The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse according to what Sawyer thinks Ti(Father) and Do(jesus)(Two Witnesses) might say now

I found this article on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse which I commented on below & on this person’s site that they may or may not post but I wanted to preserve here because when I see these stumbling around interpretations that appear to some to know what the are talking about, I have to point out their vast failures in the most common of ways. Frequently there are those that have blogs that simply copy and paste ideas of others into their own blog and then think they are bloggers for doing so, but it does provide a way to see how they are thinking so I can pull on Ti and Do’s mind for better interpretations, so in that way, all things work together for good for those that want to try to do the Father’s will, which I know I am only partially doing at this time compared to when I was in the every day service of  Ti and Do, those who I’m sure were the only legitimate two witnesses.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

by issachar5 on August 7, 2010

You have more than likely been taught that, the four horsemen are symbolic descriptions of different events which will take place in the end times.

Well lets look at this.

The first horse is the conquerer. Oh, like the earth has never seen a conquerer.

The second horse is war.  Wow, war, imagine that a conquerer who uses war to get what he wants.

The third horse is economic upheaval.  Now that is something so rare on this earth, that as we explain in the 2008 banking crisis it happens only every 60-70 years.

The last horse is death.  You know anybody who has died?  Gosh that never happens.

Now, hopefully you have been slapped into reality.  The book of the Revelation starts out with an explanation of why it is being given.  Somehow a lot of people seem to skip this first verse.

The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show to his servants what must soon take place; and he made it known by sending his angel to his servant John, Rev. 1:1

Soon, does not mean 1900 years latter in anybody’s dictionary.  Since the book was written between 96-98 AD, the events in it should have started, one would think, no later than early in the second century A.D.  The people who teach that these events are future either only trying to scare people, or more likely unable to interpret what the text is saying.  Either to make money or because they are deceived and scared themselves.  But the text plainly states “soon”.

We explain what the horses meant in Rev 6-7.

My comment to this article:
You sure do jump to conclusions or listen to others that do and then write like you know. It’s time to “change” your mind(repent) – opening up to what these bible versus might well be really saying which I admit are difficult to discern and had I not been given the insights and determination and belief in Ti and Do to dig, would also miss a great deal, even entirely as you have. Thus I thank you for bringing these subjects up and by the way, failed to respond to some of your derogatory comments about my beliefs in Ti and Do as the Two Witnesses, a sign that you and the discarnates around you fear considering, so they simply leverage insults as demonstrated on your site by calling a donkey DoDo and joking about drinking the kool aid. How original and short sighted to condemn what you don’t understand or want to understand, like I said for fear of losing what you think you have. In any case, I am still willing to provide you with what I learn in case you can begin to consider something other than the all too familiar sources you already have that are like thousands of  other misguided humans.
1. You seem to think yourself so logical but then how do you answer this Re: the timing in some cases given in certain scriptures: 2 Peter 3:8 [B]eloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day”
Thus is “soon” = to 1 day, 2 days, or what God time. Why even build arguments on that level if only to beef up your agenda to render prophecy as ordinary and not having anything to do with the future, which could be NOW or could have passed or could be in the future OR could be all three, as there is no telling how many applications any one thing God gives us could be used for.
2. You are assuming that Bow is a tool of human war. In the greek it’s base meaning according to Strongs Concordance is to “produce” as in produce young as a mother, to bear, be born, bring forth, be delivered, be in travail, which certainly sounds familiar when cross referencing such meaning with other scriptures and described purposes for Jesus and his Father’s efforts. For instance see Revelations 12 in the woman giving birth to the male child who is taken up to heaven and given a crown. Doesn’t that sound a lot like this Rev 6 white horseman. In that sense then this one who sits on this horse with a bow may be saying what was produced was actually His own birth into the next rank in the Kingdom of God’s heirarchy, his reward for conquering his human horse but even moreso the Luciferian attack waged against him that sought to devour his young, the saints that came with he and his Father so they could be born into the Kingdom of God (Next Level) which was no easy chore to accomplish and is the reason the Father came with him to incarnate to as Ti said to Do early on, “get you started and then go back” (which Do at the time wondered what she meant by it and even told us that he wondered if she was thinking she’d go back  to the husband and grown children she left to do this task with Do, which Do couldn’t imagine but then when she left her body, having burned it out by the potency of Next level (holy) mind she contained within that vehicle (brain, etc) he then knew what she was saying.
Now the term conquer also goes hand in hand with “overcoming” which is clear IS required for anyone to join the lamb in his Kingdom. He didn’t do it for us as is popular among lazy religionists to believe because then they can accumulate lots of followers to pay their way in life while they think themselves pious and chosen and god’s gift to humanity. Talk about illusions of grandeur and illogical premises. Sure belief in Jesus at the time Jesus was considered a cultish evil outlaw and telling others about him when doing so might very well get you maimed or killed or imprisoned was the criteria after Jesus left in his “cloud of light” to be “put on ice” (saved for a future opportunity to learn to overcome a human vehicles mammalian ways and direct one’s will only to the will of the present Older Member, this next time called Bo and Peep and then changed their names to Ti and Do when they adopted the most viable students). But 2000 years later, Jesus is a household word in most of the world, even believed to be a prophet by many Jews, Muslims and Buddhists.
The test or leap of faith is to believe when it’s highly unpopular and belief doesn’t necessarily mean hook line and sinker as that will be an ongoing process, but to simply believe enough to tell others about who they seem to be, is going against the grain, not just for the sake of doing so as a rebel, but because that is what is required to build one’s own mind power to be able to ward off discarnate thought attacks that will seek to stop/distract you from telling others and stop you from looking more into what Ti and Do said and did and even having conversation with Ti and Do in your privacy.
And thinking that the description of “White” is referring to the purity of the horse would mean one would also have to define what the “horse” represents. I say, it represents the human vehicle the soul called Jesus and/or his Father took over to “ride” to be the midwife(producer) for the souls they were attempting to “spirit birth” into the kingdom of God in outer space (heavens). (this view is not unfounded scripturally at all).
Note, this one who sits on this horse has the power. He is not “given” the power as the other horses. He has it, thus the other horses come after this white one, thus this takes place first, the conquering which is the successful completion of the harvest(birth of the 24 elder “saints”(who died in christ, in delivery of the information that Jesus brought in their past, proving their fruitfulness, as they then spread that seed to other potential newborns). Even before they are “born” they have tasks they can do for the Kingdom of God whether in Paradisce in greek: Paradosa(walled unseen area, according to the hebrew, where the idea of puragtory came from I suspect).
So this horse is white. Now if that horse is the vehicle the rider used/took over, incarnated into to do his task, then white describes that horse. Is the horse pure. Well, one could say, it would be which is part of what the conquering is about – overcoming the mammon nature of the beast human that to the Kingdom of God are like horses, wild at first but then with care and capture(rapture) can become tamed and even become servicable and even in themselves happier with potential they otherwise would never have if left on the range wild.
But I would also suggest that this horse is white because that is the general “color” or lack thereof, thus plain cloth (having no cultural coloration that might be even a greater hinderence to overcoming it’s mammalian nature) and then the third idea for the use of the term white is that it could actually be in the name of that horse(human vehicle(what ti and do called a body)), which would be like giving us more and more clues as to who the genuine “christs”, Older Members from the Kingdom of God are.
And of course I say that because the body that was taken by the soul that used the body called Jesus 2000 years ago, as I believe was called AppleWhite, the apple part yet another angle on the prophecy that he “washed away our sins”, which simply meant that we were forgiven our trespasses past(karma) by putting our trust, faith and continuous efforts to; deny ourselves (our own will), take up our cross(deliver the NEW info from Ti and Do to others (which also applied to Jesus info after Jesus left), accepting the ramifications that might even be our being killed for our testimony (which today testifying to Jesus would hardly get anyone killed, unless they make a point to challenge someone who differed in belief which is not the exact way of the Kingdom of God to do as they don’t want to force or scare people into submission like so many evangelicals do).
Now I believe that the next horseman has also already transpired in the way we now have endless war all over the planet. Before 2001, we had wars that started and stopped but as of 2001, there is endless war. Did we see that anytime in our history. I think not though you like to make us think it’s not out of the ordinary. Now whoever sits on this horse is given the power and given the sword(weapons), not that God puts them in their hands, they are simply allowed to do what they do in their construction and use.  Now why red, but again I suspect it works for multiple facet’s.

Red is the way fascists are described aren’t they. A Fascist is a system of rulership that is based on obtaining wealth for the leadership (corporate) rather than being a social organization that provides for everyone’s governing needs. And  red is also the color of blood and so many who send people to wars have blood on their hands big time. Though this label has been working it’s way into American government for decades it’s never been more applicable. The US spends 1/2 it’s entire budget on war mongering and that doesn’t include black monies gained from so called illegal operations like selling weapons to both sides of a dispute or running drugs for the “contras” or in Afghanistan where poppy and thus heroin is king.

Next we have the black horse and this really does seem to be Obama who is certainly doing a major balancing act between all factions, many of which hate him clearly because of their white supremacy  though would rarely admit so such a leaning. I think your saying the financial affairs are not to hurt the oil and wine because they are luxuries is again very, very short-sighted. And oil prices are on the rise as is everything including alcohol. I believe the oil are those that are consciously working for Ti and Do as it’s the stuff that powers the lamp’s light. And the wine are all those that are beginning to ferment(develop) the mind they have into potential candidates for future Next level membership. Remember the term pneuma in greek means Mind, spirit and soul though each of these can be greatly differentiated.

Now the fourth horse is yet to come but the death spoken of here is the jesus idea of death which is the loss of opportunity to change and  work towards eventual next level membership. It’s the second death if we insist it to be by ignoring the progression of the Next Level on the planet. Hell follows because that’s simply the destiny of all those who are not saved or graduated and it’s more or less when spirits/souls join that great power supply inside the Earth. Some are thinking this will be freedom, so I guess they can have it – freedom to merge with other energy systems and never live again.

2 Responses to “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse according to what Sawyer thinks Ti(Father) and Do(jesus)(Two Witnesses) might say now”

  1. issachar5 Says:

    Cute! Why don’t you read the whole article, instead of just the teaser.

    Tola Ben Issachar.

    • sawyer Says:

      I did go to the link you provided labeled Rev 6/7 and reviewed it and of course it’s all fine history but frankly it bores me, as like so many in academia, whether science or history, etc, so many think they are making a grandeous closed case when to someone who has been given further insights there holes are gaping which render all the conclusions near useless. At the same time, I’m not saying that there aren’t certain accuracies in what you said and I’d have to critique it line for line and frankly I don’t have that background of study to know if you are reporting history accurately and then of course relating that to the prophecies. But when you have this superior attitude about your opinions (as I’m sure you feel coming from me as well, except most of my core opinions on this matter did not come from me but indirectly from the many things I experienced and heard from Ti and Do), while you are not even considering the root meanings of many of the words – no greek or aramaic or hebrew references, then it’s all the harder for me to consider what you are saying as any more than lots of words with little or no real value other than for another historian that likes to have lots of data to gab about. Intellect as Jesus says is a big stumbling block to becoming a servant of the Kingdom of God. When I say intellect I believe what is meant is how when one accumulates lots of data and sees some relationships and especially when they are rewarded by colleagues in varied way, as it becomes a career, they can stand in the forest and yet only see a few trees and think they see the whole forest and they tend to trust their own data and then fail to ask God for help to understand this or that and if anyone is not asking then they are not often getting from that ultimate source of all answers. Sure there are many who will come to us in the discarnate world who can give us ideas that feel/sound profound but the best we’ll get from them is their same old limited view though it may be new to our brain/computer.

      I doubt you read what I write or if you do, you are having so many responses to it as you go, or just one response as you go, that in whatever terms disqualifys out of hand what I am trying to share, OR my sloppy writing and grammar and spelling and lack of credentials or good writing style is something you havn’t yet been able to get past. I wish I could do a better job in such expression but, the fact that I don’t have those skills leaves it up to you to, when you hear something new (which I can’t imagine you don’t), try to understand it and then if you have a counter express it in whatever way you can. But instead you run from it, so it seems by just coming back with “cute – read my… “. I know you have little time for the likes of me and I don’t really mind that, but you are the loser in this because I know the perspectives given to me from our Heavenly Father (not that all I say is from that Link, whom I know as Do but that I’m pretty sure many are, because they only come to me after I’ve had questions that I’ve directed to the Father’s direction, that brought me to further examination that often takes me to all the other ways any one scripture can be interpreted to find some that were not used by most though show far more consistancy in the overall record than what all these commentators, as you say.) Thus, I am still open to being wrong about each and every interpretation as they are often in layers of understanding as it is so like peeling an onion, one must get past one to get to the next.

      I don’t mean to sound like I’m putting you and your intellect down. You put lots of effort into these pieces, I can tell. But there is simply more you could aspire to in your understanding and I don’t care one hoot if my talk is part of your wakeup in this regard.

      You have to want to see more to see more. I’m sure you know this in the kinds of things you write articles about. But if I was going to guess, you are trying to poo poo things recorded as related to or from God. And that’s your choice of course and perhaps I’m misinterpreting your overall tone and direction, but when you choose to deliver your research to others, you are potentially messing with some who otherwise might find better answers to their questions and therefore can be partially responsible for turning someone away from God, by giving them a placebo. In fact this is what Lucifer did with Paul of tarsus, gave him a placebo of Jesus that ended up dominating most christian thought.

      So, show me where what I’ve written is full of holes and I’ll examine it and perhaps will see your point. I can always improve upon what I do.

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