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Heaven’s Gate anti(religion(Christian) spiritual atheist illusionary)”Cult” “ody” Name and Revelations 14 Ti and Do Song and Exodus 31:1

January 25, 2011

Heaven’s Gate anti(religion(Christian) spiritual atheist illusionary)”Cult” “ody” Name and Revelations 14 Ti and Do Song and Exodus 31:1

Before I go into the subject matter reflected in this title which is primary about the use and origin of the naming convention Ti and Do gave their students “ody”.

I wrote this primarily because of those that were  NOT in the Ti and Do “classroom” aka “cult” that were not given that name by Ti &/or Do.

To date these are “gryody”, “xfody” and “bnody” all three of which are people I have asked or suggested discontinuing the use of those identification handles for the many reasons down below.

The primary reason though is because whether these three and anyone else who uses such a name, whether they do so intentionally or not or whether they know it or not are potentially falling into the same trap as the one called Paul of Tarsus in the New Testament, when he claimed to be an “apostle” which was an assigned spokesperson/witness/disciple of Jesus. Paul was not.

Now saying this, in NO WAY suggests these three or anyone else are of any less stature or qualified to disseminate what Ti and Do actually said and did during their ~24 year task as well documented on and as seen on all their EXIT video tapes and Beyond Human video tape series that are to date posted on under the channel name: 1riverofangels.

I don’t believe there is any value to the Next Level for our appearing  to other humans as an “ody”. It’s also like someone taking the title of “Father” or Guru, or Spiritual Teacher or Pastor or Rabbi or Master. Ti and Do used NONE of these titles. We referred to them as Ti(Peep), Do(Bo), Lnks (short for LINKS), as in links in a chain of MIND that extends from one Older Member to another up to the Chief of Chiefs and they thought of themselves also as pipes in a pipeline, just another way of looking at it, though with the added perspective of their wanting to have nothing in their pipeline that differed or was altered from what Their Older Members were giving to them.

This WAY of Next Level members is reflected in the historic Jesus record:

Joh 12:49 For I have not spoken of myself; but the Father which sent me, he gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak.

 Joh 12:50 And I know that his commandment is life everlasting: whatsoever I speak therefore, even as the Father said unto me, so I speak.

In other words, this shows the “way” of members of the Next Level, another verification of who is a genuine representative. They will try very, very hard to say and do only the things given to them by their Older Members.

And this certainly goes for me as well, though where I differ from those who didn’t have a face to face physical personal relationship with Ti and Do, is that I simply have a larger database of what I heard them say and observed them to do which included the degree of depth I often did not see when I was in their company, because of my limited view at the time.

And of course that also applies to new believers. They will read the things Ti and Do and the graduation class wrote and may think they understand it, but in re-reading it and especially as they change and grow in belief/faith in Ti and Do will see more and more and more while connecting such with previous historic record of the Next Level’s representative based teachings, much of which contained in the book called the Bible.

When reading any historic literature, as the Bible is not the only source of history of the Next Level’s relationship with humankind, keep in mind the core principles, instructions, commandment, qualifications, ways of behavior as taught and demonstrated by those we can clearly see were Older member representatives, in order to have cross validation of new findings having the same origin. However, if something doesn’t seem to be from a Next Level origin, it may be – we simply may not have good examples of it’s context and application at the time it was given,  and why it was given.

The relationship between the Next Level crews and the humans they seek to “lift up” is not static. It’s developmental so what applies long ago may or may not apply equally to today. I am speaking to some of the Moses given rules, but the 10 commandments I don’t believe fit into this category of experiencing an evolution as Jesus clearly demonstrated towards many of the Moses instructions/laws.

*** Now onto the history of the ODY name: ***

When I first began to ask Do for service again, somewhere around 2000, considering the name to use in relationship to the public I sought to disseminate the Ti & Do information to, I didn’t feel right about using the name Swyody, the name I used while in Ti & Do’s experiential cloister like thus rapture like (caught away from worldliness) “classroom” for the ~19 years I was their dedicated student.

At first, I thought, perhaps I felt that way because I wasn’t living up to the “classroom’s” standards exactly, actually impossible to do without the Older Member (Do) physically present to follow the lead of in every respect. (by the way, to “follow” was never about their (Ti & Do) being dictatorial,nor about students snapping to attention for fear of condemnation or some punishment as we see throughout the human kingdom in EVERY form of governance, secular or religious.

Yes, we had rules galore at at one point some punishment implemented which amounted to being asked to leave the group. In fact two members of the class were asked to leave and were helped to do so with money and a automobile, when they didn’t want to try to live by the “I could be wrong lesson”. They were told by each member of the group that if/when they wanted to try to live by that perspective, they could return).

The origin of the “ody” extension was when Ti and Do in 1977 assigned us names using our existing names shortened to three letters, thus Sawyer became Swy and then tagging on “ody”. They told us at that time that we were being adopted by the Next Level and that we were hence their children but that at some point in the future as we matured to adult the “y” would be dropped so for instance I would have become “swyod”, of the family of OD, yes a pun, as the Next Level members enjoy being humorous in that kind of non-hurtful way.

The letter “y” was never dropped though Do did give us new names when he thought the 24 of us remaining in 1992 had passed our final exam and were simply waiting for our next step in service to Ti, who as some know was by then outside the human vehicle she took over, that was diagnosed with liver cancer and died in 1985. The cancer actually began in her eye two years before, which she had removed.

The new names were formatted as Swydote, and that was an “e” on the end, not an “i”. Originally Ti’s name was spelt Te, then at one point Do said it didn’t matter how we spelt it but then came back (presumably after he checked with Ti, outside her vehicle then) and said to just spell it Ti. But the “dote” change was short-lived, maybe months.

Interestingly about that same time or slightly before then Do gave each student the name of a person in the Old Testament. He said we had some relationship to that OT person. He never went into detail about it and we never used those names. The name I was given at that time was Bezaleel who was among the “children of Israel”(Do said Israel=the overcomers) and can be found talked about in Exo 31:1 as a student who was given skills of workmanship and the task of making the “tabernacle”(tent where they held meetings) and the ark of the testimony, a chest that contained the writings/instructions, witness of the Lord & the mercy seat, a place of atonement. I suppose the Soul of the vehicle named Bezaleel would have been saved from perishing in the spirit world to be brought back in coordination with Jesus incarnation/public ministry, to take over a new vehicles, perhaps one later called Stephen which could have been a descendant of the genetic strain of flesh of Bezaleel, as Ti and Do said, the Next Level sees to a type of match of body with Soul for each trimester’s lesson ground.

I say this because there is an importance to names. They are a type of Handle or address (as in computers).

It’s very interesting that I was named after St. Stephens Cathedral in Vienna, Austria where my grandmother lived and worked in the convent. (she was to some degree a wayward child and they gave her a job in the cathedral to work with the nuns as a way to get her to conform to their ways).

It just so happens that the movie, “The Sound of Music” had a scene of the marriage of Maria(dropout from nun program) and Captain Von Trapp in St. Stephens. Interestingly, Ti & Do felt that movie was stimulated by the Next Level as a way of laying out Ti and Do’s task together, to bring a small group of students our of Lucifer’s(Nazi) clutches.

Thus Maria was Ti and The Captain was Do. Do needed to be awakened by Ti as Maria awakened the Captain but that it was a partnership and they sang together and hence the names Ti and Do.

Do also said something about how Ti was pushing Do to his next octave. Ti is Do’s Older Member and this is what Older Members do, they help which takes some pushing, like a mamma bird pushing a chick from the nest to try it’s wings.

Also, when Do was in the armed service in communications as a signalman(morris code specialist) was stationed at WHITE sands missile base but before that was sent to Austria where he told us he was on that very hill where Maria opens the movie.

And in the book of revelations describing the 144 families in the genetic strain cultivated by the Next Level:

Rev 14:1 And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand*, having his Father’s name written in their foreheads. Rev 14:2 And I heard a voice from heaven, as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of a great thunder: and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps:

Rev 14:3 And they sung as it were a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts, and the elders: and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand*, which were redeemed from the earth. Rev 14:4 These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb.

Rev 14:5 And in their mouth was found no guile: for they are without fault before the throne of God.

*Thousands = Greek:chilias but originated from hebrew:’eleph from ‘alph=a family but also to learn/teach, yolk, tame. (Micah 5:2), another name for “families” or “clans” (see Num. 1:16; 10:4; Josh. 22:14, 21). Several “thousands” or “families” made up a “tribe.”

Voice of harpers harping with their harps:sung as it were a new song that no man could learn but those of the 144 families redeemed from the earth – abopted, taken out of, saved, what Do called being “put on ice” (though not literally).

Note: How is it that so many christians think when Jesus comes they will be taken(raptured) and/or die and go to heaven without qualifying as in Rev 14 by not being sexual and following Jesus (the lamb) “whithersoever he goeth”.

 Do they think they will follow him around jumping from cloud to cloud in the air and do they think their loves ones on earth are going to tag along or be taken too just because they all count themselves his believer?

Plus do they know the song to sing. I know a song Ti and Do taught us that I’d wager would qualify. It goes like this, as we were given it as a type of mantra, to sing to ourselves whenever we wanted to help us maintain our focus against all the discarnate influences that sought to turn us off the straight and narrow.

I know many will point to that and say, see, brainwashing, but that’s because they fear admitting that everything in life for every being has some form of this same thing – going to college, taking a job, pursuit of a career, politicking, religiosity – all have hierarchical humans at their business and governmental helm’s and thus all have their rules written or not, that is if you want to keep your job, etc. And all have their social practices – dress codes, language, intellectual prowess, influential connections, etc. thus we are all brainwashed.

So yes, we did actually talk about the fact that we were each trying to “wash our brain”. It’s like the “wash your robe”

Rev 7:14 And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

In this context a robe is the human body and all it’s human endeavours, sensualities, passions, pursuits. To make it “white” means to rid it of all colorations as these characteristics are all like shades or colors (not associated with the body’s skin pigment). When we put out the Beyond Human video tape series (12 hours of Do talking, that I was on the production crew of as a speaker, because at first it was going to be students doing all the talking which Jwnody and I were elected to do) in which I was on session 1 and 2 as one of the teleprompters, with Jwnody, we sent them to all those we knew about that were not in the main classroom any longer. To our surprise, as putting out this public tape series was in effect saying, our door was open again, having been closed since Ti halted our 1975-6 public meetings, several joined with us again.

I recall Stl and his sister who had never been in the class also wanted to join and did. The name she took/was given was Evn, representing her wanting to have an even vibration which she certainly did, as I worked with her a great deal during the 1994 public face to face offering.

Some of these were living in a type of half way house we called a satellite that Do & helpers helped them set up, though it spread into at least three apartments in Dallas, Texas, while we were in New Mexico, Arizona and California intermittently.

These were in this satellite because Do felt they needed a different kind of circumstance to learn certain lessons that would better prepare them to have a viable “spirit birth”. Do felt these were “stuck” while among the larger body of members that we called the “classroom”. Some in these satellites, like Brnody, Tllody & Anyody were also offered to reunite with the larger classroom body of believers (church) as we had a crew assigned to oversee communications with them and some classmates from that crew traveled to Dallas, TX where they had separate apartments to visit them.

But these in the satellites did not join until we met with them via the 1994 public offering that began on 1/1/94 with 4 groups of 6 headed out in different directions from Escondido, CA and Laguna Hills, CA, where we had three dwellings. (one being for Do and his two most consistent assigned helpers, Jnnody and Lvvody, that was in San Clemente, CA.

But when these first few joined which included Jhnody, who lived in Venezuela, having joined in 1975 when he was going to school in Corvallis, OR. We actually didn’t know his exact whereabouts at that time but he saw our broadcast of the Beyond Human series on satellite TV as we uploaded it to thru the Hughes Aerospace Satellite uplink service for broadcast.

We didn’t inform him of the schedule or anything. I imagine that Ti saw to it that he tuned into it when it was being broadcast. I doubt we did more than a dozen broadcasts.

But my point to all this was that Do told those of us who were in the class at the time that these would be rejoining that he didn’t want to have any kind of tiered membership, like with some of us being called by the new “dote” extension indicative of having matured to adults while these returnees, having been with the class in the beginning and having received ody names would still have ody names, so Do instructed us to all go back to using only our “ody” names.

When we put out the Beyond Human series, Do felt to address the helpers he asked to be his teleprompters/buffers (against influences) by their pre-ody names, thus I was Sawyer and Jwnody was June, Sngody was Song and Alxody was Alex.

What he said then was that the ody names were only to be used between us, not for use among the public which is who the video’s were obviously designed for. So looking back at my own choice to use Sawyer, I realized later that seemed to be what Do would have done, thus perhaps I was “in tune” with Do’s mind enough to make that choice. It did feel strange at one point because when I began to be pubic again and was having dreams and other experiences, I got in contact with Crlody, who had joined the class as a result of the 1994 public info offering and he was in touch with what we believed was a small group of new Ti & Do believers all of which took “ody” names.

As it turned out most of these new believers – perhaps 6 were a fabricated creation by one semi-new believer who wanted to show people that there were new believers even though he wasn’t all that sure about what he believed. As it ended up, to date this same individual seems to be a believer in Ti and Do now.

He owned up to his fabrication. But since the “ody” name moreorless is the best way to identify someone who actually had a personal relationship with Ti and Do or Do in the case of those who joined in 1994 and thereafter, and there are a few new believers that use ody names, I have extended my sense that their use of those names may be considered as inappropriate – even misleading to anyone who comes to this info from here out and begins to see that all those who laid down their lives had “ody” names, thus would likely believe these new believers who took ody names might also be among the original ones.

It has nothing to do with any kind of power trip. Having received an “ody” name doesn’t guarantee anything and a new believer is never held back in the relationship they want to have with their older member, Do (who is not in a physical vehicle and is not scheduled to be any time during this civilization).

Just because I have all this experience doesn’t mean I am any further along in relationship to my overcoming and to Do. If anything more is required of me since so much was given to me. And there are a bunch of ody’s who seem to have no interest in anything Ti and Do anymore.

I know that could change any moment and I know many of them and with me, them and new one’s it’s not about the past – it’s about the now and how much any one of us wants to grow.

The instruction for new believers is, to disseminate what Ti and Do said and did. The most reliable source of that is the web site. New believes should study all that’s on that web site and all the youtube video’s Do made under the channel name: 1riverofangels, Rio’s channel. They can also talk to Do. Use the name Do or Ti and Do. Do so in your privacy silently or out loud all you want. Ask him questions. Look at life circumstances for answers. Begin to feel when doing something doesn’t feel right but be very careful not to get confident that Do is talking or revealing anything to you that’s new. He did all the revealing for this season while he was physically here and as time goes on, discarnates and/or space aliens are trying to step into his shoes so there could very well be someone who will say, Do appeared to them in a dream and told them to do such and such as happened to Paul of Tarsus.

Paul was commandeered by a Luciferian discarnate and/or space alien that was a soul thief in sheep’s clothing (appearing saying they were Jesus) which now has resulted in nearly the entire Christian faith being far more believing and trusting in what Paul said than what Jesus said.

Because of all the religions politicking just because Paul’s letters were included in the compilation called the New Testament doesn’t give real authority to what Paul says but to suggest that to these anti-Jesus christian leaders is heretical and may get me hunted and killed for eventually but that’s the ramifications of belief in Ti and Do and telling others about them. We put ourselves in physical danger but it’s guaranteed that by offering such service to Ti and Do, Father and Son returned, when your vehicle dies, as all of us will, your soul will be taken by Ti and Do’s invisible crew to safe keeping to be brought back after the earth experiences some recycling to start the garden growing again as to date the “weeds have taken over the garden”.

Now some more on Rio briefly because of something he said about “ody” names.Rio joined in 1994 when I met him. He stayed with the group up until weeks before they exited in March of 1997. He explains his point of view in his book, Beyond Human Mind. I am occasionally in touch with him now. I enjoyed much of his book but there are parts that I know to be inaccurate and even far afield from the truth but I don’t know how significant they are but since I’m talking about names…ody, etc.:

In Rio’s book, on page 21 he talks about the origin of “ody” names. He must have misunderstood the entire story or someone told him the story that didn’t know it and he trusted they did. I am not faulting him, though I have expressed this to him but don’t know if he received it since I did so via email and didn’t get confirmation of my communication in this regard. I would hope if he does any reprints he will correct that part and I would hope he consults with me on the other areas I believe were inaccurate. However, the book is invaluable and these inaccuracies seem pale in comparison with many of the events he did relay that I was not there for. Thus I thank him for his efforts and encourage any new believer in Ti and Do to read his book but in terms of disseminating Ti and Do’s info, I’d stick to what they actually said in the exit video’s, Beyond Human tapes and the book that is freely available on the web site some believers are maintaining.

I’ve already heard from some who did not believe I was in the class and that’s fine. The proof is in what someone says. Does it jive with what we can prove Do or classmates in Do’s classroom when they exited said as many students wrote articles that are also on the web site.

Although I was a dropout, I never said anything to anyone against Ti and Do at all. I simply broke my vows so to speak and didn’t know why I felt so powerless to gain back my self control, so I left them in September 1994. I’ve talked and written about the details as it’s a long story but I did have a great deal of one on one experience working for Do and I was given many tasks as overseer and helper and communicator with media and related folks and in publicly speaking about Ti and Do in 1975-6 and 1992-94 and my pic is in the Beyond Human tapes so I think the materials I am publishing are also reflective of what Ti and Do gave to me in direct instruction, teachings, guidance and understandings that do yield certain insights in my re-translations of the Jesus and Moses records and I did have dream visits by Ti (2x’s) and Do(3 x’s directly and a couple indirectly) and some students who answered my questions and helped me with my personal attempts to be re-employed by Ti and Do’s crew.

What I say in my postings, articles, podcasts and facebook sawyer heavensgate and blog: and youtube video’s: channel name: 3spm and on under name: swyody I believe can help people look at aspects of Ti and Do that can be helpful with communicating their message to people in our time and especially to christians who may not yet be totally brainwashed into their religion.

I know well that I can go off at times but interestingly when I did that on blogtalkradio if you listen to my podcasts I feel I am stopped by someone unforseen who lets me know when I’m going far afield. I can’t depend on this. I must remain diligent to be aware of how I can be tricked by influences but all in all, I can’t imagine to date that anything I have said could steer you away from examining for yourself Ti and Do’s information and experiences on Earth. If anyone sees anything I have said that they do question as to whether Ti and Do said it or implied it, I would like to know it, so I can examine it.

You can email me at: Sincerely, Sawyer aka Swyody