Two Witnesses Father Jesus Second Coming as Ti Do Part 11 Religion=Soul Stagnation

You can watch the video link below which comes with some original music or skip the link and read the text of the info-video.

Note: By religion I am not saying there aren’t plenty of people in such organizations who are intensely dedicated to the Kingdom of God as they best understand it and their participation. Therefore it can be a “stepping stone”. However, if it’s participation keeps one from opening up to all the new things that are happening at any time in history then that is where even good intentions can become lost.

More on the 4 Horsemen in Rev.6:Some feel the White Horse is False Religion & Antichrist. Ti&Do said,ALL RELIGIONS ARE “KILLERS OF SOULS” thus all Religion is false belief as they’re all built on Luciferian distortions.

But what is Religion? It’s the adherence to, trust of, participation & allegiance to an organization & it’s leaders as claiming to represent in whatever cultural reference the Creator(s) of the Universe.

Even w/the best of intentions among religious leaders they insert a human interface between participant humans & that Creator Kingdom,a natural lure as a facsimile of the Creator’s use of human interface eg. Moses & Jesus.

However,this facsimile still serves the Creator’s purpose by spreading the core teachings of their representatives & instills a more civilized societal standard of behavior than what the previous Creator rep. had introduced.

For instance Moses teaches “an eye for an eye”,while Jesus says to “turn the other cheek”. Moses is still working w/mammalian styled justice while Jesus is introducing the Soul as the more valuable life form to preserve.

In other words, Jesus is saying that we must grow to a willingness to sacrifice the body’s well being, as a show that the Soul seeds, the Creator plants are “taking”, aka bonding/grafting by faith to the provided Branch.

The physical body has no proof that “turning the other cheek” will in any way be beneficial & even goes against it’s mammalian nature but when that body dies, the Soul that still remains is aware they haven’t perished.

They’re met by invisible workers from the Creator’s kingdom which proves what they were willing to believe before their physical death which constitutes greater faith. But all who become discarnate interact w/living humans.

Living humans who are actually sophisticated time share biological computer systems are influenced & taught by their experience to include what the discarnates attracted to them experienced and believed before they died.

A type of directed mental evolution/devolution results as the living human accepts/rejects certain ideas/beliefs & perceptions & integrates them into their lives & the lives of others & passes some on to their offspring.

Since many humans die w/o having been seeded by the Creator Kingdom, they continue to  provide for doubt in what those who are seeded come to recognize together w/less willingness to adopt more civilized behaviors.

That’s why Jesus was forgiving of those that even put his vehicle to death: “Luk 23:34 Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”

& why those who are given that direct Creator Crew attention by incarnate reps are held to a higher standard. “Lk 12:48…For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required:…”

But the big way religions are killers of souls starts by their convincing people they’re on a path to Heaven by simply agreeing to the terms, conditions, practices, service(tithing) & minimum behaviors of that organization.

& they have zero idea how to identify the REP. when They incarnate again because they weren’t taught the KoG’s motif operandi BUT talk confidently that they’re the KoG’s chosen while not knowing hardly anything the Rep said.

Luciferians work hard to brainwash us touting LOVE & PEACE as tenants of the Kingdom of God’s(KoG) teachings.Shrewd wolves.These ARE BEHAVIORs of members of the KoG, but don’t bring us to OVERCOMING OUR world(humanness).

Yes,humanitarianism (helping fellow humans, poor,sick,disadvantaged,etc. & environmentalism (reasonably using our resources w/care for the health & well being of all creatures) are also “WAYS” of members in the KoG.

But when a woman was anointing Jesus w/ointment some students complained of it’s expense saying better to sell it & give to the poor. But Jesus said,”…the poor you have always w/you…”.He knew his burial was coming soon.

I’m referring to this because of how some think Ti&Do couldn’t be the promised return if they didn’t take care of the poor, etc. We did give a needy family one of our cars once when the situation arose.

Ti began an organization called Angel Helpers consisting of students to offer help to the aged but then nixed it due to legal issues. But Their task wasn’t to serve humans it was to teach us to serve the Next Level(KoG).

& students task then was to hit the deck running to try to make the steep grade to qualify for Ti&Do’s crew, a team.The reason for the 2nd great commandment,”love your neighbor as yourself” was to prepare us to serve KoG.

Religions do generally purport these tenants yet are still “killers of Souls” because we can be humanitarian yet not regularly, privately asking for the WILL of KoG for us while watching for the answers w/openness to change.

It’s generally believed that such thinking is reserved for those who join clergy in some way/terms, another major distortion opening up the misnomer that becoming part of clergy is more godly & someone to look up to.

Next thing we know,we primarily talk to KoG the way that clergy interprets the record(bible,etc.) & it’s intended application. Jesus called this the “blind leading the blind” applicable then & now.

It’s inevitable for Religions to form some time after the member of the Next Level physically exits & w/it a gradual distortion. Thus all Religions qualify as a pathway, though no less or more than a non-religious endeavour.

That’s because the KoG isn’t a RELIGION nor more approving of one over another.Do was pleased w/the way Islam, at least in theory respects modesty(the original reason to wear a covering) & other Moses instructions.

Sure many people in the so called developed world, really a way of saying, soul devolved world, because of how people begin to think they are superior, look down on others who don’t seem as sophisticated & intelligent.

Religions to include all spiritual practice are pathways as long as one keeps EYES OPEN outside any of it’s confines while ready & even eager to change their comfort zone in terms of belief, practices & life circumstances.

Hard times come upon us & as has been said, can bring people closer to one another AND to the KoG, even if from desperation. When times are good,fewer seek God’s help & are less willing to change & ASK for help.

Expecting govt to help us is understandable when we all pay so many taxes & fees all our lives but govt’s aren’t compassionate & always morph to great anti-KoG corruption whether they are religious or secular based.

One of many examples in the U.S. is the song,America…God shed His Grace on thee…”.Grace=gift,endowment,deliverance,favour which most think of as material prosperity but for KoG=Soul Harvest Classroom Opportunity.

Now, many modern day Christians, but actually religionists & spiritualists are becoming moreorless atheists talking mystically mixed w/lust for wealth while avoiding any who don’t fit their particular dogma.

We don’t feel hedonistic (living for one sensory satisfaction to the next) & it’s not like there’s anything wrong w/doing so. It is simply a degreed option, but it can lead to settling into norms we become addicted to.

Whether it’s Nepal or Columbia, Amsterdam, the U.S. or anywhere it’s the same story. The land is filled w/ReligioSpiritualNewAge commercialist hedonistic atheism that’s falling to pieces causing global polarization from KoG.

Cathedrals,temples, mosques,corporate & governmental buildings abound as the seed of Luciferians from 1 or more of Earth’s &/or other planetary civilizations thrive upon the mass of their human unwitting subjects.

The choice is still ours though. Isn’t the handwriting on the wall plain as day.This Global system called in Revelation Babylon the beast will consume itself,the very people that aided it’s manufactured self righteousness.

Meanwhile Christian sects will rally membership to send their manpower & monies oversees,while in their backyard people are hurting.They often fall into the pit of becoming the judge of who deserves help & who doesn’t.

Even the Salvation Army in many areas requires people to sit through a religious service to receive help.There are of course many exceptions & people that would give you their last can of food or clothing off their back.

The KoG has ways of genuinely noticing what we do but mind you, what happens to our physical body, though often very difficult doesn’t impact our Spirit &/or Soul unless we allow it/choose for it to by distancing the KoG.

Tithing,ceremonies,glorification of hierarchy(support) & of SAINTs by committee,bowing to statues,adornments,meditations(prayer) in groups,mantra(songs),limiting study materials,persecutions of challengers all can=SOUL DEATH!

Why? Because all that is for ourselves alone,though we can claim it helps this or that person w/this or that aliment, mental or physical & of course techniques can help, but what they help us to be is more glued to humanness.

Let’s face it, Humanness=death.Of course the most walking dead are those that think there is nothing else. Even Space alien worshippers are dead because the space aliens are dead. At this time dead=even of Spirit.

Had I not been given a huge chunk of foo foo juice, angel dust, smelling salts and you had, then you’d be writing this & I’d be thinking your nuts or are afraid of death or jealous of those w/success to live for.

In the US it has hit huge proportions in Christian mini-empires w/commercial interests galore,whether it’s SunYung Moon’s cult, Catholicism or Evangelical Radio/TV/satellite/Internet BUSINESS operations & all anti-Jesus.

But what’s the problem w/business if it’s geared to help people eat & come to Jesus?Because they don’t come to a REAL Jesus! So, when KoG member(last named Jesus)returns no one has a clue how to identify Him so they miss out.

But more importantly than any one person missing out,is how they influence other’s to also miss out.That’s why it’s crucial to allow others to make up their own mind while learning the motif operandi of all members of KoG.

But the Luciferians hardly stop creating their facsimile’s of the KoG program as when some see through organized religion, they become prey for alternatives, spiritual,paranormal,shamanic,metaphysical & even atheistic.

Of course a quaestor traversing thru one or more of these belief forms,including belief in nothing(all still hypothesis),often settle & have their Souls further doomed by “the cares of the world”, as Jesus referenced them.

The entire CULT buildup in the 60-70’s was the response to the KoG’s incarnate membership, providing the LIGHT all seekers were drawn to, though most found a Luciferian influenced religious related facsimile.

It didn’t hurt anyone UNLESS they stopped WATCHING & totally preoccupied their time w/building their own mini-empire,the success of which self absorbs them into an authority, thus “What’s God got to do, got to do with it”

As Jesus said,”many are called but few are chosen”.This was the reason for the migration to Calif.,because Ti&Do & crew(saints) were to begin blowing the horn(shofar) in the City of God(Angels=New Jerusalem=Los Angeles,1975.

But though only a few are chosen at a time, ALL have opportunity, the reason the KoG made sure the Ti&Do story, then Bo & Peep, or UFO Two would be international headlines, actually in 1975-6 & 1997 as Heaven’s Gate til now.

What some mean when they say the WHITE Horse=AntiChrist is that those Anti Christ will commandeer the term:Gr.leuko=white light, also brilliance,of course being the primary way Luciferians partly distort KoG’s communication.

Luciferians are dropout Souls who hate the KoG & strive to do whatever they can to steal Souls from the KoG if they can so they create facsimiles of what they know is generally coming as they once participated in KoG work.

They are real beings,but they’d rather we believe they are not.They create an image of a red pitchforked devil so when they come in soft spoken w/flowing WHITE robes we’ll not suspect they are in fact seeking our allegiance.

The Firey RED reference to a devil,expressed before as Communist,Fascist & Republican, though totally muddied stands for Atheist despite Religious talk & appearances thus are all represented by the Rev 6 RED WAR HORSE.

But this is not to say,Socialists,Democrats & all the other labels w/or w/o their religio-spiritual banners are any less the RED WAR horse.Isn’t it interesting that WHITE stands BETWEEN RED & BLUE in the U.S. Flag.

Isn’t it interesting that most religio-spiritual organizations have largely captured WHITE as their common ICON adding confusion so that some interpret the WHITE Horse in Rev 6 as anything but the genuine KoG colorlessness.

Some interpret the origin of the term HUMAN as a Hue=color/shade of MAN as MAN is what we can BECOME minus hue having outgrown race & gender as MAN is color/gender less, a next evolutionary step above HUMAN mammalian.

Luciferians past work for KoG was largely in the last civilization on Earth,but their renegade mindset began before Earth. KoG keeps some around to use as a type of fertilizer to help grow the Soul seeds they plant.

Eve,the name of Adam’s partner,both as starting seeds for the latest Soul garden plot on Earth was deceived into breaking the Lord’s instruction thus “her desire shall be to thy husband & he shall rule over her”

Many talk of this as a punishment.Sin means “missed the mark/goal”.The 1st goal was to learn to follow  KoG’s instructions.But these two weren’t alone in that so called “garden” area.This so called Serpent was there.

Serpent here is Hebrew nachash – to hiss(like a snake),whisper,enchant, foretell which Eve was the subject of & whom she was tempted by.This was a KoG test.Ti & Do called everything the KoG did an experiment.

It wasn’t a serpent or literal snake, though there may be some relationship to reptilian.Gen 3:1 Now the serpent was more shrewd than any living creature of the wild which the Elohim had made.

Mind you, Elohim meant rulers,judges,above human beings. Today Luciferian space aliens captured Rael’s mind & said they were Elohim,though they slipped up in saying they didn’t actually create the planet,just the humans.

Lord To Serpent:”Gen 3:15 & I will put opposition between you & the woman & between thy seed & her seed;it shall bruise thy head (shake you from your height) & you shall bruise her heel(cause her stumble along her path).

So this Living Being translators called serpents(mystifying the story)also had SEED(offspring) thus were reproducers like humans & became some of our human genetic ancestors. Here’s the origin of Rael’s Elohim:

Remember the talk of the fallen angels:Gen 6:1-2 It came to pass,when men began to multiply on the face of the earth & daughters were born to them,that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair;

& they took them wives of all which they chose.Hebrew,Ben=child(of Elohim).But even if they were Sons doesn’t mean they became ADULTS in KoG as then they wouldn’t have had a reason to take a wife,nor a way to make babies.

They weren’t Son’s of God in the way Jesus was said to be a Son of God,though he didn’t refer to himself that way.He referred to himself as a Son of Man, because He,the Soul from the KoG took over the body prepped for him.

So yes, He is an invisible to the human eye Being but that’s not the same as a human when they are without a physical body.Their Soul body is far more dense & powerful & has a above-human body in it’s KoG environment.

But the way we most see Luciferians is through the humans they commandeer to do their bidding;religious & spiritual leaders where religion is ANY Systematic,organized Belief even called Science “theory” & anti-theist belief.

It’s not the belief itself that is problematic as that’s our exercise of free will, it’s forming organizations around beliefs w/ hierarchy to administer & act as authorities of beliefs that constricts our growth potential.

Naturally organs. will arise w/their deification whether in scientific,spiritual, governmental,social or environmental ways. It all serves a purpose in defining which “god” we EACH wish to place our primary allegiance.

Luciferians know their time is short til they’re forced underground again to escape the upcoming recycling period.Rev.20:2…& bound him a 1000 yrs…cast him into the bottomless pit,shut him up,no deceiving nations til…

Luciferians who make up most of the Space Aliens have discarnate counterparts (all who die in their alignment,conscious or not) convince humans they don’t exist now or historically &/or that the Kingdom of God doesn’t exist.

They convince others that Humans are equivalent to Gods & they often use Jesus quotes. For instance:Luk 17:20…Pharisees demand when the KoG should come, he said…It doesn’t come w/observation…KoG is within you.

So yes, a chip/deposit/seed from the KoG is put literally inside those horses they feel are ready(thirsty).That’s  like adopting a pet dog.The pet gets the tag/master but it’s a long road to becoming a human.

Luciferians love to beef up humans & do anything to keep them from recognition of the KoG as real,many  membered & obtainable. Most Religio-spiritual-atheists ALL have been snookered & will fight to the death ignoring it.

They say God,Jesus,the Universe, Leaders & even Space Brother Aliens love us & all we need to do to be saved/have Heaven/Utopia is accept it,give homage,pray,meditate,do yoga,feel love, chant/sing w/good intentions.

Do we think deer & antelope believe the same when the lion is devouring their children? I am not mocking any who gravitate to such beliefs & practices.But refusing to open up to what’s more real is a consequence.

No one wants to feel confused or a fool or as being used & manipulated, so the Luciferians play on such.Everyone at some point wants to feel of value to themselves & others & that’s played on us as well.

Many think we can Save the Planet & humanity,eliminate hunger,cure all disease,stop pollution, halt wars,stop abuses & deceit through any of the aforementioned beliefs w/the addition of technologies, yet another god form.

Sure there are evidences of all having certain successes so one could surmise if we all thought/acted the same we’d have our Utopian society.Actually Ti & Do briefly spoke to this prospect in response to their critics.

They said if all humans did become peaceful, compassionate,loving, etc. then The Level Above Human(KoG) members could walk among us & use the Earth, calling it a “Heavenly Body” as a base for nearby Garden operations.

That would be like humans having an animal pet farm of sorts where some of the animals that gravitated to serving their human masters are given more & more tasks until they desired to try to even become like their masters.

Then,they’d be provided the Overcoming Process,the ticket being their willingness to give their ALL while clinging to nothing in their past.The 1st stage being belief in one’s master,the Moses experiential classroom.

Jesus took that group through their next phase while among those who were new to the Masters ID stimulated candidates for a NEXT firsttimer classroom consisting of those who believe in Him after he exits his physical body.

The final phase for that original classroom is what we witnessed in Ti&Do’s group,while now there are both potential first time believers & second timers.I’m talking Souls here but they all must work thru human vehicles.

To create this classroom environment great challenges need to be set up.First time Belief is a big one but then belief & service is yet another.The human body we wear though of essential value to us is a tool w/limited use.

When we become a student in any of these stages, we don’t decide when our vehicle/tool has served it’s function.The Next Level decides that & gives us permission to exit,including at times their taking away protections.

This was the case for Do & His students.Each student had to prove to Do they were ready to exit in what the world would see as coerced suicide but that’s because the humans w/o a growing Soul aren’t more than their body.

Thus for all those who weren’t in that particular classroom(though there may have been a few exceptions), it would have been a sad suicide. But by what criteria did Do give students such permission?

Well, I know I could be wrong about this, but feel the main criteria from Do’s perspective was the fact that Ti was outside her vehicle so could KNOW whether a particular student was genuinely ready enough.

Do knew he might be able to be fooled.From the beginning Ti & Do said they didn’t “read” us.They took us for our word & actions. However, Do was very much in touch w/Ti while she was in her vehicle & I suspect more so after.

But how did that transpire? Did Ti put thoughts in Do’s head? Not exactly. He,as Ti when she was in her vehicle said,every night They spent hours thinking about & asking their invisible Older Members how to help each student.

From that periodically they would get ideas that they called lesson steps which ended up putting certain students to the test. Going into each lesson they didn’t always know which students would be most tested.

But it became very apparent into the lesson step. One early lesson step was simply thinking about food as fuel & preparation of food as an experiment & what humans call a kitchen was called a Nutri-Lab.

A recipe=a formula w/the result=BODY CHANGES,the metamorphic transformation within that by ADHERING TO yielded the Soul’s birth. It wasn’t different terms nor food yielding changes.It was trusting/bonding w/our Older Members.

Some students had thoughts critical of Ti&Do’s every move.They had to learn to shut them off. Some thought it was silly, another BOOGER what we called a discarnate INFLUENCE, actually a ticket to a strong will thru  blocking.

Meanwhile various Luciferian types which can be many, many beings inhabiting human or equivalent vehicles are second guessing where, when & how a Next Level Above Human classroom will arise to try to thwart the effort.

The KoG returns undercover,like a thief in the night(secretly) & brings back all the Souls in the program.The presence of Their huge MINDs open the doors to advancement in ALL forms & particularly where the OM’s incarnate.

A result is great leaps in inventions,prosperity, freedoms,spiritual seeking,etc.The Luciferians take advantage of this climate seeking to distract from the FACT that the opportunity is a gift to test whether we want more.

If the human has even a little sense of a Creator,they may try lots of things but can get KoG help to not become entrenched. Others see these as, just not having what it takes, making bad choices, not finding their niche.

This occurs mostly in material terms,having little desire to find/make/press into success.They hate the manipulations & game playing to compete to get ahead. The Luciferians try to entrap them in other ways.

They may break the law & get locked up, or create ties to a mate/family development or become dependant on various substances. Of course even those w/success easily become entrapped. However these really fear/avoid changes.

Even if we are miserable,we can become comfortable in that condition.The Luciferians will try to entrap us w/a very strong drug: religiosity/spirituality.Gratitude for freedom from a tainted past can block further openness.

For each of us, it’s like the story of Job.The Luciferians know we are a prize & the KoG allows those Luciferian discarnates to test us, knowing that if we always return to asking the KoG for help, we’ll get it.

The test now! To take a next leap of faith to ask Ti and Do for help. They are not and will not be in human physical vehicles again in this current civilization thus ask in private as often as you wish about anything.

At times they will answer in a dream, at others by a fellow human’s mouth, or by a TV show or movie. At times there won’t be any apparent answer which IS also an answer. The Luciferians will continue to try to dissuade you.

At times you may feel nutty talking to Ti & Do. You will hear all kinds of rebuttals against them. You will not  have all the answers but you will begin to trust you’re being given what you need.

I have done a great deal of writing about all this. I know my writing skills are terrible & I have little time & have lots of interference w/putting these out. You can find more info in the following locations:, Heavensgate & actual tapes of Ti & Do’s classroom meetings are available at:

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