Sawyer re: Zoresterian Luciferian Space Aliens in article:World Leaders Flock To Afghanistan After Mysterious ‘Time Well’ Discovered

I received this article from a friend and thought it was a good example of how reality is twisted by the Luciferian dropout from true Kingdom of God creator crew, to forward their own agenda of enslaving humans to their purposes, of which Zorester seems to have been used in times past. The person who sent this article to another friend of mine who forwarded this to me says:

There was a suggestion that it was because of this discovery(below) that all the Ambassadors of the USA were called to WA DC for a meeting”.


article follows:

World Leaders Flock To Afghanistan After Mysterious ‘Time Well’ Discovered

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers



A peculiar report prepared for Prime Minister Putin by Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) circulating in the Kremlin today states that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has become the latest in a growing line of Western leaders to make a ‘surprise’ visit to Afghanistan this month and follows visits by United States President Obama (December 3rd), British Prime Minister David Cameron (December 7th) and French President Nicolas Sarkozy (December 8th).

Only Sarkozy’s trip, this report says, was concealed as he was already in India on a state visit when ‘rushed’ by a US Military aircraft to the Afghan war zone.

What caused the sudden rush of these most powerful leaders of the Western World to go to Afghanistan, this report continues, was to directly view the discovery by US Military scientists of what is described as a “Vimāna” entrapped in a “Time Well” that has already caused the “disappearance” of at least 8 American Soldiers trying to remove it from the cave it has been hidden in for the past estimated 5,000 years.

From the ancient accounts found in the Sanskrit epic The Mahabharata, we know that a Vimāna [photo bottom left] measured twelve cubits in circumference, with four strong wheels. Apart from its ‘blazing missiles’, The Mahabharata records the use of its other deadly weapons that operated via a circular ‘reflector’. When switched on, it produced a ‘shaft of light’ which, when focused on any target, immediately ‘consumed it with its power’.

To the “Time Well” encasing the Vimāna, this report continues, it appears to be an electromagnetic radiation-gravity field first postulated by Albert Einstein as the Unified Field Theory and long rumored to be behind the infamous American World War II experiment in teleportation called the Philadelphia Experiment that in 1943, like the events occurring in Afghanistan today, likewise, caused the sudden “disappearance” of US Soldiers.

The seemingly “perpetual” power source to this mysterious “Time Well”, this SVR report says, appears to be based on the technology of Edward Leedskalnin, who claimed to have discovered the “Secret Knowledge of the Ancients” and from 1923-1951 “single-handedly and secretly” carved over 1,100 tons of coral rock by an unknown process that created one of the World’s most mysterious accomplishments known as the Coral Castle.

Most intriguing of all about this report is its stating that not just any Vimāna has been discovered, but from the ancient writings contained in the cave where it was discovered, it claims that its “rightful owner” is the ancient prophet Zoroaster [pictured top left] who was the founder of arguably one of the most important religions of all time called Zoroastrianism.

Though little known to the World today, the religious philosophy of Zoroaster is credited with being the basis of all known religions that said the purpose of humankind, like that of all other creation, is to sustain aša [truth]. He further stated that for humankind, this occurs through active participation in life and the exercise of constructive thoughts, words and deeds.

Pliny the Elder, the first Century Roman author, naturalist, and natural philosopher, as well as naval and army commander of the early Roman Empire, further names Zoroaster as the inventor of magic”, a claim historians say was based on the over “two million lines” written about Zoroaster contained in the Ancient Royal Library of Alexandria that was ordered destroyed by the Christian Roman Emperor Theodosius I in 391 AD.

Important to note is that for the new Christian religion to grow, all of the elements relating to its true beginnings with Zoroaster had to be destroyed, and as we can read from the 440 AD notation about this destruction written in the ancient Historia Ecclesiastica, and which says:

“At the solicitation of Theophilus, Bishop of Alexandria, the emperor issued an order at this time for the demolition of the heathen temples in that city; commanding also that it should be put in execution under the direction of Theophilus. Seizing this opportunity, Theophilus exerted himself to the utmost to expose the pagan mysteries to contempt. And to begin with, he caused the Mithreum to be cleaned out, and exhibited to public view the tokens of its bloody mysteries. Then he destroyed the Serapeum, and the bloody rites of the Mithreum he publicly caricatured; the Serapeum also he showed full of extravagant superstitions, and he had the phalli of Priapus carried through the midst of the forum. … Thus this disturbance having been terminated, the governor of Alexandria, and the commander-in-chief of the troops in Egypt, assisted Theophilus in demolishing the heathen temples.”

The largest resurgence of Zoroaster “magic” among human beings, since the destruction of the Ancient Royal Library of Alexandria, occurred in the 13th Century among the Cathers who lived in Southern Europe .  Sadly, however, when the “power” of Zoroaster “magic” began to reappear in the World once again, the threat to Christianity was undeniable and prompted Pope Innocent III (1161-1216) to order the largest massacre in Europe not duplicated until the horrors of World War II.

To how brutal the Cathers were suppressed by Catholic Rome we can read from the history of those times:

“Arnaud, the Cistercian abbot-commander, is supposed to have been asked how to tell Cathars from Catholics. His reply, recalled by Caesar of Heisterbach, a fellow Cistercian, thirty years later was “Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.”“Kill them all, the Lord will recognize His own.

The doors of the church of St Mary Magdalene were broken down and the refugees dragged out and slaughtered. Reportedly, 7,000 people died there. Elsewhere in the town many more thousands were mutilated and killed. Prisoners were blinded, dragged behind horses, and used for target practice.

What remained of the city was razed by fire. Arnaud wrote to Pope Innocent III, “Today your Holiness, twenty thousand heretics were put to the sword, regardless of rank, age, or sex”. The permanent population of Béziers at that time was then probably no more than 5,000, but local refugees seeking shelter within the city walls could conceivably have increased the number to 20,000.”

Today, in the ancient Afghanistan city of Balkh, where Zoroaster is said to have lived and died, and claimed by Marco Polo to be one of the World’s “noble and great cities”, a new Global Empire, the United States , holds both our past and our future in its hands with the discovery of this ancient Vimāna.

To if the Western leaders who have seen this ancient wonder will allow it to be known it is not in our knowing.  What is in our knowing, though, is that if the past is truly an indicator of the future, the words soon to flow from Christendom will echo those of times past…. “Kill Them All, The Lord Will Recognize His Own”.

© December 21, 2010 EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com.

[Ed. Note: Western governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagrees with in believing that it is every human beings right to know the truth.  Due to our missions conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their ‘agents’ against us has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit and which is addressed in the report “Who Is Sorcha Faal?”.]
****end of article ****
 My response to this article:

Here is the tell tale quote attributed to Zorester’s teachings that demonstrate who he worked for knowingly or not:

“Though little known to the World today, the religious philosophy of Zoroaster is credited with being the basis of all known religions that said the purpose of humankind, like that of all other creation, is to sustain aša [truth]. He further stated that for humankind, this occurs through active participation in life and the exercise of constructive thoughts, words and deeds.”

1. The basis of religions means the basis of illusion as mixed with the realities that stimulated the manifestation of the vast illusions (maya).

2. re: purpose of humankind to sustain truth – again HUGE illusion as it’s undefinable. What truth? Which truth? So humans were NEEDED to somehow preserve this nebulous TRUTH. HOW? Do they bury it in a cave, write about it on cave walls or papyrus or books? I guess that could be a “yes” but given how little understanding there is as to the full intent of all ancient writings/pictorial the so called human purpose has terribly failed.

Now, with that said, I can see that the Luciferian typed space aliens which do have certain information as to the realities beyond any one civilization do wish to preserve what they know and the so called magic that can be derived from such knowledge – like how to construct certain devices for travel and/or for weaponry and mining operations and such ALL for HUMAN reasons. Thus THEIR human slaves (know it or not) certainly are needed by the space aliens to preserve such so called truths, and since many humans were bred by these same Luciferian space aliens (fallen angels) this IS their  ultimate purpose.

However, that doesn’t conclude that that’s the ultimate purpose of humanity as a species. If the space aliens had actually created the elements and life systems, genetic structures and elemental interactive signatures and characteristics in the first place they wouldnt’ NEED humans for anything.

Hence what separated the real creators from the charlatans. The real creators don’t NEED humans at all for their own survival or purposes as ALL the space aliens by the vast amounts of evidence ancient and to date demonstrate needing.

So Zorester appears to be from the same bunch as Paul of Tarsus and Mohammad and today as Rael (who says the purpose of humanity is to have pleasure, another loony tunes worthlessness of so called purpose except how it brings temporal pleasures – the only tiny, tiny reward for all their tiny, tiny efforts) and Sun Yung Moon and many others who claim to be reps of higher beings or spirits all also saying they are supportive of Jesus and Moses BUT who never ever, ever teach what they taught except around the periphery of their teachings, how to cut one’s beard or to break bread or talk/act peacefully (unless threatened) or to even assist with huge social movements that LOOK good and here is the big twist.

 Many things some do are GOOD. Remember the origin of the term is actually functional/purposeful, and USEful as opposed to evil really being that which is troublemaking and/or use less.

 The true creators USE ALL things and human and space alien responses for Their benefit in the only real highest purpose of humanity which IS without doubt to: CHOOSE to EVOLVE BEyond their human mammalian condition and lifespan/environmental limitations which can ONLY be done by being taken through a very, very specific program/process in the presence of someone who has already been through the same process many times. The formula for this process at every trimester towards that birth with a degree of bonding to the creator’s true representative which entails living exactly as They command. That’s why it was important to learn to obey one’s parents in early stages of that 3 trimester development process.

 Moses demonstrated the first trimester, Jesus the second and Ti and Do the third, though each trimester can be repeated many times by any one soul that’s in the process. However, it’s only repeated when and for the souls that are brought back by the creators crew to have a repeat opportunity. In between, after the rep from the creator kingdom exits physically, the human genetic strain that provides the matching lesson opportunities for the souls trimester specific lessons are further nurtured to be prepared for the next time the rep returns with the souls to take on their next trimester development that always entails the previous trimesters experiences, with additions.

 That nurturing entails having an adversary thus any of the dropouts from this program who are still allowed to circulate in the lesson environment (earth),  having lost their belief and participation in the program seek to shape the genetic seed to their liking which entails twisting and distorting what the creators reps said and did. They don’t appear to go against that reps teachings as those teachings were too powerful in the reality of the overall process so they create facsimile programs called religions and practices and techniques that are often tools in the creator crews program but in this case not directed to the actual reps physically incarnate, instead directed at fellow humans whom they (the dropout luciferian space aliens, named such because they were once in a 3rd trimester program that enabled their participation in the creator crews projects that entailed having spacecrafts and some circulation around the planet though only in the immediate near space(heavens), as humans are developing to date w/certain assistance from same space aliens) bolster as teachers.

 If you think this makes any sense, as another option of thought, please feel free to circulate it to your list. I have yet to approach this person to ask. I know I do a poor job explaining this as it’s very very simple yet been made extremely complex to comprehend because the space aliens and all their discarnate counterparts (those who died in belief of the space aliens whether they called them that or not) cling to keeping us (those in human vehicles at this time) away from the simple USEful truth, useful to the creator crew so they (the dropouts) can continue keeping humans glued to their useless agenda and the protection of that reality of it’s uselessness.

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