Ti and Do float airliner down to safety! Prophecy given to Sawyer and others?

Today, March 24, 2011, I awoke from a dream at about 7:30 am ET.  The dream was as follows:

 I was with someone else who I thought was my partner Anne but I’m not sure about who it was. We were watching a huge airliner flying overhead when it suddenly dropped. It didn’t drop or crash and the drop was not nose first and it was not a huge drop. It simply dropped as if had been hanging in the sky without forward motion and then all of a sudden it lost some feet in elevation that was significant enough to notice from our vantage point on the ground. I believe the person with me also saw the drop.

Then it began to drop further but not in the same sudden way. Instead it began to turn almost in a slow deliberate turning motion sort of the way a leaf from a tree might float down to earth, very gradually, very gently turning side to side some but maintaining it’s same balance as one would expect in a plane in flight.

There was no sense that it was traveling except downward and then it set down on the ground and there was a sense of it’s weight but there was no crash, no destruction. The next thing I noticed were what seemed like hundreds of people coming from the plane towards where we were standing and observing. I didn’t see them get off the plane but felt they were the airplanes passengers.

As they got closer I started shouting to them with exclamation…”This is a miracle, you all just witnessed a miracle – it was done by Ti and Do”. I saw zero reaction on the faces of the people I saw. It was like they didn’t even see me or hear me though I felt they could hear me but were stunned by what they experienced.

That was the end of the dream when I was woke by my partner having not heard the alarm and for the next 1/2 hour as I sought to help my 13 yr old daughter get out the door to school, it was very strange. I shared the dream with my partner and daughter asking if they had any kind of dream. neither said they recalled such. My partner though seemed especially disoriented this morning which is not at all normal for her. She was expecting me to find out what my daughter wanted for lunch, which is something I always do, but the fact that she was acting as if I had to be the one to ask our daughter when she was up and in the same room focused on also getting her out the door to school was kind of a bizarre behavior, thus my reason to say we were disoriented.

With this dream, as I have been inquiring to Do how he was to “use me”, as he said in a recent dream he felt he could, I wondered if He was giving me a type of forecast or prophecy that by putting out publicly would demonstrate the connection to Ti and Do I have (and that anyone can have if they ask Ti and Do for, though that connection and the service they must be willing to offer in some way, shape or form to demonstrate their seriousness in wanting that connection, accepting the task of sharing with others information about Ti and Do and accepting the ramifications).

I had wondered if Do would have me show anything to anyone that would seem miraculous so that people who are deluged with disinformation and illusion and distractions from what really is real all around us all the time to include a spirit world and even space alien activity, many conspiratorial human behavior and most of all a very real presence of the creators of it all, creation by the way not by some magic, but by a great deal of hard work by an entire crew as led by the Admiral, aka Ti and the Captain aka Do, who were very clearly to me the Rev. 11. Two Witnessed, the return of the same family and even individuals known in the history as The Father and Jesus (Ti and Do respectively) in new human vehicles(bodys) to fulfill the harvest of a small group of students known world wide as the Heaven’s Gate group that as a matter of fact is today days away from a 14th anniversary of their exit from the physical bodies they borrowed and layed down, put to sleep permanently, what humans call suicide but not at all the same as any others that “kill themselves” as they each had unlimited proof that they were actually with the Two Older Members from the Evolutionary Level Above Human, which their souls had been with before in the history books thus were the “saints” that came back with Ti and Do, initially via crashing some primitive spacecrafts in the Roswell and Aztec and other so called UFO crashes. They are NOT space aliens as Space Aliens are human equivalents demonstrated by a human mammalian (Mammon) agenda and actually are Luciferian (but not as depicted by hollywood or religious exactly) in their behavior and ways.

So if anyone hears of this kind of event of a mysterious letting down of an aircraft know that you heard it first and that it is one of many proves the Next Level will perhaps be willing to give to help some SEE more of the reality in this world filled with illusion.

This in no ways suggests anyone lay down their life. That’s not in store for any of us at this time, or during this lifetime. We need our physical bodies now to prove to the Next Level we want to be in their service. If we die in that service or for any other reason while believing then I believe your soul will be “saved” for a future overcoming classroom but that classroom will not begin until the planet undergoes a facial recycling as we see escalating along with human unrest and willing to put their lives on the line for what they want.

Thus we are all being put to the test of who we wish to be in allegiance to. It’s the creators or anyone else and the creators are most identified at this time as Ti and Do and crew.

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One Response to “Ti and Do float airliner down to safety! Prophecy given to Sawyer and others?”

  1. XF Checker Says:

    Interesting dream Sawyer. Really detailed. Thanks for this info.

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