Sawyer’s dream of May 15, 2011 with Srrody and Tllody Heaven’s Gate Revelations Two Witness Ti(Father) and Do(Jesus) graduates

Sawyer’s dream of May 15, 2011 with Srrody and Tllody Heaven’s Gate Revelations Two Witness Ti(Father) and Do(Jesus) graduates:

Srrody and Tllody and I(Sawyer) were there. Tllody told me my (new) name: Stvoditz (or something like that) and was adding my name to a list that as far as I could see was about 30 names long, though I had no idea what the list represented. (For sake of reference Srrody was a classmate that joined with Ti and Do from Nashville area in 1976 and in the late 80’s until I left the class in 1994 he was my most consistant partner as Ti and Do always had us assigned to partners, though in any given day depending on our tasks we might have different task partners, though mostly our main partner was the one we did most tasks with. Tllody was named Tllody because of his very tall vehicle – 6’5″ and it was he that I believe might have been in a previous dream to where I thought I’d be leaving (exiting my vehicle) that seems to have been updated by Do in another dream thereafter when Do said to me, “I can use you”. Both Srrody and Tllody were among the 38 who exited their physical vehicles intentionally and voluntary in March of 1997 as part of what at that time was thought of by the media as the Heaven’s Gate group, reported as “cult” (and not denied by the group that they were a “cult” by most human definitions though they hardly resembled ANY of the other “cults”, which we called “sub cultures” (that Jesus certainly was in his time as well) and that we joked about as we’re being the “cult of cults” which was certainly proven by the extent to which the group was willing to go to overcome/conquer their human condition to the agast of all who viewed it internationally). Srrody seemed to be explaining some things to me but I don’t recall any details or senses. It was like a briefing simply saying they had ongoing operations in our area that had to do with the follow up to the 1st class graduation, what is called in the book of revelations as the 1st harvest of the souls that had conquered their humanness having washed their robes (physical bodies) of human needs(enough) and desires (mentally and physically)(enough) and followed the one do demonstrated the sacrifice of their physical being before and to date, named Jesus before and Do this time around and they had learned the “song” which is titled “Ti and Do” as the notes of the scale that one brings about the next octave in the other. (Ti is the top of the octave, the highest member of that octave and through Ti’s effort carries(gives birth to, as in Rev. 12) to the start of a new octave for the one represented by the name Do and all his/their liter of souls ready for spirit birth – exiting the physical body by their own free will, though in times past they were forced/violently from their physcial bodies (during the time after jesus left) because they were willing to go the distance in witnessing to the reality of the Kingdom of God they experienced and believed in, even to their death, that is always so hated by all the status quo religious and athesitic and spiritualistic, thus some ~99.9% of the people.

In another scene I believe I was in or viewing a city area and Srrody indicated/showed me approximately where “They”(their crew, (maybe where we were at the moment actually) were, on the right side of the street in the third building in a small row of city like connected storefronts (not houses). Interestingly at that point I saw the face of someone I feel my vehicle knows whom I won’t mention any more detail of at this time as it’s not clear to me who it was, but this person appeared to be in a female vehicle with shoulder length or a bit longer blackish/brownish a wavyish hair and she had a darkish complextion but appeared generally caucasion. Her face was fullish, as opposed to gaunt as some have described my face on the public interviews I was given (NY Post, I believe said that of me, or maybe it was Time or Newsweek magazines all in and around April of 1997 when I went public after the group left their vehicles in the public square, before all to see to “stand up again” (in spirit) in the Kingdom, a Resurrection to Life, (not the same type of resurrection Jesus demonstrated where he kept his existing vehicle as that was for the reason of offerring proof to his disciples who at that time were still young in their faith and needed that boost, a boost that is not permitted at graduation time otherwise students will be motivated too much by such an event.  I say this only because of a dream this person had shared with me right after the 9/11 attack on the world trade center in NYC where she said, in her dream she was there in NYC in the downtown area and was aware of what she called a big monster attacking the city to which she was afraid and that her dad was there too and he was also afraid and she pulled her dad into a storefront of some sort where she at some point went into a passageway (without her dad if I recall correctly) and saw people that she described as having no faces but that she felt safe with and it was a very mystical/special kind of experience and she knew she was safe.

I only mention this in case there is a correlation with these buildings, this location for members of the Next Level (aka Evolutionary Level Above Human; Level Above Human; Kingdom of God; Kingdom of Heaven) working in some cloaked/unseen capacity. Ti and Do had said long ago that many times where the Next Level is most located physically often becomes like a portal that humans and space aliens gravitate to and can also become very successful in human terms thus the world trade center and all the financial power such represents and the attraction by those that hate what the US represents around the world as a target. Ti and Do said this about Houston. They did try to go to NYC at one point but couldn’t/weren’t supposed to be there as that was not a focal point for their mission of finding and taking the classroom of graduate souls out of their human family to begin a new membership in their above human family.

Then we were aware of someone that was shooting off large (maybe about 6 foot long by 4-6″ diameter) home made black pipe missles/rockets. The sense I had re: whoever was shooting off these roctets was that they were testing rocketry as part of wanting to design a rocket that could go into space, which was not associated with a corporate, military or governmental program, thus a rouge and very dangerous to the public of course. I thought of the area in which this was happening as NYC and also thought of the effort as being Luciferian stimulated – influencing humans to take desperate measures however impractical or dangerous to others to get off the earth as Lucifer and other fallen “angels” very strongly desire, according to Ti and Do, as these Luciferians, the ones who are discarnate and/or part of the way Luciferian space aliens who have physical bodies, according to Ti and Do have ways to send humans thoughts/ideas/direction according to their desired agenda but the way in which they transmit such thoughts, probably the way humans do so over phone wires and to date wireless transmissions, are not always target specific. In other words, they shower areas with such thoughts projections, thus anyone who is of a mind to be driven to enact the intended result could feel driven to do so in whatever way or means they have at their disposal. (I’m well aware at this time in 2011 that there are plenty of multi-national govn’t space agency and military programs that shoot rockets into space (US, EU, England, France, India, China, Japan, Israel (and perhaps soon Iran and others) though few are manned and none are permanently finding a suitible life anywhere in space except ever so briefly on board the international space station). In the dream though I remember hearing these pipe rockets going off and felt we needed to brace for where they would go as they were dangerously out of control and potentially causing damage, injury and death. But I had no sense of the name of anyone nor an exact location for their origin nor their motive (beyond what I’ve stated).

I know there was more to this dream and after I layed in bed awakened by it’s calm intensity that is always associated with dreams with Next Level members I saw it was about 4:45am that Sunday morning of May 15, 2011.

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4 Responses to “Sawyer’s dream of May 15, 2011 with Srrody and Tllody Heaven’s Gate Revelations Two Witness Ti(Father) and Do(Jesus) graduates”

  1. Elliott Says:

    I know this is an older post, but I still find it relevant. I’ve reached out to the reps of the Heavens Gate website regarding this topic but I was curious to get your perspective I supposed. What would you make of someone who was never in the class having dreams where members of the class are present and speaking to them in the dream? Also, another question off topic, do you happen to know what would happen if ones vehicle became sick with a cold or some other type of illness where medicine or prescriptions might have been required? Would they pursue medical assistance for their vehicle or follow another protocol?

    • sawyer Says:

      We are not to trust dreams as they can be used by the lower forces and by the Next Level. The dreams I had were not telling me to do things or not do things, nor giving me new information. And I have had them with classmates and/or with Ti and/with DO, both in circumstances I believed were them and in others that weren’t, but there is no formula to decipher this. This could sound elitist but it’s really not but it’s a fact that some individuals did have a personal relationship with these individuals in the class. If one did not, what reason would the Next Level have to relate to them using dreams. If someone asked classmates for help, they are bypassing the Older Members so the Next Level is not going to fortify our doing that. If we ask questions to Ti and/or DO, dreams are possible but I would doubt they would directly answer a question when we have to work for our answers. We need to research what Ti and Do taught to see if they can answer a question. If it worked to give us lessons via dreams they wouldn’t have come incarnate (I recall their saying). That doesn’t mean Do might not give certain ones some recognition of him in a dream. Another clue is in what is said or demonstrated in a dream. It would have to be something the Next Level taught. So the Next Level, we were told does work with their students through their dream time sometimes but it’s not going to be with giving new instructions or teaching things different than what Ti and Do taught.

      Ti and Do had us use doctors at times and over the counter products at times and prescriptions at times and surgeries, etc. at times – so yes they would have us seek medical assistance for their vehicle. We also had alternative approaches, like homeopathic remedies at times, reflexology, fasting, cleansing diets, vitamins, herbs and herb teas, coffee enema’s, etc, while all these things can also be misused and abused, case by case. They left us with the book, The Transfiguration Diet. There is a value to using food as our medicine.

      • Elliott Says:

        Thank you so much for responding. After reading your response I have a bit more clarity around the dream thing. What is most confusing for me is why Srrody of all members. I have asked the Next Level for guidance and to watch over me, never specifying who I was asking for. It is always the Next Level as a whole. It makes sense to me that I might be guided in ways to control the desires of my flesh vehicle, as I struggle with this.

        In terms of the secondary respond to my second question regarding medical intervention for the vehicle, thank you for that as well. What herbs and medicines for homeopathy were approved by the Next Level? Also, did the glass have a particular stance on vegetarianism/veganism? I ask because you shared with me that diet was a big part of taking care of the vehicle. Thank you again for responding to the original questions.

  2. sawyer Says:

    Elliott: I don’t know why you had a dream with srrody in it. Perhaps you read about him as the first one to have the castration procedure. I suggest just logging it but be suspect of more such dreams. I found Next Level dreams to each leave a simple clear message that is 100% consistent with what they taught but doesn’t direct you in any way. I would’t trust them.

    I think it’s important for anyone who believes in Ti and Do to address them with those names as their being in the deep heavens.

    I can’t say any specifics as to which homeopathic remedies some used, that is if I even remember that correctly. I’ve used homeopathic remedies at times with clear success but I can’t point to Ti and Do’s approval of such.

    In the Transfiguration Diet book Do and crew published that may still be able to be found at an affordable price, as Do sold it soon after it was published it lists two books:

    Dr. John R. Christopher’s Three-Day Cleansing Program, Mucusless Diet, and Herbal Combinations.

    and the other:

    Mucusless-Diet Healing System by Prof. Arnold Ehret.

    These are mostly vegan dietary routines having no flesh foods or their byproducts – dairy, eggs, etc.

    It’s good to transition to this kind of diet so not to stimulate too much cleansing too fast.

    It’s basically raw fruits, raw and/or slow cooked vegetables, potatoes, etc. nuts and seeds as nut butters keeping with food combining rules and keeping simple so not too many all at once. Like 4-5 veggie options per salad.

    If you cant’ find Transfiguration Diet then the other two would give you the basics but I’d look for them.

    But changing diets was also found to be beneficial and having occasional “cheats” and using supplements like Cayenne Pepper and Apple cider vinegar, molasses were included in the Transfiguration diet that I used a great deal of to eliminate my Lymes disease..

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