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UFO driving Space Aliens, the new religious/spiritual/athesist styled saviours are liars and thieves and killers of souls

March 16, 2010

Here is a report broadcast on Coast to Coast by an individual named: Jim Moroney, an abductee that is claiming Space Aliens are our new Saviours. I wish no ill will to Jim but he is being controlled by the space alien group that abducted him just as the religious and atheists have been puppets of for centuries and I know why thus my post explaining why.

This is a good example of how the space aliens abduct then examine and take whatever sample DNA they want from the human subject and then commandeer their loyalty to them by appealing to their sensuality – with whatever drugs they probably administer to calm people down, together with a sweet talking female (in the case of Moroney) to where they’ve turned an otherwise horrific abduction against his will into his becoming one of their emissaries that is convinced they (the aliens) are here to “save” humanity, (note the terminology aligned with the religious idea of being “saved” by another’s efforts), the same pie in the sky without ANY proof or evidence that the space alien “saviours” have anything but manipulative and predatory interests in humans because they are no more moral and ethical than a slave owner who at best doesn’t mistreat his slaves because he wants them to serve well for a long time.

Now the coast to coast report:

An ET Encounter:
UFO researcher and abductee, Jim Moroney discussed his profound ET encounter and how aliens are waiting in the wings to save humanity from a crisis that awaits us. Recalling his 1987 abduction experience, he described the entities on the ship as having large heads with no hair, very thin necks, and leathery skin. Unlike most traditional accounts of ET abductions, Moroney said that these creatures had blue eyes, as opposed to the commonly cited black eyes, and also spoke English to him in “very short sentences.”
Moroney explained that, at the onset of the abduction, he was initially very angry about being taken. However, one of the entities stepped forward and spoke to him, making him “instantly calm.” From that point forward, he followed their commands as if he were hypnotized. Moroney was taken to a room where he underwent a series of medical procedures that were “so horrific for me that I thought I was going to die,” and subsequently blacked out. Upon regaining consciousness, he met a taller, feminine being who said “we don’t understand your anger.” Feeling guilty, Moroney tried to apologize, but was enveloped by an “immense feeling of love and compassion” before he could finish speaking. The abduction ended soon thereafter and, upon returning to where the craft had found him, he felt a sense of “camaraderie and friendship” with the ETs.
On what the alien agenda might be, Moroney theorized that it essentially amounts to an “intervention” by the ETs. Based on the average human lifespan of 75 years and considering the fact that the UFO phenomenon has been ongoing, in earnest, since the mid-1940’s, he speculated that there may be a major event due to happen sometime in the next ten years. “There’s a calamity that’s going to be unfolding and I believe it’s going to be man-made,” Moroney said, indicating that he felt such an event was a nuclear war. Despite the popular notion that the ETs would step in to stop such a conflict, Moroney expressed the belief that they would not do so until the human race was on the brink of extinction. 

My further commentary on above report:

The space aliens have next to zero power to stop humans from annihilating one another. No governments trust them and no governments are trustworthy.  By the way alien is just a term to describe human equivalents potentially from a different planet, who came through a worm hole they did not create that linked two vast areas of dark energy by a vacuum styled freeway of sorts that they may or may not be able to travel back through (see Alex Collier contactee’s interviews on, though they really don’t want to as it’s still a long journey and their planet is either dying or dead so they are more or less on their own with whoever had the technology and life support systems to survive wherever they are.

Some of the aliens are humans that lived in past Earth civilizations that were leveled and turned under by the recycling that every life promoting planet eventually undergoes as there is one alien group that are not really aliens as they actually are the ones who created our and any space aliens total reality/environment/life systems to begin with that each alien group only is aware of as mythology.

However, the alien groups all know they did not create the elements and the planetary/environmental systems, but they are no smarter as to who did than humans – in fact some humans are smarter than they in this regard as they are the result of renegades against that Creator Crew, termed God’s by the translators of the events that were stimulated by the instigation of “gardeners” into a planetary environment developed to grow souls to adulthood voluntarily as opposed to the way all humans and equivalents do things by “control” which is why the religious are so controlling, while they mimic the actions and ways and plans of the real Creator Crew who stay mostly hidden from all (as do the space aliens but for different reasons – the human/aliens stay hidden so not to be killed or captured by other humans/aliens.

The Creator Crew are non-human/above human and have zero need or desire for humans/equivalents or anything they can offer (dna, service to build spacecrafts and energy systems and reproductive opportunities/substances) so only stay hidden so that there remains a free will environment so the souls they are nurturing that they planted and that space aliens and humans can not create, will have a choice of what to give their allegiance to.

After the creator crew harvests their crop so to speak, though to them they are precious flowers they care deeply for, then they allow the space aliens to come in to steal away the “spoils of war”, so to speak as it’s been a “spiritual” war over minds/souls as the creator crew plants more soul seeds than they know will likely survive to maturity and adulthood, marked by their being given a new physical body that is no longer human, has no reproductive or digestive systems as it survives through a type of photosynthesis, though requires a certain amperage/voltage of internal power supply, which is what a soul seed is accumulating when it takes to the three trimester birthing process that entails each souls seed’s taking over of their assigned human vehicle as a cocoon that actually provides the environment for that soul container to grow within, so that when the instrument/vehicle/cocoon, human body is discarded by voluntary exit (as we witnessed with the Heaven’s Gate group in 1997 marking the end of the age and the beginning of the move toward the next recycling) – seen as a cult suicide by all who have no idea what’s going on, though think they do as they because of the close presence of the Creator crew (Ti and Do and crew(saints) incarnate) learned a great deal more than in thousands of years before, so think themselves highly evolved.

Thus at this time, with the space aliens seeking to convince remaining soul seeds that didn’t take, but do contain a degree of Mind from the Level Above human creator crew, to join their ranks and convince others to do so, just like a religion does with pie in the sky little effort and promise of unlimited pleasures and/or an ideal of being saviours of mankind, by forcing others into their archaic distorted doctrines whether religious, spiritual or atheist/secular when the very design of the planet was to recycle periodically the way all life on the planet demonstrates, then the aliens have a degree of what they want – help from humans as emissaries that will along with their channelers and contactees and pulpit preachers, know it or not, in terms of space aliens or thinking they are serving some God (that may be based on the real God’s, but has been thoroughly co-opted by what are really Luciferian types).

Thus the space aliens appear to be the good guys because they don’t want humans to annihilate one another or toxify the environment as they NEED the life that exists on Earth for their own survival, so they promote all the things that are more evolved in thought and deed and are gentle and kinder to others and the environment so seem like genuine God’s, while they can offer none of the things the creator crew offers, so are essentially lying through their teeth, but they themselves don’t even recognize such necessarily and/or justify doing so the same way governments and scientists and such justify killing and torturing of other creatures in wars and experiments in the name of science or survival and protection of freedom, etc. – freedom to be gluttons of sensuality (not a bad thing, though becomes addictive and ceases to hold any future promise except to make those addicted organisms leaches upon resources and others, even convincing potential souls that they have no future besides their idea of a future – by building spacecrafts to go off into space to become their own space alien race potentially to yet another garden life-giving planet they hope to find or cultivate as is being done on Earth with those from old creator crew defunct garden planets, while many humans all seek to dig into the planet literally by creating underground bases they hope to survive in, though they know may not actually be adequate thus they are seeking to create underground bases on nearby planets like Mars and the Moon as they are off Earth and thus they think will not be subject to the recycling, and they may be correct in this assertion.

So some people are banking on the aliens to be their saviours. They are some in a long list of false prophets as jesus predicted. Atheism is on the rise and they will become the new prosecutors of anyone who believes in a real creator god, though they often have no idea how to realistically understand such. It is simply karma that the religious are scrutinized and prosecuted for their abuses which are many as we see with the German church to date, though is happening all over the planet with all the religions as religions are the number one killers of souls.

For more detailed information about the real Creator Crew and the UFO driving space aliens and how the religions and secularist atheists are all becoming pawns of what can be grouped together as Lucifierian types (unaware and disbelieving that a true Creator Crew exists and has a purpose for the Earth garden creations and development):

Here is a list of sources of Ti and Do’s information provided by Ti and Do and their crew directly as well as those that were direct students in the Heaven’s Gate group. I’ve listed my offering first as an active student of Ti and Do for 19 years, but by no means is what I provide complete. It simply can be difficult to comprehend what Ti and Do said and did as we are generally so programmed to fear them as seeking to take us over, when it’s exactly the opposite. Humans and Space Aliens and discarnate (dead humans) seek to take us over all the time. So some find my offering helpful as I can speak to why and how and when Ti and Do said what they said that often is not explained otherwise and Ti came to me in a dream (as well as Do and a number of students after they left their bodies in 1997, though more or less ceased by October of 2006) in approval of my writing of my experiences. So here is the current list of the primary materials available: (broadcast most Wednesday nights US 10pm-12am ET w/chat &/or call in:347-205-9777 (Sawyer’s blog) (video’s produced by Sawyer) (Sawyer’s Email) (digitized record of Ti and Do’s actual teachings over some 24 years (though much has not yet been provided) (where the Heavens Gate group left a book they wrote that one can copy for their own usage) (where the same book can actually be downloaded as one zip file) (Rio’s offering of most of the exit video’s Do and crews left behind when they layed down their lives voluntarily to draw us to their information (and because it was time for them to exit, to allow the next phase in the garden soul development plan to proceed as scheduled) (articles Swyody aka Sawyer published)

Commentary on Bart D. Ehrman’s book headline for Jesus Interrupted

March 16, 2010

The following is a summary of the work of Bart D. Ehrman, addressing his latest of perhaps over a dozen books called: Jesus Interrupted, that he has been lecturing on and has interviewed about  in the media. He has a lengthy biography in religious Christian centered studies yet I find the salient points he lists as attractions to his latest work trivial and missing the mark of what Jesus is all about.

Now perhaps his other books about Jesus are better, but I don’t have access to them so I am commenting on what little I do see. If you wish to see for yourself the full breadth of his work his website is:

As I posted to Bart D. Ehrman’s facebook page from my facebook page: Sawyer Heavensgate:

I probably wrote to you before and know it’s unlikely that I will get a response as I recognize you are very busy and sent me an auto response when I emailed you so you probably won’t look at what I’m writing, but in my opinion you are treading on thin ice with God, if what you are doing is discrediting the things Jesus said and casting down on why he said them and what their application may be. You may not be doing so directly but the implications, in my opinion sure don’t foster belief in what Jesus said as you seek to cast further doubt on it all, though perhaps unintentionally.

It’s like an atheist that because of the lies and distortions and misunderstanding and misinterpretations and profiteering and politicking embedded with and surrounding all religions,  think there is no Creator Kingdom of God – throwing out the baby with the bath water. And of course this is the choice we always have but at this time because of my experiences I must bring to mind what I think Jesus might say in regards to your writings, at least in this one book and pertaining to what you listed on your web site as the salient advertising points.

Below are your quotes from your web page and my comments below each that I will publish on my blog:

A real researcher, when made aware of additional data would not be able to avoid giving a good look at what I have written about Jesus on my blog and in many other places, though I know it’s most often written in poor style and hardly edited and disorganized as no one cares to assist me with time or energy to do so, and I am not formally trained to write, so I plug on and there is so, so, so much to say that just may not have ever been said.

But to briefly address some of your points that it appears you think are impressive and are bringing you some popularity and potential income in the sale of books and lectures, that yes I am more or less fed up with because of how success breeds arrogance and thinking we are an authority, I address in brief your points:

1. Only 8 of the 27 books of the New Testament were actually written by the authors to whom they’re attributed. Others are likely forgeries.

Sawyer’s comment: I take most issue with the use of the term “forgeries”. This is a very, very, very serious claim and especially if the alleged forgeries are the bulk of the record of what Jesus was quoted to have said. Even if the names used: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were not someones birth names absolutely doesn’t make them forgeries at all, it just makes them authored anonymously and one could understand wanting to be anonymous when so many are looking to literally kill anyone who talks about Jesus in a light that might tend to agree with who he said and demonstrated himself to be/represent.

Pitiful sensationalism is what it appears to me is most going on here. Otherwise you would state an example of what was said that doesn’t seem to be what Jesus would have said, as opposed to putting into question all written by the said forged materials.

The devil is not in the details, it’s in the generalities.

2. The gospels provide remarkably divergent portrayals of Jesus.

Sawyer’s comment: “Remarkably divergent”. You are striking me more and more as someone who is afraid of the tons of completely agreeable portrayals. Don’t you know that it’s what he said that holds such tremendous consistency, though I admit the churches (all of them fear being honest with themselves and the public so twist many of the things Jesus said to be anything other than the literal interpretation when often the literal interpretation appears to be completely meant to be literal.

I can imagine the issues you will focus on. Like perhaps one is his weeping in the garden, not wanting to lay his life down while he was saying all alone that this was a big part of why he came. Or perhaps it’s the talk of “why have you forsaken me”, which likely meant – where are you, when will I see you, where are you OR the psalm with those similar words – a prayer rather than some notion that he lost faith in his Heavenly Father. Sure there are other such things but they are all still trivial compared to the full recorded body of what he said.

3. The message of the Apostle Paul and the message of gospel writer Matthew are completely at
odds over the question of whether a follower of Jesus also had to observe the Jewish law.

Sawyer’s comment: Well, what’s the reason for that. Paul was a near complete charlatan, though he didn’t know it because he was fooled by whatever it was that blinded him on the road to Damascus and said they were Jesus. Paul is really the root of the current entire Christian movement. He directed new believers to look to him as an authority and teacher and he was neither, not by any stretch of the imagination and I could write a book 10 times thicker than all his letters put together with the evidence of why. He was an egotist and he never knew Jesus, never talked with him, never laughed or cried with him or looked to him for help and answers and guidance. He made himself an apostle against the wishes of some of those who were direct followers of Jesus.  He could hardly quote Jesus because all he got was second-hand at best. And Luke’s gospel reflects some of Paul’s influence it seems to me, though I could be wrong.

Here’s one of hundreds of examples:

1Co 4:14 I write not these things to shame you, but as my beloved sons I warn you.

(he sounds like he thinks he’s a “Father”, a pope)

1Co 4:15 For though ye have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet have ye not many fathers: for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the gospel.

Paul has begotten (birthed them)? He is setting himself up as a Christ, just like we see with many of the religious teachers worldwide and to date those of various new age spiritual persuasions as well as many arrogant atheists do, just with a language of science. He didn’t birth anybody. At best he was a messenger that is IF and only IF he passed on as accurately as possible only what he was told Jesus said.

1Co 4:16 Wherefore I beseech you, be ye followers of me.

This is pure Luciferian doing co-opting “follow…me” which is why the Kingdom of God allows such Luciferians to exist beyond each gardens housecleaning time that we are soon approaching.

1Co 4:17 For this cause have I sent unto you Timotheus, who is my beloved son, and faithful in the Lord, who shall bring you into remembrance of my ways which be in Christ, as I teach every where in every church.

Now maybe Timothy was his biological or foster son, but what is this Timotheus going to do – “bring you into remembrance of my ways which be in Christ”. If he was a disciple of Jesus he would be talking about trying to hear and understand what jesus said. It’s really that simple to distinguish the false prophet from the legitimate prophet. his “ways” – what about Jesus ways?

Is it any wonder that the current christian denominations hardly teach anything Jesus taught. The Christians are among the biggest Antichrist that exist to date. Yes the Antichrist will come first and that first representation of Antichrist commandeered that vehicle called Saul of Tarsus and created a facsimile of a disciple but actually a shadow opposite.

1Co 4:18 Now some are puffed up, as though I would not come to you.
1Co 4:19 But I will come to you shortly, if the Lord will, and will know, not the speech of them which are puffed up, but the power.
1Co 4:20 For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power.

And he talks about how some are puffed up. Well it takes one to see one doesn’t it. And then to say “the Kingdom of God is not in word” is direct blasphemy and the only unforgivable sin according to Jesus – calling the word (holy spirit) ineffective or not representative of the Kingdom of God.

4. The Nicene Creed and the Trinity were constructs of the later church and are not found in the pages of the Bible.

Sawyer’s Comment: Wrong about the idea of the trinity as a construct though correct about the way it was used by the Church to bastardize the idea. Jesus looked to his Father. The “Father” was clearly another different person but the church hated the idea that there were more than one in the Heavenly Kingdom though in “Gen 1:26 And God said, Let US make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness…”

English word used: “God” had its Hebrew origin according to Strong’s Concordance as: 0430 ‘elohiym {el-o-heem’}
 1) (plural) 1a) rulers, judges 1b) divine ones 1c) angels 1d) gods

Jesus called himself a “son of man” and said he tried to say and do everything his Father gave him to say and do and that it was this other person he called the Father that even gave him his disciples.

and Jesus spoke of the Holy Ghost: Mat 12:31 Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost(Spirit/Mind/Soul) shall not be forgiven unto men.

Ghost= 4151 pneuma (pnyoo’-mah)
 from pnew – pneo 4154; a current of air, i.e. breath (blast) or a breeze; by analogy or figuratively, a spirit, i.e. (human) the rational soul, (by implication) vital principle, mental disposition, etc., or (superhuman) an angel, demon, or (divine) God, Christ’s spirit, the Holy Spirit:–ghost, life, spirit(-ual, -ually), mind. Compare yuch – psuche 5590.
Now how did this turn into seeming like ONE Theology? Well, regardless of the machinations we know occurred in history after Jesus floated up with his physical body into a “cloud of light” before many witnesses to were apprehended and killed for testifying to it all, again those in government seeking to further co-opt the growing movement to believe in who Jesus was that really upset the status quo apple carts of all who were entrenched, and not understanding much at all of what Jesus was about to begin with and especially the gospel of John that was hotly debated whether to include it or not in the authorized writings, they seemed to take advantage of John’s writings where Jesus said, “the Father and I are one”, and “if you know me you know the Father…” etc.

However, the fact is that they are both different people and the structure of the Kingdom of God is hierarchical to where every member was “fathered” into membership by an existing member and that what they must have in common to be in the same family tree is the MIND aka Spirit aka Consciousness aka Word that IS equivalent to an animal’s blood within each member of the Kingdom of God. It’s a service modeled kingdom with each younger member so respecting and acknowledging and recognizing their Older Member as Above/greater than they while being thankful to them for putting out an amazing effort and type of sacrifice to help others have what they know they have – eternal life in a non-mammalian non-predatory environment doing many real tasks for the overall Kingdom, but through each Older Member who oversees each operation but never does the work for their younger members or in the case of humans, prospective candidates for membership.

So the trinity simply represents the basis structure of the kingdom of Heaven. You have elders and youngins and youngins become elders to other youngins if they take on that kind of task while what they have in common is the same blood/mind that is a certain voltage or power that provides their “celestial” bodies (different from human) with the power supply it requires to operate for the tasks they are engaged.

5. Traditional doctrines such as the suffering Messiah, the divinity of Christ, and the notion of heaven and hell are not based on the teachings of the historical Jesus.

Sawyer’s Comment: I guess this depends on what you are referring to as the “traditional” parts to the aforementioned  doctrines. Jesus certainly had something to say about each of the “doctrines” you listed. I could document this with scripture but am going to take a slight shortcut and require readers to see for themselves, but:

On suffering: Jesus spoke about “pressing into the KIngdom of Heaven” and “taking the Kingdom of Heaven by force(violently)” and being hated by virtually everyone that hated him and leaving all behind and giving up one’s own will to the Father/him and following with him physically, a dangerous think to do and not fearing those who can kill the body. In other words it took significant effort and Jesus demonstrated how hard it was for him to willingly walk into the trap he’d arranged by asking if there was some way he wouldn’t have to do it. If that’s not suffering what is?

On Jesus’ divinity: He said he was not of this world, and said he came from the literal heaven’s, a place with many dwelling places where they don’t die nor marry, etc. He said that even the least in the Kingdom of Heaven was greater than the greatest human being. He said that Moses and the prophets spoke of his coming and that he was greater than the prophets and came to fulfill the prophets and the laws they portrayed. Moses wrote genesis where it outlines the very creation of the Earth and the distant and close heaven’s (stars, sun, moon, sky, etc.). He predicted that he would demonstrate having conquered death and then before at the least over a dozen witnesses showed he did what he said was going to do. So what leaves us in doubt that he represented to us the closest thing we are going to get that is divine another way of thinking being “above human” as human is above animal and animal is above plant.

on Heaven: Jesus taught his followers to pray by saying, “our Father who is above human and from outer space, your will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. He told us when he returned, (which there is a ton of evidence that he has this time incarnate both Father and Son as those called Ti and Do of the Heaven’s Gate group), he would speak “plainly” not in parable of the (heavenly) kingdom. He said it was a kingdom thus many membered and with a hierarchy of those who simply have been there longer.

on hell – he spoke about hades, and the underworld, under the earth as a place of perishing thus once sided against the Kingdom of God all end up. It was termed the “Second death” in the book of Revelations that Jesus brought to John.

6. The commonly told story of Jesus — his birth, death, and resurrection is actually a composite of four vastly different gospel narratives.

Sawyer’s Comments: Vastly different – well certainly not on the most salient points. Sure they have differences but are we as Jesus said, “swinging at a gnat and then swallowing a camel” to point out the tiny differences no matter how many while alluding to there being something lacking in the overall picture of what happened?

He was born, awakened, blew his trumpet announcing his mission, gathered those given to him ahead of time by his father, taught and did some special things to help them belief was captured and murdered and somehow survived a deadly ordeal,  demonstrated he was still a physical being, though of a different composure at one point and before witnesses, including two unusual people in very bright clothing rose into a cloud of light while those two said this was always the way he comes and goes.

Sure all the various perspectives are great but they in no way take away from these points unless people seek to shoot it down because they fear what it suggests, which I understand is hard and especially with the backdrop of what the religious say, as they are way off the mark.

When I was a youngster, on my own I would try to understand what Jesus was quoted to have said and I was always puzzled by it all, but still felt he was miles above us all, for obvious reasons. There is no way in the world what he taught could become popular unless it was significantly and almost totally watered down. It was actually meant to be watered down, otherwise it wouldn’t have had so many wanting to distribute the information that the Kingdom of God made sure still held the core information as in the red-letter editions of the four gospels.

I only can see what I can see regarding the historic Jesus record because my family tree has genetic memory of the time when Jesus was actually around and I was like a horse that was captured/raptured in 1975 by The TWO Witnesses (Father and Son/Jesus team spoken of as the UFO Cult and lived with and studied under for 19 years those eventually called Ti and Do who laid down their lives in 1997 as what the media referred to as the Heaven’s Gate cult. It’s very clear to me, even having left them, that Do was the same soul as was incarnate as Jesus and Elijah, and Moses and Enoch and Adam actually and I sought to live as Jesus laid out was absolutely required to be his disciple and saw the fruit of doing so, so am in process of sharing that with all I meet.

I don’t mean to sound sarcastic at times or condescending. It’s a byproduct of so much refusal to even consider who Ti and Do really are. I mean nothing personal against anyone though I must be as direct as possible as there are consequences to spreading disinformation knowingly and doing so without knowing is a gray area. Now I have nothing to do with those consequences. I’m also a student, just one who had a huge body of information and experience given to me for no reason of my own.

So for your sake, that is if you, the reader or the author I am reviewing at this time want to grow their relationship with the Kingdom of God, I suggest talking to that true far from Earth Kingdom of God to learn if what I am saying is from them and if so know that there is a ton more that you all can get direct by looking into all that Ti and Do said and taught and did while they were incarnate that can be found on and with some downloads on and under channel names: 1RiverofAngels or mine: 3SPM or within files on: and on my broadcast most wednesday’s 10pm-12am.

Jesus “second coming” – What it MUST look like and actually HAS thus our application to “live again” is still possible!

March 9, 2010

In case you can hear (be willing to listen to) and see (recognize), The so called “Second Comingof the ones historically called; The One True Earth creator crew; Elohim, Jehovah, Lord (Kingdom of God/Allah), The Father, but most recently; Ti (or Te) AND Her(Ti soul incarnated into a female human vehicle) offspring, now adult task partner; formally Jesus of Nazareth, aka Jesus the Christ(Krishna) aka Enoch, Moses, Gautama Buddha, Elijah, but most recently as Do, (both individuals of whom are Christs=Annointed Ones, Candlesticks, Olive Trees, Enlightened Ones, Real Existing as Older Members of a Many Membered Physical and spiritual (mental “holy” MIND, blood, wine)  Evolutionary, developmental, experimental styled, hierarchical structured (Kingdom) strata or Level of life that is Above Human, as human is above animal and animal is above plant) already occurred and is still lingering for a time, during which the belief in, along with the dissemination of Their information becomes one’s application into a future first trimester student program that will follow after the currently underway Earth garden recycling program has fulfilled.

 I, one child of Theirs, having engaged as Their student – encompassing living /following with them everywhere they went and doing everything they did as best I could for a period of nineteen years (1975-1994) – a type of “overcoming” cocoon to chrysalis metamorphic  (christing) process whereby one MAY – (IF they dont’ give up) eventually (after thousands of Earth years broken into trimesters i.e. 1st-Moses Classroom, 2nd=Jesus Classroom, 3rd=Ti and Do’s Heaven’s Gate classroom) be born of spirit (after exiting (sluffing off) the essentially needed and highly precious, valued, though temporary human physical “skin” (body))  into adulthood in Their real society, have a great deal of detailed evidence of it’s (Their Mission’s) fulfillment of ALL the prophecies concerning their return and purpose of planting souls and offering them growth into an eventual “spirit styled birth” into membership in their everlasting life environment and service.

They came incarnate together this time, the GrandParent aka Father and their offspring aka Son (but Parent aka Father to us, Their Children) as Jesus said, Joh 14:21 He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest(declare) myself to him. Joh 14:22 Judas saith unto him, not Iscariot, Lord, how is it that thou wilt manifest thyself unto us, and not unto the world? Joh 14:23 Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode(residence) with him.

He is clearly saying that he will only make his presence known to those who show love for him by “keeping his words-all of them as best they can”. These are NOT Paul of Tarsus’ words, as most Christians honor and quote 100 times more than most of the detailed things Jesus said, summarized here in a condensed and paraphrased form:

Don’t be so worried about tomorrows needs; food, clothing, etc, learn to ask/look to the Kingdom of God for help while being proactive. Recognize the folly in living exclusively on preoccupation with appearances, appearing to be holy by being seen by others in church or temple or making alms or preaching or by our decor of self and our environment. When giving, don’t plan ahead so much how, when, where and to who you are going to give – “don’t let your right hand know what your left is doing” but give to those who ask of you, giving even more than they ask for (rather than often thinking someone isn’t deserving of help or is taking advantage of you – as even if they are, God sees your efforts. Organizations don’t represent the Kingdom of God to us, never have and never will despite their projected appearance. All relationships with the Kingdom of God are individual and private. Call no human being your “Father or Holy Father” except for that which came from the Heaven’s with the same exact message, which will be clear to those it’s most geared for because 99% of the people will want nothing to do with it as it will seem fanatical and even evil to. Jesus said NOT to use vain repetitions and NOT to pray out loud – He said pray in private and receive God’s acknowledgement in private, and when praying you don’t need lots of words and really isn’t necessary to ask for what you need to live, as the Kingdom of God knows what you need and will help you have what you need if you keep up communications (though if you think you need more and more stuff and luxuries, those things the Kingdom of God may or may not help you obtain (If they do help you obtain such, it’s to help you learn that they won’t really provide you with ultimate happiness, so they will also likely be taken away as there is no better teacher than life experience. Jesus said to continue to abide by the ten commandments but to reach higher still – to having self-control over even our thoughts – thoughts that are degrees of criticisms and even condemnations, coveting what others have, jealousies, looking down those who do not have as if you were simply better than they, competitions for status, fame, fortune and associated sense of power and inflated self-worth (by the Kingdom of God’s standards). He said when you lend something to someone, don’t charge interest and NOT to judge/measure another’s self-worth and deserving of respect, even extended to one’s adversaries. He said not to “live by the sword” though he was not against self-defense (told his disciples to buy some swords at one point when he was leaving them). He said work together in pairs and in communities in dealing with problems that arise and to not sweep disagreements we have with others under the rug while thinking we are still in good shape in relationship to God. Forgive others the things they do that tread upon your life as you wish to have forgiveness when you do the same. He said, pay your taxes if you’re going to use the government’s money system while staying out-of-the-way of those that are your adversaries – seeking agreement with them so not to have to stand before the judge and passably being cast into prison and paying harshly for a long time afterwards. And of course treat others the way you want to be treated but all in all seek the will of our Father who exists within the literal heaven’s – outer space while remaining open to those who are His messengers, identifying them by the fruits they bear, being promoters of the same ideals and guidelines and behavioral ways of thinking and acting. Jesus definitely speaks of his Father as another individual. Most of what Jesus said was meant literally though to many or most it’s hard to decipher because we are afraid to fully believe in the things he said and so much has been generalized, made figurative when meant to be literal, exaggerated, and mystified to appear impossible to achieve.

“and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode(residence) with him.”

So many have a hard time imagining that all this talk is not exclusively over our heads but is really quite down to earth practical and usually literal in meaning. One big problem is religion who to substantiate their own organization seeks to force what Jesus said into a system that all can feel good about believing in so they can have someone to support them. This doesn’t come about overnight. Every new movement is eventually co-opted by those who don’t really believe in it or don’t care to because of how it tends to threaten their own world view and various successes.

How better to co-opt a movement than to render it ordinary and easy to feel a part of, though with little requirements to change and encouraging people to give to with time and money to have them feel included and thereby connected with the Kingdom of God in some small way fortified by celebrations, ceremonies, milestone events rituals and paraphernalia to include a hierarchy of those considered closer to God than us. All the while working and reworking the core data that became the basis for the new movement – translating and deciding what is core doctrine and what is not declaring what must have been figurative vs literal in that core body of data, as it’s discovered and better understood by some. How do you tell people Jesus had his disciples leave their entire lives behind that amounted to homes, parents, siblings, possessions and even children, to literally “follow” with this fellow who say’s he is from the Kingdom of God? Well the truth is that no one really does benefit from leaving all behind, that is when a genuine member from the Kingdom of God isn’t physically face to face among us! But the formula of having that degree of committment in the face of all those that hate us for it, IS absolutely necessary to teach, that is IF we want to spread the actual teachings Jesus provided.

But of course that would discount the entire hierarchy. They wouldn’t be needed if they were teaching Jesus’ words and intentions. Sure some would have a better understanding than others so we could help one another but then it would be more like a cooperative of like-minded seekers. There would be no need to make it into a college course that one gets a degree in and can earn a significant salary from ministering to others, thus it’s not in the self-interest of any religious organization to tell the truth and the fact is, if they once had a sense of the truth, they soon lost it to their same self interests and to not feel like a total hypocrite and false teacher(prophet).

But back to a little more on the “second coming” evidences:

What John (one of the close disciples of Jesus) was told by Jesus would be thought of and reported in the media as the Two Witnesses from chapters 11 and 12 of the Book of Revelations that John wrote saying he had been visited by jesus in one or more dreams was referring to was again this prophecy that the “second coming” was going to be TWO this time. (Father and Son). The Two Witnesses were two Christs which simply meant Two who were authorized to represent the Kingdom of God to humans.

The candidates that best represented all the things Jesus and Moses and Enoch spoke about to date have been those called Ti and Do of the Heaven’s Gate group.

The two raptures happened when the returned saints(souls of those who had believed in Jesus and followed with him physically(a prerequisite of true discipleship) and given their lives in his testimony), returning for their third trimester(1=with Lord(Father) & Moses(Son), 2=Father & Jesus(Son) and 3=Ti and Do(Father and Son both incarnate) towards a real “spirit/soul/mind birth”, were snatched away, caught away, (like the way a good rancher does when they capture wild horses to offer them an opportunity to work with a potentially more evolved level of real life) from their human lives of which I was one and was with them for 19 years, but fell from grace and have since returned to Their service. They made two huge global impressions starting gradually in October of 1972 in Houston, Texas, hitting the media worldwide as the Bo and Peep UFO (cloud of light) Two in October of 1975 until Ti called off the pubic offering on April 21, 1976 (A 3 1/2 year public prophecy) and the second time beginning gradually in January 1992 with an 12 hour video tape series called, Beyond Human, The Last Call first transmitted on satellite TV in January of 1992, then on May 27, 1993 with a 1/3 of a page in-depth advertisement put into USA Today International Edition until a last public internet posting on: October 11, 1995 and climaxed by their voluntary exit – the laying down of their physical bodies in 1997 that the media called with various headlines the Evil Heaven’s Gate UFO/Hale Bopp Two Tailed Comet Suicide Cult. I am doing all I can to share the truth of who they were with literally hundreds of real live examples of how they lived, what they said, how they said it, why they said what they said, how they acted during my 19 years living with them often in the same house. Anyone who is willing to take a leap of faith in God the almighty the creators of heaven and earth must be willing to take a long hard look at all that Ti and Do taught which is available at the still existing web site and (but their book is available for free download on the “too” site and on YouTube channel: 1riverofangels with the Beyond Human 12 hour video tape series and the Exit tapes of many students expressing themselves as well as actual audio tape digital copies of the personal meeting tapes created by Ti and Do of their discussions with students over their close to 24 years together (though all the tapes are not yet available but many are free to download at: plus any of my offerings on most Wednesday nights 10pm-12am and on my blog at: and my YouTube channel: 3SPM and Facebook page sawyer heavensgate and a few articles posted on under the name swyody.

This is your chance to be an eye-witness to the greatest story ever told, but told without religious dogma and misinterpretations and stories but as Jesus said he would, “in plain words” filled with new understandings about the Kingdom of Heaven’s physical many membered reality. These two “anointed ones” (Christs) are NOT space aliens in the sense that our planet is currently being invaded (as hard as that is to imagine as real). Space aliens at best are a remnant of human or human equivalents from Earth in the current and/or prior civilization as well as from other near space (in Kingdom of God terms) non-earth civilizations (past Kingdom of God garden projects). By beginning to consider with a willingness to believe in who Ti and Do are and who they represent – The “chain of HOLY MIND” that each full-fledged member of the Kingdom of God thrives upon and seeks to be a link in that chain for, and then telling others about Ti and Do and all they taught, any soul on Earth or for that matter inside or in range of this info on Earth will, according to the helpers that monitor us for the captain (Do) and admiral(Ti) help us and assist us and when we die take our soul to “paradise” a type of contained craft that can move that is invisible to us yet has physicality but resides within the atmosphere of the Earth, to keep those souls away from the rest of the spirit world, so those souls can be brought back to interface with human “horses” for their second trimester, counting this one of belief as their first. Meanwhile the planet will continue escalating to a full recycling that will culminate with no sign of our present civilization. Most humans will say this is mans fault, global warming and so forth and that it could have been reversed if we all meditated or prayed for peace but the Level Above Human(Kingdom of God), though they are attracted to horses(humans) that are peace-loving and desiring of service and who recognize the reality to beings far more advanced than they that have a chasm of difference in their physicality and mentality and behaviors as animals have from humans and plants have from animals, built the recycling into the planets overall life cycle just as they built limitations into all the creatures on Earth. Thus whether and how humans are contributing to the recycling is either part of the trigger for the mechanism or is inconsequential. Meanwhile the space aliens are seeking to trap souls into their allegiance. The space aliens have interests in humans and the environment and elements. Some are here because the Level Above Human provided a highway in the heaven’s to get here in a relatively short time (and they may not be able to go back – don’t know but some of those highways are reported to be blocked). The highways are being spoken of as black or worm holes. They are true vacuums in the midst of two huge areas composed of dark energy that provides the environment for the planetary systems. The space aliens are comprised of “fallen angels” souls and their offspring,however many generations ago who were allowed to survive their home planet’s recycling, perhaps by going underground or escaping into their space and/or going underground in their moons and other planets the same way humans on Earth with or without space alien help are doing by the openly planned colony on Mars (where there may well have been other colonies, and may in fact still hold a base for certain of the space alien groups that are in proximity of Earth). The space aliens are promoting their form of spirituality, calling themselves brothers to humans but with their magic “sightings and crop circles” enticing humans into their allegiance and for what. They need: DNA, hormones, sperm and egg, elements and possible what they can get from nuclear reactors (one of the possible real reasons there is such a push for nuclear energy, the greater reason being, because I don’t believe most space aliens and Earth governments trust one another) is for propulsion systems in development and laser systems and all technology advancements for the mars colony as well as for the new breed of space crafts as well as for the life support systems of underground bases that exist all over the planet, some of which are a part of a network of underground tunnel connectors where all those in the know that can’t get off the planet can take their families should things get life threatening above ground from either man-made or alien or environmental catastrophes. Their proposal is that humans can save the earth and themselves. The Raelians have convinced humans to engage in cloning projects on Earth yet the space aliens that abducted Rael and took him to visit with some said they have computer systems that can be used to clone their bodies and minds, as their bodies only live for about 700 years so they said outlast planets. They claim to be the biblical Elohim but admit that they did not create the planet themselves. They are at best the Nephelium spoken of in Genesis 6 the souls that were cast out of their domesticated roles in apprenticeship to be members of the Level Above Human. They have since then sought to second guess all the true Level Above Human was about to do on the planet and with the human souls (the human plants who were given seeds that are actually soul containers that can house “new mind” (wine illustration Jesus gave). They created Adolf Hitler trying to see if they could find the returned Next Level being that was last called Jesus, as they thought the Next Level would incarnate into a human vehicle(horse) from the strain the Next Level originally cultivated and nursed as the Children of Israel. They missed the fact that Jesus said, “the kingdom of heaven would be given to a people you know not of”, which ended up being the reason for the mass migration of humans who were generally seeking a better life coming to the new frontier called the United States, that is more or less after the profiteers layed the course. The Next Level can use all that exists on a planet for the benefit of those who grasp at the opportunity to grow closer to Them. Religions, of which New age spirituality is one and atheism is one are all organizations or mindsets that think they are expansive and practical and scientific and philosophical and intellectual and so forth while those very characteristics keep them satisfied as they develop their various income streams and ego’s around, to where when the Next Level comes, they are no longer looking nor interested in changing and upsetting their cosy apple cart so they simply ignore or attack as a cult the Next Level’s arrival announcement and requirements to someday (after we’ve Overcome – a process of getting rid of all old mind(wine) and taking in only new mind(wine),which entails separation from all we deem human (while still needing basic infrastructures for life support). It’s not the overcoming we accomplish as much as our desire to give it our all and that requires someone to give it to, thus the overcoming stage can only happen properly when a real honest to goodness member from the Level Above Human has incarnated to be face to face living with us physically. Overcoming when a member is not physically incarnate, but more so generations after one departed from our physical presence is even detrimental as by going through the motions of overcoming we are doing it our way more or less and thus not learning to look to and link with the real mind and ways of that Older Member from the Next Level. Thus we are building self instead of giving self, though it’s common that the lower forces of the planet, discarnates and Luciferian types, whether of Earth human origin or a planet far off origin, create facsimile belief systems called religions that attach people to the powerful idea and reality of a creator Kingdom of God but distort it with rituals and false sacrifices and celebrations and garb and the pretence of holiness and righteousness and sacraments and paraphernalia and prayers and mantras and meditations techniques to where people are saying a lot of things that are accurate in a broad sense but they are missing all the reasons for those techniques given to people in the past. They cling to the past and thus when the future is before them, they can’t or don’t want to change as they are steeped and satisfied by what kernels they have found. When we are no longer thirsty we die. The space aliens have the same beliefs in reincarnation – as a cycle but what they don’t know or refuse to see or have their subjects believe is that the way in which they come back is only as spirit beings that are not living. Spirits are simply programs that have been detached from their hardware. All that we are while living is recorded and becomes who we are. When we die the flesh dissolves but that mind energy still vibrates as it did and gets exactly what it believed when it died, except if it believed Heaven was something they obtained by living a decent life they will get their degree of Heaven but if it never sought a relationship with a genuine member from the Next Level and/or their memory or history, to where they tried to speak to the highest God and/or Jesus and/or whoever was their idea of a representative from God/Allah, Mohammad,a Buddha(christ/Maitreya), Moses, Abraham,etc. then the Next Level will save that soul for a fresh opportunity but still that soul never actually embeds completely in a future human vehicle, except as they can influence a new human vehicle to accept them in their spirit form though enacting the same kinds of things that now dead spirit did while alive. So we become timeshare devices for discarnates. The over coming process is the process of becoming as Jesus said, “Poor in spirit” to see God. But Older Members are absolutely needed to walk us through our personal overcoming process and binding/grafting to the new branch that our Older Members actually are. That new branch is a new family we are then born into literally. Being born again as Jesus stated it is required to be in association with a flesh body birth that houses the soul that can become the cocoon to be born of spirit/soul/mind which in so doing makes one a viable energy form that is an individual for the first time and has the power and experience to power a new type of physical body to circulate in a new environment. Now for anyone that attempts to entertain these thoughts as real and accurate and from the Kingdom of God, you will be tested. You may be reeling right now as this is very sweet to the taste buds but then very hard to digest thus bitter to the stomach because of what happens in the “real” (to human) world, as virtually no one will support you in this belief even though next to nothing about your life has to change immediately as the time now is to talk about it and that will be challenging enough to deal with. Now that doesn’t mean upgrading our behaviors are not part of what we gravitate to but that will happen somewhat naturally as you become a mouthpiece for the next level’s information and that’s all one should become a mouthpiece for. What I mean by that is that we should restrain ourselves from expanding or misquoting or thinking we can see the intention of what Ti and/or Do and their “saint/students” said. We need to learn to quote what they said exactly though it’s understandable that there are synonyms that would be fine as well, though can also become an open door to distortions. This is not to say one can’t stand for other things in our communities that we believe in and it’s not like we must tell everyone we meet about Ti and Do. Talk to Do directly and ask him questions. You may or may not get a response or the response you think you want to get but you will be heard and it’s up to you to keep asking. You can also ask to have more strength to deal with anything and can ask to have a breather from the negativity you will be subject from the spirit world and through others but we don’t provoke and proselytize the way religious do. If someone asks something from us, then if we feel to, we share what we feel, nothing more, nothing less. Don’t premeditate what to say and to whom. Just let it happen when it happens. Learn to not shy away from talking about it and learn when someone has received enough. We still have all the Jesus and Moses rules to follow as best we can but not according to the way the religious teach them. We do not want to form groups as that is the start of churches. We don’t want to make people attached to us. We need to encourage people to start or encourage their own personal relationship with the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God will not come to us and overpower us with their will like the Luciferians did with Paul of Tarsus. Nor will the Next level tell you to do anything. They will never tell you to harm another in any way nor yourself. This is not a martyr trip. We don’t look for danger and don’t tempt God to bail us out of difficult circumstances we could have avoided. Nor do we judge anyone as a believer or not. We are mouthpiece only. Let me know of any questions.

’88 Update – The UFO Two and Their Crew

March 2, 2010


A Brief Synopsis, by Do, October 18, 1988

In the early 1970’s, two members of the Kingdom of Heaven (or what some might call two aliens from space) incarnated into two unsuspecting humans in Houston, a registered nurse and a college music professor who were in their forties. The nurse and the professor hadn’t previously known each other and had completely separate lives. The registered nurse was happily married with four children, worked in the nursery of a local hospital, and enjoyed a small astrology practice. The music professor, a divorcee who had lived with a male friend for some years, was contentedly involved in cultural and academic activities.

For about a year before they met, their lives seemed to encounter severe upheaval and personal confusion, later recognized as the human body’s response to the entry of the minds from what “the two” referred to as the “Next Level,” or the physical level above human. About nine months after they first met, they left Houston because their lives, which were crumbling around them, made it impossible to concentrate on what was actually happening to them.

Most of their friends and associates thought the two of them had lost their minds or were being duped into a relationship by the other. The only relationship they shared, certainly having no physical attraction toward each other, was the compulsion to discover what had brought them together and what might be their purpose. They had little in common other than strong personal relationships with their Heavenly Father.

While spending almost six weeks in painful, soul-searching isolation in a Texas hill country ranch house, they began to respond and identify with more of their “Next Level” mind. They consciously recognized that they were sent from space to do a task that had something to do with the Bible, an update in understanding, and prophesy fulfillment. Having divorced themselves from their human lives, they struggled for some time with the conflicting duality of their bodies’ memories and thought patterns and their Next Level identity and purpose.

Shortly after first meeting, even before leaving Houston, they had individually dropped habits – such as sex, drinking, and smoking – not for explainable reasons, but simply because they both knew that their new consciousness would be interfered with if such practices were continued. However, the memory and “old programming” of their bodies (which they now referred to as their “vehicles”) had to be kept at bay like an annoying puppy in order to sustain their Next Level consciousness.

Leaving the hill country, having left everything behind in Houston, giving it all away, they struck out in their last possession, a little sports car convertible. They seemed to just go where “the spirit” led, lacing the country up and down and from side to side as if they were being used as cameras and microphones for the Next Level. They did odd jobs to sustain travel funds, everything from carving crosses for a little store in Las Vegas where the owner took an extreme interest in them, to digging septic tank test ditches near Savage Rapids on the Rogue River in southern Oregon. Occasionally, when they could find no work, they asked for help from preachers, which was, needless to say, a humbling experience for both of them. Their sports car “died” in front of the Ananda Marga house in Portland, Oregon where they were invited to stay for awhile.

Their real or more in-depth awakening occurred over several months while camping on the Rogue River near Gold Beach, Oregon. While there they came to believe that they were the Two Witnesses mentioned in the Book of Revelations. This was extremely difficult for them to accept, for they were both the type who were “turned off” by people who thought they were reincarnations of Cleopatra, or some Egyptian king or Biblical character. To have to believe that they were assuming a role that would have caused them to “run the other way” had they seen someone else assume it, was more than hard to digest.

In spite of that difficulty, they felt that they really had no choice but to tell the world what the real Kingdom of Heaven was – a physical evolutionary level, instead of some mystical cloud-and-harp, spiritual existence as Lucifer has popularly twisted the scripture quoters to misinterpret. The term “evolutionary” here does not refer to the theories presented by Darwin, but to a level of life that can be entered only after overcoming or rising above the ways of the human world, and only with the assistance of a Member of the Heavenly Kingdom.

They knew that Jesus had come or been sent to share exactly the same truth with “those who had the eyes to see,” but that His body might have been a Next Level hybrid by means of artificial insemination, offering Him more Next Level capabilities. He knew that a boarding pass to His Father’s Kingdom came only after overcoming (hating everything of this world), leaving everything and everybody behind (forsaking mother, father, sister, brother for My sake), and following the example and lead of an “Older Member” – your Master, Rabbi, Lord. This was exactly the same awareness that the two had come to be witness to. They also knew that whoever carries this witness would be hated of men, most of all by the religious who are comfortable in their belief system of “He did it all for us, we just have to believe in Him,” instead of individually needing to also do as He did.

They also came to know that the true antichrist is now here and has taken several faces, one of which is the New Age “Ye are Gods” concept, or “I have only to become aware of my own ‘Christ consciousness within'” while continuing to practice the ways of the world. They knew that when it becomes time for any individual to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, he cannot “love the Lord his God with all his heart, mind, and soul” and still love his wife, his things, his respectability, his credibility, or even possess any of these things while being taken through the birth canal into the Next Level – the Kingdom of Heaven – by one of Its members.

After awakening to this understanding, their heads were spinning with excitement about what had been shared with them by their Heavenly Father, or Older Member, and yet they were fearful of what they were to do with this information.

Their Older Member helped them realize also that so-called flying saucers, or misappropriately labeled UFO’s, were means of transportation and laboratories of the Kingdom of Heaven (clouds of light, wheels of fire), and that the occupants of these spacecrafts were for the most part members of the true Heavenly Kingdom. “For the most part” here means that frequently the Next Level transports lower life forms (human-like creatures) in their spacecrafts, just as zoologists in the human world transport animal life in their means of transportation. The two were given to understand that these spacecraft occupants were participants in “God’s creation” of the Earth and had been the participants in relating to Abraham, the Israelites, Jesus, and all of our Bible’s record of man’s association with God. They also understood that this civilization, since Adam’s time until now, is just one planting of Earth’s true “Gardeners.”

Coming to know, or having been given the knowledge of these things and countless more made their heads reel. What they grew to know seemed to create such a communication gap between them and humans that they began to ask, “What are we to do with this understanding? Everyone will think we are kooks or be ready to have us committed if we say anything.”

So, when they left Gold Beach, after having received an unexpected insurance check from a car accident, they began to wander even more. They traveled into Canada and all over the U.S. again, leaving little calling cards on pulpits saying, “The Two Witnesses are here,” and then running before anyone could see them or ask any questions.

At a New Age awareness center, they felt led to share that they were the Two Witnesses, only to find out that the leaders of the center claimed the same title! After this incident, they struggled significantly with whether to continue with this “modus operandi.”

A woman who had met them in Houston right before they left and with whom they had promised to communicate, asked if she could meet up with them, and they agreed. As they traveled here and there, they met her a few times and she offered the use of her gasoline credit cards. They used the cards for a while until they were informed that the cards had been reported stolen by the woman’s husband, which was a traumatic experience to say the least. In the meantime, the old car they purchased in Portland, Oregon, with money from their pawned jewelry, “gave up the ghost,” and they were stranded in St. Louis on the night that the comet Kohoutek was at its peak. In their naive trust, they pulled out one of their old credit cards and rented a car, firmly believing that “God would provide the means” to pay the bill.

Sometime later, while in Brownsville, Texas, they made an appointment with a news reporter to share what they had come to know, telling him that this would be the biggest story he had ever received. He believed them, but thought that their story was about drug trafficking and brought hoards of the authorities with him to the interview. This frightened the two, who were pretty paranoid by now anyhow, and when they saw the authorities, they left abruptly, which made the authorities follow them. In the process of following them, though the police didn’t know why the two were running, they checked out the license of the rented car which had been reported stolen.

The two were then arrested and plopped in the county jail. [For sake of clarity, we will refer to the female as Ti and the male as Do, two names they took some time ago.] Ti was charged with stealing credit cards (the gasoline credit cards that belonged to the husband of the Houston woman). Do was charged with auto theft (the car that he rented with his last credit card in St. Louis on Christmas night).

After a few days, Ti was sent to a Houston jail where the charges were dropped by the woman’s husband. She was released after having spent 30 days in jail. Do stayed in the Brownsville jail a while longer, and the credit card company dropped the charges related to the rented car. However, the DA’s office in St. Louis picked up the charges and Do was extradited to St. Louis. After six months his trial came before the judge, and he received a four-month sentence, which he had already served plus two extra months.

At any rate, that experience yielded significant growth for both of them. Mainly, the isolation yielded Statement I, the first written statement of their beliefs, which they sent out soon after Do’s release.

They were at first horrified at what had happened, thinking that a jail record had ruined their mission, that no one would listen to them if their credibility was questionable. However, they could see that even prior to the jail incident their stability and credibility was by now unquestionably questionable. So the felon record was taken in stride as assurance that now they couldn’t turn back. It might be interesting to note that during Do’s trial, because of the judge’s awareness of the peculiar circumstances surrounding the arrest, the judge ordered a psychiatric examination. Although Do passed it with flying colors, not a 24-hour period slipped by that he didn’t question his own sanity.

Ti worked in a hospital in Houston while Do was in St. Louis. She spent most of the money she earned during Do’s incarceration on lawyer’s fees. The lawyer was supposedly trying to get Do released, insisting that the case would be thrown out; all he really accomplished was collecting more of Ti’s earnings.

After Do’s release, he flew to Houston where Ti was waiting. Do’s public defender had cautioned her to not go to St. Louis for fear her presence would complicate the trial. By now, she had barely saved enough to purchase a very used, old-model car and some camping gear. The very weary and somewhat scared two struck out again with a new “down to earth” modus operandi: take no chances. This too reminded them that credit and credit cards are not the ways of the Next Level, but rather some of “Luci’s” (Lucifer’s) ways of guaranteeing your service to his world.

They then headed for California where the mother of the Houston woman offered her help in whatever seemed to be the next step. Statement I, written while Do was in jail, was then mailed out in March 1975, from Ojai, where they stayed only for a few days. They sent the statement to ministers, evangelists, and awareness centers far and wide. It read thusly:


What religions have sought to understand since the beginning of their origin is what is above the human level of existence. Most have taught that if an individual lives a “good life” adoring some savior that he will inherit some “heaven” after his death. Only if it were that simple. That viewpoint is as inaccurate as the caterpillar believing that if he dies a good caterpillar he will mysteriously awaken in a rose blossom and live there forever with the King butterfly. He must become a butterfly while a healthy caterpillar – overcoming his decaying option. If he rises above all caterpillar ways, converts all his energies to the pursuit of becoming literally another creature who circulates in another world, he becomes a butterfly. Likewise a human who seeks only to become a member of his next evolutionary kingdom may become a member of that kingdom if he completely overcomes all the aspects and influences of the human level providing he has found favor with a member of that next level who will direct him through his metamorphosis. As the caterpillar, the human can complete this changeover only before his death as a human. A member of the next kingdom finds favor with one who is willing to endure all of the necessary growing pains of weaning himself totally from his human condition. Members of that next kingdom are no more confined to human limitations than butterflies to caterpillar limitations. Nor do they in like comparison concern themselves with human type indulgences or concerns. However, if the human is thought of as the larva of that next kingdom then there are, at times, those who are approaching the completion of their individual metamorphosis and are beginning to have some of the attributes and characteristics of that next kingdom. When the metamorphosis is complete their “perennial” and cyclic nature is ended for their “new” body has overcome decay, disease and death. It has converted over chemically, biologically, and in vibration to the “new” creature.

Approximately 2,000 years ago an individual of that next kingdom forfeited his body of that kingdom and entered a human female’s womb, thereby incarnating as the one history refers to as Jesus of Nazareth. He awakened to this fact gradually through the same metamorphic process and came to know that he had incarnated for the express purpose of telling and showing, even to the point of proof, that the next kingdom can be entered by overcoming the human aspects and literally converting into a “man” or creature of that next kingdom – the kingdom of his Father – one who is already a member of that kingdom. By His resurrection He proved that death can be literally overcome and that a permanent body for the next kingdom is acquired from the human kingdom. He did not leave His body in the grave. He converted it into His body of that next kingdom. This is the only way the next kingdom is entered permanently. Each human has that full potential. Jesus’ “Christing” or christening was completed at His transfiguration (metamorphic completion) and He remained in the “larva” environment, with other humans, only for some 40 days to show that His teaching had been accomplished. He showed them His new body and demonstrated a few of its new attributes, i.e., appearing and disappearing (changing His vibrations) before their eyes while letting some of His friends touch His “new” body. This could be compared to a butterfly remaining in the caterpillar world for a few days to show them what they had to look forward to if they chose to seek true conscious communication with a butterfly and were willing to overcome all of their caterpillar ways. Then Jesus left them in a cloud of light (what humans refer to as UFOs) and moves and returns in the same manner.

There are two individuals here now who have also come from that next kingdom, incarnate as humans, awakened, and will soon demonstrate the same proof of overcoming death. They are “sent” from that kingdom by the “Father” to bear the same truth that was Jesus’. This is like a repeat performance, except this time by two (a man and a woman) to restate the truth Jesus bore, restore its accurate meaning, and again show that any individual who seeks that kingdom will find it through the same process. This “re-statement” or demonstration will happen within months. The two who are the “actors” in this “theatre” are in the meantime doing all they can to relate this truth as accurately as possible so that when their bodies recover from their “dead” state (resurrection) and they leave (UFO’s) those left behind will have clearly understood the formula.

Those who can believe this process and do it will be “lifted up” individually and “saved” from death – literally. If you seek those two while they are here they will gladly fill you in on the details and assist those who wish to follow in this “path.”

If this speaks to you – respond – according to your capabilities or needs. For your sake-give this opportunity your best.

*** end of Statement One ***

Within two or three days, a man who headed an awareness group in Los Angeles came with one of his students to Ojai to meet with the two. After deciding that they were seemingly sane, he invited them to speak in the house of another one of his students. The group leader invited all his students, plus anyone else he thought might be interested, and the house was packed. The two did the best they could to explain Statement I. At the end of the meeting they said that if there were some who wanted to know more, they could meet at Frank’s house the next night.

[We’ll call the leader Frank, which wasn’t his name. Our reasons for not using the human birth names of the two, or of anyone else for that matter, are to protect their families and loved ones from unnecessary grief, and in order to not “toot our own horn,” though some might interpret our not using them as an indication that we must have something to hide. Of course, the press in the past has seen to it that the details that might hurt the innocent loved ones were filled in, as they likely will do again.]

The next night at Frank’s place, several dozen showed up and remained thirsty for even more information. Ti and Do then began to meet with them individually, and before realizing what was happening, Ti and Do said to some, “Well, if you’re really serious about knowing more, wrap up your loose ends and meet us in a campground in Gold Beach, Oregon this weekend or within the next few days.” They thought that this would weed out most of the curious, not yet realizing that this was adding up to “followers” – a big surprise and an idea not too welcome as far as Ti and Do were concerned!

The Gold Beach campground “classroom” turned out to be “something else.” Not only did many of the ones from the Los Angeles meeting show up, but so did some of their friends – even some hippies seemed to be coming out of the woodwork, although no publicity had come out yet. By this time, someone had asked “What shall we call you?” and the two answered, “Bo and Peep, since it looks like we’re gathering our lost sheep.” [Even though those names stuck for the next year while meetings were being held around the country, we’ll continue to use Ti and Do since these names have remained until the present time.]

For a week or so, Ti and Do held constant meetings, both with the group as a whole and privately with individuals. The followers – or rather those who Ti and Do insisted on calling students – dispersed to hold smaller separate meetings, and later rejoined in a campground near Redwood City, California. From there, the students held a meeting at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California on August 13, 1975. Posters were then printed for the August 24th meeting at Canada College, where Ti and Do made their first public appearance. The crowd was so large that the auditorium was filled to capacity for two back-to-back meetings.

That poster read as follows:


> Why they are here.
> Who they have come for.
> When they will leave.


Two individuals say they are about to
leave the human level and literally
(physically) enter the next evolutionary
level in a spacecraft (UFO) within
months! “THE TWO” will discuss how the
transition from the human level to the
next level is accomplished, and when
this may be done.

This is not a religious or philosophical
organization recruiting membership.
However, the information has already
prompted many individuals to devote
their total energy to the transitional
process. If you have ever entertained
the idea that there may be a real,
physical level beyond the Earth’s
confines, you will want to attend this

Ti and Do were never pleased with having to use the term “UFO,” because they felt like “spacecraft” and “other flying devices of the Next Level” were a lot closer to proper descriptions.

A Waldport, Oregon meeting, held on September 14, 1975, was the first meeting to be significantly picked up by the press, as were stories relating how some had given away their children and properties. Such actions were certainly not according to Ti and Do’s instructions; nevertheless, bedlam had broken out by now.

A few stayed behind in Oregon for a follow-up meeting while the rest proceeded with Ti and Do via campgrounds to a Denver meeting, and then on to a campground near Chicago. While they were in Chicago, the news broke about the Waldport meeting, and because of the above reports and rumors, a couple of sheriff’s deputies from Lincoln County, Oregon were sent to investigate what was going on.

After leaving Illinois and arriving at a campground outside Tulsa, Ti and Do thought it seemed wise to break up into a number of smaller groups, not only because of the interruption of the authorities, but also because the numbers were getting too big for the campgrounds to handle.

Certain ones who seemed to have a grasp of the information were sent out to hold their own meetings across the country. A system of communication was set up according to places, dates, and hours in order for Ti and Do to be kept somewhat informed. Statement I had grown to include Statements II and III, plus a prospective candidate letter. Students were sent out in partnerships of two, or three if an odd number made it necessary. Each group had its own “purser” who kept track of funds and doled them out according to need, in an effort to maintain some kind of order and fairness.

Over the next few months, too many things happened to mention but a few of them. The “National Enquirer” interviewed Ti and Do, and the “New York Times Sunday Magazine” did a cover story on them. Ti and Do’s message was the same as Jesus’ message: telling about what the true Kingdom of Heaven is, and how individuals who want to be candidates for its membership must overcome all of their human addictions, drop their human ways, and look to a member of that Kingdom for all of their needs. Do realized more and more that Ti was definitely a more advanced (older) member of the Next Level than was he.

Periodically, almost magically, the group was able to rendezvous with their teachers. By now the ones who had stuck it out through difficult, humbling lessons were a wide variety of people. Some examples were: a nurse, a doctor’s wife, a rancher, a real estate broker, an actor, an artist, a film editor, a technical writer, a computer programmer, a bartender, an environmentalist, and many college and post-grad students. Because of the requirements of membership, some who joined the group as couples now became friends and fellow students. When some fell away, occasionally they felt bitterness, because of their choice to rebuild “burnt bridges.”

One of the hardest things that Ti and Do had to do concerned the “demonstration” (referred to in Statement I). The students had been told that while they were out holding meetings they would hear of the demonstration, and that would be the signal to stop holding meetings and come running. It was rumored for a while that the demonstration was going to happen in San Francisco. Ti and Do were in Las Vegas when the TV network news programs all broke the story about the two. Now because of the kind of publicity that had come out across the country, climaxed by the networks, Ti and Do felt that further meetings were pretty hopeless and people had already made up their minds about how ridiculous this all was. Ti and Do felt that the demonstration was still the one thing that could change that. However, they grieved literally for days, feeling like they had been shot down by the media and the mission was dead.

They received instruction to not walk into a physical demonstration but rather to know that the “killing in the street” of the two witnesses had occurred at the hands of the media. However, they felt like this was a cop-out or a “chickening out” interpretation of the one act that was the basis of their whole following. So, with much embarrassment, they called their students together, convinced that without a physical demonstration, their students would have every right to call them charlatans. Much to their surprise, the students, almost without exception, accepted the interpretation and said, “OK then, where do we go from here”?

Ti and Do still felt that to continue was probably one of their greatest tests. Nevertheless, they got up, kicked the dust off their tired feet, and continued with the instruction to hold meetings a while longer. They then became more organized in their groups and more systematic with their communication between cities. All in all, the meetings continued for a little over ten months.

At a meeting in a Manhattan, Kansas college auditorium (April 21, 1976), Ti announced that “the Harvest is closed, there will be no more meetings.” Since that time, no new students have been admitted to the class.

The students were called together a few months later in Medicine Bow National Forest, Wyoming, to receive instruction about what was next. There were close to a hundred who showed up. Ti and Do announced that it had been rumored that some were still occasionally indulging in pot and sex. Everyone was asked to go off by themselves for a few hours and make up their mind as to whether they were just caught up in the fun of a “movement” or if they were serious. For now the real “classroom” was to begin, and it was not for those who felt they wanted to hold on to human ways. Ti and Do preached long and hard about what it meant to rid oneself of self, and what would be required of those who continued. Within the next few days, the class dropped to fewer than 80. This was in early July, and by October when the snows ran them out of Medicine Bow, the class had dwindled to fewer than 70.

For the next two years, the class spent summers in the Rocky Mountains in campgrounds and on ranches, and the winters in the Sun Belt, also in campgrounds and on ranches. They experimented in all kinds of disciplines, such as wearing hoods to learn about the “conning” ways of their visual personalities, and making 12-minute checks – each person physically going to a given spot every 12 minutes to concentrate on his or her desire to serve. They were given new names with three letters in the first syllable and a common two- syllable second part.

Later, after their numbers had diminished significantly, they moved into houses – sometimes large houses, sometimes a number of smaller houses – usually moving every six months to a year. For a time they lived on the trust fund of one of the students, but for the most part supported themselves by, as many as needed to, taking jobs outside the classroom. At present, members of the class are living in small groups of varying numbers, in six different states and in ten different houses or apartments.

All in all, the students have been in the classroom 12 years now, and their numbers are down to a few dozen. Time and again they were encouraged by Ti and Do to leave the classroom if they had the least desire for anything in the world or if the classroom wasn’t what they knew they wanted. They visited families occasionally, to assure them that they were doing what they wanted to do, and were in no way being “duped.” They had plenty of reading material, watched TV, attended movies, visited churches, and attended lectures whenever they were interesting.

The important thing is not where they have been or for how long, but what they have learned or awakened to know. Over the years, not only Ti and Do, but their students as well, tried again and again to refute this information. They tried to ignore it and to deny it; they even tried to play out what they would do if they went back into the world, but they kept coming back to the fact that this knowledge and concept was the only thing that made sense to them. It would have been a lot easier to just walk away than to do all that was required. There are even some who are now out of the class, who had been in the class for some time, who still believe this information to be true.

The class knows that the world sees them as a cult, and that no longer bothers them. They know that all they care about is the Next Level – the Kingdom of Heaven – and how they might become better members of that Kingdom. Prior to 1981, their understanding was that they were working toward graduation from the human kingdom into the Next Level, and that this graduation process involved physically changing over their human vehicles (metamorphosing) into Next Level vehicles. They now believe that in reality they were in the Kingdom of Heaven before entering these human bodies. But because of the present awareness of their Next Level consciousness, they know that they are in that Kingdom now, though occupying human vehicles in order to do a task.

In spite of their repeated effort to refute this explanation, all things continue to lead them to believe the following (Hold onto your hats!):

They were briefed as a crew aboard a spacecraft about how they would incarnate into human vehicles in order to do a task. They left their Kingdom “world” and came into this “world” beginning in the late 1940’s. They feel that some left their Next Level bodies via so-called UFO “crashes.” However, they believe that the crashes were not accidental, as they appeared to be to the humans who witnessed the remains and recovered some of the bodies. These are now in the possession of governments (one of our Government’s scientists coined the term “EBE” – extraterrestrial biological entities – to identify these beings, also frequently referred to as “greys”). Some left their bodies behind in “cold storage,” or the Next Level’s wardrobe, for the duration of this task. Others were in “spirit,” having not yet earned Next Level bodies since having left the human kingdom. If this hypothesis is true, then the class members were not humans recruited by Ti and Do into some cult, but rather were members of the Next Level before ever meeting them. They knew prior to coming to Earth that two Older Members would take them through a lengthy (according to human time) observation-study time in this world in preparation for choosing and taking a human vehicle before actually entering it. That is to say, they were all in “spirit” from the late 1940’s and possibly early 1950’s until the mid-1970’s before actually entering and taking charge of the human vehicles – or the human bodies – they are now in. The vehicles they chose generally ranged in age from early 20’s to late 50’s, some having more difficult genetic packages or programming in order to give more growth opportunity. The task seemed to include the important aspect of example. They incarnated into such a variety of human vehicles that collectively they covered the 360-degree range of humanness and human addictions. They then, during the classroom, “overcame the world” or changed the programming of these vehicles sufficiently to demonstrate that “virginity can be recovered,” or you can do as Jesus admonished his disciples to do. Was this not the more realistic metamorphosis? This is not to say that it took 12 years to do this, for many other lessons and much broader understanding filled the bulk of these years.

The pieces of the puzzle seem to indicate that the reason the Bible and its role players teach overcoming human ways is not for the sake of morality or pseudo-piety, but simply because the Next Level literally has no place for those activities. For example, there are apparently no active reproductive organs in the physical bodies of members of the Next Level, though the bodies of some of the younger (less advanced) members of the Next Level, if examined, might show signs of internal remnants of reproductive organs long since all but atrophied. Therefore, it seems you could not inherit one of those bodies until you no longer have any use for activities involving the reproductive organs. Those who think their Heaven will have husbands and wives who wear “seed-bearing plants” for bodies must know of some other place than the Heaven our Heavenly Father exists in.

In the same way, they would also show no signs of digestive organs as humans know them. So, wouldn’t it follow that it is important to have no likes or cravings for food, other than as fuel, if you hope to inherit a Next Level vehicle (body) or suit of clothes?

Whatever you crave or haven’t overcome at the loss of one body carries over to any next body, if the Gardener chooses to replant you. That is, the capacity of your new body will match the level of comprehension and control that you (the mind) achieved while occupying any previous body (vehicle). You will “pick up where you left off,” so to speak, with whatever programming or physical addictions you had not overcome. Do not confuse this with the popular concept of reincarnation.

The students’ constant desire is to move upward, always striving for a closer relationship with their Older Members, to be more like them in thought and action, and thus “be of the same mind.” “The Son can do nothing on His own accord, but only what He sees the Father doing, for whatever He does, the Son does likewise.” – John 5:19

In trying to achieve this goal, they have found a most valuable instrument to be the constant use of a “check partner.” Check partners are individuals who share the same desires and goals, but between them there exists no physical or romantic relationship. As constant companions, they are always reaching for the most right action based on what they think their Older Members would have them do. “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” – Matthew 18:20

This applies to all ages of Next Level members. The older a member, the more he has mastered the technique of checking with his Older Member if this or that thought or action was the one intended or handed down through the “vine,” trying to be sure that the thought or action wasn’t a creation of his own or different from that of his Older Member. This is not the loss of individuality but the liberating from influences which separate us. “For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me.” – John 6:38 [If any true religious scholars sincerely try to digest any of this strange puzzle, they may understand more of the real meaning of their studies.]

As was mentioned earlier, Do recognized that Ti was clearly his Older Member, not that Ti ever told him that, but it became quite obvious because of how much more natural the Next Level conduct and ways of thinking were to her. Also it became clear to the class that Ti and Do were their elders (Older Members), though they were not as aware of the gap between Ti and Do as much as Do was and as Do was sure that Ti was.

The class also has recognized that during the course of our classroom the concepts we believed in seemed to change almost as fast as our locations. However, we continued to believe in certain things consistently all along the way (mainly the rapid antiquating of our previous understanding). We knew that each step was an important stepping stone and gave us the perspective we needed to take at the time. We also clearly recognize the limitation and potential antiquation of our present understanding, though we know that it is sufficient for this moment. In other words, growth is a continual, changing process.

We are aware that some of this information is a real brain twister and takes a gestation period before comprehension. Frequently, at first exposure it may provoke negative reactions. However, the true “Sons of God” in line for membership will wade through the adjustment difficulties.

When rising into the vernacular of this kind of thinking, it becomes difficult to maintain a cohesiveness of thought. The thoughts seem fragmented or as little pieces of a larger picture that is difficult to bring into focus. That is because at this moment the reader is experiencing the mind of the Older Member of the writer speaking through his instrument, i.e., brain and pen. However, in this case the writer will not come out of some coma as “channelers” do, for the writer is consciously on the same “wavelength” as the Father, or Older Member, who is coming through. (The writer has just received instruction to switch back to more mundane information.)

Some may ask, “How were those bodies affected which were entered by the Next Level minds of Ti and Do and the class?” If those individuals are still in the class, that is evidence that the genetic programming of the human vehicle has accepted or adapted to the thoughts and actions of the Next Level mind that now occupies and controls that vehicle. If a member of the Next Level wears a body like a suit of clothes, then he needs the strength to control and functionally use the genetic package of the suit of clothes he has reason to put on.

Our understanding is that Next Level bodies (the normal bodies for that Kingdom level, in the same way that human bodies are the norm for the human kingdom) are grown as plants from a vine, and at the end of their gestation period, they are fully grown and functional, not “babies” as are the products of human “seed-bearing plants.” There seem to be actual grafting processes used and genetic binding from Older Members. “I am the vine, ye are the branches” – could that mean something more than previously thought?

When minds or souls are deliberately tuned to the same thinking and same actions, think how well they could function in the service of the Next Level if they inherited like bodies of the same genetic vine with the same programming potential.

Here we are fragmenting again because the picture is so big and so difficult to focus.

Some 3-1/2 years ago from the time of this writing, Ti left her human vehicle. To all human appearances it was due to a form of liver cancer. We could say that because of the stress, due to the gap between her Next Level mind and the vehicle’s genetic capacity, that the cancer symptom caused the vehicle to break down and stop functioning. However, it was strange that she experienced no symptoms prior to the week she left her vehicle, and for the most part her vehicle slept through the transition. We’re not exactly sure how many days it might have taken her to return to the Next Level vehicle she left behind prior to this task.

The more important fact is that since that time, Do has been experiencing the role of having to communicate mentally with her, his Older Member, in a strengthening opportunity for mental or telepathic communication (not to be confused with the popular concept of channeling or spiritualism). The class has witnessed Ti’s mind meshed in Do’s thinking and even his choice of words as he talks to them. Does the quote “The Father is in Me and I am in My Father” mean maybe a little more than we previously thought it might?

It’s fun that in the class they refer to this kind of thought expression, which has several strata of interpretation, as “N. L. Base” computer language – Next Level computer language – for it seems to take on a different level of meaning to those who have the same “computer program” or “software.”

Is it possible that those who have like minds might also share a same kind of implant (not unlike an advanced computer chip) and recognize the same language or basis for understanding? “You cannot come to the Father unless He draws you to Him” – could that possibly mean that the Next Level has literally placed implants in the heads of some humans for different purposes? One purpose might be to draw the chosen to Him, for they are looking to the right source with the right asking (prayers?).

“What has the class been doing for 12 years?” you might ask. They have been tuning their minds with their Older Member’s mind, who has been tuning his mind with his Older Member’s mind, and so forth up the ladder.

They have been progressively gaining more control over the genetic programming of their vehicles, and in so doing have been automatically putting those signals into the atmosphere for others to draw upon. Evidence of the successful depositing of these signals comes in the form of the public’s increased awareness of the harm that smoking, drinking, drugs, and sexual promiscuity can cause to the chemistry of the human body. Additional evidence may be found in the increased awareness of the physical nature of the Kingdom of Heaven, UFO’s, Next Level bodies (recovered “alien” or extraterrestrial bodies), etc.

The class also feels that they have a more complete understanding of Lucifer: how he got to be too big for his britches, stopped looking to his Heavenly Father, and thought he knew so much he could “run his own show.” They are witnesses to how Lucifer’s helpers try in spirit to influence individuals to go backward and thereby remain his faithful servants.

One of the major tools of Lucifer is the New Age movement, i.e., Theosophy, Ascended Masters, channeling, Eastern religions, mysticism, yoga, Christ consciousness within, and the “Ye are Gods” concept. These practices and beliefs originated from Lucifer – they are his creations or distortions. All are a fantasy and a trap, though spiritually and intellectually intriguing and enticing.

Some New Age teachings purport that Jesus is one of many Ascended Masters, and they even try to make you feel ignorant if you don’t recognize Jesus as part of their hierarchy. They teach that He studied in the Himalayan Mountains with the hierarchy from age 12 to 30 – the years for which there is no significant record of His actions. If there is an ounce of truth to that claim, it might explain why it is recorded in Matthew 4:8-9: “Again, the Devil took Him to a very high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them; and said to Him, ‘All these I will give You, if You will fall down and worship me.'” Jesus knew that this was not His Heavenly Father. How would Jesus have known where the real truth was to be found, if He hadn’t been confronted with and been strong enough to see through what Lucifer had to offer?

In the same way, Ti and Do were similarly tempted by the forces of Lucifer, when in the early stages of their awakening, they were drawn into the study of Theosophy, with its teachings of the Ascended Masters, Blavatsky’s materials, and the Mahatma’s Letters. On more than one occasion, Ti and Do were offered the trap of positions of leadership and power in Luci’s camp, one of which occurred atop what most New Agers consider the highest spiritual mountain in the U.S.. Some who considered themselves the hierarchy of that spiritual community told them, “You’re the ones we’ve been looking for to be our leaders.” Ti and Do recognized, just as Jesus did, that this was a ploy of Satan and did not come from their Heavenly Father.

For us, the lesson gleaned from both these experiences is that it’s not what you “get into” that matters, but what you “get out of.” Learning from your mistakes is what develops discernment, wisdom, depth, and maturity. It is therefore ignorant to condemn individuals for what they have done in the past, if they learned from their mistakes, changed, and took a step higher on the ladder toward our Heavenly Father’s Truth.

One of the greatest temptations that Do and members of the class as individuals have had to deal with is the feeling of failure or not measuring up to the best potential of their task. However, they repeatedly recovered on the basis that whatever they might have appraised as a mistake can be reappraised as a lesson, hopefully learned, not needing to be repeated. They know that the Next Level, the Kingdom of God, always knows how to use what might have appeared as a major negative or a mistake, and change it into a positive, or a forward step of even greater magnitude.

Another one of Luci’s tactics is to try to keep us all so preoccupied with our human endeavors and concepts, including our “tainted” religious concepts, so that we might not have “the eyes to see or the ears to hear” when our Heavenly Father comes. Although the truth was designed to be found in the Judeo-Christian scriptures, Lucifer has worked equally hard to get the Christians off track by perverting their interpretations, concepts, and practices. The church uses the family, church membership, baptism, and other rituals to give people a false sense of security in religious accomplishment, and misguides them to believe that this is all they need to do in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We all know the words too well: ” He gave us the gift, He paid the price, all we have to do is believe on Him.” However, Jesus’ admonition to His disciples was quite another story.

Lucifer keeps humans so preoccupied with the family (normal for human “seed-bearing plants” except when the close of a civilization is near and/or when individuals are being drawn closer to the Next Level), that it becomes almost impossible for individuals who are prospects for moving up to respond when their Heavenly Father finds the time is ripe to draw them to Him.

When that time is at hand, no couples can respond, only individuals who seek ONLY their Heavenly Father, knowing that He is all sufficient for their every need. The individual who really recognizes his Heavenly Father, doesn’t even have the desire to share his “heart, soul, and mind” with anyone else. Needless to say, he is celibate in all ways, not simply in his sensuous nature. If at their Heavenly Father’s calling, individuals cannot respond to Him because of the worldly desires of their hearts, bodies, or minds, they will be unable to move up closer to Him and out of the darkness of their ignorance.

We know that this sounds like warped “spacey” evangelism, but there seems to be no other way to say it. We are quite aware that some of Lucifer’s helpers are perched to point the finger at us as the antichrist because we are here to expose him. One of Luci’s favorite tricks is to use the mouths of Christians as well as other awareness groups to point the finger at others as Satan if they interfere with the concepts or behaviors that he wants them to cling to.

However, the Bible makes its stand on marriage and family in the final days very clear:

“I mean, brethren, the appointed time has grown very short; from now on, let those who have wives live as though they had none.” – I Corinthians 7:29

“The unmarried man is anxious about the affairs of the Lord, how to please the Lord; but the married man is anxious about worldly affairs, how to please his wife, and his interests are divided. And the unmarried woman or girl is anxious about the affairs of the Lord, how to be holy in body and spirit; but the married woman is anxious about worldly affairs, how to please her husband. I say this for your own benefit…and to secure your undivided devotion to the Lord.” – I Corinthians 7:32-35

“But woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck, in those days!” – Luke 21:23

Ti and Do’s students know that now, because of “the times,” they must speak out with what they have come to know so as to assist those who want to move up.

As we said before, we have tried again and again to deny this seemingly bizarre information. Each time, after thorough examination, we couldn’t deny what we’ve come to know and we had to return to the same ladder in our thinking, but this time to the next rung. Could this possibly be because we had been briefed aboard a spacecraft before coming, and have gone through a gradual awakening to what was already in our minds?

Why else did Ti and Do and the class know that the bodies of Next Level Members do not have reproductive and digestive systems, before they were aware of materials such as “The Roswell Incident” and “UFO Crash at Aztec”?

Why was it that at the start of the classroom Ti and Do talked about the Next Level having underground bases from which spacecraft come and go, and that the Next Level might even engage humans to assist them with various projects?

Why did Ti and Do, even in the early classroom, constantly say, “You’ve got to get your mind into your vehicle and get control of it.”?

Years ago we were holding meetings and telling about the real physical level of existence above the human kingdom and about its physical occupants. This same information, which is coming out now as the result of “above-top-secret” Government “leaks,” substantiates what we knew in the beginning. This comes at a point in our own awakening when we no longer have the need for substantiation.

In our overcoming, no “proof” that would ever satisfy the scientific community was offered (no spacecraft landed in our backyard). But, through the nurturing of faith, we came to know the reality of the Next Level and that Ti and Do are our Older Members.

Likewise, for graduation candidates to require proof, or to prerequisite their acceptance of the reality of the Next Level on that basis, is wasted effort. If any judgment can be made, it would have to be made only as before, that is, “…by their fruits ye shall know them” – Matthew 7:20 (assuming you’ve grown to recognize good fruit).

One example of the “faith” syndrome might be seen in relationship to Whitley Strieber’s experiences. Since, as yet, his “visitors” have not offered him proof incontrovertible, that fact likely indicates that he is still candidate material. But for non-candidates of the Heavenly Kingdom, faith is, for the most part, not a requirement for incontrovertible proof to be shown, for they are not building a relationship, nor are they going anywhere.

Though candidates, early on, are denied the proof of their relationship with the Next Level, once faith has been sufficiently proven, then proof of the Next Level’s existence may be given. This is not to say that all who have had what they might consider incontrovertible proof are not necessarily candidates. We would certainly like to believe that out of all of those who witnessed the recent Gulf Breeze, Florida incident, that at least some of them might recognize it as part of the workings of their Heavenly Father’s Kingdom.

One of the reasons for the class’ resurfacing at this time seems to be as follows: Information has been released or leaked about UFO occupants, crashes, and communications between “aliens” and humans that, because of misinterpretations, could turn your eyes or have you see this evidence as something other than the workings of Our Father’s Kingdom. Humans, with very few exceptions, who have an awareness of the presence of these “aliens” haven’t grown to have the capacity to see that the Kingdom of God is at work here.

Governments who have had an undeniable awareness of the “aliens'” presence here since the late 1940’s have tried to cover it up. They have retrieved “crashed” spacecrafts, live “EBE’s” (extraterrestrials), and numerous bodies, autopsies of which have revealed characteristics mentioned previously (even though investigators interpret these occurrences incorrectly). They have even reported having had communications, encounters, and agreements with the “EBE’s” that have been misunderstood and misinterpreted.

We, the class, certainly don’t care to force the disclosure of the cover-up. The Next Level has had its own “cover-up,” so to speak, since this civilization began, for humans’ sake, because the younger “plants” (humans) wouldn’t be able to handle the unreligiousized reality of some of their doings. There are records of how in Biblical times hoards of Angels came and won this battle, or did this or that act (actual close encounters of the third kind). However, the Next Level’s presence hasn’t been noticed much for many generations until recently; i.e., in increasingly significant ways since the late 1940’s.

If you are part of God’s “children,” you know the Next Level has reasons for Their “leaks” or exposure, in preparation for a broader acceptance and understanding of Them. However, because of Their exposure, Lucifer’s counter interpretation of this presence has been stepped up. There is a major movement afoot to depict the members of the Next Level as hostile space “aliens” who abduct humans, do them harm, and are really here to “eat humans” (believe it or not, a quote from a so-called reliable source).

Alas – Our Major Dilemma: WHAT TO DO WITH WHAT WE KNOW?

For a while we tried to use what we had learned in an attempt to help victims of problematic genetic programming. We briefly started what was called “Anonymous Sexaholics Celibate Church,” aimed at people who had already joined a Sexaholics type organization. We tried to show them the positive side of their problem – that to be liberated from that addiction, having already acknowledged that they were addicts, put them ahead of the pack as far as having the potential for an improved relationship with their Heavenly Father was concerned.

We didn’t expose other knowledge that we had, only what we had learned as related to the overcoming of a sex addiction – never anything about UFO’s or Next Level awareness. We simply tried to help them understand that “life after addiction acknowledgment” could be a much happier, more fulfilling, and significantly more liberating existence, particularly if they could establish a dependency relationship with their Heavenly Father in whatever vernacular that translated for them. This was done in a way similar to the Sexaholics and Alcoholics Anonymous approach, except it offered them a more Godly focused fellowship.

We spent a lot of time and money on planning, brochures, mailings, and talking at meetings and conventions. However, the response to us was almost one of resentment of our finding “joy after celibacy,” as if we were trying to show off or be self-righteous. We considered and presented ourselves as addicts, but our lack of ability at faking “doldrums” seemed to cause some to question our humility. It was as if we were supposed to remain in a “poor us” or “sick” syndrome or otherwise be misunderstood. In this instance, they really couldn’t tell where we “were coming from.”

We also thought that we could help AIDS victims realize that their problem could actually be their blessing, if they could be thankful for the opportunity to come closer to their Heavenly Father during this period of suffering. We have done our homework mentally in this effort, but haven’t yet found the physical opportunity to put much into motion.


When we were holding meetings 12 years ago and didn’t even know much of anything about what we were doing, we were criticized by what seemed to be almost every camp. Psychologists wrote books, papers, and even articles in “Psychology Today” about our “unfortunate brainwashed syndrome.” But from our standpoint, we felt like our brains weren’t yet washed clean enough. They really didn’t know us.

Ministers wrote articles in books and newsletters about how selfish our self-perfecting syndrome was. Overlooking Matthew 5:48, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in Heaven is perfect,” they hastily surmised that we were on an ego “perfection” trip. Our motivation for trying to overcome everything that separated us from the Next Level was based upon the humility that we felt, feeling that we had done nothing to deserve the honor of the Next Level’s closeness, and in spite of that fact, the Next Level had chosen to draw us closer to them. An awareness of that gift compelled us and also gave us the strength needed to try to rid ourselves of everything that separated us from Their Kingdom. Again, they never knew us, having never even sat with us.

Ufologists said that we must not know anything about the world of spacecrafts because we had used the term UFO, and what they knew of what we stood for seemed too spiritual.

However, the ones who misunderstood us the most were the ones who interpreted our position as by-passing Jesus, never understanding that without that same Mind that abides in Him, we would be nothing.

We believe in the reality of God, His Kingdom, and of His Son Jesus Christ. If we are off track in any way, we want it rectified. If we are some well-meaning, misguided, charismatic cult that is full of baloney, we want that rectified. However, if we are in fact in His service, we want that service brought to its full fruition according to God’s will. We want only what’s right in His eyes.


The one thing we seem to be good at is attracting those to us who would mock us, misinterpret us, and wish that we would go away. They not only find fault in everything that we did and do, but make up things to accuse us of.

Maybe this is what we are supposed to expect at this point in our development toward our Older Member. We’re not really the martyr type, but “so be it” if it’s His will – part of His design!

Here’s hoping our efforts have not been in vain. We feel that it is our instruction from our Father’s Kingdom to get this material out at this time. Maybe, just maybe, there are some who can benefit from it – if not now, then possibly in some future time.

If you want to help us get this material out (intact) far and wide, please do.

How the UFO Two Witnesses Heaven’s Gate “cult” founded by Ti-Nettles(return of Father/Lord/Jehovah) and Do-Applewhite(return of Jesus(second coming)/Elijha/Moses/Enoch) vetted their true believing students (Saints) from those who were not ready to overcome and graduate/be harvested into the Level Above Human (Heaven) from their human condition

March 2, 2010

How the UFO Two Witnesses Heaven’s Gate “cult” founded by Ti-Nettles(return of Father/Lord/Jehovah) and Do-Applewhite(return of Jesus(second coming)/Elijha/Moses/Enoch) vetted their true believing students (Saints) from those who were not ready to overcome and graduate/be harvested into the Level Above Human (Heaven) from their human condition.

Post #23 Mark of (University of Sydney) wrote:

I am just wondering if you believe or feel that the descriptions given are in fact a mechanism of vetting the true believers (or at least those who are truly ready for the next level) from the ones who are not. In other words, a methodology of almost selecting people for their analytical abilities so that a consistent attribute of flexibility can be ensured?

Sawyer’s response:

Yes I do agree that the Next Level(Kingdom of God) is vetting. The classroom as we called it was a vetting process from the get go though I didn’t think of it that way at the time. Look at the facts.

Ti and Do (aka  Peep and Bo), whose physical human vehicles were named: Bonnie Lu Truedale Nettles and Marshall Herf Applewhite put out their message from 1973-mid-1976 when Ti on April 21st at a Manhattan college public meeting said “the harvest is closed”. This was after probably some 200 initially joined and 100 of which had already by then dropped out. So 96 remained but no conscious vetting had begun that I can document. We gathered in veedavou area of the medicine bow national forest in southern Wyoming and began to have meetings with Ti and do among the trees and rocks, still spoken of by us as Bo and Peep by then (Do and Ti).

Their message was a catch all that could appeal to religious and non-religious, but only really to the fringe of any number of belief or non-belief systems, in part that their language was designed to appeal to in calling their offering Human Individual Metamorphosis (H.I.M.) and as a task for the Evolutionary Level Above Human, a physical place of many members and that we were prospective candidates for membership that is, if we were willing to give our all to enter and complete the “process” equated with a metamorphosis to emerge a new creature (butterfly, hence butterfly popularity especially in the 60-70’s) without the previous kingdom level limitations. These terms shot across the bow of virtually everyone. All of a sudden the pagans were uplifted as it was a “many membered kingdom” not just a Father, Son and Holy Ghost and some etheric angles of some sort. It was physical, no longer thought again as etheric and non-matter related (though their bodies were considered to be made of a different biological structure than humans, as it even indicates in 3-4 biblical records), which might appeal to the more practical minded and ufologists at the time. They spoke in terms of this next level being evolutionary thus aligned with “nature” in a progressive fashion where there was an evolution of both mind(spirit/soul) and body/flesh and it’s facilities – everlasting, etc. They addressed the spirit world as an undesirable pursuit. They called “discarnates” Influences taking some of the mystic away, as did the other terminology jiving with how Jesus said upon his return he would speak “plainly” of the kingdom, no longer in story and largely symbolic or figurative form, (though Ti and Do did use the caterpillar/butterfly analogy and spoke a bit of the Next Level being ranchers and human being’s somewhat like wild horses captured by the rancher to try to tame into voluntary service). This goes with the idea that the Next Level comes as a “thief” secretly to steal away some as they will move out of all they once thought made the normal humans to becomes something more than ordinary. This is also the way Jesus after vetting said it was a must to “follow him” physically, be with him to be a disciple.

And they aligned with the Judaic/christian and to some degree Buddhist/Islamic religious movements by reference to their being the Two Witnesses in rev 11 that goes back into the two lampstands and the two olive trees, etc. They at that time expected to be bumped off nearly right away and there certainly was great hatred of them and their message, that I witnessed first hand but which they did seek to avoid though were willing to give themselves over to. It’s interesting that the Greek word for “witnesses” is rooted in “martus” meaning “giving honest testimony with the prospect of being killed for doing so” – martyrdom (which any desire among the students conscious or subconscious was actually considered to be something to additionally overcome because largely that idea of becoming a martyr was yet another ego trap – doing so to be “special” or a “hero” instead of the result of simply revealing new and challenging updated truths about the realities of the Level Above Human.

So what happens at Veedovou? Some students continue to smoke pot and have sex thus Ti and Do call us together and say, it’s time to get down to business. If you want those things this is not the place for you. A few drop away. Then each student is vetted by some assigned by Ti and Do to interview each student in their camp (as we were spread out so not to draw too much attention, into about 6-7 camps (not sure) with Ti and Do’s camp separate as well, though they had a small contingent of fellow student “helpers” with them in their camp. When winter started to approach they decided we’d move south and it was snowing the day we left and we headed to Utah, near salt lake city. This was around November of 76. No sooner than we got to our second camping area in the Utah mountains that was very, very cold and snowy, do we find out that they had given instruction for some to go to one camp and another group to a different camping area. (There was always lots of shuffling of students among the camps before then). So Ti and Do came to the camp I was in, where there were about 70 members and told us that we’d made the “cut”. They said that 19 of our fellow students, they didn’t think were up to the task before us so they decided to separate them into another camp. Within a week we moved from there heading further south and occasionally someone would leave in the middle of the night. (I remember Dncody (Dick J.) was one who vanished with Echody, one night. We went looking for Dick, not to drag him back but to be sure he was okay and to try to see what happened while knowing that he could be in a condition that might bring him to authorities and then no matter what he said the group and especially Ti and Do would not look good and that could jeopardize the mission. Dncody was the student who came from their first meeting in LA who was a working actor. His picture was on the front of a Wheaties box of cereal. He was located on the road and came back and stayed a while and then left again, but this time for good, but that was years later. After I left in 1994 I spent some time with Dncody and dncody did some talk shows (sally jesse raphel, etc.). He died a few years back from what appeared to be an aids related illness).

So much for being held against our will as asserted by all the cult specialists.

We didn’t know what happened with this smaller group until months later when we were told that Ti and Do still had occasional contact but had instructed them to locate near a large town and seek to get jobs and that if they continued their overcoming, they would be taken care of by the Next Level. (That group was attended for years by Ti and Do, though threw student helpers of Ti and Do and occasional visits with them by Ti and Do. But it’s numbers dwindled and some got apartments and moved elsewhere. But as it turned out one of those members, after a long period of time (years) when they (the 19) had no contact with anyone from the larger body he went out looking for Ti and Do. His name became Durable later, Drrody, (Allan) and he just happened to bump into Nrrody – (Susan) who was working in a hospital in Amarillo, Texas where we were living in trailers and down to about 36 members plus Ti and Do. It was when Ti had her eye removed as it was declared cancerous, thus was about 1983. When Durable found us he was elated and he said he knew of another of the 19 that still wanted to find the classroom named Stlody – Steel (Gary). They both joined us and were among the 38 in rancho sante fe).

The vetting continued in many ways obvious and not. Ti and Do at first arranged the overall group into 4 groups and gave each group a name related to a star or star cluster. They were Fomalhaut, Procyon, Sirius and Altair. So my name then was PB, for Procyon B, as it went 1-9 and then A,B,C,D,E,F – there were no G’s. I think there was only 1 or 2 F’s,thus about 57 members then plus Ti and Do. I wonder now why it was done to conform to a hexadecimal system – Ti and Do were not computer technical at all and especially not in the late 70’s when this was done.

Then in 1985 before Ti died they instructed all who wanted, to arrange physical visits with one location or two of family members whom they thought might be helped as Ti and Do were always aware of the anxiety of many family members as in those first 10 years most of the class had zero contact with family. Most of the group took flights all over the country, some traveling alone and others in a two some or three some if they needed to go to the same city. I went alone and stayed for a weekend and flew back. I could have easily left and if someone wanted to capture me out of the group that could have easily been arranged as we called ahead of time to announce our arrival. My family met me at JFK international airport.

Then after Ti’s vehicle died Do arranged yet another visit, about 1987 with the same reasons but this time some made a point to visit with other members families so the family could see who it was they were now living in community with. For the most part, even entirely the family members liked all they met. I Know as I met some in Jwnody’s family at the house where Jwnody grew up, her mother and perhaps a sibling.

Again, some cult that they organized this not once by twice. And I can honestly say there were some who did end up leaving as a result of the visit’s. Rthody (Michael) left maybe a year after the second visit. I visited with him in 1995 after I had left in 1994. When he visited he met with a rather large family and decided he wanted to return to them which Do accommodated and bought him a plane ticket and may have given him some money as at that time Do offered anyone who wanted to leave $2000.00 to do so. Do expressed that he felt some had grown so comfortable with easy communal life (in some ways) that they were not pressing to grow as fast as was necessary, that created the metamorphic like body changes needed to have a viable “soul/spirit” birth (as Jesus described would occur upon his return after his disciples souls were literally “born again”, the real meaning of the term).

We also had half way houses even 1000 miles away from one another – (California to Dallas for instance) considered satellites and multiple homes where members were grouped for various reasons of which I was at times privy to as I was assigned an overseer of one house and it was very strange as I was an overseer by myself. I had a partner as we always did but in this period of maybe 6-8 months on the task of overseer I operated by myself and reported to those in the house where Do was (as Ti left her body(died) in June of 1985) called Satellite 3 and often reported directly to Do. At the half way houses which consisted of three apartments in Dallas while the rest of the group was altogether either in California, New Mexico, Arizona, Dallas or Colorado, over the course of 4-5 years that involved Brnody, Anyody and Cddody at first. Cddody ended up leaving a couple years after being in a half way house. Also Tllody and Stlody were in the half way houses. These houses were operated by the students who lived in them. All had jobs and I believe Tllody at one point bought a sports car and had a girlfriend. Then Alxody and Sngody were sent by Do to join with the half way house folk. No one was told how long they might be there. All who went to half way house were having consistent problems with some of the “process” (overcoming humanness/mammalian ways) lessons. Sngody was longing for her two then fully adult daughters, whom she had visited twice in 85 and 87 but who at one point she secretly called on the phone. The problem was not so much the phone calls but the deceit as being decietful in anyway was considered a “major offense” as was giving into (permitting) sensuality in any form, but mostly in the form of sexuality.

It remained hard for Sngody (angela), as anyone could imagine but she felt she had to be in the group headed towards membership in the Kingdom of Heaven/God, what Ti and Do called the Phyicial Level Above Human or in short the Next Level. All those mentioned were among the 38 in Rancho Sante Fe, who laid down their lives voluntarily. They all rejoined as a result of our going around the country in 1994 for the second major face to face offerings of the information.

Now Alxody had problems with anger and jealously at times. At one point cddody and he got into a scuffle and alxody pushed cddody away from him on the chest. Alxody had a huge amount of energy and it was hard for him, but each student had equivalent challenges – just some were harder to see. Like mine was hardest to see and had to do with my vehicles desire for some of the female classmates.

Being a student of Ti and Do wasn’t about joining and being there. If we weren’t pressing to change our mind and adopt the new ways to think, talk and act then we weren’t moving ahead. Thus if someone didn’t seem very motivated to push their own limitations then they were counseled, a task I often had, or they were arranged to live in a half way house or they would decide to leave entirely. There were no free rides. It was a constant accumulation of effort.

Some left when no UFO’s came. Some left when the demonstration didn’t happen exactly as the prophecy predicted. It could be easily seen that at times Ti and Do didn’t know all the ramifications of their receipt of an instruction for us. Afterwards, when certain students found a new instruction challenging it became a lesson opportunity and if one couldn’t handle having frequent lessons then they could choose to leave the group.

However, starting with the times of the visit’s we generally were given instructions to call (if we wanted to) those that may be dealing with anxiety about our whereabouts and condition as don’t forget for the first few years of our absence from our “old lives” the media was printing everything under the sun about the UFO Two and we who their sheep by our own desire and of course it was all negative. Parents and siblings generally believed their loved one was being duped, mesmerized and manipulated, though all were quite independent minded.

It was amazing that a few publications reported as objectively as they could including the New York Times. But at one point in early October of 1975 the FBI came to a meeting Ti and Do were speaking at, in Colorado because they wanted to question Ti and Do about the cattle mutilations that at the time in 1975 had plagued many ranchers in Colorado, New Mexico and elsewhere in that general vicinity and there were often accompanying UFO sightings around that they figured might be a….well UFO Cult, as we were then called by the media. Ti and Do did not want to talk to the FBI, knowing how the law can often not be genuinely just and how they were big headlines at that time, didn’t know if they would be taken in for whatever reasons. There were complaints of kidnapping and other things against them though such was never, ever the case at all.

Ti and Do were masters in staying hidden so not to be apprehended by those who put out investigators to find their loved ones. Remember all were adults when they joined. There were two exceptions in 1975 who were 16 years old and Ti and Do required them to tell their parents where they were and what they were doing right from the start and arranged for them to have some contact. One left soon after joining and the other stayed with us for about 5 years and currently lives in the San Antonio area and has a family of her own. I know as I spoke with her several times after I left in 1994. We did periodically telephone family but it wasn’t generally any more often than one time a year or so. Students who felt anxiety about their human vehicle’s families would report that to Do in the note system we had that would only go to Do to read and he would talk to Ti about it in his privacy (we never prayed out loud – such was even against Jesus teachings), and then when he felt Ti gave him instruction he would instigate calls which we’d all do within one days time and then be on to our tasks of overcoming which is another paper altogether, though dealing emotionally with those our vehicles had some root system attachment to was part of it, as Jesus also spoke very clearly, was part of the overcoming process.

It is true we did not do things that either Ti and Do did not authorized or suggest or give instructions to, but that was part of the program and if we didn’t want to look to them then we could leave at any time. It was actually around 1980 that Ti told us we’d have to give them (ti and do) our minds. Until we didn’t generally think that way, at least I didn’t but nor did Ti and Do saying that cause me to question being their student. Do told us years later after Ti’s physical human vehicle died that Ti thought by saying that they “would lose half the class”. Again and again, what cult leader or priest or deacon or rabbi or guru or teacher or reverend with any degree of flock doesn’t want followers and challenges them to such a point that some leave the flock.

When I left I had a strange bout with my human sexuality by myself and after months dealing with recovering Do offered me a reinstatement to a previously held overseer task assignment. I told him I couldn’t do it and he asked what I wanted to do and I said, I guess I have to leave. He then instructed my fellow students to not try to talk me out of it because Do said to them, “swyody knows what he is doing”, though I really didn’t in a sense but in another needed to leave as I wasn’t growing in the way I needed to in order to be on par with the rest of the students in terms of our working towards Next Level Membership. So the next day they bought me an airplane ticket to one of the half way houses but even less of a half way house, that I agreed to go to and they gave me $600 cash to get started with.

So in summary, as there is still lots more to share on this subject of how the classroom was run and “vetted”, the vetting as we are calling it was not done the way a human organization would probably do it. Humans would either have a competition or audition or bar to jump up to or a certain amount of points to earn to be included in the group. We had none of that, nor did we have anyone yelling at us, angry, no punishment, no guilt trips and no fire and brimstone talk ever.

Then with the exit from the group of Rio or neody weeks before they all did their group laying down of their physical lives and the fact that they stopped allowing even returned members to rejoin, namely rkkody and oscody and all the “exit video’s” they produced in march of 1997 weeks before their last days physically on Earth, show an abundance of evidence that it was a continuous vetting program that Ti and Do were not the ultimate managers of as they relied on their invisible to them helpers to lead them to lead the students into circumstance that would most naturally present students with the precise challenges they most needed.

This group was not meant to attract just anybody and certainly wasn’t looking for large numbers.

The best first step for any would be believer is to share the precise things Ti and Do said and did with others and accept the ramifications. The overcoming process is fine to engage in but not necessary to getting hooked up to Ti and Do’s crew.