What did Ti and Do say about Jesus 40 days after laying down His physical human life

Ti and Do never gave us bible lessons except one time re: rev 12 while Ti was still incarnate, but He gave us the talk alone, without Ti by his immediate physical side (Do at Ti’s right side) telling us that He believed the woman in REV 12 was Ti, his Older Member(heavenly Father). Other than that it was little spurts here and there and moreso when we were preparing for the second public offerring of the information in the 1990’s peaking with the 1994 public meetings across the US. What I recall though, is that this was a huge chunk of Jesus task – to first locate prepared genetic vehicle matches for the souls being brought back from the Moses trimester (those who believed in Moses until their death, so had their souls saved for the next trimester), then to help those souls get their minds into the vehicles by challenging them with updates to the Moses trimester teachings, increasing the standards of the overall “giving of our ALL” to the Next Level, that they then had to prove by His sending them out in twos and threes to tell others the information he brought (the same as what is essential now to any new student of the Kingdom, as they have no place for idle believers who don’t want to work(real meaning of worship). And when He felt he had taken them as far as they could go, “laying down his life” to demonstrate what they too Must be willing to do, that shows the quality of the MInd they were drawing, from His branch/root was not limited by the vehicle’s programming of survival first (though in the second trimester (which also repeats/continues previous trimester lessons) they were not to stage their laying down their life as He did, but lose it while in service as Jesus knew without a doubt they would be hunted down and killed if they opened their mouths much at all, which may still happen to those who believe in Ti and Do now as a result of coming public again physically, as in public meetings, which I intend to start again). And lastly in order to give them the boost they needed to be willing and able (with continued support if/when they asked along the way) to face their own physical demise for HIM(His Kingdom and their place in it), His Father/helpers/”angels”,crew facilitated his vehicle’s healing sufficiently to stay around to demonstrate that he was still PHYSICAL and alive though changed to some degree. This is when He also told them a lot of things that were to come. About all that Ti and Do said was that he was demonstrating his continued physicality and life despite what they were allowed to do to his vehicle to kill it. Ti and Do also said that he was physically lifted up into what they said was a spacecraft hidden behind the clouds (magical to them then but today one could come up with ways that could technically be accomplished). Do did say that 90% of the miricles reported about Jesus were exaggerated though not in regards to his survival of physical death and his being taken up. This was the ONLY PROOF Jesus said he’d be giving, – “being 3 1/2 days in the belly of the whale – the Jonah story”. Thus Jesus didn’t count as signs the healings and such that he did and/or was reported to have done and/or were exaggerated. Ti and Do did say that some told stories about them that were not true. For instance one time they were visiting with someone early on in their public time, in the mid 70’s it was reported in the paper that they vanished in thin air when they said they simply left the room. I remember Ti really laughing hard at the idea that the “shroud of turin” was anything more siginficant than “jesus snot rag”. It’s all part of human nature under the influence of discarnates and/or space aliens seeking to commondeer whatever the Next Level does, to make everything magical and mystical and symbolic and anything less than literal and logical (though of course in the earlier trimesters, certain events were allowed to be viewed/experienced by early students, to help them over the hump of what would be normal human limited beliefs of what is possible). Ti and Do said that at graduation time very little “evidence” to the human vehicle we wear is given, to require us to act on the MIND we’ve pulled in which to some degree is embedded in our genetic subconscious record and fortified further by the returned Souls that even today are looking for vehicles that can match their awarenesses. We are all time share devices and what makes each of us unique is what we decide to time share with. The more we discard human level behavior and ways and seek to replace them with Next Level behavior and ways, the more we “become” what we timeshare. Jesus certainly outlined many Next Level behaviors and ways but Ti and Do in the 22 years of classroom brought them to a reality of the essential crewmindedness each member needs to embrace to be given a position/place on a crew.

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