Sawyer’s experience with sexuality in Ti & Do’s classroom

The following is an example of a new believer in Ti and Do, his experience to date and his question about controlling his vehicle’s sensuality, followed by my response:

His Comment and Question:

I still do have a lot to learn. But as for praying and watching for signs/events. I can’t help but say it’s everyday I experience something from The Next Level’s doing. It was only this year I started to pray to Do for the first time. He answers! I love it. The best question I’ve recently asked him was,”Will I ever see a piece of Heaven?” Hoping to see a UFO for the first time in the future. Then a memory came back. Looking into the sky at the age of eight(correction Haha). I was watching the stars with my best friend at the time and his mom. Watching Hale-Bopp Comet orbiting on our side of planet Earth. It shocked me that I’ve already had an answer to my question, the memory of the Hale-Bopp Comet was that piece of Heaven… That’s where is all started.

My next question is the human vehicle and its wants and needs. Sawyer this one is tough for me. Over coming my human vehicle. I’m young, active and athletic. So my sensuality is hard to control. But I’ve been controlling it very well lately. I’m glad I learned my teachings of Heaven’s Gate before it went any further. I know it’s only me in control of my human vehicle, but I guess I’m asking for ways to get my mind off human sensuality. Watching the videos of all the students in the class room made me want to know these minds and their experiences that opened their eyes to God. I wanted to be part of the classroom. I wanted their support to over come my human vehicle. And as for a response is to help them also over come their human vehicle as well. If I ever want to get known for a quote it would be this one.”Help me help you!”  So my next question is,”How did you control your vehicle’s wants and desires?”

Sawyer’s response:

Wow, that’s a big question as the classroom certainly had it’s advantages in this regard but that’s not to say the same help They had is not available to you now. It is, though obviously in a different context, since that particular classroom period has ended for now, though will, after the recycling period start up again. I encourage you to ask that question to Do if you haven’t already, though I will try to give you what He gave us.

But before I get into the question, I want to address something else you said about “hoping to see a UFO for the first time in the future”. I believe I do understand what you meant by that…you want to see something related to the Kingdom of Heaven. And you may be well aware of this, but to do the best job I can do in this correspondance I need to express that, the Luciferian space aliens are, at this time in particular very, very active and are looking to wow those who have elected or even still have the potential to believe in Ti and Do.  Ti and Do said at one point, that was a realization for them in the 1980’s that, (paraphrased:) “Everything that flys, as a UFO is not from our Father’s  Next Level Kingdom, thus should you be in a circumstance sometime in the future where a spacecraft landed and offerred you a visit, seek to know if those occupants are working for Ti and Do or not”. At first, in the 1970’s, Ti and Do thought that if it was a flying saucer or other such physical device that defied human technological accomplishments, that it was from the Next Level. Yet, when they kept on examining the various reports of sightings and abductions and contactee experiences, they kept on questioning many as of Next Level origin. The humans involved were subject to genetic and/or reproductive related experiments with direct implications that subjects had been used for their sperm and eggs in hybridization programs. Subjects were treated in ways that seemed crude and inhumane, spoken to at times in sarcastic ways, potentially implanted with what looked like homing devices, undergoing painful medical examinations, having sex with non-earth looking beings (but were still human equivilents as otherwise there could be no sex). I know this brings up the question, as to why Ti and Do didn’t know more than they did.

Ti and Do explained that their task was in their words an “undercover” one and the information, the steps of understanding and events to instigate were given to them according to their thirst/questions related to what They experienced with the students and what was occurring in the world. If a member of the Next Level were to come with their complete understanding of all things human and pertinent to the Earth and it’s garden setup, it would be like over fertilizing the plants they primarily came to tend and many that otherwise could survive and produce fruit would die instead. Each of the plants (souls) they plant are precious to them and each are tender. Had Ti and Do told us in the beginning that upon joining we would be ingesting a strong barbituate that would kill the vehicle and that we had to be willing to take that step of faith to qualify, many of the vehicles (plants) would have aborted. So Ti and Do did not know, how that was to be their exit method and that’s not so say that had to be the exit method exactly. The biggest criteria to qualify for Next Level crew membership is to be willing to GIVE Our ALL and that ALL was to be determined by the Older Members on duty, in the flesh, and over a significant time period in which to allow each plant their full opportunity to absorb the medicine/fertilizer at a pace they could handle. This is why they have to come undercover to our human eyes, and therefore look and moreorless act just like the rest of us, so they can identify with everything we each experience.

I know some will cry, “See, manipulation…they didn’t tell the whole truth up front for fear they’d lose membership in their cult”. But the facts speak for themselves…Ti and Do were only made aware of next steps as the students displayed readiness for the next step and when it came to a new understanding, as in the Blackhawk tapes I’ve posted on my youtube channel; 3SPM, they always said, “this is our current understanding and it updates some of what we had told you before and there may be updates yet to come but this works for now”. However, right from the beginning they were very, very clear that this task we were accepting required our giving of our ALL and I knew well that included my physical life, though I later learned that not all who even stayed in the classroom for many years considered that they would have to give their physical life…though the way in which I thought of doing so, was by meeting up against those humans who would hate what we were portraying, trying to stop us, by whatever means to include potentially, as TiDo expressed, “doing us in”, which was the prime way in which Ti and Do thought they would be exiting, as they thought was depicted in the Revelations Chapter 11, Two Witnessed prophecy they felt they were fulfilling. And for the record, it could have followed that type of exit method for Ti and Do and for their students as the Next Level doesn’t control anyone. If some humans were of a mind to try to kill Ti and Do’s vehicles and/or their students, then if the Next Level didn’t want that to occur, rather than stop that action from humans they would simply provide the students with safety for as long as it served the task of preparing the graduation class for a viable soul/birth/fruit harvest.

Also, many times throughout the classroom experience Ti and Do knew that certain informational steps would put some to the test of their committment to giving their ALL to the Next Level through them, the current representatives and they talked among themselves (between Ti and Do) about it, that Do later relayed to us after Ti exited her human vehicle. In fact, in late 1976, just months after the classroom period began, (as up until then it was gathering the flock, by holding public meetings), Ti and Do seperated out 19 of the overall 96 who had survived to that point and sent them to a different campground area in Utah, thinking that they needed a different experience than the larger body of students. And they fully intended to still work with them and over the years to follow did but most of these ended up leaving that smaller group while a few of them, Drrody, Stlody, Dymody who were not yet named with the ody extention by then (that by the way was Ti and Do’s instigation, not something new believers now would do), having lost contact with Ti and Do still sought to reconnect until by the “durability” of Drrody (where Drr came from) brought him to the town where the classroom was located, Amarillo, in 1982 or so, to one of the classroom members work place (as many of us by then held jobs in the world), in a hospital, where they recognized one another which led to Drrody and subsequently Stlody and later Dymody’s return to the classroom. There were many concrete examples of how Ti and Do together and Do without Ti’s physical presense sought to provide the impetus for a student to decide to leave the classroom if that had been something that student had already been struggling with, whether they were conscious of it or not. Many had doubts all along and that was to be expected though was something to be overcome as well as anything that by entertaining drew us back into the world and it’s human behaviors.

The life on the garden was organized into kingdom levels; mineral, plant, animal and human and once at the human level the life forms continue to grow/evolve via direct Next Level hands on tending, physically and mentally/spiritually so they stand their best chance to produce the intended fruit of becoming like Next Level members in all ways of thinking and acting that brings about their (TiDo word)”viable” birth into a “trusted” Next Level member, which is when a Soul becomes an individual for the first time, as while human they are comprised of a myrid of (TiDo word)”influences” though think they are not.

This sort of leads to your question as one major aspect of gaining control over the human vehicle, which is accomplished mostly by gaining control over one’s thoughts. Thoughts, conscious and subconscious direct our actions and have their associated feelings.

When you say you want to control your vehicle’s sensual wants and desires, are you saying you wish to not act on those vehicular wants and desires at all? That is the Next Level way for applicants to membership on Ti/Do’s crew. No one will ever be on their crew if they havn’t sufficiently overcome their vehicle’s humanness and a human’s sensuality is one of the biggest characteristics that is human.

Being a member of the classroom did not automatically mean a student would succeed in being accepted into a Next Level crew, what Do called Ti, his Heavenly Father’s crew. The classroom was simply the training ground for such crew membership and even for some of those that stayed in the classroom through their exit, they would have to have more opportunity to demonstrate their trustworthiness to be included in a functioning Next Level crew, though there were also in between tasks given some that were not quite fully trustworthy but had demonstrated the desire to be having stuck it out through training programs on Earth, (or on whatever planet that was serving as a garden for the growth of souls before the Earth became that prime location). Do called such in between opportunities like a “domestic” type of task as it didn’t hold the same amount of responsibility one would be expected to live up to when on a Next Level crew assignment. It didn’t mean those serving the Next Level in that domestic capacity did not have responsabilities and that the tasks they performed were not very important to the Next Level. It had to do more with whether or not these could mess up the overall garden program or not should they fail to perform to the standards of the Older Members in charge of any crewmember’s performance. We understood that Lucifer was one such in between student, along with, as was told 1/3 of the graduation classroom in which he had been a student. His domestic crews primary tasks had to do with Watching. In other words, he was an observer of some aspects of the humans. I don’t think he would have been trusted to be a messenger(angel) though. Ti and Do never to my knowledge said.

But the reason I said that the classroom had it’s advantages, in terms of gaining control over our human behaviors, such as sensuality was because it was a monestery in every sense of the word, minus the religious trappings and/or dogma to include doctrines specific to it’s sect or denomination or belief system. Note that all religious/spiritual belief systems, like Hindu, Budhist, Judaic, Christian, Islamic, have their equivilent monestic adherants and they all have in their records very similar or even exact standards that become considered to be a class or caste unto themselves. However, as strange as it may seem, controlling the vehicle alone is not the ultimate criteria for eventual membership in the Next Level. The criteria is more established in to WHOM we are controlling the vehicle for. Note, in the record of the teachings of Jesus, how often he said something to the affect of, “for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake”, which has multiple applications.

First off, Jesus (as Do also said/demonstrated) all along said he was working/serving his Father. He layed down his life because his Father told him to. He told his disciples/students all the things His Father gave to him to give to them. He was demonstrating giving his all not because he personally excelled by doing so, but because he genuinely loved his Older Member and wanted to please Him, follow all of his instructions/commandments as best he could, because that is the task a Younger Member of the Next Level accepts from their Older Member as Jesus said about his turning himself into the so called authorities in which he knew he would have his physical body killed, certainly a type of suicidal action to take voluntarily, yet the Luciferians have seen to it that this fact, among Christians is one of the least examined/understood aspects of the real Jesus/Father Kingdom of God Older Member/Younger Member relationships. It was the task Jesus had accepted and therefore a big part of the reason he came in the first place though it was still his challenge to accept and perform because there is nothing pleasant about subjecting one’s vehicle to those that know no better, who act as robotic animals under the influence of the Luciferians, whom are their Lords and of their genetic ancestry.

We, in Ti and Do’s classroom, as was the case for those with Jesus as with those with Moses were pulled out of their old world (one form of what has been termed rapture), depending on the stage of the classroom, as in the Jesus and Ti & Do trimester stages, it was required to leave all behind to follow these Older Members from the Next Level(Kingdom of God) and to do so literally, physically and mentally as the opportunity presents itself.

To be honest, at that time in September of 1975 when I was pulled out of my world, I don’t recall being told that I would need to become fully celebate in body and mind. I just knew this was expected though I wasn’t that versed in why. This is because I was not operating on my own power entirely. When I say, “I” I am speaking as the mind of the physical vehicle. Early on Ti and Do used the term “Mind” as equivilent to Soul. The Soul is actually the container or pocket that has it’s own set of programs. Mind is information, data, but not just dry, as it has it’s own associated power sort of the way data on a remote computer or cell phone signal is of one frequency while it’s transportation is provided on yet another higher carrier frequency, but when that Mind is from the Next Level it is in an entirely different league than it’s counterpart, human mind as it is what was termed in religious literature as “Holy” Mind. (The Greek word pneuma synonyms are spirit, soul, mind, breath, discarnate spirit/ghost, a ghost representing the container, either the human brain centered container the flesh wraps around or the Next Level “Soul” container that the flesh also wraps around).

So the additional power that was made available to my vehicle (and the soul it was given before that or right at that time) was the presense of another Soul, but one that had added to it’s initial makeup because it came from a vehicle that was in the same position I (and now you) were in, but during a previous time when a Next Level representative came and took over a human vehicle designed for Him, named Jesus, OR the origin of that Soul that was present with me then actually had it’s beginning, even before the Jesus experience, thus for instance during the Moses experience. So the Soul now can have had it’s origin prior to Jesus and even prior to Moses trimesters.

The way the task is setup is that each time a member of the Next Level comes and in this undercover way, not blatently who they are, which provides the existing vehicles the challenge of responding on their Mind’s lead as opposed to needing some physical proof before taking certain steps which would be the case for all those vehicles that didn’t have the same preparation beforehand, that includes the Next Level mind that becomes embedded in the genetic strain itself, having in it’s root system the real experience of a previous member from the Next Level that if they accept then and receive a Soul, as it is all going though the existing brain, it is saved in that vehicles genes and then passed on to future leaves (human being offspring, whether by human reproduction or by their telling of their experience that is then told again and again and again which becomes part of our subconscious mind).

Thus my vehicle and many vehicles to date are the product of all that’s come to their genetic strain throughout history. That’s why someone can hynotically regress someone and they will describe seeing someone in a distant time period and if for instance that distant time period was in Rome, they might describe Ceasar or Cleopatra, because in those genetically embedded memories they knew these were the leaders then and they could easily come away with thinking they were that personality in a past life. Ti and Do joked about this, saying they never could understand how there could be so many who claim to be Cleopatra, and ended up realizing the mechanics of the genes in this regard. And of course associated with the genes is the programming the genes were established by that left the more physcially dense vehicle when the vehicle died and became a moreorless floating program that sought to time share with whatever human living computer would host them. Thus in this way, the actual human Mind called Cleopatra could, if it was allowed by the Next Level, associate itself with the humans of it’s choice, but it’s not a conscious choice anymore, in the same way we think of consciousness. They are programmatically drawn to whatever human host can serve them by putting into motion their programming. Thus someone like Cleopatra’s Mind/spirit (that may or may not have been a Soul) would seek out a human vehicle that had the same equivilent social status as the Cleopatra program had become established from thus a Queen or President or high official or perhaps even an actor who is in their mind trying to become Cleopatra for a part, that the program Cleopatra could be drawn to as there is a type of address to a name, though its effectiveness in drawing a specific spirit named Cleopatra seems to also tie into what that name represents as well.

So the same thing is the case for all of us. We all in that way have had past lives, our ancestors lives, as recorded in the genes that were passed on one way or another.

Ti and Do called this the mechanism of how the Next Level prepares vehicles to receive Souls who are coming up in their grade in the Next Level’s school. However, the Luciferians come in immedieatly after each rep from the Next Level has left and seeks to distort what the Next Level provided. Thus we see the belief in reincarnation that generally says that we are each a spirit or soul and we decide which body to incarnate into and in this way, die and are reborn, die and are reborn and have to keep coming back until we have reached enlightenment.

What they don’t know is that yes, this is the general framework to where each time a new leaf is born off of a vine it’s a new human vehicle but the mind of that new vehicle is also new, though has it’s past leaf experiences in it’s gene bank as opposed to the spirit being an individual that seperate from the vehicle returns. In actuality, when we die if we hadn’t established a link with representatives from the Next Level, speaking to a time when such a rep is physically present, then we remain discarnate and don’t generally go anywhere, but stay around and seek to influence existing living humans to do the same things that now dead human always liked to do.

Thus whether Ti and Do spoke at that first meeting about the students need to become celebate or not, had little to do with my knowing I would have to be celebate. That knowing came from the prep of the genetic strain, by the Next Level during previous rep incarnations going back who knows how far but in general to Moses.

Now to the specifics of what Ti and Do shared to try to control the vehicle’s desire for sensuality.

As I’ve shared, we all started off with a big boost as there was more power associated with our vehicle upon meeting up with Ti and Do’s mind and a more experienced Soul that had accumlated some of that same Next Level mind though their prior experience in a vehicle under the teachership of then, Father and Son in whatever trimester(s).

For the first nine months I can’t say I had any desire at all to contend with though I had been in the habit of giving into my sensuality regularily, even daily or every other day before that, as my vehicle was just 24 so was still in it’s prime by human perspectives. Ti and Do partnered me with a young woman my age, whom I spent that entire time with but who in general my vehicle wasn’t attracted to, but I recall during that time with her feeling a little twinge of interest a couple times. However, knowing that was not in the program, I did not linger on those twinges.

Ti and Do did not give us direct guidelines toward remaining celebate until we’d been in the classroom for nearly a year, except by saying any sexuality was not permitted and that infractions were not tolerated. And there were infractions by some during that time, of which I didn’t know about until years later as I was not in any kind of overseer or helper task assignment that would have put me in touch with Ti and Do more until many years later in my participation.

They did have a time period in that first 6 months of the “classroom”, (what Ti Do called their student experience, though it was more like an experiential lab using normal life suporting tasks as the lab props and testing ground) period where those who were called “helpers” sat with each in member in the group they were Ti and Do’s helpers for. There were about 6 groups of 12 or so members and then a group of 4 or 6 that stayed in Ti and Do’s campsite area as at this time we lived in the Wyoming woods, in Veedavou Camping area in the Medicine Bow National Forest that’s just east of Laramie. When those who were assigned as Helpers of the group I was in sat with me individually (not in partnerships, as we were all with each partnership having their own tent), they didn’t get into talking about sensuality. They just seemed to be gathering information of what was on our minds. I don’t doubt that many situations arose from these talks among the groups as after these meetings Ti and Do called a meeting in which they said that some in the group had participated in sexuality and marijuna use and that niether was permitted to be in their classroom so those involved needed to leave or commit to ceasing such activities.

I later learned that the “helpers” assigned to my group were some of the ones that had had sex in the camp. Thus being assigned what seemed like a special task, as they did visit with Ti and Do in their camp so had more contact with them, was in no wise an indicator of someone more along in their “process” as Ti and Do called it – later known to be the same thing as the “overcoming”, Process. Ti and Do rarely used stock religious terminology, which is part of prophecy that they would speak in new tongues(language) which pertains to being different terminology/language that was both “plainer” to understand in a real way instead of having the more mystical or hidden meaning that the terms Jesus used were morphed or distored into. For instance, look how many people claim to be going to heaven when they die, yet have not “overcome the world”. Jesus said he “overcame” the world, which by the way in Greek equally means to have “conquered”. And of course overcoming isn’t just reserved for direct students of Jesus and/or Ti and Do. Many who are not in such a classroom experience are still in their own degree of classroom as the entire society stems from the past interactions with the Next Level reps that carry down to our laws, though mixed with the Luciferian distortions and inconsistancies and extremes and profiteering related to those laws. Ti and Do always said that being in their classroom, was simply an “accellerated process/program”. It is plain to see for those with eyes to see, willing to look at and/or having some common Next Level sense that Jesus wasn’t “doing it (overcoming) for us” but was overcoming to show us HOW. We had to do the serious WORK ourselves which is also evidenced in the first three chapters of the Book of Revelations…”to those who overcome, I will give…eternal life, etc.” If he did it for us then why this major inconsistancy. Then again, how do we define “overcoming”. The gospels are full of examples we must do to earn the wages, yet many Christians think if we TRY to hard, like attempting to be celebate suggests to them, then we are trying to earn our way to God when they then say is actually not accepting that God’s love is a gift and is therefore a type of insult to God. Wow, what a twist of reality as why would we get this huge reward simply for believing. Well, the fact is, that belief alone (in the current rep and all that they represented to us) is the initial criteria to get a soul “saved” but saved is at best only an entrance exam to the first trimester. It’s guaranteed to result in being born into the Kigndom of Heaven but not without having proved oneself worthy by many opportunities thereafter.

By the way, there is nothing holding someone back in their growth. No one is forced to stay at a certain grade level, so to speak. One can at any point learn all the lessons they can. But learning in terms of understanding and learning related to how well we control our suit of clothings (vehicle) are two different things and learning in how we do it all for our Older member as opposed to earning it for our own well being/reward are things that do take some time at the wheel to build our “muscles” from. Ti said, our constant diligent fight to control every thought and action of our vehicle is an exercising of what is equivilent to a genuine muscle, part of the Soul body. She said, that is actually who we are. WE are that muscle and she and Do called it the switch, the decider. We each decide what thoughts, behaviors and ways, words and actions we will embrace as our own by entertaining/exercising them. Ti and Do said that we are not responsible for the thoughts we have, good or evil, but we are responsible for the thoughts/actions we entertain/exhibit for those are what we become.

So what we are all in process of to the degree in which we enact it and entertaining of thoughts is an enactment that can have physical manifestations, though subtly still rather immedieately and more major ramifications by continuous entertainment thereof eventually, is building our MIND. We can build it from rock, the Next Level Mind or from any other material that will never stand up to the storms that will eventually rage on, that are given to us to experience so we can grow from them. When I say, given to us, I’m not saying the Lord specifically arranges for very difficult to handle things to happen to us in life. They know that difficult things will happen to all of us because the planet wasn’t designed to work as a perfect heavenly environment or else no one would ever be willing to outgrow it to learn that there is yet a next evolutionary strata to life that’s above human. Thus the so called naturally programmed mechanisms to include the allowance of the Luciferian advasaries (satans) are given to us so we can rise to dealing with them by asking the help of the Next Level in whatever terminology we grow up with understanding as the Next Level. Ti wrote this paper called, “The Power of Goodness”. I belive it’s on the web site. (while I’m on it, did you ever leave an email message at – and if so would you mind sharing the jist of the message. I know the person managing the site and knew that they did not often respond to emails, so this is just a curiosity if you did attempt communication there and if so in what way).

So perhaps in 1977 but probably early that year, Ti and Do brought us the lesson that said, “Not only do you need to maintain the celebacy of sensuality, but speaking primarily to sexuality, you also need to maintain celebacy in your thoughts, which I’ve already touched upon, but up until that point, it wasn’t as clear that this was a needed step to incorporate. At that time they gave us some techniques, one of which was called, “putting up a blank card”. When one received a thought and/or associated image that they new was of a sexual nature, you’d imagine a blank card going up in your mind. But a key to the success of this little technique is to move on in your mind and/or body to something else, which is in coordination with issuing a command to the “influence”, the discarnate spirit/entity/program that is often responsible for thoughts, (though we establish our own MIND’s habit in thinking as well, that becomes our programming) to get away, to get the hell away, to skat, to be gone and they didn’t say what we could or could not say or think or envision in the commanding it to go away. We could say, in the name of Ti and Do get out of here. (I don’t know if saying “in the name of Jesus get out of here” would have been appropriate). I only say that for two reasons. One is, if the same Soul and his Father are with you why would you drum up the last name/address used 2000 years ago. Isn’t that like thinking Ti and Do’s names are not equivilent. Now Ti and Do didn’t explain all this. This is from my mind. What I do know though is that a huge part of the overcoming process in physically being with Older Members, and this applies any time we are with Older Members which you, your soul will experience if you continue to seek it, though after the recycing has sufficiently annialiated the weeds and traces of their world, is to embrace only what the Older Members give us. However, they didn’t give us every thought we could use. It’s what proves useful to the task and the task is to get the influence out of one’s head. And it doesn’t really matter if it really is a discarnate as Do was also aware that the Luciferian space aliens have ways to project thoughts on people they want to influence/manipulate. And it’s not important, if it is a discarnate influnece to think that influence has occupied our body. They didn’t say how far that influence got into one’s space. All I do know is that it needs to be “nipped in the bud” in the words of Ti and Do and once one has issued that command and put up a blank card, it’s move on time, shift one’s eyes away from what may have physically stimulated the thought and put one’s eyes, ears and mind on the task at hand, whether that’s dancing or basketball or gymnastics or whatever. Then when it comes back as it will, do it again. Do it as many times as you need to.

When these influences came upon us continuously Ti called it “bombardment” and said if you feel worn out by it, then ask the Next Level for a rest from it. I don’t know if that will exactly apply the same way now, but in the classroom Ti and Do told us that each member was actually assigned an advasary and they called that advasary our personal “booger”, yes, sounding like the nose booger. Ti and Do did have their vehicle’s Texas humor from the era in which their vehicles grew up and it was often corny sounding to those of us with vehicles from other areas. By the way, they wouldn’t have chose what were considered “curse” words to dispell an influences presense. It’s not that they were prudes to such words, like the f word and others. It’s that these words are crude and meaningless and for whatever reason didn’t want us to use them, nor did we use slang. I’m not saying at this time in each of our human surroundings anyone who uses such words, even those who believe in Ti and Do are sinning by doing so. Sinning actually means missing the mark. So anything is a missing of the mark, in other words missing the intended goal set for us by the Next Level.

However, we can become glued to considering every procedure in the classroom a sin to not adhere to and I don’t know if that would be Ti and Do’s intention exactly. Perhaps it’s fine but what I think of when I see all the procedures Moses instigated as problems arose and He sought help from his Older Member and then brought the help he received to the people, as that information was written and retranslated, it became more of the focus than the main commandments given directly by the Lord, Moses Older Member. Thus if you don’t trim your beard by squaring it off, then you’d be sinning, which I think is ridiculus UNLESS you are one in that classroom. Then, as it’s essential to begin to look to our Older Member for virtually everything, even that tiny procedure that may have no seeming practicallity to it, but provided a certain degree of conformity to many whom hated conformity, thus because important, though at this time becomes a prop that announces to whoever might witness us, that “I am a disciple – treat me special” whether they think that consciously or subconsciously. Of course being seen as special for such a display would not be the case now in regards to Ti and Do. Any display of belief in them will be seen as a dangerous thing to do, but at the same time opens the door for some to seek what is meant by whatever way some choose to advertise or mark themselves as belonging to Ti and Do. I bring this up only because of one individual new believer I know who had a related to Ti and Do and/or Heaven’s gate tatooed on his hand and had a big patch put on his jacket saying Heaven’s Gate. I can’t say whether Ti and Do would approve of that, but it is not without precedent as Do and students did have patches prepared that they all wore that stated that they were an “away team”, which comes from the Star Trek “away team” television show that was regular viewing in the classroom during he 1990’s especially the 2nd Generation series.

Part of the point I’m attempting to make here is that when the next classroom starts, after the recycling period, an Older Member, presumably Do will return but it’s altogether possible Do may be playing the unseen Lord role and Do would have picked one of his new graduate student, younger members to play the role of say, Moses that may be worked up to by being the equivilent of Enoch and/or Abraham, but what we are referring to is the Soul taking charge of those vehicles to begin to relate to the human vehicles that to some degree may have a carry over of understanding about the Next Level, having come from this and previous trimester experiences. At that time, when any kind of group is formed around that incarnate Older Member (to us), a certain set of rules will be given and it will closely resemble the ten commandments as they have been called. Then as they exist together as a community when students have problems with one another and do things the Next Level feels they need to learn to change or do better, they will be given more rules, laws and what Ti and Do called “procedures” that can be anything from how to clean the toilet in detail to how to cook foods, what’s better to eat, who to form unions with. Now this is assuming it would follow a similar path to the last record we have but I could be altogether wrong about that. It could be setup in a completely different way that I can’t fathom at this time because it’s not my task.  However, I do believe it can help us to understand the “way” the garden is grown, at least from our historic record because that helps program our vehicles in what is possible or likley even, so that when our Souls are looking for a vehicle to come into with our Mind, one that has this info in their subconscious mind will be a better (TiDo word)”Match”. But in closing regarding our language some words I believe Ti and Do had said were simply “not becoming of a member of the Next Level”.

Back to sensuality overcoming…Ti and Do instigated females wearing short hair, no short dresses, no tight clothing, things that hide the shape of the vehicle and show little skin, all as attempts to not put males to the test more than they will otherwise be. Sounds like the Muslim Berka right. Well, Do did say that the humility and reverence for God(Allah) and their overall continuation of “modesty” puts them in better stead in relationship with the Next Level because that’s where that idea came from as did all things. Now one could say, it’s a way of telling others they are better because they are demonstrating that modesty, etc. But if most everyone is doing it, then that argument doesn’t hold water and anyway, that is a technique that can help others and also themselves, not the same in my mind, though I could be wrong as all those who tout themselves as religious or spiritual leaders that many flock to and believe regardless of whether or not they are actually sharing much of what Jesus said and did, often giving more credance to what Paul said and Paul was according to Do taken over by the Luciferians. Thus he was the first major manefestation of the beasts coming out of the bottomless pit, let loose after Jesus exited physically, which was then called AntiChrist. So all those Christians that claim that AntiChrist hasn’t yet come, are as the Jews were 2000 years ago, in the dark completely. In fact many of todays biggest leaders in Christianity may very well be the genetic descendants of the high priests and pharisees and Scribes that were the biggest proponents in the killing of Jesus and his disciples. Jesus said the just and the unjust would “stand up again”(resurrect) in the age to come. That use of the english word “Resurrection” was certainly not his saying the unjust would be in the harvest, what many Christians teach is the meaning of resurrection because they fear thinking of it as Souls coming back as that would sound too Hindu or Buddhist and Luciferians have many of them convinced that only they are the “chosen”, reminicent of the Jewish mindset 2000 yrs ago that prevails today not only with the religious Jews but with sects in all the religions. And from this latest arrival of the reps from the Next Level, we see those that are moreorless included in the category of “new age” who have embraced the idea that all religions are centered in truth so that each religions founder was an equivilent avatar or messiah or Christ or master or enlightened one or ascended master, assigning those titles to people who are simply the priests, monks, nuns, teachers of their cultures history, pastors, reverends, rabbi’s, yogi’s and the like as if they are the descendents of whoever marked their religion’s beginning and that by teaching this kind of meditation or that mantra saying or singing along with renunciation of certain human pursuits, even of family, they are on the path to the God head, christ consciousness, universal mind, making the premise that the planets were creatively designed by detail orientated crewminded scientist astronauts with physical bodies they power with their mind so no longer require food or sleep and operate 24/7 doing all sorts of real tasks, traveling, working in labs, in all sorts of departments of their choosing with comrades they think of as family, who all used to exist at the human equivilent level, more and more an obserd reality, because the Luciferians in times past to present has got them thinking of themselves as able to acheive the maximum consciousness and eternal life by perfecting their techniques and giving up materialism and even becoming a avid humanitarian.

Conviently a real many membered real Kingdom of God(s) (as Jesus said even the least in the Kingdom in the Heaven’s is greater than the greatest human) has been taken out of the Equasion. This point of view is what dominates the space aliens evident through at least three groups that have human contactees working on their behalf to garner human support and allegience from those human plants that are many times most in line to conceive of the reality of the Next Level and they each believe in Jesus and quote a few things Jesus said which by the way they misquote him on and take him out of context, the same way many Christain teachers do because they are pawns of the Luciferians and thus the false prophets in sheeps clothing.

And these have made sensual – sexuality one of their practices and techniques to awaken the Kundilini, the serpent force within and they are correct in that. It makes one a slave to giving away our force that in so doing reduces one’s ability to SEE more of reality, gluing one to the Earth which at best puts one in the spirit world without any lifeline thinking the spirit world around Earth, though may extend way past the firm surface is their pleasure to be free within, that is until the Next Level decides it’s time to lock them up again, but I believe to all the pre-existing Luciferians, they are sucked into the core of the planet to be consumed, turned into another element while a new batch of Luciferians are kept to be loosed at a future time to serve the Next Level’s upcoming garden soul plants. This new batch of Luciferians may be the minds of certain humans who at this moment are building underground bunder like cities to survive within and the current Luciferians know the time is short before what they think of as simply another alien race returns. They don’t think there are Above Human beings or if they do, don’t think one has to go through the program of this other group to become one. In other words they lost their ability to perceive what is most real, thus condemning themselves in the process.

When I meet people one on one and feel to say something to them that if they show interest may lead me to bring up Ti and Do, I rarely talk about the upcoming recycling. First off I don’t know how far in advance it will be underway. Actually I believe it will be gradual up until a point and then it will be increased many times over so we can’t even fear it and the Next Level may preserve some physical vehicles that can tell others what happened, at a time when many will be more accepting of the truth that now few care to embrace. I don’t know but this is what I feel has been indicated by the historic record with what little Ti and Do said about it.

But before I close this writing, a little more on controlling the vehicle’s sensuality. No matter what you decide to do, realize that you still may have a certain amount of sensual feelings to contend with. In the classroom, for me, it didn’t seem that hard to maintain celebacy. I began to feel a degree of pride in not giving into it. Various classmates would report in “slippage meetings” times when Ti and Do had us come together to express ways in which we “missed the mark” since the last slippage meeting. They called “sin” or missing the mark a “slip”. The format of a meeting, that Ti and Do never attended, but that Ti and Do received a report of, was that each classmate was assumed to have a slippage, as if they didn’t they did not have high enough standards for their behavior and ways as for students and even for Next Level members they know they can always grow to more like their Older Member who seeks to be more like their Older Member up to the Chief who Do said we would understand more about where he came from once we are members of the Next Level but that the human brain was not wired to comprehend that now. When it came to the subject of sexuality, as sensuality actually includes additional sensory responses. For instance an angry outburst is a sensory response. Even being awed by a sunset is a form of sensuality and it’s not like those forms are prohibited. It’s just that there are all sorts of things that will awe us throughout the universe those who graduate will begin to experience and feelings are a part of these but it will not be a feeling stimulated by a physical perception, but rather one stimulated by one’s Mind. It’s not like one can’t enjoy a sunset. It’s how dramatic an enjoyment it needs to be to FEEL and one can become addicted to strong feelings of the vehicle just as easily as one can become addicted to the feelings from the use of certain substances or foods or sex or power or religious fevor.

The Next Level works with us as long as we wish to look to and try to work with them by changing what we do to improve our control over our vehicle. Thus if one was in a situation that continuously tested someone in their desire to control their vehicles sensuality then they might need to change that situation. For instance if we were partnered with someone in the class we were attracted to, we could say something to Ti and Do and they might change the partnership or they might ask if it’s something we can handle, because sometimes for certain tasks a certain partnership did the best job together. But if one partner said they kept on falling short on the control they wished to have, then Ti and Do would probably change the partnership to give that person a breather so they could potentially return to that situation or the equivilent one without having so much to deal with. However, Ti and Do always said that we shouldn’t test ourselves. For instance, you don’t intentionally put yourself in a situation you know could be very difficult to see if you will pass or fail. Now, once you have a degree of control, you may find what used to attract you doesn’t anymore. Do said to him, seeing a female’s breast that used to attract him stimulates as much feeling as if he was looking at a grapefruit. For a long time we rarely were tested by things blatently sexual. Of course those with jobs in the world, as I often had, had more interactions with humans and at times that became challenging. I recall cooking at a country club and a young waitress hit on me a bit. I wanted nothing to do with her. She was actually cute to my vehicles eyes and later, I was challenged to think of having started something up with her but when I would sense that throught trying to manifest in my head I’d cut it off. It got to the point that I could cut off many thoughts part way into their expression in my head and then to a point that I could cut it off before it registered as a thought. I believe Ti called that “smelling the influence coming”. She never explained that term of “smelling an influence”. Actually, influences can pick up aroma’s in a room they are in and then come to you and bring that smell with them. They do have a physical nature as do all things as all things are molecularly interfaced to us, through us, and around us all the time. We exist in a sea of frequencies and molecules.

At the same time that we can grow to become keener to when any influence is approaching us, that sensitivity also means, if we slip and don’t nip a thought in the bud, even a tiny, tiny image can stimulate a significant hormonal response from our vehicle. One day while I was in a car on the way to that same country club cooking job, it was winter and I was a passenger and I looked out the window and saw a woman walking. She had a coat on but my vehicle felt an attraction to her and immedieatly I could feel a gland somewhere in my reproductive organs operate as if it was squirting out a hormone. I’m not saying my vehicle had an orgasim. When this kind of thing occurred, it meant it would be followed eventually with further temptation and could result in a nocternal emmission of fluids. We had procedure for dealing with nocternal emmissions. For one, it wasn’t considered a slippage. However, being permissive of thoughts, images that it seemed to me led up to the nocternal emmission certainly would have been considered to be a slippage. But what Do said about nocternal emmissions were not to feel guilty about having had one. Just treat it as a relief valve. You try to do your best to keep your mind free from the sexual influences in thoughts and/or images as well as not permitting yourself to touch yourself on your plumbing (as Do called it) in a sensual way that is, because we had no procedure for urination except to do so sitting down, which I don’t exactly know the reasons for though think one reason was to keep from splashing urine on the seat that people would sit on later. We also had a procdure when showering or sponge bathing each day to use a washcloth as opposed to using one’s hand to spread soap over one’s body. I never did know why this was a procedure but of late suspected it was yet another way to guard against having sensual feelings simulated, for as I’m sure you know, touch of any kind on self or another can become very erotic.

What many people don’t know is that celebacy, at least for myself and I believe others in a sense becomes harder and harder to maintain because the vehicle becomes more and more sensitive thus what would have been a small stimulus while very sexually active can trigger huge feelings very quickly.

When I fell by giving into sensuality with myself, I didn’t even touch myself and my vehicle had an orgasm. By the way, even talking like this was not procedure. For instance if someone did slip and masturbated, which occasionally did occur, as it was reported at first, but then Do discontinued reporting them because in the reporting some said they felt stimulated. So we had a procedure that if you slipped in a sensual way, that’s all you would say. The word sex was not procedure to express for that reason. Words stimulate thoughts and thoughts stimulate feelings and feelings build to their expression. For instance, one can feel sad but if they linger on that sadness, can become depressed and before long, have a short fuse or begin to weap at the strangest time that doesn’t seem like came from the sadness or depression.

I did always feel guilty when I had a nocternal emission but Ti nor Do ever gave me reason to feel that way, unless one wants to conclude having rules against sexuality of any kind as reason to feel guilty having given into it. Giving into sexuality was considered to be allowing the thought and/or feeling to linger with us. What would occur if it’s allowed to linger past it’s initial expression in our head, is it becomes harder to get rid of the longer we entertain it.

At one point, Ti and Do bought the males underwear that was of a jockey style/cut as they felt if the vehicles testicles were kept extra warm, as from being closer to the body, it would reduce one’s production of testosterone as opposed to allowing the testicles to hang free. So we got used to wearing tight underwear.

Even though we were guarded against sexuality in all shapes and forms, we did go to the movies once every week or two. Ti and Do always previewed a movie and if they liked the message, they’d schedule it for us. Sometimes there would be a sexual scene or some nudity, womans breast shown to which Ti would tell us ahead of time, there is a little nudity or a brief scene that if you feel challenged or bothered by, just turn your head away or close you eyes when you see the scene starting. I don’t think I did a good job in that. It was one of those times I listened to my vehicle and/or it’s influenes that said, “you can handle it” so I’d watch it and that image would plague me thereafter, but it gave me practice shutting it out. Looking back, I did a terrible job maintain celebacy of mind. Of body, up until I began to give in totally and repeatedly, I had never masturbated or touched myself with intent to stimulate self. I would often wake up with an errect penis and I did awaken at times with my hands in my pants but never had I consciously permitted that kind of physical stimulus. I did however permit mental stimulus. For instance when I had any opportunity to look down a females shirt, I have to admit I was hardpressed not to look. Sure, I’d look and then turn away and then look again and I at times got very permissive of that. In the class there were only rare occasions when I’d have that opportunity but at my job I had more opportunities and at times that was with female classmates who I worked on the job with. In the early days I also had a problem. Whenever a female would bend down with her butt facing me, my dog vehicle would look. I did get control over doing that but could have done better.

Ti and Do also examined what we ate keeping in mind that some foods seem to stimulate one’s libido. And at one point we had herbs that were known to help curb libido. Do would use himself as a guinea pig for these and depending on his response he’d either give it to a few or not.

At one point Do didn’t want to interfer with what may have been the main method to stimulate some building their mind muscle to keep out sensual thoughts. This was on his mind up until he decided to let some who had been pressing him to allow them to have themselves castrated (surgically removing the testicles that stops most testorterone production). The two who were pressing him were srrody and myself. Srrody and I ended up tossing a coin as to who would have the procedure first. I lost the toss so Srrody went first. It was an internal job. Lvvody was a registered nurse and she worked with a doctor that performed regular orchectomies, the removal of testicles due to testicular cancer. She was his assistant on the surgury. She had been an assistant to many surgeon’s. But as it turned out being an assistant is not quite the same as being in the drivers seat. Do had been considering having himself neutered/castrated for years before then and through Lvvody had gathered all the neccesary tools. They created a surgically sterile room and Do decided after years of talking about it primarily with three students, though he told everyone in the class when he was considering the operation for himself. And at that time he had had a nocternal emmission that he told all the males about. So because he was thinking of it for himself so he’d be free of the interference it caused as he had to maintain his celebacy just as we did, he presented it to the males as an option that if he did it, some of us could consider it. It was never a pressure. When he brought up the option to the males and asked if anyone had any reservations about having such a procedure, hvvody did have reservations. He wasn’t scheduling it and it never was required but being willing to do so, was part of willing to give one’s all. Hvvody was very upset by this consideration though we considered a lot of things we didn’t end up doing. In any case a few months later, Hvvody openly decided to leave the classroom. I said openly because some left in the middle of the night for whatever reason.

A few years later after Srrody had he operation and there was a complication as the testicle sack was not draining so it blew up like a small balloon, but we took him to a hospital and they easily corrected the problem but Do was feeling like he’d blundered by permitting the operation so cancelled mine though I was still willing to have it done. Right before srrody and I tossed the coin, which was the same hour that the operation was to begin, Do who was present asked me if I had any reservations. I told him that my vehicle was not looking forward to it, but I was overriding my vehicle.

Looking back on it, I think that I wasn’t fully committed to Do in the way Ti felt was most healthy. Ti was outside her vehicle then but we were approved to talk to Ti directly and this was after srrody was castrated which he was always elated with having done. I sort of yelled in my head to Ti that I wanted faster growth and that I wanted a task like Jesus or Do had.

From that moment on I had attacks of sensual influences and images like I’d never experienced over 18 years prior. Every situation I’d experienced was like right on the top of my mind when it came to something sensually stimulating. The time the waitress hit on me, a time when a classmate seemed to be making an advance, the image I’d seen of a topless woman in a movie, the feeling of looking down a woman’s dress to see a little cleavage. It was on my mind as if these circumstances were happening and I became intoxicated by it.

I am certain that Ti simply gave me a stronger booger to test me. I said I wanted faster growth and to do a task like Do so she gave me what I asked. I got to deal with a booger closer to what Do dealt with and I hardly stood a chance. To even ask Ti for such a thing showed my mind was more on what I might become, how special I would then be to be like a Jesus. Ti knew well I had this, “wanting to be seen as something special streak”. She told me that once when she was giving all the students her thoughts of what would keep us off the spacecraft. I had three things she wrote on the list. 1)Likes to be seen as something special 2) A little too pleased with self 3) sarcastic mostly with humans (which had to do with things I’d said to some whom I worked with on the job at the country club and elsewhere). Now I could have rose to the occasion but to be honest I didn’t even seem to have the strength to try.

So all that so called success was cancelled out by one swoop. This is why I said, there was a certain advantage to being in the classroom. Our boogers against us were regulated by the Next Level. I don’t know how that may work now. My personal stature was not raised by having been selected to host a Next Level saved soul’s next trimester experience taking over a human vehicle, though because of all the many opportunities I had where I worked with Do, one on one and as overseer and such I began to think quite a bit about myself, my stature in the class and it was a house of cards that needed to be brought down so I could get real.

Now I’m not so brave as I was then. I do have a certain amount of attachment to my daughter and partner. I could have had myself castrated but havn’t. I could lay down my life but havn’t. I have considered both and the later often but it seems at low points and I don’t want to act out of depression, though that can also become an excuse. When I asked around 2003 if I needed to prepare myself to lay down my vehicle as they did, he came to me in a dream as clear and real looking/feeling as when I was with him in person that very night after asking and said, “Give your life”. That’s just like a member of the Next Level to always leave it in my ballpark, not just tell anyone what to do. The classroom was a little different in that regard as by our presence we were asking to be told what to do, though even still, that was never taken for granted by Ti and Do. When they felt we as a group were not thirsty for the next step, personally &/or as a unit, they would come to us and tell us, they can’t get the next step because we either havn’t fully embraced the last step(s) that in so doing should leave us thirsty for the next step. Ti always compared the classroom to a “piano roll” or the song Old Macdonald’s farm where when one “note” or animal’s voice was completed, it was on to the next and that one would always continue to play all the previously played notes/voices, just adding one more, step by step.

So yes, I failed to graduate with my classroom. Do said, when I was exposing my repeated breakage of vows to be celebate and honest, exposed when we did slip, which I also broke by not revealing my sensuality slippages immedieatly,

I’m not judging myself. I’m just aware that though I have a great deal of information and am actually willing to give my life in belief and support and dissemination of Ti and Do’s information, it shouldn’t be about me. If it is then I still have to overcome this vehicle’s ego and the satisfaction it gets from having had all this Ti and Do experience. I am aware of this vehicle’s ego and I do beat it back when I see that head rising as it has no value to me. When I say, ego, that’s not a term I can recall Ti and Do using. I don’t think beating it back deflates one’s self confidence which has it’s value in the human kingdom while in application to the Next Level needs to be transferred to a type of self confidence that Knows what one doesn’t know and yet knows where to go to learn what one doesn’t know, which is always from one’s Older Member.

By the way, when a young member of the Next Level, there is always an Older Member at the helm of the department, though that doesn’t mean they are standing over you all the time, though one would have grown to not be threatened by that knowing that the Older Member only wants to see the tasks done to their Older Member’s standard. But we will also have other Older Members to work under, so to speak, however will always recognize the Older Member that parented us into the Next Level. And in the Next Level they don’t have to wear stripes to identify who is an Older Member or an Older Member’s Older Member. It simply becomes obvious, though I don’t know that Ti and Do ever said how.

Oh, I did want to mention what Ti and Do said about Fun in the Next Level to my recollection, as they were asked that question at an early public meeting to which they said, (paraphrased); “Yes, there is fun. Horses running in a field together are having fun. But a human observer may not feel that is as much fun for them. Next Level members also have fun. What’s fun is simply different.”

I think of it in the way that any team in any department of life can thrive on being part of something bigger than themselves and being a spoke in an amazing team effort. Next Level members have continuous challenges and experiences. Most want to perform tasks for their Older Members, tasks that do require them to exercise their judgement, trying to use the judgement they think their Older Member might have. Circumstances are forever changing. But Ti and Do said there are certainly times when you’d be looking out the window of a spacecraft and would be amazed at what you could see and times where you could hear the spheres in certain combonations actually making music. It’s far from sitting around on a cloud playing a harp for eternity. Next Level members would be bored by that.

And one more pointer to keeping any influences at bay is to put a label on them. It can be “influence of sensuality” for instance, “get out of here”. Influence of anger…,etc. And one doesn’t have to have an angry sounding response either. Ti said many influences that attacked her she saw and treated like mosquitos. She’s just swat them away with her mind and do so as often as needed to where it didn’t interfer with her task.

Ti and Do had all the influences each student had plus an entire array of influences that specifically went after them. Even at the human level humans who reach some kind of success and/or leadership in any department, and especially when the public is involved have both influences that help them and influences that want to bring them down often because that’s the kind of person they became while alive – highly competitive, envyous of another’s success/accomplishment, greedy for attention and to feel special. That’s why whether it’s in entertainment (sports included), big business, politics or religion, there’s always someone in the wings wanting to get on top and will at times do anything to get there.

Ti and Do had those influences and then all of our influences who hated that we were being convinced to stop the activities they had been and wanted to continue to use us for. And then there were influences that got on the cult bashing bandwagon and the influences against anything not conventional or traditional, or conservative or liberal, on and on. There are influnences that represent every human behavior in mind and body and of course while a human being there are influences that only want to help us. We can talk nice to them. Tell them, we know they mean well, but that they are not needed anymore, that is if we are engaged in overcoming all our humanness. Ti and Do said, while human we will never get rid of all our influences. There are some that even help us to learn to walk, I believe they once said. Influences tend to leave those vehicles that no longer serve them and when they do, those vehicles begin to loose skills and talents and abilities they once had. Many influences and especially Luciferian influences, Souls, whose last vehicle expired/died gravite to those human subjects that have the most influence over other humans and their agendas. Thus famous people and politicians attract an enterage of influences to where a more ordinary human, when they meet one with such an enterage can actually feel the power of the combined influnences that put them on a pedestal and help them be so charasmatic and magnetic. Some humans who attract lots of influences in this way, walk into a room and others can’t not notice them.

In closing, I believe the biggest lesson/opportunity for service at this time is still to share all that Ti and Do said with others and accept the ramifications as few will think what you are saying is a positive. I believe there are only 144 Souls looking for vehicles at this time or that number may encompass the classroom that just exited as well. I could be wrong about that number. But it’s not just as a task for the Next Level that we share all things Ti and Do, it’s because that’s how we prove to the Older Member we are serious about being on their crew. This doesn’t mean put a sign on your head necessarily or bringing up Ti and Do at every conversation. It’s to be treated on a case by case basis. Jesus addressed this more that Ti and Do because they came primarily to bring their previous students to graduation, though now the next class is being prepared, so I presume the same guidelines Jesus gave will apply. Jesus said not to cast pearls before swine. He said go into a town and ask the Father, in our case Do to be directed to anyone that might be receptive. Sometimes someone who is receptive starts off being very argumentative and even disrespectful and contrary, hateful in their language and ways in response to what we share. Those are their influences hating to hear it and of course the vehicle also becomes defensive and fearful of changes as even if someone seems to have a lousy life they can settle into a certain amount of contentment with the life they do have thus any hint of change feels threatening. We certainly don’t want to push ourselves into dangerous circumstances, though if our vehicles are harmed our Soul will certainly not be. Don’t be hesitant to ask Do for anything, help with a medical condition for instance. Income, food and shelter and the like are not needed to be asked for as the Next Level knows well your vehicles’s need for such things.

And finally, the Next Level members don’t need any of us, which is why they never seek to control us or manipulate us. The reason we need to learn to seek their Mind is for our benefit towards eventual graduation not because they like weilding their power as some atheists believe of God. And atheism is not any better or worse pathway than any others. Ti and Do even said that in a real sense atheists who became atheists because of seeing through religion were ahead in a potential progression to Next Level membership, but they had to also be willing to discard their insistance that there is no Above Human kingdom level who orchstrated, developed and down right created our entire reality, mental and physical, even the potential to bite the hand that really feeds us, today as represented by those called Ti and Do.



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