How Next Level may wrap up current civilization to start another

The following is an email from someone named Nathaniel who was in touch with Do and the classroom before they exited and has since remained a believer. Just wanted to share our coorespondance.
Hello Sawyer,thank your for the videos about Ti and Do and for sharing your dream. But I don’t know what that dream means. Can you explain it to me? Things are quiet here in Germany for the moment, but I have this feeling that something is going on. Do you have any news from Ti and Do?Regards
Sawyer’s response:
In and of itself, I don’t believe the dream was significant to others, which I doubt was it’s intention, but I suspect it was a forcast of the Boeing airliner mishap where a large hole just broke out of the planes cabin mysteriously and it lost pressure (a drop in altitude immedieatly, as in the dream) and then started to fall, though safely landed (as in the dream, perhaps Next level assisted if the dream was a setup to send me/others a message) and no one was hurt at all but all were mesmerized (as in the dream).I did not immedieatly connect this event with the dream but I was asking when I’d see the dream as I did feel Ti and Do were giving me a forcast. I didn’t know though how it would appear and whether I got it right to begin with.
The dream I believe was in response to another dream previous to it, where Do told me “I can use you”, which followed a dream with two classmates telling me it was time for me to leave, which I suspect Do’s updated. I was distressed with the thought of leaving as I don’t want to leave yet, though that was in response to my trying to figure out if believers, like myself should consider migrating to a certain area of the country and what if anything they might bring with them. So I was seeking to know how Do might use me and I’d been wondering if Do might have me show certain proves to certain cynics, etc. like with ultimatums or some “sign” of some sort of Ti and Do’s power through whoever wanted to be their instrument. So that’s the context of the dream of the airliner. What I took from the Boeing incident showing up to seem to correspond to both the timing of the dream and the content, was that if I was to be used as an instrument of providing certain proves, I would not have to second guess what might be shown others, to help them over the difficult hump of believing what is so unpopular as Ti and Do could simply show me (any believer that has asked for service and was attempting to be servicable by sharing with others the reality of who Ti and Do are) something in a dream.
This was also the result of considering whether or not Ti and Do, IF (and a big IF) were thinking of using some of their servants still in human vehicles for even further demonstrations of who They are. It was interesting that the initial Revelations prophecy, as with many prophecies can have mutliple interpretations and multiple applications at various times and pertaining to various peoples who might still be salvagable souls to save for future lessons and genetic disposition for future soul’s lessons, as in the next classroom to come after the recycling period.
Keeping this in mind, any new believer that is “witnessing” for Ti and Do, simply providing witness to who they were, what they said, whether that was from a personal relationship with them as one of their followers or from someone believing in all they said and following them in that way, could potentially be considers witnesses of “THE TWO” (witnesses), as that phrase became an international identification in 1975-6+. Note: movie made called “The Mysterious Two”  with John Forsysth playing Do. Of course they were also known as the UFO TWO because of the posters advertising public meetings throughout the U.S. (lasting for less than a year, thus not at all like all the other so called “cults”(subculturals as opposed to traditionalized cultures as former cults now called religions and their sects) that had ongoing recruitment programs, while this one in particular actually sought to challenge their membership that served to decrease their numbers, leaving only the most serious and tenatious followers) designed by new students then. (All they had said re: UFO’s at that time was that the Evolutionary Level Above Human was physical in that members had physical bodies and used physical transportation that in the record books would have been referred to as a “cloud of light” or a whirlwind of fire or a wheel within an wheel or a chariot of fire or even a comet, etc.).
Thus if some now might be considered witnesses (but NOT THE TWO WITNESSES) as to witness is an action, a task which is common to Next Level thinking. Members don’t take titles to identify their station in the overall organization. Their tasks do some of that identification as no one gets a task they are not capable of doing well, though that’s not to say all can not still improve every task they do. Each members Older Member(s) simply know how to correct for so called miss-takes made, thus every task remains experimentally developmental(evolutionary). So the task now is to witness to THE TWO, our Older Members from the Next Level) who were witnesses for their Older Members in the Next Level which is all like cogs or spokes in a wheel or Links in a chain of pipeline for Mind (all Ti and Do examples). This doesn’t mean everything we as witnesses say and do can be said to be demonstrative of that LINK, because we are not members of the Next Level  yet, though we still get to show our stuff the best we can by beginning to do such a task.
If what I am saying here has weight with Ti and Do then it is possible They will use us, (if we continue to ask often, what we learned and was called “checking”) in certain ways and the evidence of how we might expect to be used might be along the lines of the ways they have used their task providers before and which were often outlined in the records. 
Here is one that generally identifys such task properties that Ti & Do used or could have used as needed and remember that these are literal but presented in figures and it’s takes some translation digging to get to the most applicable interpretation:
Rev. 11:5 And if any man will hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth, and devoureth their enemies: and if any man will hurt them, he must in this manner be killed
 In other words the literal words/thoughts/mind expressions will have a purging affect that consumes/devours their enemy’s thoughts/words. Hurt is offend, hinder, do wrong to, injure thus this is simply saying what would befall the ones that become the lower forces instruments to cause hinderance/harm. It doesn’t say those who are the “witnesses” (to potentially include the witnesses to the witnesses) are the instruments of these enemies being “stopped”, as kill doesn’t just mean sufferring some physical death. kill was greek apokteino which had to do with removal, taking away, haulting (which of course physical death would accomplish) but we are never to think we are the implementers of this, even if it ends up being their physical death. This is of course how the lower forces will seek to twist these translations and  humans think they are being instruments of God by enacting what they think is the correct translation which almost always is interpreted as pertinant to the physical, the body, thus many humans use things like this to justify killing others in wars because they seem to be their enemy and they count themselves the chosen or elect which again is often a lower forces deceit put upon them.
In any case, the words given to us from ti and do are our number one weapon to short circut the feable lower force generated interpreations and arguments.
Another person who seems to be a new believer said when he accepted the possability that Do was who He said He was, he had a dream in which Ti came to him in a dream and told him he “would start here” referring to the dream images of a camping situation with cabins. I thought that was interesting to hear as I had been considering if those who believed would be in a sense like the people in the movie close encounter of the last kind where they all felt to travel to Wyoming, in particular because that’s where Ti and Do located the first new student classroom in 1976 as matter of fact where we all arrived from our various groups traveling around the country giving meetings that Ti in the previous April 19th said the “harvest was closed” but it took a couple months to wind down existing scheduled meetings and for Ti and Do to get instructions on what to do/where to go next.
It may have been exactly July 4th when all the groups had finally arrived. I know it was a couple days literally into July but don’t recall if it was exactly the 4th. This is a curiosity only because the US according to Ti and Do was the new Judea, etc. and it just so happened this was the Bi-centenial date and huge celebration – Bi=Two of course a key indicator among others.
So I don’t know if when a certain event happens, a “demonstration” of some sort serious believers would be tested on whether or not they will leave whatever they are doing and go to whereever they feel they have received indication in dreams or by their “feeler”.
I don’t know if you ask Ti and Do how to be of service or not and whether they give you indicators. Indicators come in all ways and no one is better off than any other in the type of indicators they get. They could be in dreams but even so may not be remembered exactly. I suspect it depends on what Ti and Do know each student needs and for what purpose.
For those of us who have had communication with Ti and/or Do and/or their active classroom helpers in the past while they were still physically present, if they already gave you instuctions then they may not respond further until they see that last instruction instigated. Instructions rarely come as commandments, especially at this stage in our birthing process. If they indicated something to you or anyone and it seemed optional, yes it was BUT if that person wants to be included on their Team, it’s up to that person to make it mandatory to follow.
Just so you know, as there are a number of new believers I tend to want to share these communications with everyone via my blog at: so all can benefit, since I do consider myself an “active student” and thus a potential messenger for communications from Ti and Do. Don’t misunderstand that…I am not saying I am the only messenger and I’m not saying I will always be a messenger and that I can be counted upon to be a good messenger. Any information and experience I pass on should only be part of what any beleiver considers as a potential answer to some of their questions to Ti and Do, as it depends on what Ti and Do decide how to answer someones questions, whether direct or indirect. Ti and Do don’t do everything themselves and don’t repeat themselves when they have helpers, “students” and/or new graduates that they can count on or want to count on to do certain tasks for the growth of those students and/or new graduates.
Now when I say, we can expect a “demonstration”, I’m not saying what that will be or how or when. I just know it will be HUGE and I suspect will be along the lines of a natural catastrophe, like for instance a mountain falling into the sea which there are increasing indicators several nations are preparing for, thinking of it as a buy change meteor or comet or asteriod and/or that it’s coming to near misses or a  hit on the planet is due to a large what they feel is an alien mothercraft that is drawing certain objects towards earth, another of the interpretations of “stars fall from the sky”.
The Russians just announced preparations to shoot down incoming objects from space of ET origin. Perhaps this was seen as an underground communication but nevertheless, “for those with ears to hear”.
So it would sound to me that such an event would give all believers (the elect = those who are running to be elected into membership in the Next Level) their que to head to the mountains but perhaps even to a specific location or perhaps more than one specific locations. This could be a stragegy to preserve some of the genetic seed that can still conceive of the Next Level as real people with Above Human ways and means, to act as offspring makers for a new garden experiment/classroom.
Perhaps it would only be a 1000 years before previously saved souls were brought back to interface with matching human being containers? All the humans who did not believe in Ti and Do would perish eventually while the Next Level perserves who they want to for however long they want to. Some of the humans with their Luciferian inclined space aliens (all who are anti Next Level) may figure out how to hide in caves, their underground bunker cities, they are busy creating all over the world now and some may find some planet or moon not to far off to flee to for a time but without all the bustling technologies and humans creating energy systems with nukes, etc. and numerous humans to abduct for hybrid experiments and no media or internet, they will be all but “locked up” for say 1,000 while Do and crew reign indeed. (They always reign when and where they want to – they simply don’t want to when it serves their projects to allow the Luciferians and human seed to thrive, to present humans with choices of who to serve.

From: Nathaniel <>
Sent: Sat, April 30, 2011 11:48:39 AM
Subject: Hello

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