Illusions are the rule, ignoring reality, fearing change, hating what is most true

The setting:

I just returned from a trip to Greenville, South Carolina. I was supporting my partner in her jewelry artistry. By the way, I have no interest in jewelry, nor wear any but find nothing wrong with it, but once we have set up the booth and her associated needs I’m off into the streets essentially to perform one of my passions, music, largely composed of playing solo acoustic silver flute, harmonica and soprano saxophone. I am equip to play with electric backup tracks through my tiny cube amp and a loop station and/or cd player, but I didn’t choose to add those flavours to my performances this time.  I found a good spot, out of the wind, where there is significant human traffic and where I won’t be in competition with anyone else pertaining to the art show.   I often select a local downtown toy store or ice cream parlor as many of the people have children and often one parent, often the dad, will remain outside the store while his wife and children are inside, so I have a captured audience of dads at times. Plus there are often restaurants with outdoor seating around within earshot that I draw audience from and of course passers by and even automobile traffic. I leave my flute case open suggesting a place to put tips and at my first performance, on a Saturday the session lasted for about an hour in which I received $17.00.  I do this all over these United States and generally make between $10-$20 an hour and at times I play for as much as five  hours straight. Most tips are a dollar but there are always some that are up to $5 and once I was given a fresh, hot, large cheese pizza.

I returned to the spot the next day and was making next to zero tips for about the same time span and as I was putting my flute away this time, a police officer came up to me and told me that it was against the law to accept tips without getting a city vending permit (that they don’t sell on weekends and are not cheap). He went on to site the law and how it was a kind of anti begging law, as my musicality was begging, though as I’ve experienced in Virginia Beach and Montauk, NY if I don’t leave my case open or give any indication I am soliciting, they can’t prevent me from playing, I presume because it’s a first amendment right of freedom of speech/expression in a public settings. I told the officer of my experience in other towns and I had the art show tag around me neck so they could see I wasn’t an “ordinary beggar” and he agreed that as long as I left my music case closed, I would be within the law. I could be wrong but the officer seemed to dislike doing this part of his job – maybe because he still had a heart – after all – I am an excellent player and overall please even the shop merchants with my playing. In fact in some cases I’ve been told, that if I wasn’t so good, they would ask me to move on. As the officer left, three middle-aged women rushed up to me, having been at the adjacent restaurant listening to my playing, opened their purses and two of them each pulled out a  $5 bill and handed it to me to which I looked around before accepting in case I was spotted and apprehended. In some towns like Lancaster, PA the city is saturated with cameras so there may be no escaping being seen. In any case I got away with accepting the tips. These three women each expressed loving my music so were clearly showing me that they didn’t consider me to be a beggar. I understand how people do become beggars and sympathize with their plight and should try to help those who feel the need to beg for food.

How illusions of our ever-expanding reality form by our pre-programmed constriction of our thoughts, ears and eyes:

Now this has been the backdrop to the guts behind this post as though I enjoy playing music and yes enjoy other’s favourable responses in comments and tips, it is not my exclusive motivation as it also affords me a gentle way to stimulate conversation that in some cases results in my sharing my belief in Ti and Do as the revelations 11  “Two Witnesses” and the revelations 12 woman (Ti=”nettles” (seed projector greek “pater(father))astrologer/mother) giving birth to her “son”(the soul/Sol last called Jesus, but this time Do) – (song learned by their student “saints” returned with them via early UFO crashes, to exit their existing physical (biblically called, celestial bodies (still flesh but of a different type – see Paul’s letters)), as the realistic “second coming” of the same family of Above Human (godly) creator crew beings.

When I come into a city, I ask Ti and Do (current names of God/Father and God/Jesus) to lead me to meet any who They feel might be open to Ti and Do’s reality that zero organized religions or sects can embrace as they’d lose their constituency that they thrive off of, the same as what happened 200o years ago with Jesus and the religious of that day. Both religious and atheists become one in the same, in terms of openness to what is possible and to come, even though prophecy and signs galore are easy to see fulfilled, though one must be willing to open their eyes to non-mystical interpretations of prophecy as even the figures and analogies and visions from dreams of previous disciples, prophets all have their literal interpretation and application, though most of the religious can’t or don’t want to explore. Many even state openly that we “can’t” understand the mysteries of God, just like the religious styled termed “science believing” atheists often talk of what is not possible, both groups  generally having chosen their forms of brainwashing – filtering out anything new largely identified by terminology identifications they relate to one another’s illusion of stability of their accepted viewpoints as often taught in their high schools, universities and bible studies.

So while I am standing there, I was approached by three people who after a little conversation I learned were each Jehovah witnesses and two, a very elderly couple were officially jewish, though one of the couple when I said my first name was “Stephen” immediately joked that I better be careful not to get stoned, the fate of so-called St. Stephen, considered to be the first Jesus martyr.  By the way, believe it or not, without all the hub bub that religions create around so-called “saints”, as no church or religion, jewish, hindu, buddhist, Islam, etc. actually determines who in history is or is not a technical “saint” (in whatever their terminology).

 The Older Members of the Above Human kingdom determine who they draw to themselves to become “saints”. Saints are in a sense “born” by the seed given to a developed strain of normal genetic human “plants”.  When those implanted seeds (not to be confused with space alien implants, who are at best facsimile’s of what the Kingdom Above Human does, so to speak are helped to take(germinate), seen as a degree of “belief/faith/trust” in the current and thus “new” human vehicle incarnate member from that Kingdom Above Human who did the planting.

Germination is marked by both belief and being a zealot for the law’s/rules/instructions/guidelines/commandments, overcoming of the flesh as required by the Kingdom Above Human of all their applicants to full-fledged membership/graduation/harvest into that Physical and Spiritual Kingdom. By these attempting to be “good” children of God identified by their acceptance and escalating efforts both in belief and demonstrate of committment to the challenges such a belief will require with their tenacity to continuously attempt to wash their robes (overcome the vehicle’s inherent sensory cravings enough to not let those desires call any of the shots) they are demonstrating their worthiness of continued Kingdom Above Human schooling. And this applies to all groups throughout various Earth histories who’ give humans such titles that places them before other humans as super human – pure and examples of what we are told we want to aspire to. The big problem is that we end up focusing on their alleged supernatural behaviors, like to heal this and that malady. That is a form of putting other Gods before the One True God.

And there are those called “saints” in some terminology the equivalent of the holiest whether that representative at a time was called a Krishna or Buddha, Maitreya, appointed one (Christ), saviour, etc. These are all terms for the same process that the creator crew instigates when they send one of theirs into the Earth environment to incarnate (take over an existing human “horse” vehicle, capturing it and training it). And this Next Level Above Human, (next because of how it is a designed step some humans are offered to move evolutionarily out of the human kingdom the same way an animal can be thought of as evolving into a human condition, first experiencing a type of domestication, as do those selected humans, termed “watchers or messenger (angels)) does prepare many in the human environment for the upcoming creator crew’s return, this time by two of its membership, Ti and Do and part of that preparation entails terminology instilled upon the population. They have all along worked with and prepared the genetic strain they initiated among the exist human or human like population of earth creatures.

The story of Jesus and John the Baptist were that both human mothers were visited by angels who actually instructed the mothers as to the names they were to give their new borns. Thus in the same way, Ti and Do arranged to incarnate into that part of the genetic strain they’d prepped all along to have the capacity to receive a much higher “mind”. An average human mind/brain can become very, very confused by realities outside it’s scope. Thus when some humans hear about spirits – discarnates, they get fearful or flee such talk and consideration. The same with ufo’s and space aliens and conspiracies on and on. It’s an evolution of mind to consider these things as having their realistic place in our overall sense of reality. Once understood it no longer presents a spooky reality though the vehicle (body/mind) itself for most will always have a type of fight or flight response especially when certain presences become evident (though others will still think it absurd).

The facts are that for whatever reason I was totally attracted to Ti and Do without hardly any points of decision or doubt as to whether to follow them or not. I felt compelled and even destined to follow them and did for 19 years then turned away for no reason other than my inability to overcome certain discarnates influence over my behaviour, largely because I clearly was not ready to give my all as the rest of my comrades in the Heaven’s Gate group did in 1997 by their laying down their physical bodies voluntarily. I thought at the time I was ready and in most respects I was yet in one I was not. I was still not “giving my will over” and that can never be forced by the Next Level as they require our total exercise of our free will every step of the way. It’s the facsimile of lower forces, luciferin space aliens and discarnate counterparts that manipulate and thus even force people to think they are giving their all to a God. The problem is, wrong God because the only Right god demonstrates ALL the consistent behaviors and requirements to be on their team – no families could join their ranks together, no rituals, no garb, no living in the world thinking they are not, no what are considered normal human behaviours of marriage and partying and such. (these things are not wrong UNTIL one wants to overcome their station of behavior and that can only really occur when the incarnate Older Member blows the trumpet announcing their arrival, as Jesus did and as Ti and Do did from 1973-76 1/2 and 1993 1/2-1997 (two 3 1/2 yr period as prophesied in revelations 11). The object is to overcome so anyone engaged whole heartedly in that process, whom is captured (raptured/caught away) by the Older Member(s) becomes only a prospect for eventual graduation thus yes, belief in that current rep does get one “saved” but not saved meaning to never ever experience death again, neither first or second death, but saved as in “put on ice” to be given a new opportunity to overcome one’s human mammalian existence by being brought back to in a sense – re-incarnate, though one is never actually embedded into every cell of the body, as the body generates its own spirit, though that spirit can ask for another presence and if that presence is from the Next Level, it could lead that body to be a recipient of that returning “saved soul” to use to overcome by helping that body ask to learn how to overcome its normal human nature. But all those who die without belief in the current reps (this time Ti and Do, last time Father and Jesus, time before that Elijah/Elisha, before that Lord/Moses, before that Lord/Enoch before that Lord/Adam. (Remember each gender has it’s unique function in the program but the end result is to be genderless of mind and non-human in behavior (sexless) though not by changing to the other sex by preference, but by getting rid of all sexuality, a normal condition for members of the Level Above human who occupy vehicles that are grown on vines like a plant and that have no reproductive or digestive organs per say.)

So my human mother, from Austria decent and my human dad from Czech gypsy decent by from a strain that was a hebrew last name ending in EL (a term for god, in this case a potential child of god that is the genetic strain prepped to receive incoming returned souls who were saved, but NOT a God in any shape or form until they graduate the human condition, at best a three trimester over 6000 earth year process), for some reason chose to name my vehicle Stephen. And there are other very interesting terminology and naming in home towns and such that lead me to see how this vehicle I am wearing was of that original hebrew strain. This does not however elevate me. In fact, if I’ve failed to graduate, which in a real sense I did, then my history does not add to my stature, though for those that continually seek to be connected to the one true real Kingdom Above Human, though their most recent reps, to date named Ti and Do, there is nothing lost.

But for whatever it’s worth, calling on the name of jesus at this point is like denying the recognition of His return and especially if it’s mostly in word alone as one’s heart can not be genuinely in love with the Next Level if one never asks that their will be done through them and become willing to go the distance in that exercise of service which will always entail new challenges to what we were before but will never be more than we are capable of, as the Next Level sees to it that all their children (those who demonstrate wanting to be their children as it’s not all that automatic) are cared for. But the care is not in support of their continued and happy human existence as the point is to eventually graduate human thus having certain things taken away at times is part of the lessons some need to grow closer. As contentment and luxury become a detriment to the willingness to meet new challenges that are a must for any aspiring graduate/harvest participant/fruit yielding soul.

But back to the story of  talking about Ti and Do on the street. All five of these literally sought to escape my belief expressions and in all cases I am never like an evangelical or proselytizing preacher looking to “save” souls. It actually does boil down to their potentially being “saved” as no one will be saved if they don’t get out of their pit of ignorance and start talking directly to the evolutionary Level Above Human (Ti and Do’s new more realistic terminology (as Jesus said he would be sharing upon his return, as one can’t share new information without NEW terminology and/or more expansive in terms of details and contextual definitions). My point is that I don’t automatically share that much with anyone unless they are in some way “asking” but they don’t have to ask in any particular way for me to share. If they just walk by and say, I love your music and keep walking, I don’t share with them, though I could take their positive comment as asking for some response from me, even just a thank you.

You see, what we are each dealing with are discarnates that have attached themselves to us from infancy according to our upbringing and experiences in life who are never pro new information they don’t identify with being of benefit to their “host” human living beings so they are like voices in our head that steer us away from the new no matter what it is though sometimes it’s certainly of benefit to keep us from delving into areas of large health of body and mind ramifications that can be very hard to break out of, though pertinent to the Next Level’s interests for us, the greater areas to break away from are those that are identified as great successes as human easily become addicted to comforts and luxury and fame and fortune and all the attention and certain powers they get from such achievements, which is why the Next Level respondents are for large part those that have either had success but for one reason or another it fell away or never had any so in both cases were more receptive to changing whatever it was they were humanly engaged in.

Then on the street I met a Romanian gentleman, progressive activist who was part of a large drum/dance ensemble. Apparently the promoters of the show had hired this group to perform and they did for many hours over the weekend that is until their last show when some artists complained that they were too loud. They weren’t on a stage. They played around a big fountain area but unlike the many other musical acts at the show, they were drums and were multinational in appearance (which I’m not sure was a factor, but this new friend named George seemed to imply was a factor and one can understand why he’d wonder about it because he’d already had many experiences of being discriminated against due to his not being a native to that area by the largely white hierarchy that in many ways still seek to keep things whitewashed and significantly know it or not anti challenging to their constituency).

The drum group toned down but then the order came, before they even got a chance to drum again, that their act was simply cancelled. They were not even being paid for their performance. I wonder now if they were paid if they wouldn’t have cancelled them because of contractual agreements that could have been ground for a law suit. In any case George walked by my tent with part of the troupe and just so happened walked past the back of my tent and hit his Djembe drum, to which, as a drummer as well, I had to jump out the back of the tent to see who was there, to meet up with him and spend the next hour or so talking and meeting the rest of his troop which are called by the name and web site: led by a fellow named Dave. In our conversation George told me of how he was fired from a job and learned that the reason was because he was Romanian. By the way, George had an accent but was very well spoken in English. I was raised in New York and my grandparents and many people I knew growing up, even to date have far less ability to speak English but are fully naturalized as is George so the discrimination was, well typical of many southern towns, though some of the cities have progressed. George told me that outside the cities there are still a great deal of people that hate anyone different than themselves, thus non-white and/or non-american and/or non-so called Christian(a bastarized term as zero Christians lay any claim to anything Jesus promised on their affiliation with that religious belief system). I can prove that they are more “anti-jesus, thus anti-christ” than pro-jesus and pro-christ the reason no preachers or Christian teachers will debate me on any issue as they will lose as I was given the authority to discern what Jesus really said and meant and did and why and what that means for today. I was given that by Ti and Do. Had they not given me that, I would not have it. And having it does not guarantee me anything except if I continue to ask for what’s next in their agenda for me and try to implement it as it reveals itself to me and if it’s too hard to implement, ask them to help me implement it which they do in ways that appear natural. I get no voices in my head per say. Ideas sometimes but never anything that would be the least bit manipulative or harming of any person, creature, place or thing nor myself though I know by continuing to implement the expressing of their reality I am increasingly putting myself before people, some of whom will get angry, as I have experienced. It’s not my intention to ever anger someone but the truth hurts when we thrive on lies, whether we know it or not. Many times those most afraid of change are angered the most, which is their discarnates drumming up their anger as if anyone chooses to really follow a Next Level Kingdom of Godly direction the influences (discarnates) will lost their host human body through which they seek to experience life as they knew it while alive themselves.

George then told me that the Baptists refuse to support changes that might benefit the environment, for instance recycling of bottles, because they see taking any such steps as either a waste of time or a delay in Jesus’ return. Even seeking to stop wars for instance is seen that way because they think Jesus will not come until after Armageddon, thus they want to encourage Armageddon like activities. Now other Christians are still debating when Jesus will come. Some think Christians will not have to go through the “Tribulation”, that Jesus will come for his own before it gets really bad.

It’s interesting to me as I can see both of these interpretations surrounding the Next Level’s return from more than one perspective and both completely in line with prophecy and my experiences with what Ti and Do did and why and when and how. Ti and Do, by the way did not teach out of the bible. They hardly ever quoted jesus and never did so in chapter and verse. There was only one bible lesson that Do gave by himself to us, which was on revelations 12 which Do said was about Ti. By the way it was Ti who told us that we were to give our all to Do. She said Do was uncomfortable asking for our will but Ti knew it was imperative that we give ourselves over to complete our metamorphic like changeover to demonstrating our “belief/faith/trust” in the Next Level through the incarnate older member whom we recognized but still had to work to overcome our humanness through his(ti and do’s leadership).

While in the group, in a sense we were happy to see the evidence of the Next Level’s arrival and the end of the incarnate stage of the task of graduation into the Next Level Above Human. When this would be represented by an Earthquake, none of us enjoyed the sufferings of others but some had so outgrown the human animal like kingdom (that by the way is based on birth and death, so even when any life seems to be cut short, there was never any guarantee that any one life would live x-years and experience x from it, so the fact that some die from natural disasters is moreorless no different than dying in a auto crash or from cancer or from heart attack or in war. It’s never pleasant for those who witness it and those who have root systems and/or love those that are lost, but it is quite natural and expected that we will all die to our physicality. Jesus even said we’d have to die and be reborn to have a soul/spirit (greek pneuma) birth. This idea that people are going to come out of the graves with their decayed bodies is superstitious religious real hocus pocus illusionary thinking. And this idea that a rapture is when those living will in their current physical bodies be lifted up the way Jesus was is more ridiculousness. It’s not that the Kingdom of God couldn’t choose to do that. They could and even might still if it serves some purpose for those that witness it, that I doubt will be on the docket during this quickly closing civilization. It’s that who are considered “worthy” as Jesus said of being “saved” and/or of receiving the promise? They MUST demonstrate a desire to “do the will of he who sent Jesus, the Father’s will. WEll Jesus is Our Father and the Father is Jesus’ Father and thus our Grandfather. By Our I am meaning those children who seek to be on their team which can only be those who disassociate themselves with any religion and that entails all human styled belief systems call them religious or the union of acclaimed scientists if that’s the correct name. They are just as much locked in their own form of illusion while telling people like me that I am a wacko. Funny thing though, whenever I debate anyone from any such organization I end up seeing all they say as having it’s appropriateness and sense of reality yet they are always the ones who tell me what is not possible when they at the same time will admit we are all still in the fishbowl having not created any of the elements nor system within system within system. They all insist on their cherished terminology thus “god” and if someone uses a word they don’t consider part of their “cult” then they automatically discount it as having any merit. The christians and all religionists do this as do many of the new agers as do many of the so called scientists and/or atheists. All these are not wrong per say.

All things on Earth are potential stepping stones but there is only one way off the top of the mountain and that is by embracing the reality in all things before us and seeking to have connection with the real persona of those beings who have over and over given of themselves to show us what was possible and how to get it. It’s never done for you as so many Christian say about Jesus. Sure he showed us the way, but we must take that path and walk it and experience ALL he experienced in the walking of that path. Any so called Christians that think they are being persecuted for their beliefs is fooling themselves. Sure persecutions occur throughout human history but when the Next Level rep incarnates and gathers his pre-determined flock of sheep, taking them away from all the otherwise and/or nearly blind sheep, then they will see what it is to be hated for what we say alone.

Being hated because we have different skin color or ethnicity or class  by whoever is the ruling group of savage humans is one thing and for those it’s nearly impossible to avoid that persecution and a lot can be learned from such and the Next level will save souls that seek their help, if not saving their physical body from certain dangers but always saving   the souls, as the Next Level can easily grow physical bodies as Jesus said. But being persecuted for “belief” but more so for the expression of that belief when it’s apparent that it will not be popular and will be met by more persecution takes a different sense of bravery because one can hide from doing so and survive. Of course this also has it’s counterpart of those who show bravery by helping those that are persecuted for whatever reasons mentioned as they don’t have to step into that danger. When they do, the Kingdom of God takes notice. The same with those who help the poor or the sick. They don’t have to expose themselves to those difficulties. The Kingdom of God takes notice of these souls. But those who simply help their own and even spit on others in one way or another, the Kingdom of God has no use for, except as fertilizer for the growth of the fruit they are seeking to nurture to full ripeness and graduation/harvest as just occurred in 1997 before the worlds eyes as the termed Heaven’s Gate “cult”, who were nothing like the Jim Jones cult nor the solar temple cult nor the branch Dravidian cult or any other cult or Moonies etc. and I have tons of evidence of how different they were.

So it’s still possible to believe in Ti and Do and tell other about them. Belief doesn’t mean they answer all your questions. They can but we often don’t know how to ask and at times we have to be shown answers not told answers which takes our willingness to at least take a baby step in some direction. That baby step might be…like saying in your privacy (as talking to God never should have become a group effort nor relegated to a leader on our behalf), Ti and Do, what’s next for me. Show me how I can serve and help me prepare to do it. That would be a sign of belief or something like that. Influences will provide all manner of excuses not so even think Ti and Do have any value or that since you fear giving all, giving nothing is the only alternative. Give only what you want to give and do so carefully and in a caring way and don’t seek to impress with a show of love. – just do the love which at this time is most demonstrated by sharing all the info they provided on and on the beyond human series of video’s on youtube channel 1riverofangels or mine on channel: 3spm or on most wednesday nights 10pm-12am ET.

For your sake give it your best.

Stephen ???EL Sawyer

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