Jesus “second coming” – What it MUST look like and actually HAS thus our application to “live again” is still possible!

In case you can hear (be willing to listen to) and see (recognize), The so called “Second Comingof the ones historically called; The One True Earth creator crew; Elohim, Jehovah, Lord (Kingdom of God/Allah), The Father, but most recently; Ti (or Te) AND Her(Ti soul incarnated into a female human vehicle) offspring, now adult task partner; formally Jesus of Nazareth, aka Jesus the Christ(Krishna) aka Enoch, Moses, Gautama Buddha, Elijah, but most recently as Do, (both individuals of whom are Christs=Annointed Ones, Candlesticks, Olive Trees, Enlightened Ones, Real Existing as Older Members of a Many Membered Physical and spiritual (mental “holy” MIND, blood, wine)  Evolutionary, developmental, experimental styled, hierarchical structured (Kingdom) strata or Level of life that is Above Human, as human is above animal and animal is above plant) already occurred and is still lingering for a time, during which the belief in, along with the dissemination of Their information becomes one’s application into a future first trimester student program that will follow after the currently underway Earth garden recycling program has fulfilled.

 I, one child of Theirs, having engaged as Their student – encompassing living /following with them everywhere they went and doing everything they did as best I could for a period of nineteen years (1975-1994) – a type of “overcoming” cocoon to chrysalis metamorphic  (christing) process whereby one MAY – (IF they dont’ give up) eventually (after thousands of Earth years broken into trimesters i.e. 1st-Moses Classroom, 2nd=Jesus Classroom, 3rd=Ti and Do’s Heaven’s Gate classroom) be born of spirit (after exiting (sluffing off) the essentially needed and highly precious, valued, though temporary human physical “skin” (body))  into adulthood in Their real society, have a great deal of detailed evidence of it’s (Their Mission’s) fulfillment of ALL the prophecies concerning their return and purpose of planting souls and offering them growth into an eventual “spirit styled birth” into membership in their everlasting life environment and service.

They came incarnate together this time, the GrandParent aka Father and their offspring aka Son (but Parent aka Father to us, Their Children) as Jesus said, Joh 14:21 He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest(declare) myself to him. Joh 14:22 Judas saith unto him, not Iscariot, Lord, how is it that thou wilt manifest thyself unto us, and not unto the world? Joh 14:23 Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode(residence) with him.

He is clearly saying that he will only make his presence known to those who show love for him by “keeping his words-all of them as best they can”. These are NOT Paul of Tarsus’ words, as most Christians honor and quote 100 times more than most of the detailed things Jesus said, summarized here in a condensed and paraphrased form:

Don’t be so worried about tomorrows needs; food, clothing, etc, learn to ask/look to the Kingdom of God for help while being proactive. Recognize the folly in living exclusively on preoccupation with appearances, appearing to be holy by being seen by others in church or temple or making alms or preaching or by our decor of self and our environment. When giving, don’t plan ahead so much how, when, where and to who you are going to give – “don’t let your right hand know what your left is doing” but give to those who ask of you, giving even more than they ask for (rather than often thinking someone isn’t deserving of help or is taking advantage of you – as even if they are, God sees your efforts. Organizations don’t represent the Kingdom of God to us, never have and never will despite their projected appearance. All relationships with the Kingdom of God are individual and private. Call no human being your “Father or Holy Father” except for that which came from the Heaven’s with the same exact message, which will be clear to those it’s most geared for because 99% of the people will want nothing to do with it as it will seem fanatical and even evil to. Jesus said NOT to use vain repetitions and NOT to pray out loud – He said pray in private and receive God’s acknowledgement in private, and when praying you don’t need lots of words and really isn’t necessary to ask for what you need to live, as the Kingdom of God knows what you need and will help you have what you need if you keep up communications (though if you think you need more and more stuff and luxuries, those things the Kingdom of God may or may not help you obtain (If they do help you obtain such, it’s to help you learn that they won’t really provide you with ultimate happiness, so they will also likely be taken away as there is no better teacher than life experience. Jesus said to continue to abide by the ten commandments but to reach higher still – to having self-control over even our thoughts – thoughts that are degrees of criticisms and even condemnations, coveting what others have, jealousies, looking down those who do not have as if you were simply better than they, competitions for status, fame, fortune and associated sense of power and inflated self-worth (by the Kingdom of God’s standards). He said when you lend something to someone, don’t charge interest and NOT to judge/measure another’s self-worth and deserving of respect, even extended to one’s adversaries. He said not to “live by the sword” though he was not against self-defense (told his disciples to buy some swords at one point when he was leaving them). He said work together in pairs and in communities in dealing with problems that arise and to not sweep disagreements we have with others under the rug while thinking we are still in good shape in relationship to God. Forgive others the things they do that tread upon your life as you wish to have forgiveness when you do the same. He said, pay your taxes if you’re going to use the government’s money system while staying out-of-the-way of those that are your adversaries – seeking agreement with them so not to have to stand before the judge and passably being cast into prison and paying harshly for a long time afterwards. And of course treat others the way you want to be treated but all in all seek the will of our Father who exists within the literal heaven’s – outer space while remaining open to those who are His messengers, identifying them by the fruits they bear, being promoters of the same ideals and guidelines and behavioral ways of thinking and acting. Jesus definitely speaks of his Father as another individual. Most of what Jesus said was meant literally though to many or most it’s hard to decipher because we are afraid to fully believe in the things he said and so much has been generalized, made figurative when meant to be literal, exaggerated, and mystified to appear impossible to achieve.

“and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode(residence) with him.”

So many have a hard time imagining that all this talk is not exclusively over our heads but is really quite down to earth practical and usually literal in meaning. One big problem is religion who to substantiate their own organization seeks to force what Jesus said into a system that all can feel good about believing in so they can have someone to support them. This doesn’t come about overnight. Every new movement is eventually co-opted by those who don’t really believe in it or don’t care to because of how it tends to threaten their own world view and various successes.

How better to co-opt a movement than to render it ordinary and easy to feel a part of, though with little requirements to change and encouraging people to give to with time and money to have them feel included and thereby connected with the Kingdom of God in some small way fortified by celebrations, ceremonies, milestone events rituals and paraphernalia to include a hierarchy of those considered closer to God than us. All the while working and reworking the core data that became the basis for the new movement – translating and deciding what is core doctrine and what is not declaring what must have been figurative vs literal in that core body of data, as it’s discovered and better understood by some. How do you tell people Jesus had his disciples leave their entire lives behind that amounted to homes, parents, siblings, possessions and even children, to literally “follow” with this fellow who say’s he is from the Kingdom of God? Well the truth is that no one really does benefit from leaving all behind, that is when a genuine member from the Kingdom of God isn’t physically face to face among us! But the formula of having that degree of committment in the face of all those that hate us for it, IS absolutely necessary to teach, that is IF we want to spread the actual teachings Jesus provided.

But of course that would discount the entire hierarchy. They wouldn’t be needed if they were teaching Jesus’ words and intentions. Sure some would have a better understanding than others so we could help one another but then it would be more like a cooperative of like-minded seekers. There would be no need to make it into a college course that one gets a degree in and can earn a significant salary from ministering to others, thus it’s not in the self-interest of any religious organization to tell the truth and the fact is, if they once had a sense of the truth, they soon lost it to their same self interests and to not feel like a total hypocrite and false teacher(prophet).

But back to a little more on the “second coming” evidences:

What John (one of the close disciples of Jesus) was told by Jesus would be thought of and reported in the media as the Two Witnesses from chapters 11 and 12 of the Book of Revelations that John wrote saying he had been visited by jesus in one or more dreams was referring to was again this prophecy that the “second coming” was going to be TWO this time. (Father and Son). The Two Witnesses were two Christs which simply meant Two who were authorized to represent the Kingdom of God to humans.

The candidates that best represented all the things Jesus and Moses and Enoch spoke about to date have been those called Ti and Do of the Heaven’s Gate group.

The two raptures happened when the returned saints(souls of those who had believed in Jesus and followed with him physically(a prerequisite of true discipleship) and given their lives in his testimony), returning for their third trimester(1=with Lord(Father) & Moses(Son), 2=Father & Jesus(Son) and 3=Ti and Do(Father and Son both incarnate) towards a real “spirit/soul/mind birth”, were snatched away, caught away, (like the way a good rancher does when they capture wild horses to offer them an opportunity to work with a potentially more evolved level of real life) from their human lives of which I was one and was with them for 19 years, but fell from grace and have since returned to Their service. They made two huge global impressions starting gradually in October of 1972 in Houston, Texas, hitting the media worldwide as the Bo and Peep UFO (cloud of light) Two in October of 1975 until Ti called off the pubic offering on April 21, 1976 (A 3 1/2 year public prophecy) and the second time beginning gradually in January 1992 with an 12 hour video tape series called, Beyond Human, The Last Call first transmitted on satellite TV in January of 1992, then on May 27, 1993 with a 1/3 of a page in-depth advertisement put into USA Today International Edition until a last public internet posting on: October 11, 1995 and climaxed by their voluntary exit – the laying down of their physical bodies in 1997 that the media called with various headlines the Evil Heaven’s Gate UFO/Hale Bopp Two Tailed Comet Suicide Cult. I am doing all I can to share the truth of who they were with literally hundreds of real live examples of how they lived, what they said, how they said it, why they said what they said, how they acted during my 19 years living with them often in the same house. Anyone who is willing to take a leap of faith in God the almighty the creators of heaven and earth must be willing to take a long hard look at all that Ti and Do taught which is available at the still existing web site and (but their book is available for free download on the “too” site and on YouTube channel: 1riverofangels with the Beyond Human 12 hour video tape series and the Exit tapes of many students expressing themselves as well as actual audio tape digital copies of the personal meeting tapes created by Ti and Do of their discussions with students over their close to 24 years together (though all the tapes are not yet available but many are free to download at: plus any of my offerings on most Wednesday nights 10pm-12am and on my blog at: and my YouTube channel: 3SPM and Facebook page sawyer heavensgate and a few articles posted on under the name swyody.

This is your chance to be an eye-witness to the greatest story ever told, but told without religious dogma and misinterpretations and stories but as Jesus said he would, “in plain words” filled with new understandings about the Kingdom of Heaven’s physical many membered reality. These two “anointed ones” (Christs) are NOT space aliens in the sense that our planet is currently being invaded (as hard as that is to imagine as real). Space aliens at best are a remnant of human or human equivalents from Earth in the current and/or prior civilization as well as from other near space (in Kingdom of God terms) non-earth civilizations (past Kingdom of God garden projects). By beginning to consider with a willingness to believe in who Ti and Do are and who they represent – The “chain of HOLY MIND” that each full-fledged member of the Kingdom of God thrives upon and seeks to be a link in that chain for, and then telling others about Ti and Do and all they taught, any soul on Earth or for that matter inside or in range of this info on Earth will, according to the helpers that monitor us for the captain (Do) and admiral(Ti) help us and assist us and when we die take our soul to “paradise” a type of contained craft that can move that is invisible to us yet has physicality but resides within the atmosphere of the Earth, to keep those souls away from the rest of the spirit world, so those souls can be brought back to interface with human “horses” for their second trimester, counting this one of belief as their first. Meanwhile the planet will continue escalating to a full recycling that will culminate with no sign of our present civilization. Most humans will say this is mans fault, global warming and so forth and that it could have been reversed if we all meditated or prayed for peace but the Level Above Human(Kingdom of God), though they are attracted to horses(humans) that are peace-loving and desiring of service and who recognize the reality to beings far more advanced than they that have a chasm of difference in their physicality and mentality and behaviors as animals have from humans and plants have from animals, built the recycling into the planets overall life cycle just as they built limitations into all the creatures on Earth. Thus whether and how humans are contributing to the recycling is either part of the trigger for the mechanism or is inconsequential. Meanwhile the space aliens are seeking to trap souls into their allegiance. The space aliens have interests in humans and the environment and elements. Some are here because the Level Above Human provided a highway in the heaven’s to get here in a relatively short time (and they may not be able to go back – don’t know but some of those highways are reported to be blocked). The highways are being spoken of as black or worm holes. They are true vacuums in the midst of two huge areas composed of dark energy that provides the environment for the planetary systems. The space aliens are comprised of “fallen angels” souls and their offspring,however many generations ago who were allowed to survive their home planet’s recycling, perhaps by going underground or escaping into their space and/or going underground in their moons and other planets the same way humans on Earth with or without space alien help are doing by the openly planned colony on Mars (where there may well have been other colonies, and may in fact still hold a base for certain of the space alien groups that are in proximity of Earth). The space aliens are promoting their form of spirituality, calling themselves brothers to humans but with their magic “sightings and crop circles” enticing humans into their allegiance and for what. They need: DNA, hormones, sperm and egg, elements and possible what they can get from nuclear reactors (one of the possible real reasons there is such a push for nuclear energy, the greater reason being, because I don’t believe most space aliens and Earth governments trust one another) is for propulsion systems in development and laser systems and all technology advancements for the mars colony as well as for the new breed of space crafts as well as for the life support systems of underground bases that exist all over the planet, some of which are a part of a network of underground tunnel connectors where all those in the know that can’t get off the planet can take their families should things get life threatening above ground from either man-made or alien or environmental catastrophes. Their proposal is that humans can save the earth and themselves. The Raelians have convinced humans to engage in cloning projects on Earth yet the space aliens that abducted Rael and took him to visit with some said they have computer systems that can be used to clone their bodies and minds, as their bodies only live for about 700 years so they said outlast planets. They claim to be the biblical Elohim but admit that they did not create the planet themselves. They are at best the Nephelium spoken of in Genesis 6 the souls that were cast out of their domesticated roles in apprenticeship to be members of the Level Above Human. They have since then sought to second guess all the true Level Above Human was about to do on the planet and with the human souls (the human plants who were given seeds that are actually soul containers that can house “new mind” (wine illustration Jesus gave). They created Adolf Hitler trying to see if they could find the returned Next Level being that was last called Jesus, as they thought the Next Level would incarnate into a human vehicle(horse) from the strain the Next Level originally cultivated and nursed as the Children of Israel. They missed the fact that Jesus said, “the kingdom of heaven would be given to a people you know not of”, which ended up being the reason for the mass migration of humans who were generally seeking a better life coming to the new frontier called the United States, that is more or less after the profiteers layed the course. The Next Level can use all that exists on a planet for the benefit of those who grasp at the opportunity to grow closer to Them. Religions, of which New age spirituality is one and atheism is one are all organizations or mindsets that think they are expansive and practical and scientific and philosophical and intellectual and so forth while those very characteristics keep them satisfied as they develop their various income streams and ego’s around, to where when the Next Level comes, they are no longer looking nor interested in changing and upsetting their cosy apple cart so they simply ignore or attack as a cult the Next Level’s arrival announcement and requirements to someday (after we’ve Overcome – a process of getting rid of all old mind(wine) and taking in only new mind(wine),which entails separation from all we deem human (while still needing basic infrastructures for life support). It’s not the overcoming we accomplish as much as our desire to give it our all and that requires someone to give it to, thus the overcoming stage can only happen properly when a real honest to goodness member from the Level Above Human has incarnated to be face to face living with us physically. Overcoming when a member is not physically incarnate, but more so generations after one departed from our physical presence is even detrimental as by going through the motions of overcoming we are doing it our way more or less and thus not learning to look to and link with the real mind and ways of that Older Member from the Next Level. Thus we are building self instead of giving self, though it’s common that the lower forces of the planet, discarnates and Luciferian types, whether of Earth human origin or a planet far off origin, create facsimile belief systems called religions that attach people to the powerful idea and reality of a creator Kingdom of God but distort it with rituals and false sacrifices and celebrations and garb and the pretence of holiness and righteousness and sacraments and paraphernalia and prayers and mantras and meditations techniques to where people are saying a lot of things that are accurate in a broad sense but they are missing all the reasons for those techniques given to people in the past. They cling to the past and thus when the future is before them, they can’t or don’t want to change as they are steeped and satisfied by what kernels they have found. When we are no longer thirsty we die. The space aliens have the same beliefs in reincarnation – as a cycle but what they don’t know or refuse to see or have their subjects believe is that the way in which they come back is only as spirit beings that are not living. Spirits are simply programs that have been detached from their hardware. All that we are while living is recorded and becomes who we are. When we die the flesh dissolves but that mind energy still vibrates as it did and gets exactly what it believed when it died, except if it believed Heaven was something they obtained by living a decent life they will get their degree of Heaven but if it never sought a relationship with a genuine member from the Next Level and/or their memory or history, to where they tried to speak to the highest God and/or Jesus and/or whoever was their idea of a representative from God/Allah, Mohammad,a Buddha(christ/Maitreya), Moses, Abraham,etc. then the Next Level will save that soul for a fresh opportunity but still that soul never actually embeds completely in a future human vehicle, except as they can influence a new human vehicle to accept them in their spirit form though enacting the same kinds of things that now dead spirit did while alive. So we become timeshare devices for discarnates. The over coming process is the process of becoming as Jesus said, “Poor in spirit” to see God. But Older Members are absolutely needed to walk us through our personal overcoming process and binding/grafting to the new branch that our Older Members actually are. That new branch is a new family we are then born into literally. Being born again as Jesus stated it is required to be in association with a flesh body birth that houses the soul that can become the cocoon to be born of spirit/soul/mind which in so doing makes one a viable energy form that is an individual for the first time and has the power and experience to power a new type of physical body to circulate in a new environment. Now for anyone that attempts to entertain these thoughts as real and accurate and from the Kingdom of God, you will be tested. You may be reeling right now as this is very sweet to the taste buds but then very hard to digest thus bitter to the stomach because of what happens in the “real” (to human) world, as virtually no one will support you in this belief even though next to nothing about your life has to change immediately as the time now is to talk about it and that will be challenging enough to deal with. Now that doesn’t mean upgrading our behaviors are not part of what we gravitate to but that will happen somewhat naturally as you become a mouthpiece for the next level’s information and that’s all one should become a mouthpiece for. What I mean by that is that we should restrain ourselves from expanding or misquoting or thinking we can see the intention of what Ti and/or Do and their “saint/students” said. We need to learn to quote what they said exactly though it’s understandable that there are synonyms that would be fine as well, though can also become an open door to distortions. This is not to say one can’t stand for other things in our communities that we believe in and it’s not like we must tell everyone we meet about Ti and Do. Talk to Do directly and ask him questions. You may or may not get a response or the response you think you want to get but you will be heard and it’s up to you to keep asking. You can also ask to have more strength to deal with anything and can ask to have a breather from the negativity you will be subject from the spirit world and through others but we don’t provoke and proselytize the way religious do. If someone asks something from us, then if we feel to, we share what we feel, nothing more, nothing less. Don’t premeditate what to say and to whom. Just let it happen when it happens. Learn to not shy away from talking about it and learn when someone has received enough. We still have all the Jesus and Moses rules to follow as best we can but not according to the way the religious teach them. We do not want to form groups as that is the start of churches. We don’t want to make people attached to us. We need to encourage people to start or encourage their own personal relationship with the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God will not come to us and overpower us with their will like the Luciferians did with Paul of Tarsus. Nor will the Next level tell you to do anything. They will never tell you to harm another in any way nor yourself. This is not a martyr trip. We don’t look for danger and don’t tempt God to bail us out of difficult circumstances we could have avoided. Nor do we judge anyone as a believer or not. We are mouthpiece only. Let me know of any questions.

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2 Responses to “Jesus “second coming” – What it MUST look like and actually HAS thus our application to “live again” is still possible!”

  1. fromthesunrising Says:

    It is true that to be called God’s people then they must enter to a true church. True church is being discussed in Ephesians 4:5 – one faith, one baptism, one God, one Lord Jesus Christ; Jesus mention also the two roads – the narrow which leads to salvation yet few walks on it and the wide road which leads to destruction and many people finds it – Matthew 7:14 … Revelation 18:4 People are warned to get out from the Great Babylon (the false religions) in order not be part of her plagues. Christian people are required to speak in unison and not in division whether its on acts or sharing words of God – 1 Corinthians 1:10 and people to be real Christian and followers of Jesus Christ need to come to accurate to knowledge of the word of God – 1 Timothy 2:4 ; 2 Timothy 2:25

    Please visit this site and learn from the truth
    Learn from the different truths in this site. Kindly share the blogs with others…

    “THE PRESENCE OF THE SON OF MAN” is on my blog you can look for it…

  2. XF Checker Says:

    Yes, and those who have understood the message of Ti & Do are the ones you speak of who are on a narrow road, while the rest of them who reject this message are on the wide path leading to destruction. However, the Next Level ultimately decides who goes where and not us. There is no more Christianity sir. Jesus came and went. He’s gone. The mind that was in Jesus 2000 years ago came back but the Lower Forces (Satan/ Lucifer/ Fallen Angels) have prevented people from seeing this. People either accept divine truth or they accept human error.

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