Q&A-Continued connections w/Ti & Do & When a Soul can reach Next Level & Can we hold group meetings?

Question/comments by apparant new believer in Ti and Do as follows with my response thereafter:

New believer:

“I truly appreciate you replying. I guess it was a thirst for knowledge that kept me asking and tightening the screws so to speak. I decided to change those handles out of a respect for Ti and Do. The videos you have posted have certainly helped getting me in the right direction.

You got me on that one ever since I began accepting the teachings of ti and do I’ve been quite hard on myself. But when I think of what the next level holds in store it blows my mind and it makes me almost put a stranglehold on my self you know.

I do believe though that the NL has helped guide me to you and others to learn and to further my growth.

And yes whatever legitimate information you have of other sites, books, media and of course your own work please point me in the right direction.

I guess I have a couple of things I’d like to know

Like since Do has left how can there be people who have such a connection those who were left behind?

Now that a rep isn’t here does it mean that those who have received a “soul” have to wait until another comes before they can reach the NL?

One more quick one. I know the reason why there hasn’t been another class established but can someone set up a group like meeting?

And thanx again”

Sawyer’s answers in response:

1. More info:
Here are the list of current sources I can stand behind as being authentic. There are people creating sites and video’s and such that are not authentic, while there are some who are also producing vidoe’s where they are doing the best job they can do, but from new believers thus may or may not contain inaccuracies. If you come across anything I’d like to know about it so I can see if they are presenting inaccurate information. It’s just a matter of time before there is more and more disinformation circulated just as occurred after Jesus exited, starting subtly with Paul of Tarsus.

1) Number one direct source of info is still at:
You can copy and paste all the articles and statements there.

The two individuals who are continueing to maintain the Heavensgate.com site were given the task by Do before they exited. They were also left with the book for publishing which they have done but to date don’t seem to be providing it anywhere. I am in touch with them and know them well. If you write to the email address on that site you might be able to buy the softcover book that is all the info that is otherwise provided for free on the site though it’s bound and may have some additions.

There is a site but I don’t know how reliable they are as I don’t know who maintains it, but you used to be able to download the Heaven’s gate book that can only be cut and pasted on heavensgate.com in .zip format at:

2) Second equally good source for as long as it stays as it is today, is youtube channel:
which has the Beyond Human Video Series posted and many of the Exit Video’s They produced before exiting their physical vehicles.

The 1riverofangels channel is maintained by Rio who was the last student to voluntarily “drop out” so to speak, which was several weeks before they exited their physical bodies. For reference purposes and as a help to authenticate my experience with Ti and Do, if you watch the first couple hour long episodes of that Beyond Human series, you will see Do introduce Sawyer and June as two student helpers. I am the one called Sawyer. I was named Sawyer by Do in the late 1970’s.

3)On youtube find a video series plus three other vidoes at:

I, Sawyer created these vidoe’s. I don’t believe I strayed from the delivery of Ti and Do information but it’s never pure  seeing video’s and/or hearing their voices and/or reading their words. However, Ti and Do’s primary focus were their few students and they never taught out of the Bible. They referenced the Bible in general ways and occasionally in specific when putting together certain articles. Some of their favorite quotes are included in their book. I say this because my 12 part video series I designed primarily for Christians though for new agers too as I re-translate many biblical prophesizes. These re-translations are not random or made up. I used Strongs Concordance for Greek and Hebrew words used in the OT and NT, where there were often a number of translation choices and because of frankly surfaced places that the translators just got wrong. However, the core of what jesus taught wasn’t misquoted. That goes on now in many or perhaps all Christian based classrooms, as they translate things that plainly seem literal into figures. What they are influenced to miss is that even the figures and metaphores also have a literal application as do the stories.

4) I (Sawyer) maintain a blog at:

5) Sawyer’s facebook account is:

6) I(Sawyer) have published some articles on:

7) There is also a stash of actual digitized audio tapes from the actual inside the classroom meetings. Most times Ti and Do met with the group of students it was taped. There are well over 400 hours of these tapes going back to 1980 where you can get a feel for Ti as she was with us til 1985 and Do during that time and thereafter. The quality is not good but it’s able to be heard. That site is currently provided by Carlan who was in the classroom for a short time in 1994 but who is a full believer advocate of all of Ti and Do’s teachings. When Carlan first put these tapes online they were for free download but since then (some years ago) 4shared has begun to charge to download. None of what they charge goes to Carlan. The address is:


8) I (Sawyer) maintain a site at:
where I have a year’s worth of podcasts free for listening and downloading plus many blog entries. I don’t think there is that much here that is of much significance. I’ve often written little articles on all the more important materials.

9) I would also suggest purchasing Rio’s book entitled: Beyond Human Mind though I don’t know where you can find it.

After that if you have questions I will try to help you by writing me an email at: sawyerhg@yahoo.com

2) I agree – the Next Level guides those they feel are seekers to those that have sought to be in Their service. You can count on their help with anything you ask though the help they give you can be anywhere from doing nothing to showing you signs or indicators in life circumstances to direct dreams. Your best address to use is Ti and Do. That’s a fastrack communications handle as Jesus and “Father in Heaven” was 2000 yrs ago. Over generations humans who die with degrees of belief in Ti and Do will often attempt to answer living humans “prayers” directed to Them so the handle eventually becomes diluted and not dependable. However, Ti and Do and their helpers never tell you what to do in any shape or form. They only give you indicators and often several and you will learn what are most likley of their origin. Don’t ever get into a place that is sure of such communications yet be willing to take baby steps in a particular direction you feel they are indicating for you to try, and see how it feels and always check your sense with them at every step. A general rule: If in doubt don’t. However, this can become a negative as another rule is also part of the picture of how a Next Level member operates in an Earth environment with only remote communications with their Older Member(Do) which is: “take a chance on a positive”.

3) Those vehicles, who were implanted with “soul” containers and who were “active students” in Ti and Do’s physical classroom literally received some of Their MIND(holy spirit/data/information/programs) by their experience. That MIND became theirs but just having it doesn’t mean it will be used for things supportive of Ti and Do (and the Next Level’s agenda on Earth). It depends if they use that mind, which keeps it active and that is accomplished by seeking a regular relationship with Ti and Do though they are invisible and asking for Next Steps in that service and help along the way to do it as they would have it done. Along with this is of course seeking to improve our behavior according to the ways of the Next Level. One can see some lists of those ways in the book The classroom had published before they left which is posted on heavensgate.com called The 17 steps, the first document given us and then afterwards the lists of Major and Minor offenses. Now some of these may not apply directly at this time due to our Older members not being physcialy incarnate. But they all at the very least will by enacting as best we can strengthen the “muscle”(what Ti called what we were building) to maintain control over our vehicle). It’s up to us and what we do or don’t do is individually viewed by Ti and Do and helpers. When we slip in trying to live by those high standards, we don’t let it become a guilt trip. We simply try to do a better job next time. It’s the effort that is invaluble to our future and it’s not our business displaying what we do or don’t do to others. In the classroom we had “slippage meetings” where we outwardly expressed those areas we feel we could have done a better job. In doing so we also stated the offense and with it a remedy to not do it again. If we do it again then we keep trying. That’s the main thing, to not give up.

However, with that said, our primary task at this time is to share the info Ti and Do brought which includes what they did. All these things will draw more of their MIND into our Soul container. When we die, Next Level members will greet us and lead us to their spacecraft where other believers are to be sort of “on ice” what Christians called “saved”, which simply meant not recycled but kept to provide a new opportunity to grow that soul into an individual who could even graduate the human condition at which time they’d be assigned a crew working for the Next Level directly that could lead to full membership in the Next Level which includes receipt of a Next Level grown vehicle that does not function as a human so can no longer fall back into a human condition.

Anyway, pertaining to your question, just because some dropped out or were asked to leave didn’t mean they didn’t do the best they could under the circumstances. We don’t ultimately fail unless we give up and refuse to change and seek the help and guidence and service of the Next Level, through our Older Members, Ti and Do.

Meanwhile the Next Level who Ti and Do always said were masters in taking any negative and using it for a positive, don’t give up on us. We give up on them. Thus even if we fall in any way shape or form, if we turn around and seek a relationship with Them again, they provide it. If we die and we had fallen and never sought to restart that relationship, then we have mostly sealed our fate depending on how strongly or thorougly we let our Next Level mind fall by the wayside. If you don’t use it you eventually lose even what you had.

Some of us who dropped out have sought to re-connect and have. It can never be taken for granted though. To those that much is given much is required. The Next Level is populated by individuals who love service and activity and thrive on challenges. After having left and then gradually returned to service, when I asked Do if I needed to prepare to “lay down my vehicle” as They did, somethng I was willing to do while I was with them, as this was not a casual decision by any means, He came to me clear as day and said, “give your life”. It’s the Next Level way to provide options not ultimatums, though there are certainly decision points of no return.

So those who were left behind were left behind because they for one reason or another wern’t ready. For me, it was that I wasn’t ready for the right reasons. I was still to occupied with ME, ME, MY, MY self importance or heroism, as a martry, holy person, etc. and I wasn’t learning that while in the classroom so Ti while outside her vehicle set up a circumstance that tested me big time in a way I was not prepared to deal with and I fell and had zero energy to pick myself up and didn’t even ask Them to help me so I eventually knew I had to leave and did. I explained this to some degree in part 12 of my vidoe series.

4) You ask:”Now that a rep isn’t here does it mean that those who have received a “soul” have to wait until another comes before they can reach the NL? I believe the answer is both, Yes and No to this, keyed on what reaching the Next Level is. When we receive a soul implant/chip/program set, which I don’t think is possible to believe in Ti and Do without, we are in the book so to speak and as long as we seek to grow, even when we die that soul body will be “saved” kept on ice and/or given certain tasks under the Next Level’s umbrella so in this way we are in the Next Level because the Next Level Mind is within us. However we can not advance towards our “spirit/soul birth” into membership in the Next Level, called a harvest or graduation unless we meet all the qualifications which include big time conquering, having victory over, ovecoming our humaness that requires taking over a human vehicle. That starts now by taking over our current vehicle. In fact, there is probably a Soul, a student still in soul form who was looking for a vehicle they could “take over” and had their eye on you. This individual would have probably been preparing you, your brain to receive their Next Level mind for a long time. They received their first installation of Next Level mind while they were that seeded implant in a human vehicle. The example in history was Adam receiving the breath of life from his Lord that made him a soul.

However, having another Soul seeking to take us over can only be done by our genuine acceptance. We are the decider of all this. And by receiveing any source of Next Level information/mind we are filling our own soul. In a real sense when a soul is brought back to have a new chance to build itself to a viable birth, they are using a human vehicle as an incubator. Ti and Do never used that word. It’s just an image I feel illustrates the process.

Ti and Do did not ever want to be individuals. They said they wanted to only be LINKS of their Older Members mind. Every member of the Next Level is thus a LINK of that HOLY MIND. Humans who think they are independant have little to no idea just how much they are NOT individuals. They are actually all hosts for discarnate humans from Earth or another once planetary garden. Thus we are all conduits for MIND. The choice is simply whether to house Human or Next Level MIND and the only place we can get Next Level mind is from a Next Level Older member though it can come through all the souls that choose to be linked to them, what a returning student soul is striving to be and provides when they seek to “take over” (catch) a human vehicle – which when we pass on that same Next Level info to others we begin to also be “fishers of men” as jesus said. But we are not fishing for our own consumption so to speak, our own benefit. We fish for our older Members which removes the conflict of interest or the ethical aspect of having followers of us that can so easily corrupt even a well intended soul.

Thus when a former student of a Next Level rep falls away and then even goes against belief in that Next Level rep as their teacher/master so to speak, then they become a big influence on any souls that are brand new because they do house some Next Level awareness and mind which also equates to sheer power/energy/force of mind/will power that can overpower a soul seed or unsuspecting human and their human minded “spirit”. Humans who do the bidding of such a renegage soul are not at fault for doing so until they have been given the choice not to, a great deal of which is happening now. But the Next Level provides those souls who they have just seeded or even souls who were in their classroom with special help so the lower forces can not have an unfair advanage over them. They keep a balance but alot has to do with the student asking for help when they feel overwhelmed by lower forces (anythng that turns our eyes away from seeking graft to the Next Level).

So yes, it will take the next physical incarnation of a Next level rep in the next civilization who will form a classroom like Moses had and/or like Jesus had or both or some such manner I can’t conceive of to bring “saved” souls back to interface with prepared genetic matchs for those souls, so they can take off from where they left off in their growth process, when they exited their physical body. When each of us dies, then two souls will have increased their aptitude for eventual graduation.

5. I can’t see any reason not to hold meetings talking about Ti and Do. A few years ago I tried to do so, but it kept falling apart. Then I wondered if the Next Level was protecting me for a while by not holding meetings in my local area. As say, someone believed in Ti and Do and they were youngish and their parents or siblings got wind of it. It would be a quick path to being blackballed and run out of town or somehow hindered from holding meetings and/or even living in a community. So I’ve thought about holding meetings about many topics and then slip in an evaluation on Ti and Do so it doesn’t look like I’m a follower. We don’t want to intentionally build the negative against us though to stay away from personally sharing the info with others for fear that it could lead to our demise is to me protecting one’s life in this world a bit much. The truth is, that even the loss of our physical life doesn’t harm the soul in any way and actually advances us to our Next “heaven” as the Next Level I beleive has areas in their invidiable space craft that has a number of chambers for souls of different station. By the way, they are not literally on ice. I beleive they actually are given tasks, sometimes as observers or depending on how well they have demonstrated followng instructions tasks as messengers or watchers like many of the Luciferians, as such tasks also provide a certain degree of testing of loyalty as humans if they see or feel such a messenger somehow then look up to such an entity and that can becoem a lure to create one’s own flock as Luciferians have now and continue to try to increase.

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9 Responses to “Q&A-Continued connections w/Ti & Do & When a Soul can reach Next Level & Can we hold group meetings?”

  1. X11HGseeker Says:

    I didn’t realize you answered my Q’s publicly. Thank you! I just discovered the info.

    • sawyer Says:

      I didn’t include the handle as I don’t include anyone’s name when I do that. I just have such limited time and want others to potentially benefit from what Ti and Do shared with us. Perhaps I should ask before I do, but I guess I figure this is a liberty I can take. If you asked me not to share something or we talked about something I thought could put you in an arkward or potentially difficult situation I would use the info in a general way. Ti and Do were always very security conscious as they never assumed the Next Level was keeping them out of harms way before they could complete their task. I feel the same way and extend such consideration to anyone I converse with though in most cases it’s probably not necessary. There are people that hate that this information is still being put out there and some do try to trick us. Some think at some point or to certain people I will eventually suggest they follow me or lay down their lives or do some other manipulative behavior some cults clearly participated in that were certainly not Next Level orchestrated. Since few can conceive that Ti and Do were seriously different, some seek to entrap me(any who engage in sharing the info publically). I don’t have to play any part in that regard as I have zero desire to be anyone’s leader nor to “win” souls to Ti and Do and for those that do begin to SEE who Ti and Do really are, laying down their life at this time I advise against. I don’t say anyone would be wrong to do so, as Do did leave the door open publically for a short time though I don’t know how long that short time is so I don’t want to contradict anything Do has said. But for most who are coming to this info for the first time they can gain a great deal by beginning to serve Ti and Do by their asking and asking is best when it’s specific. Answers don’t come by voices in one’s head, nor by being blinded into belief by a light or abducted by space aliens posing as gods in one way or another. It can come by Ti and Do and/or some of their students appearing in dreams but even then they will never tell someone what to do. They will give indicators and then it is up to us to keep pulling on what that indicator indicates which at times entails taking baby steps in a direction to sort of test how it feels and then asking again. I didn’t feel like I needed to say all this to you. I didn’t think you were being sarcastic either but I really appreciate your expressing it as it’s very next levelish to think about what we say to others which often means rereading and then making corrections in any way that occurs to us. We had a procedure in the classroom to not go to sleep without going over our day and if we realized something we could have said better, we could go to the infidividual to express that, even though we didn’t have “familiar” relationships with classmates, though that didn’t mean we were void of feelings and caring for one another. It just wasn’t in a human way exactly though that is hard to pinpoint in a few words. We didn’t chit chat or shoot the breeze and gossip was seen as inappropriate. And yet we became very close to one another just the same. Anyway, I’m going way off here but it’s all so linked.

  2. X11HGseeker Says:

    that wasn’t meant to seem sarcastic. : ) You’ve been a Big Help

    • sawyer Says:

      Thanks for sharing. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you in furthering your relationship with the Next Level. It is quite special to occasionally find someone who values Ti and Do’s efforts. I can envision Do smiling right now. There was not a manical bone in is body. Sure he looked intense on some of the exit video’s but it was far from a casual expression then and of course to those that hate what he was representing it is threatening with the intent to give them a chance to have their influences shocked away from them for a moment allowing them the opportunity to SEE.

  3. x11hgseeker Says:

    I’m surprised myself but it happened just like Ti and Do said it would. There words ring true to my ears.

  4. x11hgseeker Says:

    Since reading there book that was left behind and truly getting a grasp on what they were saying it’s made things make much more sense. When Jesus said ” do not judge for you will be judged according to your judgement” that’s exactly what Ti and Do were all about. They were here’s the info read it you want it doesn’t make a difference if you do it doesn’t make a difference. Freewill is what the NL is all about and you see that all through the new testament they never jammed it down peoples throats or forced them in anyway shape or form to commit to what they were doing surprisingly enough if people would read into it Ti and Do discouraged it they know what it takes they did it themselves.

    People (media, press, sarcastic fiends) twisted the info up so badly that like do said we barley have a chance to seek it out yourself. As soon as you even mention a hint of researching out HG info they say “what!!” “you already know what they did and what they were, they were a ufo suicide cult”. Now it’s even worse. All of my hesitation, doubts…all of it has only made the idea of HG’s reality all the more clear.

    • sawyer Says:

      Yes, and your mention of the Judgement scripture opened up to me more of what I think Jesus was intending by that. It’s strictly like you said – If you “decide” about something then you shape your life around that decision and steer clear of anything that you think could threaten that decision and so you become decided on what that decision leads you to. Simple, common sense. I speak to Christians all the time that decide in seconds that Ti and Do couldn’t have been the two witnesses or the second coming and then tell me I am a tool of satan thus they decide their fate in doing so. Now, I know that we can’t judge another’s fate as there is always a chance before they die that they might change their mind and who knows what the Next Level plans to do with such a soul. The other day I spent 3 hours playing music and talking about Ti and Do in a park in St. Louis and where I situated myself I didn’t even get any tips, but that’s not why I was there, but when I get tips at least I know people are appreciating the music and should they come across my picture someday (if it gets into the media again) they just might take notice and have a positive thought about me (and what I would hope would be said), that might influnence their DECISION a tiny, tiny bit, even to just pay more attention to what is being talked about. My puss has been in a bunch of documentaries that are occasionall aired on A&E and BBC and others. At one point some folks came up to where I was standing to take pictures of their group with the fountain and the captital and arch and I caught a vibe that might have been upset that it was hard for them to get the exact picture they wanted. Well, I wasn’t about to move as I have quite a setup – two battery powered amps, mic, loop station, cases and instruments, cd’s and the heaven’s gate book in display. So I began to talk about Ti and Do as the second coming and I felt a real disorienting feeling around me. At other times I feel like darts are being thrown. At others that I’m simply confusing to listen to, then some putting me in a bucket of an evangelist, though I almost always try to seperate my rant from religion and spirituality. Occasionally I’ll look at the audience and see someone paying attention. When I don’t talk much I attract more attention naturally, so I’ve begun to design music for my cd’s that mix in nice sounds with pieces that talk about ti and do, so if they buy a cd, which I will give away if someone indicates wanting one or if they even give me a dollar and stop to chat. This way, perhaps they will listen to the cd and come upon the information more gently than how their influeces will classify me should they hear me talking on the street. I’ll still talk and sometimes tell stories with blues backup. But this last time I did this, I went away feeling I’m fooling myself to think I’m being of much service to Ti and Do. The true seekers that remain will come most from people like yourself who are looking and are not so entrenched in their decisions of what they believe or not, that they will look deeper, because they (you, I) still have an active “chip” to receive.

      I do appreciate your views. They are fresh and clear so I thank you.

      I am looking for ways to get Ti and Do’s information to more ears/eyes and I am gearing up for doing more video chats/podcasts, etc. The big challenge is being listed in the search engines without paying for it. I don’t know how computer savy you are but if you have any ideas on how even my blog entries might come up in google and yahoo news feeds as so many other’s do, I’d appreciate it, or for that matter any ideas on how to get more milage from communications about ti and do.

    • sawyer Says:

      Do had us periodically entertain doubts to see if we had any attraction to the world any longer. It wasn’t often as they weren’t trying to get rid of us, (as some cynics would certainly say, as if they felt guilty being a cult leader and sought to get out of it somewhat gracefully) but perhaps 1x a year but not on a schedule I don’t believe. And each period might last about an hour. We were to go somewhere by ourselves, as opposed to the way we always had a partner (except in use of the bathchamber (BC)) with us all the time in the performance of tasks and even for relaxation times like reading and exercising and game playing where depending on the activity our partner would generally be in eye shot, though that standard was relaxed more as the years went by and it wasn’t a challenge anymore for people that ordinarily might not have liked to be with one another, accepted being with the other. It was spoken of as “going into the pit” because it was actually something Do did too which involved his wondering if he wasn’t who he felt/knew he was (and who Ti said he was). This is another aspect of the huge difference between Ti and Do’s “cult” and all the other groups that were at one time or another called a cult. Can anyone imagine having TWO cult leaders who operated as an equal partnership but where one clearly came to recognize that the other was even a full generation their elder,their Heavenly Father, their Older Member in all ways. As I understand it, Ti never told Do this. Do said he came to it and gave Ti a real hard time for the first couple years before he could see that Ti was way ahead of him in her judgement of ordinary circumstances that required decisions. For instance Do might want to go to a certain place to talk to someone about solving a problem, even like to fix a car and Ti would sum up the circumstance and say, let’s skip going there, though didn’t say why which drove Do crazy and so Do insisted at times to play it out only to learn when Ti went along that they’d wasted a lot of time and energy on exploring that option. When this happened over and over, Do knew Ti was one extraordinary mind. It took that kind of mind to wake him up in this world that has become so, so, so dense with influences far afield of the reality they felt/knew.I used a mundane example but this kind of cutting to the chase, seeing the bottom line, etc. After the period of entertaining doubts, instruction was to forget about it. Of course if you were one who had doubts, they were just fortified, so would either force the individual to improve putting up their “blank card”, a thought process that envisions a blank card or some equivilent method to keeping one’s thoughts on only what one wanted to keep them on, which was absolutely necessary to changing one’s human habits in thought and deed to next level thoughts and deeds. (Next Level thoughts and deeds were whatever came from our Older Members,who were trying to be Links to us from their Older Members Minds).

      I’ve said all this because one things always leads to the next, but it was in response to your saying how you’d had doubts for a long time, which of course is normal, thought some don’t know they have doubts when they do. (that was me). When it’s the truth we are connecting to, in what our Older Members supply us, then there is no fear that someone’s dedication will be threatened by doubts, though it’s true if one always allows doubts to play out, they can take root and become harder to exterminate but then the extermination process in turn strengthens one’s “muscle” of self control over one’s own “solar system” as Ti descsribed our process.

  5. X11HGseeker Says:

    I wish I did know I’m actually trying to get my videos out there a little bit myself. I’ve kinda just learned as I’ve went. If I do find a loop hole of some sort or an easy way to get the info out there I will definitely let you know.

    This day in the “age” it seems like reaching out like that seems so impossible to actually press past all these hypnotized walking dead. It’s sad to use that but it is the truth. Sometimes I’ll sit at the mall or some restaurant with family or friends I’ll listen to what they are saying and I want to say “WAKE UP!!!” and I’ll watch those who are walking and sitting around and it is like staring at sheep being led to the slaughter. I’ve had those kind of experiences for years and one day not long ago I realized most of them don’t care to be woken up because the truth is too frightening to believe in. I’m not saying We’re any better than these people but some just have a stronger will which is in truth a piece of next level mind but you know what I mean.

    Please keep in mind that I found you. I don’t know exactly how but I did. About 6 months after coming in contact with the ” Last Chance” videos. I had scraped past about every widely known religion in the world seeking information, seeking to fill that void only truth could fill. Eventually one night earlier this year I got on my knees and screamed within the soul of my being shooting up to what at the time I understood as the heavens or God to lead me to that discovery. Low and behold not too long after that the memory of Do’s face came to the forefront of my thoughts. One thing led to another the first thing I did was found that video again to freshin up my thinking and at that moment I had to learn more. It’s like what Do said about when when you “chip” is activated it literally feels like your lossing grip on reality like you are loosing your mind because that is certainly the way I felt. “How can this cult feed me like this its a CULT THEY KILLED THEMSELVES FOR GOD’S SAKE ARE YOU NUTS? ARE YOU CRAZY? WHAT WILL THEY THINK OF YOU? YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE A CHRISTIAN NOT A BELIEVER IN SOME UFO CULT. THEY ARE GOING TO SEND YOU TO A MENTAL INSTITUTION!!! For days these thoughts haunted me but unlike all of my other studies this one stayed this one stuck…I had to move forward.

    I would say I am an above average user on the computer and I found you. If someone wants truth nothing else will do and if they reach with all there might past all planets the galaxies and into what is unknown to man I truly do believe they will find the truth they are seeking for. You have to remember it is not us that will lead them to truth but the NL which was another fact that was proven to me by my own scripture and text. Isn’t it funny how the NL works?

    It’s amazing to hear that you are still reaching out to a lost generation trying to get them the truth. Just the thought of that makes me nervous. The NL put me in a body that has severe Social phobia to the extent of it almost being Agoraphobia so what your doing would be like suicide to this body of mine. I know that it must seem pointless at times but your work for the NL level helped me come to terms with the fact I am not alone and one day I will be able to escape this cultural wasteland and enter into my home in the heavens.

    I’d love to hear the cd you have available. I could help by maybe giving the Cd out around here or something. I believe I sent you my home address.

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