Space Aliens,use humans for technology development touting New Age Environmental Spiritual anti-Creator Illusions

Space Aliens,use humans for technology development touting New Age Environmental Spiritual anti-Creator Illusions

Dr. Carol Rosin, speaks in this video clip from the May 19th 2007 National Press club event in Washington DC, called the “Disclosure Project” created by Dr. Steven Greer. It’s very interesting how Carol Rosin puts forth her beliefs surrounding global warming solutions and befriending alien cultures to have peace and heaven on earth. I can’t blame her or anyone else from wanting these things. After all, humans certainly have dumped tons of toxins into the Earth’s environment and is certainly responsible for cancers and many disease forms. And humans have certainly wared one with another over resources and have built up threats to have their way with weapons development to where the US and other allies are using nukes and other weaponry right and left to put down anyone that either gets in their way or whom they can profit buy.

What Carol doesn’t know is that she too is being significantly influnced by space aliens as none will ever talk about the creators of the planet. These are often new age spiritual people, having long seen through all the religions but pull from them in their regular practice – mediations, chanting, kirtans, etc. and talk of a universal mind or cosmic consciousness, the same talk among some space aliens groups as revealed though contactees like Rael, Icke, Alex Collier, Billy Meyer, etc. They are all space alien diplomats trying to win certain humans to their “church group” while thinking they are more evolved than all the rest so must lead the saving of the planet.

If it was not for one huge aspect these would all be in exactly the best place they could be in from the perspective of the creator kingdom’s crew. If they were willing to consider that there is in fact a creator crew of real people who are “above human” the same way human is above animal and animal is above plant and that what consitutes religions are the result of humans distorting what they didn’t understand very well when members of that above human kingdom literally came into the Earth’s environment in an undercover way. That undercover way is in an unseen form, the form of souls. A soul is an actual frequency based object, a container that consists of programs that provide interface with their programming originators, in this case the creators of the planet and all it’s life and systems, (though space aliens who dropped out of the creator crews program in a previous civilization and/or on earth who are thus termed Luciferian, a renegade from creator designation) to where they might make application to membership in this Level Above Human. The record books record these undercover workers as Enoch, Moses, Elijah, Jesus and of late The TWO, aka The UFO TWO, aka Bo and Peep, aka the Revelations 11 Two Witnesses, (Father and Son so called second coming, but really at least their 6th coming) and most recently identified as Ti and Do, the song/notes only their believers can learn to sing, the Revelations 6 White Horse (Do who took the human vehicle named “apple white” to fulfill that prophecy and Ti the Revelations 12 Woman who give birth to the Son(Do/aka Jesus). These fulfill all prophecy. Prophecy is not mystical. It’s simply the Next Level providing a blueprint that they can use to manufacture in the future to help some over the difficult hump of belief in what otherwise is unbelievable. And they are so skilled in prophecy creation that they can use the same prophecy to related to several human grades in the Earth school they nuture souls they planted within.

I found this video and responded below to one commenter in particular but first here is the video:



Rosin also? consulted for Disney, GE (CFR), IBM (CFR).

ICIS Board of Directors and Advisors:

Edgar Mitchell – NASA astronaut, DeMolay International (Templars), Carnegie Institute, mystic, UN supporter (Parliamentary Assembly)

Dr. Brian O’Leary – NASA astronaut, intel operative, Fyndhorn Foundation speaker (UN New Agers)

Arthur C. Clarke – Commander of the Order of the British Empire, knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, UNESCO (UN) Kalinga Prize winner

NWO likely…

00RoninSamurai00 1 month ago 5 
Consider your sources, folks.

Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS):

Carol Rosin, Co-Founder – consultant to intelligence community, spokesperson for Nazi Project Paperclip scientist Wernher von Braun

Alfred Webre,? Co-Founder – Yale grad, Ford Foundation consultant (Re: Reece Commission), New Age (Re: Blavatsky) broadcaster

00RoninSamurai00 1 month ago 5 

Sawyer’s comments below:

@00RoninSamurai00 Lots more to this than anyone really considers. Many space aliens themselves want to promote the idea of a need for space based weapons. They also have ways of transmitting thought forms to influence key? humans to believe in them and believe in aspects of their agenda. These are the same space aliens that wanted Hitler to advance their technology. Why? Some of the space aliens have said through contactees like alex collier that there is a race headed here to destroy us all.

@00RoninSamurai00 Also…the space aliens are the ones that desperatly want to hault the global warming & they believe humans are it’s cause OR want humans to believe it…why, because they want there to be lots of reasons? to go nuclear. Nuclear packs a punch no other energy form has and even the spent fuel has lots of appications for weapons, etc. But essentiall for energy for their space crafts as they lack the element they had access to or the way to build it, thus particle accellerators.

3spm 26 minutes ago

@00RoninSamurai00 The space aliens NEED human DNA and NEED certain Earth elements for their own survival and they NEED the? human technology systems to harvest and experiment with their usage. They NEED energy systems for their underground bases that are largely accessed via seas because those lands were once above water until the last time the earth was refurbished, a previous civilization that was moreorless wiped out but that certain evidences keep showing up.

3spm 22 minutes ago

@00RoninSamurai00 Some of the Space Aliens were simply humans who developed space travel, etc in a previous civilization on Earth, who sought other planets in our solar system to try to mine and build bases upon, looking for elements found on some of the crashed spacecrafts they were given. Most of the crashes were not because of human radar systems as reported. Some were intended. Some aliens were entering a training program to gain membership in an? “above human” group that creates planets.

3spm 16 minutes ago

All space aliens are human eqivilents. However, they don’t all know one another. Some have allegiences. Among them there are rumors of the arrival of yet this “other” group who come to instigate a planetary cleanup. They see these as robots beause their bodies are not human though are still biological but plant based which they don’t understand though they seek to manufacture & prompt humans into genetic engineering,? cloning and hybridization programs. Remember Hitler. His programs still exist.

3spm 9 minutes ago

Humans left alone would never come up with all this technology. It’s development is? instigatged by space aliens who had it so know what’s possible thus push those inclined to search and experiment to find and use elements in certain ways. The space aliens are very limited as well as they did not create any of the elements from scratch nor the planets nor the suns nor any of what we call nature, including the entire genetic code and quantum physicaly systems. They simply learn to work with them.

3spm 5 minutes ago

The space aliens promote peace on earth at the same time as wanting technologies, elements and dna and human services. They know humans at war put? more funds into technologies but know humans want peace so they promote both fostering humans to see other humans as their enemies. Now they talk about good and bad aliens. Anyone against the illusions they put forth are counted as enemies. The creator crew (not religious at all) are their enemies as their arrival will cease their operations.

3spm 5 seconds ago

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