manifest that satisfaction for them, as they no longer have an instrument that was sensory and experiential. (For the influneces it’s strictly programatic/robotic). Now, first off, golf is not harmful to others, physcially or mentally or in terms of advancement of the soul towards next level membership. However, if one makes it their ALL, then it could become a big booger for them to overcome what they derive from it but if it’s not one’s ALL and they could moreorless take it or leave it and it would not send them into deep depresssion then when that person is in a classroom with a member of the Next Level physically among them and the Older Member says, “we’re here” – time to go if you want – need to give your all – you have to leave your world and ways behind – be raptured(capturing the horse your trying to use then), if you then thought, “oh, I need to first win that golf tornament”, THEN even golf for that person becomes EVIL (to that would be total overcomer) as IT is manipulating that person to stay rooted to the human kingdom and it’s ways and successes (and even failures, as all things can be addictive).

But if some activity never became a big success story for that person, they would just say…no big deal – I don’t care if I play golf again. Now they may then enter the classroom(the experiential living with and working for an physically present member from the Next Level) and still have golfing influences to contend with now and again and they will have to learn to shoo them away like mosquitos until they either stop knocking on their mental door/opening or they give up on us in that way, depending on how big a hold they once had on us as there are always other golfers to find to influence.

Now I am not pretending to say that giving into all influences is condoned because eventually you can deal with them. What we do now does, I believe go towards our future and what will come more easily when we do join a classroom, presumably after the recycling reshapes the planet’s surface for a fresh start. And of course some influences are more serious than others, and espeically when they get between our working with others and/or affecting others – influencing others to act in certain ways whether they seek to overcome or not. Like Do said in the classroom, you try to fight the sensual influences from having their way with us, as it is a basic requirement to discard all our sexuality, but if despite our best growing attempts we have a nocternal emmission that we did nothing conscious to stimulate, then it’s not to feel guilt about – it’s a relief valve – it’s energy off the top, but to take that as a reason to become a sex addict whether in mind or in body is simply getting more and more addicted making it harder and harder to climb out of that addiction. The same would apply to a power addict, someone who runs things – controls others, manages others, becomes a teacher to others. They are building their ego and have all sorts of influences that gravitate to such folks to help them be very good at it. When we take advantage of the influences we attract then we are also becoming a horse rider of our own horse although influences aided us in our human activity progression, though if they left, we would loose steam in that department and even cease to function as well as we used to, to return to a condition of dependance upon others for everything.

So to get back to the original example of  golf, I can’t imagine Do at this time would find fault with someone playing golf or for that matter participating in such equivilent activities for fun and/or relaxation and of course that is meant for those that wish to begin their “overcoming process” (which many are engaged in without necessarily considering it an overcoming process, but because they have learned and believe such and such activity physical and/or mental is detrimental for their physical/mental health and well being. What these don’t always know is the prime reason they have learned what is better or worse for the physical/mental health of the human vehicle is because at some point by the periodic physical presense of Next Level Older Members in our overall environment, whether they have become incarnate or not, Their awareness of reality which entails ways of progressing and doing better in every tiny way IS made available and more accessible and in a plainer and clearer fashion, as the human vehicles build their own databases(minds) to recognize and apply more.

I received this understanding initially from my 19 years an experiential student of Ti and Do (1975-1994), that expanded when I began to reconnect to being in their service in 1997 (to 2010+) following their volutary group laying down of their physical vehicles to then take up a new station of LIFE, one that is incorruptible and everlasting as promised that by doing in the worldwide way in which they did, left a strong mark on the human beings who come to the information.

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