Overview and Jesus “second coming” prophecies fulfilled by Ti and Do as Two Witnesses

For the very few that are willing to receive it:

There are many evidences or signs of what has been called Jesus “Second Coming” that have been fulfilled by Bo and Peep in 1972-6 and the same named Ti(Peep) and Do (human incarnation names of Bonnie Nettles(rare artillery styled seed projecting plant employed as a Houston new-born Nurse) and Marshall(law enforcer) Applewhite(sin made clean), preachers son, employed as a professional singer, music/choral/orchestral director) from 1992-6 (both approx 3 1/2 yr periods of prophesying) called in the 1997 media the Heaven’s Gate Cult.

Of course they (Ti and Do) were a cult (for previously prepared and saved now 3rd trimester disciples) in the sense of their alternative to all things thought human, exactly as Jesus & Father and crew and his 2nd trimester souls (prepared/saved by their previous Moses experience) were considered to be in his day that largely Moses and crew laid the primary initial groundwork for so that They could return for the third trimester in their overall “soul/spirit/mind birth”(real meaning of “born again” of flesh and then of spirit/soul/mind) which was IF they completed their overcoming of human/mammalian/carnal nature program/process.

Only those who complete their program adequately by the Kingdom of God’s standards will reap the promised rewards (be with Them (Father and Son) in their pre-prepared new life environment (many dwelling places/rooms, abodes). But not all seeded humans are ready to be harvested/graduate at the same time thus souls (planted seeds by the Kingdom of God garden tenders) are also given many chances to breach their own limitations in a stepwise experiential based way, according to their expressed and demonstrated desire – asking/seeking/knocking (being open to what’s NEW – how they must be challenged to “change their mind” (repent) in their asking the currently incarnate representative in person (or if they have already exited their incarnation (died) by calling on the last names they used, in this case Ti and Do, to be of Their service and for help in their own growth – the strength to press forward.

The Kingdom of God members do NOT NEED ANY human beings in their “heavenly” environment but they know some will want to gravitate to be with them during each garden civilization’s incarnation of their representatives. They never beat around the bush with the requirements to be on their team. It takes a graduated giving of our ALL (heart, mind, soul, strength) eventually (not all until the next incarnation of a representative, so we have someone seemingly like us to learn to trust and who proves themselves worthy of that trust, to give our all to. Until that return (when our saved soul would be brought back for next trimester lessons), our way of giving our all is to give to others as we would want to be given – love one’s neighbor as ourselves, even lay down our life for another, be meek/kind and gentle, non-judgemental, giving, compassionate and honest (except when threatened by humans with the power to imprison you unjustly), self-controlled (abide by the ten commandments), and not entrenched into human religio-spiritual or atheistic (as there are not just one person of God in three parts, a major distortion) organizations. (Can try everything but what we attach to become a weight that’s harder to rid ourselves of and if weighted down by the cares of the world, may fear the loss of what becomes a type of addiction and can miss the next trumpet call by the next incarnate representative).

Meanwhile, in the eyes of all those who either were never primed or exposed to a representative when they were physically incarnate in a human body (as dead human “spirits/souls” can and do seek to influence us) such a desire to break away from and overcome all humanism is seen as bizarre, insane, abnormal and even dangerous to all they treasure in mammalian life and thus seek to either ignore or squelch any talk in this regard, as it threatens theirs and their families sense of stability. But the Kingdom of God does a great deal of prepatory work for each trimester and in each trimester there are new souls planted to begin their first trimester, marked by “belief alone”. This is where we are now as the third trimester students graduated leaving any who couldn’t make that grade to still decide whether they were willing to repeat a second trimester program of telling others of the representatives presence and teachings, regardless of the ramifications to their physical human comforts and life. (willing to lose one’s life to save it” as Jesus said, save it, because when the Kingdom of God sees someone wanting to be in their service to the degree of willing to say that which is generally hated by all (not just hated as in one religion or sects hatred for another), they come to their assistance, though when they die physically, their soul is kept in a temporary area of the “spirit world”, that Jesus was quoted and translated to the Greek word “paradosa” (the English word Paradise), which stems from the definition of an invisible to our eyes “walled area” – what might even be considered to be like a space craft within the Earth electromagnetic field aka the Spirit world that has it’s depths into the core of the Earth and extends for thousands of miles away from the Earth’s physicality, where Jesus promised that one thief he would be taken to and be with him there, as that is where Jesus soul went in prep to return to his incarnation to fulfill the remainder of his task to give actual proof to his disciples, so they would not be so confused any longer and would have the strength to spread all they experienced even to the degree of being willing to lose their lives in the process as Jesus said would happen to some of them.

So that is but an overview but hardly touches all the myriad of details that support each and everything said, which can be documented biblically for those that can bear to examine it. Some will not need to see all that documentation but it’s fine to want it, so I have compiled what I’ve been shown/given by Ti and Do. They didn’t directly give this to me. In fact in the 19 years I spent as their close disciple, living with them as all the disciples did, though not always in the same quarters), they rarely taught out of the Bible or any record, though they knew the bottom lines well and at times we their students decided to research the Bible (to include the Nag Hamadi and Dead Sea Qumram Scrolls, discovered in the 1940’s/50’s, same time coincidentally as the UFO crashes and such activities were at a height. So much of what I’ve come to see, which is all subject to further understandings, came to me in my quest to understand things they said or did that I later realized was also recorded in Jesus and/or Moses words.

I was visited many times by them during dreams, but not to give me particular revelations as enough has been given in that regard, but to help me realize just how real they were. This took place in dreams with Them in them, from Their exit of their physical vehicles in late March of 1997 until October of 2009 (the dates are offset from the timing of the Kingdom of God that the Mayan’s also were cued in on. 2009 is what people are now thinking of as 2012 and 1997 was what people thought was in prophecy as 2000. In other words that span of 12 years was how long they would stay in the spirit world before exiting the planet. At their exit, the planet and its entire population would be left to become all it was already in motion to become, but was being held back by the Kingdom of God’s physical presence, in order to keep their prime reason for being here, their little tiny flock of about to born souls safe and progressing in their metamorphic soul growing mode that absolutely requires the hands on midwife like tending from the incarnate representatives.

Thus the official Armageddon – war for souls has begun as of 1997. The Lucifierian space aliens, not one group but consisted of all “fallen angels” offspring and discarnate counterparts who were humans who died believing in the Luciferian agenda’s programming (though they called it by a previous rep’s name, minus the requirements of disciples that representative(Moses/Jesus) taught (deny self(give will to the Father/Son), take up your cross(be prepared to die in expression of belief (not trying to be martyred as that is a Luciferian smoke screen type of distortion (among many the Luciferians enact) to try to force such), follow them (genuine Father and Son) physically (seen as a cult, though again the Luciferians create their look-alike sheep that are really in wolf’s clothing, ie. Jim Jones, David Koresh, Solar Temple, Sun Yong Moon, Rael, Claire Prophet, etc, etc. – leaving all behind including family, though this aspect is not required until the representative is physically present to teach us how to give our final push out of the birth canal). The Luciferians are appealing to people through adherence to religions which include seeing the human equivalent (whether in a human or reptilian like body) or to Science (as a religion) or to new age variations of the same themes, which are all taking the people and reality away from those that actually orchestrated the development of Sun’s and planetary systems and instead rendering them etheric, and nebulous, calling that which created our reality such names as the cosmic consciousness and a state of nirvana or utopia, or anticipating some “heaven on earth”, all of which, along with all of everything else having its form of accuracy, though often in so general a way, that misses the mark of how much more there really is and how tiny and relatively insignificant humans are. The Luciferians get their loyal subjects by building them up, appealing to their desire to be something special in life, telling them they can achieve bliss or some condition of being “saved” simply by maintaining some minor beliefs and some minor “living a kind life towards others (not a bad thing but not a ticket to anything unless they also seek to press to learn what more there is). The Luciferians seek to keep people satisfied in all respects. They do this with tricks of the spirit world and through selective contacts with certain humans who they feel can be their spokesman on Earth. Thus all human leaders become prime targets to beef up to garner support for their agenda which never has anything to do with overcoming the world as Jesus said was required to be with him and reap the rewards of eternal life in a non-corruptible body that is a physical container of sorts just not of the same kind of flesh as humans.

Ti and Do said the Kingdom of God (Next Level- terminology Ti and Do used) grew vehicles on vines like plants and then they could be inhabited by the born soul body that lives largely off of photosynthesis thus has no need for a digestive system, nor exists in a decaying environment thus can thrive indefinitely if it stays within its non-decaying environement, though is not the only suit of clothes they have the option to evolve into as they continue to seek growth and thrive on real tasks for the creator crew they have grafted to by the strength of their will. And they have no need to reproduce as they don’t die and they have no need for more bodies or personal. However, knowing what they have which is most real and “out of time” as they are not limited to one planet as humans largely are, which includes spirts (dead humans) that are also limited but have the sense of freedom outside their flesh but can not change into anything more than they were when they died and seek to be as a parasite on the energy of those flesh bodies they seek to time share with and attach to when it suits their pre-programmed sensory energetic surge they get when their host human body has any emotional charge.

However, the period of time for decision is escalating to a close when the planet itself will undergo a complete reconditioning/recycling. We will see an increase in all natural disasters and there will be many more human stimulated disasters as well, some of which are set up by what is happening under the Earth’s crust which is in some respects being stimulated by the Sun and other bodies in conjunction with normal Earth processes that have had their triggers engaged. There is no way to know how many years before the current appearance of civilization is vanished but there may be parts of the planet that are “saved” that is if the Next Level wishes to save some of the genetic seed for the start of their next civilization as depicted in the Noah story. All on Earth that have the capacity to gravitate to the Next Level’s reality and last presence on Earth in the names of Ti and Do, but they must be willing to at least consider and seek to learn more about Ti and Do. Jesus is really a complete illusion just as Buddha has become just as Krishna has become, as each of these were at one time members of the Level Above Human incarnate, then twisted and turned and distorted and became politicized and diluted into religions. But all the dead spirits will either be dissolved into an even less individualistic form of energy (as they are a frequency form of an energy database module) or they will also be kept from being dissolving if the Next Level sees promise in their growth towards eventual birth into the Next Level or if they can be useful as the next form of fertilizer to help stimulate the negative that is needed to make the growth process a challenge that can build a strong mind by learning to work against thus the prophecy of satan (adversary) being locked up for 1000 years and then released again for a season.

It is suspected that by the time all the physical humans that witnessed a relationship with Ti and Do are dead, there will be little reason to hold the full recycling back. By the time it’s clear to all what is taking place it will be too late to change as everyone at this time is being forced naturally to decide where to put their allegiance. The Next Level has ways to know each of our decisions and will respond accordingly. No human can judge another’s status in this regard as long as one lives they can still change no matter what they had done or become while a living human.

At some point there will no longer be an electric grid so people are best learning how to live off the land and work with their local communities, best in rural areas as the cities will all have a terrible time of it. People can and some will curse God for their suffering but God designed death as part of life. Anyone could have killed themselves if they didn’t want to live and some do. Suicide is not a ticket to anything but to remaining whatever you were while alive without a physical body to change through. Change is the name of the game so to speak. It’s not really a game but it’s a necessary component to all life to change to grow/thrive. The fact that so many are so, so comfortable often on the backs of others that are not, is a sign of a planet that has become very, very corrupt and can no longer be fixed except by wiping it clean which will take care of all the needed weeding. Nothing of value will be lost but we are not the creators of this reality and thus we don’t decide who is or isn’t a weed.

Meanwhile both Luciferian space aliens and their human servants (know it or not) are trying to do all they can to develop technology to reproduce better with, survive underground and/or on another planetary body or on a space station and develop energy systems for both purposes to include weaponry to keep other humans and space aliens from stealing what they feel they need so bad. Human governments want to keep the status quo as is as long as possible so they can continue to have both their ways of life for themselves and their families and some hope for a future. Thus there will be an escalating sucking of all resources from the public sectors into the private sectors which will increase rebellion and revolution. We can choose to die trying to fight against this, but it will not preserve our life for very long. Humans use records considered religious to justify whatever it is they want to do. And the non-religious that are to some degree more awakened and were mostly those vehicles that were seeded by the Next Level at some time during the last century, are the “meek who shall inherit the earth”, but they will not “save the earth” as they often say as the Earth is not in peril, humanity is. The Earth will recycle whether humans change their carbon footprint or not. However that’s not to say moving to alternative cleaner and more evolved energy sources is futile or a bad thing. Of course it’s good, but it simply won’t stop the Earth from recycling to where it all won’t matter. However, while living, to reduce the toxins we heap upon our bodies both in mental and physical toxins is a sign of a brain/mind that has had some absorption of Next Level thinking/ways and overall “mind stuff”, though their seed may have been reduced to a tiny voice of conscience that can’t or fears the recognition of beings that are far, far, far above them in every way.

Just as an automobile could never have just evolved without conscious direction, the much more complex and embedded systems within systems within systems that comprise all the life forms of the entire Earth and extends to the entire solar system and beyond could not have come to be without a proportionately greater conscious direction. That direction includes evolutionary processes that includes large amounts of adaptation and types of survival of the fittest but the ultimate survival of the most fittest eventually extends to those minds/spirits/souls that seek assistance from the logical beings that created our fishbowl reality, the only way to ultimately still survive if someone even cares to survive. Those that seek and receive this connection with those far above human creator beings don’t fear non-existence. They simply by being in touch and from the rewarded contact simply know there is more to attain to, thus it becomes common sense to proceed in that vein as the more steps we are willing to take to talk to and learn to live by that which the creator crew has passed down to us over the course of the current and past civilizations on and off the Earth, the more we increase our memory of its reality and thus pass on that memory to our offspring who then have an easier time “believing” in what those who don’t get that memory can’t begin to imagine. In other words we always need to be primed before we can believe in something that is not demonstrated to us, though nature demonstrates many even most of what is possible in the human kingdom and then we seek to mimic those processes and in that way evolve technologies but we can easily become so full of ourselves that we lose sight of the fact that we as humans did not create any of the elements on the planet nor the systems we subsist off of so to say what’s not possible in this system is the greater illusion, though many cling to it for dear life.

So here are some of the prophecies fulfilled, that I initially said I was going to post but instead wrote this long synopsis of the current state of affairs. If you get no further, that’s of course fine, but the real key at this time is to be willing to in your privacy talk to Ti and Do, two real people who are no longer in physical vehicles but who have crew that respond to those names. You can ask them for anything and they will determine what, when and how to help you. They are the source.

They are the “bright and morning stars” in our part of the universe.


– “white horse” – Marshall Applewhite  in a white caucasian (horse) incarnation

– “comes with the clouds” from the heavens(clouds of light (not known human travel devices (don’t use UFO’s as Christians are trained to think that new age paranormal and afraid of it) (same word as sky), what Jesus ascended into and two angels stood by to say this was the way he would return

– stars fall from the sky – “clouds of light – crashed to earth – seen by people in Roswell and Aztec along with the historic crashed saucers that contained 4 and 18 bodies respectively that were 3 1/3 ft tall humanoid looking according to the FBI report (Aztec) at that time.

– “For every eye to see” – makes a global splash – 1975 and 1997 major media worldwide (of course if one is not looking or “seeing” then they don’t, their choice to be “taken unawares” as Jesus warned.
– “comes with his Father” – See John  14:22-24

Joh 14:22 Judas saith unto him, not Iscariot, Lord, how is it that thou wilt manifest thyself unto us, and not unto the world?

Joh 14:23 Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.

Joh 14:24 He that loveth me not keepeth not my sayings: and the word which ye hear is not mine, but the Father’s which sent me.

Some Christians think this means they will invisibly come to those who believe and that is not false BUT when he came face to face (as Moses also said was the way the next teacher would come after him) he did so for a reason. If all things could be done invisibly, they wouldn’t bother coming face to face. It’s because we can easily be fooled by the invisible “spirit world”, as we saw in the way Paul of Tarsus was shocked into belief (not a method of the Kingdom of God, as it’s against their free will when they experience such a shock).

– When Jesus returns he will demonstrate the same “ways” he taught in word and deed, the biggest ones being that he came not preaching his own words but preaching ONLY what his Father gave him to say. Do all along said he was working for Ti.

– The rev 11 two witness testimony. Two 3 1/2 rapture periods. Rapture means “being caught”, caught away from the world, removed from the world, not the planet as that happens only in spirit form. Rapture pertains to those in bodies. Paul expressed it in Thessalonians that he no doubt got from Peter or another direct disciple of Jesus.

1Th 4:16 For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:

1Th 4:17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

“caught up” = 726 harpazo {har-pad’-zo}

from a derivative of 138; TDNT – 1:472,80; v

AV – catch up 4, take by force 3, catch away 2, pluck 2, catch 1, pull 1; 13

1) to seize, carry off by force 2) to seize on, claim for one’s self eagerly 3) to snatch out or away

The ‘shout as with the trump is the announcement of the arrival and who shall be gathered first and even “resurrect (arise) first, but those that had previously “died in christ” “died for christ/Jesus” died in service to his word – spreading the truth”. This is the definition of the saints and is the same saints who in Mathew he said would return with him the next time, as they did to continue their accepted task that would further prepare them for their own harvest/graduation.

The human vehicles always have to be sort of “captured” as they don’t want to disconnect from all they know and love, even if life has been hard. And it is a type of “snatching”…

– “come as a thief in the night” – secretly, unseen by those that are not expecting to see him to steal away from the humans families and otherwise normal life style.

reference to “night” has to do with the fact that their true nature is unseen as they incarnate (take over an existing human vehicle – snatch a body prepared for them, by its being in the genetic strain that previously had experience with the Kingdom of God’s face to face arrival, teaching and demonstration of how to overcome the world, even at the prospect of giving our lives as Jesus said, don’t fear those who can kill the body, fear those that can take your soul, (mental allegiance).

Revelations 12 says there is a women who gives birth to the man-child who is caught up to heaven. Christians say this “woman is the “church” but the church is only a word to identify the body of true believers/overcomers/Israelites. So how could the “church” give birth to the “son of God” depicted there? That would be like the children bearing their parents. So this woman is someone else and she has some relationship to the heaven’s that sounds a lot like what we call astrological, but we shouldn’t use that word as many christians think astrology is of the devil, one of the Luciferian ploys to lump all things otherworldly into one boat so most would miss the real boat that of course will bring more clarity to what was otherwise no understood in times past so was considered witchcraft, while the real witches are at this time working their spells through religions and chemical/pharmaceutical (alchemists) corporations.

– rev 11 also says that these two are the two olive trees. Well that depiction goes back to a vision of Zechariah where the angle tells him who the two olive trees are, which was before Jesus came, though could have applied to the arrival of Jesus and his Father, his Father being another real person, though unseen, except in how he may have been one of those on the transfiguration mount seen by John, James and Peter with Jesus at that time. Well the angel tells Zechariah that these two olive trees are also the lampstands, another reference to past descriptions of the origin of the jewish menorah, you could research if you like but that the angel says these are the “two anointed ones”

Zec 4:12 And I answered again, and said unto him, What be these two olive branches which through the two golden pipes empty the golden oil out of themselves?

Zec 4:13 And he answered me and said, Knowest thou not what these be? And I said, No, my lord.

Zec 4:14 Then said he, These are the two anointed ones, that stand by the LORD of the whole earth.

Also note that in this vision/dream/experience Zechariah is shown what looked like and he describes as “two golden pipes”. Well Ti and Do referred to themselves throughout the classroom as our “links” and “pipes” that they hoped were empty pipes so to better not distort the pure flow of information (mind from their older members through them to us).

Now here is a big point.

Well, the meaning of Christ is “anointed” the same as Krishna, the same as Buddha the same as Maitreya (though can’t mention the other religions terminology or else they will be thrown out by the christians. (perhaps need two versions of this film or whatever, (different tongues) to speak to different people and not give influences a way to rule things out so fast and easily.

Thus this is saying that the coming of “Christs” is two (Father and Son) but as we read in John in the case of the last trimester in this three trimester “spirit birth” program, the Father incarnates also.

It’s also very noteworthy that Jesus said that when he came back he would both share new information and would no longer speak in parables/stories. Well how is he going to speak plainly unless he has a mouth and voice and knows the language of those he is coming to be with to “save”, to capture, to help in their overcoming unless he comes face to face again. Is he expected to sit on a cloud with a bull horn shouting the new information.

Joh 16:25 These things have I spoken unto you in proverbs: but the time cometh, when I shall no more speak unto you in proverbs, but I shall shew you plainly of the Father.

Joh 16:26 At that day ye shall ask in my name: and I say not unto you, that I will pray the Father for you:

Joh 16:27 For the Father himself loveth you, because ye have loved me, and have believed that I came out from God.

Joh 16:28 I came forth from the Father, and am come into the world: again, I leave the world, and go to the Father.

Also this flies in the face of all those who say Jesus is the same person as the Father. He is clearly talking about the Father being a different person altogether though Jesus is clear that He is following the Father’s instructions and therefore is doing his Fathers will, “Thy will be done”, as he taught us to pray. Ti told us to look to Do as our Father. Do said that Ti was His Father. Ti never told us she was anybody’s Father. Do learned it from working with Ti for years. She was simply obviously more aware and less human in thought, word and deed, but that we, the students needed Do for our link as He was closer to us communicatively, could relate better on our terms while still being miles ahead of us and all we could possibly need to grow by.


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