Planet X, Niribu, Blue Kachina,12th Planet = Last Return of Ti(Father), Do(Jesus) and Crew as Prophesized

The following is a post I made to:

having been invited to attend a UFO lecture event. I wrote far more in the comment than the textbox could handle so I am posting the full text here. Kevin is then name of the host of the Project PE website event I was invited to. If you click that link above I don’t know what you will get as one does have to register and signin to get to that screen.

Sawyer’s comment:

Hello Kevin – I guess I missed this last event with UFO author Leslie Kean. Let me just say, at this point that I am on the receiving end of a most extraordinary perspective in regards to an upcoming event that will literally turn the entire globe into mayhem many times what is being experienced now, though I know for many people on the planet it can’t get any worse. Mostly what I am saying will be United States centered this time. This has to do with what’s been called Planet X or Nirabu or the 12th Planet or the Death Star or the Blue Katchina. By my choice I am working for the occupants of an approaching armada and my broadcasting this publically will only result in my being “witch” hunted in the not too distant future. The hunters will be both governmental and/or Christian because as we speak governments are preparing to mount an attack on the approaching armada, thus anyone that even remotely associates themselves with Them will be sought after as the enemy. I know this sounds like a nice modern sci-fi mystery novel and of course aspects of it have been used by many in all media forms, actually over the course of any number of Earth civilizations as well as on many other planets, as what’s about to occur is nothing new to the Leaders of the armada. It’s simply the last phase in Civilization development that also coincides with the Civilization’s recycling.

I receive key information packets via dreams that then broaden in meaning as I research historic records and interact with others and observe current events. At this point I don’t claim to have an exact perspective of how this general understanding will unfold as it may unfold in any number of ways and actually in all ways, depending on the mindset and desires of the recipients, we people from Earth. I will say that the people that are behind what we are calling Planet X, etc. are not at all related to any of the people from space that associate themselves with a particular star/planetary system. Those from planets like Earth are all equivilent to humans on Earth, biologically and in mindset, needs and desires, though the Planet X people have provided their mindset, characteristics, behaviors and ways to ALL over what to us can only be described as an infinite time as They exist outside any time continuem. The people inside Planet X have physical bodies but can also be invisible to our eyes. They are the group that are responsible for our entire reality of whatever density, material and etheric though we were developed to come to understand Them by our own desire/thirst to know and subsequent experiences, thus our free will. Because they designed our mental/physical environment as a temporary free willed existence some have chose to oppose Them and have sown their own seeds of rebellion which is allowed to continue as it serves to give all the “plants of the garden” the full gamut of choices. Their arrival in full view with their full authority and power marks our final choice that will determine what we are made of, who we choose to give our allegience to, Them or those who hate them. There is no in between any more.

They don’t NEED any of us to believe in Them, nor do they need anything we have, nor do they pretend to be our brothers or sisters to woo us to their allegience and agendas as various humans and human equivilents do. Now, many humans are now the result of the Rebel programming over millenium of time on Earth. I don’t know if it’s even possible for these to comprehend any of what is being talked about here. Many are also entrenched in some facet of thinking/acting that acts as a filter – They fear the big changes that must come to begin to adopt new thinking/acting. The methods of entrenchment are many. All the religions and even atheism and all their sects organized or not, have many pieces to the grand puzzle, thus all can be a pathway to the top of the mountain, so to speak. But when the people I’m speaking of that designed, developed/orchestrated and maintain our reality bring updates periodically to planetary inhabitants, it challenges all within any of these pathways to burst out of their old bubble. When this takes place the representatives from this Evolutionary Level Above Human, the occupants of Planet X, who came to bring the updates and any humans that choose to adopt those updates and begin to attach to a new lifeline that exceeds physically flesh minded lifelines are hated, apprehended and killed but their essence of life, call it spirit but more accurately is actually a structure like a pocket or container that holds mindstuff from those Above Human representatives, is kept from merging with the “spirit world”, to be brought back to a new opportunity to further connect to that new lifeline, for the intended purpose of eventually graduating/being born into membership in that Evolutionary Level Above Human, which is the only real future anyone can acheive.

Life will be changing for all of us. I don’t know the time frame for this. I suspect it will be rather fast at this point, even finished within the next decade or two but the physical approach of the Evolutionary Level Above Human in their armada will be increasingly evident to those that want to see it.

Our children will not have the same kind of life many of us had. We will not see a return to “better times” except in isolated pockets for very short lived periods of time. My vehicle does feel pain and compassion in saying this. I have a 14 yr old daughter and am comfortable with aspects of life though have little, but as hard as it is, we can get through it. It is a fearful prospect and time to our bodies/minds, but there is help available but not through anyone in a human body or through any organization or book or method or pathway or practice or technique or substance or activity per say. (I’m not saying there isn’t value in these things listed, but none of them bring lasting organic help unless one considers burying one’s head in the sand helpful, though one can certainly understand doing so now and again given the horrible way many humans are acting. There is simply more substantial help, even a sense of peacefullness, though peace is not a condition of growth. It’s a behavoral characteristic of a member from the evolutionary level above human but what they thrive on is growth in service as a spoke in the amazing wheels that brought all this about.

The help I am speaking of has had a recent physical manefestation, thus “names” to identify it and act as a current address to send requests to, an address that no one else seen or unseen is allowed to tamper with for a time, and/or become an imposter of. These names and the human vehicles these took to bring the latest updates to Earth through have since been more unjustifiably demonized on Earth more than any other and will be all but impossible for many to even consider asking help from. Now help received will not come as voices in your head nor as a compulsion and will never, ever, ever tell you what to do explicitly and will not be general and will be related to what you specifically ask and will manifest through life experiences, often with a number of confirmations however circumstantial, though also not necessarily what we think we want/need but what will help us further link to their vine/family of Mind.

I will leave you with these names and it will then be up to you to decide to pursue all things related to Them or not and whether or not to genuinely seek their help. We each have a phone line and these names are the phone number to dial.

 The names were names two in human vehicles took and are related to notes in a song. They are Ti and Do, pronounded Tee and Doe.

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4 Responses to “Planet X, Niribu, Blue Kachina,12th Planet = Last Return of Ti(Father), Do(Jesus) and Crew as Prophesized”

  1. Richard clements Says:

    Only one logical conclusion. We were cloned using existing neandrathuls and advanced extraterestials, to be survants.
    The kingdom of god is within us as we share DNA with this superior race, Thus we have the potential to do far greater things realized through exceptional faith. The patriarchs lived a thousand years declining as there DNA dilutes with the daughters of men. (Gen.6) . The culprits most likely defecting Neofilm left on earth to start the kingship untill planetX returns. (Starting to cause havoc). The decendents of this human cloning experiment, soon started disobeying handed down comandments. Thus Jesus entered the world in the same human manner In order to deliver a message and warning mostly unheaded , so now with planet x approaching earths orbit a full scale invasion possible saving the obedient, escaping the lower forces to become higher level spiritual beings. Answers a lot of questions, such as, humans having no fossil trail, decending lifespans, anchient advanced civilizations knowing the order of the universe creating the modern calender and if that is not enough just look at summerian hyroglythics showing the universe as unknown to modern man untill the early 20th century. I can not find any evidence of opposing doctrines
    Only minipulations in including excluding biblical texts for self serving reasons.

    • sawyer Says:

      I only really care for TI and DO’s teachings as most all else I’ve seen is often convoluted concoctions of thought stimulated by the Luciferian space alien fallen angel souls (gen 6) and Enoch, etc.. The phrase “advanced extraterrestrials” can be misinformation too. There are only one truly advanced Beings and they are evolutionarily advanced Above and Beyond Human the same way humans are advanced above animals (or have the choice to be). I don’t know if DNA dilutes but what we can be changed for the better or can continue to degrade. The space aliens and/or their human servants know it or not are the only “clones” but that’s also misleading to describe that way because though vehicles can be very much like their genetic ancestors in body and mind, they have the choices to change from that like I already said or they can simply carry out the program they received at conception. The space aliens original next level grown vehicles have since died though they lived much longer than human vehicle to date. So they (the souls) are using whatever dna they had to grow new bodies from that they raise with their mInds the same way human families many times do (I think) to be their slaves in various ways objecting when they choose to go their own way in life.

      TI and DO said that the “missing link” was missing because the Next Level removed it so humans couldn’t figure out the progression exactly.

      • Richard clements Says:

        The next level removed the step to. Stop the human evolution process? Or possible that humans. Not able to make the evolutionary leap revert back to lower evolved species untill able to leap?

      • sawyer Says:

        What TI and Do said was that the evolutionary step between the prehistoric humans to modern humans was removed so humans couldn’t know how that was done. It didn’t stop the human evolutionary process though humans biologically can’t evolve to be much more than they could be on earth, at least at this time because the Next Level wants them to evolve their Minds to recognize the existence of the Next Evolutionary Level Above Human, the people that created the earth and all it’s inhabitants. Humans can’t leap anywhere from being human and being mostly restricted to the earth and it’s near space unless Older Members come undercover so not visible to humans by taking over a human vehicle to start providing the steps that if they follow them can lead to graduating the human kingdom to become a crewmember on spacecrafts that are like a star trek crew but without any mammalian behaviors because they don’t have a need or desire for mammal ways, so no propagation, no children, no competition but they still have fun and joy and challenges and growth potential and can with they could do a better job on their many tasks as growth continues and they still have the choice to not stick with their Older Members which the Next Level is trying to safeguard against happening again so they provide the luciferian space alien fallen angel souls as a negative force to work against by our choice.

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