The biggest signs of demonic possession are the most hidden & accepted ones

This post is a response to another blogger named L. A. Marzulli’s whose post is below mine but has to do with a video on youtube of a spirit filled woman who seems to be possessed and the folks around her enjoying it and acting as if they are all spirit filled but that. L.A. is siting as a clear sign of demonic possession, to which I don’t dissaggree but felt to express back to him the myrid of ways so many are possessed by demons but don’t think they are that are far less obvious and are even accepted as glorifying God & I’ve just touched the surface.

Sawyer’s response:

I agree with your post that says, “Deception always has an element that seems to be legitimate” and this kind of so called “spirit filled” behavior is nothing out of the ordinary and seems to be one of the many “signs and wonders” from the Luciferians that wooo people to their flocks by the millions. Yes millions! The catholic church has been doing this for centuries with all their lavish ceremonies, garb, paraphenalia, devotional language, use of the name Jesus, prayers to the stone statues that are all lumped together and called saints when there was hardly any evidence that they were, like Joseph, Mary’s partner and Mary herself considered diety just because she was visited and gave birth to the vehicle that the representative from the Kingdom of God, named Jesus used for his task, calling their priests “Father”, totally making Jesus self sacrifice into heracy and a misguided ceremony, all directly against things Jesus said not to do. And yet millions think catholicism is a path to godliness. And sadly, the entire Christian religion, all the sects have largely followed the same road though they have eliminated many of these trappings and dogma. They still have their stock terminology that they identify one another by and if you don’t use it, you are not one of them (granted) so you are branded heathen or false prophet, the same things that were done in the so called “dark ages” to anyone that differed from the organized church, except now fortunately the state (at least not in the US and not at this time) doesn’t go along with such persecutions.

And regarding all the hissing, etc. how much different is that from the pentacostals rolling around on the floor and speaking in so called tongues, taking up live snakes and drinking poisons, that they quote scripture to justify not seeing the difference of what jesus was talking about and to whom. Taking up serpents was learning to id the Luciferians (who I believe are direct serpent race alien based) and not be overcome by them. The poisons were their venom – the things they would say and do that could influence us to become like they, the tongues really indicative of how the truth once someone allows it to sink into their core overcomes language barriers but also becomes communicative in a way that is beyond dogmatic archaic (to that time period) terminology.

But nowadays if you use new terminology you are classified new age and for many christians just hearing that makes them froth at the mouth and hiss just the same without the audible hiss, but hiss with hatred at any who might challenge their accepted and comfortable position they call faith.

And yes, it for these folks is a feel good moment which shows how religiosity and spirituality, new age or traditional has a type of drug high with it. You know if someone trys to take someones heroin away when they want it most they would even kill to get that fix. Religion can be just the same heroin and so is atheism and so is spiritual new age hare Krishna and transcendental buddist, islam, judism, with all their members, just like christians all saying their “drug” is the greatest and hating anyone who would say otherwise and would even kill those they deem evil, should they say anything negative about them, justifying that they need to get rid of that satanic influence over others.

When any of us decides to adhere to one path by any name, be sure it’s the best path or your reward will be compromised accordingly. Yes, test it, test it, test it but what is the criteria of the test. Paul’s letters?
Big, big mistake. Use ONLY what Jesus said. We don’t need any more but don’t be as many christians afraid to read ALL of what Jesus said and understand that he was pretty clear about when he was telling a figurative story or using a metaphor, even explaining the real interpretation afterwards as this is another way lucifer deceives many, more deceit than even these so called spirit filled parties and that everyone uses at times to dismiss the core truthes jesus bore. Lucifer has us take the scriptures we can’t or refuse to accept/understand and thereby say, he must have been figurative there. i.e. harder for a rich man to inherit the kingdom in heaven than for a camel to pass through eye of needle, saying the eye of the needle was some arch in the city that a camel with a load couldn’t easily pass through, reducing the prospect for the rich to far less than impossible. (Jesus simply knew that anything he thought was an absolute still has some possability for his Father to think differently about), a lesson my jesus teachers called “I could be wrong”, a way of knowing that we can’t be too sure of ourselves unless we heard our Older Member from the Kingdom of God say it to us in person and/or by dependable record.

But displays like this video of the hissing woman is obvious to us to be off track to consider as related to the real kingdom of God, but to them it isn’t just like some things that could be obvious to others in how we may be off track won’t be obvious to us. This is why we shouldn’t be too quick to judge others. Not judging others doesn’t mean we will feel inclined to their behaviors and we should of course point out to them when we can what we think are the error of their ways, that is if they say they want to live by the same teachings as we do but to classify them as false prophets has to do with what they say and do that is directly against what our so called common teacher said about each specific. Generalizations are generally not from the Kingdom of God. The judgement is a person by person time for the Kingdom of God to see what each of us is made of and how much we want to be a servant of our Older Member who used the name jesus 2000 years ago but said upon his return not to believe anyone who comes in that name.

***** L. A. Marzulli’s post *******************

I want to call your attention to this You Tube Video. The thing will speak for itself as you watch it. In my opinion this is about as graphic example of the Kundalini Serpent spirit that you will find anywhere. It is clearly a false, deceiving spirit that is in operation here.

So called “prophetess,” Stacey Campbell, seems to be well on her way to total possession. If this is what the spirit of the Living God is I will shave my head and become a Buddhist! Please take note that all of these folks on the stage accept her hissing, shaking, and out-of-control behavior as standard fare. It’s this kind of false signs and wonders that we are warned will happen in the last days…. They will go after the doctrine of demons, and from this video they have embraced the deception, with open arms.

The sections that really bothers me is when Campbell hisses. I mean what are we looking at here? She’s hissing like a snake, writhing and moving her head like someone having a seizure. Is this how the Holy Spirit acts, through a person? What is even more troublesome is that when someone, like myself, begins to criticize this behaviour, I am immediately pegged as a modern-day Pharisee! Hello! What ever happened to testing the spirits? What ever happened to the admonition of doing things decently and in order? I’m sorry but I don’t see it the Holy Spirit here. Instead I see a deceiving spirit, a lying spirit.

When Campbell reads the scripture please remember that Satan quoted scripture to Jesus/Yashua when he tempted Him! Deception always has an element that seems to be legitimate. When Campbell starts her “session” by reading from scripture most people will accept what follows as biblical. Why, because she started out by reading the truth, then, twists it to her agenda. This is why it is deception. This kind of satanic counterfeit pulls the unaware in and makes it seem like it is from the Most High God.

In closing today’s post. In my opinion this is nothing short of demonic deception that is becoming a cancer in the church.Todd Bentley is a false prophet. It just amazes me that everyone in this video seems to be in complete agreement with what is going on. It’s all dressed up in a nice spiritual cum-bay-ya atmosphere.

In part four, they give Bentley a ring…. They call him an apostle. They seal Bentley’s commission and have everyone raise their hands and pray. It truly is the blind leading the blind… a doctrine of demons in these last days…

God help us….

************************************* end of L.A.’s post ***************

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