Sources of Information for Ti and Do and Student (Saints)

Here are the list of current sources I can stand behind as being authentic. There are people creating sites and video’s and such that are not authentic, while there are some who are also producing video’s where they are doing the best job they can do, but from new believers thus may or may not contain inaccuracies. If you come across anything I’d like to know about it so I can see if they are presenting inaccurate information. It’s just a matter of time before there is more and more disinformation circulated just as occurred after Jesus exited, starting subtly with Paul of Tarsus.

Number one direct source of info is still at:
You can copy and paste all the articles and statements there. There is a site but I don’t know how reliable they are as I don’t know who maintains it, but you used to be able to download this same book in .zip format at:

The two individuals who are continuing to maintain the site were given that task by Do before they exited. They were also left with the book for publishing which they have done. If you write to the email address on that site you might be able to buy the softcopy book that is all the info that is otherwise provided for free on the site though it’s bound and may have some additions.

Second equally good source for as long as it stays as it is today, is YouTube channel:
which has the Beyond Human Video Series posted and many of the Exit Video’s They produced before exiting their physical vehicles.

On YouTube find a video series plus three other videos at:

I maintain a site at:
where I have a year’s worth of podcasts free for listening and downloading plus many blog entries.

Next I maintain a blog at:

and then of course here on Facebook under:

I have published some articles on:

There is also a stash of actual digitized audio tapes from the actual inside the classroom meetings. Most times Ti and Do met with the group of students it was taped. There are well over 400 hours of these tapes going back to 1980 where you can get a feel for Ti as she was with us til 1985 and Do during that time and thereafter. The quality is not good but it’s able to be heard. That site is currently provided by Carlan who was in the classroom for a short time in 1994 but who is a full believer advocate of all of Ti and Do’s teachings. When Carlan first put these tapes online they were for free download but since then (some years ago) 4shared has begun to charge to download. None of what they charge goes to Carlan. The address is:

I would also suggest purchasing Rio’s book entitled: Beyond Human Mind though I don’t know where you can find it.

After that if you have questions I will try to help you by writing me an email at:

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24 Responses to “Sources of Information for Ti and Do and Student (Saints)”

  1. val Says:

    Check out this fulfillment of prophecy now going to the world at
    Satan has deceived the whole world Rev 12:9 until the heel of time Gen 3:15 when the woman of Rev 12:5, 13 delivers the true word to the world John 1:1. Now we can know our true God if we will hear it Acts 3:22-23.

    • sawyer Says:

      Do told us that the woman in rev. 12 was/is Ti, his partner on the task they performed together of bringing the SAINT returned souls to graduation, and who he realized was his Older Member, aka Heavenly Father. In Do’s performing his part of the task, he was the “child” being born to his Father, as it says in REV 12. This was the only part of revelations Do took the time to go through with us verse by verse, which took place while Ti was still using the vehicle she(the Soul that’s niether male nor female) took. When one reads the entire chapter and knows the details of Ti and who Do says she was/is it really falls together. I’m going to have to design a document and/or video re-interpreting rev chapter 12.

    • sawyer Says:

      Hi Minigoodtale – I wonder…Whom do you serve? Have you asked whomever you serve if Ti and Do are who they say they are, the Two Witnesses in Rev 11? If you havn’t honestly asked that question to the most high God of the Universe who created all things in heaven and on earth then why havn’t you? Fear of change is the only real reason for not doing so.

    • sawyer Says:

      You are becoming a bit pesty. When I send people information they havn’t asked for, I tell them I will cease doing so at their request. I am gaining nothing from your limited egotistical viewpoint that I don’t see any evidence reflects on anything the Kingdom of God is doing in this world. You say “if we will hear it” yet you don’t say anything that can be heard. Sure, anyone and everyone who thinks they are some big cheese can pick this and that scripture and then think they are being godly. We can support virtually anything we want to do or be with scripture but that doesn’t mean we are somebody by doing so. I know you can choose to throw that back at me, but the facts are I spend a great deal of time laying out what Jesus said and why, delving as deep as I can into the language closest to what he said, Greek, Hebrew/Aramaic. I don’t claim to be perfect at this but I also know that I wouldn’t have this opportunity if Ti and Do didn’t grant me the opportunity. The same thing is available to you right now and anyone but you must “deny yourself” even if that self tells you, you are someone very special. Lucifer wants people to feel special. He did and still trys to lay that on me. It’s largely the reason Ti gave me for why I would not qualify to be on Her team.

      If I was going to give you a chance to persuade me that you are the Rev 12 woman, you’d have to say a great deal more that I could cross reference to ALL the things Jesus said as the Rev 12 woman giving birth to the son is the Father giving birth to the son (Jesus), thus you’d be claiming you are “the Father”.

      From this point on I will probably decline your comments unless you say something beside your stock rant. I don’t mind if you critisize me or my beliefs but be specific and I will address each point you make. It’s yea or nay, the rest is from evil.

  2. J.P.Gilyard Says:

    the “purple book” put out by telah inc has no aditions-some things were taken out-mostly unfinished statments, notes, it looks like.
    legally, they can claim a new copyright on the purple book, since they took out things and wholly reformatted the comon law copyright blue book
    its not “morally right” but they have “a right” legally-to claim new copyright.
    they do not want people ordering the blue book,because they have no copyright on it
    they still sell it for $45 dollars, but very relucantly Telah tells me that only two have been given out since 1997 when they took over the site-i’d guess one is myself and xf is the other, though he could have gotten his book from crl.-Jpgilyard

    • sawyer Says:

      I am interested in whether or not there is a different version of “undercover jesus surfaces…” essay, in the blue book verses the purple book as I don’t have the blue book. Can you document for me what was “taken out” of the blue book to arrive at the purple book, if I understood you correctly.

      I also find it hard to believe Do and Crew would have published a book with “unfinished statements, notes” or even authorized Mark and Sarah, or RKK to do so.

  3. Jon Says:

    sawyer, from what i understand, the book was first published april 1996 before the editing of the two usenet documents took place
    i sent you the original undercover jesus along with the either documents original “statement by et” cant be found
    there is not a different version in the “final” blue book
    as i understand from carlan and from telah, it was pretty much continuously updated from april1996 to the end
    any “original” books are gone, given away\sold years ago.
    going through my personal copy of the blue book now
    with purple book next to it-Jon

  4. Jon Says:

    Incomplete overview Statement april 18th 1995 (unpublished)
    heavens last mission to this civilization to end in ’96
    section 1 page 2

    classroom notes march 28 1994
    some notes taken from do’s discussion with students
    section 6 page 12

    • sawyer Says:

      I’d like to see some of this material. I was there in march of 1994 as an oveseer partnership of one of our 4 groups that were giving public meetings again.

      But I understand from reviewing your previous posts that they are not available anywhere. It’s not important to have or spend time on, at least for me.

  5. Jon Says:

    IE they didn’t do much, but did enough so they can claim it as a “new work” based on the old public domain blue book and new copyright
    changed the page numbers (the old book is HUGE and frankly cumbersome), got an ISBN number-my issue is not with them taking out the incomplete statements and notes, that’s insignificant-heck Right to Know added a few things (for which i personally commend them, i-Jon- became aware of the next level through the work of RKK and CRL)
    my issue is that they claim copyright and sole ownership of the truth. gatekeepers of heaven, if you will.

    i apologize, its not my intent to rail against telah inc,
    need to keep my focus on the next level and not worry on what others are or aren’t doing

    • sawyer Says:

      I agree that telah is insignificant to the war of words, war for souls that is before all who seek active service to Ti and Do and Crew. That view could change, yet I don’t feel to drop any attention to what they (mark and sarah’s telah) say and do when it’s misleading, like what they did on a facebook page with the “ody” names that I know never existed. That’s clearly luciferian shinanigans they seemed to fall prey to, which I expressed to them. But even that may be insignificant in Ti and Do’s mind when it comes to the huge mountain that can stand help to move that so many so easily close their minds to seeing through.

      Where can i get a blue book? Maybe you already told me to go to mark for it?

      • jon Says:

        Sawyer as far as i know mark does not like to sell the blue books says only two have been sold since telah inc took over one was myself about whobought the other
        have mytheories maybe xf maybe richardbalch who knows

        iwould say that carlan isyour bestbet
        its the right to know edition has some addendum
        the very fact that purple bools exist that people would change and copyright the book then telah disuadea folks from buying the blue one sigh

  6. Jon Says:

    the original can be found

    if I receive a change of instruction which includes going to trial, and the death of my body is a part of that experience,then as far as I am concerned, any and all of those who are a part of me have my permission to join me as soon as they choose to.

    the above was taken out\edited by Do himself as well as some other things
    i, also would have liked to see the original heavensgate book\heavensgate website and other materials of the Two Witness
    things like the second and third statements, from back in the 70s -Jon

    • sawyer Says:

      Two things come to mind with this original “UNDERCOVER JESUS SURFACES BEFORE DEPARTURE” posting on usenet that they did in 1995:

      1) This was the 7th thunder (though they never spoke about that reference to Rev. 10 scripture but I do know they delivered 7 distinct public information offerrings since 1975) and Do was pulling out all the stops that could stand in someones way from looking at who he knew himself to be, the promised return of the same Older Member soul from the KIngdom of God/Heaven as was incarnate in the body called Jesus 2000 years ago. To be as bold as possible meant saying he was Jesus when he clearly knew from 1975 and 1988 in published statements galore that he couldn’t be “jesus” because Jesus was the name of the body He used 2000 years ago. On top of this, they in 1995 still did not know exactly if and/or how they would “lay down their bodies”, a big part of Jesus and Ti and Do’s taught formula for soul birth, so He (Do) was exploring various options still as he had been doing since 1973 which I witnessed first hand for 19 years as their close student and at times one of Do’s right hand workers. Do was also always exploring how they might exit, whether by ingesting a strong sleep inducing (death) formula of barbituates as they ended up or by stimulating their own arrest as Jesus did or by provoking authorities to do them in or by telling the truth to those that hate to hear it who would seek to elimnate them that included the idea of having guns. That thinking about guns came about from the david koresh incident which I watched unfold on live TV with Do in his quarters in Arizona at the time, and we subsequently talked about getting guns to see if that was the motis operandi Ti would have us consider. One can see from the edit of “undercover” jesus that he didn’t feel to leave that version as it wasn’t accuate, so in the new one it doesn’t say, “I Jesus Son of God….” but says, “I, who am called Do…” and in the title “Undercover Jesus”, Jesus is in quote marks indicating a unique defintion of “jesus” not the literal definition but the expected idea that the name promotes today which again is 100% consistant with Ti and Do’s ways.

      I know Do would have thought long and hard about presenting this in this way, given how it differred from what he knew was the maximumly accurate depiction of who he was and the task. But they pulled this after 2 weeks due to the responses. It is possible that Do could have considered this a mistake to post in this way but then what also happened that I witnessed is that Do was following his instructions from Ti to post this possibly as a strategy to give some Christians looking for a reason to deny Ti and Do as the Two Witnessses and second coming of “jesus” an easy out as Jesus had said not to believe anyone who comes “in my name” (Jesus was speaking) saying they are the “christ” as there will be many false prophets saying this. After all he was Jesus but he wasn’t that body named Jesus, though who knows for sure if the body Jesus that was taken into that spacecraft was somehow used to bring about the vehicle that was born Marshall Applewhite. Ti and Do never said anything about this that I heard but it could still be possible. Then the Next Level could have used sperm extracted from the vehicle named Jesus, to artificially inseminate the human mother of Do, which would make Marshall an offpsring of Jesus, thus an extension of Jesus. I’m reaching here, but doing so not to justify a discrepancy but to expand the possabilities. However, given the tons of info that does collaborate Ti adn Do as the returned FAther and Son, for the true seeker they will not stop at one writing that was never make their official stance as the basis to decide if they were legit or not.

      I am also very concerned with who posted this older Undercover essay, named Kristozofia which no doubt is Mark and/or Sarah. Why would they post something with this kind of descrepancy without qualifying what Do was doing at the time. Well since they had been long gone from the group for most of the contraversial things, they said and did from 1988 on, perhaps they don’t themselves know why they posted this, though I suspect a Luciferian influence over them about this as why would one want to cloudy the water for new believers. And then to publish the JAMES S. PHELAN New York Times MagazineFebruary 29 1976 article: Looking for the Next World instead of giving the most accurate history is another Luciferian way to slip in distortions. It’s subtle changes like this that Paul introduced to the Jesus movement after Jesus left that led to this completely distorted religion called Christianity that doesn’t resemble hardly any of the core issues Jesus taught.

    • sawyer Says:

      Actually, if you have them, I would like very much to have/see the second and third statements and there was a “prospective candidate letter” as well if it’s in there.

  7. Jon Says:

    Sawyer it was myself who posted those writings
    since the phelan article is mentioned in 88 update as being most accurate i thought it might be better then well, most of the other things out there.
    also put up some of the newsgroup posts and older writings such as “snacks for thinkers” if you think they are inappropriate i can always take them down-Jon

    • sawyer Says:

      I guess I wrongly assumed they were mark’s doing. No, I would never think of monitoring what anyone posts. I simply try to bring accuracy and context as I see it, (which hopefully is the way Ti and Do would see it) to whatever I find. But I respect that you offerred to take them down – that’s clearly a characteristic of a Ti and Do student.

      So do you have the Ruffles book hard copy and if so where did you get it. I’m just curious as I never heard what happened the boxes of those hard copies we (the group) hauled around for years, that Do at one point considered getting rid of.

      Actually I’ve taken that phelan article to possibly stick in my book. I had it before but forgot about it so it was good to read it again.

      On the newsgroup post, why post that one when the one the group published in the purple book that went to their website was more of an updated thinking after they determined their exit motis operandi and that there wasn’t going to be any further public efforts beyond their exit circumstances? I know of at least one christian that is using that undercover jesus to justify saying Do said he was Jesus so doesn’t jive with anyone saying they are jesus being a phony – like I already said. Then again, I’m glad this all came up as it brought me back to that jesus quote. Coming in Jesus “name” can equally mean, using his actual name and/or coming on this authority, according to his mission, his identity, his words.

  8. Jon Says:

    Sawyer, actually our previous interaction was the reason for my posting these materials,-i knew that you and others couldn’t find any of the things rkk posted and i decided to make them available, i knew you were interested, thought others might me as well -took them from the right to know cd, along with some things found via usenet, scanned the student statements (carlan sent them to me) err, january 2nd or so
    am having the common law copyright right to know version blue book scanned by a third party at personal expense in order to get the word out (should be done in a couple weeks)
    check your email-sent you a message on Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 7:22 PM
    it has a Rar attachment with most of the doucments
    as for second and third statements, there is a library somewhere that has them-they would have to be either typed in or scanned and OCRD-Jon

  9. sawyer Says:

    Thanks Jon for all your efforts to get people this info. It’s a huge task but I believe in the next months that may extend for a number of years still, there will be a combonation of events in the heavens and deep outer space with relationships to the earth and the many changes stimulated on Earth that is like bringing fire close to an antbed – pandimonium to where we will be up against two challenges. 1) providing info to the many who will be looking and 2) staying ahead of the lower forces that would try to stop us. The ONLY way we can suceed in our tasks for the length of time Ti and Do deem, is by seeking their help with every step. Even when we make mistakes as they don’t shout at us to get us to do the right thing, they will help us make that negative into a positive. In the end many of us will lose our physical bodies as we refuse the various ways in which people will moreorless brand themselves with who they belong to, between the human and the Next Level Kingdoms. I have a great deal to share with you and others, that I feel has been revealed to me from the records of all associations recorded between humans and the next level. I’m not going to be sending anybody anything right away directly as I want to be sure the work is established and has a library of congress number as I feel it’s my task to work with the systems to get it to as many people as possible as fast as possible, so it will be available as an ebook first.

    I’m sorry I’ve been a bit dense on some of the things you’ve written about. My mind is going in many directions. I was arrested for not paying triviel traffic fines and had to put up 1,000.00 bail and await court. My partner of 17 years broke off with me but was trying to get me out of the house, which the break up was a positive as I began to have more time to write, etc. and we hadn’t been a couple for years anyway and I really don’t want any relationships anyway, but I have still felt I needed the place I have to write from and where Ti and Do have given me many signs in the heaven’s and in dreams and premonitions and revealings of the meanings of much of the book of revelations, so I’ve had to fight to stay here and it’s working out, but the lower forces hate what I am doing and want to stop it at any cost, but the Next Level is keeping them at bay as long as I dont’ blow it by doing stupid things, like talkign to the judge about Ti and Do or the unfairness of the system he upholds. Fortunately I have decent credit from which to publish.

    I also have reason to believe the next level will be dropping a large object into the sea soon, perhaps as early as this feb 5th. Such events are in the book of revelations and the signs of what’s already taken place, which are many, show it could happen any time and other events have taken place to include the NASA awareness of a sizable object due to make it’s perihelian on that day. I suspect the next Level has all this options in place for near misses that they can give a little push to direct it to exactly where they want to fulfill prophecy, yet the way prophecies were written, they remain optional to see as prophecy which seperates those that have a “chip” and those who don’t.

    • jon Says:

      How and when HeavensGate may be entered book/ website as seventh thunder
      in overviewof preqsent mission or preface undercover jesus is listed as the sixth public interaction the book heavensgate the wrbsite also is listed as the farewell legacy seventh and we suspect final publicinvolvment i apologise for the typos computer diedyesterday and iam mobile right now–jtpgilyard

  10. Jon Says:

    the book has been uploaded (in sections, because its very large), along with the RKK addendum. section 1 contains “heavens last mission to this civilization”

  11. JonGilyard Says:

    Sawyer-the older class documents can only be found one place online
    but they have been up and stable for a number of years now

    How and When “Heaven’s Gate” May Be Entered
    Anonymous Sexaholics Celibate Church Statement of Beliefs
    Anonymous Sexaholics Celibate Church Introduction and Ways
    Prospective Candidate Letter
    Preparing For Service
    Ruffles “Snacks for Thinkers”
    A time to die for God?
    “Thanks for Actions Against CAN”
    The Jews and Christians Promote Lies-Unknowingly
    “During a brief window of time, some may wish to follow us.”
    What if they’re right?
    Last Chance to Evacuate Earth Before It’s Recycled
    Planet About To Be Recycled – Your Only Chance To Survive – Leave With Us

    these documents can be found here

    CRL submitted them there, but am not sure why the book wasnt rescanned at that time (the guy that ran the site scanned religious documents)-know that they were taken from the old right to know cds\website

    theyve been up since 2003\2004 that’s where i first found the Next level info-Jon

    • sawyer Says:

      Thank you for this link. I may have one time had these or some of them but my computer crashed and I lost track of things. Rkkody, before he left sent me a couple disks, one of which may have had these on it but no matter, I have them now in an easy to use format so for that I thank you.

      As you probably know, within prophecy in the book of revelations, the 3rd woe (exclaimation) takes place after Ti, Do and crew have exited

      Rev 11:11 And after three days and an half the spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them which saw them.

      This was designed to go either way. They could have exited their bodies at this time as they first thought or as Ti said once we got to Wyoming, “the class wasn’t ready”, even though they also felt they were shot down in the commons (national press) while in Las Vegas, (spiritual sodom) but decided they had to stand up again even though they’d be seen as felon cult leaders.

      Rev 11:12 And they heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them, Come up hither. And they ascended up to heaven in a cloud; and their enemies beheld them.

      Then we had the “classroom period that included the 7 thunders as that was all primarily done by the class, though Do nixed classmates only doing the beyond human series. In any case this was not Ti AND Do’s TWo Witness prophecy period (the part from when Ti left til they left). It was Do and Crew’s, thus still within prophecy. And then they exited in 1997 by their soul birthed bodies ascending into the invisible spacecraft moreorless on the surface of the planet in that western US area, west of the mississippi river, where “jerusalem – the city of God – was moved to from the middle east as Jesus said would occur. And they were ascending into a spacecraft (cloud) while the world watched their final messages and their dealing with their vehicles on TV for the next month or more and to date.

      Rev 11:13 And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven.

      Next the tribulation period officially began with the coup de tat of the red horse of rev 6 taking power and having something to do with the 9/11 attacks that “shook the earth literally and figuratively” that included part of the city literally falling. The death toll may end up making it to seven thousand by the time you add in those dying from asbestos poisoning and related medical problems and espionage problems in cover ups that I suspect that haiti bound airliner was part of perhaps, and the antrax attacks as well were a part of perhaps.

      I know when that happened it woke me up and got me off my duff though I’d been preparing to give service back to Do again right before that happened, thus I was one of the remnant (remaining believers) as I never stopped believing – I just allowed influences to overcome my control over my vehicle.

      Rev 11:14 The second woe is past; and, behold, the third woe cometh quickly.

      Rev 11:15 And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.

      Rev 11:16 And the four and twenty elders, which sat before God on their seats, fell upon their faces, and worshipped God,
      Rev 11:17 Saying, We give thee thanks, O LORD God Almighty, which art, and wast, and art to come; because thou hast taken to thee thy great power, and hast reigned.

      “Fell upon their faces” is equivilent to saying they “gave their lives” or “lighted down on their vehicles” – took over human vehicles for their task, literally fell from the sky and would do so again by losing their taken human vehicles in whatever way they exited as that would be part of their “service” (worship) as these were literally with Ti and Do (their Fathers/Older Members of the Next Level (Kingdom of God)) sitting but actually having to do with holding a position of service on their crew.

      They reigned because they one way or the other overcame their humanness that included clinging to their life, which these 24 had done before as well when they were with Jesus. Had Ti and Do exited without them they would have gave their lives when Ti and Do did or shortly thereafter, but in that the students were not ready, gave them together, except for the dropouts and any who connect after their exit which would take place during the time period of the seventh angel’s sounding.

      One of their tasks is to assist in the pulling up of the “tares”.

      Rev 11:18 And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.

      So now the campaign against ti and do and students and against any of that remnant has been in motion, as we are all otherwise the dead that are being judged. We are dead unless we seek to be in their service because when we die they will not take our soul body into their safe keeping for future lessons.

      Rev 11:19 And the temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament: and there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail.

      I believe there will be a time upcomign when a huge spacecraft will be visible for every eye to see like it or not. I suspect it will stay in view long enough to where everyone will see it that can and if they don’t have eyes, others will describe it to them and so they too will see it and “feel it”. I think they are fairly close right now working hard to help some come to look at the info Tiand Do left behind. When they are actually visible, the “ark” (spacecraft) I suspect it will be a very, very short time before the “end of the civilization as we know it” enters full swing which will be the execution of the final judgement of who is in their allegience as opposed to who is not. I suspect many who heard about Ti and Do and were on the fence will have that final chance to open their eyes while most will think it’s space aliens and many will be dying of heart attacks from fear as before that it will be like putting a flame thrower close to an ant bed – havoc ensues but in this case though there are environmental calamities plenty the fire is in the literal presense of that very powerful spacecraft.

      The reason I’m writing this is because our task is before us as it was laid out in prophecy as we are the “house of John” spoken of in the following passage and the little book may be the purple book but I suspect that’s a bit too much for most to digest easily. The purple book is mostly for the remnant, the house of John, those who believe in Ti and Do and have offerred our service and are taking in one step at a time as they lay out our tasks for us. For me, I suspect the book I am about to publish is certainly a “little book” compared to the purple book, not in volume but in potentcy but most of the people who are in line for the second harvest are more inclined to grasp the content of this “little book”, though I suspect there will be further little books and not only by me but by anyone who wants to write their testimony and put it out there for others to examine. Here is the verses that talk about this phase that is during the time of the seventh angel’s sounding:

      Rev 10:7 But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.

      I believe the mystery was finished by the time of their exit but not all have had access or the ability to have access because of the degree of blinders put on most eyes by the Luciferian space aliens and their minions discarnate and human (that don’t know it). Thus a book that is strictly Jesus is one attempt to open some heads and there are no doubt more to come but there will be a difficult interface between those who read this jesus book and being able to transition to taking a look at Ti and Do, so anything we can do to help others digest the material will be our service. I believe the religio-spiritual are the “last” as opposed to the firstfruits who already were harvested.

      Rev 10:8 And the voice which I heard from heaven spake unto me again, and said, Go and take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel which standeth upon the sea and upon the earth.
      Rev 10:9 And I went unto the angel, and said unto him, Give me the little book. And he said unto me, Take it, and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey.

      This little book is given to a student, which is why I dont’ think it’s the purple or blue books but it doesn’t really matter as the task we all have is to disseminate everything Ti and Do gave us and part of that entails the insights to decipher some of the records in the bible.

      Rev 10:10 And I took the little book out of the angel’s hand, and ate it up; and it was in my mouth sweet as honey: and as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter.

      My problem now is how to get this into as many hands as possible. I’m trying to get a clear answer from Ti and Do but it’s unclear as to whether I should include a section in the book that points to Ti and Do as fulfilling the prophecies that I have a great deal of evidence of. But I’m afraid that doing that will give the Luciferians an influence over book dealers and publishers to keep it off the shelves, unless I find a publisher that is an atheist that would love to go after the chrisitian right. So one could see where this makes the belly bitter as who wants to have people hating us. There is nothing pleasant about it, but the info I’ve been shown is like it says “sweet as honey to the mouth” as it will be to a few I’m sure as it participates in further revealings of the mystery of the Kingdom of God from the literal heavens.

      Rev 10:11 And he said unto me, Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings.

      “thou must prophecy is saying “you, the remnant and whoever takes on the task” is who must share their inspiration.

      I don’t have an agenda in telling you all this. Just felt to do so, but am open to your thoughts on it.

      • JonGilyard Says:

        Sawyer, the book might also be mentioned in Ezekiel , i believe its the same book, but an not sure, i could be wrong, its mentioned as sweet as honey, the words of yahweh given to ezikiel he (Jehovah\Ti) says son of man, go to Israel (not the plants, not the gentiles), my rebellious people, and give them my words, the words of this book-given what we know of the true Israel being the overcomers, the class, why would they be a rebellious people, not listening to the voice of their father\older member?

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