About the Pope and Catholic Heirarchy’s False Prophet, anti Jesus Christ and his Father’s

‘Here is my comment to an onpoint radio npr program re: the Pope and Catholic heirarchy’s crimes starting with some of the suggestions from callers to the show that I am responding to en bulk:

Mary and Paul were NOT Jesus. Paul never knew JESUS. The church actually acts in many ways against Jesus wishes (prayer=private, no “Fathers”, No heirarchy, No pomp and ceremony, etc.) They DO NOT represent Jesus at all!

They got into this covering for one another. It’s wasn’t policy to sodomize children. It’s related to the discarnates that attach to them. They are pawns. We all can be, but that  doesn’t excuse the choices they made that resulted in this kind of manipulative, denigrating abominable behavior.  It’s still not up to us to judge the people involved but they should stand before the community as any other and answer for their crimes. And they could also seek to make amends provide service to those they harmed. (not so called spiritual or religious services as they are worthless and are actually brainwashing that become the #1 killer of souls.

Jesus said “where the carcus is the eagles will be gathered”. The eagles are the task of predator species. The carcus is what’s dead. At this exact point all human equivalents can consider themselves “carcus” in gardening terms of being recyclable.

 However, a small window in the Kingdom of God’s time frame 1:1000yrs remains open. When we are in our individual earthquake then of course that time is up. I know I’ve put the cart before the horse here but maybe it will help as this is a most difficult and trying time for those who still have a heart.

The “second coming” of the Kingdom of God came publically in 1972 and left publically in 1997 (but some stayed in spirit (electromagnetic software output of our human mind/spirit generating system) until November of 2009).

They were the “come with the clouds” termed UFO Two Witnesses, as prophesied in Rev. 11 and 12, incarnate as a female (Father(seed giver)) and male(son) called Ti & Do with their children( the real Saints(souls of those who believed and gave their lives for Jesus Kingdom of Heaven’s sake 2000 years ago and who died before then believing in Moses(the previous incarnation of the soul later called Jesus(switching names throws off the discarnate energy leach/distractors)) here to work to harvest/graduation after knocking on the Heaven’s Gate (asking to be helped to be allowed in) by showing love for by giving ALL to the Key holder (Jesus, now Do) by convincing Ti and Do that they were voluntarily doing their best to overcome the human evolutionary kingdom level of life (like an animal that wants to be in a human’s family and recognizes their master/shepard and is therefore willing to go the distance however required for their “spirit birth” into adulthood in same Kingdom.

We can talk to Ti and Do now and ask for our personal next stage, asking for the strength to trust them. That is done in one’s head secretly, saying what it is we want to say. You will not get a voice response in or out of your head.
Discarnates will and do try to influence us in that way, a long discussion and you will have doubts and when you run into any difficulty ask for help and you will see how you receive it. No gimmicks. No intercessor, no false promises of heaven on a stick. Then grow to be willing to selectively tell others what you’re experiencing and where it came from and realize few will embrace what you offer, at least that you know about. More will feel threatened and will avoid you. Whenever you have a question ask Do or Ti and Do. They are simply looking for your use of that address their names represent in the unseen frequency communications system they created.

The formula is to work up to giving one’s all but ONLY when two genuine members from the Kingdom of God are incarnate and they are not incarnate at this time. Todays lesson for all of us is belief in the reps and share that belief with others.

It will be worth it, that’s guaranteed. If you like this planet and life on it, you’ll really like being around the beings that orchestrated it’s development and when you die some of Their helpers will greet you and take your soul to paradosa(their invisible dwelling within the Earth’s atmosphere to await transportation where you will know you are in good hands.

The stage of total recycling may be a number of years away for the inhabitants of Earth. It can not be reversed by any on the human level. No one needs to leave their family. That’s when the rep is incarnate again and blows the horn announcing their presence face to face in words to us again, which is expected sometime into the next earth civilization.

This is also when we do as the Buddha(the other flock Jesus said he was going to tend next) taught, live in moderation while harming no one and being of service to others, as Jesus taught and said to do, in “Love your neighbor as yourself”. That key word love is most described by what one gives to another, mostly in what may assist them to one day also choose to look to Ti and Do, though there is no judgement of when that could be and no measure of anyone being ahead of another just because of a date when we asked to be in their service, however directly or indirectly thought.

We will then be those whom Jesus said were the “meek [who] shall inherit the Earth”.

No one in the many membered KIngdom of God, better termed as Ti and Do called the Evolutionary Level Above Human enjoys seeing anyone experience prolonged suffering. They never wish for waring. They simply know that those without any of their mind left in them “know not what they do”.

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