Part 6 on Luciferian space aliens & on sexuality

ti do Father&Jesus two witnesses part 6 luciferian space aliens & sexuality

More on the practical reality to the Luciferians, both in space alien human equivalent (even reptilian based) form, from a distant planet and/or from their hiding places underground on earth and/or near to earth planets (mars) originating from previous earth civilizations and in discarnate form, ghosts from the dead body’s used by those Souls(kingdom of god seeds planted into human vehicles/spirits) who fell away from a kingdom of God graduation classroom and went actively against the kingdom of god thinking of them as simply like themselves to where they didn’t feel they needed to go through the kingdom of God representatives (Father/Son team, Older Members(OM) in the Evolutionary level above human(LAH) that religions now call the kingdom of God(KoG)) to reach the Heavenly Level of life, that’s NOT a spirit existence as human but is both a significantly more evolved physical body existence that is virtually never ending, eternal as the soul/spirit/mind changes body’s sort of like humans can change clothes but with not nearly the frequency or for willy nilly reasons or for fashion but for function the way humans use a diving suit to go underwater. AND how they interface w/humans as their pawns.


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