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Here is L.A. Marzulli’s post with my response below:

I agree that the bigger issues are conviently kept out of the media – the beating of the war drums, america posturing. It’s like they can’t help themselves. They can’t not be as evil as they really are with all this profiteering, murders in the name of defense and self described diefication whether they claim a religion or not. It’s the Mammon Masters and their slaves against the truth. But for there to be a war in the heaven’s, in the internet, in the media, the public airways the “son of man”‘s tongue must be able to be heard and must be counter all of these, otherwise there is no war. Are the christians representing that tongue? If so what are the Christians saying that is cutting through the lies. What are the core truths that Jesus brought that cut through ALL the Mammonous activities.
could it be that those who are telling the truth about the REAL Jesus are the only ones attempting to be a soldier in this war? Just pointing out the immoral and unethical and deceitfulness of the weeds(tares), is that actually fighting with the sword of what Jesus said. Don’t we have to find the hypocrisies jesus pointed out and go after all who are breaking Jesus’ commandments, which includes the Moses “10 commandments”?
How many so called Christians can hold up when faced with everything Jesus said? Did Jesus say he came to bring peace? No, but nor was he a human militaristic war monger. His war was the war for souls and his weapon was his words and what seperated real disciples from all who say they are disciples in how they “deny their own will” and find out from God what more they can do to be on Their (Father and Son’s) side of the battle? And they must be willing to die in that effort as we know that telling the truth will never ever, ever be popular and will be seen by religionists, spiritualists and atheists much in the same way, just as occurred 2000 years ago. And then when we have engaged in this kind of service we will be “following” His lead at least in terms of the “war” he said was being waged at this time, though for those that want to go even further, they need to observe all things that have already occurred that just may have been His/Their return as we know the Luciferians have done everything in their power to shroud our eyesight from reality and that’s not by appearning as a red demon with horns and a tail. the Luciferians are behind everyone who draws attention to themselves in a big way as these have the most infuence over the many. So yes that means that the real 99% or perhaps 99.9% are know it or not under the direct influence of the Luciferians, leaving a mere 144 and a 1,000 for each of these with the potential to SEE. What these will see and they will never be part of any one organization or ethnicity or race or gender or sexual orientation, will be unfathomible to the rest, would even blow the minds of most to even consider.AS some of you know I share this mind blowing perspective as it was given to me. It’s not new age! It’s not christian. It’s not hindu or buddhist nor atheist or agnositc or jewish or tao or islamic or morman or any other persuasion. It’s all of them combined and none of them at all. It’s real and it’s bigger than all of us put together, so I suggest each of us getting on our knees and demanding of God to help us open our eyes wider than ever before.


3 Responses to “REsponse to L.A. Marzulli’s blog”

  1. Frank Says:

    Hey Sawyer,

    I saw you on LA’s blog the other day, and just wanted to apologize for the way folks ’round there treat you. I am a Bible believing Christian, and though I am far from perfect, I do my best to be a stepping stone to Jesus, rather than a stumbling block. I can’t say where the others are in their faith walk, but as I understand the Bible, we’re not talking to you the way Jesus would want us to.

    Even though I don’t agree with some of your points, I see no reason to belittle you.

    Anyways, if you want to “bother” another Christian blog, you’re welcome on mine anytime. Here’s a few links you might like. You’re welcome to comment, but please be brief and respectful, and support your arguments.

    The first one is about questions Christians can’t answer.

    Also, I will pray that God encounters you, and leads you into His love.

    Last, Sandie, and Gibbs (who I believe to be Christians as well) also extend their apologies, and would like to talk to you to.


    • sawyer Says:

      Thanks for your expression Frank. I am hurt by things said but I know they don’t really know what they are saying in it. It’s very hard to have someone in your face as to what we believe and how we live that belief and I’m afraid that’s part of what my task is now. It’s not that I feel I have a mission to upset others or to show them where they may be misunderstanding this or that scripture, which just to say makes it sound like I am their teacher, which I am not. The mission I have is to tell people about Ti and Do, which I naturally weave into talk about what Jesus said/did/taught, which I feel I have a great deal of evidence are one in the same. Thus if I share something about scripture that another never considered before or never saw that way, then I’ve simply become the instrument. The scripture does the teaching.

      However, I have been at this for a number of years now – participating in blogs, etc. so I shoot straight and I know come across as a know it all. But I know I don’t know it all and I welcome anyone’s views that can reveal to me what I have yet to understand about Jesus and the Kingdom of God the Father.

      I’m not trying to have friends and to get along and chat, which is against the nature of my vehicle (body) as I do enjoy friends and chatting, but when I hear the things many are talking about on the radio and on TV and on internet or in churches I occasionally attend, I have to put in my two cents which tends to end up being 100 cents or more to where LA told me several times, “this is not your blog”. But LA, only a few read my blog and I’d be doing a poor job to cut short my comments for fear I was talking too much. How do you say too much about Jesus on a Jesus centered blog? But of course I don’t just talk Jesus…I add in my believes of Ti and Do as the Two Witnesses which there is a great deal of scriptural proof of and that were phase one of the second coming, the last phase being for the second and final harvest in rev 14.

      I can’t shut up about that and I won’t and will die trying.

      Now, Frank, I did go to that first site listed that is questions christians can’t answer and to be honest I would be writing a disortation on each of those questions and I would be glad to do so adding in scriptural references galore, but it would take me an enormous amount of time to do and especially if no one cares for what I have to say on it. I thought I did respond to one on that site. Did you get that?

      You know how LA Marzulli keeps saying we are in the “birth pangs”? Well we are indeed but who are being born, that’s the question. A baby that goes through a birth has no easy task at all. And sure perhaps the majority of humans on the planet are in some ways mentail and/or physical are having a real hard time, though that’s also relative to the comfort levels we’ve become accustomed. To watch on TV an earthquake in Haiti or the others is hard but to be in it is harder and to survive it is even harder. So if those were christians were they being born? Well we know that not all of those who call on the name of the Lord are among the “elected” to be born. The Kingdom needs to be “pressed” into, another way of saying it comes by forcefullness exerted. (the scripture says violence, but I feel that’s misleading and the same greek word is also, “force”.) But the greater test is not necessariy for those who appear to be experiencing the greatest test, as in an earthquake but for those that are moreorless satisfied that they are “saved” or the “elect” who are not dealing with that degree of hardship.

      The Kingdom of God’s program is a training program. It’s real and there is no one on their team that doesn’t work like crazy all the time and it’s their pleasure to do so, thus that must start in the human kingdom as stimulated by the members from that kingdom they send periodically.

      Anyway, I’m getting carried away here as I often do.

      I’m totally open to talking to anyone about anything including Sandie and Gibbs.

      I did express to LA my appreciation for his not disapproving my many comments over this year, though he did the one that gave a thorough outline of some of the biggest scriptural evidence of Ti and Do as the Two Witnesses. I have a fondness for him. I’m not his judge nor anybody’s. I just had this most unusual experience of 19 years with these two phenomenal people who dont’ fit into any peg on earth I’ve seen and then I left them because I failed in their program but that I didn’t leave them in heart and mind, so when they exited their task in 1997, I had to go to the media and tell what I knew even though I had no intention on being active as their evangelist. However thats when the dreams of them started and those dreams continue and through them and lots of other things they have revealed prompted me to share all I can with anyone who wants to hear and at times to those that don’t want to hear, though often some of the biggest fighters against, end up realizing I’m not selling, nor am seeking self promotion or popularity (that’s a laugh).

      But on your second blog title, “jesus just a good teacher”….I know there are many new agers who seem to be categorizing jesus among the hindu teachers, but I can point out and often do, that he was in a league all of his own and there are many, many reasons why.

      But just as I’m often thrown out of blogs and chat rooms and churches in one way or another , the new agers I meet run the other way as well, as do the atheists and I don’t like it at all. I don’t thrive on being rejected but they are not rejecting me really, they are rejectign either the way I say things or what I say and most times it’s what I say.

      But the Luciferians have spun one heck of a web but with our Heavenly FAther’s help we can break free of it.

    • sawyer Says:

      Hello again Frank,

      I really don’t do well just going to people’s blogs, reading and commenting. I have to feel some draw. Now with L.A. as I was subscribed to his blog and he wrote often that became the draw.

      Oh, yes I do recall now that I tried to leave a comment on your blog but they wanted some info I did not want to provide or was too much at that time. I don’t recall what the problem was but I’ll visit it again and see if I can leave a comment easily and then if I can may participate more, since you asked.

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