A general guide for new believers in Ti and Do

Just wanted to share the following post, someone named alex who had read some of my previous posts on a blog about crop circles. I’m aware that at any time I can be spoofed but it’s no matter to me. Like Ti and Do, they didn’t try to read anothers sincerity. They took the high side that they were acting with honesty and always expressed how people, students or not, had to smack them in the face with behaviour unbecoming of a member of the Next Level, like dishonesty before they would accept it from them. With that said, I felt to give my best shot here and it felt the clearest I’ve expressed so far as to what Ti and Do might think/feel towards those who are opening up to Them at this time.

alex | July 3, 2011 at 3:20 am | Reply
@sawyer. Good to speak to you, I was not aware you were part of the Heavens Gate mission.I strongly agree with the teachings of To and Di to reach the next level in human evolution. I wouldn’t go as far as taking the steps or course of action to achieve it(yet). In my opinion I feel that the human race will achieve the next level here on earth, either through a natural course of nature or divine help and the people who are enlightened now have the simple task of making everyone aware and making the changes nessacery in order to complete the task giving. Peace,love and light.

sawyer | July 3, 2011 at 9:52 am |
@alex – I am not quoting Ti or Do, except when I say I am or paraphrase something I can’t exactly quote. I try to make the distinction as I go but sometimes I don’t. I say this to try to protect against my being quoted as if Do said something. As far as quoting anyone, I’d stick to what you know Do authored as well as any of the data on the heavensgate.com site as there are many student essays there as well. I know for a fact that those essays were gone over with a fine tooth comb and Do himself so you can count on what they say being from the mind of Ti and Do.

It’s a  big surprise to hear you say you agree with the teachings of Ti and Do, perhaps 1 in a million and it sounds to me you are in an aligned position to help those around you.  By Do(Ti) and their students final step of laying down their lives was never meant to suggest anyone else would be ready to take that same leap and at that time or even in their current lifetime, thus your sentiment of “not interested in taking their steps (yet)” is as honest and true as I can imagine. That’s not to say someone couldn’t feel strongly that they do want to take that step, new believer or not, but so not I would ask him at this time if that would be the best way to serve the Next Level.

However, with that said, it is up to you to decide upon establishing conscious connection with Do, if you havn’t already as without asking for his lead, you won’t get it.  Since they don’t NEED us or NEED new members to their crews they don’t have any need or desire to trick us or lure us or manipulate us or act without our request. They never project a voice in our heads nor take us over as in a channeler. We need no special way to talk or to fold our hands or sit in any particular position. It’s simple and direct. Use the names they have given us as our LINKs, Ti and Do. Very soon after you ask, you could have a dream with Do and/or Ti in it. It might help to see their pictures but I don’t know if that matters.

I have had some indications that the Luciferian space aliens are trying to transmit Ti and/or Do’s image to new believers and I would not be at all surprised by someone saying Do visited them in a dream or somehow and told them such and so. When Do visits he answers your question and that’s it and his answer from my experience always includes options. But most of all, what he says must be tested against what you think and feel according to all the Next Level  has shared with the human population since the start of this civilization’s garden but with prime focus on all Ti and Do said/did and what Jesus and then Moses said and did. (It’s hard at times to understand why Moses said certain things, so I’m not talking about cutting your beard square or wearing nike shoes or anything like that. I’m talking primarily behavioral towards ourselves and others.

By communicating with Do regularly we begin to identify his responses as they are usually subtle and in that way learn more about him and how he works and how you can begin your personal process toward a future graduation, which will begin in earnest sometime after the recycling is underway/completed.

You will of course be outside your vehicle by then but your Soul container with whatever of their Mind you have drawn to you by then will be aware of Ti and Do’s invisible spacecraft and will receive an assignment within according to your station. It may be just a holding pattern for a while , like on ice(Do said), but as you will be timeless at that point (having not been included in the “second death” when the spirits are vacuumed or sucked into the earth’s molten core somehow) it will not matter .

This is the only meaning of reincarnation when the Level Above Human brings a soul back. Otherwise no one spirit leaves (until melt time) so there is no coming back. There is only stay or go to whatever we believed before we died and if it was an illusion of heaven where we go to the light , it may be like a moth attracted to the light in which they die and their energy is merged when they get there, or they may stay around and try to help the grandkids or give someone their due for harm they felt they were dealt, or to seek the same pleasures they sought before through whatever human host gives you that assimilation.

When you said some will acheive the Next Level here on Earth, that’s according to what Ti and Do have shared exactly what I just descibed, the beginning of the process that requires a number of flesh births to where you soul is brought back with the task of trying to “take over ” a human horse(vehicle) prepared to fit you, a horse that is a seeker and whose genes came from Next Level seeded stock. so the brain doesn’t short circut at the real sense of the Next Level’s existence and plan on the planet – to grow souls as potential new members into their evolutionary strata.

What’s been given by Do and crew were instructions on how anyone can be in their service at this time. And that is to share what they said and did with others. Ti and Do and crew observe all they want to and set up circumstances where you will run into people that have a potential interest and though there is no one way in which you must share the info, when and how and to whom, if you begin to ask Ti and Do to guide you and remain willing to do things that sets up opportunities on the net or in person. then that magic will take place and you will begin to see it working to further strengthen your developing graft to their family of Mind tree. For whatever it’s worth, I use music for my interface. I play wherever I can, on the street, in little gigs and sometimes I talk about Ti and Do in the midst of the music (I have backup tracks I play with ) and other times I say nothing and someone comes up to me to talk and we sometimes get to the subject of Ti and Do and sometiems we don’t. Sometimes I tell somene I have a story to tell that is a whale of a tale but don’t care to tell it unless somene asks to hear it. I don’t plan any of this. I am just saying this is what happened today thought there are many variations. And if I feel no one is interested, I might give them a hint, like that it’s about UFO’s. (I have a mic on my battery powered amp). And sometimes I won’t wait to hear someones question or asking as this is hardly ever a popular subject to talk about openly). Some of the songs on the cd’s I sell that I use the money to keep me in batteries and meter charges in cities talk about Ti and Do a little too and the cover tells about them a bit too so it’s there. It’s a seed being planted. That’s all. Not my task to follow it up. It’s in their hands. The only reason some feel threatened by what I do is when they have a strong program that they feel is cntrary my talk, but generally the discarnate influences try to blind the eyes/ears of most so they won’t be faced by it, as they know it’s not familiar territory and that can only mean theri host vehicle may change down the road and they’d potentially lose them as a host for their attractions.

What you are expressing also reminds me of the Jesus quote, “The meek shall inherit the earth The meek are the gentle , the loving , compassionate, kind, helpful humans.

And Next Level members will walk among humans again as they have during each new civilization. They are the gardeners and earth is their garden and we are the potential fruit and we can also become the instrument of further fruit.

In times to come this will not be easy. Nothing will be. Sometimes all the words don’t make sense to someone and I just leave them with, “ask Ti and Do for help”. Sounds pollianna but I know and mean know it can’t hurt. However I know there are religionists that boil to hear me say this and that may be the way I meet my vehicles end. If so it’s a ticket to the next step. I don’t wish for that to occur and I try to steer away from such but if it happens despite my efforts (short of hiding and never sharing ti and do info) I’m readiy to accept it.

Do may even come to you in a dream but also the Luciferian space aliens if they find you will want to try to steal your allegience away, but you will be protected from too much of their influence as long as you want to stay connected.

Meanwhile I’d try to learn all about Ti and Do you can which is all contained on the heavensgate.com webside. Their book is there but only for cut and paste receipt at this time. (I’m not it’s manager and those who are don’t know how to fix things ). There is another site that I don’t know who maintains called heavensgatetoo.com, but if you fail to get their book I will provide a zipped copy to you. You can reach me at sawyerhg@yahoo.com or through facebook.com/sawyer.heavensgate or youtube.com/3spm or sawyerhg.wordpress.com . My blog does also have a post of all the places I’m aware where legitimate Ti and Do info is posted as we’ve already seen an effort to sabatoge the info.

I’m accused of talking too much so I’ll cool it at this time, but not without a word of caution. Frequently when we read or watch info being presented that is “beyond human” (and beyond space alien or et’s) we can feel a little weak in the knees or sick to the stomach. It’s like it tastes good but then when our vehicle gets wind of what it means and the changes one knows they will eventually have to make, the vehicle kind of shrinks and looks for ways out and will become critical of this or that about something Ti and Do said or did during their trumphet blowing and classroom managing. That’s healthy to experience. It’s the groth process and one needs to have times of seriousness in that and then times of relaxation and fun too. So many people think it’s like joining a monestary. It’s not really.

At some point civilzation as we know it will be disrupted for us. For many that’s already happening of couse and always has but soon it will happen more and more in the US, if in fact you are in the US. That’s not a prediction, like anybody can’t see that, but some think oh, this economy will blow over or the natural disasters will return to like they were before but they won’t, though there will still be periods of calm while the rest of those that wish to have allegience to Ti and Do are “sealed”. I have no real idaa when that might occur but meanwhile I still suspect trying to locate to a mountainous region away from big cities and coasts is wize.

Some may try to go to Veedavou in Medicine bow national forest in Wyoming where Ti and Do first gathered us after their ~3 1/2 yrs prophecy period had elapsed. That would be a difficult winter destination. I’m not saying that is where the Next Level might come to or may use for the next civilization start though I do supect and have some evidence it will be the area Ti and Do felt to stick to keeping the classroom. It would be a rectangle of sorts that drew a line on the western side from San Diego to Edmonton, Alberta then east to Chicago then south to Houston and then west back to San Diego. I’m not saying these are accurate lines, and the classroom never located to the Chicago area. In fact most of the time was spent in Texas, Colorodo, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona and Southern California. I just say this for whatever it’s worth. At this time I still feel to remain in the Vermont area but I’m not one to follow in that regard. Each person needs to see what they feel and can ask Do.

Don’t fear those that can take your physial life away from you, fear those who can take your Soul away from you. (Jesus paraphrased).

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2 Responses to “A general guide for new believers in Ti and Do”

  1. Casey Serin Says:

    Marshall Applewhite is a homosexual who needs to be frog-prepped.

    • sawyer Says:

      Marshall Applewhite was the name of the vehicle taken by the Soul, who then called himself Do, who I can prove by many fulfillments of prophecy was last called Jesus. (See my video’s on youtube.com/user/3spm if you dare handle the challenge). The reason he chose a vehicle that was hetersexual, raised a family and then became homosexual and then before meeting Ti was fed up with all sexuality, was to demonstrate conquering not only all sensuality but gender consciousness. Homosexuals are human plants who in their “vine” (genetic tree) have largely overcome/conquered indentifying themselves with gender consciousness, though have not overcome their sexuality or they would also become celebate of body and mind indefinitely. By the way, there is still more to overcome besides sensuality and gender consciousness though these are big stumbling blocks as evidenced by your silly comment, whatever that means, which I could care less about. You see, the Next Level Above Human are masters in giving all humans every opportunity to outgrow ALL their human behaviors and they do this by sending their own to do it for them, while the Luciferian space aliens (fallen angels) then twist that agenda, in one case into a religious club called “born again” that think Jesus did it for them so they don’t have to, which anyone with any mind of the Kingdom of God them that is still alive, if they allow themselves to, will see right through. The Next Level isn’t a silly human club like Christianity and all religions have become. Now, mind you, for many being in such a club and practicing it’s club rules is the best they can do, but when they are presented with the chance to break out of the club, which is a must if they ever wish to apply to be on the Next Level crew, then if they are not willing to take a good look and see and to consider what challenges them and their club membership then they are choosign to ignore the new step the new representative sent to them has brought. This is the case with Ti and Do who overcame all their human behaviors while humans think because they behaved like humans, this means they were not genuinely from the Kingdom of God, mainly because the Luciferians also twisted the idea of Jesus into a supernatural figure that was pure from day 1 to 30 years or so, though He said himself he wasn’t to be called “Good” and that he was trying to measure up to his heavenly Father’s standards whom he also taught us to pray to.

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