UFO driving Space Aliens, the new religious/spiritual/athesist styled saviours are liars and thieves and killers of souls

Here is a report broadcast on Coast to Coast by an individual named: Jim Moroney, an abductee that is claiming Space Aliens are our new Saviours. I wish no ill will to Jim but he is being controlled by the space alien group that abducted him just as the religious and atheists have been puppets of for centuries and I know why thus my post explaining why.

This is a good example of how the space aliens abduct then examine and take whatever sample DNA they want from the human subject and then commandeer their loyalty to them by appealing to their sensuality – with whatever drugs they probably administer to calm people down, together with a sweet talking female (in the case of Moroney) to where they’ve turned an otherwise horrific abduction against his will into his becoming one of their emissaries that is convinced they (the aliens) are here to “save” humanity, (note the terminology aligned with the religious idea of being “saved” by another’s efforts), the same pie in the sky without ANY proof or evidence that the space alien “saviours” have anything but manipulative and predatory interests in humans because they are no more moral and ethical than a slave owner who at best doesn’t mistreat his slaves because he wants them to serve well for a long time.

Now the coast to coast report:

An ET Encounter:
UFO researcher and abductee, Jim Moroney discussed his profound ET encounter and how aliens are waiting in the wings to save humanity from a crisis that awaits us. Recalling his 1987 abduction experience, he described the entities on the ship as having large heads with no hair, very thin necks, and leathery skin. Unlike most traditional accounts of ET abductions, Moroney said that these creatures had blue eyes, as opposed to the commonly cited black eyes, and also spoke English to him in “very short sentences.”
Moroney explained that, at the onset of the abduction, he was initially very angry about being taken. However, one of the entities stepped forward and spoke to him, making him “instantly calm.” From that point forward, he followed their commands as if he were hypnotized. Moroney was taken to a room where he underwent a series of medical procedures that were “so horrific for me that I thought I was going to die,” and subsequently blacked out. Upon regaining consciousness, he met a taller, feminine being who said “we don’t understand your anger.” Feeling guilty, Moroney tried to apologize, but was enveloped by an “immense feeling of love and compassion” before he could finish speaking. The abduction ended soon thereafter and, upon returning to where the craft had found him, he felt a sense of “camaraderie and friendship” with the ETs.
On what the alien agenda might be, Moroney theorized that it essentially amounts to an “intervention” by the ETs. Based on the average human lifespan of 75 years and considering the fact that the UFO phenomenon has been ongoing, in earnest, since the mid-1940’s, he speculated that there may be a major event due to happen sometime in the next ten years. “There’s a calamity that’s going to be unfolding and I believe it’s going to be man-made,” Moroney said, indicating that he felt such an event was a nuclear war. Despite the popular notion that the ETs would step in to stop such a conflict, Moroney expressed the belief that they would not do so until the human race was on the brink of extinction. 

My further commentary on above report:

The space aliens have next to zero power to stop humans from annihilating one another. No governments trust them and no governments are trustworthy.  By the way alien is just a term to describe human equivalents potentially from a different planet, who came through a worm hole they did not create that linked two vast areas of dark energy by a vacuum styled freeway of sorts that they may or may not be able to travel back through (see Alex Collier contactee’s interviews on YouTube.com, though they really don’t want to as it’s still a long journey and their planet is either dying or dead so they are more or less on their own with whoever had the technology and life support systems to survive wherever they are.

Some of the aliens are humans that lived in past Earth civilizations that were leveled and turned under by the recycling that every life promoting planet eventually undergoes as there is one alien group that are not really aliens as they actually are the ones who created our and any space aliens total reality/environment/life systems to begin with that each alien group only is aware of as mythology.

However, the alien groups all know they did not create the elements and the planetary/environmental systems, but they are no smarter as to who did than humans – in fact some humans are smarter than they in this regard as they are the result of renegades against that Creator Crew, termed God’s by the translators of the events that were stimulated by the instigation of “gardeners” into a planetary environment developed to grow souls to adulthood voluntarily as opposed to the way all humans and equivalents do things by “control” which is why the religious are so controlling, while they mimic the actions and ways and plans of the real Creator Crew who stay mostly hidden from all (as do the space aliens but for different reasons – the human/aliens stay hidden so not to be killed or captured by other humans/aliens.

The Creator Crew are non-human/above human and have zero need or desire for humans/equivalents or anything they can offer (dna, service to build spacecrafts and energy systems and reproductive opportunities/substances) so only stay hidden so that there remains a free will environment so the souls they are nurturing that they planted and that space aliens and humans can not create, will have a choice of what to give their allegiance to.

After the creator crew harvests their crop so to speak, though to them they are precious flowers they care deeply for, then they allow the space aliens to come in to steal away the “spoils of war”, so to speak as it’s been a “spiritual” war over minds/souls as the creator crew plants more soul seeds than they know will likely survive to maturity and adulthood, marked by their being given a new physical body that is no longer human, has no reproductive or digestive systems as it survives through a type of photosynthesis, though requires a certain amperage/voltage of internal power supply, which is what a soul seed is accumulating when it takes to the three trimester birthing process that entails each souls seed’s taking over of their assigned human vehicle as a cocoon that actually provides the environment for that soul container to grow within, so that when the instrument/vehicle/cocoon, human body is discarded by voluntary exit (as we witnessed with the Heaven’s Gate group in 1997 marking the end of the age and the beginning of the move toward the next recycling) – seen as a cult suicide by all who have no idea what’s going on, though think they do as they because of the close presence of the Creator crew (Ti and Do and crew(saints) incarnate) learned a great deal more than in thousands of years before, so think themselves highly evolved.

Thus at this time, with the space aliens seeking to convince remaining soul seeds that didn’t take, but do contain a degree of Mind from the Level Above human creator crew, to join their ranks and convince others to do so, just like a religion does with pie in the sky little effort and promise of unlimited pleasures and/or an ideal of being saviours of mankind, by forcing others into their archaic distorted doctrines whether religious, spiritual or atheist/secular when the very design of the planet was to recycle periodically the way all life on the planet demonstrates, then the aliens have a degree of what they want – help from humans as emissaries that will along with their channelers and contactees and pulpit preachers, know it or not, in terms of space aliens or thinking they are serving some God (that may be based on the real God’s, but has been thoroughly co-opted by what are really Luciferian types).

Thus the space aliens appear to be the good guys because they don’t want humans to annihilate one another or toxify the environment as they NEED the life that exists on Earth for their own survival, so they promote all the things that are more evolved in thought and deed and are gentle and kinder to others and the environment so seem like genuine God’s, while they can offer none of the things the creator crew offers, so are essentially lying through their teeth, but they themselves don’t even recognize such necessarily and/or justify doing so the same way governments and scientists and such justify killing and torturing of other creatures in wars and experiments in the name of science or survival and protection of freedom, etc. – freedom to be gluttons of sensuality (not a bad thing, though becomes addictive and ceases to hold any future promise except to make those addicted organisms leaches upon resources and others, even convincing potential souls that they have no future besides their idea of a future – by building spacecrafts to go off into space to become their own space alien race potentially to yet another garden life-giving planet they hope to find or cultivate as is being done on Earth with those from old creator crew defunct garden planets, while many humans all seek to dig into the planet literally by creating underground bases they hope to survive in, though they know may not actually be adequate thus they are seeking to create underground bases on nearby planets like Mars and the Moon as they are off Earth and thus they think will not be subject to the recycling, and they may be correct in this assertion.

So some people are banking on the aliens to be their saviours. They are some in a long list of false prophets as jesus predicted. Atheism is on the rise and they will become the new prosecutors of anyone who believes in a real creator god, though they often have no idea how to realistically understand such. It is simply karma that the religious are scrutinized and prosecuted for their abuses which are many as we see with the German church to date, though is happening all over the planet with all the religions as religions are the number one killers of souls.

For more detailed information about the real Creator Crew and the UFO driving space aliens and how the religions and secularist atheists are all becoming pawns of what can be grouped together as Lucifierian types (unaware and disbelieving that a true Creator Crew exists and has a purpose for the Earth garden creations and development):

Here is a list of sources of Ti and Do’s information provided by Ti and Do and their crew directly as well as those that were direct students in the Heaven’s Gate group. I’ve listed my offering first as an active student of Ti and Do for 19 years, but by no means is what I provide complete. It simply can be difficult to comprehend what Ti and Do said and did as we are generally so programmed to fear them as seeking to take us over, when it’s exactly the opposite. Humans and Space Aliens and discarnate (dead humans) seek to take us over all the time. So some find my offering helpful as I can speak to why and how and when Ti and Do said what they said that often is not explained otherwise and Ti came to me in a dream (as well as Do and a number of students after they left their bodies in 1997, though more or less ceased by October of 2006) in approval of my writing of my experiences. So here is the current list of the primary materials available:

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/sawyer (broadcast most Wednesday nights US 10pm-12am ET w/chat &/or call in:347-205-9777
http://www.sawyerhg.wordpress.com (Sawyer’s blog)
http://www.youtube.com/3spm (video’s produced by Sawyer)
sawyerhg@yahoo.com (Sawyer’s Email)
http://www.4shared.com/dir/14534948/45fa3e91/sharing.html (digitized record of Ti and Do’s actual teachings over some 24 years (though much has not yet been provided)
http://www.heavensgate.com (where the Heavens Gate group left a book they wrote that one can copy for their own usage)
http://www.heavensgatetoo.com (where the same book can actually be downloaded as one zip file)
http://www.YouTube.com/1RiverofAngels (Rio’s offering of most of the exit video’s Do and crews left behind when they layed down their lives voluntarily to draw us to their information (and because it was time for them to exit, to allow the next phase in the garden soul development plan to proceed as scheduled)
http://www.nowpublic.com/Swyody (articles Swyody aka Sawyer published)

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4 Responses to “UFO driving Space Aliens, the new religious/spiritual/athesist styled saviours are liars and thieves and killers of souls”

  1. paranormal Says:


    […]UFO driving Space Aliens, the new religious/spiritual/athesist styled saviours are liars and thieves and killers of souls « Sawyerhg's Blog[…]…

    • sawyer Says:

      I guess you are suggesting this about Ti and Do and thereby indirectly about me. If so, what’s your evidence or do you just throw stones because They/I are easy targets?

  2. Amanda Smith Says:

    I have been wondering, for since I was twelve years old god has been talking to me. Recently the last few months ive been hearing about aliens. i strongly think this is the great deception.

    • sawyer Says:

      One certainly can think of the space aliens as perpetrating a “great deception”. Whether they come from a different planet or not, there is no good that comes from their behavior and ways EXCEPT as the Above Human Beings known in the historic records as the Kingdom of God/Kingdom of/in the Heavens allows them to hide from recycling periods to be then allowed to temporarily escape their underground hiding places to provide choices and challenges to the humans the Next Level are putting to certain tests to prepare them to be “born” into Membership in the Next Level Above Human.

      However, part of that great deception is that the Kingdom of God/Heaven is a “spiritual kingdom”, an etheric existence. Another part of that deception is that some space aliens are good space aliens and others are evil, mixing up the clear dividing lines between what constitutes a Member of the Level Above Human verses a space alien. Members of the Kingdom of God (Level Above Human) have physical bodies and do travel in spacecrafts. They are not limited to those physical bodies. Their soul bodies are actually physical as well, but from the density and power of their Mind/Spirit that fills a Soul pocket/container. This is a huge part of what Jesus was demonstrating by changing his physical body, healing it, and then showing his disciples what he had done and what he had become and then rising that physical body into a cloaked spacecraft in the clouds.

      Another part of the great deception perpetrated by the Luciferian fallen angel space aliens since before even the current civilization is by trivializing the process to become a member of the Kingdom of God/Heaven – Next Level Above Human. For instance modern Christian thinking more or less states that if you live a good life and adore some savior that when you die you will go to heaven and be with God forever. That is a “country club” like illusion. Becoming a member of the Kingdom of God/Heaven takes an enormous effort over millennium of time fully directed by the Older Members of the Level Above Human for Souls They plant (seed) into human beings, grown to be like cocoons for Next Level Membership development.

      Another deception is that because humans are given “seeds” from the Next Level and that seed must grow within us to sprout and become a thriving creature that means that those humans with that seed don’t have to work like crazy to thirst and reach up to their (non-human and non-space aliens) Older Members in/from the literal Heavens for each step in their growth. Instead they are brainwashed to think, God is within them, so that there is noone external to them they need to look to, to further develop. They then think they are “gods” because they have this tiny seed or recognition.

      The only way to push through all the deceptions are to assume nothing and project our requests for closeness and help and service as far away from the planet as we can imagine to reach as Jesus described our Heavenly Father, a real living Being who can hear all requests for truth and direction.

      I personally believe this Older Member was recently incarnate as Do (doe) of Ti and Do where Ti is Do’s Older Member aka a Father whose abode is in the literal heavens where He is right now as well. Because I believe that for me to project my asking to the being I spoke of as being as far away from the planet as I can imagine would be a disservice as if I was trying to bypass the Older Member assigned to be my essential link.

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