Rev 11 Two Witnesses Jesus Second Coming Prophecy Deciphered & Fulfilled Part 9

IX. Rev 11 Two Witnesses Jesus Second Coming Prophecy Part 9

This segment focuses on the Rev.11 Two Witnesses prophecy that Ti & Do felt was Their task to fulfill. They didn’t put out any effort to interpret or re-translate, as I have done, nor to orchestrate Their actions to fit it.

“Rev 11:1 there was given me a reed like unto a rod: & the angel stood, saying, Rise, & measure the Temple of God & altar & them that worship therein.”To rise is to be born again of flesh & woke up to the next task phase.

Each stage toward Spirit birth the previously saved Soul is brought back by Kingdom of God(KoG) to take over the next leaf (human body)from the genetic strain(branch) that has had the matching experience of that Soul.

This is why Jesus said;”Joh 3:5…Except a man be born of water(flesh) AND of the Spirit/Soul/Mind (all same word Gr. pneuma),he can’t enter into the KoG”. Luciferians mystified/diluted this meaning into a club membership.

A reed is an instrument to use to measure, the rod indicating a strict standard.Those to be measured are in the Temple(invisible spacecraft aka Paradise Gr.paradeisos:a grand enclosure that houses the previously saved souls).

& Altar,the living human bodies(horses) prepared for the returning souls(to ride)for their eventual self-sacrifice for the Older Members(OM) from the KoG aka Level Above Human(LAH), in the next age via the Two Witnesses.

The humans who were prepared were from the genetic strain that was alive for the previous trimester of the souls’ overall birth program.These are also given souls but are experiencing their first trimester simultaneously.

Each human therefore is as an Altar & each will decide if they are ready to give their will over to the assigned representative. The presence of a Soul who’s already experienced this & the OM’s incarnation capture that horse.

The physical area of the Temple is quite large having different chambers & crew members monitoring the experiment’s next phase. Ti&Do felt they were out of range of Their OM when they went east of the U.S. Mississippi river.

“Rev 11:2 the court which is outside the Temple leave out;don’t measure it for it’s given to Gentiles:& the holy city(Temple) shall they path by foot 40 & 2 months”.Curiously 40 in Greek refers to 4 decades thus years. “Forty” in Gr.=tessarakonta(4 decades).I suspect this period began when Ti&Do began their testimony.

The Court is the area immediately outside the Temple where non-believers dwell, idea being most seekers would have moved to the Temple area where the source of LIGHT was located, the U.S.west of the Mississippi river.

Rev 11:3-4 I will give power to my two witnesses who prophesy 1260 days, clothed in sackcloth(wearing a plain/ordinary appearing physical body).These are THE TWO olive trees/candlesticks standing before the God of the Earth.

1/1/73 began Ti&Do’s prophecy ending mid June 76’=~1260 days.KoG gives these as estimates & flex according to human responses.On April 19,1976 Ti said the harvest was over, though we did all the remaining scheduled meetings.

One can choose to calculate the 1260 days by some point after Ti&Do met in Houston in about March of 1972 &/or when they opened The Christian Arts Center or KnowPlace after that which could be jived up exactly w/1260.

They never acted bound by prophecy.They did however think that they would be physically killed & would resurrect as They then understood those terms. But neither was a scriptural scholar by theologian standards.

That’s not a put down by any means. If you’re a parent of the household do you need to try to duplicate what your grandparents did or just use it as a guideline? That’s how I observed Ti&Do’s use of the Bible, etc.

Lampstand is a container/pipeline,what Ti&Do called Their VEHICLE, a body & suit of clothes They temporarily wore for this task. An Olive tree is THE Tree of LIFE,The Kingdom of God’s family that Older Members are branchs of.

Olive Oil=the life giving Blood of the entire TREE.It is living KoG Mind/Word carried over Spirit/light frequency waveforms, throughout all branches(Older Members)of KoG who desire to be pure links/pipelines for.

But the KoG doesn’t want puppets.They can create such easily.Nor do they want new members who think they can see a better way to do things so They set the membership bar very high to become essentially like children.

“Mat 18:3 …Except ye be converted & become as little children (simple/trusting),ye shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.” re:Human self importance:Mt 3:9…God is able of these stones to raise up children to Abraham.

“Mat 6:22 The lamp of the body is the eye:if your eye is of single focus, whole body shall be light filled.” Light is energy. Oil is that light providing energy we exhaust w/ all our physical, mental & emotional actions.

When we exhaust energy/light in human ways we lose LIFE.If we restrain expenditure we build up our mind muscle & have more power to both push & pull.We push through all new challenges & pull for more OM Mind,Ways & service.

Though we become more childlike in ways,containment of our lifeforce builds power.Luciferians teach to channel that power back to SELF called Tantra which OMs from KoG have no use for so let’s them perish w/o a future.

OM’s effort(work) & SELF-sacrifice(because they don’t have to do it) demonstrates the required WAYS we need to recognize & adopt so when they physically incarnate we SEE Them & look to Them to pass thru the “Heaven’s Gate”.

That’s why the Christian idea that Jesus will show up in the clouds & believers will physically ascend to meet him in the air is illusionary.We ALL MUST both extinguish our flame/sensuality however we express it &…

…physically die.”Joh 12:24…If a corn of wheat doesn’t fall to the ground & die,it abides alone:but if it die,it brings forth much fruit. Luciferians convince many Christians that certain things Jesus said applys to them.

“Joh 6:50 This is the bread which comes down from heaven, that a man may eat thereof & not die.” What does He mean by EAT? Joh 6:51… the bread that I will give is my flesh, which I will give for the LIFE of huMANkind.

He’s saying we must Give our flesh as He gave His.The Spirit is what we need to preserve & that’s built by not only belief but trusting the formula(way) the OM demonstrates to us when we are physically face to face w/Them.

Here’s what KoG messenger told Old Testament prophet Zechariah about the TWO Olive branches(family), Candlesticks(bodys) & pipes(souls):”Zec4:14 These are ANOINTED(CHRIST)ONES,that STAND by the Lord of the whole Earth”

Hebrew anointed=yitshar=pure oil producing light, a CHRIST, thus one who’s whole body is filled w/light. Interesting that it could correspond to the term “enlightenment” said to be representative of the Buddha’s station.

“Rev 11:5-6… any who hurt Them are devoured by fire of Their Words(Mouth) & are halted(killed) in the way they hurt.They have power to turn water to blood & smite earth w/plagues”;motivations used by past KoG incarnates.

Their words will disable those that challenge them.I see this often when I express what they’ve given us. Christian & Spiritual leaders will often call Ti&Do & crew deceived & false prophets yet never back it up w/why.

Rev 11:7 when They PERFORM testimony,beast AFOOT AGAIN from abyss FIGHTS against & SUBDUES Them.By Oct.75′ Walter Cronkite of CBS announced THE TWO mystery solved by revealing Their human names & how They’d been in jail.

These Beast(Gr.therion=BESTIAL HUMANS) ascend(Gr.ana-baino=UP AGAIN-on FOOT) from Abyss(Gr.abussos=ABODE OF DEAD) overcomes (Gr.nikao=SUBDUES) & kills(Gr.apo-kteino=VANISHS) Them from National attention(news).

The Gr. apo-kteino;apo when used as a prefix indicates a ceasing thus kteino=VANISH,ruin,allow to perish,defeat,kill in any way or to OFF or send AWAY. Their large presence from the national COMMONs(media) ceased.

Ti & Do were in Las Vegas(Sodom) then & felt the mission killed, but literally 3 days later STOOD UP AGAIN (Resurrect) & told Their students(by then ~70) to split up into smaller groups to continue holding public meetings.

The Beast in this passage represents Their human opposition driven by the Luciferian space aliens & discarnate counterparts who are allowed by KoG to rise (STAND UP again to take over humans) to oppose KoG(Two)’s mission.

For Ti&Do’s bodies to be literally killed,They would have had to set it up.For Their entire 24 yrs They were so security minded there was little chance for anyone to find Them which I can well document in my 19 yrs w/Them.

To keep going longer, Ti&Do seperated us & said we’d hear of a meeting being set up for Their still believed demonstration of death & resurrection.They didn’t realize resurrection meant to STAND UP AGAIN to LIFE or death.

Only genetic student’s family were naturally distraught.Some sent investigators to find loved ones.Ti&Do did sympathize w/them but couldn’t allow them to hault Their task for KoG & against Their all adult student’s wishes.

“Rev 11:8 their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city,which spiritually is called Sodom & Egypt, where also Lord was crucified.” First off,”Dead bodies” was translated from Gr.Ptoma=”FALL” a huge leap.

Next “shall lie” was simply added to jive the translation stemming from the initial translation to “kill” from Gr.kteino.Even if one could stretch ptoma it would be “fallen body”.Media reported how Their bodies were arrested.

“in the street”=Gr.plateia=A PLACE, “of the great”=Gr.megas=LARGE,”city”= Gr.polus=COMMON (National Media=Before the PUBLIC), & as Jesus said, before a “NEW NATION”, equivalent of Sodom/Egypt/Jerusalem(Las Vegas/Calif.,L.A.)

The tending of the garden is not set in stone or predetermined to result in a certain yield. Ti & Do were prepared to lose their physical bodies but didn’t then.Ti later said the students needed more time.

Prophecy helps some believe after Older Members exit. Those prepped are cued to bottom lines they knew from prior experiences. For me it was that they came from SPACE, were related to JESUS & REQUIRED GIVING MY ENTIRE LIFE.

So when the demonstration of resurrection didn’t happen,it didn’t phase those committed to Ti&Do for other reasons while others decided it wasn’t genuine, thus it became a vetting of those who weren’t prepped to receive it.

Rev 11:9 & they of the people,kindreds,tongues, nations shall see Them defeated 3 1/2 days & shall not forgive or make them a memorial.Clearly a world wide phenomena.NYTimes did an entire cover story on Them as Bo & Peep.

Brad Steiger, famous sci-fi writer helped Them write a book called UFO Missionaries Extraordinair.A movie was made called, The Mysterious Two w/John Forsythe as Bo(Do).The flute player in it may have been me?

“Rev 11:10 people rejoice,make merry,send gifts one to another over Their “fall” because these TWO tested/distressed them”. It was Holiday time.Ti&Do sent us to deliver info asking help from churches & called it TESTING!

“Rev 11:11 after 3 days & 1/2 the spirit of life from God entered into them & they stood= (Gr.histemi=UPHOLD) on Their feet= (Gr.pous=INSTRUCTION TO FULFILL THE PROPHECY) & great fear fell upon those which saw them”.

Day=Gr.hemera(metaphoric),”the day” regarded as a time for abstaining from indulgence, vice,crime,because acts of the sort are perpetrated at night(minus KoG LIGHT), thus their short overcoming classroom period.

This period of time was flexible for KoG.Ti said disappointedly, students weren’t ready & it tested us causing many to drop away so in 1994 we had a 2nd year long offering of the info & filled some then vacant seats.

“Rev 11:12 They hear a great voice from Heaven saying;Come up here & they ascend up to Heaven in a cloud & enemies beheld them.” from KoG’s spacecraft(Heaven) saying it’s task EXIT time.

Only They hear this communication & They includes Their “litter” of Souls(Saints)=dead in Christ rising first.Their ascension into the clouds is a Spirit Birth thus not witnessed by others except in their exit vidoes.

Shortly before exit in Mar.’97 Do received concrete SIGNs:Hale Bopp COMET & a physical exit plan confirmation visit from KoG members as Jesus received too. 39 voluntarily laid down their physical lives.

“Rev 11:13 & the same hour(~42 yrs)come a large shaking & 10th of the city fell & 7000 humans are slain & remaining are afraid. This may be the 9/11/2001 WTC attack in NYC or it hasn’t happened yet.(#’s & dates are approx.)

(It’s interesting that at one point 7000 may have been a number who were slain in that attack but then it was finally updated to around 3000 though it’s hard to tell as so many bodies were shredded, incinerated or pulverized. re: “a 10th of the city fell”, well as we’ve seen before numbers are general as the KoG doesn’t know the future though they can suggest certain things to humans to jive with prophecy if they want to, so it would then look like they knew the future. They do know a great deal about our future but what I’m referring to that they don’t know is when it’s dependent on how any one or more humans will respond to events they orchestrate, as in Their incarnate reps blowing the horn, voicing the new information they always bring.

Now for all those who will see this last part and say, “See, no earthquake that took exactly 7000 lives & a 10th of the square footage and/or population of that city means Ti and Do couldn’t have been the Two Witnesses”, well that’s fine of course as the KoG doesn’t need to fence with anyone or beat them over the head so to speak to open up some of the thick skulls (that we of course all have to a degree), but the bottom line is if there are a 100 clues to ID the Two Witnesses, I’d wager Ti and Do fit they all in some way, though we may not known how to interpret it but lets say I’m wrong about that. Well, what percentage would be enough to you to believe? Of course all pieces of evidence are not equivalent in importance either and some are circumstantial of course but I’d at least put the number in the 90’s of how many prophecies Ti and Do can be logically considered to have fulfilled.

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