Why I wasn’t in the Day After Video

I was asked why I wasn’t in the Day After Video?

Two reasons I wasn’t in that one. I didn’t know about it and I guess I never gave Rkk or Crl any reason to think I wanted to be in it. I, the part of me that has some of Ti and Do’s mind had withdrawn from me, this vehicle at that time. I was in touch with Rkk. He was having such problems with Mark and Sarah, he sought me to help out. I met with him in Boulder, Colorado in 1995 while he was out of the class. After I left I traveled all over the US coast to coast looking up exclassmates. It was wierd because I didn’t think of myself as part of the class then as I’d flunked out, as I’ve told, because I gave into sensuality (with myself) and seemed to not have any strength to even ask Do to help me recover from. It was my assigned “advasary”(discarnate booger) that moreorless took control over my vehicle and I let it happen. So when I left, my vehicle was elated as it no longer had to be subserviant to the lessons I had til then embrassed whole heartedly, or at least I thought, though looking back I can see how full of myself I was which was the real reason I needed more lessons that the classroom didn’t face me with, though I had sought Ti and Do’s help, I’d bet I could have learned the lessons while staying in the classroom. I’m not sure on that one.

At first I stayed with Mark and Sarah in the Phoenix area, then got my own apartment and job near there. My vehicles brother flew out to see me and I had nothiung negative to say about Ti and Do or the class, though a part of me was afraid to face them again, not that they would have done anything to pressure me or reprimand me in any way. That was never their way. It was my influneces that came back to my vehicle that were afraid of being shooed away again.

I decided to move back to long island where my vehicles family was but couldn’t stay with my mother long so moved into my van and went a traveling upstate NY which is where I ran into my current partner Ann. She had wanted to buy land out west and I told her of all the folks I knew from the class and from having lived in Oregon and California before joining with Ti and Do, so we spent 6 months traveling.

When we returned Ann got pregnant, something I (the vehicle talking) wanted and a few months later it was March of 1997. I took my story to the press and soon thereafter Rkkody contacted me and like I said wanted help with dealing with Mark and Sarah in which I talked to them about some, which was wierd because they were in direct contact with the class, as like half way house believers/active students. Rkkody clearly loved Ti and Do but couldn’t handle the tests of the classroom. It was well known that it was too boring for him, so he’d leave and when Do felt it appropriae upon his request to return allowed him to but while he was out Do gave him tasks to interface with certain humans in the UFO field of study. He used the name Rick Edwards for that and you will see that name in some of Bill Lear’s reports and perhaps some art bell related talks too.

Then when Rkk decided he wanted to exit, he contacted me to see if I’d help him in some way. But I didn’t want to be implemented so said I couldn’t.

I was in touch with his vehicles daughter after his first attempt failed.

Re: Carlan, though I had met him in 1994 when he joined the class as a result of our 2nd face to face public trumphet blowing, I didn’t reconnect with him until 2002 or so when I did some internet searches and turned up that Day After video and somehow got an email for him.

I had many dreams with classmates and then Do and then Ti, beginning around 1998 and a bunch of other things occurred that together gradually helped me reconnect with Do and ask him for service.


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