Ti & Do Two Witnesses Father&Jesus(Christs) RETURN by UFO Part1

Ti & Do Two Witnesses Father&Jesus(Christs) RETURN by UFO Part1

PART 1 Text:
Christians,Spiritual, Religionists & ALL Peoples: Consider EVIDENCE that Ti & Do aka Bo & Peep, UFO TWO, Heaven’s Gate ARE the
Revelations 11/12/6 Two Witnesses(Christs) Father(Nettles) & Jesus(AppleWHITEhorse)Second Coming

This writer, born Stephen, named: Sawyer, Swyody by Do spent 19 years physically w/ Do (10 w/ Ti) as Their dedicated student yet
failed to make the graduation grade, but still seeks to be in Their service as Their witness.

This is a snapshot of what our entire Earth history entails. Terminology misunderstanding & mistranslation are huge blockages.
There are MANY demonstrations of prophecy fulfillment in the huMAN lives of Ti, Do & Students.

The EVIDENCEs presented here are many. Not only are there direct & indirect prophecies fulfilled, but the entire motis operandi
of Jesus is mirrored by the execution of Ti & Do’s mission that I barely touch upon.

However, one can’t expect to SEE what has been hidden from our view, after many interpretive translation choices fill our heads
w/absolutes that aren’t. Even w/being a monk w/Ti & Do, it took years ASKING Do & digging to SEE.

Being w/ Ti & Do was nothing like any other group & certainly not like any religious or spiritual group. They did not teach out
of the Bible though we had access to ALL related materials we occasionally referenced.

The only reason anyone wouldn’t be willing to CONSIDER this, is because they’re to a degree under anti-growth based influences.
Growth REQUIRES CHANGE. It’s what those anti-growth hate, unless it’s change to their allegiance

Abbreviations:KoG(H)=Kingdom of God(in Heavens), TiDo’s terms:(E)(N)LAH=(Evolutionary)(Next)Level Above Human, OM=OlderMember(of
LAH, Heavenly Father (SeedGiver, Christ(Anointed/Messiah), God).Vehicle=Body(horse) Man(matter)

The LAH, aka Kingdom of Heaven is REAL & members have tasks & opportunities to learn forever. It’s not for any who don’t enjoy
service, participation, work, challenges, growth in carrying out of instructions from their OM.

Do:Their vehicles met in 1972, Bonnie Nettles(Ti), female preemie nurse & Marshall AppleWHITE(Do), male music professor at Ti’s
hospital while Do visited a male friend, over casual astrological talk to begin Their awakening.

~year before They met, Their lives encountered severe upheaval & personal confusion, later seen as the human body’s response to
the entry of the minds from what they referred to as the Next Level or Physical Level Above Human

Soon, Nettles, Astrologer & Theosopher & Applewhite, Presbyterian minister’s son, Army Communications & seminary dropout began
a Christian Art’s Center in St.Thomas’ College in Houston where Applewhite was music professor.

They lost their space for teaching unorthodox ideas & before long everyone disliked who they were becoming together prompting
their hurried departure from Houston on January 1, 1973. Both left their former families behind.

Neither had anything in common & shared no physical attraction but both felt a strong personal relationship with their Heavenly
Father, so they sought to learn more about why they felt so drawn to be together.

After ~6 weeks in painful, soul searching isolation in Bourne, TX, they consciously recognized they were sent from space to do a
task that had something to do w/Bible, an update in understanding, & prophecy fulfillment.

Some of this is taken from Do’s writings. Some think He manufactured facts to match prophecy, yet here He actually said, “almost
six weeks”, while I was tempted to say 40 days to be more prophetically correct, which I caught.

This is a prime example of the ease to skewing facts which is a Luciferian influenced motif operandi as seen throughout human
behavior & historic records while KoG members work hard to keep core facts(truths) accurate.

Another example of how Do sought NOT to tailor Their actions to customary spiritual lore, was when we were fasting on maplesyrup
lemonade & had us break the fast after 39 days instead of 40 to not be spiritually correct.

Their more in-depth awakening occurred over several months while camping on the Rogue River near Gold Beach, Oregon. While there
they came to believe they were the Two Witnesses mentioned in the Book of Revelations Chapter 11

Rev 11:3-4 I will give power to my two witnesses who prophesy 1260 days, clothed in sackcloth(plain not fancy appearing). These
are THE TWO olive trees/candlesticks standing before the God of the earth.

1/1/73 began Their prophesy ending mid June 76’=~1260 days. KoG gives these as estimates & flex according to human responses. Zacharia’s angel visit reveals who these TWO Olive trees/Lampstands are.

A Lampstand is a container, what Ti & Do called their vehicle, the human body suit of clothes they chose to wear for this task.
The Olive tree(branch) is Their membership in KoG. Olive Oil=HOLY SPIRIT/MIND all members share.

Their effort/sacrifice (because they don’t have to do it) is the fuel in Their Lamp providing the GATEWAY into KoG when students
Overcome,GIVE THEIR LIVES. Zec 4:14 These are anointed(Christ) ones, that stand by Earth’s Lord.

Even so, few Christians seem to consider The Two Witnesses=The “Second Coming of CHRIST(s)”. Wasn’t Jesus always referring to
himself w/his Father(visible or not)? Why would he come back without the Father the next time?

Perhaps it’s assumed the Father will come invisibly, but these Two Witnesses are BOTH CHRISTS according to Zecharia’s Angel
the Angel that’s giving this “revelation” to John Apostle of Jesus collaborates, plus:

Joh 14:23 …my Father will love him, and WE WILL COME to him, and MAKE OUR ABODE WITH him. Abode=dwelling/home(mansions) not
an etheric presence, a HUGE INDICATOR He returns w/ His FATHER but there’s much more to come.

“Mat 26:64 …Hereafter shall ye see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power & coming BY the clouds of heaven.”
Speaking to those who put his vehicle to death, Jesus is projecting to some future time.

To sit at someone’s right hand is to be Their fully dedicated servant, thus He was speaking of their seeing Him w/His Father
identified by characterisitcs of having Strength/Power, more EVIDENCE the Father comes with Him.

How could all who killed Him see Him again unless it’s referring to their genetic offspring or they are saved(belief required).
Rev 1:7… he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him.

Another bad translation to say those who “pierced him” would see his return. Wasn’t that just one centurion? The word used more
accurately could have been translated as those who”put him out”( rejected or killed Him).

Now to SEE is equally translated as visual and/or w/ understanding of what’s being seen. As visible alone, that could be seeing
a TV or internet report. Understanding what we SEE & Belief don’t go hand in hand w/ our vision.

Thus the saying Jesus often used, “for those with eyes/ears to see/hear”.Also in translation:English word:HIM in Greek:autos can
equally be THEM, SHE or IT, thus by translators prerogative readers can be greatly misled.

There’s lots more to say & illustrate, while there are many discarnates(dead humans) who don’t want any to consider it further.
You are NOT those discarnates UNLESS you let them dominate you. You are the decider!

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