Camping is publically acting Anti-Christ as are most Christians

Here’s Campings next prediction, leading people around by the tail. He has no idea how he’s being use by the Luciferian space aliens yet the Next Level is using it to their advantage as many people see though him yet are not ready to throw away our recognition of what Jesus said and how this planet was orchestrated to be a garden by the creator crew.

So I encouage every believer in Ti and Do to whatever degree to learn to talk the chrsitian language and construct a document that is the scriptural evidence of what any Jesus return must look like and then show how Ti and Do fullfilled that – by thought, word and deed and also fulfilled all of the Revelations prophesies both literally and figuratively, though there are still some to come. For anyone not willing to look at Ti and Do that is their choice and they are therefore judging themselves as not interested or in allegience to another.

You can show them how many ways of  jesus most christians are being led to act against. Take public prayer for example. Jesus was against it, thus to be for it or to participate in it, is against Jesus advise. Jesus did not say it was wrong to pray for someone, just that it needed to be done in private and not by repeating prayers he did not give us or that have become “vain(worthless) repititions or much words.

So here is the latest article around Camping. Luciferian space aliens know the Next Level often coordinates activity around the solstices but that was in the past so the Next Level will see to it that they don’t do much on those days, but may take certain actions the day or so after such as with Joplin, MO.

Ti and Do did feel the Next Level used tornados to stir the nest, to help stimulate people to make a choice to either look to God (however they think God is) or not. All of us will die physically, so the Next Level is simply advancing when but those that ask help will get it though help does not mean, an easy time of it. In some cases some will simply leave.But in some cases, like in hospitals some will feel to stay to help those who can’t easily be moved. Even if someone who is doing the best they can to have a relationship with the Next Level, is hurt or even dies in helping others, the Next Level may decide to save that soul for a future opportunity for one of the school grades in the next replanting, which could result in their some day being in line for a graduation experience.

The Next Level provides all in such disasters with lots of help to deal and to know there are higher forces at work, however if a person has no open ear/eye to it and about all they live for is for what they can get in this or that temporary fix of their senses then they are actually already dead, though their vehicle may still go on for x years in which case that fate may be advanced.

(now humans are not given the task to evaluate people in this way, nor to decide who is functional and useful and who is not.

Anyway, here  is the latest Campign prediction followed by my comments I posted on the sites that held these articles.

These Christians are all full of stuffing but I don’t say that because I don’t believe in certain aspects to the subject matter. In fact, I see it 180 degrees differently. I’ve been looking at the evidence of what a returned Jesus MUST look like and it’ s nothing that any Christian seems to be open to. He would definitely be a cultist but he would never make any money at it, would not have a spouse or children at the time(would probably have such human relationships before he “stood up for” who he knew he was) and his disciples would absolutely be required to leave everything behind, all relationships, all possessions (besides practical things to exist on the road, unlike the 70’s Jesus freaks who traveled around by thumb, barefoot and in robes which they do as a show of being holy when Jesus said, not to show others you are holy – to be holy in private  and talk to the Father in private, while all these christians and other religionists have all these public group prayer this and prayer that. Therefore they are acting anti-Jesus by not keeping the things he said to keep to prove oneself his follower. I’m not suggesting that all who publically pray are naughty – not at all – they often don’t know better but once they do, then they should go to their religious leaders and ask questions and demand sensible answers. However, the so called “rapture” already happened and I can prove it by many examples. It was the Heaven’s Gate people who when they were first called, left all behind to join with Ti and Do, the Two Witnesses, who were Father and Son returned as promised for the ones they elected to return for, not ever tom dick and harry that thinks they are gods gift to mankind and God. And to book Ti took a female body this time. These TWO fulfilled more prophesise that all the other claimers of being a prophet or Jesus or God incarnate combined 100 times over and for anyone who has the guts to examine it, ask me for that proof and then decide for yourself but Camping is so distant from reality it’s sad how he is leading people to water and then not giving them any water but instead is giving them Soul koolaid for all the wrong reasons. By the way the Heaven’s gate group was not about suicide or to catch a ride on hale bopp. They were simply ready to leave and wanted to move on to what was next and most of all do so for the one they believed in, in the name of Do this time, the song in rev. 14, the whitehorse (white body, purified body, named with a white name(AppleWhite) and Ti the Nettles horse that shoots it’s seed out the way a male “father” does, to create potential offspring and Ti the rev 12 Woman while Do being her male child(son) and both being the rev 11 two witnesses who were shot down in 1975 by walter cronkite and all the national news shows then as frauds and thieves but who stood up again  then and again in 1994-97 a time that there was a second group that joined (no one could join in between as it wasn’t offerred). They were unlike ALL of the other cults and had no flaws of character moral or ethical that I was witness to for 19 years. Yes this sounds like religion to most but in reality it is the opposite. Religions all exist in the past and that’s why so many see through them. They are not paths to anything UNLESS one moves on from them but one must move on to something more IF they want more. If not, then stay put but following any of these preachers is suicidal but don’t take my word for it, look into it for yourself and even take a chance and ask Ti and Do.

I challenge any of you that make these comments to challenge what I have said in any way shape or form. It’s easy to knock others but it’s hard to be willing to truely examine every aspect for yourselves. Be a blind sheep if you like, that’s free will but then don’t cry when the truth is undeniable (though once a denier perhaps always a denier, as it’s safer than to be a seeker continuously seeking what ‘s new). Religions are ALL dead ends. Atheism is simply another religion (belief), the belief in nothingness so to speak and/or science (as if science really does explain much that doesn’t change). Even Newton’s laws can be made to change. If this globe wasn’t created by beings who as teams orchestrate planets into positions, using big bangs galore and who knows what over means and technolgy then I guess I’d have to believe automobiles and computers just crawled out of the sea as an evolutionary progress and even that is today a misnoma – that our technology is classified as evolution or progress when in reality it is killing us slowly far moreso than it’s helping us have truely richer lives. Sure we are addicted/brainwashed to think otherwise and that NOT to say technology is evil. It’s simply one of the many options of what humans can learn to do with the elements and quantum physical systems humans have been gifted with. Not one of us truely create anything. We simply learn to manipulate existing materials and use environmental systems and we call their development something we’ve done by intelligence but then one can turn around and look at the globe and the gnome and all the life forms and the weather/environmental systems and the recycling processes and think, that somehow couldn’t be intelligent design because….well because that would make me “religious” to think so when the truth is that the creator crew and they are real people and use real physical bodies to do their tasks in huge laboratories in deep, deep space but anywhere they want. (I actually suspect Ti’s base at this time is inside the moon (see rev 12). So it’s time to have the option to wake up folks. I too have a long way to go to wake up more but some of you are just getting started and you can pass me up in a jiffy if you want to, so go for it. Waking up by the way, like enlightenment is not a destination, it’s a continuous degreed process though has certain surges, so new agers that think you see past religion and atheism, fine, but if that makes you stop looking, like by ignoring what Ti and Do said and did because it’s too hard to conceive of believing/loving something or someone so much that you’d want to give your physical life to them, then that’s tine too. It should never be easy to give your physical life to anything as there are plenty of humans who try to make you believe there are just causes for doing so, but there is really only one and that creator won’t actually let you give your own life, if they don’t feel you have proven you were doing so for the most evolved reason – to please them. (by the way, they don’t need any of us nor to they get a high from others wanted to please them. I know this becasuse I was with Ti and Do for 19 years and gleened that perspecitve. I don’t get off on others believign what I am saying here nor to I want followers nor to I want anything of this world. That doesn’t mean I need to become an ascetic or martyr, which is another distortion. There is so much to say and so many make so many assumptions with every word because so many hate any suggestion that there could be a whale of a lot of truth to what I am sharing that Ti and Do gave to me to give to you. Camping may not be able to hear the one true God’s voice anymore but some of you still may be able to. Soon there may be people saying Ti and Do have returned and they have not and I assure you will not until after the earth’s is refurbished/recycled and what we see as civilization is like that Joplin, MO tornado. We all die except the Creator crew.

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