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Camping is publically acting Anti-Christ as are most Christians

May 24, 2011

Here’s Campings next prediction, leading people around by the tail. He has no idea how he’s being use by the Luciferian space aliens yet the Next Level is using it to their advantage as many people see though him yet are not ready to throw away our recognition of what Jesus said and how this planet was orchestrated to be a garden by the creator crew.

So I encouage every believer in Ti and Do to whatever degree to learn to talk the chrsitian language and construct a document that is the scriptural evidence of what any Jesus return must look like and then show how Ti and Do fullfilled that – by thought, word and deed and also fulfilled all of the Revelations prophesies both literally and figuratively, though there are still some to come. For anyone not willing to look at Ti and Do that is their choice and they are therefore judging themselves as not interested or in allegience to another.

You can show them how many ways of  jesus most christians are being led to act against. Take public prayer for example. Jesus was against it, thus to be for it or to participate in it, is against Jesus advise. Jesus did not say it was wrong to pray for someone, just that it needed to be done in private and not by repeating prayers he did not give us or that have become “vain(worthless) repititions or much words.

So here is the latest article around Camping. Luciferian space aliens know the Next Level often coordinates activity around the solstices but that was in the past so the Next Level will see to it that they don’t do much on those days, but may take certain actions the day or so after such as with Joplin, MO.

Ti and Do did feel the Next Level used tornados to stir the nest, to help stimulate people to make a choice to either look to God (however they think God is) or not. All of us will die physically, so the Next Level is simply advancing when but those that ask help will get it though help does not mean, an easy time of it. In some cases some will simply leave.But in some cases, like in hospitals some will feel to stay to help those who can’t easily be moved. Even if someone who is doing the best they can to have a relationship with the Next Level, is hurt or even dies in helping others, the Next Level may decide to save that soul for a future opportunity for one of the school grades in the next replanting, which could result in their some day being in line for a graduation experience.

The Next Level provides all in such disasters with lots of help to deal and to know there are higher forces at work, however if a person has no open ear/eye to it and about all they live for is for what they can get in this or that temporary fix of their senses then they are actually already dead, though their vehicle may still go on for x years in which case that fate may be advanced.

(now humans are not given the task to evaluate people in this way, nor to decide who is functional and useful and who is not.

Anyway, here  is the latest Campign prediction followed by my comments I posted on the sites that held these articles.

These Christians are all full of stuffing but I don’t say that because I don’t believe in certain aspects to the subject matter. In fact, I see it 180 degrees differently. I’ve been looking at the evidence of what a returned Jesus MUST look like and it’ s nothing that any Christian seems to be open to. He would definitely be a cultist but he would never make any money at it, would not have a spouse or children at the time(would probably have such human relationships before he “stood up for” who he knew he was) and his disciples would absolutely be required to leave everything behind, all relationships, all possessions (besides practical things to exist on the road, unlike the 70’s Jesus freaks who traveled around by thumb, barefoot and in robes which they do as a show of being holy when Jesus said, not to show others you are holy – to be holy in private  and talk to the Father in private, while all these christians and other religionists have all these public group prayer this and prayer that. Therefore they are acting anti-Jesus by not keeping the things he said to keep to prove oneself his follower. I’m not suggesting that all who publically pray are naughty – not at all – they often don’t know better but once they do, then they should go to their religious leaders and ask questions and demand sensible answers. However, the so called “rapture” already happened and I can prove it by many examples. It was the Heaven’s Gate people who when they were first called, left all behind to join with Ti and Do, the Two Witnesses, who were Father and Son returned as promised for the ones they elected to return for, not ever tom dick and harry that thinks they are gods gift to mankind and God. And to book Ti took a female body this time. These TWO fulfilled more prophesise that all the other claimers of being a prophet or Jesus or God incarnate combined 100 times over and for anyone who has the guts to examine it, ask me for that proof and then decide for yourself but Camping is so distant from reality it’s sad how he is leading people to water and then not giving them any water but instead is giving them Soul koolaid for all the wrong reasons. By the way the Heaven’s gate group was not about suicide or to catch a ride on hale bopp. They were simply ready to leave and wanted to move on to what was next and most of all do so for the one they believed in, in the name of Do this time, the song in rev. 14, the whitehorse (white body, purified body, named with a white name(AppleWhite) and Ti the Nettles horse that shoots it’s seed out the way a male “father” does, to create potential offspring and Ti the rev 12 Woman while Do being her male child(son) and both being the rev 11 two witnesses who were shot down in 1975 by walter cronkite and all the national news shows then as frauds and thieves but who stood up again  then and again in 1994-97 a time that there was a second group that joined (no one could join in between as it wasn’t offerred). They were unlike ALL of the other cults and had no flaws of character moral or ethical that I was witness to for 19 years. Yes this sounds like religion to most but in reality it is the opposite. Religions all exist in the past and that’s why so many see through them. They are not paths to anything UNLESS one moves on from them but one must move on to something more IF they want more. If not, then stay put but following any of these preachers is suicidal but don’t take my word for it, look into it for yourself and even take a chance and ask Ti and Do.

I challenge any of you that make these comments to challenge what I have said in any way shape or form. It’s easy to knock others but it’s hard to be willing to truely examine every aspect for yourselves. Be a blind sheep if you like, that’s free will but then don’t cry when the truth is undeniable (though once a denier perhaps always a denier, as it’s safer than to be a seeker continuously seeking what ‘s new). Religions are ALL dead ends. Atheism is simply another religion (belief), the belief in nothingness so to speak and/or science (as if science really does explain much that doesn’t change). Even Newton’s laws can be made to change. If this globe wasn’t created by beings who as teams orchestrate planets into positions, using big bangs galore and who knows what over means and technolgy then I guess I’d have to believe automobiles and computers just crawled out of the sea as an evolutionary progress and even that is today a misnoma – that our technology is classified as evolution or progress when in reality it is killing us slowly far moreso than it’s helping us have truely richer lives. Sure we are addicted/brainwashed to think otherwise and that NOT to say technology is evil. It’s simply one of the many options of what humans can learn to do with the elements and quantum physical systems humans have been gifted with. Not one of us truely create anything. We simply learn to manipulate existing materials and use environmental systems and we call their development something we’ve done by intelligence but then one can turn around and look at the globe and the gnome and all the life forms and the weather/environmental systems and the recycling processes and think, that somehow couldn’t be intelligent design because….well because that would make me “religious” to think so when the truth is that the creator crew and they are real people and use real physical bodies to do their tasks in huge laboratories in deep, deep space but anywhere they want. (I actually suspect Ti’s base at this time is inside the moon (see rev 12). So it’s time to have the option to wake up folks. I too have a long way to go to wake up more but some of you are just getting started and you can pass me up in a jiffy if you want to, so go for it. Waking up by the way, like enlightenment is not a destination, it’s a continuous degreed process though has certain surges, so new agers that think you see past religion and atheism, fine, but if that makes you stop looking, like by ignoring what Ti and Do said and did because it’s too hard to conceive of believing/loving something or someone so much that you’d want to give your physical life to them, then that’s tine too. It should never be easy to give your physical life to anything as there are plenty of humans who try to make you believe there are just causes for doing so, but there is really only one and that creator won’t actually let you give your own life, if they don’t feel you have proven you were doing so for the most evolved reason – to please them. (by the way, they don’t need any of us nor to they get a high from others wanted to please them. I know this becasuse I was with Ti and Do for 19 years and gleened that perspecitve. I don’t get off on others believign what I am saying here nor to I want followers nor to I want anything of this world. That doesn’t mean I need to become an ascetic or martyr, which is another distortion. There is so much to say and so many make so many assumptions with every word because so many hate any suggestion that there could be a whale of a lot of truth to what I am sharing that Ti and Do gave to me to give to you. Camping may not be able to hear the one true God’s voice anymore but some of you still may be able to. Soon there may be people saying Ti and Do have returned and they have not and I assure you will not until after the earth’s is refurbished/recycled and what we see as civilization is like that Joplin, MO tornado. We all die except the Creator crew.

Letter to pastor George McDearmon & congregation re Paul vs Peter example of Jesus ways

May 16, 2011
I heard your broadcast on a radio station that had to do with Paul and John Mark and Barnabas in Acts 13 where Mark leaves Paul and Barnabas and for a number of reasons feel you are making big assumptions as to why Mark left as described in Acts 13:13, returning to Jerusalem.
( Note from Sawyer after sending the letter: George McDearmon says that Mark was a momma’s boy and that he left paul and barnabas because their upcoming  journey was going to be more dangerous and that he was raised wrong to be so lacking courage, so he talks about how parents need to raise their boys to be braver and tougher. The scripture in Acts goes on to say that Barnabas also leaves Paul at one point and he thinks it’s because of something Barnabas is lacking yet Paul is the one who didn’t want to have a genuine apostle with him when his opinion was not considered to be equal with the other 12 apostles who were assigned the task of apostle – talker of the word jesus gave, and Paul was not given that assignment though he insists on taking the title and that causes a rif and considering that Paul before being blinded by the Luciferian space aliens was helping locate and bring to prision and/or execution believers in Jesus.  What many christians have a problem with is thinking that there is something wrong with picking and choosing what to believe out of the bible which I’ve spoken to before. The bottom line is that anyone says something that doesn’t correlate with the ideas and practices and ways and words spoken of by Jesus while he was in the flesh which also have their accurate background in what Moses said, though with updates that increase our civility towards one another – less judgemental and more tolerant, etc then what they says is questionable. I think it’s fine to consider what Paul says as he had to get some things from those who were actually with Jesus but why is it that most preachers make almost all their sermons from what Paul said. Paul talk is the biggest manifestation of antichrist – ian. In this letter I didnt’ say all this as I was trying to be gentle and didnt’ want it to go in the trash too fast. Hopefully there will be at least one thirsty person that can find this.)
Here are the few scriptures that describe this:
Act 13:11 And now, behold, the hand of the Lord is upon thee, and thou shalt be blind, not seeing the sun for a season. And immediately there fell on him a mist and a darkness; and he went about seeking some to lead him by the hand.
Act 13:12 Then the deputy, when he saw what was done, believed, being astonished at the doctrine of the Lord.
Act 13:13 Now when Paul and his company loosed from Paphos, they came to Perga in Pamphylia: and John departing from them returned to Jerusalem.
No sooner did Paul’s command cause the person to be blinded did Mark leave. I know this kind of questions your entire preaching about this but as it was a talk of courage I suspect you will want to also give another view to your congregations on radio and in your church. Here is my take on it and I don’t have a great deal of time to prove this out further, as I am doing the Lord Jesus’ work, much of which entails offerring assistance to other servants of the Lord.
When I read this again Acts 13:11 something struck me rather strange, actually two things. Paul caused someone to be blinded and hardly attributed it to Jesus, if at all. I think this is very, very important point as “you will know them by their fruits” always applies to those who are working for Jesus the Lord and their fruits are not to harm anyone. Sure in Old Testement days when Elijah was battling the worshipers of baal, the Lord provided proof of His power over their sorcery, but that was a big part of what Jesus brought, an updated WAY, more Truth and more Light. He brought forgiveness of sins in Moses day the commandment was to stone them for, as in the caught adulteress and in saving the sheep on the sabbath and washing of hands and healing on the sabbath, all things the religious of  His day found fault for His doing. Now this isn’t just theory. Here is an example of someone who knew Jesus, walked with him literally, spoke with him, received correction from him, said he loved him, etc. thus I’d put a great deal more weight on what this person says than Paul who though had courage and certainly did help bring Jesus to some, did so in a way that it appears was not as Jesus would have had him do it.  Here’s a Peter example with my notes in brackets[]:

Act 3:3 Who seeing Peter and John about to go into the temple asked an alms.

[asking is always important and consistant with when Jesus gave]

Act 3:4

And Peter, fastening his eyes upon him with John, said, Look on us.[John was there too and Peter spoke to the beggar as a partnership which is in sync with how Jesus said, “where two or more are gathered together in my name I am in their midst” another big WAY of Jesus/Father team.]

Act 3:5

And he gave heed unto them, expecting to receive something of them.Act 3:6

Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.[Peter says up front in whose name he is acting as Jesus said that they, his apostles, what they ask in his name would be granted but along with that Jesus indicated the kinds of things they would be authorized to do was heal the sick. It wasn’t a mission to blind even the disbelievers. Interestingly it’s how Paul was converted which is another discussion we should have as this is one tiny, tiny example. The Lord Jesus as you know Him has given me many viewpoints and examples and corrections for many Christians who until now did not know any better.]

Act 3:7

And he took him by the right hand, and lifted him up: and immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength.Act 3:8

And he leaping up stood, and walked, and entered with them into the temple, walking, and leaping, and praising God.Act 3:9

And all the people saw him walking and praising God:Act 3:10

And they knew that it was he which sat for alms at the Beautiful gate of the temple: and they were filled with wonder and amazement at that which had happened unto him.Act 3:11

And as the lame man which was healed held Peter and John, all the people ran together unto them in the porch that is called Solomon’s, greatly wondering.Act 3:12

And when Peter saw it, he answered unto the people, Ye men of Israel, why marvel ye at this? or why look ye so earnestly on us, as though by our own power or holiness we had made this man to walk?[Peter knew it was not He nor John that enabled this miricle. It was the Invisible Holy Spirit, comforter, helper sent to help them, sent by Jesus that genuinely did it which He knew thus he wanted to be sure they did not credit him. Note how this mindset is also kin to Jesus motis operandi of giving credit to His Father who was not physically present in a way anyone could see.]

Act 3:13

The God of Abraham, and of Isaac, and of Jacob, the God of our fathers, hath glorified his Son Jesus; whom ye delivered up, and denied him in the presence of Pilate, when he was determined to let him go.Act 3:14

But ye denied the Holy One and the Just, and desired a murderer to be granted unto you;Act 3:15

And killed the Prince of life, whom God hath raised from the dead; whereof we are witnesses.Act 3:16

And his name through faith in his name hath made this man strong, whom ye see and know: yea, the faith which is by him hath given him this perfect soundness in the presence of you all.Act 3:17

And now, brethren, I wot that through ignorance ye did it, as did also your rulers.Act 3:18

But those things, which God before had shewed by the mouth of all his prophets, that Christ should suffer, he hath so fulfilled.Act 3:19

Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord. 

[note the english word chosen here: “refreshing” and Peter’s saying their sins “MAY” be blotted out at that TIME when the Lord is present again which is saying that at taht moment their sins were not blotted out as Paul many times insinutates or says directly and many Christans today want to believe (no wonder Paul is more popular than Jesus in many Churches though they don’t say that outright, they just have almost all their bible study’s about Paul’s work).  So here is the Strongs Concordance definition of the Greek word the English word 403 anapsuxis {an-aps’-ook-sis}

was derived from:

403 anayuxiV
from anayucw – anapsucho 404; properly, a recovery of breath, i.e. (figuratively) revival:–revival.
404 anayucw
from ana – ana 303 and yucw – psucho 5594; properly, to cool off, i.e. (figuratively) relieve:–refresh.


This adds a great deal of Light to the topic of forgiveness of sins. Isn’t it strange that someone could do all sorts of terrible things yet be told the Lord will forgive them if they confess, while in the past people were put to death for the same sins. I know I said that this is particular to Jesus, offerring this forgiveness, yet Peter is saying that one’s sins are not forgiven until Jesus comes back again. So what of all those who sin before he comes back. Actually I have scriptural explanation for this that I will cover in a future offerring if you like. I am in your area of the country and could visit your church sometime to give such a talk but I don’t expect such an invite but perhaps certain members of the congregation would come to a private event, that is after you hear more of what the Lord has given me to give to you. I don’t say “Lord” lightly and I know many in any congregation don’t want to hear from an outsider and especially someone who is contradicting their existing pastor but I’m afraid to say, you will remain in a state of “ignoring” what is most true if you don’t pursue your own education of what the Lord has said and is saying to date. We can never assume there isn’t a great deal more and that it will not be challenging to rise to hearing/understanding and applying it, and it will always be most challenging to those who have the most to lose from considering any new information but I am instructed by the Lord to give you the opportunity so if there are any who are especially brave in your congregation, at least you can pass this info to them and let them make up their own mind.]

Act 3:20

And he shall send Jesus Christ, which before was preached unto you:Act 3:21

Whom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began. 

[Note “restitution” which is also considered to be a reconstitution which is kin to the fact that Jesus said in the end days the “evil and the good would be resurrected”, that resurrection is more it’s literal meaning as the evil will never ascend into Heaven, so it’s “stand up again” which is the way human beings are compared to “blades of grass” or leaves from a branch, the human genetic tree. In that way, we are each a new leaf, each generation of which takes off from where the last one left off and in this way we can see that our forefathers sins follow us and we can see that we each have certain genetic characteristics, strengths and weaknesses pertaining to Life and relationship to the Kingdom of God and that we each must “stand for” what we want to be, whom we want to serve between God and Mammon, as Jesus said would be the choice in the Last Day which is without a doubt occurring as we speak and quickly approaching an end of opportunity time.]

Acts 3:22 For Moses truly said unto the fathers, A prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me; him shall ye hear in all things whatsoever he shall say unto you.

Act 3:23

And it shall come to pass, that every soul, which will not hear that prophet, shall be destroyed from among the people. 

[How many Christians are expecting Jesus to come with the clouds and be taken up to meet Him in the air as Paul says in Thesselonians? Here Peter is talking about how Jesus came while the Jews of His day were expecting him to blow the shofar on the temple mount (as many still anticipate) and to restore the Kingdom of God, in a governmental conquering. Yet Jesus did not come as a part of government or with rebellion or military might. He came in a hidden way as Moses indicated, “from among us just like “he”. In other words he would be speaking to you again one on one but will all hear him when he does that? Nay, as how can someone hear Him if they don’t recognize who he is, that is unless he is in the news and we don’t know it’s him speaking. So how can we discern who might be him speaking? He MUST say the same KIND of things in our modern tounge/language/perspective as every new leaf is a type of biological and spiritual evolutionary development (though NOT Darwinian styled evolution) and jesus said when he would come NOT to believe any who come “in my name” (his name then was jesus) thus dont’ believe anyone who comes saying they are Jesus, thus He must come using a new name, saying the same kinds of things and having the same requirements for discipleship and at that time those who follow him which will have to look like a “cult” to most mainstream religious and all atheists will be tested to see whether or not they can discern His “fruit” (wares, WAYS, behaviors) and be willing to leave all behind to follow with him literally which will be very tough to do but everyone will not have to meet that high standard as all are not ready at the same time to graduate out of high school at the same time thus after He leaves there will be opportunity for those who still believe in HIM to follow his lead/ways and whatever instructions he gives to new believers. You see he is coming for all but all are not of the same grade. The leaves that were with him last time and actually walked with him and gave their all to be his student are those who are back now in new leaves to graduate. Those who heard about him from those who were with him, are back now to hear about him again to take their next best step to be someone who yet the next time he comes are ready to leave all behind to be with him physically. This next time he arrives is not the last time he arrives though there will be a recycling of the Earth’s surface between this time and the next time he is with us, from among our bretheren for a face to face relationship. After He comes face to face this time, he will return with his Father (power) as he is for every eye to see and every knee to bow in a real sense (though still not seen by all as who He really is, as it can only be that some can conceive of him according to what they sought to understand about him, how real he really was and how he has a physical body while there are many who masquerade as him and show signs and wonders. Well those signs and wonders are happenign now but much of it is hidden from much of the public and Christians are being told how to think so will miss it entirely if they are not thirsty and ready to go outside their current church leadership. Any church leader who restricts what the parishioners hear and see is actually not being their shepard at all, but to the contrary working against their preparedness to meet Jesus face to face in whatever his new name will be.]

Act 3:24

Yea, and all the prophets from Samuel and those that follow after, as many as have spoken, have likewise foretold of these days.Act 3:25

Ye are the children of the prophets, and of the covenant which God made with our fathers, saying unto Abraham, And in thy seed shall all the kindreds of the earth be blessed.Act 3:26

Unto you first God, having raised up his Son Jesus, sent him to bless you, in turning away every one of you from his iniquities. 

If anyone can HEAR what I have been given to say to you, please for your sakes open your eyes and seek out the truth. The truth is already well in place. He has actually returned already and he also physially left and he is waiting for new believers to seek him out but He has a new name. The name Jesus still  has some power but it’s not the name he’s using now. It’s easy to call on the name Jesus. He wants to see if your made of the stuff to not be clinging to a name as much as you want to cling to his MIND, his thoughts, his words, his behavior and ways, no matter what name he uses and no matter how he is portrayed in the media. Don’t you know that as he was hated and killed 2000 yrs ago it would be worse now but worse doesn’t mean killed again unless that is what the Kingdom of God wants to allow to happen but worse in this case is apathy of his arrival, not putting any focus on it, ignoring his presence but that’s done buy portraying him as the opposite as what we expect, a Luciferian tactic. There are many, many Luciferian tactics and they can fool many if they don’t press themselves to recognizing who the real member from Kingdom of God is.

I can tell you who he absolutely is not. He was not Rev. Sun yung Moon, not Rael, not Alex Collier (who only implys it), not Jim Jones, not David Koresh, not Manson, not Billy Graham, not any TV evangelists who are not at all in tune with Jesus though they talk a bunch as if they are. He is not the leader of any organized religion. He is not Maitreya though the characteristics of a Maitreya just happen to conicide with the characterisitics of a Jesus believer, but I’ll save that for another time, except the name Maitreya has been as much bastardized as the term Christ has.

He will be one of the Rev. 11 Two Witnesses and the other will be his Father and His Father will come as a woman, as seen in Rev. 12 and the name of the human body he incarnates into, as it will not be Jesus will have some characteristics that are “white”, thus cauasion. He comes first before the Red horse and before the black and green/pale  horses in Rev 6, thus if Bush is the Red horse for being the luciferian puppet that brings “endless war” like never before and since Obama is the black horse (body) who brings the peak of big Financial problems that affect most the prices of foods, etc. as we have seen and to which there will be no end in sight and then the 4th horse being green, well green can mean a bunch of stuff so I’ll save that too, but the White Horse I can say will also be associcated with not only the color/shade of his physical body but in his name. So white will be in his name. And he will be hated as is said of the two witnesses and will be “shot down” figuratively in the common square (public media), shot down being discredited and determined to be a fraud by mainstream everyone mostly but he will “stand up again” standing up from being shot down and it will be in the new city of jerusalem that he will first come, thus Los Angeles the “city of angels” and shot down while he is in “sodom” Las Vegas”. He will have white hair also though that occurs over the course of his entire stay here which will be 24 years, of which he will publically prophecy 3 1/2 yrs with his students the saints prophesizing a second time, with a period of preparation, his followers having been “caught away” from the world by these two “christs”. Rapture meant “catch away”. No human body is going to float out of it’s coffin. That’s nonsense. We’re talking reality here not mysticism.All things in Revelations are figurative but referring to things that are literal and many have multiple applications.

And their names will be like a song, even the notes of a scale. So here they are: Their names will be Ti and Do who used the vehicles called Nettles and Applewhite and came with Comet Kohoutek and left with comet Hale Bopp for every eye to see all over national news as the Heaven’s gate cult who laid down their lives voluntarily which I can prove to any who have the guts to check it out. It takes guts. Ask God for the guts if you don’t have them. Ask God if Ti and Do are the second coming. Ask God if they are the Father and Jesus returned as promised and see what comes from such questions.

I was with Ti and Do for 19 years. Search on Sawyer for all my writings about that experience and all the current info being given about them. I am nobody without them and they can work miricles in everyone’s life if you ask for their help.

Sawyer’s dream of May 15, 2011 with Srrody and Tllody Heaven’s Gate Revelations Two Witness Ti(Father) and Do(Jesus) graduates

May 15, 2011

Sawyer’s dream of May 15, 2011 with Srrody and Tllody Heaven’s Gate Revelations Two Witness Ti(Father) and Do(Jesus) graduates:

Srrody and Tllody and I(Sawyer) were there. Tllody told me my (new) name: Stvoditz (or something like that) and was adding my name to a list that as far as I could see was about 30 names long, though I had no idea what the list represented. (For sake of reference Srrody was a classmate that joined with Ti and Do from Nashville area in 1976 and in the late 80’s until I left the class in 1994 he was my most consistant partner as Ti and Do always had us assigned to partners, though in any given day depending on our tasks we might have different task partners, though mostly our main partner was the one we did most tasks with. Tllody was named Tllody because of his very tall vehicle – 6’5″ and it was he that I believe might have been in a previous dream to where I thought I’d be leaving (exiting my vehicle) that seems to have been updated by Do in another dream thereafter when Do said to me, “I can use you”. Both Srrody and Tllody were among the 38 who exited their physical vehicles intentionally and voluntary in March of 1997 as part of what at that time was thought of by the media as the Heaven’s Gate group, reported as “cult” (and not denied by the group that they were a “cult” by most human definitions though they hardly resembled ANY of the other “cults”, which we called “sub cultures” (that Jesus certainly was in his time as well) and that we joked about as we’re being the “cult of cults” which was certainly proven by the extent to which the group was willing to go to overcome/conquer their human condition to the agast of all who viewed it internationally). Srrody seemed to be explaining some things to me but I don’t recall any details or senses. It was like a briefing simply saying they had ongoing operations in our area that had to do with the follow up to the 1st class graduation, what is called in the book of revelations as the 1st harvest of the souls that had conquered their humanness having washed their robes (physical bodies) of human needs(enough) and desires (mentally and physically)(enough) and followed the one do demonstrated the sacrifice of their physical being before and to date, named Jesus before and Do this time around and they had learned the “song” which is titled “Ti and Do” as the notes of the scale that one brings about the next octave in the other. (Ti is the top of the octave, the highest member of that octave and through Ti’s effort carries(gives birth to, as in Rev. 12) to the start of a new octave for the one represented by the name Do and all his/their liter of souls ready for spirit birth – exiting the physical body by their own free will, though in times past they were forced/violently from their physcial bodies (during the time after jesus left) because they were willing to go the distance in witnessing to the reality of the Kingdom of God they experienced and believed in, even to their death, that is always so hated by all the status quo religious and athesitic and spiritualistic, thus some ~99.9% of the people.

In another scene I believe I was in or viewing a city area and Srrody indicated/showed me approximately where “They”(their crew, (maybe where we were at the moment actually) were, on the right side of the street in the third building in a small row of city like connected storefronts (not houses). Interestingly at that point I saw the face of someone I feel my vehicle knows whom I won’t mention any more detail of at this time as it’s not clear to me who it was, but this person appeared to be in a female vehicle with shoulder length or a bit longer blackish/brownish a wavyish hair and she had a darkish complextion but appeared generally caucasion. Her face was fullish, as opposed to gaunt as some have described my face on the public interviews I was given (NY Post, I believe said that of me, or maybe it was Time or Newsweek magazines all in and around April of 1997 when I went public after the group left their vehicles in the public square, before all to see to “stand up again” (in spirit) in the Kingdom, a Resurrection to Life, (not the same type of resurrection Jesus demonstrated where he kept his existing vehicle as that was for the reason of offerring proof to his disciples who at that time were still young in their faith and needed that boost, a boost that is not permitted at graduation time otherwise students will be motivated too much by such an event.  I say this only because of a dream this person had shared with me right after the 9/11 attack on the world trade center in NYC where she said, in her dream she was there in NYC in the downtown area and was aware of what she called a big monster attacking the city to which she was afraid and that her dad was there too and he was also afraid and she pulled her dad into a storefront of some sort where she at some point went into a passageway (without her dad if I recall correctly) and saw people that she described as having no faces but that she felt safe with and it was a very mystical/special kind of experience and she knew she was safe.

I only mention this in case there is a correlation with these buildings, this location for members of the Next Level (aka Evolutionary Level Above Human; Level Above Human; Kingdom of God; Kingdom of Heaven) working in some cloaked/unseen capacity. Ti and Do had said long ago that many times where the Next Level is most located physically often becomes like a portal that humans and space aliens gravitate to and can also become very successful in human terms thus the world trade center and all the financial power such represents and the attraction by those that hate what the US represents around the world as a target. Ti and Do said this about Houston. They did try to go to NYC at one point but couldn’t/weren’t supposed to be there as that was not a focal point for their mission of finding and taking the classroom of graduate souls out of their human family to begin a new membership in their above human family.

Then we were aware of someone that was shooting off large (maybe about 6 foot long by 4-6″ diameter) home made black pipe missles/rockets. The sense I had re: whoever was shooting off these roctets was that they were testing rocketry as part of wanting to design a rocket that could go into space, which was not associated with a corporate, military or governmental program, thus a rouge and very dangerous to the public of course. I thought of the area in which this was happening as NYC and also thought of the effort as being Luciferian stimulated – influencing humans to take desperate measures however impractical or dangerous to others to get off the earth as Lucifer and other fallen “angels” very strongly desire, according to Ti and Do, as these Luciferians, the ones who are discarnate and/or part of the way Luciferian space aliens who have physical bodies, according to Ti and Do have ways to send humans thoughts/ideas/direction according to their desired agenda but the way in which they transmit such thoughts, probably the way humans do so over phone wires and to date wireless transmissions, are not always target specific. In other words, they shower areas with such thoughts projections, thus anyone who is of a mind to be driven to enact the intended result could feel driven to do so in whatever way or means they have at their disposal. (I’m well aware at this time in 2011 that there are plenty of multi-national govn’t space agency and military programs that shoot rockets into space (US, EU, England, France, India, China, Japan, Israel (and perhaps soon Iran and others) though few are manned and none are permanently finding a suitible life anywhere in space except ever so briefly on board the international space station). In the dream though I remember hearing these pipe rockets going off and felt we needed to brace for where they would go as they were dangerously out of control and potentially causing damage, injury and death. But I had no sense of the name of anyone nor an exact location for their origin nor their motive (beyond what I’ve stated).

I know there was more to this dream and after I layed in bed awakened by it’s calm intensity that is always associated with dreams with Next Level members I saw it was about 4:45am that Sunday morning of May 15, 2011.

Are aliens only apparitions seen by paranormalists plus Ti(Woman&Father) and Do(Jesus/applewhite horse) Two Witnesses

May 12, 2011

Below a post on L.A. Marzulli’s(Richard) blog with post entitled “Disclosure: Roswell Gray?” linked at:

to which a comment thread began and:

john B said
May 8, 2011 at 7:49 am
Richard; The hanger of which you refer is hanger 18 (666).
I do not believe that there are literal Aliens (Grey’s) in Bio suits.
They are apparitions of spiritual entities seen by people with an occult frame of mind. people in such conditions apprehend them in a very literal sense in similarity to Marian apparitions.

john b

to which I, Sawyer commented in return:

“You are mistaken on two fronts. What you are saying sounds to me kin to those that say there is no Lucifer and some say there is no creator kingdom or that the creator is just one person or that jesus didn’t exist, was just a story people made up to fool people into being sheeple. Well, some of that is all true actually and that’s a fact. The lucifer many are taught to think of doesn’t exist. The jesus many are taught to think about doesn’t exist. One big creator dude, well, according to Ti and Do, there is a person they called the Chief of Chiefs. The mistake with that, is that since we in our limited brains, about the same as the limits a dog has correctly perceiving what the human kingdom is really like, doesn’t compute a chief of chiefs and all this always was and always will be stuff. Do said, once we become members of the Level Above Human, what religious call the kingdom of God in the heaven’s we’d understand better what always was and always will came from. I suspect it’s simply referring to being relative to us with our tiny life span and history.

Oh, yes, many also say that there are no evil spirits nor spirits at all. And now you say that there are no aliens, just aparitions which is like saying humans don’t exist either because from all the many reports from various sources internationally there are human equivilent beings all over the vaster than vast universe that is filled with inhabitable planets and with a simple technology of finding and passing through a highway in the heaven’s, one created there by the one and only creator crew (as no aliens say or demonstrate an ability to create planets. Some say they orchestrated their seed on earth to produce hybrids with human eggs, etc. and some say they outlive planets which is really saying they see planetary cycles pass. A planetary cycle is however long the creator crew designs it to be but so far it appears on Earth, this last time, that is coming to a close as we speak, inch by inch, has been some near to 7000 our years, about 7 days to the creator crew who don’t have lifespans anymore because they had a real spirit birth into membership in the evolutionary level above human which is like saying a dog could someday graduate into the human kingdom with their mind/spirit/soul (if a dog had a soul which my sources say it doesn’t but I’m just using it for the analogy).

So why couldn’t the govn’t, or some govn’t or shadow or miltary shadow govn’th have actual alien vehicles/bodies, from all the crashs that have occurred. With fomaldihyde they can be preserved for many years, certainly from when most of the big crashes were reported to have occurred in the late 1940’s and 1950’s. Oh, but some think that’s a made up story too.

Now re: apparitions, in a sense you may be correct. Strange I would say that after my disortation of how you are mistaken. Ti and Do never spoke about how the aliens do certain things like abduct people from their homes for instance without being seen, etc. Some humans have reported in regression being lifted out of their car right through the roof.

I’d be willing to gamble that these are evidence of stories that were made up as the Luciferians get humans to do so, (make things up, unbeknown to them that it’s luciferians behind their thoughts in this regard) with the intention of pointing people away from thinking as space aliens as physical beings and to try to trick humans into thinking the space aliens are supernatural, can walk through walls and such.

So what I am getting now, as I seek the answer to this question of what is an apparition, it seems the space aliens are using apparitions to fool humans into thinking they are more powerful than they really are. It would be easy for some to get into someones house and feed them a drug and then from a spacecraft behind a cloud shoot a holographic image of themselves going through a wall so that the abductee thinks they are seeing either a supernatural being or a god or a spirit, all of which with the addition of the drugs makes it into a lsd like trip, a hallucination with a strong hypontic suggestion not to remember it and at times even the inclusion of a homing device they can use to track the humans they are interested in for their hybridization experiments.

And this is what was done in the Fatima and other “apparitions” to where multiple people and/or children see the same image. Very few people can see a discarnate (spirit) because their molecular vibratory rate is very slow and very wide, in terms of hertz – cycles per second. There is so much space between the particles,(like pixels) they appear invisible to our eyes that are not geared to ordinarily make sense out of such very low frequencies.

I believe Do thought the apparitions some see, blood coming from hands of a mary statue, etc as I just mentioned the Fatima sightings and others are all “tricks” intented to trick humans into thinking the Kingdom of God is a spiritual kingdom.

Now this is also trickly to understand as the Kingdom of God is a spiritual kingdom, it’s just not spiritual the way humans think it’s spiritual. It is not in the spirit world. The spirit world is restricted to the earth. It’s within the earth’s atmosphere and may extend a considerable distance away from the physical earth. The spirit world according to Do also contains doorways. In other words all spirits (dead humans) can not go into all areas. In fact few do any traveling as where they die remains to be their habitat as it’s where their root system is in their genetic family tree that they stay around as the closest thing to the life they had still exists and they seek to attach and repell all the same things they attached to and repelled against while living.

Now the Kingdom of God uses the different areas of the overall spirit world for their sorting purposes and these were spoken of in days of old by Enoch, etc. as “heavens” and they are heaven’s but that word has been bastardized to be the abode of God while it really related to what was up including the sky as well as the area we call outer space where the sun and moon and stars exist. So the 7 heaven’s (and other cultures have their own ways of describing these chambers or layers or levels).

I know various authors have written about some of this but I didnt’ get it from a book. I got it from Ti and Do intially, though they rarely spoke in much detail about this stuff), so I pieced what they did say with the records on earth (bible, etc.) that I’ve seen snippets on, and Ti and Do have given me certain insights, even waking me up to see spirits (dead humans) on a couple occasions, so it wouldn’t remain in a theorectical realm as much. (It’s always a bit theorectical as what I’m talkign about is not to be counted on 100%. Ti and Do used to say to us, their students that “this picture of reality works for now”. They would say this after presenting their student body with a new idea to consider and then days later might come back to the body and say, what they said before wasn’t 100% accurate but it worked for now. See, they weren’t trying to sound like all knowing masters as they knew they weren’t all knowing, as some would expect members from the Kingdom of God to be, another distortion. When they incarnate (soul only comes into the human environment to do an undercover task of taking over human vehicles that are asking the Kingdom of God for service or would not survive in early youth) they are then fed the data they need to do the task they were sent to do. Ti and Do often said, they dont’ know about this or that and said that there were others in the Next Level crew that they did know were doing things on the planet. However, they also said that they knew that no one else was doing their task of bringing all who want to grow up a notch in their evolution(don’t mistake the term to mean darwinist evolution as there’s much, much more to “evolution” of the physical and the mental(spiritual)than anything darwin considered) and very, very little is automatic or randommly evolves. That’s another idea the Luciferian space aliens try to trick humans into thinking, though it’s how they now think anyway as they rejected the Kingdom of God’s point of view, the limited one they had while they were working in a domestic capasity for the kingdom of God before they would have been allowed to graduate to a new physical body that is not human (nor space aliens nor reptilian, nor any animal resemblance, except for being humanoid and not just a blob of light.

Sorry I get so off subject but there is so much that is so easy to miss if I dont’ take the time to stretch it out some.

This reminds me of why the so called “occult” is a big no no for those that want to continue to be on the full membership prospect list of the Kingdom of God. It’s because it’s the nature of the tricksters and once a human experiences the tricks and even learns how to use some of them they attract space aliens and human discarnates (the space aliens that died and their spirit remained and was able to interface with humans to make them into their pawns, channelers, etc that those humans then become addicted to participating in sort of the way Paul of tarsus was shocked/tricked into service to Lucifer. He was not really to blame (though he certainly was responsible for all the believers in Jesus he had a hand in persecuting, dragging to prision or to be executed – STephen being a well documented instance).

Luciferians change things subtly, remember like a snake, slow and methodical, sly and tricky. Like take the term God. Jesus mainly spoke of his Father who art in heaven. (in this case in a near part of the sky/atmosphere in some type of spacecraft or cloaked form). The more accurate phrase that should have been used by translators in many translations should have been something along the lines of “Older member of the Kingdom of God”

Now when an Older Member is operating in the human’s environment they still operate from their own space within that 7 heaven spirit world. I don’t know if they consider their space one of those 7 heavens but according to the records it was named, Abrahams Bosum or Paradise, in Persian a “walled enclosure” where the dead were kept. So jesus was simply saying that thief on the cross that experssed belief would have his soul set aside or “saved” from a general bucket or area of the overall heaven being kept instead in the same heaven where Jesus knew he would be going until it was time to leave the Earth altogether, to “prepare a place for his new students who he anticipated would be ready to graduate upon his return, actually he and his father’s return, though named by notes in the 12 note (7 whole note) scale (see revelations “song”, Ti and Do, Father and Son). Ti and Do said that one of the ways they do things humorously is by giving humans patterns of numbers to stimulate their headbones.

Now, jumping around a great deal, it’s always easy to discard the baby with the bathwater on all this talk. For instance on the paranormal tricks and how luciferians subtly distort and in particular use of paul in doing so, as the study of the stars and the association of the stars, planets, etc with human behavioral patterns is NOT something the Kingdom of God considers to be a no no activity yet many christians will say astrology is a sin and anyone who talks about astrology is a new ager and all new age things are sinful when there are all sorts of references in the bible by Moses and jesus to the heavenly bodies. It’s like telling people that the mixing of herbs to help heal the body of certain ailments is witchcraft and demon possessed. However, even these are used by Luciferians to distract humans from the reality of the kingdom of God. Just like religions that make talking about the Kingdom of God, in the records into a profession to where the talker then even believes themselves to be special and holy or an instrument of God when they hardly say anythng God gave them to say, as the things the Kigndom of God gives humans to understand and say are always unpopular to the masses becuse the Kingdom of God doesn’t even promote human ways and that includes human families, except in the very beginning of the “taming of the human species” (I call it) evidenced in Moses work where the Kingdom of God outlined the requirements to be considered to be on one of Their crews down the road should we make it through the difficult overcoming birth canal to harvest/graduation time. Thus, “Honor your father and your mother” which I believe meant, to be honest with and to respect the experience of our parents which was the forerunner of the way we must behave towards Older Members of the Next Level if we want to be on their crew because if we can’t follow instructions then we are rebellious and frankly they don’t want crew members sitting next to them on a spacecraft that want to be creative in their approach to any task they are given. However, this does not mean new members in the level above human are to be slaves or robots. It’s that the student would want to be used as a slave instrument of the Older Member once they recognize all they are beign given by that Older Member to enable them to even have the opportunity to be on their crew, which entails seeing with one’s own eyes how great their perspective is, though they don’t beat us down with insisting we recognize Them.

To the contrary, the Older members will often, ask a crew member how they would handle such a circumstance and if the Older Member likes their response, may say, it’s a go. And at times the Older member will know that what the younger member thinks to do will not have the best result but will let they learn that for themselves if it’s not a crutial decision that would turn a viable souls eyes away from possible Kingdom of God future membership.

I know this is a tiny snapshot of the “way”(method) the “truth”(what
is real) and the life(only real future) because Do told us about how he in ways fought against Ti later recognizing that Ti would have made decisions that would have saved them a great deal of time and energy, if it were not for Do’s insistance to try his idea. After this happened over and over, Do finally began to see that Ti was seriously his elder,  his Heavenly Father.

And by the way, Ti took a female vehicle called nettles. A nettles plant sends it’s seed out like an artillery canon, unlike most other plant forms seed distribution system. And this is the role of a Father – to be the seedgiver, a Pater (greek for father is a seedgiver) who Jesus said would come with him next time and who jesus said he’s speak plainly about upon his return and who also loves us and is actually giving birth to “her” son (Jesus now last took the vehicle he called Do), which is depicted in rev. chapter 12. Ti as Nettles was an amateur astrologer, one interpretation of “clothed with the sun with the moon under her feet wearing a crown of 12 stars”. I believe that means the moon is a Next Level base of operations – remember though they are powerful souls, they operate in the physical realms using physical bodies and physical travel methods in line with the physics they created, just like humans were designed in Their likeness with physical bodies with a spirit that is the MIND content of a soul pocket/container that is gifted to everyone what really desires to know the truth and seeks it out continuously.

Now some of the greys are seen as robots because of their having a different and even absent of human organ structure. Some of these may be some of the vehicles of members of the Next Level that gave them up to do this task, namely the Older Members, Ti and Do as they had Next Level issues of what they consider to be suits of clothes and speak of their vehicles to us that way, thus “washed their robes”

Remember Do took the vehilcle applewhite – a caucasion (white) vehicle he made pure by taking it over (it didn’t live pure before the soul from the Kingdom of God took it over), but just so you all know there has not been one tiny shred of evidence or even accusation from any of the dropouts of the Heaven’s gate/HIM group from 1975 to 1997 to suggest Do was not living as pure as one could imagine by Moses and jesus standards. No other so called “cult leader” comes even close to Do’s record. So that record plus the name of the vehicle he took and what he said and how there were two that were saying virutally the same things, though in use of their own minds (as they at times had differences that the students witnesses) and the fact that Ti took the rev 12 female vehicle and was father to Do her son in Rev 12 and the fact that they were shot down in the worlds eyes in october of 1975 on the world stage on all the news channels (the public commons) and were seen as thieves (though the two charges of use of a credit card and keeping a rental car too long were both dropped) and they left their families behind and spoke of the Kingdom of God in “plain” terms,no more parables and came together in line with “where two or more are gathered…” and the name applewhite was the white horse (a term used to describe a human vehicle that the soul is the rider of) who conquers and how they taught that every student must also overcome/conquer their human nature to reap the reward of being born of spirit/soul (which was another luciferian space alien twist to get people to think by saying they are born again they are as if it was simply a casual state of mind, akin to some thinking that when you die if you’ve lived some good life you automatically go to heaven -layers of illusion, though necessary illusion to seperate the viable seeded fruit from the dead in the last day (as we speak given the conditin of the world and the presense of the space aliens claiming to be gods but in words sayign they are simply brothers, sly, shrude crimnals who have got govn’t preparign to hide, escape and try to shoot down the coming of the “new jerusalem” spacecraft that Ti is approaching with and Do is sitting on the right hand of her power. They will have their appropriate Next Level vehicles.

If you havn’t thorougly analysed my 12 part video series you are afraid of the truth because you think you will lose something by doing so and yes you will lose something. No, it doesn’t matter if you look at my stuff but it does matter that you choose not to consider Ti and Do who can hear your serious questions though there will come a time when the jig is up and there will be no more internet or way to examine this info again and many will think it was an alien invasion and will hide from Do’s face, which has already happened. He’s hard for some to watch on the video’s because he is more real and thus bizarre to all who are not, who have come to thrive on not knowing which end is up in this confusing world that is the result of the weeds finally taking over the garden as Do wrote in the May 19th, 1993 USA Today International addition 1/3 of a page ad we (the group) paid for ($30,000.00) (we had about a dozen who worked jobs in the world and they had become programmers and such so made a good wage, to support the “cult” health filled and fun lifestyle while overcoming our humanness, that I flunked out of, though perhaps will be reinstated to.)

nuf said.

Oh, L.A. – Richard – thanks for allowing my comments to be expressed. I know you don’t agree with much I say or believe about Ti and Do. You are a special person to still allow this voice to be heard. As you probably can see by now I do not profit in any way shape or form from doing this. No one will publish me and few give my a podium and if they do it is short lived. I believe Do is smiling on you for allowing this conversation/expression.”

Q&A re how fallen angels walk among us now & ti and do=second coming two witnesses father and jesus

May 11, 2011

from L.A. Marzulli’s Blog

Tee said
May 7, 2011 at 4:16 pm
ok, can anyone explain to me this? i understand that the fallen ones used to walk with us but how would a spirit aka fallen angels be able to walk with us openly? would our eyes be opened to a spiritual realm or would they somehow create a hybrid body that they could take over and use? thanks

to which sawyer responded:

All beings on earth are like leaves on a tree. Those that fell also. When we die the spirit of that leaf continues – is referred to as a spirit. They never walk with us as they did while having a physical body, but the tree produces new leaves and those new leaves are from the same vine, one that is constantly accumulating new data from each leaf that lives so each new leaf becomes an extension of all the data that has passed through that vine/branch. Also, the ones who fell impregnated women right – see genesis 6. When a male passes it’s seed to any female egg, they are passing ALL of what they had become physically and mentally up until that point of conception. Thus having fallen from God’s grace, they pass that on to their young along with why. Those children were thereby programmed to be rebellious against the Kingdom of God and even to hate or be in competition with the KIngdom of God, even thinking they were equal to the Kingdom of God and are thus God’s themselves. Hence the new age movement spoken of as “ye are gods” which was popularized in the early 70’s, a height in spiritual/new age thinking and practice in the US but common in eastern countries. There is a reason that occurred in the US as it was the forerunner to the arrival and trumphet blowing by those known as Ti and Do who did so officially and received global recognition in October of 1975.

Now a mistake many christians make is thinking that because of this “new age” trap of thinking of ourselves as gods, or children of God or God is within us,thus we are gods, christians think ALL things and all terminology that doesn’t conform to exact biblical terminology is new age and is also related to the fallen ones origin.

The fact is all things are subject to the fallen ones influnece over us but that is where it is absolutely necessary to seek, ask God with our mouth/brain, in private for help and that asking shouldn’t stop at our private prayer to God because God often uses our fellow human beings to bring us answers BUT nor should we just believe everything that comes to us as we should forever test it. Now testing it is also a continuous process. We don’t often know how to “test” something carefully. For instance if someone talks about reincarnation, we can think – oh, that’s hindu and buddhist and since it’s not a word we see in the christian or jewish bible and is new agey it must be from the fallen ones and thus is evil to my ears.

But there are many references to a “re-gen(us)-eration and when Jesus said before Abraham, He was, indicates he lived before and Jesus said to his disciples they would be back so they could be where he was going and Jesus spoke about John the Baptist being the prophesized coming of the Isiah messenger yet John the Baptist according to Jesus was not a member of the Kingdom of God as Jesus said he was the greatest human but that even the least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than john, and Jesus also said the evil and the just would be resurrected. He wasn’t saying the evil would be lifted up to the kingdom of heaven right, so resurrected must have meant something else and as we see in strongs it really meant “to stand up again” literally as from a laying down state. So Jesus was saying all would stand up again and be judged, so did he mean stand up in spirit form. Well that’s what some want us to believe which is why he said it in different ways. Back to the leaves. Every leaf “stands up for” what it has become.

So now in this “last day” (~1000 yr period) we have both a physical and a mental/spiritual/figurative “literal standing up of the leaves who stand up for what they believe and in doing so are deciding who their master is, God or Mammon. Mammon is everything human – wealth of things, body and mind(intellect)/ego) – a humans treasure while God’s people for one reason or another will not find themselves so engulfed in such human status as having all that status makes it near impossible to get out of it. The rich man could not enter the kingdom of God – why – because he would never, ever, ever change his mind about what gives him satisfaction and purpose and future and value in his and others’ mind in order to be willing to literally hook up with the soul that was Jesus (who said not to trust anyone who comes in his name(jesus), which is why pauls words are so often contrary to what Jesus said/did, because Paul was largely influenced by a fallen angel – kingdom of God never mesmerizes and gives that kind of proof to a prospective member(student) to Their family/kingdom as those who are mesmerized into service often become robots, though they will mouth some “truth” though it will be mixed with distortions, even subtle ones that today is the biggest criteria that defines most christian groups – paul’s teachings which are largly his judaic interpretation while accepting Jesus as messiah which got him persecuted and thus looked like the equivilent of the real disciples.

The fallen ones and their seed do walk among us all the time and they are on pulpits and in synagogues and mosques and churches of all the religions and they are atheistic and are spiritual teachers and gurus of the himilayan religious sects using the term god this or allah this or krishna this or buddha that or jehovah this and you know it all – just like jesus said would be the case at this time – people saying words but not understanding or seeking to understand what those words “plainly mean” as Jesus said when he came back he would no longer speak in parables but would speak plainly of the FAther (what the FAther gives him to say about the Kingdom they are from) and this has been done IF you can receive it, but don’t take my word for it – test it but test it thoroughly and test it against everything you know of the Kingdom of God’s record in the bible but if you stop at assuming the translators did it all right, then you will find things that they will say (and all the book writers that say what this and that means) negates these two witnesses from rev 11.

But this is why I’ve constructed a 12 part video series that just touches the surface of these two members (christs) from the kingdom of God who came in 1973 and left in 1997 but who maintain a presense to date, and for a short time longer. Some christians are examinging ti and do and some have got down on their hands and knees and asked God what the truth is and have been shown some things 99% probably will never accept as it’s certainly a huge step to begin to accept. Scrutinize Ti and Do’s every word and action. Compare what they said/did against all Jesus said and did and all moses said and did (which is hard to find that much detail but since I was with them for 19 years if you ask I’ll try to give you what might answer your question) but if you don’t try and open up to considering because of beign brainwashed into thinking jesus couldn’t/wouldnt’ come and be called a dangerous cult again then look at jesus again and again and again to see that he must be seen as a dangerous cult. NO one of the heaven’s gate group who laid down their lives for the one called jesus then, but Do now were tricked or led astray and I can prove it. The question is who will be brave enough and trusting enough of God to put it to a thorough test BEFORE deciding one way or the other.

That will be your judgement, your decision and God allows everyone the free will to choose but this is not to be taken lightly or frivilously.

The space aliens are looking to keep even the elect from seeing the true nature of the kingdom of god and they create facsimili’s of what they have experience knowing is a general way of the kingdom of god, thus all kinds of luciferian influneces cults came to the fore in the 60’s and 70’s, again right before ti and do came public in the common square of the public media and were shot down as frauds and thieves but who “stood up” again on their feet and continued their task of eventually ascending into the heaven when the hale bopp comet showed the timing for them to exit their physical containers to allow their souls to be born, a real spirit/soul birth, not a christain make believe born again and anybody and their broher think is as easy as mouthing some words and trying to be a better person.  Ovecoming is tough work and works are needed as the kingdom of God doesn’t need people to sit around and bow to them all day. That’s part of the luciferan disinformation.

It’s not anyone’s fault for believing any of this UNTIL they’ve had a chance to see through it which is NOW! Give it your best.

Roswell alien grey = fallen angels WERE domesticated human serving Ti and Do’s Evolutionary Level Above Human aka Kingdom of God

May 7, 2011

Here is a post about the Roswell grays and my comment below it:

First off, I agree with your evaluation that these space aliens are “fallen angels” of old. This is what Do of Ti and Do, the Two Witnesses said that I believe in the last few weeks I have understood more of what that actually means. The Kingdom of God provides stages of schooling for the souls they plant in human vehicles. (Yes, implants but not to be confused with alien and human implants as aliens and humans(influenced by aliens know it or not) always seek technologies they can use to accomplish what they know is possible because they had experience with members of the Kingdom of God when they were enlisted as “angels”, (messenger and watcher tasks). Before these were fallen, they had joined with an Older Member (Moses, Jesus) while having a human body like all of us (though goes back to previous Earth civiliztions and civilization equivilents on other planets that served as “gardens” for the Kingdom of God that is many membered and whose membership also use physical bodies, though ones that do not decay and die as human level bodies do). Thus personalities, humans groomed genetically to receive the higher more evolved mind(soul) from the Kingdom of God, periodically perform the task of taking a group of souls though their next most appropriate stage in their process towards a genuine “spirit/soul/mind BIRTH” and in the process also influneces and stimulates ALL grades in school to have a potential advance so they can be brought back (resurrected=stand up again) at the next time such an Older Member from the Kingdom of God incarnates.

Now one of the last stages in this evolutionary design that is not at all automatic but absolutely requires an Older Member from the Kingdom of God, what Ti and Do called the Evolutionary Level Above Human, is to assign some who make it through all the preliminary schooling/task assignments, learning the ways of behavior and high crew minded standards, is to at the death of their human vehicle(body) give them a new body that is still biologically human kingdom appropriate. In other words this would be a body that can still function in a human capasity which would include reproducing, though often their organs are atrophied from lack of use. (not really atrophied but designed/grown developed in such a way that has deemphasized their human sexuality thus appendages, what Ti and Do called “plumbing” is less robust, simply smaller, less like horses, bulls, etc, which also means less preoccupied with sexuality and reproduction because that is one of the characteristics all must outgrow while in the human school, the reason for all the preliminary to outgrowing/overcoming them in the Mosaic laws and the seriousness of the ramifications of breaking the rules. Following instructions is a big lesson toward crew mindedness.

At the same time the Kingdom of God can also do things to human vehicles that can extend their life indefinitely. REmember the tree of life, which is part of what aliens and human counterparts are feverantly looking to discover, though even they were able, the Kingdom of God would clear the screen before they did which would bring the civilization back to the stone ages technologically, which is about to occur when the mountain falls into the sea.

When that occurs all the coastal areas will be seriously flooded leaving some of the high areas the only land masses to survive, though will also stimulate further internal upheaval that will also devastate certain mountain areas and at this time is when the Kingdom of God will appear again. Jesus was actually describing more than one return. The first is a gathering of all souls by the angels from all over the planet. That took place and was called the United States melting pot.  Then the one called Jesus surfaced (blew the trumphet – announced his arrival for all to hear but that only his sheep would respond to because they were in that grade in school to be close to graduation/ 1st harvest)) with his Father (Ti) as prophesized and scripturally partially documented in my 3spm video’s.

After they left in 1997 as the Heaven’s gate cult, following an internationally recognized event they had to make public so it could not be ignored by the media, called a mass cult suicide (that the space aliens and their human pawns tried to second guess the timing of by staging their own mass suicides that were really a mix of coaxed suicide and outright murder, as opposed to the Heaven’s gate group that differred in many, many, many essential ways – clearly leaving lots of evidence that it truely was their free will to as Jesus said, “lay down one’s life for ones brother/Father) as Jesus demonstrated and said his disciples must drink the same cup of – suffer the wrath of all those who hate any hint of the Kingdom of God’s reality and thrive on keeping their spiriutal and religious status.

It was during the tasks that these students in a last stage of graduating to a ABove Human kingdom still had choice to fall. (remember how paul spoke about the kingdom of God’s flesh bodies being a differnet type of flesh and that it was incorruptible – that meant that is was not HUMAN but not to be confused with alien. Aliens still have corruptible flesh. It dies outside a human envioronment, without food and reproduces like a human, whether in a test tube or not, needs sperm and egg to create a new baby vehicle. To the Evolutionary Level Above Human, to fall back to human behavior is corruption so they will not give a soul a new body from their stock, one that is no longer corruptible unless that soul has proved by many times they can maintain incorruptability by will power to keep the human puppy behaving – not giving into sexuality any more.

So this last stage towards a graduation and receipt of an incorruptible non human type flesh vehicle is having a close relationship with Next Level Older Members doing Next Level type tasks (observign and delivering messages to humans) but to where they can still choose to “fall” from that task position, which some often do.

Now when they fall, according to their task, they have the transporation and some of the facilities the Kingdom of God employs to do their gardening task that includes transportation aka UFO. When they fall they generally go back to human behavior thought they can’t exactly walk among all humans unless humans are prepared to receive them, so they want the govn’t to continue to prepare huamns for them, but govn’t don’t trust them, except for those in govn’t (power structures) who have become their diplomats – contactees, and some who consider themselves spiritual heirarchy but who are also comprised of scientists, etc.

These fallen have devloped their own seed strain of human and have also engaged in hybridization experiements with humans and their seed.

Remember the serpent with adam and eve had SEED too. It wasn’t theorectical alone. These were the fallen once “sons of God” in genesis 6.

As they fell out of the Next Level’s program they made the Next Level their enemy and so they seek to steal souls from the Next Level’s school room. They can not plant souls but only souls can offer them the kind of longevity they need/want so they can extend their own lives and that of their seed.

Space Aliens,use humans for technology development touting New Age Environmental Spiritual anti-Creator Illusions

May 5, 2011

Space Aliens,use humans for technology development touting New Age Environmental Spiritual anti-Creator Illusions

Dr. Carol Rosin, speaks in this video clip from the May 19th 2007 National Press club event in Washington DC, called the “Disclosure Project” created by Dr. Steven Greer. It’s very interesting how Carol Rosin puts forth her beliefs surrounding global warming solutions and befriending alien cultures to have peace and heaven on earth. I can’t blame her or anyone else from wanting these things. After all, humans certainly have dumped tons of toxins into the Earth’s environment and is certainly responsible for cancers and many disease forms. And humans have certainly wared one with another over resources and have built up threats to have their way with weapons development to where the US and other allies are using nukes and other weaponry right and left to put down anyone that either gets in their way or whom they can profit buy.

What Carol doesn’t know is that she too is being significantly influnced by space aliens as none will ever talk about the creators of the planet. These are often new age spiritual people, having long seen through all the religions but pull from them in their regular practice – mediations, chanting, kirtans, etc. and talk of a universal mind or cosmic consciousness, the same talk among some space aliens groups as revealed though contactees like Rael, Icke, Alex Collier, Billy Meyer, etc. They are all space alien diplomats trying to win certain humans to their “church group” while thinking they are more evolved than all the rest so must lead the saving of the planet.

If it was not for one huge aspect these would all be in exactly the best place they could be in from the perspective of the creator kingdom’s crew. If they were willing to consider that there is in fact a creator crew of real people who are “above human” the same way human is above animal and animal is above plant and that what consitutes religions are the result of humans distorting what they didn’t understand very well when members of that above human kingdom literally came into the Earth’s environment in an undercover way. That undercover way is in an unseen form, the form of souls. A soul is an actual frequency based object, a container that consists of programs that provide interface with their programming originators, in this case the creators of the planet and all it’s life and systems, (though space aliens who dropped out of the creator crews program in a previous civilization and/or on earth who are thus termed Luciferian, a renegade from creator designation) to where they might make application to membership in this Level Above Human. The record books record these undercover workers as Enoch, Moses, Elijah, Jesus and of late The TWO, aka The UFO TWO, aka Bo and Peep, aka the Revelations 11 Two Witnesses, (Father and Son so called second coming, but really at least their 6th coming) and most recently identified as Ti and Do, the song/notes only their believers can learn to sing, the Revelations 6 White Horse (Do who took the human vehicle named “apple white” to fulfill that prophecy and Ti the Revelations 12 Woman who give birth to the Son(Do/aka Jesus). These fulfill all prophecy. Prophecy is not mystical. It’s simply the Next Level providing a blueprint that they can use to manufacture in the future to help some over the difficult hump of belief in what otherwise is unbelievable. And they are so skilled in prophecy creation that they can use the same prophecy to related to several human grades in the Earth school they nuture souls they planted within.

I found this video and responded below to one commenter in particular but first here is the video:



Rosin also? consulted for Disney, GE (CFR), IBM (CFR).

ICIS Board of Directors and Advisors:

Edgar Mitchell – NASA astronaut, DeMolay International (Templars), Carnegie Institute, mystic, UN supporter (Parliamentary Assembly)

Dr. Brian O’Leary – NASA astronaut, intel operative, Fyndhorn Foundation speaker (UN New Agers)

Arthur C. Clarke – Commander of the Order of the British Empire, knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, UNESCO (UN) Kalinga Prize winner

NWO likely…

00RoninSamurai00 1 month ago 5 
Consider your sources, folks.

Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS):

Carol Rosin, Co-Founder – consultant to intelligence community, spokesperson for Nazi Project Paperclip scientist Wernher von Braun

Alfred Webre,? Co-Founder – Yale grad, Ford Foundation consultant (Re: Reece Commission), New Age (Re: Blavatsky) broadcaster

00RoninSamurai00 1 month ago 5 

Sawyer’s comments below:

@00RoninSamurai00 Lots more to this than anyone really considers. Many space aliens themselves want to promote the idea of a need for space based weapons. They also have ways of transmitting thought forms to influence key? humans to believe in them and believe in aspects of their agenda. These are the same space aliens that wanted Hitler to advance their technology. Why? Some of the space aliens have said through contactees like alex collier that there is a race headed here to destroy us all.

@00RoninSamurai00 Also…the space aliens are the ones that desperatly want to hault the global warming & they believe humans are it’s cause OR want humans to believe it…why, because they want there to be lots of reasons? to go nuclear. Nuclear packs a punch no other energy form has and even the spent fuel has lots of appications for weapons, etc. But essentiall for energy for their space crafts as they lack the element they had access to or the way to build it, thus particle accellerators.

3spm 26 minutes ago

@00RoninSamurai00 The space aliens NEED human DNA and NEED certain Earth elements for their own survival and they NEED the? human technology systems to harvest and experiment with their usage. They NEED energy systems for their underground bases that are largely accessed via seas because those lands were once above water until the last time the earth was refurbished, a previous civilization that was moreorless wiped out but that certain evidences keep showing up.

3spm 22 minutes ago

@00RoninSamurai00 Some of the Space Aliens were simply humans who developed space travel, etc in a previous civilization on Earth, who sought other planets in our solar system to try to mine and build bases upon, looking for elements found on some of the crashed spacecrafts they were given. Most of the crashes were not because of human radar systems as reported. Some were intended. Some aliens were entering a training program to gain membership in an? “above human” group that creates planets.

3spm 16 minutes ago

All space aliens are human eqivilents. However, they don’t all know one another. Some have allegiences. Among them there are rumors of the arrival of yet this “other” group who come to instigate a planetary cleanup. They see these as robots beause their bodies are not human though are still biological but plant based which they don’t understand though they seek to manufacture & prompt humans into genetic engineering,? cloning and hybridization programs. Remember Hitler. His programs still exist.

3spm 9 minutes ago

Humans left alone would never come up with all this technology. It’s development is? instigatged by space aliens who had it so know what’s possible thus push those inclined to search and experiment to find and use elements in certain ways. The space aliens are very limited as well as they did not create any of the elements from scratch nor the planets nor the suns nor any of what we call nature, including the entire genetic code and quantum physicaly systems. They simply learn to work with them.

3spm 5 minutes ago

The space aliens promote peace on earth at the same time as wanting technologies, elements and dna and human services. They know humans at war put? more funds into technologies but know humans want peace so they promote both fostering humans to see other humans as their enemies. Now they talk about good and bad aliens. Anyone against the illusions they put forth are counted as enemies. The creator crew (not religious at all) are their enemies as their arrival will cease their operations.

3spm 5 seconds ago