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This is an exchange between myself and someone on youtube channel name of: TheTruthIsFromGod. I left them certain of my name = 3spm video’s to watch and this person below did watch it and sent me this response:
I’ve seen your video and I’ve heard many truths, but also many mistakes.

God is one and is reigning right now, God will save us from within us, we don’t need aliens to save us, God is far enought. Moreover, as you’ve watched my serie, I’ve said that these aliens are demons into human bodies. They are here to deceive us, anyway, they can come, we have God and the Koran, that’s far enought to counter any challenge or any perdition. You’d better give up these beliefs, what is about to happen is a harsh punishment from God, it will fall on the unbelievers, the deniars of God and his book. Be careful, you’d better reevaluate your point of view, I truly warn you that a greater temptation/illusion (Raj Patel/Maitreya and his alien demons) will come and will be followed by the Apocalypse.

Peace on you”

To which I responded: 
When you say God, don’t you mean, “The Kingdom of God” or are you referring to one of the members of the Kingdom of God identified to us as Lord and other terms in the Old Testament and “Father” in the New Testament, together with as a team(angels (holy spirits) rarely seen, the “Son:” named Jesus in the new testament and Moses in the old testament? I just have become a stickler for terminology. It doesn’t have to be the same exact language of course – old english or whatnot, but it must boil down to the same functional(good) purpose of communication. One God means One Kingdom of God. Theism, the idea that there is one being that’s in three parts is a distorted way of looking at the Kingdom of God. In Genesis, Moses wrote that when the Lord created man, “He created man in our image”. The hebrew Elohim is a plural form and that is further substantiated by the use of “our” in that scripture. Jesus gave additional clues as did Enoch and certain of the prophets, that demonstrate more reality to the fact that the Kingdom of God is a Kingdom in its structure and there is a “chief of chief’s” at the top of that structure but the Chief doesn’t work with tiny, tiny prospective children or adopted children of God directly. Instead the Chief gives instructions and all those who were born into the Kingdom pass it down to the Younger Members, who are Older Members to those who are still even younger. Humans are at best prospective members should they pass through the difficult birth canal, not a physical birth, though the physical body is what provides us with the opportunity to grow in strength of will to hold to a straight and narrow pathway, but it’s only with an incarnate Older Member’s help that we can overcome completely. So saying that there is One God isnt’ as simple in practical detailed application. There are angels who work for the Kingdom of God in different capacities. Even the least in the Kingdom of Heaven/God is greater than the greatest human, Jesus said, another indication of many members. And Jesus said he had to leave “to prepare a place for you”, speaking to his close disciples. He wasn’t preparing a place for everyone that might believe and belief alone doesn’t provide the key to unlock the Heaven’s Gate.
Yes, the Kingdom of God will “save” those whom from “within” regularly OFFER (show love, to deny their own will) themselves to the Kingdom of God’s service and are willing to “change their mind”(repent) continuously (as there is always more to understand better) and trust(believe) the most recent “sent by the Father” incarnate representative that to you is Jesus whom are (two different people (both having a “celestial” flesh type body and Holy spirit/souls) in the kingdom of God)). This is how the Kingdom of God doesn’t come to/into us observation but that doesn’t at all mean the mode of communication is without observation with our eyes and hears. Before it can be “within us” it needs to be gifted to us by the Kingdom of God who call all the shots in this regard. (See the parables of the seed giver (what the Greek for Father – “pater” has among its meanings). But unless the seed is nourished by the human beings asking of the Kingdom of God/Father/Jesus to come into our lives and help us do “their will on Earth”) that seed doesn’t germinate and have the potential to grow into a harvestable fruit that also then can yield fruit by teaching the same process, after having succeeded in overcoming/outgrowing, evolving above all our desire to serve “Mammon”(wealth, power and mammalian self-centered behaviors, trust in fellow humans more than trust in the Kingdom of God.
The space aliens are at best human equivalents, remnants from defunct Kingdom of God “gardens”, once Earth like, created for the purpose of growing souls(children of God) into potential members in that same Kingdom of God (all children don’t become members of the Kingdom of God) as they don’t reproduce as humans do. Space aliens don’t really want new members, except where they can have them as their servants without having to take care of them, feed and  house and satisfy them, but just so they can have what they want, just like humans do. Space aliens through the hundreds of abduction, contactee, channeler, historic accounts want/need human dna, eggs, sperm, hormones, organ systems at times for hybridization/cloning projects (that they seek the aid of humans for as well, though it’s very touch and go how much coordination their efforts as neither trust one another) so they can keep their own kind alive, with the idea that they will keep their families and those they work for from dying off completely as in each of their home, once garden planets, when the members of the Kingdom of God left them in a big way, their planet moved into a recycling mode, biblically termed “the end of the world” – “the old Earth equivalent and it’s “heaven(sky/solar system region) passed away”(Rev). (It’s interesting how just yesterday I heard an NPR broadcast spotlighting a new author as saying that we now live on a new Earth because of the temperature rise of 1 degree, called “global warming”. It’s a most up to date example of how terminology is introduced to mimic prophecies that begin to reprogram our brains, so that someone can then say, “see this is what the chapter and verse is saying in the book of Revelations”, and it will have nothing to do at all with what the Kingdom of God was communicating to us. This is of course totally allowed by the Kingdom of God because of how it separates those they seeded from those they didn’t.
Yes, you are correct, that the space aliens are “demons” as are most humans, depending on and to the degree in which they cling to the past and believe themselves “righteous” in their belief system and how little of their life they devout to the Kingdom of God. Going to temple or ashram or synagogue or mosque is not communicating with the Kingdom of God any more than one can do in their own privacy no matter where they are. God doesn’t care about “religions” and all the practices and holy days. And to become a member of the Kingdom of God, to someday be with those we consider to be members of the Kingdom of God, requires we “overcome/outgrow” all our human ways to begin to graft to their ways. Submission to God’s will is one of those ways. Self discipline is another of their ways. Not breaking any of the 10 commandments are certainly important and we all see how lousy a job most do with those. Putting God first and treating one another as our equals and as we want to be treated and eventually being willing to do a task of telling others about the real Kingdom of God through experiences face to face with an incarnate representative always fly in the face of all those who are entrenched in their religion or science mindedness, atheist or even new age paranormal and spiritual mind sets and in so doing are on the side of receipt of persecution even unto one’s death at the hands of disbelievers that convince themselves they are stopping a devil/demon. But Jesus said, don’t fear those who kill the body but fear those who can kill the soul. Being willing to even sacrifice our own physical life to show God how much we believe in/trust in God, though that is only appropriate when God has directly approved of our doing so which absolutely requires a member from God’s kingdom to be incarnate so we can have many face to face conversations and experiences as just to become a martyr is not a ticket into membership in the Kingdom of God. Life is precious and we are lucky to live it so here we can praise the Lord just for the opportunity no matter how hard it is.
The soul can moreorless be killed by convincing someone that they have “found” their position in life with respect to God when it can never be found but most always be pressed to maintain because change in a name of the game for the Kingdom of God members. Not change for changes sake but change to have new experiences and subsequent further grown and further service to the Kingdom of God. They don’t want people who bow to this and that, so to look holy to other humans who see them. Then can only use new members who want to work selflessly and reap the rewards of such membership – an everlasting life helping Kingdom of God creator crews with the mammoth tasks associated with the development and maintenance of garden planets.
Space aliens are demons in two ways, genetically and spiritually(an atheist mindset) and they have their human counterparts/sheeple that includes a dense database of now dead humans that in their discarnate bodiless form seek to influence those who are alive, influencing them to the kinds of behaviors they became entrenched in. One way, genetically is in how they simply believe there is no Kingdom of God or Supreme beings but that there only exists other beings like themselves who have varied degrees of technological mastery, though in their ancestry their genetic strain was once seeded by the Kingdom of God (breath of life breathed into the nostrils of Adam) and certain ones of their planet grew some in relationship to the God Family of minds/spirits/souls that were nurtured in their garden planet. But at probably the third trimester of the three trimester program they did not stay with the program and “fell from grace” to a degree of resenting the Kingdom of God and mounting their own campaign to start their own garden kingdom even in competition with the Kingdom of God, whom during their experience with the Kingdom of God learned a great deal about how a garden is grown. Whatever seeks to turn another’s eyes away from their own wanting to grow closer to the Kingdom of God IS “evil”. So they teach that there is no person of God, the many membered kingdom (thousands of members) and instead they foster people’s loyalty and prayer through a human teacher of a particular religion and they give the impression to followers that they are doing God’s wishes and God’s work by supporting the religious hierarchy and doing a certain amount for the poor, while engaging rituals and practices and rules and regulations, some of which are wonderful even today, while others weren’t necessarily meant to be strictly followed as some hearts became less hardened.
So yes, space aliens are here to deceive us as they have been deceived and don’t even know they have been so they promote even humanitarianism so they can have the best results in their hybridization experiments and thus appear “good” while they are really doves in sheep’s clothing. There is a ton more to say about all this, but the truth is that it is you my friend that appear to be living in the past that might want to consider “changing you mind” to the new information as provided by none other than Ti and Do, the Father and Jesus team returned as the Two witnesses. Jesus said when he returned he would bring new info about the Kingdom of Heaven/God. I’ve not seen any in any religious community say anything new and there are hundred of other prophecies that Ti and Do fulfilled. No one can receive anything truly new (as I know there are slight nuanced ways to re-express the same things), without changing and the biggest change is in seeing new terminology. Ti and Do brought much new terminology and as a result spoke “plainly” of the Kingdom, no longer in stories, another prophecy they fulfilled.
If you are not willing to engage me in a healthy debate on whether or not Ti and Do really are the genuine articles then I am game  because in the 19 years I spent their monk/disciple I was given a great deal and it wasn’t until their departure of their incarnation physical bodies in 1997 that I began to more fully understand the many things they said that at the time went right over my head.
The Apocalypse is well underway, but it was designed to occur slowly by our time frame to give more a chance to see the handwriting on the wall. It’s unfortunate that once again the more glued someone is to their own belief system, however millions of others are also glued then the less likely that they will even consider who may have already come to fulfill all the prophesies.
So I do wish you peace as well, but really, if peace means becoming stagnate, no thirst to grow further, stuck in an archaic traditional belief system that never changes and never provides more of what is really true, then that’s not peace but stagnation and the Kingdom of God hates stagnation. At least those who are “cold” can be used as a type of fertilizer for the soul seeds they care most about.

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