Ti & Do Two Witnesses Father&Jesus(Christs) RETURN by UFO Part2

Ti & Do Two Witnesses Father&Jesus(Christs) RETURN by UFO Part2:

PART 2 Text:
…continued from Part 1

1975:Do wrote Statement 1 which Ti & Do mailed to Billy Graham, many preachers & new age centers resulting in an invite to talk
to a LA meditation group. To Their surprise ~12 asked to follow Them.Ti & Do reluctantly agreed.

Til then, They had few who believed in Them as They criss crossed the US & Canada spreading information They were given. They
called Their offering Human Individual Metamorphosis(HIM) describing the Overcoming Process.

Overcoming was kin to outgrowing human mammalian behavior & ways. A catepillar decides in their way to isolate themselves in the
cocoon they spin where their physical body transforms into a new creature w/ a new environment.

The metamorphic process has it’s parallel in the human biological kingdom though requires multiple trimester like, OM’s hands on
midwifing experiences for Souls to acheive their spirit birth aka harvest/graduation.

This is where the idea of reincarnation came from but it doesn’t apply to every human being unless the LAH is orchestrating the
saving of a soul for their next trimester. Every human body generates a spirit body of it’s own.

The LAH are providers of MIND/Spirit based SEED that stimulates the growth of a new container termed a Soul that holds Their
quality(HOLY) Spirit. SEED is given to specific humans who in their way ASK to serve the KoG.

Thus the only humans that have a potential future in the KoH are those that ASK & receive the soul seed & keep it alive by
asking for more while implementing the baby steps provided to new Souls by the KoG.

Asking & offering the KoG service & implementing the steps is according to Ti like a piano role or Old MacDonald’s farm.
After we assimilate one step we get the next while continuing to sing the previous notes.

Humans can’t be trusted to provide next steps. If they don’t have totally new terms that relate to the last OMs’ records they’re
human.I am providing what TiDo said w/evidence of it’s relationship to what Jesus/Moses said/did

Spirits from dead humans don’t return as they never left,though according to their beliefs while in body stay around & influence
the living to their programming often including being content to be dead for various reasons.

Some humans have a large contingent of spirit influences that combined do bring them a greater presence than those with less.
However the spirit from that human host vehicle at death is no greater than any other.

Only a small group of Souls thrive & few graduate. When seen, these wouldn’t seem special as they lose their ego, spirit helpers
& otherwise normal human desires to become pure as a child dependent only on their parenting OM.

Ti&Do didn’t try to look holy, pious, religious or spiritual by their clothing, talk, manner or other’s expectations of how they
should be. They were plain & simple in appearance & demeanor like the “sackcloth” in Rev. 11.

When real members from the LAH come they have new terminology because they have NEW things to share; “Joh 16:12 I have yet many
things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now.”

False prophets only have what the records state w/slight variances of interpretation.They don’t know anything new & can’t invent
new,more descriptive terms because they don’t have a clue what something totally new looks like.

False prophets including most religio-spiritual leaders of all sects rant, rave, heap burdens on others OR require NOTHING while
elevating themselves touting all forms of lifestyle from abundance to asceticism as worship.

Perhaps One of their greatest faults would be their positioning themselves as the judge of what others should take notice of OR
NOT, directly declaring their judgement as authority & they are actually among the least to SEE.

If these want to please God, no matter the name they say they call out to, then they will step down from such leadership &
instead join w/their congregations to examine EVERYTHING thoroughly while letting people decide.

Between tasks performed by the OM’s even the false prophets are used to spread the Next Level information though it’s Mystified.
However the KoG removes the veils for those that ask, to help Their own returnee students.

Part of the confusion surrounding a “Second Coming” is because more than one manifestation was in store by more than one person
& for different prospective grads. LAH always operates in crews w/an OM partnership at the helm.

Older Members(OM) at the helm are HANDS ON TASK PARTNERS in this 3rd trimester in the overall graduation of the older students.
After they leave, as just occurred, it’s the opportunity for others to move up a school grade.

Here’s a popular record many Christians use to describe a “Second Coming” followed by my evaluation & it’s pertinence w/Ti & Do.
Ti & Do never layed this out for us though are direct originators of all major points.

1Th 4:16-17 Lord himself shall descend from heaven w/a shout w/voice of archangel & trump of God & dead in Christ shall rise 1st
Then we who are alive & remain shall be caught up w/them in/by/with clouds to meet in the air.

 Lord Himself descends is Gr. autos, Herself/THEIRself equally translated as:MasterS THEMselves arrive/fall/are sent from KoH w/
 a SHOUT=URGENT INCITE by archangel(Do)’s Voice delivery w/ KoG(Ti)’s Trump=BreathOfLife=HOLYMIND
 This translation is ALL from the Greek. Do did 99% of the talking & ranked himself a Captain & called Ti His Admiral.Ti said she
 came to “get you(Do) started”, reason why she exited her body earlier in a way to test students.
 A shout is a LOUD SIGNAL: Crashed spacecrafts hit the news globally. The SPEECH follows as The TWO begin their public
 prophecy bringing witness of the KoG which also is broadcast far & wide globally as the UFO TWO.
 Mar 13:25 And the starships of heaven shall drop from position & the tasks from the heavens shall begin. 10 yrs into TiDo’s
classroom They began to suspect the Roswell & Aztec+ crashs were planned by the LAH

Mar 13:26-27 And then shall they see the Son of (hu)man coming by spacecraft w/ a miraculous task .The humans see someone like
themselves, a human.Then he sends his workers & shall gather together his elect from 4 winds.

This was accomplished by TiDo sending out Their students/angels (dead in christ trying to graduate into LAH) all over new Judea
mostly US,w/global media, to attract horses from all over globe to match returnee grad. Souls.

Later Ti said she remembered THE BRIEFING ON BOARD A SPACECRAFT before They came & there were some w/bodies & many without in
the craft.The first crash was in Aurora,TX (state where Ti & Do met) in 1898 w/1 body found(Ti).

The dead in Christ are those that died laying seed by telling others of Jesus.They were WILLING TO LOSE THEIR PHYSICAL LIFE FOR
KoG providing them a new flesh opportunity & when they OVERCOME a spirit birth into KoG.

Rise=stand up for/abide/remain. “Mar 12:25 when they RISE FROM THE DEAD they don’t marry but are as angels which are in heaven”.
The angels ONLY abide IN the branch(Do/Jesus) that abides in the vine(Ti/Father/KoG).

Those who are alive(still connected) AND abide(literally stay w/ OM in mind & body) will be taken into the invisible Earth
atmospheric spacecraft.(paradise=gr. paradeisos(KoG’s grand enclosure)) for next assignment.

All who think they’ll see Jesus in the clouds as they physically ascend up to him are duped along w/space (Rae)aliens & many New
Agers. DRAMA, Fiction, status quo & sucess are all huge draws away from KoG’s program & reality!

There’s lots to come on Ti Do & the significant evidence in scripture that they might have well been the Two (Christs) Witnesses
plus what we can expect to come & whether or not we each want to ASK Them what’s next for us.

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