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Ti & Do Two Witnesses(christs) Jesus return re:Luciferians, Resurrection plus Part3,4,5

October 29, 2010

Ti & Do Two Witnesses(christs) Jesus return with “clouds” Part3 TEXT:

Many Christians suggest the TWO WITNESSES are some combo of:Enoch,Moses & Elijah. Ti said all those were tasks performed by oneSoul, including the one called Jesus but last called Do. Ti was the Lord/Father each time.Ti never said She was Lord/Father & neither put on airs/garb. Do said He experienced how She(the Soul that took over the vehicleNettles) was His OM/Father.Uncontrived, each witnessed of the other’s station,not of themselves.Characteristic of OM’s of KoG are to BE EXAMPLES of who They are rather than trying to play a religio-spiritual facsimile part.”Joh 5:31-32 If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true…another bears witness of me.”This is a huge proof of authenticity. In fact everything Jesus said & did was prophetically identifying the mindset of Hispromised return along with all the many updates and new perspectives Ti and Do brought.Ti told Their students they needed to “graft” to Do as our OM/Father. It was a matter of having a “viable birth” into KoG. Theprocess is two fold & absolutely requires the OM’s physical presence though it starts w/ belief.Both parts of the process go hand in hand, starting with cleansing, also termed Baptism, washing one’s robe. They don’t do itfor us. They demonstrate HOW which is tricky to navigate, thus Their NEEDED physical presence.For the record, Do, through a student essay said belief in Ti & Do plus service in sharing that belief w/ others & accepting theramifications could get a Soul saved for a future opportunity to move towards their Soul birth.Some of what’s important to share is the formula for that birth so the human gnome will have some record passed on to provide asubconscious recognition when the same info is shared again by an OM. Here’s more of that:Naturally it does entail “washing one’s own brain” of all that would stand in the way, which is most all our humaness, roots, sense of self importance (ego), thus the formula is always to “walk out the door of one’s life”.The facsimile of this created by the “lower forces” of the planet, Luciferian types, in & out of a physical body but executedlargely through living humans is RELIGION as a profession where the reality of the KoG distorts.Though for those Souls that did have a physical relationship w/ an OM, upon the next OM’s arrival these are brought back to interface w/a matching of their experience prepared human “horse”,thus recognize their shepherd.The recognition is also in knowing what NOT to commit to while thirsting for what they subconsciously know is worthy to seek.Ti & Do said it’s not what we get into while in this world, it’s what we get out of.Since my vehicle would seem to be an example of a “horse” prepped for a returnee Saint to cohabitate with, to advance theirprospective Soul birth that I,the mind/soul of the horse chose to permit, here’s an example:When I was 19 & had my first girlfriend whom I became sexually active with. When she missed her period I was so freaked by theprospect of a pregnancy that I ceased having intercourse w/ her for the next 4+ years together.Most young people would simply use better protection. I have more examples but consider this: “Mat 24:19 woe to them that are w/child, & to them that give suck in those days!” Actually I suspect this applies more to now.”Mat 22:30 in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.” Marriagethen assumed procreation thus in my subconscious genetic mind I didn’t want to have children.The larger picture is what we commit ourselves to. This only applies when an OM is physically present to offer one’s next step.Then,  if we have children, they can’t join. Ti & Do explained this at the Waldport, OR meeting.Overcoming the world under the tutoring of an OM is for adults only, another sign of authenticity of Ti & Do from KoG. When theyshared this I recall a woman in the rear of the meeting shouting to Ti&Do, “you should be shot”.That’s not to say, should we have a child when an OM comes we could not join. It would be extra hard to leave that child thoughTi&Do would never condone leaving a child w/o care but said the KoG would provide special help.In fact, a mother & step-dad who had two young children did join from that Waldport meeting. I was one of their friends. Theyarranged for their real dad who lived nearby to take them. However, neither stayed w/Ti&Do long.However, it was that event that first brought the police & media to the story in Sept. 75′. Apprx. 27 people joined from thatWaldport meeting which made global headlines.Most prepped see organized religion as lacking & leave it or become spiritual or atheist in various forms which can be steps toounless they get stuck in success ruts that to maintain filter out challenges of such success.That’s not to say religious affiliations/loyalties, beliefs & practices are all negatives unless they become the reason to judgeothers (as they often do) & ultimately to ignore or miss the promised return of the genuine KoG.This is not to say people now have missed the “second coming” as it’s still in progress. Many believed in Jesus after he left asthat was their time. All can not be in the same grade in school at the same time.Ti&Do were criticized as having a hodge podge of beliefs/practices. All we know began w/the KoG & has become quite distorted butall things can covert to success for those that ask Ti&Do(KoG) for help to overcome their limitsTi & Do said early on that if they met someone who told them more than they knew to be true, they would stay w/ them as long as they were being fed from them. Genuine OM’s feed their younger members & prospects indefinitely.So the 1st part of the graft w/OM present is to detach from the past:”Mat 19:29 everyone that’s forsaken homes,siblings,mom,dad,wife,children,lands FOR MY NAME’S SAKE shall receive 100 fold & shall inherit everlasting life””FOR MY NAME’S SAKE” (as for KoH’s sake) are huge key phrases as if it’s not FOR HIM personally as rep of KoH/God the effect isoften detrimental as most times we are doing it to elevate our SELF though can realize it later.That’s not to say,when OM is not present we can give up on self discipline/restraint & self improvement & even doing so w/Theirreality in mind, as all our efforts for KoG’s sake – living by the rules They gave are crutial.What we overcome NOW makes it easier to repeat when we are “saved” to be brought back for a next chance to reach for eventualgraduation while training our vehicle’s genetic code to be a future match for our soul’s return.The crucial 2nd part when OM is present is to begin to give all our attention/affection, love, thoughts to our OM instead of allour previous outlets which becomes manifest through service(works), the real “worship”.It sounds dictatorial but it’s anything but. It’s a training program for a select mission, like a God swat team. If the Captaincan’t trust those enlisting to service, They can’t use them for Their missions.They don’t want to give someone the kind of power some can have over others unless they know that person is loyal to the overallprogram to include appreciating the OM that midwifed them through their Soul birth canal.Where it is far different from human military is in the ways & behaviors of the Captain (Do/Jesus, etc.). OM’s are extraordinaryin warmth, kindness, honesty, gentleness, directness, consideration, overview & even fun plus.Mind you, this isn’t a holiday though. They require our giving our best which they expect to grow, thus coming up to standardsis challenging but like any team we begin to thrive on being a “right hand worker”.Those who are rebellious or oversensitive to receiving criticism will have OM patience to change such self limiting ways OR theycan leave the program anytime despite what the lower forces driven media have implied of Ti&Do.A big part of overcoming is keeping the demons out of our heads. At this point a demon is virtually anything or one that could influence our quitting. We learn to have impeccable thought/eye/ear, etc. control.”Luk 14:26 If any man come to me & hate not his parents, spouse, children, siblings & his OWN LIFE ALSO & who does not bear hiscross & come after me, can’t be my disciple.” We HATE all influences away from KoG membership.Bearing one’s cross is related to one’s first task of spreading the new information when few can or want to hear it, while manyare offended by or fearful of thus disciples are hated as was their OM’s before them.As strange as it seems, We cultivate our graft to our OM by “using our OM’s mind rather than our own”. That simply means doingsomething the way the OM would do it regardless whether we think it can be done better.I know well how that sounds cultish & certainly the Luciferians instigate the same things w/ all humans in degrees – adhering toany guru, teacher, pastor, pope, mullah, rabbi, president or general’s guidance for our choices.It’s not Luciferian in the way it’s been Hollywood illusionized as has also occurred with Godliness. Looking to another as one’sleader is a way to begin to learn the first stages of eventually forming that graft to an OM.However, the human’s being served often end up among the biggest losers in their full potential when the OM comes in the fleshagain (resurrection=stand up & be “born” again).John the Baptist is a great example.He knew the Christ was yet to come & told his disciples to ask Jesus if he was the one. Healso told his disciples re: Jesus : “Joh 3:30 He must increase, but I must decrease.”Anyone can begin their formula today by beginning to ask Ti & Do for opportunity to be on Their team. They w/ Their crew arestill very much alive & will help you with all your hurdles as long as you ask. More to come…

Ti & Do Two Witnesses Father&Jesus(Christs) RETURN by UFO Part4 TEXT:

Meanings & Diifferences in terms: Resurrection,Regeneration,Ascension, Rapture are all shrouded in mystery to date.I guarantee no group of humans are going to be taken up physically into the sky to meet Jesus.I never heard Ti & Do say this but I suspect the Soul who took the vehicle called Aaron performed the task of Helper to Moses &then to Elijah as Elisha & then to Jesus as John the Baptist though I could be wrong about that.I say that knowing, it’s the way of the Next Level(KoG) to provide tasks to prospective younger members if they are so inclinedas Ti, as the Father provided to Do, as Jesus. “Rev 12:5 she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations w/ a rod of iron: & her child was caught up to God & to histhrone”. This demonstrates the Father(Ti/Woman) giving birth to the Son (Do/man).But the fact that Souls come back is throughout the Bible’s Old/New Testement & it’s often seen in a distorted way thanksto the Luciferian Space Aliens, descendants of dropout Souls from KoG schooling & discarnates.The term Resurrection means to “stand up again” different from ascension.Many Christians think they’ll experience the same thing& may in time over several life chances IF THEY DO AS HE DID,  OVERCOME & lay it down for HIM.The KoG chose that demonstration to offer the needed sign to those that were largely unconvinced of who Jesus really was.Jesus was clear about this being something reserved for those that came FROM HEAVEN.”Joh 3:13 no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is [from] heaven”.So how did Christians ever think their decayed bodies would physically ascend out of the graves?It’s that old trick of advertising. Certain people publish it & because of their power over some media it becomes common.Such is propogated by Luciferian renegade Souls seeking to brainwash humans to do their bidding.But it also provides an excuse to believe no KoG exists & it seperates the true sheep (seeded seekers) from the goats.Which mind you NO HUMANS CAN DISCERN/JUDGE of another at any point, though they try.It gives people a false sense/hope of what’s required to reap said rewards w/little to no effort, called religion, the reasonswhy there is so much hypocricy, superstitions. assumptions & misguided confidence among members.”Joh 5:28 the hour is coming when all in graves shall hear his voice & shall come forth;they who’ve: done good to resurrection of life & done evil to resurrection of damnation” This is a genetic STAND UP FLESH BIRTH AGAIN. All humans (including human equivilent space aliens) are simply leaves on their home planetary tree. A baby human is a new leaf.The seed/egg combo programaticaly instructs the subconscious development of each new leaf.1Pe 1:24 all flesh is as grass & all the glory(light) of man as the flower of grass. The grass withers & the flower falls away.When the body(grass) dies Spirit(flower/Mind/fruit) seperates & some are saved by the KoG.The sperm carries the content of the current psyche(mindset/spirit) while the egg the basic physiology(body/vehicle). When KoGsends OM’s & Crew(a Father & a Son & holy Spirits(Angels) They make an huge impression on all.Each new leaf carries the accumulated experience of all it’s ancestoral leaves rooted in the overall branch/trunk/roots, arepeated seeding of flesh (in-carn(al)ation) or re-surrection (stand up,abide/live) again.The Spirit of each dead human generally stays around the tree they were created from & is a programmatic object that outputsthought form data to living host human vehicles together forming the literal mind of the planet.Ti & Do never suggested the planet itself is a living individual entity (as some new agers build up/hype in books) as comparedto humans, except in how all the elements are foundational to all life form systems.In Hindu records this Earth “mind” is termed the Akaschic Record.It’s the frequency based spirit world/database thus the debateover terms is a Luciferian attempt to divide potential believers but seperates us accordingly.There is little doubt that most if not all religions & philosophies have degrees of truth in their origin, whether that wasduring this current Earth civilization or from a previous one & likewise the same distortions.”Joh 10:16 And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and thereshall be one fold, and one shepherd.” Ti & Do said some core Buddist teachings were from KoG.There is evidence that the other fold Jesus spoke of may be reflected in the characteristics of the Maitreya. Mind you, this isNOT the popularized use of the term, as several use to date: Creme and Rael for instance.Both of these & many others are often unknowingly pawns & false prophets of certain Luciferian Space Aliens that select a fewthings Jesus said, for instance &/or misinterpret some to build their case which fools many.However, the term Resurrection is also used to indicate the standing up again of the Souls chosen by the KoG to return for nextlesson step as they must take over a prepared leaf, a flesh container to further grow within.Jesus indicates this will happen in the last hour(~40 yr period human time) when His voice is heard by all who are brought back.Time periods are approx. as the KoG can change according to the choices made by Their plants.And though upon return His voice(mind) is again expressed, always a human communication experience whether though eyes or earsthose listening will hear & choose to respond or not.The choice is whether to appeal to the KoG for a continuence of their tree or the natural cyclic result of it’s discontinuence.The term GOOD is essentially speaking of FUNCTIONAL from the KoG Gardeners perspective.The tree produces useful fruit or not. If not, it’s recycle time. If it does, it’s preserved as genetic seed for next planting &the Soul seed they planted & survived is put on “ice” so to speak which for some includes tasks.The genetic seed “inherits the earth”. These are those that Jesus termed “meek” which are the peaceful, kind, gentle mostgiving leaves. The KoG will perserve some of this seed for re-seeding(generating) the Earth.It’s preserved IF it’s functional to the overall mission to do so. The mission is to offer membership to the Soul seeds plantedinto the human tree to sprout leaves that seek to produce fruit: new members to KoG.Just like flesh evolves, spirit generated from the interface of KoG mind w/ flesh evolves but nothing happens without consciousdesign & direction by the KoG crew assigned the Earth garden current civilization development.”Joh 3:5 … Except a man be born of water & of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God(KoG)”.The Luciferians diluted this process into a club membership called “born again” fooling many.The flesh becomes the cocoon absolutely needed to transition to a spirit/soul birth into KoG. Why, because it provides theovercoming of mammalian challenge w/the building of faith in OM needed for a viable soul birth.But what of:”Joh 11:25 Jesus said, I am the resurrection & the life: he that believes in me though he were dead shall live”.He is the “door”, the gateway, the LINK in chain of mind, Pipes for the flow of Next Level Mind.Belief is a degree of trust & MUST grow to Faith, not fearing the changes that must come & the work needed to be worthy to reapthat promised reward of LIFE. By saying, “I”, he is saying you can’t bypass me & get the reward.The same is true today. Since the Father&Son came back incarnate as Ti& Do, talking to Jesus demonstrates not recognizing &trusting the way those same words/mind/behavior/ways are expressed in a new package:DoIt’s amazing how many Christians will only listen to someone IF they speak Christian-ese language, even Old English, just likemany Jews still think the messiah must come & blow shofar on the temple mount in Jerusalem.The Jews missed the literal translation of what that shofar meant. It was an annoucement – a declaration, a call to the battleof Mind over matter, our Soul/Spirit/Mind/Will over the body & it’s instinctual needs & desires.Didn’t Jesus make a loud & clear announcment in Jerusalem as prophesized yet those entrenched into religion &/or human forms ofsuccess chose not to consider Him. It wasn’t really their fault.They weren’t prepared to change.Thus their “leaves” died & no flowers came from them. They received whatever value they got from their lifetime. However, whenJesus left as he did & stood up again w/his same vehicle, it shocked all those who witnessed it.Shocked so much that all who talked about it were outlawed & sought out by whoever was easily Luciferian driven which was theirticket to show KoG they’d received some of Their Mind through Father/Jesus to die in service.”Mat 7:21 Not everyone that says to me, Lord,Lord, shall enter into KoH; but he that does the will of my Father”=Feed His sheep!Many Chistians think Jesus return must occur in the same Palestine/Israel area though Jesus said: “Mat 21:43 The KoG shall betaken from you, and given to a nation(people) bringing forth the fruits thereof”, USA is it.Do actually said that Israel really meant, “the overcomers”, those who were willing to follow the KoG’s instructions that setthem apart from the herds of wild humans that by pressing through challenges w/ force succeed.How many times & ways does the KoG express this required overcoming process to gain entrance to the KoG.It doesn’t happen by onehuman life experience. Leaps of faith that extend belief/trust in OM’s are always in store.”Mat 19:28… ye which have followed me, in the regeneration(recycling period) when the Son of man shall sit in the throne ofhis glory, ye also shall sit upon 12 thrones, judging the 12 tribes of Israel.”Here Jesus is speaking to his 12 graduate students. Having a throne means having conquered/overcome their mammalian humanessFOR their Captain/OM thus they ALSO become the overseers of upcoming graduates.”Rev 20:4 I saw thrones & they sat upon them & judgment was given to them: & I saw the souls of them beheaded for the witness ofJesus & for the word of God & hadn’t worshipped the beast neither received his mark on foreheadsor in their hands & they lived & reigned w/ Christ a 1000 yrs.” A throne is a graduates seat, thus 12 graduated into membershipin KoG that gives among other rewards a new body w/everlasting life & new tasks.Next John sees another group who died in witness to Jesus & KoG’s Word but who don’t work for(worship) human(beast) & accept no marks.These are harvested but not yet rewarded w/ a throne but to THEIR next best service. That service remains in the Earth environment, working out of the invisible KoG spacecraft termed paradise w/ their assigned OMon follow up & setup of the new lesson ground, following a planetary recycling.This represents those in the 1st Resurrection,in this context having been harvested(saved) to a future while all others perish& come back as new leaves of the genetic human tree while some who went against KoG pay dearly.Rapture is another distortion that began in earnest w/Luciferian’s taking over Saul of Tarsus. 1st off:”WE” is a BIG ASSUMPTION:1Th 4:17 Then WE which are alive & remain shall be caught up together w/them in the clouds…Doesn’t this look like country club religion we see all over the world.Live a decent life adoring some saviour=reward of Heaven?Where does leave all behind, deny self,take up cross,follow him,overcome & clean our robes fit?Any discerning eye will look at ALL Jesus said & have to come away w/ knowing that any talk of belief IS ONLY A FIRST STEP. Sureunless you take it, you don’t get to step 2+, but rewards only comes to those who PRESS forward.However, this record of Paul’s experience had some accuracy but it’s strictly in a “spiritual” context. Meeting the Lord in the air would have been better termed, “in spirit”, which is simply being saved for step 2+.Plus what is most likley the best definition of “we who are ALIVE”? Was it a Jesus definition of being ALIVE=His disciple,thustrying to “deny self, take up our cross & follow him”. Now it seems Paul did take up his cross.But he couldn’t follow someone he never even knew & wasn’t physically there, except by following His teachings, which Paul onlywould have known by getting it 2nd hand at best, which is still good, but limited.Paul didn’t know that Jesus was advancing a particular flock of souls while introducing first steps to all else through talkingparables. Paul was a first timer who thought himself equivilent to those who were returnees.

Two witnesses  father jesus  ti  do Part 5 vs luciferians TEXT

Luciferian space aliens are the biggest contributors to why humans do; deceitful & terrible things to others even in thename of a religion’s “god” while portraying a membered Creator’s Kingdom of God non-existent.Luciferians are Kingdom of God renegade souls & their human offspring who work for(worship) & have prime allegiance to MAMMON,putting confidence/trust in wealth/money, technology & humans & aliens who personify it.They are people that physically circulate in near space &/or underground w/ ancestors from Earth or another planet.When they dieas all humans their soul or spirit image remains & continues to operate as they believed before.Spirits can’t change. If not saved by KoG they eventually dissolve to a less individual energy form. Souls who began as KoG seed& became renegades become new Luciferian fertilizer stock for the next soul garden civilization.Mat 22:44 The LORD said to my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, till I make thine enemies thy footstool?Ti&Do said each studentwas assigned an adversary(Satan), thus ones enemy is ones ticket to growth & graduation.Luciferians have some thinking there are no supreme creator beings(KoG), only random self evolving reactions to random stimulus.Others moreorless have the same illusion but call it spirituality & believe in a Universal Mind.Many believe this is the power that generates everything & that by their intention to co-create they do, termed a collectiveconsciousness, thus a neat idea that puts them on the top of the heap feeling fulfilled & holy.Then there are the traditional illusions that say this or that religious PRACTICE yields closeness to the creator God while yetanother group thinks some savior set us up to become gods merely by belief in Him alone.Joh 14:12 …He that believes in me shall do the work I do & more work because I am going to my Father.Joh 14:15 If ye love me,keep my commandments. Working for the KoG is serving Their will & yields new fruit(believers).If we say we believe but fear it’s demonstration, what kind of belief is it? So what were His commandments? “Mar 12:30… lovethe Lord God w/all thy heart,soul,mind & strength & love your neighbor as yourself.In this passage the word love=Hebrew:agab meaning:to breathe after, i.e. to love (sensually):–dote, lover.To dote is to showexcessive fondness or love:parents who dote on their only child.Is giving our ALL to God doting?How many people in any time period would consider giving their all to anyone excessive, let alone someones idea of God?The KoG doesn’t expect any mammalian based creatures could easily come to that degree of giving.Thus the KoG tells us the truth about what we are shooting for & then helps us rise to the occasion gradually at our pace & whenan OM from the KoG is present physically incarnate that pace is stepped up considerably.But to think, well, I can’t give my all,so I guess it’s not for me is an excuse.I know! I used it in 2000 having been out of thegroup by then for 5 yrs. except for my willingness to go before the public/international media.When they laid down their physical human vehicles in 1997 my partner was 5 months pregnant w/my seed & though I had nothingagainst Ti&Do or the group, as I left because I wasn’t ready, w/fright I went before NY media.Easter Sunday I was in the 60 Minutes studio, then Larry King, Geraldo, BBC, MSNBC, ABC & more, yet I had no desire to restart adiscipleship.Over the next 5 yrs I had dreams galore, premonitions & signs from Do & students.I later reasoned that because I demonstrated still feeling connected & supportive, they were willing to give me another chance.I resisted but inside still loved Them so I engaged them & asked for signs & got them.Finally I said to them in my head, as remember they were all invisible, that I couldn’t leave my partner & daughter to which Ifelt the answer come back as “fine, that’s not necessary now”. I heard no words then but agreed.The next 5 yrs was facing the challenge of how, when, what & where I could serve them. I asked questions & received dream inperson answers from Do, from Ti, from several students. I’m still trying to increase my service.Ti&Do were never dictatorial in any way shape or form.They love their students. Last night I had a dream:Ti was riding in theback seat w/Jstody(laid down his life in 1998) driving & I next to him & it was wonderful!!Now a more accurate term for “commandments” from Ti&Do was “instructions”. They just want to be able to depend on/trust us withtasks, jobs, work, service thus they increase the standards every time they come.& every time those who are glued to the old standards, namely the most religious hate any hint that they are not giving enough,which includes changing their mind, how they think & act, the real meaning of repentance.Though the key to “works” is who you are working for & whether you are doing what they have asked you to do for them.When the OMis not physically incarnate, like now, as Jesus said to Peter,”[if you love me]FEED MY SHEEP”Up until this time, that would mean telling people of ALL the things in the records that Jesus said. But Now there’s more to addto it in what Ti&Do said. That’s the instruction for those who want to be on Their team now!Another group think when they die in an aware state they then become free & choose to help mankind arrive at the place that gotthem their freedom to float around endlessly.What they all have in common is an aversion to considering a kingdom of physical above human people working hard to create ourreality whom we absolutely need to ASK help from & apply their responses to have extended LIFE.But there’s still a brief window where anyone can change their mind/allegiance & still have chance to change their chosen fate.As strange as it sounds that means changing to a belief in & service to Ti & Do, Father & Son.Belonging to a religious or spiritual group, of any size, attending services, surrounding self w/ it’s paraphernalia &/orrituals, terminology, tithing & even helping others doesn’t mean you’re serving the true KoG.Having praise from humans & talking like you’re godly or becoming a monk or nun & equivalent in non-christian terms has littlebearing on your real connectedness to KoG.Reciting stock verbiage & repetitions is meaningless.Singing psalms or meditating & sending light, peace & love to others is nice but of little value to YOUR connectedness to KoG.Preaching/evangelizing has value when it’s in between KoG representative incarnations but……when a new rep incarnates becomes moot & especially when the terminology & context has been all but lost in poor translations.Most preachers talk Paul & if they quote Jesus they limit sermons to His taming teachings.They avoid like the plague all His challenging teachings as they don’t understand how they can be from Jesus.The Luciferians areresponsible for all the illusions mentioned of being on some “path” to godliness/enlightenment.Don’t get me wrong, this criticism doesn’t apply to everyone & going to services & all can be the only way we know to feel God’spresence in an increasingly difficult world w/concerns for the disregard of God’s commandments.Ti&Do on rare occasion took us,their students to a church service & when They did were totally respectful of others beliefs. Dospoke a bit about still feeling humbled & awe struck by a tall cathedral’s atmosphere.No one is faulted for engaging in religious &/or spirituality nor atheism but once the truth is revealed to them, they are beingtested whether or not they can recognize the “voice” behind the words as from the KoG.Joh 15:22 If I hadn’t come & spoken to them,they’d not missed the mark: but now they have no cloak for their missing the mark.”Luk 12:48 …For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required…” So if this speaks to you, I suggest digging into learning all Ti&Do said & bring them up to others as it feels right. Ask Ti&Do to lead you to those that might be thirsty & for what to say & then give it your best shot.All manner of responses are possible. It’s not your job to judge or give ultimatums or to say all you could. Let them pull morefrom you & always point them to establishing their own relationship w/Ti&Do.Those who are teaching anything against the One True KoG will not have an easy time & their physical death isn’t their worstkarma/consequence largely because many have had many chances to know better.That’s not a threat, nor in my capacity to judge another & I don’t know how they will reap their karma & when. Perhaps beingforced underground due to Earth changes while not losing their physical body is their karma.For any that escape the planets upcoming recycling by going underground, I imagine after supplies are exhausted by 1000 yrs ofno natural light,healthy food,fresh air or uplifting companionship it would be a torturous life.Even if certain life extension technologies worked for a while, as Rael’s space aliens said they had & could live 700 yrs by,while creating robots for all their pleasures, who would want that life?Then again, that would be achieving what in the human kingdom is “PET” status. They sit around & watch the grass grow until it’stime to die. I guess many do look forward to life like that. If so that’s their reward.I keep hearing people expressing anger at God for allowing all the horrible things in the world but that’s like a 4 year oldcursing their farmer parent for burning or letting rot the trees that don’t yield useful fruit.I am not removed from feeling sad for even those who may be weeds but the best way we could really show our caring is to jointhe farmers ranks & help others see that the human kingdom was designed as a stepping stone.Ti & Do said the human kingdom was not designed to work meaning it wasn’t supposed to become a utopia or heaven on Earth as someChristians & new agers think is coming.Being satisfied is a stagnant condition that many are in.However, in today’s world, the weeds now run the surface of the garden rendering it an inhospitable LIFE growing environment.The 4th horse in Revelation 6 will be the next US/world leader & weed exterminator.For instance look at how the FBI & other agencies are mounting sting operations. There are many angry people understandablycombined w/ past persecutions of people of color, various ethnicity & classes.The injustices are institutionalized & the leaders do what they want. Conspiracies are the rule & every angle is disguised to manipulate public opinion into either complacency &/or confusion &/or radical militarization.The US is a powder keg. At any moment it could explode faster than it already is to justify further clamping down on any and allthey suspect are not on their side. More on that and Rev 6 later.Allegedly a group of space aliens told Stan Fulham they’d show themselves over major cities on October 13th 2010, which appearsto have occurred as said over NYC. He said the space aliens said they have to save our planet.So who is behind the so called Green save the planet movement most of all. The Luciferian Space Aliens who would much rather notbe forced underground to survive. But do they really think they will change the planet’s course?Well, perhaps & why not try if I was them right but why show themselves to the average folks in NYC & all over the planet morethan ever? One reason would be because they NEED what living humans can offer them.How much easier is it to capture someone by tricking them into believing they have your best interests at heart? Just listen tocontactees like Alex Collier or Rael or Adamski or Fry or Meyers, on & on & on…I’m not saying these people are conscious about their alien’s true agenda. Even this x-NORAD person Stan may or may not be in onwhat’s really going on, direct or indirect space alien or govt &/or both or not.Space brothers they claim to be w/ human interest at heart. They say, humans are destroying the planet & it will affect them sothey need to step in to stop it. Meanwhile many governments on Earth are of the same mindset.Any wonder?Allegedly the Luciferian Space Aliens met w/US military in 1979 at Holloman AFB & agreed to exchange their spacecrafttechnology for govt non-interference on their human abduction/hybridization programs.To date here in 2010, this is why govts worldwide have stepped up all their programs of late to acquire monies for technologydevelopment in all life support directions:To fight, hide &/or escape what’s coming.




The biggest signs of demonic possession are the most hidden & accepted ones

October 29, 2010

This post is a response to another blogger named L. A. Marzulli’s whose post is below mine but has to do with a video on youtube of a spirit filled woman who seems to be possessed and the folks around her enjoying it and acting as if they are all spirit filled but that. L.A. is siting as a clear sign of demonic possession, to which I don’t dissaggree but felt to express back to him the myrid of ways so many are possessed by demons but don’t think they are that are far less obvious and are even accepted as glorifying God & I’ve just touched the surface.

Sawyer’s response:

I agree with your post that says, “Deception always has an element that seems to be legitimate” and this kind of so called “spirit filled” behavior is nothing out of the ordinary and seems to be one of the many “signs and wonders” from the Luciferians that wooo people to their flocks by the millions. Yes millions! The catholic church has been doing this for centuries with all their lavish ceremonies, garb, paraphenalia, devotional language, use of the name Jesus, prayers to the stone statues that are all lumped together and called saints when there was hardly any evidence that they were, like Joseph, Mary’s partner and Mary herself considered diety just because she was visited and gave birth to the vehicle that the representative from the Kingdom of God, named Jesus used for his task, calling their priests “Father”, totally making Jesus self sacrifice into heracy and a misguided ceremony, all directly against things Jesus said not to do. And yet millions think catholicism is a path to godliness. And sadly, the entire Christian religion, all the sects have largely followed the same road though they have eliminated many of these trappings and dogma. They still have their stock terminology that they identify one another by and if you don’t use it, you are not one of them (granted) so you are branded heathen or false prophet, the same things that were done in the so called “dark ages” to anyone that differed from the organized church, except now fortunately the state (at least not in the US and not at this time) doesn’t go along with such persecutions.

And regarding all the hissing, etc. how much different is that from the pentacostals rolling around on the floor and speaking in so called tongues, taking up live snakes and drinking poisons, that they quote scripture to justify not seeing the difference of what jesus was talking about and to whom. Taking up serpents was learning to id the Luciferians (who I believe are direct serpent race alien based) and not be overcome by them. The poisons were their venom – the things they would say and do that could influence us to become like they, the tongues really indicative of how the truth once someone allows it to sink into their core overcomes language barriers but also becomes communicative in a way that is beyond dogmatic archaic (to that time period) terminology.

But nowadays if you use new terminology you are classified new age and for many christians just hearing that makes them froth at the mouth and hiss just the same without the audible hiss, but hiss with hatred at any who might challenge their accepted and comfortable position they call faith.

And yes, it for these folks is a feel good moment which shows how religiosity and spirituality, new age or traditional has a type of drug high with it. You know if someone trys to take someones heroin away when they want it most they would even kill to get that fix. Religion can be just the same heroin and so is atheism and so is spiritual new age hare Krishna and transcendental buddist, islam, judism, with all their members, just like christians all saying their “drug” is the greatest and hating anyone who would say otherwise and would even kill those they deem evil, should they say anything negative about them, justifying that they need to get rid of that satanic influence over others.

When any of us decides to adhere to one path by any name, be sure it’s the best path or your reward will be compromised accordingly. Yes, test it, test it, test it but what is the criteria of the test. Paul’s letters?
Big, big mistake. Use ONLY what Jesus said. We don’t need any more but don’t be as many christians afraid to read ALL of what Jesus said and understand that he was pretty clear about when he was telling a figurative story or using a metaphor, even explaining the real interpretation afterwards as this is another way lucifer deceives many, more deceit than even these so called spirit filled parties and that everyone uses at times to dismiss the core truthes jesus bore. Lucifer has us take the scriptures we can’t or refuse to accept/understand and thereby say, he must have been figurative there. i.e. harder for a rich man to inherit the kingdom in heaven than for a camel to pass through eye of needle, saying the eye of the needle was some arch in the city that a camel with a load couldn’t easily pass through, reducing the prospect for the rich to far less than impossible. (Jesus simply knew that anything he thought was an absolute still has some possability for his Father to think differently about), a lesson my jesus teachers called “I could be wrong”, a way of knowing that we can’t be too sure of ourselves unless we heard our Older Member from the Kingdom of God say it to us in person and/or by dependable record.

But displays like this video of the hissing woman is obvious to us to be off track to consider as related to the real kingdom of God, but to them it isn’t just like some things that could be obvious to others in how we may be off track won’t be obvious to us. This is why we shouldn’t be too quick to judge others. Not judging others doesn’t mean we will feel inclined to their behaviors and we should of course point out to them when we can what we think are the error of their ways, that is if they say they want to live by the same teachings as we do but to classify them as false prophets has to do with what they say and do that is directly against what our so called common teacher said about each specific. Generalizations are generally not from the Kingdom of God. The judgement is a person by person time for the Kingdom of God to see what each of us is made of and how much we want to be a servant of our Older Member who used the name jesus 2000 years ago but said upon his return not to believe anyone who comes in that name.

***** L. A. Marzulli’s post *******************

I want to call your attention to this You Tube Video. The thing will speak for itself as you watch it. In my opinion this is about as graphic example of the Kundalini Serpent spirit that you will find anywhere. It is clearly a false, deceiving spirit that is in operation here.

So called “prophetess,” Stacey Campbell, seems to be well on her way to total possession. If this is what the spirit of the Living God is I will shave my head and become a Buddhist! Please take note that all of these folks on the stage accept her hissing, shaking, and out-of-control behavior as standard fare. It’s this kind of false signs and wonders that we are warned will happen in the last days…. They will go after the doctrine of demons, and from this video they have embraced the deception, with open arms.

The sections that really bothers me is when Campbell hisses. I mean what are we looking at here? She’s hissing like a snake, writhing and moving her head like someone having a seizure. Is this how the Holy Spirit acts, through a person? What is even more troublesome is that when someone, like myself, begins to criticize this behaviour, I am immediately pegged as a modern-day Pharisee! Hello! What ever happened to testing the spirits? What ever happened to the admonition of doing things decently and in order? I’m sorry but I don’t see it the Holy Spirit here. Instead I see a deceiving spirit, a lying spirit.

When Campbell reads the scripture please remember that Satan quoted scripture to Jesus/Yashua when he tempted Him! Deception always has an element that seems to be legitimate. When Campbell starts her “session” by reading from scripture most people will accept what follows as biblical. Why, because she started out by reading the truth, then, twists it to her agenda. This is why it is deception. This kind of satanic counterfeit pulls the unaware in and makes it seem like it is from the Most High God.

In closing today’s post. In my opinion this is nothing short of demonic deception that is becoming a cancer in the church.Todd Bentley is a false prophet. It just amazes me that everyone in this video seems to be in complete agreement with what is going on. It’s all dressed up in a nice spiritual cum-bay-ya atmosphere.

In part four, they give Bentley a ring…. They call him an apostle. They seal Bentley’s commission and have everyone raise their hands and pray. It truly is the blind leading the blind… a doctrine of demons in these last days…

God help us….

************************************* end of L.A.’s post ***************