Ti Do Two Witnesses Father Jesus 4 Horsemen Revelations 6 Prophecy Fulfilling Part 10

“Rev 6:1 the Lamb(Soul called Jesus) opened 1 of the seals & I heard the noise of thunder & 1 of the 4 beasts says,COME & SEE”. These 4 arn’t BEASTS as Greek Zoon= LIVING BEINGs first ID’ed in Rev 4/5 as working for KoG:
Rev 4:6-8 in the midst of & round about Throne,were 4 beasts full of eyes before & behind.1st,2nd & 4th in LIKE MANNER/MIND to a lion,calf & flying eagle respectively,3rd w/face LIKE human each w/6 wings & who serve KoG 24/7.
In REV when Beast isn’t used as These 4 it’s Gr.Therion=dangerous, venomous animal representing human GROUPS.These 4 are as the 4 Winds WORKING AS WATCHERS/MESSENGERS equivilent to Lucifer & the Third w/him BEFORE they FELL.
Before a soul can gain full membership in KoG,they go thru many trials.The last one before a graduation classroom is by being given limited service to KoG,Ti&Do called DOMESTICS=Messengers(Angels) & Watchers w/spacecrafts.
They are also 4 crews,each having 6 spacecraft assigned to OVERSEE;1st= Earth Kings(Lion),2nd=the tender shoots,SOULS=potential offspring to KoG(Calf),3rd=humans,4th=Anti KoG predator(in sheeps clothing)Space Aliens(Eagles).
Mat 24:28 For wheresoever the carcase(souls choosing death) is, there will the eagles(Luciferian Space Aliens) be gathered together.These 4 Living Being’s crews are LIKE these EXCEPT work for KoG, a HUGE difference.
Eyes represent Their technology to Watch over all within Their assignment.Human’s w/increasing technology can now see the prospect of a KoG seeing all humans isn’t so far fetched to believe as it was even 20 yrs. ago.
Rev 6:2 & I saw a WHITE HORSE & he that sat on him had a BOW & a CROWN was given to him & he went forth conquering & to conquer. Horse represents a human body.WHITE describes it,eg. Color,Name,Behavior,Ethnicity, Loyalty,etc.
“He who sat on him” implys a RIDER of the horse. Ti & Do taught how the Kingdom of God(KoG) were like ranchers who capture wild horses(humans) & fit student riders to train & offer them the rewards of serving a higher level.
Horses aren’t purely WILD. The genetic strain itself is developed,instilled w/the reality of the KoG by having direct ancestral experiences w/the incarnate members from the KoG, i.e Enoch,Moses,Elijah,Jesus so are prepped.
Riders are those Soul seeds that survived a previous planting, in this case when Jesus was nurturing the Souls He was given.They are those that BELIEVED IN JESUS 2000 yrs ago & GAVE SERVICE TO KoG in sharing that belief.
When the physical body of those Souls died, KoG crew guided them to a “saved” area of the Spirit World to be brought back for their next Overcoming opportunity to be w/the next incarnate Older Member(OM).
An Overcoming process is BECOMING the ONLY Rider of their assigned human horse.At completion of the program that Soul is Born of Spirit.Advasary(satan) Souls are allowed to try to RIDE human horses to spar w/KoG Souls.
Now this Rider of the WHITE HORSE has a BOW, Gr.Toxon base of Tikto=to produce/travail in bearing young.Many Christians assume Bow(toxon)=a bow(& presumed arrow) as related to CONQUERING, a MAJOR MIS-understanding.
Because of that misguided assumption,many Christians think this is a militant Jesus to return as Jews also expected of Messiah. But Conquer Gr.nikao=VICTORY also translated repeatedly in Rev 2 as OVERCOME.
Luciferian influence on humanity is huge turning the internal battle to rise above our human animal loyalty into any kind of external even militaristic battle whether social, environmental,economic,belief(religion) based.
Overcoming isn’t simply about belief & living by the 10 commandments.It ultimately means giving our ALL to OM’s in SERVICE when they’re physically incarnate including restraint of passions, saving self for our OM bridegroom.
The OM’s determine the degree & dole rewards:”Rev 3:5 He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in WHITE raiment & I won’t blot out his name from the book of life…” Note:WHITE raiment=a PURE physical body.
Ti & Do said upon graduation/harvest, having OVERCOME, which meant having stuck it out physically w/our OM,KoG issues these a new type physical body to WEAR as a suit of clothing while receiving an ETERNAL LIFE contract.
Clothing being described as WHITE has little to do w/race though in this latest return of the same Soul who RODE Adam, Enoch, Moses,Elijah,Jesus & to date Do, chose to capture a caucasion (WHITE) vehicle named AppleWHITE.
Ti & Do were not white supremisists by any stretch of the imagination. They said a KoG(Level Above Human(LAH)) vehicle was grown on a vine.(humans & space aliens are attempting this as we speak but largely failing).
Luciferians sought to link being born white w/purity & Christlike.Caucasion was the dominant race of Ti&Do’s students but the race is the most “mutt” like lacking clear cut roots other racial groups can trace easily.
& that may be the route the human tree takes as the gene pool is cultivated to have all human experiences & successes in order to face returning Souls w/breaking off the associated ego that comes w/any human styled success.
Ti&Do taught us to strive for blindness in ALL appearances namely by looks, race,gender,ethnicity,wealth &/or intellect-all part of the human condition that needs to be entirely overcome to qualilfy for KoG membership.
Thus this WHITE HORSE RIDER(Do) is given a crown by his OM(Father(Ti)) that entails having a litter of newborns.Like a midwife w/each birth of the litter He’s victorious & in completion of all the births a final VICTOR.
This is also being victorious against the entire Luciferian Space Alien advasarial efforts & in particular over the Soul called Lucifer, who Ti indicated was Do’s assigned satan(advasary).
None of the many translations & commentaries on these versus I’ve seen directly see the use of HORSE as representing a human as none would think that way about themselves unless they’re given that perspective by KoG=(Ti&Do).
In fact they ALL think horse represents battle because long ago horses were used that way.Of course that holds truth too as our humaness is what we must become victorious over, but then the colours baffle them further.
Rev 6:4 there went out another horse that was red (colour of fire) & power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from earth, that they should kill one another & there was given to him a great sword.
Note this Red=Gr.purrhos=colour of fire describes the horse whose rider is GIVEN POWER to take PEACE from the Earth & to KILL=Gr.sphazo=to slay by physical violence,thus by Sword(weapons) clearly a war mongering.
Following the WHITEHorse’s Internationally viewed Victory in TiDo’s Mar.’97 Heaven’s Gate Group’s voluntary laying down of their physical bodies,came a fascist(RED)Republicrat led coup-d’tat in 2000 & planned 9/11 WTC attack.
Large wars have always been waged & fought globally but now we have a carte blanc ticket to ENDLESS WAR & all the ramifications. Ti&Do always said the KoG held back these kinds of events in the U.S. for their students sake.
The U.S. needed to be a place of extraordinary freedoms to allow the incarnate OM’s time to blow their trumphet to gather the student body & hold an extended Overcoming Classroom w/o significant interferences.
Thus when the Heaven’s Gate group exited their physical vessels, began the time of tribulation(time of troubles). However, interpreting the “RED HORSE” as personified as the Bush regime has addional evidences.
Bush’s ancestry goes to the English King Edward I. Red=Gr.purrhus is also defined as Ruddy(an English expression for Damned) & Englands military REDCoats.Purrhus is a Greek warrior who was inside the Trojan Horse.
The 9/11 attack was like a trojan horse & in Greek mythology=a pythian serpent or dragon.Rev12:3…& beheld a great RED dragon, having 7 heads & 10 horns & 7 crowns upon his heads,I suggest being originally the G7,today G20.
“Rev 6:5 & when he had opened the 3rd seal, I heard the 3rd beast say, Come & see. & I beheld & lo a black horse & he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.”
In Nov.2008 I had a dream w/Dstody in it.I knew Dstody’s vehicle’s name as Thomas Nichols,brother of Nichelle Nichols,Lt.Ohura of the TV show; Star Trek. He was the eldest member of Ti & Do’s classroom w/a “black” vehicle.
I know him well.In the dream,all I recall was his reference to Barack Obama, the presidential candidate. So I voted for Barack. It wasn’t until a month later that I realized the 3rd horse was described as Black.
Furthermore,even before his inauguration, his biggest BURDEN/YOKE was the economic crisis, thus I took the dream as evidence that this 3rd horse was Barak Obama.The rider of this horse appears HUMAN the 3rd LIVING BEING.
“pair of balances”= Gr.zugos=yolk, burden,”in his hand”,his task to handle,yielding economic scarsity for the laborers/slaves of Corporate Capitalists.The measures indicate a days work=cost of a days food,thus subsistance.
“not hurt oil & wine”, I believe refers to those in service to KoG(oil) & those who are ripening to produce fruit(new believers in Ti & Do whom upon believing provide service to KoG by spreading seed of TRUTH about Ti & Do).
Just because this suggests Bush as Red & Obama as Black as these horses, doesn’t imply KoG members as their RIDERS.The horse itself determines their own RIDER by what they seek in life & whom they choose to ask/listen to.
However,Luciferian RIDERS IMPOSE their will on horses they know have the greatest influence on humans & their overall agenda. KoG members WAIT for any horses to ASK FOR SERVICE to KoG, at this time IN THE NAMES of Ti & Do.
“Rev 6:7-8 The 4th Living Being says;See…a pale horse & his name that sat on him was Death & Hell followed w/him & power was given to them over the 1/4 part of the earth to kill w/sword,hunger & the beasts of the earth”.
PALE here is Gr.Chloros,rooted:Chloe=young green shoot which moves from yellow to green as it ages hence Chloros=yellowish(pale) GREEN.Translators who said PALE alone were once again mistaken as Green is the dominant meaning.
However,a friend suggested PALE HORSE might be Sarah PALin,while horse’s rider is a Luciferian Space Alien. Don’t worry, if she opens up to & asks Ti&Do for help she will get all the help she needs to deal with that RIDER.
Now this horse may not be Sarah Palin,though she also has Irish(green) in her blood & seems to be a leader of the TEA PARTY, tea being a green herb.Catholics color is green.Maiden name=Heath=green plant.Many more to consider.
When the KoG allows a Luciferian to attempt to RIDE/Control a human(horse) they are not left to fend for themselves. The RIDER of this human(horse) is NAMED: Gr.=thanatos rooted in thnesko=an Adj.as a Noun=BE DEADLY.
Gr.Hades=invisible receptical for disembodied spirits who show no allegience to KoG while alive follows “BE DEADLY”.It’s like a vacuum cleaner that scoops up these spirits & contains them, thus referred to as a prison.
It’s described as deep & dark, thus is physically located down/underground, inside the Earth.The idea of those there not being able to quench their thirst isn’t because of heat as in spirit form heat isn’t felt.
Haides is spelt,Gr.a=ONLY plus eido;TO SEE(LOOK),ONLY AN IMAGE,TO KNOW & NOT TELL,ONLY mechanical, passive, watch from distance, gaze at something remarkable vs BE apart of it or to affect it thus one’s desires go INSATIATED.
KoG gives these two named:BE DEADLY(propogator of our choice of MASTER/GOD to align to;KoG via belief in Ti&Do OR MAMMON(human wealth forms: Treasure,Fame,Ego,Intelligence, Family,Passions) & HADIES power to end our option.
Ignoring the choice is a choice.Belief w/o SERVICE is sacrine belief.We are not required to change anything about our lifestlye to qualify.We only need to tell others of the Ti&Do opportunity & accept the outcome.
Sharing the info Ti&Do brought does not mean trying to upset people, though it will.We will all eventually die. It’s simply choosing who to die for & may have something to do with the escalation of when.
It is interesting that Obama’s term ends in the end of 2012,the Mayan end of their calendar.The planet will continue to serve the KoG’s needs. They will take all Souls who seek to serve KoG, after they die to “Paradise”.
Historically this was also called Abraham’s Bosum where the righteous souls are taken, as Do said,to be figuratively,PUT ON ICE. After a major recycling of the planet’s surface those souls will be brought back.

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