Sent to Coast to Coast re: L.A. Marzulli and Art Bell and Ti and Do’s Heaven’s Gate

Hello, you or your associates, going back to Art Bell in the 90’s may be decided against entertaining anything to do with me and I understand that actually but when I saw you had L.A. Marzulli on the air again, I had to send you a note.

I have had a great deal of interaction with L.A. Marzulli on his Christian blog. I don’t know him personally but he counts me a heratic and false prophet of sorts simply because I was with Ti and Do of the Heaven’s Gate “cult” for 19 years and have a vast amount of scriptural evidence that at the least, to any educated person with any degree of open-mindedness would have to stimulate at least a little willingness to consider, the Ti and Do may very well have been the only legitimate fulfillment of the prophecy in Rev. 11 of the Two Witnesses as well as the Rev. 12 Woman giving birth to the Male (Father to Son) as well as the Rev. 6 White Horse (Do’s physical body named AppleWhite, (missing of the mark turned into hitting the mark (sin made pure)) as well as the Rev. 14 “Song” (as in Ti and Do the notes of the scale) as well as duplicating the exact motis operandi of the Father and Jesus team – disciples had to leave ALL behind, (even children and family) aka “deny self ” to bond to a new Family, willing to give their physical lives (take up cross) and “follow him” be with the lamb wherever he goes, as well as to fulfill speaking in a new tongue(language) with a “new name” (not returning using the name Jesus (as Jesus said)) to a new nation (taken away from Jerusalem) to a “new jerusalem (ti and do gave first meeting in the city of angels(L.A.) and were “shot down, haulted, stopped on the national commons in 1975 by Walter cronkite and were a global news story for many months associated with planned departure on a cloud of light(spacecraft behind the cloud cover), though not space aliens (as are evolutionarily in mind and body Above the Human kingdom, as human is above animal and animal is above plant and plant above mineral) – new language being talking “plainly” of the Father and the FAther’s kingdom as a “REAL physical evolutionary level above human” – the reason Jesus demonstrated his power over his body’s death and proved his physicality that he took into the cloud with dozens of witnesses that set the world on fire but that was morphed and bastardized into a religion that upon examination supports next to nothing Jesus said to keep.

and I could go on and on like the energizer bunny with detailed scriptural analysis of Greek/Hebrew that makes this all plain to consider.

I am in contact with Ti, Do, and some of the 38 students who laid down their lives in 1997 and can prove that it was voluntary and of sound mind, though of course not to someone who fears to consider how.

I am hear only because I failed to make the grade to stay with them.

They are returning one more time which will be after many things will happen on the planet that will moreorless be a weeding out of all those who have no potential to see the reality of how this planet is just one of an undeterminate amount of “gardens” where life forms are grown to house the development of a programmatically alive (self programmed) free willed, individualistic life form that upon completion of what is like an astronaut training program will be issued a physical body that no longer operates at all as a human being, yet has a physical nature like that of a plant but that has a virtual limitless life span, though is not the last “vehicle” they can be issued, thus one way they earn a new vehicle is by doing a task on a “garden” planet to where they enter the atmophere undercover by crashing some of their primitive spacecrafts that releases their Next Level invisible to human body into the environment to proceed to “snatch” (catch away) a human who desires to connect to the Level Above Human, however they think of it) to take it through a metamorphic process (overcoming all their humanness) that grows a new soul body and earn the returnee a new body issue upon completion of the task.

Ti and Do provided and still provide answers to ALL questions. All the religions and the leading edge science minded have tid bits and clues as to the nature of our reality but lack the cohesion to it all because they have often become blocked from what’s real by discarnate and space aliens (luciferians) who create facsimili events (jim jones, etc) and many other wonders, psychic related showings, etc. UFO and space alien interactions that test our resolve to SEE the whole truth and decide who to give our ultimate allegience to.

There is zero danger of anyone committing suicide from understanding this info as I can evidence in the few dozen I know about that are current believers in Ti and Do but that is because the first step is to take the leap of faith of belief in Ti and Do though it does result in a great challenge as the 99.99% of the people tend to hate all things Ti and Do, so could result in a loss of life at their hands, which one must be willing to endure. The next trimester in the three trimester birth process that occurs over some 7000 earth years or more is to be brought back when the next Next Level representative comes undercover to blow theri horn announcing their physicaol (son of man) arrival that is always seen as a dangerious cult by the mainstream and is also a threat to all the facsimili cults who are busy creating families.

There is no organization to belong to, no cult or commune to join, no paraphenalia to buy or school to enroll to study the path thereof and no fellow human to look to. Anyone can choose to play this out by seeking to communicate with Ti and Do, the TWO, the UFO TWO, the TWo Witnesses by silent asking of them what we want to which they will respond – I guarantee it and they will never, ever, ever tell anyone what to do, unless they are with us eye to eye in a human phsycical body startign a new classroom program towards graduation and we prove to them we want to be with them. Then they will give us lesson steps so we can overcome all our human attachments, just like the Buddha taught and is also contained in certain Vedic texts as Moses and Jesus taught. This program has been offerred in previous civilizations on earth.

When they come back next though it will not be “undercover” this time as it’s the end of the cycle. The birth pangs are over. The birth has occurred. However we who remain can be in the afterbirth so in that sense we still have birth pangs. But the birth pangs are the difficulties we each have reconning with this info while everything around us seems to say it’s nonsense whether it’s in religious, or spiritual or atheistic scientific or intellectual terms.

At this time I believe (via the dreams I have had with Ti and/or Do and/or students) their return will be recognized by their use of the same “faces” they had in the physical vehicles they occupied for some 24 years). When this is viewed and no one left alive will have the choice to see it or not. It will be broadcast to all who remain on EArth and this will be taking place certainly before the turn of the century but perhaps in the next decade, those who fear Do’s Applewhite vehicle face will even die of heart failure from their fear, leaving only those who believed this all as true, to start the next civilzation.

I am prepared to talk about this on the air as I tried when I was on National Geographics and 60 minutes and Laryy King live and Geraldo and all the networks, including BBC and all the major news magazines and newspapers I gave interviews to.

However, you and/or your higher ups will try to see to it that it is not broadcast and that’s fine. It will be broadcast by someone eventually as neither humans nore space aliens are really in control.


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