Roswell alien grey = fallen angels WERE domesticated human serving Ti and Do’s Evolutionary Level Above Human aka Kingdom of God

Here is a post about the Roswell grays and my comment below it:

First off, I agree with your evaluation that these space aliens are “fallen angels” of old. This is what Do of Ti and Do, the Two Witnesses said that I believe in the last few weeks I have understood more of what that actually means. The Kingdom of God provides stages of schooling for the souls they plant in human vehicles. (Yes, implants but not to be confused with alien and human implants as aliens and humans(influenced by aliens know it or not) always seek technologies they can use to accomplish what they know is possible because they had experience with members of the Kingdom of God when they were enlisted as “angels”, (messenger and watcher tasks). Before these were fallen, they had joined with an Older Member (Moses, Jesus) while having a human body like all of us (though goes back to previous Earth civiliztions and civilization equivilents on other planets that served as “gardens” for the Kingdom of God that is many membered and whose membership also use physical bodies, though ones that do not decay and die as human level bodies do). Thus personalities, humans groomed genetically to receive the higher more evolved mind(soul) from the Kingdom of God, periodically perform the task of taking a group of souls though their next most appropriate stage in their process towards a genuine “spirit/soul/mind BIRTH” and in the process also influneces and stimulates ALL grades in school to have a potential advance so they can be brought back (resurrected=stand up again) at the next time such an Older Member from the Kingdom of God incarnates.

Now one of the last stages in this evolutionary design that is not at all automatic but absolutely requires an Older Member from the Kingdom of God, what Ti and Do called the Evolutionary Level Above Human, is to assign some who make it through all the preliminary schooling/task assignments, learning the ways of behavior and high crew minded standards, is to at the death of their human vehicle(body) give them a new body that is still biologically human kingdom appropriate. In other words this would be a body that can still function in a human capasity which would include reproducing, though often their organs are atrophied from lack of use. (not really atrophied but designed/grown developed in such a way that has deemphasized their human sexuality thus appendages, what Ti and Do called “plumbing” is less robust, simply smaller, less like horses, bulls, etc, which also means less preoccupied with sexuality and reproduction because that is one of the characteristics all must outgrow while in the human school, the reason for all the preliminary to outgrowing/overcoming them in the Mosaic laws and the seriousness of the ramifications of breaking the rules. Following instructions is a big lesson toward crew mindedness.

At the same time the Kingdom of God can also do things to human vehicles that can extend their life indefinitely. REmember the tree of life, which is part of what aliens and human counterparts are feverantly looking to discover, though even they were able, the Kingdom of God would clear the screen before they did which would bring the civilization back to the stone ages technologically, which is about to occur when the mountain falls into the sea.

When that occurs all the coastal areas will be seriously flooded leaving some of the high areas the only land masses to survive, though will also stimulate further internal upheaval that will also devastate certain mountain areas and at this time is when the Kingdom of God will appear again. Jesus was actually describing more than one return. The first is a gathering of all souls by the angels from all over the planet. That took place and was called the United States melting pot.  Then the one called Jesus surfaced (blew the trumphet – announced his arrival for all to hear but that only his sheep would respond to because they were in that grade in school to be close to graduation/ 1st harvest)) with his Father (Ti) as prophesized and scripturally partially documented in my 3spm video’s.

After they left in 1997 as the Heaven’s gate cult, following an internationally recognized event they had to make public so it could not be ignored by the media, called a mass cult suicide (that the space aliens and their human pawns tried to second guess the timing of by staging their own mass suicides that were really a mix of coaxed suicide and outright murder, as opposed to the Heaven’s gate group that differred in many, many, many essential ways – clearly leaving lots of evidence that it truely was their free will to as Jesus said, “lay down one’s life for ones brother/Father) as Jesus demonstrated and said his disciples must drink the same cup of – suffer the wrath of all those who hate any hint of the Kingdom of God’s reality and thrive on keeping their spiriutal and religious status.

It was during the tasks that these students in a last stage of graduating to a ABove Human kingdom still had choice to fall. (remember how paul spoke about the kingdom of God’s flesh bodies being a differnet type of flesh and that it was incorruptible – that meant that is was not HUMAN but not to be confused with alien. Aliens still have corruptible flesh. It dies outside a human envioronment, without food and reproduces like a human, whether in a test tube or not, needs sperm and egg to create a new baby vehicle. To the Evolutionary Level Above Human, to fall back to human behavior is corruption so they will not give a soul a new body from their stock, one that is no longer corruptible unless that soul has proved by many times they can maintain incorruptability by will power to keep the human puppy behaving – not giving into sexuality any more.

So this last stage towards a graduation and receipt of an incorruptible non human type flesh vehicle is having a close relationship with Next Level Older Members doing Next Level type tasks (observign and delivering messages to humans) but to where they can still choose to “fall” from that task position, which some often do.

Now when they fall, according to their task, they have the transporation and some of the facilities the Kingdom of God employs to do their gardening task that includes transportation aka UFO. When they fall they generally go back to human behavior thought they can’t exactly walk among all humans unless humans are prepared to receive them, so they want the govn’t to continue to prepare huamns for them, but govn’t don’t trust them, except for those in govn’t (power structures) who have become their diplomats – contactees, and some who consider themselves spiritual heirarchy but who are also comprised of scientists, etc.

These fallen have devloped their own seed strain of human and have also engaged in hybridization experiements with humans and their seed.

Remember the serpent with adam and eve had SEED too. It wasn’t theorectical alone. These were the fallen once “sons of God” in genesis 6.

As they fell out of the Next Level’s program they made the Next Level their enemy and so they seek to steal souls from the Next Level’s school room. They can not plant souls but only souls can offer them the kind of longevity they need/want so they can extend their own lives and that of their seed.

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