coast to coast

From a coast to coast broadcast:

‘”The universe itself is conscious and intelligent and has an innate order to it,” Neppe added.’

If this is an accurate quote from you, despite it’s appearance of openminded intellect, I find it fearful and ordinary, the remark that is. Not you, the remark, what it neglects to represent.

Do you see ANY examples of anything humans have done that suggests they could have come about without a “being” or “beings” directly and indirectly at the helm?

Of course I know the answer to that. It’s No! and yet so many have such a hard time considering and clearly expressing that what we call nature (all that humans have clearly NOT created/developed, though without humans would not have created anything at all) did not also have at it’s helm not only something conscious and intelligent but, that consciouness and intelligence as also housed in being(s).

I say it’s “fear” that keeps some from admitting these facts of the simplist of logic because then they will see themselves and their piers will see them as siding with this or that religious faction/persuasion which to them means they are also embracing much or all else associated with this or that religion, understandably arcane and even insane to any logical mind.

I see the entire scope of what’s termed spirituality as is expressed in ideas considered to be New Age equally as arcane and even insane as they so often draw on religions of cultures past that have been reduced to stories and thus mythology with certain practices that in a large part are equivilent to forms of voodoo.

When I say voodoo I am not saying “hokus pokus”. The dimension of “spirit” is very, very clear to me. I have experienced much evidence myself, though to many that’s still quackery and many religious and many spiritualists and certainly most atheistic “believers” all steer far afield from, as is the talk of space aliens.

Humans seem to have this tendency to lump things into catch all categories that give them an excuse to not consider it further, for fear that if they experience something that deems it of a greater reality than they are currently prepared to consider and thus even accept as reality it would simply mess too much with whatever comfortable world view they have. It’s easier to just say, I’m an atheist and anything that science in my old view must be quackery while others do the same thing but appear open minded because they are willing to consider more than others yet often fail to see what’s apparant to all and has been for whatever time we are alive.

Anyway, I happen to be one of the few that has been given some glimpes into what we deem real and taken by those glimpses way past it all and yet there are only a few, though probably some six figures in numbers that have also been given an equivilent glimpse they still have the capacity to expand within their own consciousness to a degree that will render them totally rejected by all others as I have been.

This is the reason no one will publish what I write, as I have no phd and the reason coast to coast fears giving voice to the subject matter I obtained what I have from that though they are no longer in physical bodies still provide me with glimpses through dreams and other less direct forms of communication.

I dont’ really care for their attention though as I do not seek an audience if you can believe that. However for the tiny few that can hear what I am saying at all, if they have any real consciousness still left, they will have to learn what it is I am talking about, though if/when they find out they will be greatly challenged to not rule it out immedieately, which is thereby a test of the tinsel strength of their very mind, their software and whether it still has a thirst to broaden to the dimension where upon there are physical beings that actually make us look like fish in the fishbowl who think they see where they came from in some sense yet can’t quite focus on the beings that are quite alive around them.

The difference is that we humans have been genetically given the keys and simple proves of who is actually beyond all human dimensions however many there are, which are spoken about in terms of levels or of “heavens” or of portals/gateways within the electromagnetically charged “waters” of the Earth’s atmosphere as extended to intersect with that of other planetary bodies, while limited in scope according to the design while not limited according to each beings desire to breach their own limitations.

If you ever want to breach your limitations, as evidence to me that you have by this statement and others, then one way to connect to that is to simply send a request to what you call the ultimate consciousness and intelligence however embodied or termed an insistance to know more. Of course if you send a letter with no address thinking that the world will get it, sure the world will get it. The world will put it in the circular file. But if you are willing to take a chance that there are “beings” that would receive your letter and you have an idea of where they are and that they are real and can receive your communication that’s like sending a letter to The Government of the United States for instance with nothing more on the letter and it just might be sent by the receiving postmaster to the White House in Washington D.C., however the best way to get a letter to anyone is to know their name(s).

So I’m going to leave you with the fastrack in my opinion, with the names of two people who I am positive represented on Earth for a time the beings that actually are behind all we term our reality who designed all the dimensions you speak of and more and have done so many, many, many times.

So these names will be for a while as magic words because on the rare chance whoever receives this chances to use them, they would by their use be at least opening up their mind to the possability that they can yeild them the results they want no matter what it is they ask for though there are questions I suspect these beings will not provide the answer you think you may want from it, though I beleive they will provide some answer.

Their names are Ti and Do, yes like the notes in the scale. If you can stand to hear more, just look for them on the internet. That’s all there is to my job as I work for them to simply bring this to whoever I feel to whether it’s a waste of time or not.


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