How the UFO Two Witnesses Heaven’s Gate “cult” founded by Ti-Nettles(return of Father/Lord/Jehovah) and Do-Applewhite(return of Jesus(second coming)/Elijha/Moses/Enoch) vetted their true believing students (Saints) from those who were not ready to overcome and graduate/be harvested into the Level Above Human (Heaven) from their human condition

How the UFO Two Witnesses Heaven’s Gate “cult” founded by Ti-Nettles(return of Father/Lord/Jehovah) and Do-Applewhite(return of Jesus(second coming)/Elijha/Moses/Enoch) vetted their true believing students (Saints) from those who were not ready to overcome and graduate/be harvested into the Level Above Human (Heaven) from their human condition.

Post #23 Mark of (University of Sydney) wrote:

I am just wondering if you believe or feel that the descriptions given are in fact a mechanism of vetting the true believers (or at least those who are truly ready for the next level) from the ones who are not. In other words, a methodology of almost selecting people for their analytical abilities so that a consistent attribute of flexibility can be ensured?

Sawyer’s response:

Yes I do agree that the Next Level(Kingdom of God) is vetting. The classroom as we called it was a vetting process from the get go though I didn’t think of it that way at the time. Look at the facts.

Ti and Do (aka  Peep and Bo), whose physical human vehicles were named: Bonnie Lu Truedale Nettles and Marshall Herf Applewhite put out their message from 1973-mid-1976 when Ti on April 21st at a Manhattan college public meeting said “the harvest is closed”. This was after probably some 200 initially joined and 100 of which had already by then dropped out. So 96 remained but no conscious vetting had begun that I can document. We gathered in veedavou area of the medicine bow national forest in southern Wyoming and began to have meetings with Ti and do among the trees and rocks, still spoken of by us as Bo and Peep by then (Do and Ti).

Their message was a catch all that could appeal to religious and non-religious, but only really to the fringe of any number of belief or non-belief systems, in part that their language was designed to appeal to in calling their offering Human Individual Metamorphosis (H.I.M.) and as a task for the Evolutionary Level Above Human, a physical place of many members and that we were prospective candidates for membership that is, if we were willing to give our all to enter and complete the “process” equated with a metamorphosis to emerge a new creature (butterfly, hence butterfly popularity especially in the 60-70’s) without the previous kingdom level limitations. These terms shot across the bow of virtually everyone. All of a sudden the pagans were uplifted as it was a “many membered kingdom” not just a Father, Son and Holy Ghost and some etheric angles of some sort. It was physical, no longer thought again as etheric and non-matter related (though their bodies were considered to be made of a different biological structure than humans, as it even indicates in 3-4 biblical records), which might appeal to the more practical minded and ufologists at the time. They spoke in terms of this next level being evolutionary thus aligned with “nature” in a progressive fashion where there was an evolution of both mind(spirit/soul) and body/flesh and it’s facilities – everlasting, etc. They addressed the spirit world as an undesirable pursuit. They called “discarnates” Influences taking some of the mystic away, as did the other terminology jiving with how Jesus said upon his return he would speak “plainly” of the kingdom, no longer in story and largely symbolic or figurative form, (though Ti and Do did use the caterpillar/butterfly analogy and spoke a bit of the Next Level being ranchers and human being’s somewhat like wild horses captured by the rancher to try to tame into voluntary service). This goes with the idea that the Next Level comes as a “thief” secretly to steal away some as they will move out of all they once thought made the normal humans to becomes something more than ordinary. This is also the way Jesus after vetting said it was a must to “follow him” physically, be with him to be a disciple.

And they aligned with the Judaic/christian and to some degree Buddhist/Islamic religious movements by reference to their being the Two Witnesses in rev 11 that goes back into the two lampstands and the two olive trees, etc. They at that time expected to be bumped off nearly right away and there certainly was great hatred of them and their message, that I witnessed first hand but which they did seek to avoid though were willing to give themselves over to. It’s interesting that the Greek word for “witnesses” is rooted in “martus” meaning “giving honest testimony with the prospect of being killed for doing so” – martyrdom (which any desire among the students conscious or subconscious was actually considered to be something to additionally overcome because largely that idea of becoming a martyr was yet another ego trap – doing so to be “special” or a “hero” instead of the result of simply revealing new and challenging updated truths about the realities of the Level Above Human.

So what happens at Veedovou? Some students continue to smoke pot and have sex thus Ti and Do call us together and say, it’s time to get down to business. If you want those things this is not the place for you. A few drop away. Then each student is vetted by some assigned by Ti and Do to interview each student in their camp (as we were spread out so not to draw too much attention, into about 6-7 camps (not sure) with Ti and Do’s camp separate as well, though they had a small contingent of fellow student “helpers” with them in their camp. When winter started to approach they decided we’d move south and it was snowing the day we left and we headed to Utah, near salt lake city. This was around November of 76. No sooner than we got to our second camping area in the Utah mountains that was very, very cold and snowy, do we find out that they had given instruction for some to go to one camp and another group to a different camping area. (There was always lots of shuffling of students among the camps before then). So Ti and Do came to the camp I was in, where there were about 70 members and told us that we’d made the “cut”. They said that 19 of our fellow students, they didn’t think were up to the task before us so they decided to separate them into another camp. Within a week we moved from there heading further south and occasionally someone would leave in the middle of the night. (I remember Dncody (Dick J.) was one who vanished with Echody, one night. We went looking for Dick, not to drag him back but to be sure he was okay and to try to see what happened while knowing that he could be in a condition that might bring him to authorities and then no matter what he said the group and especially Ti and Do would not look good and that could jeopardize the mission. Dncody was the student who came from their first meeting in LA who was a working actor. His picture was on the front of a Wheaties box of cereal. He was located on the road and came back and stayed a while and then left again, but this time for good, but that was years later. After I left in 1994 I spent some time with Dncody and dncody did some talk shows (sally jesse raphel, etc.). He died a few years back from what appeared to be an aids related illness).

So much for being held against our will as asserted by all the cult specialists.

We didn’t know what happened with this smaller group until months later when we were told that Ti and Do still had occasional contact but had instructed them to locate near a large town and seek to get jobs and that if they continued their overcoming, they would be taken care of by the Next Level. (That group was attended for years by Ti and Do, though threw student helpers of Ti and Do and occasional visits with them by Ti and Do. But it’s numbers dwindled and some got apartments and moved elsewhere. But as it turned out one of those members, after a long period of time (years) when they (the 19) had no contact with anyone from the larger body he went out looking for Ti and Do. His name became Durable later, Drrody, (Allan) and he just happened to bump into Nrrody – (Susan) who was working in a hospital in Amarillo, Texas where we were living in trailers and down to about 36 members plus Ti and Do. It was when Ti had her eye removed as it was declared cancerous, thus was about 1983. When Durable found us he was elated and he said he knew of another of the 19 that still wanted to find the classroom named Stlody – Steel (Gary). They both joined us and were among the 38 in rancho sante fe).

The vetting continued in many ways obvious and not. Ti and Do at first arranged the overall group into 4 groups and gave each group a name related to a star or star cluster. They were Fomalhaut, Procyon, Sirius and Altair. So my name then was PB, for Procyon B, as it went 1-9 and then A,B,C,D,E,F – there were no G’s. I think there was only 1 or 2 F’s,thus about 57 members then plus Ti and Do. I wonder now why it was done to conform to a hexadecimal system – Ti and Do were not computer technical at all and especially not in the late 70’s when this was done.

Then in 1985 before Ti died they instructed all who wanted, to arrange physical visits with one location or two of family members whom they thought might be helped as Ti and Do were always aware of the anxiety of many family members as in those first 10 years most of the class had zero contact with family. Most of the group took flights all over the country, some traveling alone and others in a two some or three some if they needed to go to the same city. I went alone and stayed for a weekend and flew back. I could have easily left and if someone wanted to capture me out of the group that could have easily been arranged as we called ahead of time to announce our arrival. My family met me at JFK international airport.

Then after Ti’s vehicle died Do arranged yet another visit, about 1987 with the same reasons but this time some made a point to visit with other members families so the family could see who it was they were now living in community with. For the most part, even entirely the family members liked all they met. I Know as I met some in Jwnody’s family at the house where Jwnody grew up, her mother and perhaps a sibling.

Again, some cult that they organized this not once by twice. And I can honestly say there were some who did end up leaving as a result of the visit’s. Rthody (Michael) left maybe a year after the second visit. I visited with him in 1995 after I had left in 1994. When he visited he met with a rather large family and decided he wanted to return to them which Do accommodated and bought him a plane ticket and may have given him some money as at that time Do offered anyone who wanted to leave $2000.00 to do so. Do expressed that he felt some had grown so comfortable with easy communal life (in some ways) that they were not pressing to grow as fast as was necessary, that created the metamorphic like body changes needed to have a viable “soul/spirit” birth (as Jesus described would occur upon his return after his disciples souls were literally “born again”, the real meaning of the term).

We also had half way houses even 1000 miles away from one another – (California to Dallas for instance) considered satellites and multiple homes where members were grouped for various reasons of which I was at times privy to as I was assigned an overseer of one house and it was very strange as I was an overseer by myself. I had a partner as we always did but in this period of maybe 6-8 months on the task of overseer I operated by myself and reported to those in the house where Do was (as Ti left her body(died) in June of 1985) called Satellite 3 and often reported directly to Do. At the half way houses which consisted of three apartments in Dallas while the rest of the group was altogether either in California, New Mexico, Arizona, Dallas or Colorado, over the course of 4-5 years that involved Brnody, Anyody and Cddody at first. Cddody ended up leaving a couple years after being in a half way house. Also Tllody and Stlody were in the half way houses. These houses were operated by the students who lived in them. All had jobs and I believe Tllody at one point bought a sports car and had a girlfriend. Then Alxody and Sngody were sent by Do to join with the half way house folk. No one was told how long they might be there. All who went to half way house were having consistent problems with some of the “process” (overcoming humanness/mammalian ways) lessons. Sngody was longing for her two then fully adult daughters, whom she had visited twice in 85 and 87 but who at one point she secretly called on the phone. The problem was not so much the phone calls but the deceit as being decietful in anyway was considered a “major offense” as was giving into (permitting) sensuality in any form, but mostly in the form of sexuality.

It remained hard for Sngody (angela), as anyone could imagine but she felt she had to be in the group headed towards membership in the Kingdom of Heaven/God, what Ti and Do called the Phyicial Level Above Human or in short the Next Level. All those mentioned were among the 38 in Rancho Sante Fe, who laid down their lives voluntarily. They all rejoined as a result of our going around the country in 1994 for the second major face to face offerings of the information.

Now Alxody had problems with anger and jealously at times. At one point cddody and he got into a scuffle and alxody pushed cddody away from him on the chest. Alxody had a huge amount of energy and it was hard for him, but each student had equivalent challenges – just some were harder to see. Like mine was hardest to see and had to do with my vehicles desire for some of the female classmates.

Being a student of Ti and Do wasn’t about joining and being there. If we weren’t pressing to change our mind and adopt the new ways to think, talk and act then we weren’t moving ahead. Thus if someone didn’t seem very motivated to push their own limitations then they were counseled, a task I often had, or they were arranged to live in a half way house or they would decide to leave entirely. There were no free rides. It was a constant accumulation of effort.

Some left when no UFO’s came. Some left when the demonstration didn’t happen exactly as the prophecy predicted. It could be easily seen that at times Ti and Do didn’t know all the ramifications of their receipt of an instruction for us. Afterwards, when certain students found a new instruction challenging it became a lesson opportunity and if one couldn’t handle having frequent lessons then they could choose to leave the group.

However, starting with the times of the visit’s we generally were given instructions to call (if we wanted to) those that may be dealing with anxiety about our whereabouts and condition as don’t forget for the first few years of our absence from our “old lives” the media was printing everything under the sun about the UFO Two and we who their sheep by our own desire and of course it was all negative. Parents and siblings generally believed their loved one was being duped, mesmerized and manipulated, though all were quite independent minded.

It was amazing that a few publications reported as objectively as they could including the New York Times. But at one point in early October of 1975 the FBI came to a meeting Ti and Do were speaking at, in Colorado because they wanted to question Ti and Do about the cattle mutilations that at the time in 1975 had plagued many ranchers in Colorado, New Mexico and elsewhere in that general vicinity and there were often accompanying UFO sightings around that they figured might be a….well UFO Cult, as we were then called by the media. Ti and Do did not want to talk to the FBI, knowing how the law can often not be genuinely just and how they were big headlines at that time, didn’t know if they would be taken in for whatever reasons. There were complaints of kidnapping and other things against them though such was never, ever the case at all.

Ti and Do were masters in staying hidden so not to be apprehended by those who put out investigators to find their loved ones. Remember all were adults when they joined. There were two exceptions in 1975 who were 16 years old and Ti and Do required them to tell their parents where they were and what they were doing right from the start and arranged for them to have some contact. One left soon after joining and the other stayed with us for about 5 years and currently lives in the San Antonio area and has a family of her own. I know as I spoke with her several times after I left in 1994. We did periodically telephone family but it wasn’t generally any more often than one time a year or so. Students who felt anxiety about their human vehicle’s families would report that to Do in the note system we had that would only go to Do to read and he would talk to Ti about it in his privacy (we never prayed out loud – such was even against Jesus teachings), and then when he felt Ti gave him instruction he would instigate calls which we’d all do within one days time and then be on to our tasks of overcoming which is another paper altogether, though dealing emotionally with those our vehicles had some root system attachment to was part of it, as Jesus also spoke very clearly, was part of the overcoming process.

It is true we did not do things that either Ti and Do did not authorized or suggest or give instructions to, but that was part of the program and if we didn’t want to look to them then we could leave at any time. It was actually around 1980 that Ti told us we’d have to give them (ti and do) our minds. Until we didn’t generally think that way, at least I didn’t but nor did Ti and Do saying that cause me to question being their student. Do told us years later after Ti’s physical human vehicle died that Ti thought by saying that they “would lose half the class”. Again and again, what cult leader or priest or deacon or rabbi or guru or teacher or reverend with any degree of flock doesn’t want followers and challenges them to such a point that some leave the flock.

When I left I had a strange bout with my human sexuality by myself and after months dealing with recovering Do offered me a reinstatement to a previously held overseer task assignment. I told him I couldn’t do it and he asked what I wanted to do and I said, I guess I have to leave. He then instructed my fellow students to not try to talk me out of it because Do said to them, “swyody knows what he is doing”, though I really didn’t in a sense but in another needed to leave as I wasn’t growing in the way I needed to in order to be on par with the rest of the students in terms of our working towards Next Level Membership. So the next day they bought me an airplane ticket to one of the half way houses but even less of a half way house, that I agreed to go to and they gave me $600 cash to get started with.

So in summary, as there is still lots more to share on this subject of how the classroom was run and “vetted”, the vetting as we are calling it was not done the way a human organization would probably do it. Humans would either have a competition or audition or bar to jump up to or a certain amount of points to earn to be included in the group. We had none of that, nor did we have anyone yelling at us, angry, no punishment, no guilt trips and no fire and brimstone talk ever.

Then with the exit from the group of Rio or neody weeks before they all did their group laying down of their physical lives and the fact that they stopped allowing even returned members to rejoin, namely rkkody and oscody and all the “exit video’s” they produced in march of 1997 weeks before their last days physically on Earth, show an abundance of evidence that it was a continuous vetting program that Ti and Do were not the ultimate managers of as they relied on their invisible to them helpers to lead them to lead the students into circumstance that would most naturally present students with the precise challenges they most needed.

This group was not meant to attract just anybody and certainly wasn’t looking for large numbers.

The best first step for any would be believer is to share the precise things Ti and Do said and did with others and accept the ramifications. The overcoming process is fine to engage in but not necessary to getting hooked up to Ti and Do’s crew.


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