Sawyer’s response to facebook friends Post about population control

Posted on Heaven’s Gate’s facebook (sawyer heavensgae) Wall by Cory:

 “Something “bad” to ponder : there’s always a search or seeking of donations for cures for Aids and cancer, yet never any real progress – is it a money making scam to a certain degree? If every doctor voluntarily worked one day unpaid, would the funding be better spent? Is a cure for Aids or cancer even necessarily a “good” thing? Imagine there was a cure and how positive that could be. Now imagine if everyone who died from that in the last 2 years were still alive today and negative that would be. If people are like rodents just ruining the earth, and just like hunting game can be justified, perhaps certain illnesses could be viewed as population control pesticide. I speaketh what others wish they dare not thinketh. Looking from the 360 degree viewpoint.”

Comment response by Sawyer:

I could be wrong but don’t think the Next Level instigates diseases, though one could say old age is a disease we all have which is Next Level designed. But humans largely create most diseases in various ways mostly by neglect(consciously or not) or maliciousness which includes ignoring changes when improvements are evident). Nor do I think the Next Level looks at humans as rodents. The examples Ti and Do, as Jesus w/His Father used most were comparing humans to wild or tamable, even servicable(not as slaves but as potential co-worker) horses, dogs (but not dogs in a looking down upon way) or children responding respectfully(not submissivly though) to their life giving parents and/or as plants that have the potential to become prize roses or if they choose repeately, weeds. The beauty of a rose comes from a battling experience (thus the need for thorns to survive). The weeds present the battle thus the Next Level can use the choices of plants to become advasarial weeds, aka discarnate influences but also space alien bird like predators(though they talk peace and love). In 19+ years with them, I never heard Ti and Do speak about population control though they said the Earth has become overrun by the weeds, rendering a needed re-tiling of it’s surface to start a new planting, what Jesus also said was in the cards because it’s how the garden is grown.

Do said the human kingdom wasn’t designed to work, wasn’t supposed to be a final evolutionary destination which is why human can not make heaven/nirvana exist on Earth, though representatives from the Kingdom in the literal heaven’s are always here to some degree but continually hide their physical presence.

Now some space aliens, no doubt could be interested in preserving certain natural resources for their own continued harvesting so could very well care a great deal about population control. They don’t create garden environments like Earth. That’s why they are here, to gather what they need/want to survive/thrive in which they want humans to be partners with them, thus they are instigating more and more of their own exposure to humans.

But it’s tricky for them. Too much exposure too fast and their own lives will be threatened.

Meanwhile governments whom they seek to also control (and do control to degrees) by influencing key players also are playing the same deceitful and deadly games, playing both sides – seeking to appear righteous in whatever their agendas while rushing as fast as possible to have equivilent technology with which to be able to mount an effective battle against anyone they deem a threat, human or space alien(human equivilents), though they don’t know nor believe that there are those who are actually not human equivilent whom are coming closer to escalate the Earth’s recycling. They think these are also space aliens which is the same mindset of the space aliens, their thinking that the one’s coming are simply a better equip race like themselves who aim to come to Earth to take over for their own agenda.

So everyone in the power circles are rushing as the rumors that are showing signs of coming to pass indicate the planet itself is about to change in a big way, so it’s kill or be killed kind of mentality which means building underground facilities with the best energy and survivalist systems, while protecting all their natural resoures which necessitates weapon/transortation systems to find more elements on, in and even from off Earth environments that some know exist because of what they acquired from crashed alien space crafts.

Now some space aliens are of Earth origin, though from a previous civilization driven underground to escape the last recycling. But some were allowed to find the heavenly highway to this solar system when they were seeking to do the same thing earth humans are hot in pursuit of now. This is how the Next Level provides sparing partners, predators that will naturally be useful to help the fruit/roses they are nurturing to grow strong and straight, by learning to see and ward off, even ignore the tactics that seek to keep humans from evolving past the human kingdom.

However, after the harvest of their prize roses, there is a period where the Next Level is offerring apprentising opportunities to any who are willing to open their minds to Their reality (which is not a relgious mindset, though the records are generally thought of as being religious). When the Next Level feels enough opportunity has been given, they will increase the throttle to bring the garden to it’s conclusion, while saving those that ask to be given future opportunity to live. But these must know the password which is more than just words as it’s like a “song”and also a type of seal summorized as the names Ti and Do that only their seed will even have a chance to respond favourably to while all others are fearful of.

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