Sawyer’s response to Time magazine’s report on Ti’s letters to her vehicle’s daughter Terrie Nettles

Terri Nettles is Ti’s vehicle, Bonnie Lu Nettle’s daughter. Terri, whom I have talked with a few times who received some letters/communications from Ti in 1975, 1982, 1984 & early in 1985, sharing parts of what Ti said.

One such article written by Time magazine in April of 1997 quoted Terri in such a way as to imply that Ti was trying to “get out” of what she’d gotten into in the group and/or with Marshall Applewhite who took the name, Do.  Since I joined with Ti and Do in September of 1975, when they went by the names Bo(Do) and Peep(Ti) have some significant experiences to relate to shed more light on exactly Ti’s frame of mind and in relationship to what she said in Terrie’s letters from Ti.

At the times I spoke with/emailed with Terrie, I could be mistaken, but did not get any impression she believed Ti and Do were who they said they were; Souls from the Evolutionary Level Above Human, aka The One True Kingdom of God, who operating in crews create all things developmentally and is a many membered (but by far not as many membered as the human kingdom) kingdom (with a structure consisting of Older Members providing tasks to Younger Members) who operate in Their environment in use of physical bodies that are not “seed bearing” plants as are human mammalian &/or human equivalent reptilian plants(bodies). When They have a task on a planet they orchestrated to be a type of Garden, as Earth, but in a myriad of locations throughout the Universe, in which to provide free willed programs geared to grow new Souls, They plant as “seeds” into Their membership. They largely do so as hands on gardeners by entering the human earth environment by discarding or leaving behind their current body(vehicle) to be unseen thus undercover by living humans and/or space aliens to then take over a prepared human vehicles desirous of service to their idea of the Kingdom of God, in order to perform the task of interfacing with a small group of previously nurtured believer Souls(Saints) that were also brought back to interface with appropriate “matching” human genetic counterparts – a flesh birth that becomes the needed obstacle to take over with the Older Members specific guidance, which is the “overcoming” process.

However, at this time Terrie may believe in who her mother, who became the instrument, vehicle for the Older Member called Ti actually was/is. Not having a way to contact Terrie at this time, which I would like to do and would like to have a copy of all of Ti’s letters to her, so I can talk even more intelligently about them. But, not having those letters or contact with Terrie I am only able to respond to the articles written in which she was quoted.

In this regard, pertaining to this one Time article(1), the reporting didn’t seem to be the Ti I knew as a student for 19 years, but I wanted to know the truth so I brought up my concern to Carlan, whom was given the name Crlody having joined the group in 1994 and left some months later, though remained a staunch believer, supporter and dissemination of Ti and Do’s information, and worked one on one with dedicated believer Rkkody, aka Rick Edwards, who layed down his life in 1998 to follow with Do and the core classroom of 38 students, said, “I was thinking about that letter recently. My gut tells me? that if Ti was talking about “getting out” it was most likely about getting out of this world”.

As I was of a similar if not entirely equivalent perspective I decided to present this evaluation of that part of the article, though there are many misconceptions and inaccuracies in that article. I will attempt to address all such mistakes but at this time wish to focus on that regarding Terrie’s accounts of Ti, as follows:(I have added clarifying information in brackets []).

The actual quote from the article(1) was, “Terrie Nettles said her mother contacted her again in 1984, saying she was so deep into the movement she didn’t know how to get out, that [Ti’s quote]”there wasn’t a graceful way to leave.””. I don’t know if the part about “so deep…” was Terrie’s interpretation of the “…graceful way to leave” part? If so Terrie could have thought Ti meant graceful way to leave the group when in Ti’s mind it could have been either exiting/leaving her body[that was close to death in early 1985] and/or the planet[Ti’s anticipation of since 1973 or 4 or 5] especially as Ti had already shared with Terri that Ti had her eye removed from a cancer a few years earlier. I don’t say this as a guess and not having the entire letter makes it difficult to know for sure except by taking the statement apart in light of what was going on in the group and with Ti in particular at that time that I was present in the group to witness.

After all, in the article Terrie was also reported to have indicated, which I know could have been a reporters misinterpretation of Terrie, which often occurs, that, “In 1985 her mother said she was sending Terrie a “couple of hundred bucks” because the time was coming close and coming to a point where They[Ti,Do and Students] were leaving…that she would be transported by a UFO…”. That doesn’t sound like someone who had begun to doubt Their part in the mission, or looking for a “way out” of the group they stimulated to exist and by early June we, the student body(church) were informed by Do that Ti was diagnosed with cancer in her vehicle’s liver thus was expected to die.

Two weeks later Ti’s vehicle passed and Do with Lvvody(a student and a nurse who helped with Ti at that time, as did Jnnody to some degree as well) by Ti’s side told the rest of the classroom members that all through Ti’s ordeal Ti never complained and that, “Ti never expressed any doubt in who she was”, as an Older Member in the Level Above Human. In fact Do and Lvvody reported that Ti’s biggest concern throughout her remaining days was related to “how Do would handle her exit” as Do had become dependant on his Older Member(heavenly Father)’s physical presence. Incidentally, Ti never told Do she was His Older Member(Father). Do realized it after traveling with Ti around the country as the Two Witnesses, before having attracted a student body, which did not come easily to Do. He said, He gave Ti a great deal of grief over those few years between 1973 and 1975 when they blew their trumpet in Los Angeles that resulted in the first dozen dedicated follower/students.Ti also instructed Do and Lvvody what to do after her passing, which was to have her vehicle cremated.

I don’t know whether Ti specified this part but Do with Lvvody and Jnnody and I believe Lggody and Jwnody took Ti’s vehicle’s ashes and spread them over the water at White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas less than a mile from where we all lived together at that time, off Mockingbird Lane.

Interestingly, Ti and Do, in May of 1983 initiated an optional visit for all the students to their vehicle’s family for the purpose of “alleviating their[family members] anxiety” due to our(student) absence, by then amounting to about 8 years of no communication at all for most members.

Our classroom population was probably down to the 30’s by then & most chose to visit someone. Visits were optional but I believe most of the students wanted to visit certain people as though most of us had been detached from nearly all communications for some 8 years some still felt our vehicle’s loved one’s pain at our absence and not knowing our whereabouts or whether we were as the media said brainwashed and/or captured by the reported “dangerous cult”. My mother in particular thought I was dead. My dad didn’t think so and discouraged my mother’s attempts to try to find me, saying he was doing what he wanted to do. So for some or even most of the students, this was a chance to tell others our personal experience with Ti and Do. I was eager to do so. I flew to NY where my vehicle’s entire family still resided for the weekend by myself & returned.

The point being that Ti was also trying to alleviate Terrie’s natural anxiety at her mother’s absence over that same 8+ year period which also entailed long periods of time, even years of little if any communication.
We had another visit in 1985. I remember hurricane Gloria was raging on Long Island on Sept. 27th 1985 when I visited the second time, thus this was after the Next Level allowed cancer to take Ti’s vehicle on June 19, 1985. By the way, Do said he felt Ti left her physical body because of the toll her task took on the physical body. One can think this an excuse to justify that she unexpectedly died just like anyone else. No “resurrection” as Jesus did and they (Ti and Do) initially thought was in Their cards. The fact is that certain frames of mind are very difficult to hold onto because what few can understand is when you are a leader, which applies to any human being, you must deal with those who dislike or even hate you as well as those who like you. This is the case whether in a physical manifestation but for some that are very sensitive to thought forms, amounts to a barrage of influences, discarnate human spirit beings/programs that are constantly battling against you. Students dealt with this too. But the leaders dealt with it the most and Ti was looked to even by Do, so she dealt with the most bombardment. To stay on the straight and narrow was thereby a constant chore and that is part is the great value of doing tasks in twos, to have another to run things by and who will help us when the going gets tough and it always get’s tough for those that seek to be in the Kingdom of God’s service because of how few humans really are. Being religious doesn’t automatically mean anything, though in one way or another we all have challenges, though how we meet them becomes our option and if we give into their influence known as “selling one’s soul to the devil” in the many ways that can manifest then we cease having those types of mental/spiritual challenges. Performers also have to develop a hard shell to do what they do without compromising their performance quality. In the case of Ti and Do, though, they had zero allies in what they believed so pretty much every soul living and dead hated everything about them and wanted to stop them.

Everytime Ti and Do met with the student body, they had to run off our influences to give us a fighting chance to hear/comprehend whatever new perspective they were offering. Had we been in an organized church of some denomination or religion, the halls would be packed with discarnates of like belief thus little challenge to the leaders. Humans who take positions of leadership end up being insulated by their own supportive discarnate posse so to speak and of course the living and discarnates of their supporters. For this reason, Ti and Do at some of the public meetings they gave had a group of students sit in front of them, thus between They and the audience, to act as a buffer against the normal negative thoughts and daggers from the audience.

This was also the prime reason Do had students sit with him for the Beyond Human video series, to assist by keeping negative influences a little more distant and/or a little less powerful, so Do could better concentrate on staying “in tune” with his Older Member’s mind while he spoke.

Of course for all those that scoff at the existence of anything they can’t see or touch or measure, this is all baloney, but there are many that have received evidence of what I’m talking about in their own experience or to where it somehow just makes sense to them. For those that see the logic in this perspective, they are of the genetic strain that is closer to readiness to take their next best step towards service to the Level Above Human(Kingdom of God).

For this second visit some students who were to go to the same area, traveled together. I traveled with Sarah (Srfody), a fellow student, though the one who was my partner before joining. (Sarah and I met in our home town in NY and lived together for 5 years on the west coast before joining with Ti and Do.) And while on Long Island, Sarah and I met June(Jwnody)’s vehicle’s mother and Jwnody & Ollody(Oliver) met my vehicle’s parents and I believe Sarah’s dad. Sarah’s dad knew me well as I had begun dating Sarah in 1970, five years before both joining with Ti and Do at the Waldport, Oregon meeting. I recall Do thinking if family saw other classmates and how nice they were and how sane they were they would not be so anxious about our isolation in our type of monestary. This did work with my parents though they still wanted to know where I was and wanted more frequent contact, like to be able to call if someone died for instance, an understandable request. Before I joined I had lived far away from my family for over 5 years and received no financial support from them and my mother would always fuss at me for not calling as frequently as she wanted. But of course I did speak to her every year at least and then wrote to them about my decision to join with Ti and Do, but then after that had no communication for those 8 years.

I remember Do talking about what would happen if we opened the door to relatives of our vehicle’s having telephone access to us. He said before long, relatives would be expecting their loved ones in the group to fly back home to this wedding and that bar mitzvah, birthday, etc. and there would never be a time when the entire group was together or not being interfered with. In a human organization without a deadline or an big “ovecoming” agenda to accomplish, (that was tailored to each individuals needs but that all could benefit from, thus a need for all to be present), it would have seemed fine, but we did have quite the unusual agenda and time frame to accomplish that agenda within. Of course any non-believer would not relate to this at all, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real. It’s really comparable to something like medical school. If one doesn’t keep up with the lessons, they fall behind and the professor isn’t going to keep going back to old material for those that aren’t keeping up. In this case the curriculum was the taking apart of one’s human root system in thought and deed and teaching us to tie into a new family root system. The two root systems do not mix though many humans have a mix of Next Level mind and the only other mind that exists which comes from the Luciferian dropout Space Aliens from the current or past Earth civilization or an Earth equivalent where the Next Level had it’s last “garden”.

On the second visit in September of 1985 Do told us it would be okay if we wanted to buy some type of “talisman” to give to some of our vehicle’s family. I bought two glass beads and gave one to my younger sister and one to my younger brother. I remember my dad telling me to thank Ti & Do, I presume for permitting the visit. A result of those visits was why Rthody left a couple years later as when he visited he rebonded with his brother & family. Thereafter about once a year at Do’s instigation but based on reports of what students were going thru mentally, many of us could opt to call family.

Thus I have every reason to believe Ti was doing that…relieving some of her anxiety, with Terri to include sending her that small amount of money. Now as a longshot, it would be possible that Ti actually thought she’d be returning to her vehicle’s family unit for some reason. I base this on the fact that Do reported to us, that while they were awakening, but that I don’t know when or if ended, Ti had said to him that, “I am here to get you started and then I’ll be returning”. Do told us that when Ti would say this to him, indicating that she said it more than once, he always wondered what she meant, but apparently either didn’t feel to ask her or that she didn’t say any more about which is what I believe most likely occurred based on my personal interactions with Ti.

Like one time actually in that same White Rock lake house, what we called a Craft, Ti and I walked by one another and Ti said to me, “you look green”, to which I said, “what do you mean?” to which she replied again, “you just look green”. I later believe she was reading my aura and that I vibrated envy because at that particular time I was not among the group of students that had the most interactions with Ti and Do. That group of students at that time were about 8-12 members and they were called Sat 3, standing for satellite 3. They had their own “house” then, what we called “crafts”, after spacecraft. We had a two “crafts” for students at that time, though that ended after Ti exited her vehicle, thus satellite’s 1, 2 and 3 being the one with a command center, the management of operations for the function of the three crafts. I longed to be part of that group as they were often seen with Ti and Do in their quarters going over managerial things. Before Ti would exit her vehicle I was asked to join Sat 3 which I of course jumped at. It’s funny how that happened. Though I was jealous or coveting of the attention and importance I assigned to Sat 3, I realized this on my own somehow, though perhaps it was given to me in a dream, so I resolved within myself that I was not going to let my not being in Sat 3 drive me nuts or render me inoperable in the tasks I did have. I recall, vacuuming every day and not allowing my eyes to linger on the area where the Sat 3 command body was located. And I began transcribing some of the audio tapes we created for most every group meeting. I became content with not being in Sat 3 and it seems like days later Do came up to me and invited me to join Sat 3. I don’t believe I expressed any of this in a note to Do. Notes were the primary way students sought communication with Ti and Do.

But when Ti would say this about returning Do said he recalled always thinking, “where does she think she’s returning to, her family?” which to Do seemed absurd given how they left with Ti’s vehicle’s x threatening Do’s “Applewhite” vehicle’s life.

Even from a person who believes this was a dangerous cult, taking over people’s minds, why would it’s leader find it hard to “leave gracefully”. She could have just drove off one day. Why did she feel so responsible to Do, to the students to spend all her waking hours trying to help us learn our lessons that included pressing past our own limitations.

After all it was Ti that “got Do started” as she said and demonstrated by the record of their meeting in Houston at the Hospital where Ti was a nurse while Do as Marhall Applewhite was visiting a sick male friend, the way Do wrote about it in the document entitled 88update available for free download at .

With that consideration one could consider that Do would have had more of a basis to want to “get out gracefully”, though he never expressed that to us and certainly never demonstrated it by his actions. In fact to the contrary, one time he said he knew he could curl up and leave his vehicle. He had contracted a case of Rocky Mountain Spotted Tick fever. He had a house with Lvvody/Jnnody his primary “helpers” up at White Feather lakes a bit northwest of Ft. Collins, Colorado. Few classmates ever visited him there. I happened to be one once. He was very weak and told us he considered exiting and knew he could easily do so simply by his will to exit. He said, he asked Ti, who was outside her vehicle by then, as this was in the early 1990’s, if it would be her will for him to exit then, to which he said, Ti told him, it was his option. He could exit his vehicle if he wanted to. But he said, he decided to stay to try to complete his task.

One other time that one could construe Do as trying to get out of the position, though I don’t see it that way but I’m trying to show that I am not afraid to be transparent, is also in the early 1990’s while we lived in Colorado. This time, Do lived in a house in Bolder Canyon, for this period with about 12 members of Sat 3. I was not residing there initially because I was an out of crafter and had a job programming computers with a company in the Denver Tech Center, 1 1/2 hours south of the Boulder Canyon house so it made more sense for me to reside in a “craft” in Littleton with 20 something other students. While I resided in that craft Do had me serve as Overseer of the craft, thus I was the one who Do spoke to about craft and certain student concerns and I wrote most of the reports in the management. Students all sent reports of their chores that were out of the ordinary and these had to be written up and consolidated to be sent to Do, which was part of my job. Another part was relaying information that Do might tell me on the phone. It was a strange circumstance as in that Overseer position I had no overseer partner. I had a partner, but they did not have the overseer task so we went our separate ways for most of the time I was back from my OOC Task. Anyway, despite the distance from my OOC task, Do decided to move my residing to the Boulder Canyon house.

Not long after that Do called a meeting and the Littleton residents came up to Boulder Canyon craft for a meeting in which Do said, “what if I’m not who I say I am? What if I’m just someone with good intentions but not from the Next Level?” Then he said, that he’s not saying he’s not, but wants us to think about what we think and feel about him in consideration of whether or not he is who we were told he is or think he is. We were each to respond in a note to him.

It wasn’t long after that, that Rthody wanted to visit his brother again, which he did and came back and said he wanted to leave the classroom. Do partnered me with Rthody during the time Rthody was most dealing with doubts about staying. Do asked me to report to him directly about Rthody which I did on a number of occasions. It wasn’t like being a spy as the nature of the classroom was to expect scrutiny from any and all directions if there was something about us that couldn’t stand being put under a spotlight. However that didn’t mean that I would say anything to Rthody about my reporting to Do of our conversations, etc. I was working for Do and Do was working for Ti who assigned Do to help students identify what they needed to overcome about their human ways.

Rthody was in the group from the Berkley, CA meeting in October of 1975, which I was present for, having joined that previous September. But this was the nature of being in Ti and Do’s group. Sure we each chose to join but we didn’t entirely decide to stay. Of course this really sets the cult awareness network folk and the psychologists and sociologists and traditional organized religionists on their ear because that’s not the way dangerous cults are supposed to work. Members once indoctrinated rarely leave on their own unless they never really took to the group. Well, in Rthody’s case, for at least 15 years he was a dedicated student as far as I could tell. Of course no one knew what was really going on in anyone else’s head. Ti and Do said all along they didn’t try to “read” us or second guess where our heads were at. The depended on what we said and did. But as it turned out with Rthody and with Hvvody and Pmmody and with myself Swyody and with Andody and Dncody and Cddody, it took a long time to know what we wanted and whether or not we were ready willing and able to go the distance of sticking with the classroom for the “right” reasons. For me as I testified to in my latest youtube video at, also posted on my blog at I, though fully dedicated for 18+ years gave into allowing sensual thoughts into my head that resulted in giving in to sensuality as masturbation and couldn’t or for whatever reason didn’t want to kick it, but learned why some 10 years after leaving.

What I’m saying is that, it’s very, very, very clear to anyone who is willing to give it a chance that Ti and Do and the organization they created, it’s agenda and how they enacted it were beyond a shadow of a doubt far different than actually EVERY group before it and since. No other so called Cult leaders created circumstances where they could lose membership, like giving all it’s members airline tickets to wherever they wanted to go, unless they were willing to lose them, while buying round trip tickets and not wanting to lose them either. We had a big celebration when we all returned from the visits as it represented that we’d grown strong enough in our conviction to be tempted and to withstand what it might still have offered us. Of course critics would say, right, you were all brainwashed by then.

Yet by the time of the visits we had few techniques that could be construed as brainwashing per say. To brainwash someone there needs to be types of repetition or mesmerizing of thought and/or deed mixed with severe deprivations. Sure we had all sorts of disciplines and a certain amount of deprivation in terms of dietary regimens and such though most of these began after Ti exited her vehicle as well. We acknowledged that we were aiming to wash our own brains of our past which included past likes/dislikes, past relationships, past habits of language and substance use for stimulus and past sexuality and sensuality and other behaviors like jealously and envy and gossip and such, things that are generally thought of as negative emotions. So yes we were trying to get rid of all negativity and certainly it was thought that leaving the group was such a negative. But even on that score, Do, at least once a year instigated our halting such mental disciplines to spend at least an hour opening up our mind and allowing ourselves to consider what in the world might still attract us. And we joked that we certainly were a Cult when compared to how cults of the past had become professions of higher learning and commercial even. Christianity is big business. Some preachers get paid 20,000 for a speech. Of course they say that goes to pay for all their organizations overhead, which it often does but was that ever the intention of Jesus. There is zero evidence of that and actually a great deal to the contrary. Thus what once was a cult 2000 years ago became mainstream thus all those who were in that main stream were absolutely going to generally look at new groups that might shoot up as cults and dangerous ones to boot while considering themselves honorable and working under God’s direction, when they do next to nothing the Kingdom of God taught and said to maintain to be considered on the Kingdom of God’s team.

So was Ti suggesting to Terrie that she wanted out? I don’t see ANY evidence of that and to the contrary see many evidences of just the opposite so I think Terrie misinterpreted her or the reporting didn’t include the full picture and/or Ti didn’t want to be any stronger for Terrie’s sake. Terrie also, from the report, thought she was the only one who got to spend time with Ti and Do alone saying that their students could only spend time with them in group. Not so though I admit, being with them in any kind of isolated way was rare. But then again, we did 99% of all our activities as twosome or threesome. No one was alone for very long, except to use the bathroom, what we called a bathchamber.

So many people, when they know a little act and talk as if they know it all. I can slip into that as well but so often I’m reminded how little I really do know which necessitate embracing one thing I do know for sure. I can ask Ti and Do for help or understanding, direction and more service to their agenda and I know I will at some point get it.

Thus as Ti and Do said once, they: Know what they know and know what they don’t know but know where to go to learn what they don’t know. Ti and Do demonstrated that with themselves, and with their students. They could have certain questions they would ask their invisible helpers and not get any answer, sometimes for years. But they always got answers to what they needed to know to perform their task of preparing us for service to the Next Level.

(1) IMPRISONED BY HIS OWN PASSIONS: Marshall Herff Applewhite
Read more:,9171,986142-1,00.html#ixzz0gksBScOB

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2 Responses to “Sawyer’s response to Time magazine’s report on Ti’s letters to her vehicle’s daughter Terrie Nettles”

  1. tmmody Says:

    You should write a timeline — and ennumerate the different physical locations the group was at to the best of your knowlege. Why? Well — on the one hand, it will help you remember stuff. On the other hand, it may be interesting to plants.

    Are the transcriptions of the tapes online somewhere?

    I thought RKKODY was Chuck Humphries…


    • sawyer Says:

      I have a timeline but its in hard copy as I lost my harddrive years back and you are right it does help me remember things but so do questions, probably just as well. I wrote the time line for the first book deal that fell apart in 1997. you are correct on rkkody’s vehicles name. only the transcripts of the beyond human series – the audio tapes were being transcribed by the class even as early 1985 but took a backseat to other projects though a few classmates did continue transcribing them. I don’t know what happened to them but if anyone would know it would be the two who you probably know the names of who are still maintaining the site as they through rkkody and oscody retrieved things from storage that may have included a couple computers – I’m not sure. I don’t know if this is from Do’s mind right now but in talking about it, I get the idea that they didn’t want to leave the transcripts behind as this way one has to hear their voices and the way in which they present themselves, which is still a mystery to most everybody as it shows beyond a shadow of a doubt how they worked together and did not come off as big shot gurus, even lacking all that religious piety.

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